Transfer round-up: Three steps forward, two steps back

And so transfer deadline came and went, and my prediction was disappointingly accurate.  Nicklas Bendtner and Park Chu-Young made loan moves to Juventus and Celta Vigo respectively, but that was it.  There was talk of a possible transfer for Marouane Chamakh, but a lack of attacking options forced him to stay.  On the inbound front, there was persistent persistent chatter about a loan move for Chelsea’s Michael Essien, but Roberto Di Matteo put the kibosh on that by refusing to allow the Ghanaian to move to a rival.  Essien ended up at Real Madrid; Arsenal ended up empty-handed.

By the time deadline day arrived, I wasn’t surprised by our lack of activity.  There were no whispers, no rumours; the vine was bereft of grapes.  As soon as Arsene started talking about only wanting to bring in a “top top top top top” player, you knew the window was essentially closed.

My overriding sensation is one of frustration.  We started the summer very well, with a trio of undoubtedly good additions.  Lukas Podolski was signed up before the 2011/12 season was even over, and Olivier Giroud was added not long after, at the back end of Euro 2012.  The addition of Santi Cazorla left us with our strongest squad in years.  We had depth, freshness, experience and quality.

Since then, however, we’ve lost Robin van Persie and Alex Song.  Those two departures put a very different spin on things.  The three signings that originally looked like enhancements to the squad now look like replacements for outgoing players.  Giroud and Podolski are intended to replace the attacking contribution of Van Persie.  Cazorla has actually arrived twelve months late as a replacement for Cesc Fabregas.  And, much to the chagrin of many fans, the club has not replaced Song in the transfer market.  Instead, Arsene is planning to rely upon the renewed availability of Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere after injury.

It’s a case of three steps forward, two steps back.  This summer initially looked like one of bold investment.  Now we find ourselves back in profit, and with a squad that’s arguably no better than last season’s.  I still think we have more than enough quality to finish in the top four, but what’s frustrating is that with one or two additions we had the potential to do so much more than that.

September will be a very tricky month, with games against Liverpool, Montpellier, City and Chelsea.  Come through those unscathed, and the mood will shift.  It’s time to get behind the players we have bothered to sign.  The question marks over the men in charge will be saved for another day.

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  1. Mzeey   •  

    We will see what happens in anfield we score we win we happy we don’t score we lose we crisis

  2. Michael Preston   •  

    Far too charitable. Arsene and the Club knew what they were doing the whole time. There was never an attempt to make a net spend on players and it would have been more honest to say so. The chronology spells it all out.

  3. idj   •  

    Im beyond frustrated. Maybe RVP was right, what the heck is going on at the Emirates?

  4. Ade   •  

    I think this season is going to be a very disastrous one 4 arsenal. We dont want arsene wenger anymore,if the board refuse to sack the man who experiments every season while the arsenal faithfulls(fans) suffer great emotional disorder i think its time london fans stop going to watch them play at the emirate stadium,leave the board to run into debt and give them option to buy players or suffer running into debt like they suffer our emotions with there instability.LONDON ARSENAL FANS STOP WATCHING ARSENAL PLAY AT THE EMIRATE STADIUM AND STOP BUYING THERE TICKETS UNTIL THEY LISTEN TO US AND START BUYING MORE PLAYERS. Fuck arsene wenger and the arsenal board.

    • hunter13   •  

      lol ..emotional disorder ? ahahhahaha sit down you muppet. it aint arsenal;s fault ( nor wenger’s) you cant seperate your life;s priorities with a spectacle of the entertainment industry owned and governed by private owners and multi million pound tv and image cartels.

  5. fu   •  

    Cazorla must realise he’s made a huge mistake. He will rectify it first chance he gets and move to a real real football club not a business

    • hunter13   •  

      hmm yes what a massive mistake ..he left a club that was on the brink of bankrupcy to join the most organised and safest football club in the world. what an idiot…..

      • fu   •  

        Yes you are an idiot. Plus stupid as well.

        • AJ   •  

          fu, you ony need to add a ck to your name to know what you are.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Hunter and AJ – you’re both fucking idiots of highest order.

            Hunter you fucking AKB cunt. If Cazorla is any good, he’ll jump ship as soon as he realises what a total piece of shit we’ve become with those two wankers Gazidis and Wenger in charge.

            All our Good players have done so for years – If you can’t see it then you’re just an AKB tosser.

            Now take your little nerdy square glasses off and come suck my cock, mother fucker.

          • fu   •  

            A has to stand for arsehole

        • JMIM   •  

          Second that.

    • Ibk   •  

      He made a mistake with Malga, he thought we was in a club with enough financial resources to challenge for titles.
      He must realize that he has made a mistake with Arsenal by now. We have the financial resources, but refuse to challenge.
      hunter13 refers to arsenal as the “most organized and safest” football club in the world. Has it come to this? Empty platitudes from Arsenal fans who are satisfied with dross and mediocrity. Fans that prefer to rejoice about profits and “organization”, rather than trophies. Arsenal pseudo-accountants.

    • bernardinho   •  

      fu, your statement is just ridiculous, do villareal and malaga have more ambition than arsenal?

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Who gives a fuck about them – we’re the ones who should have ambition.

        Do you see any ambition at Arsenal? Selling our best players every year since 2004.

        You fucking cunt, stop talking shit and suck my cock.

        • hunter13   •  

          lol what ambition you muppet , the club built a stadium …how many clubs do you know of that build stadiums for 450m and spend another 300 for players to win champions league and epls in the same period?

          are you that stupid you couldnt see that the stadium investment meant “goodbye titles” for a few years…and by few i dont mean 3 and 5 years….

      • JMIM   •  

        Does Arsenal have more ambition than Villareal and Malaga?

        • Oma   •  

          You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out bro.

  6. M Nizam   •  

    Arsenal are 7 points behind chelsea with a game in hand.Lose to Liverpool and it will be 7 points. As we go on and the gunners can’t score and win ,the gap will be wider.
    This is the worst scenario. New players take time to gel. The problem is time is of the essence for Arsenal.
    If Arsenal continue to underperform by the mid season,there will be more groans from gooner fans.
    Frankly wenger has been given too much time . If he can’t get the gunners fighting for trophies,he shd not be given any more time after this season.

    • hunter13   •  

      time is of the essence ? hmmm i suppose you say that cause you got a signed contract by wenger kroenke and ivan that arsenal will win title x by year y ?..oh you dont?….my bad …

      more groans from gooner fans ? women groan…not men ..and i apologise to women for in the case of these “gooners”, them women do show more balls than the crying babies we get in forums… :)

      • Wanadoo   •  

        hunter you nerdy little cunt…

        I will show you my balls close up when my cock is in your mouth.

        Now fuck off and go play FIFA 12…you silly little cunt

        • hunter13   •  

          i play fm ..not fifa12 :)

    • Oma   •  

      Guess you wont be saying we will loose to Liverpool and be 7 points behind today right?

  7. Beewai   •  

    Fuck u wenger N d useless Board, i’m sure carzola wil regret playin 4 a profit makin team like Arsenal

  8. bernardinho   •  

    our first XI (everyone fit)
    sagna kos verm gibbs
    arteta diaby wilshere
    walcott podolski cazorla

    team of subs
    jenks merte djourou santos
    coq ramsey rosicky
    chambo giroud gervinho

    + frimpong, arshavin, chamakh

    dont think we are light in midfield, given cazorla and chambo (and rosicky) are midfielders. defense looks good to me as well.
    strikers/wingers, there i am a bit concerned. walcott, arshavin and gervinho, podolski, giroud and chamakh, we need 2 or 3 of those in very good form…

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Haha….what a team…

      team of subs
      jenks merte djourou santos
      coq ramsey rosicky
      chambo giroud gervinho

      This is like a joke……are these good back-up players?


  9. hunter13   •  

    i dont understand why you show such stress at the departures of song and rvp. the manager and this club stood by them and they betrayed the manager and club that made them. instead of having wenger being an emotional wreck for losing his players ( like last year with cesc) id rather see him being as cold as fussed..disinterested… you wanna leave ? good ..fuck off ..cause players like you robin and alex.. i can produce another hundred so see you around lads

    stop crying. when players hold the club to ransom you complain..when wenger shows them the door ( while making profit) you complain about losing players..rewind back 3 years ago when you all considered robin deadwood and song not good enough…so why the tears now ?

    ill tell you why…because media and rivals taunting have MESSED WITH YOUR HEADS.

    you have no honour and no strength in character to support arsenal are weak minded fools.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      You really are a fucking moron…..

      I can produce another hundred (like RVP and Song)

      What a stupid thing to say….You’re like a tit in a trance.

      Do you have no brains at all? Has Wenger brain washed you to the extent that you have no cognitive ability whatsoever?

      What a moronic prick you are….I’m not even sure you’re good enough to suck my cock.

      • hunter13   •  

        are you saying that the manager who has made weah viera and henry and cesc is fussed about robin and song ?

        i know what i say …primorac and wenger are gurus at developing players…for you to suggest that they cant make new van persies and songs is an insult to their reputation and professional status

        you are to small and to talk about them.


        • Wanadoo   •  

          Wenger is good at making:


          Wenger is as useful as an old man’s cock in an orgy.

          Now when you’ve finished wanking over him – come over and open that pussy looking mouth of yours and I’ll show you what it’s like.

          • hunter13   •  

            you have the iq of a rock

  10. Stevieo   •  

    GS, go and stick your head firmly back in the sand. The question marks over the men in charge will be saved for another day. As usual, now is not the time. Neither will next summer be the time, as we have to again wait to see what transpires in the transfer market. This shit has been going on for years. Have you only just woken up to the fact?

    Now is exactly the time to question just what the hell is going on. What are the club’s ambitions? How can teams in the Europa League get better players in than we can? Why do we allow even the most average of players like Walcott to pull the strings?

    You continue writing your bedtime stories where al is rosy and everyone lives happily ever after. Leave the questioning to those who have got the balls. Those that have given up on their season tickets because they’re sick of being taken for cunts, paying exorbitant prices to watch lacklustre shit. Those on the waiting list that refuse to take up the offer. That poses more questions to the charlatans running the club than you’ll ever do on this blog.

    But sit tight, and wait for the phone call from Arseblog. When he decides it’s time to ‘question’ what is going on, then all mainstream blogs will follow suit.

  11. Ibk   •  

    3 steps forward…2 steps backwards
    You AKBs are pathetic. You call losing the best player in the the EPL that scored over 40% of the teams goals and a physical MF who had the most assists last year, only 2 steps back. You also assume that getting 3 players without EPL experience is 3 steps forward. Let’s see how these new players willf fare in February. They are all used to winter breaks. Are we not expecting to much from them? It takes up to one full season for most players to settle in England.

  12. Bona   •  

    Dear GS, are you telling AW what to do at arsenal or are AW telling you what to write? It seems as this site is here to prepare us for next disaster. Calming our nerves before the final neck shot comes. This is by no means three steps forward and two back. It is two steps forward and three back. But seriously, is AW telling you what to write and how much money is in it for you?

  13. Alex   •  

    Bona, surely posting by one name is sufficient, why post under many assumed names to convey the same unfounded point just because the blogger has different opinions?

    • Bona   •  

      ;) I didn`t realy read lbk`s comment;) But my point was not based so much on the three/two steps. Everybody knows that is a fact. But the fact that I think GS actually is Arsene Wenger………….. Also i hate the term AKB, because I think anyone can be both critical of wenger and still support him. I have on the other and a lot of issues with our current board.

  14. Wanadoo   •  

    Three Steps forward and Two steps back

    Haha….classic……more like ….

    Two Steps forward and Four steps back

    I will say again…The combined trio of Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski will NOT produce the same number of goals and assists as RVP and Song….not even close…..

    ie 31 goals and 20 assists

    I would be surprised if they get more than 20 goals between them and 15 assists.

    So please GS don’t say 3 steps forward and 2 back…you sound like an AKB with creative accounting.

    • Straight Gooner   •  

      What is it with you and wanting blokes to suck your cock?


      • Wanadoo   •  

        STFU and get down on your knees, mother fucker

  15. Wanadoo   •  

    Here’s a simple quote I’d like to share with you…

    Those that don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it.

    If you have spotted a historical pattern of us losing our best players every year since 2004….then you are just idiots.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      That was meant to read…

      If you haven’t spotted a historical pattern of us losing our best players every year since 2004….then you are just idiots.

  16. indianGooner   •  

    Wow that was an accurate prediction GS. Maybe I am not as pessimistic as some of the others here , but I don’t think we have too bad of squad here to retain a top 4 place. But I guess therein lies the problem. We haven’t quite made the jump this year to have a squad that will challenge for the title. I am not expecting a Man City / Chelsea style 25 internationals squad but we need decent players outside the first 11 with our injury record. Wenger is banking on Arshavin and Chamakh for the front three which is a huge risk if Podolski or Giroud get injured.

    I have supported the Arsenal for nearly 12 years and that probably will continue. Not living in London means watching a game at the Emirates is a distant dream for now. I don’t mind if the club are constrained by finances to not make a net transfer spend.
    But that would be a hard sell for 60k people who pay for one of the most expensive tickets in club football.

    I did think this summer would have been the perfect time to make a managerial change. Wenger is great but there is too much of a comfort zone with him either protecting or implicitly agreeing with the board’s sell to buy policy for the squad.We always seemed one or two players away from being title contenders but that number is growing now.

  17. Gary   •  

    What a bunch of idiots you are. hopefully you are so pissed off at Arsenal that you will follow Citeh. Go, buy that shirt, you know you want to. Can’t say we are sad to see you go. Not at all.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Another imbecilic remark….go follow citeh…

      Wenger’s idiot AKB’s show no limit to the extent of their stupidity.

      That’s all they (AKB’s) can say these days…go follow City, United, Spurs… dare we criticise Wenger (and Gazidis) – what a fine job we’re doing.

  18. Gary   •  

    Oh, I forgot, Wannadoo, just read your own posts. It reveals a big space of emptiness between your ears. Arsenal will definitely be better off without you, the sooner the better.

    • Wanadoo   •  


      The only space that matters is the one between your teeth – when you get the full force of my cock down your throat.

      Now STFU, take a deep breath and open wide, you moronic cunt.

  19. Austin555   •  

    It’s so funny how you all know what’s best for Arsenal…don’t get me wrong I believed we need more players than we have now..a striker,DM,and a defender….But apart from Manchester city which other club has a better squad than us? Chelsea back line is terrible and they did not upgrade during this transfer window,Torres is the only true striker and we all know his good days is behind him…Man.u has only few players that van make our squad..their back line is horrible too…So let’s support the team we have now..Wilshere will soon be back and Sagna is another good player we expecting back…our defense playing better so far…there is competition in the team which is a good thing…Gunners for life!!!!!!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Where the fuck do these morons keep coming from?

      We have a better squad than Chelsea???

      I see…So none of these would get into our team:
      Ivanovic, Cole Torres, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Marin, Sturridge, Cahill, Terry.

      Who from our team would get into their starting 11….I don’t think we have one player (Vermy possibly).

      It’s like I’m living in Bizaro world….

      • hunter13   •  

        4-1 …ahahahha

        • hunter13   •  

          from a team that didnt even qualify for the champions league 2012-2013 …. ahahhahaa

          is that what you compare arsenal to ?

          chelsea? ahahahhhaa

          • Wanadoo   •  

            errr did you forget that they won the Champions League…

            Hunter, you really are a nerdy little cunt with no brains

  20. Wanadoo   •  

    One cloud that has some silver lining….

    I bet Spurs are happy that they swapped AVB for Redknapp….

    That might be our saving grace for 4th.

  21. Austin555   •  

    Just because Chelsea over paid for most of their players don’t mean they that good..Harzard and Marin are exception,Oscar is a promising player…Mata a good player but not special….Ivanovc is one of the reason Cjelsea back line sucks…Let’s wait and see what happens when we meet Chelsea….

    • Wanadoo   •  

      What about Cole, Torres, Sturridge?

      • Straight Gooner   •  

        Go suck Torre’s cock

        you weirdo

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Straight Gooner – you Homophobic tosser.

          You ain’t gay but your husband is….now pout up mother fucker cos I got a big Tequilla for you.

      • hunter13   •  

        cole? you mean the traitor …..ah at least wenger didnt change that did he …

        graham cole dein …..have created a tradition of traitors in arsenal hehehe

        one thing wenger couldnt change ….

  22. mEhdi   •  

    wanadoo son of d bitch suck my grand father dick after that

    • Wanadoo   •  


      You silly sod – I don’t suck cock – I provide the cock for dimwits like you to suck.

      Now get down on you knees and open wide, cos you’re about to get some serious jaw-ache, mother fucker.

      • hunter13   •  

        just be careful when you fart..dont fart too hard or the condoms from last night will fly out ur @ss and what will people say then i wonder ?

        • Wanadoo   •  

          The only condoms you gotta worry about are the ones stuck in your throat and the pubic hairs stuck in your teeth.

          Get ready for some mouth wash, mother fucker – you gonna enjoy it.

  23. Munitionsman   •  

    Wanadoo you better hope weg doesn’t need sucking. But if he does then lucky for you he is a dentist 💋💋💋💋

  24. QuartzGooner   •  

    No titles for us until we have the balance of the stadium debt in the bank.
    Squad is no better than last season because we have injuries to Sagna, Wilshere and Frimpong.
    RvP, Song, and Benayoun out, Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla in?
    No improvement or weakening.
    But Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Spurs, newcastle all look improved.
    So 4th is best we can hope for?

  25. santori   •  

    Our retention ability on top performers has been firmly eroded.

    In many ways, what we’ve done this season (particularly wtih Song and Walcott) validate RVP’s criticism of the club’s policies.

    Consdering Song was 3 years left on contract and was allowed to leave with little fight on our end, I think we’ve continued (Exaccerbated) a poor trend.

    Simply put, we are not attempting to close the wage gap.

    If you consider that neither SOng nor Walcott were expecting anything astronomical intoday’s market with regard what they could potentially earn at certain clubs, I’d say we are seriously out of touch with reality at the moment (regardless of FFP and impending impact)

    1)In Song’s case, here is a player who occupied an important node in midfield that afforded us familiarity with the back 4/Arteta and acted as a fulcrum in translating attack into defens eand vice versa (14 assists).

    Now (taking a pinch of salt) he was purpoted to be hankering for an increase in pay from 55k to 80K+.

    Considering we let him go and were then scrambling to sign (on loan with view to own) Sahin for similar if not higher wages, you wonder the wisdomand reason behind our rolling over so easily on a proven player whom if retained would have at least given us firm stability going into the start of the PL campaign without the ‘if’s of settling new player(s)

    2) With regard Walcott, if you put yourselves in his cleats, his main asset is his pace.

    Now considering we are asking him to accept 75K per week when he could find certain clubs willing to pay him at very least double over the next 4-5 years, ask yourself what resale value he realistically expects himself to have following five years on75K and when his pace runs out?

    Knowing full well, that we were not going to be remotely competitive in terms of wages on these two players beggars the question why drag our feet and risk boxed in on price to sell in particular with Walcott.

    I believe the answer may lie in an attempt to impres (futile as it seems) the ex Captain. When his intentions were made clear to us not to re-sign, we immediately let go of Song thereby in effect vindicating the Dutchman’s judgement on our ambition.

    Some serious questions need apply into reviewing our continued policy in losing top performers.

    I’m not want to challenge the wisdom of self sustainability nor do I think we should start rewarding player antics with outlandish sums we can’t afford.

    It is unrealistic to expect us to come close to being competitive on wages with say certain oil rich clubs.

    But we should be better able to at very least finesse our approcah to come closer to accomodating the expectations of our better performers in the team, thereby retaining some stability for the squad as a whole.

    55K to 80+K is not that big a gap to bridge.

    One suggestion that could be considered is perhaps is a performance bonus that rewards the top performing players whilst retaining our integrity in agreement within existing contracts.

    At very least, Wenger and copany should play their cards to the better benefit of the team.
    Quite obviously, finding suitable quality to replace Song is difficult.

    Thereby would it have been that detrimental to have increase his ‘pay’ in the context of a ‘performance bonus’ for one season with a caveat to revisit contract negotiations in a year, thereby in effect retaining his service till then and affording any suitable replacement proper time to grrom without the risk of his back up?

    Clearly something is not quite right with our wage structure and more importantly something seems dogmatic in the extreme with the way we approach modern day player politics.

    2 steps forward for me, 3 steps back.

    • hunter13   •  

      sorry my friend i cant agree with the sentence of yours that says : song and walcott validate rvp criticism.

      all them three knew where and what they siogned for. they all knew arsenal would start from scratch..they all know that the club is more interested in repaying the stadium investment FIRST. therefore for robin to moan is purely his personal moptivation..nothing to do with arsenal.

      arsenal are doing their thing…whoever doesnt like it can leave , he certainly cant dictate or tell the management and onwership how to run their business.

      “t is unrealistic to expect us to come close to being competitive on wages with say certain oil rich clubs.”

      i agree 100% with that and i add that arsenal aint the kind of club that will agree to play that game. and to be honest i never want them to. we d0nt want a circus. if the times require expenditures of city;s variety then arsenal would rather stay low untill all this noveu riche phase gets lost.

  26. santori   •  

    With regard our strategy involving the various positions possibly needing reinforcements :

    I think the issue for Wenger likely lies in “opportunity cost”

    Namely that due to the depth of players (not necessarily quality) in the squad currently, loading on the wrong player ( or for that matter any ‘acceptable player” for now) may deny us the opportunity to snap buy genuine quality that may come on market in the next 4-12 month window.

    Thereby :

    1) Striker. I believe with 2 new players in both close to peak age, Wenger may be seeking a player in his early 20s as a building block for the future (much as RVP was@22)

    moreover, we look likely in need of a player with mobility/speed and technical skills to match Giroud’s physicality and Podlski’s directness in approach.

    Players in this age categoruy with these attributes that are of good quality are few and far in between. Leandro and JOvetic are both overpriced albeit not moved because most teams (particularly continental ones suffering the current credit crunch) opted for cheaper or older alternatives (or loans- Bendtner for one)

    Thereby, these players are still available (in effect on market)

    By witholding till say january, Wenger will have the benefit of assessing the current two players in settling in whilct waiting out to see if prices settle or soften for January.

    If we signed say Dempsey or Mirallas, we would either be left holding a plpayer for the next 3 seasons taking up space on the wage structure that would deny us an opportunity to bring on a younger player with better upside.

    In that regard, the inability of us in moving on Chamakh (we barely squeezed through Bendtner and Park..and bothh are temporary loan solutions)is a stark reminder that if we are less careful, we mayb e saddled with not only players that are hard to move on (with regard current wage gap between clubs) but also lack of bandwidth within our own wage structure.

    2) Midfieler: There is an obvious need for a deep lying midfielder born by our futile pursuit of Sahin.

    Again whilst the merits of letting a proven fulcrum in our side leave for us to scramble for the signature of one on loan at close to similar wages demanded by former (or higher) seem to me inexplicable, there are good reasons why we have not loaded on just any player in this area.

    Chiefly, the fact that we are loaded with players (albeit recognisably not all with similar defensive aptitude), and again, if we bring in say a single utility player now, we may forgo the opportunity to load on a more complete player if he comes on line within the next 4-12 month period.

    It was clear that our pursuit of Sahin was doomed to failure with Liverpool able to renumerate higher ona shorter term and our longer view incongurous with Mourinho/Madrid’s view on the player’s future potential with club.

    Ditto Essien who seemed a logical stop gap as a loan. Again, Chelsea did the right thing in enforcing a poplciy of not loaning out to a PPL rival, something which we should at very least attempt to emulate but sadly which may be dictated against us by our position as a self earning club not dependant on hand outs nor with ability to let players leave for free at end of term (Drogba)

    Some of the other players up for consideration in this area:

    MVila – solid but single utility
    Capoue – affordable and with benefit going forward but perhaps not as positionally disciplined
    MBiwa – an interesting option. A Cback who could cover across defense but with possibilities of a re-role (with risk) to back up holding (remembering Song was initially a Cback by calling)

    In the end, it seems Wenger will risk on the durability of Diaby and Arteta in the interim and assess the situation more clearly in January (with possible injuries in mind). Good luck to us.

    3) defense. To me this seemed to hing on the fullbacks. With Sgana due a reasonably ‘early return(we all know how some of these have panned out) and Jenkinson reasonably solid defensively whilst not adding much as yet going forward (one dimensional comes to mind), the focus I believe on a possible addition in this area could have been two fold :

    a) Ayrton Santos and his M25 antics may have aclled into question his availability as a GIbb’s back up man. This is somewhat negated by TV’s ability to cover left (albeit not ideal)

    b) I think we also looked toward the near future andlegacy issues on both flanks with Sagna (and more importantly) Santos turning 30 shortly.

    therefore a move for Mbiwa may have been useful in covering with utility any possible unforseen circumstance and with a view toward replacing either of Sgana or (likely Santos is near future)

    That said, we are obviously reasonably covered at the back and the risk is managed without addition from market till next summer.

    4) Keeper : Fabianski’s decision to stay (on account he could not find a club that would bid) made any requirement in this position moot.

  27. santori   •  

    The final position to me is a wasted opportunity.

    Again, I am not sure what our strategy is with dragging the Walcott issue out so terribly long.

    We knew this was coming and to me, should have had the gumption to tell him to put pen to paper by first day of season(generous IMO) or we should have made concrete moves in market to force a resolution on him.

    Instead, we have been pushed around and left scrambling for price on him at close of window where we should have placed him on market when the likes of Moses, Sinclair, JOhnson and Rodwell were coming on.

    Our sole tactic now seems to await the passing of the summer window furor and hope that prices climb somewhat with a view toward off loading him in January.

    Rather, I thought we missed our oportunity with Affelay available at Barca and our good will stock piled there with recent sale of DNA back to them and more recently a midfielder for a song.

    On loan or preferably permanent, Affelay would have taken the load off of Santi’s shoulders somewhat in that he too is able to play across midfield and has been use to good effect as playmaker (stand in) at Barca.

    More importantly, he would have also afforded us some craft and nuance where our current crop of wingers (Walcott included) are more direct in approach (predictable some would say)

    I believe the reason why we were also unable to effectively move for a player in lieu of Walcott regardless of his decision though maybe due to another nuanced albeit enigmatic wide man from Russsia, one Andrei Arsharvin who has been difficult to move on and is taking current space of our wage structure.

    Therefore with hope in heart, perhaps we may see more than a syncopated outing over 20 minutes of the little Russian tank providing us with magic on the flanks this season.

    If not,we will rue the missed opportunity in getting ourselevs a genuine gem like Affelay at opportunity with moving Walcott on early this summer.

    • Jerry   •  

      I beg to disagree, there are worse players than Ashavin. Why would Schillachi be earning 60 per week without kicking a softball while Song is paid 55 per week. where is the sense there?

  28. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    chaps, we need to support the lads now. no more tranfsers for six months, letz get bejind the lads and show them wjay it means tp be a goonwr!

    • Oma   •  

      SPOT ON!

  29. fu   •  

    Arsene will put it right in January

  30. Jerry   •  

    Well… I remember now the open letter Usmanov sent to the board, everyone claimed he was playing to the gallery. Has he not been justified now? I hate to say this, the board and the Manager dont have the best interest of the club and fans at heart. The case of Song explains the mentality of the board. God help them this season!

    • hunter13   •  

      lol are you mad . surely its to the best interest of the club to keep it alive financially speaking. the methods you all propose..the mthod of spending like wankers to match the rest is suicide. why would arsenal consider such a policy or method to run their club? it doesnt make sense.

      also the players that leave are ALL of them replacable…the only one who is irreplacable is the manager. managers like wenger dont come out very often. players like walcott and robin, wenger can develop another 100 if he wants.

      thats the point you ve all been missing. and when the club is free from debts maybe then they can match your childish ambitions, until then theyd rather approach it in a mature way. cant blame them.

  31. hunter13   •  

    cant stop laughing at the commentators insisting on how liverpool outplayed arsenal …LOL..

    • indianGooner   •  

      Apparently not hoofing the ball around means you outplayed Arsenal these days.Allen is a good player though.

      Encouraging performance by us , Podolski looks to be a sharp finisher. Giroud will do well. Arteta Diaby were top drawer. Back four looks solid even without Sagna

    • Munitionsman   •  

      yeah that was freaking me out too. bbc reports we hammered them, so some can see it

    • Oma   •  

      @ Wanadoo
      What do you think about Arsenals performance @ Anfield,…putting into consideration these 3 points.

      1. 3rd clean sheet in a row.
      2. Two of our new signings scored and gave the assists.
      3.Beat a team not even the so called big spending Man city could beat.

      • Oma   •  

        And finally Van Persie scoring a hat rick against a team we are playing next.

  32. Raphael Meade   •  

    All clubs should follow the arsenal financial model. Income exceeds outcome – simples.
    I would rather see Arsene and the board proportional wages and transfer fees, then put the club in the red.

  33. True Gunner :D   •  

    The spurs troll might want to start to eat his own words… must be mad we won today!

    Wanadoo SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 AT 5:31 PM
    Three Steps forward and Two steps back

    Haha….classic……more like ….

    Two Steps forward and Four steps back

    I will say again…The combined trio of Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski will NOT produce the same number of goals and assists as RVP and Song….not even close…..

    ie 31 goals and 20 assists

    I would be surprised if they get more than 20 goals between them and 15 assists.

    So please GS don’t say 3 steps forward and 2 back…you sound like an AKB with creative accounting.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      4 down 47 to go! and still another 35 games!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      My prediction RVP + Song does not equal three top players… not even close!!!

  34. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i say nay to all you naysayers!

    aesenal are the greatwst aide in hiatory!

    leta win the quadruple!

  35. Munitionsman   •  

    Great performance from diaby. Wow. Also cazola. Man of the match Steve Bould again. If rvp had of stayed we could have pushed for the title. Cfj needs to work on his distribution but defended well. Mannone looks dodgy. Theo is dead man walking. Giruod ain’t no rvp but still is a willing runner. Loved it when Gibbs ( never won a thing in his life) gave him a serve. So precious our little ones

  36. Munitionsman   •  

    i bet diaby stays fit and leaves at the end of the year

  37. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i understand that laura robson has lost to our aussie sam stosur. once again it has been proved that aussies are the best at everything and world champions at sport, and the english cannot hope to match our prowess.

  38. True Gunner :D   •  

    I don’t understand the illogical morons that post here complaining about Wengers use of limited resources. Given the fact that over time as long as the club cashes players out at profit and buys good replacements at the right price we are going in the right direction. As long as we are still able to complete at the top levels the club will eventually manage to increase wages to the same levels that the debt building ponzy scheme clubs that will eventually fold (manky, manure, chelsky) have. Billionaires don’t live forever and some go bankrupt… they also loose interest if they start loosing and those three clubs can’t win year in year out someone has to start loosing regularly and get nothing… Would you rather have that clubs glory for a year or two and be relegated for decades or have a sustainable club built on good principles…. your are a short sighted bunch.

    • Me   •  

      “they also loose interest if they start loosing”

      Lose, losing

      “your are a short sighted bunch”

      you’re = you are

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Sigh do u really think i care a crap about a bit of grammar / punctuation on a site where ppl can barely write in English?

        • True Gunner :D   •  

          or spelling

  39. Pingback: Arsenal’s Transfer – Improvement but the Same Old | Far East Gooner

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