Chelsea thoughts: Familiar failings & Feeble Fire-power

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Arsenal should be kicking themselves…
This first defeat of the season felt completely unnecessary. Arsenal were punished for stupid mistakes at the back and poor finishing up top. Arsene Wenger will be furious, though some of course have suggested he has only himself to blame…

I’d be a hypocrite to criticise Arsene for leaving out Per…
I called it earlier this week and didn’t raise the alarm then. In fact, it seemed to me to be an entirely reasonable decision. As it was, Koscielny had an absolute stinker, and will probably find himself back on the sidelines for the next two games at least. I’m loathe to heap all of the blame on Kos, though – when you concede from a set-piece, more often than not it’s the result of collective disorganisation and a touch of cowardice. Positional intelligence is only worth so much: you have to fight to go and win the ball too.

Gervinho’s strike was a fantastic finish…
You know the saying: If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters, one of them will eventually thump the ball in to the top corner. Or something like that. I was pleased for Gervinho, but equally I’m conscious that he probably had about as much idea about where that ball would end up when he hit it as he did when firing off those haphazard shots against City. By the laws of probability, eventually he is bound get one right, as on Saturday. I’m not sure, however, that it makes him the solution to our striking problem.

For me, Giroud had to score…
The defence “it was a tight angle” is not valid when the angle is only tight because of the strikers touch around the goalie. He had a perfectly good opportunity to strike before that, dallied, and paid the price. I make that three clear one-on-ones and a penalty he’s missed since joining the club. I’m not writing him off, but I am a little concerned. On which note, I won’t pretend to understand why Arsene saw fit to bring off our best finisher, Lukas Podolski, with twenty minutes to play.

A couple of things the cameras might not have picked up…
The first is that substitute Theo Walcott was very chummy indeed with his Chelsea counterparts whilst warming up. I suspect I’d find that easier to stomach if his time on the pitch hadn’t consisted of hiding in the centre when we needed him to be driving at his full-back out wide. I may be being unfair, but then if Theo refuses to commit to the club then I’m afraid he will invite this kind of scrutiny.
The second thing was just how much of a hatchet job Mikel Arteta did in midfield. With Chelsea threatening on the counter, he produced a series of outrageous off-the-ball fouls to halt runners in their tracks. Fortunately, the referee missed most of them, otherwise he would have been lucky to stay on the pitch. The same goes for Laurent Koscienly, who appeared to slap a Chelsea player in the centre-circle.

I’m off on holiday now…
I’m heading abroad for the next two weeks. Chances of getting to see our games during that period are slim. See you here when I’m back…

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  1. Sir Cecil   •  

    Yes, I too noticed Arteta’s ongoing “hatchet job” and Kosc’s unprovoked slap to the face of a Chelsea player. Very dirty behavior. I hope Arsene disciplines them for their thuggery. Makes me ashamed to follow football when I see the club allowing such dirty actions. I know I speak for all right-minded Arsenal supporters when I say I’m disgusted. I invite other genuine fans to echo my sentiments here. Expose the thugs who have infiltrated the club.

    • hunter13   •  

      haha nice one

  2. 7yearsandcounting...   •  

    Arsenal in: Title “challenge” over in September shocker!

  3. William   •  

    As usual the defence has let the team down. This is not the first time and neither
    will it be the last.The defence issue and inabilty to finish clinically has been around for a long, long ,long time.
    I believe Wenger is to blame instead of he blaming others.Yeah he maybe a top manager at making the club profitable but when it comes to winning matches,he is way behind other top managers.This is due to his insistence on playing football his way of passing to eternity,count to ten before shooting,etc.
    You see other teams score and wonder why Arsene/Arsenal can’t do the same.Teams have factored how to stop the gunners but yet he won’t change his style. We will have to wait until Xmas to see whether the gunners are in a challenging position. If not,RVP would have been vindicated inhis decision to leave.

  4. Sir Cecil   •  

    Seems the conclusion to be drawn from all the sages here is that Arsenal aren’t good enough at stopping goals, and not good enough at scoring them. Seeing as those are the two basic requirements of football, I’m not surprised most here are somewhat despondent.

  5. Nick   •  

    We need a good striker, and so does Chelsea. Two unlucky soft goals got past our third string keeper. beside those 2 goals our defense had Chelsea locked up tight from what I could see on my television here in Washington DC. Per will play every game from now on. we’ve only conceded one non-set piece goal this season. don’t give up yet Gooners, there is a lot of season left to deny RVP the Premier League trophy.

  6. Miraz Ahmed   •  

    I am absolutely disappointed to see Podolski being taken off and replaced by Giroud!! Let me put this straight way- Our best striker was being replaced by our worst froward at the time when we desperately need a goal to level the scoreline. You gotta be kidding me.Giroud did not even score in BPL yet!!!Questions have also been raised about selecting Kos ahead of Per. But the substitution of Podolski was undoubtedly foolish and illogical. I belive Giroud has also proved that on the field!!! Let’s look at Man U. When they were down to 2-3 against Spurs, Fergie brought Welback(78m) and Hernandez (90m) but not by replacing Persie or Rooney. Though they failed to score they left no stone unturned in search of a goal. This is what Arsenal lack. The strong will and rigorous effort to turn the game around in our favor.

    • hunter13   •  

      lol you comparing desperate ferguson who has spent 22 for robin and another 100 for nani/anderson kagawa etc and is under pressure to win the title with arsenal ?


      whats worse ?…losing from tottenham in your ground or losing from a squad that is 5 times more expensive than ours and won the champions league last time ?

      id sy united;s loss is a bigger frustration for fergie than the chelsea loss for wenger…

      arsenal could have won easily ..united is a playground from midfield and backwards … just watch rio chasing bale and if that dont make you laugh then there is no point…..

      • Stevieo   •  

        Of course it’s a bigger frustration for Fergie you prize cunt. That defeat affects their title chances.

        Arsenal’s defeat means fuck all for a manager and board that don’t give a shit about winning owt. As long as they keep brainwashed tools like you on board, willing to pay £70 a throw to watch continual failure, then Wenger will always be pressure-free and will never be like a ‘desperate’ Ferguson trying to deliver trophies.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Stevio, I’m sorry mate you got it totally wrong with CockHunter13.

          That mother fucking cunt hasn’t spent £70 on a ticket. The fucker hasn’t spent a fucking penny. Because that useless piece of Australian shit has never been to an Arsenal game in his life.

          Wenger laughing at Ferguson? You fucking moron CockHunter13 ~ what a stupid thing to say. You are the biggest knob I’ve ever seen on a forum. I would love to slap you so fucking hard with my cock ~ that it might knock a bit of sense into you.

          You really have the sense of a cock sucker. In the time that Wenger has won fuck-all, SAF has won 4 Prem League titles and the champions league…..And Wenger’s laughing! What a total wanky Australian you are.

          You need to get down on your knees and open that pussy mouth of yours cos I’m gonna shove my cock so fucking hard down your throat then swing you upside down….you’re gonna look like a fucking giant lollypop.

          • hunter13   •  

            i dont care what he has won mate….i have seen HOW he has won them titles…with penalties and ricoches and deflections and a bunch of flukes with opposition sending offs and a whole nation of twats and ex employees of his spreading them open cause he is the sinatra and bollocks like that

            if youre so fond of him why dont you go suck his cock..i hear he makes cocktales with whiskey ….join him … :)

        • hunter13   •  

          heheh the bigger frustration for fergie the better i say… i hate cunts who consider it ok to “kick arsenal ” out of games and then tell the rest to follow him.

          plus im sick and tired of his ex employees taking positions as epl managers and giving him 6 pointers every season.

          arsenal is doing other things you muppet shteve…arsenal aint spending 25 million for strikers and 35m for teenagers and 30 for defenders so shut have no point..

          • Stevieo   •  

            Hey sad cunt. So when you go on to United blogs, is this the shit you spout to them?

            You are one sad fuck if you feel the need to go on United sites. You are an embarrassment. Just what points are you trying to prove to United fans. You must tie those United fans up in knots, as you blow them away with all your facts and figures.

            I bet they come back with pathetic statistics like Champion League titles and Premier League titles.

            Do you tell them their CL’s and PL’s trophies are worth jack shit when compared to our balance sheet. You’d rather have a new stadium (smaller than theirs) than trophies. Do you tell them that their success is all down to Wenger for transforming the English game and they followed suit? Let me guess, I bet you also tell them they’re going to be bankrupt in 5 years time and end up like Portsmouth. Oh yes, and that Wenger pisses all over Fergie.

            Sad cunt.

    • hunter13   •  






      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Except those great players who have been through the shit will be playing for citeh, chavs, barca, manure before coming to rest at spuds….

        Arsenal are officially pointless

        • hunter13   •  


          if arsenal are pointless..reserve your criticism to the board and owners who are conservative and playing it safe ….

          but then again….since this club was never rich or big ..their approach makes sense
          (financially speaking)

          and since this is a business …financial sense responsibility comes head and shoulders above anything else…even titles..

    • Musketeer   •  

      Yes to think we use to deploy, Kanu, Suker, B’kamp and Henry in search of a goal. The mighty has fallen and can never rise again.

  7. Benglian   •  

    “If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters, one of them will eventually thump the ball in to the top corner. ” Inappropriate imo.

  8. the boyhill gooner   •  

    Sir Cecil about time we started giving it instead of always taking it.Grow a pair you idiot

  9. Stevieo   •  

    Is this blog turning in to Le Grove? This has to be the most critical post I’ve ever read on here. How refreshing to see a post that actually reflects how bad we were instead of copy/pasting from the official website.

    However, don’t bother trying to understand why Wenger makes some of the decisions he does. They are simply unfathomable. And this is where the problem lies. Even when things are looking up, Wenger has a proven track record to throw a spanner in the works. We still have 7 months of mismanagement of the highest order to look forward to.

    As for Walcott, he’s been a major disappointment for some time. This has been clearly visible. I don’t know why it took him refusing to sign a contract to finally bring this to your attention? If he signs an extension, please don’t put the rose tinted specs back on. He is hopeless.

    • hunter13   •  

      you know why he is so critical…..?

      because last friday he was giving it large with his buddy at arsecast..talking about formations and parterships they wanted to see…they got their wish and now they both blame wenger..hehe

      and these people want to operate blogs on arsenal…..and form or offer opinions..haha…

      the team played ..ok….and cech had a good day and konscielny had a bad day.

      all this talk about reaction and making things right and such bollocks are your own personal frustrations rather than the team not being good….

  10. Stevieo   •  

    Hunter13. So the 13 relates to the number of titles won by Arsenal. For someone who hates everything about the pre Wenger Arsenal, funny how you associate the successes of the beer swilling little englander neanderthals to your name. What a fucking hypocrite you are.

    You are no Arsenal fan. You claim to only support Arsenal because of their philosophy? So what philosophy is that dickhead? It’s the Wenger philosophy. You are basically a Wenger fan, and when Wenger fucks off, what philosophy will you go and support then? Hopefully you’ll fuck off and support Tesco’s or British Gas, they’re into profits big time.

    • hunter13   •  

      maybe it is maybe it aint….youre close though …( re:13)

    • hunter13   •  

      lol shteve just shut up and learn to appr3eciate managers who changed your club for the better…..

      when i got into arsenal we were ending 12th and 7th and our players were collapsing on the pitch from drug and alcohol abuse….

      thank god all that has changed…we are a very serious institution..modern ajax some say….and that is to be applauded for the manner it was achieved.

      if youre too thick to realise what has happened the last 16 years dont take it out on me or the team…

      the differnece in the arsenal i found and the arsenal i see today is the kind of difference youd expect at a club in the span of a century ..not just 16 years…

      so i repeat…shut up and sit your ass down with your arsenalfan-o-meter (lol) about who is real and who aint…..

      the real fans support…the fake ones moan like sissies…


      • Stevieo   •  

        You’re full of shit. You’ve admitted to supporting Arsenal because of their philosophy. This philosophy started with the Wenger era, not when we were finishing 12th. Yes, I can really imagine you cheering on the likes of druggy Merson and boozy Adams who you despise so much pre Wenger.

        Fuck off and support Tescos.

        • hunter13   •  

          i know what i wrote…so its more a case of you not being able to read your own native language…

          lol.. :)

        • hunter13   •  

          who said i despise them….i just value the difference and change for the better..

          there is no way you can convince me or anyone that arsenal was better off back then ….

          :) harsh but true….

        • hunter13   •  

          and i hope this philosophy remains with the club for years to come, this ethos this class this sophistication….i think ivan said it best…arsenal has wenger dna …

          i dont want arsenal to be remembered for being the boring boring outfit of thuggs going for the 1-0 …thats your style of football…. …LOL…

          thankfully we found a manager who evolved the club


        • hunter13   •  

          go to bed now cause while im around you simply got no chance buddy…

          i will make a mug out of you and anyone who dares suggest that prior to wenger this club had it better….

          i was there and i remember a ridiculous prerson with a moustache hitting the showers while getting lobbed from the halfwayline…

          perhaps you were an itch in your daddyw pants at the time and dont remember it….i do…

          so its a bit funny to castigate 21 and 22 yearolds when your GREAT gg back5 was losing from saragosa…lol…remember that you cunt? huh? or were you too drunk that day … ?

  11. hunter13   •  

    and just a question for you steve…did you expect no suffering when the club moved grounds? (and ending fourth is no suffering mate)

    do you understand that other clubs can even get relegated when they make such transitions ?

    so pick one :

    1) youre either a fool who cant comprehend that building stadiums and winning the top prizes in football with world class players dont go hand in hand

    2) you know its difficult and close to impossible and you know wenger has done a tremendous job to keep arsenal in top 4 all these years and youre just here to taunt and mock people who respect the manager;s philosophy and achievements for the club

    in simple words…..( for little engladers like you) ..youre either a fool or a troll

  12. Stevieo   •  

    What suffering is that?

    The £140m wage bill? The yearly profits. The £70m swashing around in the bank?

    With all of this, I wouldn’t expect us to go years without a keeper. Years suffering Denilson, Eboue and Bentdner in the team. Waiting a year to replace Adebayor to get Chamack on a free. No I wouldn’t expect to suffer all this shit with such a cash rich club.

    The only troll on here is you. Been to any United sites recently?

    • hunter13   •  

      well youre the one having your period mate … :)

      i know what the club embarked on back in 2006 …do you?

      with eboue this club reached its first ever champions league final appearance….

      your complaints about players we got during stadium transition tells me you havent understood shit….

      • shaun   •  

        The man spells it out for you and you are still a dumb cunt

        • hunter13   •  

          well the club spelled it out for all of you back in 2006 but none of you cretins listened …

          “time and patience”

          and no they didnt mean 5 to 7 years …more like a decade and beyond.

          besides i dont remember any board member signing a contract with any of you that they will deliver title x by year y ….


          if you got such a document then bring it forward …..

          oh thats right….you dont….??? :)

    • hunter13   •  

      yes i went to taunt them for their loss ..i hate them with a passion… a bit like your relationship with arsene;s club


  13. hunter13   •  

    lol…on yer bike steve …..on yer bike son

    nothing for you here but embarassment…..

    :) you poxy little englander cunt with your period and moaning….

    as if arsenal was real madrid before wenger..i guess thats where your aspirations to win the league every year comes from… :)

    tearing you to shreds is becoming my forte …

  14. Herb   •  

    Same old story. We will finish 4th at best, possibly 1 or 2 places lower. Some fans will think 4th place is a success. Personally I will yet again feel our clubs lack of ambition has ensured another trophy less season and i will not look at 4th place (or 3rd!) as successful. As always in recent years we are 2 or 3 quality signings away from being able to at least challenge for the title. Unfortunately the club does not have the ambition or winning mentality of a big club. Won’t be long until wenger has led us to a 10th consecutive season without a trophy, yet still some fans are not questioning his position. No ambition from the club or the fans.

    • hunter13   •  

      well herb when you realise that wenger is just an employee and not the employer to set the rules and ambition aims and objectives of the company maybe you realise then whats going on at arsenal.

      until then dont complain about 4th…other clubs with bigger transfer budgets than us have failled to do so and they werent fieldning kids….


    • hunter13   •  

      Unfortunately the club does not have the ambition or winning mentality of a big club.

      hmm and when in our history did arsenal ever enjoy the status or the mentality of a “BIG” club ?…

      when i mean big i mean madrid big yes? milan big..thats big

  15. Wanadoo   •  

    CockHunter13, you’re an embarrassment to the name Arsenal. You’re a fucking cock sucking cunt who’s pussy mouth I’m gonna shag.

    You haven’t been to an Arsenal game in your life you Fucking convict cunt. You know fuck all what it’s like to be an Arsenal fan.
    All you fucking know is to stick shrimp on the barbie and watch Arsenal on TV through the patio door whilst swigging Fosters. You’re a fucking tosser who cherishes Wengers shrivelled cock.

    All you do is talk shit and suck cock. I’m gonna stick my cock so far down your mouth that you’ll think you’ve got three legs.

    Now fuck off back to prison you cock sucking convict. England Rules which is why you ‘support’ an English team….haha….we are superior to you prisoners….stick around here forever mother fucker – England loves you Aussie peasants supporting us masters… it should be. Suck me dry, fucker.

    • hunter13   •  

      does it bother you that i convince with my words while you are weak minded peasants who only know how to cry and complain ?


      arsenal is not the typical english team anymore…and thats a good thing…we are closer to european ways and need to learn to value progress…

      if you cant identify with what the club has become go support bolton or stoke so that you feel closer to gg’s style teams…pmsl…


    • shaun   •  

      Wanadoo , seriously don’t be putting your cock anywhere near that bushwaker fucker , you need to be a whole lot more brutal than that ….just take a 2 by 4 stick a cornetto on the end and smash it straight through that dumb fuckers front teeth he will like that shit

      • hunter13   •  

        just be careful you dont tear any knickers smashing teeth with your keyboard behind the screen



  16. Wanadoo   •  

    CockHunter13, you haven’t convinced anyone – you’re a dimwitted cock-sucker who has never been to an Arsenal game in his life. No one takes you seriously – they think you’re a fool.

    And besides, according to you, you ‘supported’ Arsenal before Wenger came along. So you supported them when they were fully British – so that you one mother fucking hypocritical bastard. Us British are your Lords and Masters, which is why you had to support an English club. It was something as a peasant you had to look up to…..and it’s still that way. You will always be the son of convicts and we will always be your ruler. Sometimes life isn’t fair – live with it.

    Now go away for a bit, think of what to say and then comeback to contribute your worthless knowledge to us all.

    I’ll expect to hear from you soon peasant….

    • hunter13   •  

      lol australia again ? hahah keep bashing them i dont mind.

      you brittish are clueless in football evident in your “triumphs” on a national level not to mention the embarassment of not being able to lay the grass properly on your national stadium (wembley)….lol..

      as such you aint qualified to talk or comment about arsene wenger;s sophistication and professionalism.

      its very simple really ….a neville cant go up to a cafu and tell him anything about the game….likewise a little englader cant tell anything to wenger when it comes to football.

      he owns you in your national sport and the only way to stop him is to kick his players and cancel legitimate goals ( arshavin /sunderland) adebayor/middleboro..arsenal going for the title 6 points deducted from those games ,,we lost the title by four points…shhhh)

    • hunter13   •  

      now go make us a cup of tea them mug journalists had to do for 30 years till they get their chance to bash the foreigner who OWNED them …26.12.00 …take it on the chin now….


    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      He convinced me…. and his words make MUCH MORE sense than yours…..

  17. Aziz   •  

    Dear Gunnerblog..
    Im Arsenal fan from Malaysia..
    I have one permission..
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  18. Wanadoo   •  


    Wenger sophisticated???

    Haha…yes, he’s especially sophisticated the way he lies to his wife; that on the way back from a champions league game, he boards a different plane to the squad and goes off to shag some French slut.

    What a classy bloke! Real sophisticated!

    The guy is a cheating, lying, mother fucker who has zero ability to win us anything now or in the future.

    And when total morons like you are the only ones supporting him ~ then this proves how crap he really is.

    Now open that pussy mouth of yours, cos my cock is gonna knock your teeth out, you cock-sucking convict.

    • hunter13   •  

      thanks for exposing your true “support” cockbreath …… :)

      it takes a special little englander to reserve such hate for the manager who upgraded the whole of arsenal football club.

      is it cause he has been raping your little tottehanm the last 16 years running …. :)

    • hunter13   •  

      the majority supports wenger …only the trolls and usmanov’s employees complain …

      which of the two are you then ?


    • Me   •  

      Wanadoo – you dont like AW, we get it.

      You have said that a million times already.

      Why do you keep saying it again & again?

    • Munitionsman   •  

      I have searched the Australian outback for the cock hunter and he is nowhere to be seen. The WEG has used his cock deviner
      And had no readings. He isn’t here. If he was he would have been smacked down with a signature WEG turkey slap.


  19. me   •  

    Seriously, enough venom here. Let’s make the board comments productive.

    And by the way, Wanadoo and hunter13, go fuck yourselves. Sounds like you’re itching to do it anyway.

    • hunter13   •  

      dont take it out on me buddy … i aint here to swear at managers and players and call them all useless…..

      but i will have fun with them trolls and expose them for what they are…

      fire with fire … :)

      • me   •  

        Fair enough. And my second comment was a self-effacing joke. Folks are getting way too nasty. We’re all fans — or at least, most of us are.

        • Me   •  

          me – if you are going to copy my username, at least get it right!!

          I have a capital M!!

          It is ME, not me.

          • Munitionsman   •  

            It’s all about you isn’t it 😂

          • Me, or is it me, or ME   •  

            Wait, Me is me? Or is me Me? Or maybe ME is Me is me? Or me is Me is ME? This is so confusing.

        • hunter13   •  

          they are not fans…..if they were they would show understanding and support. i dont see such a thing …all i see is a bunch of moaning girls getting desperate about silverware…

    • Wanadoo   •  


      Why don’t you come and suck my cock, you piece of shit. You’re a brave little fucker over the internet aren’t you.

      Now piss off you fucking nerdy little cunt.

      • hunter13   •  

        well youre the one swearing over the internet…youre the one behind the screen offending people while avoiding the possibility of getting your face smashed to pieces …. fuckin little englander coward cunt …like your daddy in ww2 begging americans while hidding in the underground…lol… you mighty bulldog you…hehehe

        did you really think you could come and trash arsenal without being put at your place ? lol :)

        • Wanadoo   •  


          You nerdy son of convicts, I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck. You Aussie wanker.

          Bow before your English masters.

          The only reason you’re here is because you realise you have to support something English. You’re a slave to us British Kings ~ you are trying to be one of us – but that will never happen to a fool whose ancestors were criminals.

          Now suck my didgeridoo you Aussie trash.

          Haha…’re a slave to us….haha fucking criminal.

          • hunter13   •  

            hahahaha just dont know where to vent your frustration mate …same as with arsenal… ;)

            nice to see you guessing though … :)

            such hatred you got for the australians ….lol..

  20. leftcoastgooner   •  

    A tough loss to be sure and avoidable. But we better get over it and quick.
    Champions League tomorrow.

    Let’s go you Gunners!

  21. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    We have beaten the champions of Greece and France. It means that it we were in the Greek or French leagues, we would probably be champions of both. I’m sure there’s a trophy in there somewhere!

  22. Oma   •  

    Allot of these so called Arsenal fans/supporters,post here only when Arsenal looses a match and say allot of unfair criticism,…I didn’t see most of them posting anything when we drew at city,won in France and the emirates,now just because we lost to the defending European champions,most of the so called fans are writing Arsenal off,..least we know the difference between real supporters and fake ones….Smh*

    • Stevieo   •  

      I didn’t see you after the Chelsea defeat. Only see you when we’re thumping Coventry or Southampton.

      Anyhow, welcome back. Thanks for your input. A great analysis of last night’s game provided and some thought provoking points provided.

      Most fans didn’t just come back after the Chelsea game to write the team off. I think you’ll find we wrote this team off years ago under the stewardship of Wenger. Wenger is incapable of winning trophies, as it is not on the agenda.

      But if you ‘real’ fans want to throw street parties everytime we win a game against mediocre teams, then that’s your prerogative.

      • hunter13   •  

        you keep banging on like a muppet that it is wenger’s agenda not to SPEND for the titles …… is wenger the owner of arsenal fc you pathetic idiot? :) lol…

        you are beyond stupid …you are ill in the mind…the club is owned by shareholders who decide the general policy, targets and aims of the club and release appropriate funds ( budget) for the manager to deliver them aims…

        this particular club has also built a stadium…the finest in england and as such has been concentrating on repaying that first before thinking about spending for title winning the meantime theyll develop youth set academies and get on with it till financial restrictions are lifted..

        during this period weve had wankers like you complaining about titles when the objective has been to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible, even if it means painfull sells of our best players

        even so …the manager…this manager….came close with one of these teams a couple of times and instead of you all supporting them you turned against them and believed the media and rivals taunting…lol you called them losers for failling to beat ronaldo messi xavi giggs and drogba .. lol idiots…

        why would nasri arshavin fabregas want to play for a bunch of idiots who boo at first opportunity? they were putting their legs in the fire for arsenal and you twats were giving them extra pressure as if the media;s wasnt enough….

        so shut up and dont talk too much cause all you know to do is cry and moan you weak little tw@t…and next time you walk inside our ground remember to have some respect for the person who made it happen ….without wenger you wouldnt even be thinking about challenging for multiple honours EVERY season.. u scum


        • Wanadoo   •  


          You useless piece of shit ~ do you realise that no one is even reading your posts anymore. Your mindless thoughts are nonsense. Which is not surprising when you haven’t been to a single Arsenal game….EVER!

          • hunter13   •  

            i aint here to preech any hatred like a spastic scummy little englader spudcunt attacking the arsenal club manager and players

            how did you like panathinaikos equaliser last night ??? hahaha losers….

      • Oma   •  

        @ stevieo,
        What are you saying,…is this not the 1st Blog after the Chelsea defeat?…what most Arsenal fans Don’t understand is,no matter how much they hate Wenger for not bringing in trophies in the last 7 years,he will still remain..least for now because he has a board that backs him,..i am certainly not pleased we haven’t won any silverware in years,but nothing stops me from supporting Arsenal.

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  24. shaun   •  

    good win last night and 2 out of 2 is great , front three caused problems , defensivly not so good as it looks like vermalon is having a dip in form and seems to be rusing forward a little to much and we also look like we are missing diaby as it seemed to me like arteta had to double his work load

  25. T-H   •  

    Am I the only one who thinks that Giroud is very, very similar to Bendtner in terms of style?
    Admittedly Bendtner is quite a one-trick pony (step-over, then another step-over), but still; he would do at least as well as the French guy, given the same chances.
    Hope Giroud grows, though!

  26. Stevieo   •  

    Hunter. You hate everything about England. You hate everything about the English culture. You hate the English Arsenal players that played pre Wenger. You hate George Graham.

    And yet you tell us you started supporting Arsenal under Graham when we were finishing 7th and 12th, with barbarians like Merson and Adams at the helm? Can’t for the life of me think what would make a foreigner who hates the country, support an English team? I can’t understand how someone looking for a team to support, would choose a team who he hated what its players and manager all stood for?

    So what was it again that drew you in to Arsenal? The philosophy? The George Graham philosophy?

    Yes of course you supported Arsenal before Wenger. When Wenger goes, you’ll fuck off too. That can be no bad thing.

    • hunter13   •  

      hahah that panathinaikos must be gutted…. avb out ! :)

      whats that shteve ? …you got your arsenal fan-o-meter out again ? there is no hatred just telling it as it was back…nothing to be ashamed of…hehe… you cant deny any of that can you? ….therefore next time you want to fool someone into believing arsenal had it better as a club before try it somewhere else just not with me…

      • Wanadoo   •  

        You don’t get it do you, you thick cunt.

        You’re a lying Spurs Troll. We all know it.

        You hate the English Element to Arsenal Pre-Wenger – yet that’s when you say you started supporting our team.

        You’re whole story is a sham – you’ve been found out – now fuck off back to your tree.

        • hunter13   •  

          well if the english element is an obstacle to the progress of the club then yes im against it.

          like fuck if we listen to the allerdyces venables and pardews ….lol…

    • Wanadoo   •  


      I can’t understand how someone looking for a team to support, would choose a team who he hated what its players and manager all stood for?

      That’s because he’s a lying toe-rag – His story makes no sense.

      ….It’s like Nick Griffin Being a fan of a black team….would never happen!

      When stories don’t make sense – it’s because they’re not true.

      What a tick cunt you are CockHunter, now go and troll some other forum, maybe you’ll get away with it there….haha loser :-)

      • Stevieo   •  

        Hunter’s actually a bigger cunt than I originally gave him credit for.

        His xenophobia of England shows his irrational thinking. He comes on here slating one of Arsenal’s finest ever keepers for being lobbed by an ex Spurs player. His animosity to Seaman is because he is English. Funny how Seaman helped Wenger to his first 2 titles. How many titles has Wenger won with his own keeper? Just the one.

        He slates Seaman off about being beaten from 50 yards, but forgets we all had to watch Almunia doing the same thing every season against Spurs. We haven’t had a keeper for years now, but we’re so, so much better off without the English liability Seaman according to Hunter.

        I can understand people becoming fans of Arsenal when Wenger started. No problem with that. But wank stains like Hunter who don’t have a single clue about the history of the club as though we never existed before Wenger can just fuck off.

        • hunter13   •  

          lol you are slating arsenal finest ever manager and youre worried abotu the great keeper who got lobbed in a final ???

          how come you reserve such harsh criticism for wenger;s flops as you say whereas you turn blind to seaman and their fuck ups ?

          if anything them heroes of yours should be the ones not fucking things up, but no youd rather castigate 21 yearolds right? hehe moron… and thats where i win the arguement :)

          i will use even stronger examples of how unfair your critique is on the current arsenal teams .

          and last but not least if i werent a fan back then how come i know all them details ? …… lol …shut up you little englader cunt …lol..and learn to value progress and evolution..

          and i dont slate anyone …im just reminding you to not have any complaints about the today because the yesterday wasnt anything to write home about

          • shaun   •  

            Stevieo , don’t bother …huntercunt is like a broken record even when you spell it out for him he still mutters utter crap

        • hunter13   •  

          animocity? hahaha …..

          well buddy be careful what you say about arsenal;s greatest ever manager and our greatest ever era as a club or else i will destroy and humiliate your way of thinking and whatever you thought was decent back in the days of the boring 1-0 neanderball we used to play.

          i was there….you were not.

          a united fan admitting that roy keanne was a cunt dont make him any less of a united fan now does it? it makes him truthful because lets face it ..roy was a cunt…

          a united fan admitting his teams wins with dodgy penalties dont make him any less of a fan either…it makes him objective

          likewise an arsenal fan admitting that back then we were a bunch of neanderthals going for the 1-0 with a primitive style of football dont make him any less of a fan either…just honest.

          hehe … :) now dont cry girls ive got plenty more cocktales for you two…

          • shaun   •  

            and like wise now when a fan thinks the current manager is not quite upto the job and not making the correct decisions ….you dumb cunt

  27. True Gunner :D   •  

    Hmm spurs trolls at the waiting again… loose to the Euro champs and we are a write off again…

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Another Spurs troll, pretending to be an Arsenal fan.

      Yankee Doodle Cunt, why don’t you fuck off back to your EuroDisney Cup. Don’t worry though – you’ll be out of that soon too. Haha ROFPMSL

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Wiki definition: A type of Spurs troll that hates Arsenal and wastes time on Arsenal blogs.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          True Cunt..

          You’ve been outed mate now fuck off with your Spurs blue glasses. And enjoy the Eurodisney cup haha…losers.

  28. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    Wanadoo, True Gunner, Hunter13 and others:

    Sometimes I wish you’d all make up and be friends. People have differences of opinion. No outsider knows the intimate workings of a football club, and you’re silly to think that you can say what you’re saying with confidence.

    Your arguments are repetitive and predictable. These points have been debated ad nauseam by many, many people. So please take a step back to think, don’t be abusive, and be polite.

    • hunter13   •  

      People have differences of opinion

      nah …them lot just have a different brain..more primitive one


      • Wanadoo   •  

        Cock Hunter is not an Arsenal fan – he’s a troll.

        But he is good at sucking cock and he also needs us English masters to tell him what to do.
        Enjoy the Eurodisney cup CockHunter… Nerdy Aussie cunt. This little shit 4 brains has a big mouth over the internet….a mouth I would soon fill with my cock.

  29. Cappa   •  

    IMO a manager change at Arsenal has 3 possible outcomes. They continue to finish in the champs league places without a trophy, they actually start winning things again or they do worse than they currently are.

    I would argue there is the most potential for the last point. There is much more possibility for arsenal do do worse than better. There is more room to drop than there is to climb.

    There is just not that many managers that can make that final step that Arsenal may need at the moment.

    There are plenty of examples of clubs that were in Arsenals position that are now not performing anywhere near that now. Look at Liverpool. Is this the model suggested for arsenal?

    Therefore i would argue that anyone calling for Wenger to be removed needs to put forward an alternative to have any credibility. Who is your suggested replacement and why will they improve the team.

    It would seem a big risk to change manager with more to lose than gain. This would be a gamble that a club looking to sure up its future is unlikely to take.

    • hunter13   •  

      well said..only an idiot would sack such a manager ..and those who complain about trophies, let them complain all they want…the club built a stadium..the finest in the goes without saying that for the first 5-10 years emphasis was given in making money not titles…

    • Stevieo   •  

      More to lose than gain? We lose our best players every season. We don’t realistically challenge for, never mind win trophies. We finish 20 points behind the Champions. It can get worse can it?

      The fans with zero ambition used to tell us that if Wenger went we would lose our top players. Well that’s one myth that has been blown out the water. So now we will go the way of Liverpool if Wenger leaves? How about the Arsenal 1996 manager that finished 20 points behind United. He only went one year without a trophy and we kicked him out. Yet Wenger goes 7 seasons without a trophy, finishes 19 points off the pace, and is deemed to be working miracles?

      I can get it with United fans worrying about Fergie retiring. They’re worried about the trophies drying up. But Arsenal fans shitting themselves if Wenger leaves? We ain’t winning owt. We’re not interested in winning owt. We won’t win owt. But God help us when he leaves, because we’ll go the way of failure stories like Liverpool and Leeds?

      I would argue that anyone who is happy for us to amble along as a cash making machine with zero success, to have any credibility needs to justify how Arsenal can charge their fans the highest ticket prices when finishing 4th is the objective. How can a team with a £140m wage bill not be challenging for trophies? And in what century is the other myth that the Emirates Stadium would allow us to challenge for trophies going to kick in?

      • Cappa   •  

        Arsenal are closer to the top of the footballing mountain than the bottom. It is a long way to the bottom from where we are and not that much further to the top. So yes Stevio, it can and does get a whole lot worse than this. Think of how many clubs that have won the Premier League or old first division that are now not even in the top league. Permantly challenging for the title is not a right afforded to any club.

        Aresenal’s current model is based on stability and I would argue that based on these aims it has been a success.

        Yes I agree with all the negative points raised on this blog. Every model has its pros and cons. You are very good at highlighting the cons.

        What you have not provided and I would be very interested to hear is an alternative solution. What model should we go to? Who should replace Wenger and give reasons why you think he will be bring the success you crave?

        • Oma   •  

          @ Cappa,
          Well said,
          “What you have not provided and I would be very interested to hear is an alternative solution. What model should we go to? Who should replace Wenger and give reasons why you think he will be bring the success you crave?”

      • hunter13   •  

        well stevie-o hate to disappooint you but when you enter a phase of austerity because of having to repay banks for the stadium …you might have to sell even your best…its not rocket science…deal with it like a man.

        dont cry …its not like its gonna happen forever..only for the duration of the stadium repayment…after that its up to the board/owners to decide whether they will keep their best or cash in….

        as for your complaints about titles …lol stop acting stupid… 7 years is nothing considering what arsenal went through….

  30. hunter13   •  

    shaun October 6, 2012 at 9:15 am

    and like wise now when a fan thinks the current manager is not quite upto the job and not making the correct decisions ….you dumb cunt

    but you and steveio and the cocktale girl aint got a clue what the “the job” is and has been the last few years… …the “job” these last few years hasnt been the titles you moron. but economic prosperity stability and repayment of the stadium cost.

    as such the manager delivers exactly what has been asked of him if not more and the financial results from positions gained show the decissions were correct and succesful.

    you can shut up now with the rest of little spud trolling cunts…. :)

    • Wanadoo   •  


      Here you are talking about the financial situation of Arsenal Football Club – yet you can’t even spell, your grammar is awful and punctuation terrible….You’re just a clueless cunt….
      You talk rubbish, and your a trolling wanking cunt. Fuck off back to that joke stadium where the poles are holding your stands up…lol.

      You’ve never been to an Arsenal game in your life – so obviously you have nothing to offer – apart from nerdy armchair comments. You say you hate George Graham and the Arsenal players of that era. Yet that’s when you supposedly started to support Arsenal. You’re whole story is a joke, rather like your worm like brain.

      So why don’t you suck my cock, you little Spurs cunt.

      And btw, congratulations on beating 10 man Villa….what a huge result! ROFPMSL.

      • Stevieo   •  

        Yes that useless fish & chip eating little Englander Seaman with his ‘tache getting lobbed by Zaragoza. Seems to be Hunter’s highlight as an Arsenal fan. Gets great pleasure from that moment.

        The players pre Wenger were all shit, but why did Seaman play 7 years under Wenger? No doubt it was Wenger that transformed him?

        • hunter13   •  

          no you are the useless little englander who cant value progress…

          as for dave ..i will use him to demonstrate your unfair critique on todays arsenal all i want.

          deal with it scum .. :)

          the whole of arsenal pre wenger was a bit shit mate …… only a fool or a blindman would deny that.

      • True Gunner :P   •  

        lolz as if anyone cares about spelling / grammar on a blog

        but hey attack the person and not the facts this is normal for a Spurs troll ^^

      • Me   •  

        Wanadoo said: “You’re whole story is a joke, rather like your worm like brain.”

        You’re = you are

        You should have wrote ‘your’, not ‘you’re’.

        I think it was important to point that out to you, as you seem to be concerned about spelling…

  31. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    so chaps, how’s the queen? havent seen her for a while, hope she’s ok.

  32. shaun   •  

    Another good win, defence back to normal and solid throuhout I thought , ramsey is a little concerning for me as I thought he was at fault for the goal and his passing left a lot to be desired and made the wrong decission pass wise a lot of the time .Thought gervino looked a little jaded but then not to surprised about that , also not sure about him being changed back to a wing attack position … thought’s ? Cazorla
    nuff said …quality player.

    “shaun October 6, 2012 at 9:15 am

    and like wise now when a fan thinks the current manager is not quite upto the job and not making the correct decisions ….you dumb cunt

    huntercunt I will spell it out for you again …you seem to think you can tell us arsenal were shit pre wenger with drugheads and alcoholics and a like but we are not allowod to have our opinion on the current setup when we see things that in our opinion are not right and because we criticised the current management and board you abuse us as idiots who do not no what they are talking about and come out with maddness about …you should not get your hopes up and all manor of crap ….I should remind you we are fans on a arsenal fans forum where differring opinions are the basis for debate ….I was at upton park saturday evening where were you ….exactly now shut up and put your knickers back on as your pussy is showing

    • hunter13   •  

      your opinion on the current set up has no solid basis or arguements…just your personal frustration… you havent even understood what “moving stadiums” means yet you complain about trophies like a child….lol..

      i dont care about your personal frustrations.

      if you want your opinion to have any value then you will take into account the whole set up of arsenal and the set up of the teams that beat us…..the difference in budgets…the difference in experience etc etc … if you still dont see any differences then go hang yourself…. lol..scum..

      who told you that your opinion on arsenal is something i should take seriously?… dont know anything yet you talk as if you got your coaching licence together with mourinho….lol..shut up.

      • shaun   •  

        again moron, learn to read where have I mentioned trophies….”i dont care about your personal frustrations” you would not as it is clear you have more than enough of your own lol………… mourinho again …what are you going on about ha ha …what a fucking dick….huntercunt we are on a fans forum …you know the type of arsenal fans that go two away games not only home games ha ha sorry I no that is completely irrelevant to you lol………… and this is where we discuss, debate our differnt oppinions …the fans ,GET IT obviously not …do you really think I care if my opinion has any value to you lol………lol you really are a piece of work now answer a valid question does the beer on the barbie help the taste or not ?as that is all I wish to no from you ha ha

        • hunter13   •  

          “do you really think I care if my opinion has any value to you”

          lol… your opinion has no value in general not just to me… FULLSTOP

          :) scum…

    • hunter13   •  

      and like wise now when a fan thinks the current manager is not quite upto the job

      lol i told you before you muppet …cant you read ?

      you lot havent got a clue what the “job” has been the last few years ….

      so how come you say ” the manager aint quite upto the job”


      how can you have an opinion when you dont even know what the “job” is ? ….lol…scum.. :)

      • Joker   •  

        Ever clutching at straws this hunter man. Now he goes to the extent of redefining a football manager’s role. Well done then. Totally in keeping with your master’s tradition of shifting the goal posts eh?? “4th is a trophy”. LMAO. Simply clueless you

        • hunter13   •  

          for a club repaying its stadium ..pos4 i.e 25-30 million from champions league market pool is a welcome “trophy” no doubt…

          if you think differently go ask all them mugs who spend more than us to get to that position and have been failing every year for the last decade if not more.

          scum :)

  33. shaun   •  

    answer the question about the beer first dummy lol………… we are waiting

    • hunter13   •  

      lol… what beer ?

      • shaun   •  

        you only no about barbies boy , get with the program ha ha

  34. shaun   •  

    where are you hunter cunt? …you choose to ignore the first part of my post which is the part any real fan would take notice of …come on dude we are having fun exposing you is just to easy lol…………lol

    • hunter13   •  

      who is this “we” ….lol… i only see you here ..

      you need help ?

      haha… :)

      • shaun   •  

        very weak and pathectic as always ,try commenting on the game …oh you you probably did not see it did you , but your a proper fan aren’t you lol………… and repeat your pathetic answers some more as you really are showing yourself to be a fool

        • hunter13   •  

          you think you can stay on one topic…. lol

          muppet …

          proper fans support their teams ..they dont complain like gossipgirls about silver plates and golden rings ….. ;)

  35. shaun   •  

    ok ok I get it you don’t want to answer poor little boy….lets do it your way shall we..
    “so how come you say ” the manager aint quite upto the job” when the manager comes out and say’s we are going for the title and he believes he has a squad with the right mental attitude to push for the title and the players cabable of winning the title …his words not mine and then you finish the season 20 points from the eventual champions that in my book and many other fans I might add is not quite upto the job as a manger espeacially after seven attempts and repeatedly telling everybody that will listen that you truly believe the the current squad of players has the quality to win the title …now before you start spouting shit we will just get this out of the way…I have not mentioned spending two hundred million , I have not called the manager a stupid cunt or anything like that …….now you can respond huntercunt ….now read carefully muppet

    • hunter13   •  

      lol did you want him to come out and say ..”we are only going for the top4 ?”

      how does that help the psychology of his players exactly einstein?

      and more importantly …..will people pay for tickets and have a 50k waiting list when they hear that ?

      you are a cretin… the manager, any manager will always try to keep the standards of competition and the team;s targets as high as possible. the higher the better. this way the little ones learn from as early as 18-19 that here at arsenal we are always going for the top.

      i dont see anything wrong in his statements..only in your brain which is incapabale of understanding the manager;s comments and the diplomacy that comes with them.

      scum.. :)

      as you were….

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        You feed the trolls way too much :P They don’t understand logic the only thing they understand is win / loose… one tracked minds.

        • hunter13   •  

          i fuck the trolls nonstop …and they keep coming back for more..maybe my penis ejaculates honey …..

          come here my busy bees …..

          :) ,..hahaha

          see how they squirm when their non-sensical points get challenged and shoved down their ? luv;it :)

        • shaun   •  

          bring it on yankee doddle I will expose the both of you …don’t suppose you saw the match either and are more interested in arguing the fact the your gods word is gospel …proper armchair fans lol……… he he you two are to funny

  36. shaun   •  

    ha ha I can understand why you would think blatently lying to the paying fans would be ok comming from criminal blood and all

    “and more importantly …..will people pay for tickets and have a 50k waiting list when they hear that ? ” you are an incredibly dumb fuck ,so you openly admit your god is a liar …your doing it for me you fool and you still can’t see what a cunt your making of your self .so the paying fans have a right to say something when they are being blatently lied to ….not you ofcourse ya cheap bushwacking aussie cunt …now answer the question and use your foot or your hand or something as your brain is obviously of no use …you are funny though and what about the game gaper

    • hunter13   •  

      not a liar…a diplomat…

      learn the difference scum :)

      • shaun   •  

        surely you have a more convincing argument , you thick shit you don’t even no the diference between lying and dimplomacy that’s actually hillarious …so ha ha it gets better ….so your not a paying fan and you think you should have more of an opinion than myself who does actually pay and makes the effort in the cold and rain to actually support my team lol………….lol no further need to reply you have made enough of a fool of yourself he he you truly are a cunt aren’t you …get the fuck off the board joker it is for real fans not jokers and after all this still not one comment on the win on saturday ha ha completely exposed for the cunt you are lol…………….lol

        • hunter13   •  

          nothing more convincing than telling you his replies are diplomatic and that you have a free choice to pay the ticket or not ..

          dont blame me just cause you cant reply to these logical points.

          if you want to hold an opinion as a PAYING CUSTOMER then dont use the word “fan” or “supporter” …thats all….

          ok scum ? … :)

    • hunter13   •  

      the paying fans have an option

      they either pay..or they dont

      we live in a free world mate …..


  37. shaun   •  

    no your cheap ass lives in a free world , arsenal football club needs paying fans you stupid cunt

    • hunter13   •  

      of course the club needs paying fans thats why the manager or the club couldnt come out telling you ” forget the titles for the next decade we are focusing on youth development and repaying the stadium”

      hehe you see how you come to my words ?

      arsenal football clubs needs its “customers” to pay for the stadium…not rocket science now is it.


  38. shaun   •  

    anyway got to dash but thought I would have a little fun with you 2 stupid fuckers …I would say it’s been emotional but it has actually been hillarious …you two cocks have not mentioned a word about acrtual football as yet …you should both be truly embarrassed

    • hunter13   •  

      dont worry ..plenty of honey for you when you get back

      scum ..:)

    • hunter13   •  

      i think you are confused shaunny…

      one minute youre on about wenger lying to the fans

      then youre on titles and 7 years and so on

      then youre on about selling our best every year

      and now youre on about the game at west ham …when were still at a blog for the chelsea game.. ( lol u cretin)

      youre not very good at this are you ? :) hehe

  39. shaun   •  

    you weak ass shit look at the title again muppet oh shit you won’t work it out will ya
    so here goes

    familiar failings and feeble firepower

    I would say that somes up your debating skills perfectly

    and don’t you dare use the word logic lol….lol

    see ya

    • hunter13   •  


      lol… the word debate ..suggests that one party will be pro and the other anti…

      why would an arsenal fan ( like you …pmsl) enter an arsenal debate as anti ?

      haha…u mug :)

      seems like logic fucks you in the arse again

      keep em coming scum…

  40. Stevieo   •  

    Shaun, there’s no point talking about the game with cockbreath. Results on the pitch are immaterial to the prat. What kind of fan cums in his pants with financial results, while the squad is weakened every year?

    You’re best off having a debate about the price of a hot dog with the jerk.

    • hunter13   •  

      results on the pitch help arsenal secure a minimum of 25-30 million per year just for gettinginto champions league you muppet …..

      id say that money is necessary for a club that was never rich and has just built a stadium …

      as for the weakening of the squad……dont make me laugh..a few years ago you were trashing all these players…now you want them all back? lol….

      a few years ago you called them lightweight and not good enough and injury prone and pansies and so on ….so what changed then ?

      u got busted trollie-0


      • Stevieo   •  

        Yes we all want Bendtner back.

        Would love Denilson back in the middle.

        Got it totally wrong about Eboue, he is missed big time.

        We’ve never managed to replace Almunia. He was immense.

        Where the fuck’s Chamack and Squillaci these days? Please don’t tell me we’ve offloaded these stars too?

        You’re so right cockbreath…

        • hunter13   •  

          are these the players you meant when talking to me about weakening our squad every year ?

          lol..busted you again huh muppet ?

          :) keep trying now..dont fail me…

          • Stevieo   •  

            No. Those players were Silvestre, Traore, Senderos, Park and Vela.

            Christ, we’ve had some talent play for us in the last 6 years!

            Those were the days…

    • hunter13   •  

      and all this “debate” talk…lol….who told you that the support of our club, manager and players is under any kind of debate you cretin little englader ?

      you sound to me like a fairweather fan…sing when we win cry when we are weak and dont have the spine to support your club.

      we all knew arsenal would be close to shit when moving stadiums…luckily we have a manager who kept the standards high whether it was multiwinner vieira or 20 y.o cesc playing.

      now dont blame hotdogs just cause i ridicule you …


      • Stevieo   •  

        we all knew arsenal would be close to shit when moving stadiums…

        Did we?

        luckily we have a manager who kept the standards high

        Yep. Bendtner, Eboue, Denilson, Alnunia, Fabianski, Chamack, Squillaci

        • hunter13   •  

          “did we?”

          yes we did.

          maybe the idiots like you missed it but thats life i guess….now we have to tolerate ignorant scum like you crying about titles and quality players in the middle of the clubs biggest transition in its history… …


          • Stevieo   •  

            Oh, I thought we moved to the new stadium to double turnover and compete for trophies?

            But you knew without the need for hindsight that we were going to be shit?

            Well I’ll give you that one hunter. You was spot on there. There’s hope for you yet…

  41. Stevieo   •  

    @ Cappa

    Your point that we have more to lose than gain if we try to better ourselves applies to any scenario. So if we finish tenth, do we just hold our hands up and accept mid table and shit ourselves that to push on would lead to relegation?

    Arsenal fans have lost all ambition as a football club, and seem to think that without Wenger we would have gone the way of Portsmouth. Lack of ambition and trophies is endorsed because to try and win anything would lead to insolvency.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is a FTSE 100 blog.

    Again, how can a club that charges the highest prices, the biggest matchday turnover and making substantial profits turn round to the fans and tell us 4th is a trophy? If Fergie came out with that shit, we’d be saying he’s a spent force and lost his marbles.

    • hunter13   •  

      tenth? lol …

      you on drugs or something ? wenger;s arsenal ( and i stress that) has never droppped below position 4 in 16 years you wally with your brollie…. :)

      how did the number ten get in your mind? brainfart? looks like it….

      fuck ferguson mate ..he gave his club’s assets to the banks remember? nice deal there….lol… whatever he has worked for all these years runs the risk of turning into ashes as soon as trophies stop coming their way…

      success comes in cycles stupid-0 ..manure is coming to the end of theirs and we havent even started ours yet…


      • Stevieo   •  

        success comes in cycles stupid-0 ..manure is coming to the end of theirs and we havent even started ours yet…

        We haven’t started ours yet? No shit cockbreath. But we’ve got £150m in the bank. If that isn’t worth wanking over I don’t know what is?

        • hunter13   •  

          let it grow to 1 billion i say ….

          maybe that should be enogh for the next muppet manager to buy the league instead of working to win it.


    • hunter13   •  

      hahastevie boy…you kissing fergie;s arse in an arsenal forum ? lol…..the man who said its ok to kick arsenal ..the man who told his players to dive to end our run? the man who sits on his arse chewing his gum with a smile when 60,000 little englanders call wenger a paedophile ?

      shame on you.

      and instead of going for trophies with the risk of insolvency hitting us in our faces we; d rather take things slowly…so again i dont see your point..

      whether you like it or not arsenal will win the title and many more other things within the next decade…so whats your problem?

      is it a matter of speed you want to get to the barca/united/liverpool/madrid/ajax/milan level faster than what its taking ?

      is that all ? …….. is that why youre crying?

      do you not trust wenger to get us there in the safest possible way ? has he not proven his worth to you the last 16 years?

      so youd rather put the future of the club in jeopardy just for the sake of winning a couple of cups for a year or two ? :)

      lol..that makes you a gambler…and gamblers who win all the time do not exist..they all lose. in fact gamblers who do win arent exactly gamblers..they dont rely on chance..they approach these money games in a professional manner with the use of mathematics, statistics, possibilities, psychology , preparation, they estimate, calculate and take a decission depending on the information they got in front of them be it cards roulette or general sports betting…

      you want the club to gamble say 100 million on 4 or 5 players that might bring you glory.

      you are a fool and id rather listen to the pro at the bench thank you very much


      with you at the helm we could go bust in a matter of months, while with the other guy i dont have to worry about going bust at all ….

      • Stevieo   •  

        Hunter, you’re spluttering out a load of shit again.

        At least have the manners to take Wanadoo’s cock out your mouth when you’re on here talking. Give yourself a chance to string a coherent sentence together.

        Besides, it’s rude in this country to talk with your mouth full…

        • hunter13   •  

          just shut up and read it again then…its written in your native tongue after all ..


          stop with the excuses…..

        • hunter13   •  

          your country has been chewing on wenger;s balls the last 16 years and still cant digest it


          shhhhhhhhh ;)

  42. hunter13   •  

    Oh, I thought we moved to the new stadium to double turnover and compete for trophies?

    But you knew without the need for hindsight that we were going to be shit?

    Well I’ll give you that one hunter. You was spot on there. There’s hope for you yet…

    lol why do you think i call you lot little englanders…? you may have football as a national sport..but youre shit at it and its predominantly the foreigners who keep this league at the top level. yet you think of yourselves as qualified enough to give advise to managers like wenger benitez capello etc etc… one can only laugh…

    you talk about competing with the best and the richest when your club ( if thats arsenal) was never ever in the mix with them clubs in its entire history until wenger came round … lol ..

    and yes muppet i know what to expect from a team that lets go of 5 world cup winners and replaces them with 5 17 yearolds who cant even shave properly yet…

    and yes i know what to expect when i see our budgets per summer are maximum 15 million pounds while the two or three teams that do finnish above us spend anything between 50-100m.

    again dont blame me for your stupidity….if you thought arsenal was targeting the titles while repaying their stadium then god help you …. i certainly wont…


  43. Wanadoo   •  

    Haha CockHunter eating cock again


    Haha, then comes here telling us about Arsenal….lol ROFPMSL


  44. Wanadoo   •  


    It is clear you are a moron.

    Just look at the way you write – It’s like a 12 year old. You should have listened to your teachers instead of sucking cock behind the bike shed…. :-)

    No one listens to you, or reads what you write. How can we respect anything you say, when your spelling, punctuation and grammar are all terrible.

    An intelligent person would fix that. I’m not saying it has to be perfect but just better that a 12 year old.

    Anyway, never mind – come and suck my cock, my poor little convict.

    • Me   •  

      Just to conclude; Wanadoo is asking a 12 year boy to suck his cock.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Actually I think his brain is more like a 10 year old :-0

      • hunter13   •  

        part of his culture isnt it?


  45. Cappa   •  

    I can’t believe it has come to this. This guy is a paedophile.

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  47. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    And what’s happened to that Chuks Aneke lad? I thought that chap was going to be a excellent player.

  48. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i enjoy reading the works of ayn rand. she cracks me up.

  49. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    It’s 2 weeks!! Where’s GS??

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      where have you been, g4l?

  50. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    he is wegs… soon with with have triple A’S


    … these lads will score goals…

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      they’re fuckin’ A

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    wannado… leave the aussie bashing out… wegs is a respected poster on here,,….

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Agreed….nothing against the well endowed Wegs

  52. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    I remember a time when GS would let his Chelsea-supporting brother guest blog on this blog when GS was out on holidays. What happened to those days, GS?

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