Arsenal 6 – 1 Southampton: Saints dispatched with Spanish style

Arsenal 6 – 1 Southampton
(Hooiveld 11 (og), Podolski 31, Gervinho 35, 71, Clyne 37 (og), Fox 45, Walcott 89)
Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

Arsenal lost a flying Dutchman this summer, but they also acquired a scintillating Spaniard. Santi Cazorla is such a good player that he shapes the entire team in his image. Yesterday, Arsenal produced a display of Iberian excellence, and Cazorla, as he has been since the moment he first pulled on an Arsenal shirt, was at the heart of everything.

For some years now, Arsenal have been compared with those Kings of tiki-taka, Barcelona. Looking at Arsene Wenger’s team selection yesterday, the comparison felt particularly apt. Wenger is a known admirer of the Catalan style of play aped by the Spanish national team, and is gradually implementing elements in his own side.

A few years back he adopted the iconic 4-3-3. Now he’s removed the burly, tough-tackling defensive midfielder, and replaced him with Mikel Arteta as a ‘pivote’ – a role based more on interceptions and ball-retention. Yesterday, he went a step further and introduced the nigh-mythical ‘false 9’.

Surprisingly, Gervinho was chosen for the role. After a trial in the position in a pre-season friendly against Man City, the Ivorian was selected of Olivier Giroud, with Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain continuing on the flanks. In midfield, Cazorla and Arteta were supported by Francis Coquelin, whilst the back four remained unchanged. Wojciech Szczesny made his expected return in goal, with Vito Mannone dropping to the bench.

From the get-go it was clear Arsenal meant business. There was a speed and urgency about our passing that looked ominous, and the scoring was opened after just eleven minutes. Podolski turned away from three Southampton players in the centre of the field before playing in Kieran Gibbs. The defender’s shot appeared goalbound, but ended up going off Hooiveld for an own goal.

Having been instrumental in the creation of the first, Podolski took centre-stage for the second goal, bending a beautiful twenty-five yard free-kick in to the top corner. The German was quick to point out after the game that scoring from set-pieces is not something he does regularly, although on that piece of evidence you have to wonder why. The goal was the highlight of another impressive performance from a player who looks entirely at home in the Premier League.

Gervinho got in on the act next, collecting a clipped pass from Mikel Arteta and thundering his shot in at Kelvin Davies’ near post. It was an impressive finish – and one which made you think he should put his foot through the ball more often.

A fourth goal felt inevitable by this point, and it came from a familiar source. Gervinho played in Gibbs again, and this time his cross was deflected home by Clyne. 4-0 before half-time, and Arsenal were on easy street.

Perhaps too easy. In the dying moments of the first half, Wojciech Szczesny dropped a clanger (and a cross), allowing Fox to thump home a consolation and end our run of clean sheets. The Pole had one of his shakier games, and Vito Mannone was sent out to warm up twice during the ninety minutes. Whether or not there were doubts over Szczesny’s fitness, or whether the manager simply wished to remind him of the competition, we can’t be sure.

In the second half Southampton improved considerably. The introduction of Gaston Ramirez and the persistence of Jason Puncheon gave them considerably more attacking threat, whilst Ricky Lambert made a more conscious effort to get one-on-one with Kieran Gibbs rather than the imperious Per Mertesacker for his aerial duels.

In the end, however, Arsenal’s class told. Cazorla played in Ramsey did brilliantly to get beyond the defender and was unfortunate to hit the post. Fortunately, Gervinho was there to follow in and tap home. In that instance he was less a false nine and more a predatory poacher. In one game he’s reached half the number of goals he managed in 37 games last season.

I was delighted for Gervinho. I am often quick to criticise him – and his decision-making does often test one’s patience. Yesterday, however, he played his role to perfection. This map of the player’s average positions confirms he did play centrally, but he showed a willingness to swap with Podolski and Chamberlain when necessary. His movement was tireless, and one-on-one with his defender there are few better dribblers. He had an excellent pre-season and is showing signs of improving on last season’s showing. If he can add consistent end product there’s no doubting his potential.

In stoppage time came the final flourish. Cazorla again was at the centre of the move, slipping a pass in to the path of the cavalier charge of Thomas Vermaelen. When the Belgian’s effort was saved, sub Theo Walcott finished smartly with his left foot. Theo will have been eyeing Gervinho’s start in a central berth with considerable envy, but made the most of his substitute appearance with a few impressive runs as well as his goal.

It wasn’t quite a perfect day – a goal for Giroud in his 15-minute cameo and a clean sheet were the missing ingredients – but it wasn’t far off. It’s been some time since we thumped a side quite so comprehensively. In the past we’ve been accused of taking our foot off the gas against smaller teams – not so yesterday. We looked as if we had a point to prove, and I’d suggest we made it emphatically. Perhaps a contributing factor in the hunger we’re showing is that this is side is so new: from yesterday’s starting XI, only Thomas Vermaelen was an Arsenal regular prior to 2011/12. That’s an extraordinary turnaround, and the result is a group of players eager to prove themselves to the those in and outside the club. Another consequence of that lack of an established side is genuine competition for places.

One man guaranteed a start is Cazorla. It was telling that with Arsene giving rests to the likes of Podolski and Gervinho, the little man remained on the field. He makes us tick. And yesterday, he made us tiki-taka.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. hkm   •  

    Nicely written.

    • victor onuzulike   •  

      Yeah I agree with you

  2. ArsenalisYourDaddy   •  

    Gervinho is set free because RVP is gone.
    This allows for total football without every damn ball going through RVP.

    When Giroud starts firing we will we will be running on all cylinders.

    In Wenger I trust!

  3. Oma   •  

    Nice post, I remember stating here just after our performance against Cologne that Gervinho would be a revelation this season, many Arsenal fans didn’t agree with me,but i think he was magnificent through out against the saints,his movement and presence upfront was flawless. Many people praise CAZORLA for his performance because he has been outstanding ,but this diminutive midfield genius just has a way of making every player around him look world class and that is why he stands out all the time, the little Spaniard brings out the best from everybody and Gervinho’s performance was a reflection of Cazorla’s influence on the field of play,the combination of passes was fluid. Podolski was wonderful, even more with his free kick. Arteta keeps on doing great,his pass to Gervinho for the finish was a touch of Spanish artistry.I am glad Walcott was on the score sheet. Over all I would like to say we will certainly be no push overs this season considering this is a team Man United and Man city were lucky to win. Quite unfortunate Giroud hasn’t found his scoring boots yet and Scezny was complacent allowing that goal in. Next we face Montpelier and with Diaby and Kocielny back,we should expect a good match.

  4. Oma   •  

    What do you think about our performance?

    • hunter13   •  

      hahahahahahaah …..he is getting ready for another session of cocktales ….

  5. elkieno   •  

    What a game indeed, so good to see us really playing for each other and showing that team effort is the real winner. People blasted Ramsey last year for reasons that are just not fair, he was recovering from that injury with 1st full season and started quite well considering, he helped us out so much and obviously fell off the pace towards the end of season. But this year he will be much better I feel. After watching the game I didn’t feel too nervous apart from usual per game jitters, not like past years when even at 4-0 we could still lose it.
    What I thought is a great sight was after dominating them for more than an hour, we can still bring on Giroud, Theo, Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky and more. Maybe we have a big enough squad to go all the way?
    I certainly believe so…
    Next up Man City who got a draw with Stoke last night, we can do them hit them hard early and rock their boat!
    We score when we want
    We score when we waaaant,
    We are the Arsenal,
    We score when we want..

  6. Martin   •  

    This is arsenal we know,keep it up guy,Gunners 4ever.

  7. Edward   •  

    I think we sh’d not be over excited by a 6-1 masaccare lets focus on the next game en be pt wit giroud. Next montperier en city away.

  8. wandedoo   •  

    This is the best squad arsenal has had since the invincibles… Looking to the season with great expectation!! COYG

  9. Roland C Rozario   •  

    From Singapore I watched the game ‘live’ over our tele!
    I always watch all Arsenal games!
    Their game against S’Hampton was absolutely fantastic. A complete ‘team game’ and that’s it should always be.
    I feel that this season will bring out the best on all who take to the pitch.
    To me Arsenal have now a ‘complete team’ even if no one else joins in Jan 2013!
    Just to mention, which I can’t help but single out Carzola he was instrumental in bringing the best out on all the players.
    Obviously team will play to his realm! That’s for sure and Wenger will build around him.
    The Future Of Arsenal!

  10. Roland C Rozario   •  

    And to the post by ‘Edward’ we need to be excited!
    This brings out the supporters and fans and the team to play at their best!

  11. Wanadoo   •  

    Very good win from the boys. Played well, especially first half.

    And don’t forget this is a team that took both Manchester clubs to the wire.

    We looked a lot more balanced then in previous games. If we can keep Cazorla fit, we have a chance to make a big splash this season.

    • Bona   •  

      Nice to read that even you apreciate Cazorla, a player you clamed was not a class player since barca and real didn`t sign him, much like Silva and Mata. But I agree, if he stays fit we can go far. Jack might be back soon too, which will strenghten our team even more.

      And I suppose we should give the defence some credit too, south hardly created a single chance yesterday, while they created lots more against city and Utd. The goal was Shezzas work alone.

      Anyways great display all round, Gervinho is like a new signing;) Bring on Montpellier!!

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Just to clarify, I never said he wasn’t a class player. I just said I needed to wait and see.

        • hunter13   •  

          hmmm … i guess its your professional eye and opinion that will have the final word on whether players like cazorla are fit for the shirt or not ….

          ahahahaha :)

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Why don’t you suck my cock you Fat American tosser. The only thing you’re good for is eating Hamburgers and HotDogs….and having the most obese people on earth.

            Go back to Baseball, fuck-face – you don’t know anything about football.

            Did you go to the game yesterday?

            Oh no, you haven’t been to a single game in your life….ROFPMSL

    • Oma   •  

      @ Wanadoo
      Well what do you know!lol, This is actually the 2nd time you’ve ever said anything nice about Arsenal,good to know that you fancy our chances of doing well this season,..Lets see what we can do against Monpeliier.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        I’m objective Oma.

        I don’t wear wenger-tinted glasses for the sake of it.

        If we put in great performances and win the league (or even come close), I’ll be the first to say I got it wrong.

        I’m just concerned that Cazorla is pulling all the strings for us at the moment. And if he gets injured (or goes off the boil) – we may not have enough.

        • Oma   •  

          Point taken,..well i guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed. I remember how bad it was for city last season when they lost Yaya to ACN and Silva was injured,they struggled to create chances.Well i hope Wilshere gets back soon and fit ,plus Diaby as wel staying out of injuries,we might have some depth in midfield to cover up for Santi.

        • hunter13   •  

          I’m objective Oma

          ahahhaha …. keep them gems for april’s first yeah….

          • Wanadoo   •  


            Go suck some Kangaroo cock – you brainless Aussie fucker.

            After you’ve stuck it on the barbie….lol.

  12. feygooner   •  

    Gervinho did not play as a false 9. A false 9 is a player who starts off playing in the CF position but comes deep to collect the ball.

  13. Charlie G   •  

    The first two games Carzola played in the middle, not high enough. Although he had more of the ball but he was too far to support the attack and easy for teams that patked the bus to track him. Thats all changed from the liverpool game when he played higher up. This change created a more fluid and compact atacking side, without sacrifising the teams superior midfield dominance. Master stroke for the coaching staff for making this adjustment.
    Gervinho, he was a nice surprise yesterday, then again, Arsene has the knack of doing that. With him as the striker there was great fluidity in the team.
    The next three games will prove our credentials.

  14. M Nizam   •  

    I don’t wish to get excited. The Saints may have given the red faced a fright but tougher opposition are waiting. I believe MC/Chelsea/red faced can’t wait to deflate the gunners.
    The gunners ,I believe,are a tougher lot defensivelythis season,and could prove a match and even beat these three teams.My only concern is the goalie who could be error prone at crucial times and make a howler especially when the gunnners are leading .Overall the whole team works as a unit defensively which could prove decisive.

  15. Dave   •  

    Spanish style? Arsenal style!

  16. Christy   •  

    Good write up gilbert am happy Arsenal won,Gerv was a revelation,Cazorla was amazing,Podolski was phenomenon,Arteta was solid,Gibbs was a destroyer,Ramsey came in and show he can be rely on and the defence was superp in all it was a team game no one was leftout and I commend their spirit. Keep it up guyz

  17. Wanadoo   •  


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    • hunter13   •  

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      • True Gunner :D   •  

        lol feeding the troll again ^^ too much fun he just can’t admit his wrong on anything!!!

        • Wanadoo   •  

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          • hunter13   •  

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  18. RodGoonerInTtown   •  

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    • Fry   •  

      Well firstly you cant argue about someone generically insulting countries when you do the same thing back.

      2nd Brazil are one of the best teams in the world, but you think your such a great football pundit that you can predict scores, just remember the current European and world champions lost to England in a friendly. Now im not saying England are the best because of this, just anything can happen.

      3rd This is an Arsenal blog please leave and post your ignorance else where.

  20. RVB   •  

    We were great but I must say the first own goal could have played a big part in the Saints players minds. Great game and great result though.

    Man City is the acid test. I wanna rub Nasri’s face in Carzola’s ass.

  21. RodGoonerInTtown   •  

    Nobody insulted England, just think its funny that these guys that are english think they are so much better than americans, just because they are English, many countries are better than england sadly, but truth hurts buddy, and that alone dont mean england are shiite, i love England and the EPL and everything about the country. Shows your reading comprehention skills are low and youre as ignorant as anyone that engages into online arguing, so fuck off, and fuck wannaboop

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  29. Bona   •  

    Please, please, please Gilberto Silver, is is impossible to block some of the people posting on this site? I am on this site to read interesting views on arsenal, not to find out who`s mother is the biggest c…! The level on here is just sad at the moment. GS please try if you can put in a filter that exclude any message concerning mothers/fat/ and the usual swearing these guys can spell. Please GS do something it is getting emberasing on behalf of the human race…… Or maybe they could exchange Facebook pages and carry on the drivel there. I would attempt to appeal to them as adults, but I don`t think there is any point in that.

    I am well aware that by posting this I will get alot of swearing in my direction, but that realy just enhances my point of view and could catalyst a reaction by you. Do something please, make this an arsenal blogg again.

    • hunter13   •  

      in fact you are right my friend. but since the blogger aint interested in blocking all these idiots who come to abuse wenger and arsenal then unfortunately i will have to get involved……

      • Bona   •  

        Well abuse against Arsenal and Wenger is not a problem by me, the issue is when this blog becomes a facebook site between yourself and other caracters on this planet. As I said I have no problem against people rageing against anything arsenal related. Swearing in generale in neither a problem as long as it relates to arsenal.
        I don`t know what is worse blind faith or complete negative fans? I prefer to be little bit of both.

        • hunter13   •  

          well it is a problem to me for it shows ingratitude and childish behaviour .. if people are too thick to realise the importance of wenger in modern arsenal then they shouldnt talk about football – fullstop.

          blind faith ? lol…more like blind critique from muppets who think they know better yet havent worked a single day in football…

          • Bona   •  

            Wenger contribution to arsenal is important and impressive. Yet the facts are pretty clear, we have gone backwards for a while now, so questions are bound to come and so they should. If you can`t accept those facts than you are naive at best. If he should be sacked is another matter, but that he should change his approach is obviouse, and he has done this season. Transfer dealings last summer was so poor he could have walked for that alone in many clubs.

  30. RodGoonerInTtown   •  

    Watch him come back and say something about hotdogs, Mickey D’s and cock…cuz you know its what he loves

  31. RodGoonerInTtown   •  

    This post is two days old, nobody makes you come back and read them, i came here to read about Arsenal too and read the comments and find ignorants posting BS but nobody made me reply and start talking back, I chose to, i guess i was bores lol, sorry though I will stop, thats a promise, but pls dont block me Gilverto Silver!!!!

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  33. hunter13   •  

    Bona says : “Yet the facts are pretty clear, we have gone backwards for a while now, so questions are bound to come and so they should.”

    backwards from what ? so from positions 1-2 we used to get in wenger’s early tenor we now get 3-4…and thats a backward step for you ?

    i guess the 450m investment in club infrastructure never gave you any indications or clues that a drop in places and quality of players would be inevitable did it ?

    you then say questions are bound to come ….from who exactly? from idiot fans who dont know their arse from their elbow when it comes to runnign football clubs in the 21st century ?

    i dont see the owners grilling wenger for not winning titles … you think they asked him to deliver any titles and he failled them? lol …

    has it ever crossed your mind that the club’s intention these past 7 years was to do just enough to get into the champions league paying positions ?

    change his approach ? lol… his approach has been the same whether he fielded vieira or go for the win…perhaps its the holders of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB ( and by that i mean the top of hierarchy, i.e the owners) who need to change their approach…..

    but to be honest , their approach doesnt bother me, in fact its very logical for a club that was never rich or big….

    so please before opening your mouth on arsenal do some research yeah …. before thinking you can exercise critique try and understand what the club has been doing the last 7 years yes ?

    all you lot do is critisise without understanding what went on…… you think that you can have opinions on grand projects designed by people with master degrees…….

  34. Bona   •  

    If you don`t see a different approach under wenger this term from four years ago, than you follow united and have just mixed up the names.

    And I haven`t rambled any opinions what so ever, you make them up. And by I, I mean me as a person. I wrote that many does, there is a difference.

    And 1-2 to 3-4 is a step backwards, or would you still claim the same argument if we were relegated? I know that there is a difference, but according to you when is it as step backwards?

    And the recent Q and A witj the support trust there was critical voices on arsenal direction. You can claim them to be moronic, but that will have to be on your account.

    And mate more than anything. “so please before opening your mouth on arsenal do some research yeah …. before thinking you can exercise critique try and understand what the club has been doing the last 7 years yes ?” When have I opened my mouth? And if I were should I not be allowed to ask questions of what reasons there is behind the fact that we sell RVP and keep Walcott, because that strikes me as very poor judgment if Walcott leaves on free next summer? If you feel I or anybody else are not allowed to ask those questions, well honstley this club has bigger problems than I could ever imagine.

    And I have a masters degree…. So I suppose than it is ok….

    The fact is that if nobody on this planet could be allowed to ask questions we would still have George Grham, now you can think about that for a while before you answere..

    And by think I do mean your brain.

    • hunter13   •  

      well bona, the conditions were a bit different four years ago, what kind of an approach did you expect ? four years ago , 2008 , you were only 2 years in since stadium move basically. 2008 was what?.. cesc;s third season as regular? at the age of 20? 21? …

      i take it by different approach you mean trasnfers of players at the gae of 25-28 in the 10-13m bracket….yes?so even financially the club couldnt do it four years ago…

      pos3-4 from 1-2 in the epl is minor when you consider what arsenal went through. besides it takes a real idiot to not see that the club’s priority number one was getting in the champions league market pool while playing with kids and repaying banks..

      if you have a master;s degree then you wouldnt have any questions about why rvp left …

      • Bona   •  

        I know why RVP left, question was why we let him leave and why we don`t shift walcott?

        I do however agree that champions league was the primary goal and I can live with that…. Bt I expect more over the next two seasons. The club themselves put the numbers out and in 2010 we had only 90 mill left to pay on the stadium wich is impressive, but results must come in the sme pace.

        And still the question is would you prefer Graham in charge since questions about current affairs are not allowed?

  35. Wanadoo   •  

    Bona, you are wasting your time with this Australian cock sucking cunt.

    All he’s good for is sucking Aboriginal cock – That’s all he knows.

    And if he’s not doing that, he’s sucking off some gormless surfer dude.

    I think the local dingo shagged his mum and that’s how he was conceived. It certainly accounts for his brainless, moronic chat.

    CockHunter13, get down on your knees cos I’m gonna shove my British cock down that Australian pussy mouth of yours.

  36. RodGoonerInTtown   •  

    Yawn, wannashits brain is so limited, hes trolling himself now. Bona, your right, I will only talk about Arsenal from now on, I feel accomplished after tearing a new one on wanapoop, Now let support the mighty Arsenal and kick da shit out of Montepellier

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Missed some opportunities to score.”Walker plays. Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker played extensively Sunday but didn’t have a catch. He had missed the previous seven games with a knee injury that required surgery five weeks ago.”It felt just like I was at fullback,” [url=]Women’s Von Miller Game Jersey[/url] Sapp said. “I do what I have to do to help the team.”Nick of time. Nick Ferguson no longer plays [url=]Men’s Santana Moss Elite Black Jersey[/url] much strong safety for the Broncos, but he made two fumble recoveries on special teams. “Nick Ferguson is still alive,” he [url=]Youth Ryan Tannehill Limited White Jersey[/url] said. “Nick Ferguson is going to do whatever it takes to help this team win.”return, but the referee ruled Grossman was down by contact. A review overturned the call, but the ball was dead.Starters to special teams. After Hester’s second return for a touchdown in the third quarter, starters Champ Bailey and Ian Gold were added to [url=]Youth Von Miller Limited Navy Blue Jersey[/url] Denver’s coverage units.Referee [url=]Men’s Andrew Luck Limited Black Jersey[/url] stops Abdullah’s big play from being huge”He said (Archuleta) didn’t grab his jersey long enough? What does that mean?”(John Leyba, The Denver Post )Nov 26:Time to put a stop to BatesLet us count the misdeedsHester burns ya once, he’ll burn ya twiceExtra points: Bests, worsts more from BroncosBearsHester takes offense to Sauerbrun’s wordsBum ankle doesn’t stop HallChicago D “unacceptable”Peterson the pile driverFantasy League Watch: Week 12Nov 25:Broncos collapse at ChicagoNot happy with officials. Broncos cornerback Dre Bly said there were some questionable officiating calls. On a play in the fourth quarter in which tight end Tony Scheffler caught a 41yard pass despite having his jersey grabbed by Chicago safety Adam Archuleta, Bly said he asked an official why there was no penalty.Benson hurting. It appears Bears running back Cedric Benson will be down for a while after suffering an ankle injury in the second quarter. Benson had just finished a 21yard run when he got twisted up as he was tackled by Abdullah.”It was a horrible field,” Marshall said. “Horrible.”Abdullah may have had a 94yard fumbleThe Bears had the ball at the Broncos’ 11yard line, third down, when quarterback Rex Grossman ran a draw through a huge hole. But Grossman is very slow and Abdullah quite fast. It was a mismatch. Abdullah blasted Grossman at the 6yard line, forced a fumble and then recovered it. “We got robbed,” Abdullah said.Bears 37, Broncos 34″I saw him tuck that ball and I said, ‘He’s running for the sticks,’ ” Abdullah said. “I saw him lower his head to get the first down, so I wanted [url=]Men’s Tom Brady Game Black Jersey[/url] to make sure I wrap him up. Luckily the ball came out, Elvis (Dumervil) did a good job hitting the [url=]Women’s Doug Martin Limited Red Jersey[/url] ball to me and I picked it up and I’m going, ‘We’re going for six.’ [url=]Men’s Mike Adams Game Orange Team Color Jersey[/url] But the referee stopped the play.””It was more of a thing where [url=]Youth Drew Brees Elite Black Team Color Jersey[/url] guys asked to go out there to try to help,” Domonique Foxworth said.Added Stokley, “It was very bad, but they had to play on it, too.”Broncos defensive [url=]Women’s Demaryius Thomas Game Black Jersey[/url] linemen Kenny Peterson (97) and Josh Mallard, right, await another play from scrimmage in Sunday’s game against the Bears [url=]Women’s Dez Bryant Limited Pink Jersey[/url] [url=]Women’s Jacob Tamme Elite Navy Blue Jersey[/url] at cold Soldier Field in Chicago.Bell didn’t get a second carry. Instead, the Broncos moved Cecil Sapp from fullback to tailback and inserted newly resigned Kyle Johnson to fullback. Sapp rushed for 28 yards and a touchdown [url=]Youth Von Miller Limited Grey Shadow Jersey[/url] on seven carries.Backing up backups. When running back Andre Hall left Sunday’s game with a sprained ankle, the Broncos were down to their [url=]Youth Peyton Manning Elite Orange Team Color Jersey[/url] fourth tailback. That player was going to be Mike Bell, who was shifted from fullback to tailback last week. But Bell fumbled on his first carry in the first quarter.

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Assuming most do it for cosmetic purposes, this trend should sicken us: Thousands of beautiful teens having poison injected into their heads to smooth faces that could not be more wrinklefree.It’s a sobering reminder that our own dreams of who our children might be can too easily get lost in fluff created by Disney executives looking to make a buck.A remarkable study undertaken by historian Joan Jacobs Brumsberg compared New Year’s resolutions made by young girls at the end of the 19th century with those made at the end of the 20th. The [url=]Men’s Perry Riley Limited Black Jersey[/url] first group wanted to be better people, not physically perfect. They vowed to be less selfinvolved, kinder, to work harder, and to be more dignified and selfrestrained. 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