Liverpool 0 – 2 Arsenal: The signs are good

Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

A victory built on solid foundations…
After two games, your perception of our results depended on whether your glass was half-full or half-empty. If it was half-empty, you were concerned about our lack of goals; half-full, and you were delighted to have kept two clean sheets. Three games in, we’ve broken our goalscoring duck, but remain yet to concede. It’s a great foundation on which to build, and credit is due not just to Steve Bould, Per Mertesacker and Thomas Vermaelen, but the entire team for a fantastic collective effort. To have achieved that record without Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, and (for the past two games) Wojciech Szczesny makes it all the more impressive. To put it in context, by this point last season we had scored the same number of goals, but conceded 10 goals. It is a dramatic improvement.

Two news boys got off the mark…
And both Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla were outstanding, picking up an assist each to go with their first Arsenal goals. Podolski combines predatory instincts with a phenomenal work-rate, whilst Cazorla is perpetual motion, and perpetual class. I haven’t seen many players who’ve made such an impression on the Premier League so early. At £12.6m, I’m convinced he will prove to be one of the buys of the season.

Olivier Giroud could do with a goal…
He snatched at a fantastic opportunity in the first half, and headed over when well-placed in the second. His movement is intelligent and the signs are good, but he could do with converting one sooner rather than later.

Abou Diaby was immense in central midfield…
His performance was a heart-warming reminder of his undoubted talent. He seemed to spin away from opposition midfielders at will, turning in to space and driving at defenders throughout the game. I’ve had to chuckle at the way pundits have fallen over themselves to praise his combination of power and technique, and label Abou as the ‘new Vieira’. These are the same comparisons people made over half a decade ago, when Diaby first arrived as a teenager from Auxerre. Still, I suppose I can forgive the Match of the Day posse for getting Diaby: prior to this season, he had not started a Premier League game in over a year.

Whilst it’s great that he played to his potential yesterday, it’s important that he goes on to show some consistency. It’s become a bit of a myth that the only obstacle between Diaby and greatness is injuries. This isn’t true: even when he’s been fit, he’s been prone to drift in and out of games, or inexplicably lose confidence and subsequently form. He needs to use the hunger from his time on the sidelines to drive him on to a good run of performances. Fingers crossed he and the rest of the squad return from the international break healthy.

Alex Who?
Alongside Diaby, Mikel Arteta was immaculate in the holding role. In fact, our central midfield display was so good that the discourse about our failure to replace Alex Song almost evaporated over the course of the ninety minutes. It is, as someone has observed before, a funny old game. Had we lost this match, with one-time transfer target Nuri Sahin impressing for Liverpool, the fanbase would be up in arms. As it is, Arteta and Diaby bossed it, Sahin was anonymous, Arsenal victorious, and Song forgotten. Add that to the news that Jack Wilshere could return inside a month, and our midfield suddenly looks much healthier. Perhaps Arsene does know after all.

Is the window really shut?
It was intriguing that both Andrey Arshavin and Marouane Chamakh were left out of the matchday squad. Although I expect both to stay, the windows in Russia and Turkey are still open for a few days. If a decent offer came in, could we resist? We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. RVB   •  

    The new boys are great! Giroud really needs something for his confidence and I’m sure he will flow. His run and everything else is clever, like you mentioned. We can’t risk a Chamakh situation with him.

    I’m still not with Diaby. The sooner Wilshere comes back, the better. But I’m really hoping for Ramsey to get more games to get his form and confidence back. Diaby is too inconsistent. I’m betting my last Euro on him disappearing in the next 3 games.

    C’mon! Make it a good season!

  2. Christy   •  

    It was a good performance yesterday I hope they can keep this up, but am stil concern about the bench.

  3. Goon   •  

    Song who? Love it. Good article. Team looks good and really hope Diaby can keep the mindset and the form including the consistency. Great midfield performance and the unit is mainly about midfield. Would love to have said rvp who but hopefully can soon. Team above all. Wishing the lads a good season.

  4. bernardinho   •  

    and what about jenkinson? yes, he was able to deal pretty well with sterling, but 2 horribly misplaced passes plus a few other judgement errors made me pretty nervous. it sounds like there is good potential there, but i am looking forward to seeing sagna back.

  5. CT Gooner   •  

    Excellent display, room for improvement. One concern is that when faced with better opposition (Liverpool were poor IMO) we could fail the “acid test”. With the situation as it stands we have to be patient for this team to put in consistent game winning performances. We could see draws where we should’ve won or even loose games we should’ve drawn. Not yet title contenders but definitely top 4 finish on the cards. The defensive frailties look like a thing of the past. Early days yet.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Strange you dont mention spuds spending and pushing up the table but choose to mention pool not spending and going down the table. Your point? Lets all get behind the club for not spending so we can finish lower? True bummer with the blue and white avatar wanting us to drop down the table while calling us spud trolls for wanting to spend what we have available and not waste it on dross like NB52.

      You really are a tit

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        You can’t handle the truth Pool net spent this season and are already in trouble… Point proven. They know they cannot keep spending like they have seasons before… point proven but retards can’t understand simple concepts and read articles… go back to primary school and learn to read.

      • hunter13   •  

        lol have you still not figured out that arsenal’s advantage is arsene wenger ? who gives a shit what the spuds or liverpool do…they can spend as much as they want..they dont have a wenger.

        what do you know about what money is available or not ? lol in the board or something…? shareholder? oh i see a manager with a keyboard thats what you are …

        • Munitionsman   •  

          Wenger is the secret? 49 goals conceded last year? I think you will find its Bould cos he is the one who has saved us. By this time last year without Bould we were already fucked

          • hunter13   •  

            youre talking about 3 games im talking about the last 16 years…..where arsenal evolved from that thing it used to be with them alcoholics dropping the team mid season and others collapsing on the lines from drug abuse the previouus nights…

            the barometer of arsenal the last 16 years is the manager and fuck you to any of you disrepctful tw@ts who dont know how to appreciate professionals who have devoted their lifew work so that arsenal exists for another 125 years

            pissheads..go eat your fish and chips and leave arsenal alone..arsenal is fine..and cudos to the booard and owners who never lost their faith in wenger and kept him all these years instead of listening to little englanders and cretinous all knowing managers from the stands, tv and radio shows who aint even fit to comb arsene;s pubic hair….

            bunch of tossers….

            when arsene talks the rest of europe listens ( except marseille and mourinho obviously ) and here…in the land of the solitary cheat cup of 66 people think they can judge his work ? ahahah… can only laugh

            his first decade between 96-2006 delivered three titles 4 fa cups a champions league final, in his last decade at the club between 02-12 he has given us two epl titles, one record unbeaten season a chamiopns league final a new stadium and constant participation in europes top 16 clubs while repaying investments in club infrastructure

            those who talk shit about arsenal and wenger come forward and i will make a mug out of you son……

          • hunter13   •  

            the thing is though …if bould had never met wenger he would never have been inspired to become what he is ..the same goes for the rest of them junkies he helped sort their lives out who now come out trashing his work in the media ……

            the way you talk is as if arsenal was real madrid before wenger and bould adams and the rest were like the hierros or maldinis of england…now that is horseshit my friend…all this revisionist bullcrap about gg and his players does my head in…. 10 defenders and a keeper beating people up for the 1-0 ..ok thank you for the memmories now fuck off and stop talking cause one of you went to coach tottenham, the other got angry when we rejected his crap son footballer and the toothless alcoholic still holds grudges for being dropped

            as for sell outs..and because i hear a lot of complaints about dividents and shareholders behaviour ….david dein ..your man …sold his shares for 75 million mate ..and his bastard son from the brothel in taiwan has ripped arsenal of its players the last 6 years running….

            what are you gonna do as a fan then ? boo wenger ? lol you moron …get serious….

        • shaun   •  

          “But the Alex one, it was a surprise! He is 24 years old, he has three years remaining on his contract. I still do not understand. It is huge loss for the club.

          “When you see the two best players of last season leave, you have a lot of questions. Sometimes in the street the fans talk to me. I can understand they are upset. I am just like them, I don’t understand everything.

          “At Arsenal you come back after holidays, you make preparations, and you see two players leave and the season resumes – it has been like that since I have been at the club. I am used to it now.

          “I am the last player from the 2007 starting XI remaining. In May, I watched Manchester City show off. I watched at Samir [Nasri] and Gael [Clichy] lifting the trophy.

          “That gave me desire for it. Were they right to leave? Yes. But when they left, we didn’t know.”

          Sagna then admitted that his own situation is far from certain, revealing his contract is up in 2014 – something Arsenal would never confirm publicly.

          “My own situation? At the end of the season, I will have one year remaining,” he said, insisting that nobody from the club has been in touch.

          “Has the club contacted me about an extension? No, no one.”

          so huntercunt another one left to the last year of his contract …you could not make this shit up …no communication and how you gonna win anything with players thinking like that ….. I know you are a little dumb so I will explain ….your not gonna win fuck all with those kinda thoughts going through your head ….like I said rank bad management of arsenal football club

          • hunter13   •  

            whats your source mate ? some muppet journalist with google translator ? lol …sorry lad i dont listen to trolls in uk media who aim to enrage you and frustrate you with their anti-arsenal behaviour.

            i guess not much happening in international break so why not devise a story about how wrong arsenal does things …lol ..

            we wont bite …the fools like you can bite all you want

          • shaun   •  

            apparently wenger say’s you don’t bite either so I will take your word on that ,anyway the point is player contracts should not be left to the last minute and there is no argument you have that will explain this bad managemnt as you no with walcott persie ,nasri . This should not be happening at any well run club unless it is a ploy to generate media attension and money which I believe is the case although that is my opinion …but I am sure you will tell us all why this is indeed good business practise …..Wanado this guy needs a straight root canal and while your there a frontal lobotomy would not go a miss

    • Wanadoo   •  

      The AKB baseball fan is back!

      Welcome back you True Clueless cunt.

      Oh dear 2 points from 3 games….bet you wish you had Redknapp back?

      Never mind True fucker, come and suck my cock, you gormless cunt.

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Spurs trolls are too retarded to understand finances… but on the off chance you can find someone that can explain things look at

        If you look at “Cash Flow” you will get a good idea of how well a club can manage without going to their sugar daddies for money the whole time (until they run out)… anyway whenever a club loses the favor of their sugar daddy they get lumped with the debt so they don’t really get any long term financing from their sugar daddies and then go the way of Leeds, Porthmouth, Ranges etc

        You would love that to happen to Arsenal admit it!

        Now be a good troll and go back to your Spurs blogs.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          True CockFace

          You will never understand what being a fan is like….you’re a yank….

          To you it’s another sport, it could just as easily be Basketball, Baseball, or American Football….but you’ll never understand the difference. And I can accept that, until you start opening your mouth and talking crap….but you are a cock sucker so I shouldn’t expect anything else.

          To you Arsenal, is just another team to “support” from afar.

          When you actually go to games, in the pouring rain and cold week in week out – then you can impart your wonderful knowledge.

          But we both know you will never do that – and thus you will never be a “True” anything apart from a cock sucker, my cock sucker. So take your silly little Chelsea blue glasses off and suck my dick, mother fucker.

          • hunter13   •  

            well how can i say it ….if you meet the yanks in brasil’s world cup ( if england qualifies that is …lol) im sure they can beat you 3 or 4-0 …easily …

            your only hope is wenger’s young english players who will hopefully let go of the neanderthal hoofball approach being educated here since the beggining and play football like the rest of the planet does.

  6. Munitionsman   •  

    good post GS, spot one that things could have been very different if webb had of missed pers great tackle and suarez had of scored the free kick in the first couple of minutes

  7. Munitionsman   •  

    I love watching AFC when they dont dominate possesion. I despise watching them when they have possesion and teams park the bus and we just pass across the pitch ad infinitum. Glad cesc, nasri, song are gone as they were horrific. Especialy nasri

      • Munitionsman   •  

        love the non-spud avatar

    • RVB   •  

      Yes. Well, we have to be defensively solid to be able to do that. The counter-attack of this set-up looks much better too.

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Thats true. Love the way TV powers out of defense. Scarey shit

  8. Wanadoo   •  

    I thought we played well. Although Pool had a few decent chances of their own. And Mert the liability was lucky not to concede a couple of penalties.

    When all is said and done – it’s a shame Wenger didn’t spend anything cos the way things are panning out – we could of challenged this year. However as things stand, top 4 is about it.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      I disagree on mert. I think he is seriously underated and figures in all our best defensive displays. His luck with penalties were all actually perfect tackles. His only gaff was when suarez gave him the slip. But theres not much shame in that. As a team our objective should have been to never let suarez get one on one with per as its a shocking match-up for us. Apart from that per was PERfect

      • shaun   •  

        agreed when arsenal defend as they are supposed to then mert will look good if they revert to wengers style of the best defense is attack then the whole team looks shite ….for me this must be down to bould a proper no nensense defender.when wenger is asked the question about the dramatic and they are dramatic changes in our defense he swerved it staight away and starts telling you about the team are now defending better ……yeah right seems strange they have not had a team defensive shape for five years to the point where it is worse than schoolboy shite but all of a sudden we have defensive shape all over the park but that said we will still finish third in my opinion but that still is not good enough when you think we are maybe two quality players short of a title challenging team and by that i mean right up there two or three points off the top not third and fifty points from the first placed team

        • hunter13   •  

          lol finishing third in epl against rivals who can poutspend you like negraneu can outspend you in vegas is failure now is it ? …not good enough ?

          hahahaha …man please go see some dvds of arsenal before wenger when the club ended 7th and 12 and no europe and then talk about the failure of finishing among the top4 teams in the toughest football league in the world….

          you know all those mugs who are spending money for a decade to get in our shoes ….. they havent done it yet so why do you want us to follow the example of these losers ?

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Wenger was the one, saying that we would be able to compete with the Real Madrid’s, Manchester United’s of this world….It’s not me saying it, it’s him!

            And had he of shown the remotest interest in strengthening our squad – we’d be in with a chance of challenging. But he hasn’t…

            The only time he did was when he panic “bought” 3 players when we lost 8-2 to ManU.
            This is not the sign of a good manager – that waits for disaster then does something….it’s the sign of an ambitionless wanker who is only interested in feathering his own nest.

          • True Gunner :D   •  

            Ahh the spurs fans would rather have Wenger spend like mad and go the way of Rangers or the way Liverpool is going now!!!

          • shaun   •  

            yeah it is , from a position of dominanace the club has been taken backwards by arsene with his kiddie dreams , the man has had his five years to create a winning team no joy so he carries on fucking up .when have you ever heard a team willing to refund the supporters as the performance is so bad .get real dude and wake up I am not saying spend 400 million and put the club at risk ,I am saying be a prorper manager and stop being so stubborn as he is not anywhere near as great as you seem to think .players in the last year of there contacts over and over again is not exceptable mate as it is clearly obvious that causes problems for the team and planning going forward .What do we here from the manager …”oh he was in the last year of his contract so we could do nothing about it …..give me a fucking break ….oh I no we will sell him to manchester united who finished twenty points infront of us last year and guess what they were actually second …..why not sell to juventus for 15million …..but that won’t happen because it is now greed and breaking even which are the motivators for the current board and manager and not the ambition of winning …wenger is in last chance saloon and rightly so and you can see that as we now have a defensive coach and you can see the difference , we have now bought some quality players with experince and not some third division french crap and where do I say Arsenal should follow anyteam …I want arsenal to be the best ambitious and innovative and that is all within there reach and it won’t take billions as you seem to think but then you probably one of those who thinks it’s ok to pay6 dejourfool and chambollocks 60 grand a week …that is insane and incredible bad management and a complete waste of funds, so huntercunt you had better stop meeting up with true cock as he is obviously fucking you stupid

        • Munitionsman   •  

          U weren’t seriously expecting wenger to acknowledge Bould were you?? No I know you weren’t. Anymore than he achnowledged keown

      • Bona   •  


  9. Munitionsman   •  

    Jenkinson was good as well considering he was not even championship last year. Just stop passing across goal FFS!! Thats kids stuff. But I guess he is just a kid!

  10. What about teams that park the bus   •  

    Well, liverpool game was fine….what about teams that defend deep…I have a feeling, this season the number of 0-0 matches is going to kill us.

    • RVB   •  

      Give them the ball.

      To kill these teams, we have to give them the ball and let them think they have a chance to score. We’ll catch their asses out on the counter as long as it’s not Giroud at the end it…

      Keeping the ball and possession play is playing straight into their hands.

      Never do what your opponents want you to.

  11. leftcoastgooner   •  

    The team defended well as a unit and the midfield look good with Diaby, Arteta,Cazorla and Ox. Good covering on both flanks and Podolski hustled back to help. (I hope Arshavin was watching)
    Well two weeks to consolidate and then hopefully all 3 points from the Saints.
    I still don’t think we can win the league but as long as we continue show ourselves as manful competitors I’m stoked.

  12. hunter13   •  

    Wenger was the one, saying that we would be able to compete with the Real Madrid’s, Manchester United’s of this world….It’s not me saying it, it’s him!

    yeah well..a diplomatic reply to the public to keep them paying for the stadium and to show his players that at least to the outside world nothing has changed, the standard is the same , we compete at the top level domestic and abroad….as for winning thats another matter. nothing wrong with that. shouldnt the fan pay for the stadium? who was the stadium built for ? wenger? or the fans? …. wenger will die one day..we will still be there in that stadium. you cheap bastard..i give my money with my blessings when its for arsenal as long as i dont feel ripped off. if you feel ripped off its because you never “got it”. if you expected titles with a bunch of kids then youre an idiot. if you expected arsenal to purchase ibrahimovic and messi while repaying a 450m investment in club infrastructure then you should be locked in a mental ward.

    the process of building for the future always runs the risk of having the first crop getting burnt from expectations, pressure, greed. its so volatile. the one force needed ot keep it together is the fans and the arsenal fans fucked it up..managed to alienate the players and make them feel responsible for not beating world class drogba in their early are stupid for attacking the team and manager all these never let the team grow any confidence..always there ready to mouth themoff in the first mistake..horrible fans…tossers actually.

    then others play games on you..the media taunts you ..rival team fans and colleagues take the pi55 out of you and you swallow all that pi55 with no complaints…without thinking for yourself..accepting what some tw@t jealous moron tells you about the team youve followed and supported ever since you could understand the game. you are weak..end of the story..

    the only failure i can give to wenger is for not keeping the fans stupidity away from his team.

    but for that the blame lies in the hands of gazidis kroenke hillwood and the rest who left the manager out there to take all the heat and never pulled a finger out to protect the club from media and fa discrimination.

    their investments/players were getting butchered on the pitch by neanderthals and instead of shaking the ground and making noise ( if no care for the fans at least for their investments ffs) and they left the manager on hisown to get mocked by silly little engladers who were telling him his team is soft the boys dont like it up em this is england and bollocks like that

    so fuck you all ..cause you all know that your misery and moan is ALSO responsible for not winning anything the last 7 years

    wehn you sit like a drama queen waiting to be rewarded for your investment in a fkn ticket you become a customer, not a fan not a supporter

    piss 0ff wankadoo

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      You’d rather Arsenal win one trophy and then become a Leeds? Ahh yes a club in the distant memory… Liverpool might be the next!!!

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Sorry misread u wankadoo more concerned about 1 trophy and dead club!!! Most pl managers don’t last 55 games before they are gone… and that’s about 1 season so if there r so many good managers like Wenger why don’t we see anyone but Wenger and Fergie that have been around more than a decade at pl clubs?

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Actually TrueCunt, I’d rather we become like a Man Utd and win a few things and act like a big club.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Thats actually a very good post.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      except the fans dont own the stadium and its not for them. Its owned by Kroenke and its all for him…. all of it. But the rest I agree with

      • hunter13   •  

        the stadium belongs to arsenal mate …and the majority shareholder of arsenal is kroenke…he dont own any stadium…he owns 66% of the company that has ashburton grove as an asset ..thats OUR ground…and instead of feeling it with joy..instead of forming shield of proetction to our players..we abuse them , we boo them , and make them feel as criminals or as if they owe us something….

        “we were told we came here to compete” morons cry out …

        yeah buddy we will compete ..we havent stopped competing actually…whether we played with world class pires and vieira or whether we played with cripplew and 19 yearolds. maybe you lot never read between the lines …i remember quite clearly the club and manager coming out and telling you/us all about patience…

        the stadium was scheduled to be repaid in 15-20 years and our manager sliced that period in half you dumb fucking morons…even in the midst of a real estate crisis which was delaying the sale of highbury flats..he still did it!

        something had to give dont you think? ……

        • Wanadoo   •  


          You have the brain of a worm.

          You talk like a complete idiot. You really have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

          Wenger is dragging us down the sewer mate – You’re just a blind little Wenger cock sucking cunt. You clearly don’t go to any games – you’re knowledge is from listening to MOTD.

          You need to grow a pair, and when you’ve done that you can come suck my cock in celebration.

          • hunter13   •  

            lol…. the real sewer is where you popped out from

    • Stevieo   •  

      Your parents must be really worried about your fanaticism and obsession with Wenger…

      • hunter13   •  

        well mate wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to this club …if you can prove otherwise …maybe then ill listen to what you have to say…

        i know whats good for arsenal and i will support it..

        if you are confused and have allowed media and rivals to mess with your head then thats your problem …dont make it arsenal’s problem.

        then again you dont like what the club offers on the pitch? then dont pay anything and piss off …noone held a gun in your head threatening you to buy anything…right or wrong ?

        • Wanadoo   •  

          wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to this club

          Haha….you fucking tosser..

          If we don’t win a trophy this season. This will be the worst run of not winning anything since 1954……you fucking dickhead…..All hail the mighty Wenger… fucking brainwashed little cunt.

          The worst run in 58 years……What a great manager he is…..

          By time I’ve finished with you, my cock is going to go places that you’re toothbrush has never reached….now get down on your knees mother fucker.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            *”your” not “you’re”

          • hunter13   •  

            lol what are you talking about son ?

            from 53 to 71 its …18 years …

            from 71 to 89 its another 18 years you mug

            so the way i see it ..between 53 and 89 the club only won one double in 71 …

            in 36 years we only won one double ( i dont count the ridiculous lc;s or whatever pub cups were at the time, only the serious ones ..champions title and f.a cup)

            plus no real european recognition back then

            and youre crying over 7 years which were at a time where the club;s focus was repaying a 450m investment ? we may have not a title but we reached a champions league final? had arsenal reached many of those back in the glory days ? pmsl ….

            what was stoppping arsenal dominating the football scene before wenger then ? not good enough ? lol…

            god youre so clueless …

            sit on it ..!..

          • hunter13   •  

            and yeah here, take it again in capitals ( im sure you like reading it ..:) )


            now prove otherwise or else ill slap you like vieira slapped anelka … love such things..youre used to it in prison and the sewer you call home …hehehe ..muppet troll.

            you dont even know the grammar of your natigue tongue and you want to pass judgement on ARSENE ? ahahah…. does your mommy have any other “clever” sons like you i wonder ?…..

          • Wanadoo   •  


            This proves what a total fucking useless piece of shit you are.

            We won FA cup in 1979 and League cup in 1987.

            And who gives a fuck what you count in that flea brain of yours. The League cup is a trophy – whether your pea brain likes it or not. And before you diss it, don’t pretend you weren’t upset when we lost to Birmingham.

            And btw, It was George Graham and David Dein that lay the foundations not this Clueless French cunt.

            And one further thing; In the club honours list, you won’t find a mention of a lost CL final BUT you will find the League Cup finals.

            So before you open that pussy mouth of yours and talk shit, get your facts right. Cos the next time you open that pussy mouth, I’m gonna shove my cock down your throat.

  13. Munitionsman   •  

    GS give us a blog, GS GS give us a blog

  14. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    aussies are awesome!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      No they are not, no matter how many times you say it, it will never be true :P

  15. Gunner4Ever   •  

    I need to get myself some of those Cesc We Can and Praise of Songs t-shirts. Are they still in stock GS?

  16. Wanadoo   •  


    Very good post.

    But now TrueCunt and CockHunter13 will now call you a Spurs troll or say you should go and support City. How dare you criticise Wenger for not winning a trophy for 7 years.

  17. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    gs should donate those tshirts to a charity. aussies often go around shirtless because of our pleasant climes and perfect bronzed bodies. the english are not so fortunate.

  18. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    there seems to be some confusion about the stature of wenger. let me remind you chaps that there is only way to take the measure of a man….

    and you all know what that is!

  19. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    im a bit scared of wanadoo. sounds sounds like the kind of man you dont want to befriend in a prison.

  20. hunter13   •  

    from a position of dominanace the club has been taken backwards by arsene


    and who gave you this dominance ? was it wenger perhaps ? …….

    look mate youre angry because the corporate hierarchy of the club chose to use wenger;w success as “credit” and “time” to launch their stadium construction….

    you are a confused little muppet who cant differentiate between the roles of employer and employee …..

    you are blaming an employee for the decissions of the employer …..

    you are an idiot.

    • Stevieo   •  

      Seriously, your fixation with Wenger ain’t healthy!

      • Bona   •  

        Listen you can not argument against that. Wenger is an employee, that much is a given. The board is the employer. Wenger has some power, but not enough to make any great decisions. If it was down to AW RVP would have stayed until next summer. If you want to blame AW for poor signings, tactical errors, poor match preperation etc than that is fine.

        But to be honest I would not cry if wenger left, but I`m not 100% sure it wil be better for arsenal.

        And seriously your fixation with Wenger is just as unhealthy……….

        • hunter13   •  

          they dont care..they dont understand ..they re just angry they dont get to see trophies and dont know who to blame really…kids..

      • Oma   •  

        you say “fixation”,…well ill say there is truth in what he is saying.

    • shaun   •  

      yes huntercunt it was wenger who gave us the position of dominance when we had true hardened professionals ….gonna have to spoon feed here me thinks …..just as tyson was once the best and most destructive heavy wieght boxer ever in his prime ……..but he lost his skills and desire and was no longer the best and became a poor shadow of himself….these things can happen in life circumstances change my friend and the circumstance now is the football arsenal play now or for the last 5 years is inferior to what wenger produced at the begining of his Career and as it should be obvious even to yourself ….the man does not coach defending ….for two years we could not defend a set piece again shocking ….we have conceded more goals every season so yes on the footballing side we have gone backwards most definately …for gods sake man we are now setting negative records …you would have to go back to before terry neil to see defending that bad so stop talking sh1t but on the plus side it seems wenger has taken his dick out of your ass as he appears to finally be taking the advice of all around him about the obvious problems with arsenal at the moment …just a shame you can not see the obvious

      • hunter13   •  

        wrong …what he found here was a collection of junkies and alcoholics who had lost their purpose in professional sports…an amateur pub team getting worse and worse with dennis the oasis.

        circumstances change …i know…one day youre playing with world cup winer gilberto and vieira in midfield and the next you play with 19 y.o song and cesc …its called, wait for it, A CYCLE ..yeah…are you still with me or is too difficult for you ?

        now this particular team/ club ….let go of their world cup winners who gad made a mockery of ferguson and english football winning the league unbeaten and decided that it wasnt sustainable forever and that they had to start building something more solid and they started from scratch…like pressing reset in your computer …u still with me ? lol

        • shaun   •  

          hey we are finally getting there …so you agree the standard of football has definately gone backwards and is not of the same standard it was at the begining of your gods career at arsenal …just say yes it is easier……and oh by the way the next time your steering into wenger’s belly button and your mouth is not full ofcourse, can you ask how long this cycle of sh!t is gonna take ?

          • hunter13   •  

            no the standard of football hasnt gone backwards you numpty … in fact in these last 7 years ive been left many a time speechless at the precission speed passing and technique i see in arsenal….and it was all done with kids who were still getting to terms with professional football and its demands and pressure.

            in fact the kids play a lot better football than any of the teams of previous regimes before wenger)

            as for winning trophies thats a different matter…thats the statistic the club chose to sacrifice for a while till they repay the investment in stadium, training centre and medical facilities etc…

            you are more interested in attaching blame to someone for not giving you trophies instead of realising that trophies were never on the cards …a welcome bbonus if it happened during the process of loan repayment but nor priority number one….not in this phase….

            you must be really thick if you thought arsenal was gonna be risk MORE MONEY trying to win titles when their focus and emphasis was financial survival…

            besides..there is no point going in direct competition with oil barrons who can blow you out the water

            its like getting in a poker table with your life;s savings to play against people who have an infinite pool of money for their buy ins …youve barely got one buy in and you want to go play it out against sharks ? lol …….. thats how people lose cars, houses and then their lives ….. idiot

  21. Wanadoo   •  


    So Sagna is now questioning Wenger. How dare he? – disloyal fucker!

    No one has talked to me about extending my contract (which expires in 2014).

    So come at the end of this season, you two fuckers will be saying:
    “He has no loyalty”
    “He just wants City’s Millions”
    “He doesn’t care about the club – he can fuck off”

    etc etc.

    And you two cock sucking cunts will still be praising Arsene.

    I have a good idea….

    Why don’t you both take it in turns to suck my cock.

    • hunter13   •  

      now youre just guessing cant possibly know what any of us would think or say should things with sagna turn bad in the year…2014 ..

      think about it. to suggest that you know what our reactions would be is a bit extreme…fantasy…


      • Wanadoo   •  


        You’re a Wenger cock-sucker, so of course you’ll say it’s Sagna’s fault.

        Then you’ll say “Wenger can make 100 Sagna’s”

        What a tit in a trance you are. Another fucking foreign cunt that has never been to an Arsenal game in his pathetic life and gets all his information from watching MOTD.

        I bet if I were to turn your head 90 degrees, your mouth would look like a tight little pussy. And you know what? My cock is gonna bang that pussy of yours so that your tonsils feel like a punch-bag. NOw open wide mother fucker.

        • hunter13   •  

          well if he cant make them im sure he can find them ..hehe ..

          fortunately we have the best in the business for scouting gems

          do you practice those dirty words in the mirror then ? its very convincing …heh

    • Wanadoo   •  


      Sorry mate you’re wrong. Wilshere will be going next, then Sagna.

      It doesn’t matter though – Wenger can make 100 Wilshere’s, 75 Sagna’s, 50 Fabregas’ and 25 RvP’s… there!

      • hunter13   •  

        and he can also make thousands of muppets out of you , millions even, when he beats the odds every season and secures champions league market pool for his club ….while others invest like wankers for the past decade and still cant do it ..haha

        if wenger can do these things with eboues and 19 yearolds and all this “deadwood” then i wonder what he’ll do when he can buy proper players again ..hehehe

        youre too small to talk about wenger and arsenal …

        • Stevieo   •  

          You need to seek help.

          • True Gunner :D   •  

            hunter13 is right u all think that players can dictate how the clubs is run… even Manu sometime has to be sensible… did Fergie listen to Rooney and let him dictate wages in his latest contract? Ah yes but lets run this club into a ditch for short term chance of a “trophy”… Go support Mancity if you want a club like that.

          • True Gunner :D   •  

            hunter13 is right u all think that players can dictate how the clubs is run… even Manu sometimes has to be sensible… did Fergie listen to Rooney and let him dictate wages in his latest contract? Ah yes but lets run this club into a ditch for short term chance of a “trophy”… Go support Mancity if you want a club like that.

          • hunter13   •  

            and you need an enema but not back there were you enjoy it need one in your brainieo

  22. Wanadoo   •  


    Is that your age after your name or are you just retarded?

    Just another foreign dickhead that has shit 4 brains and a pussy shaped mouth ready for a cock.

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