We only had one Song

Alex’s Song is Sung.  The Cameroon international midfielder has worn the Arsenal jersey for the final time.  At the end of an extraordinary journey, the player once so dreadful he was booed off by his own fans will join arguably the greatest club side in the game’s history: FC Barcelona.

On the face of it, it’s a strange transfer for both clubs and the player.  Song is not a typical Barca player, so why have they bought him?  He is a vital part of Arsenal’s system, so why have we sold him?  And why has the player left a guaranteed first-team spot for a place on the Barca bench?

I suppose we could deal with those questions one at a time.  Barca want Song because he is atypical, not in spite of the fact.  Having lost Seydou Keita in the summer, they want a player with similar physical presence.  His versatility also appeals: last night they lined up with Javier Mascherano in defence; Song has both the defensive attributes and the ball skills to play as an adventurous centre-half when required.

The question of why Arsenal have chosen to sell Song is far harder to answer.  For several years now, he’s been a vital cog in our system.  After the loss of Mathieu Flamini, he stepped up to become an integral part of the midfield.  His improvement has been dramatic – and boy did it have to be.  When he first stepped in to the side as an awkward, shuffling 17-year old, he looked to lack even the most basic technique.  However, a loan spell at Charlton and the odd Carling Cup run-out dramatically improved him, and he evolved in to a competent and occasionally creative midfielder.  Last season his progress saw him frequently playing in a more advanced position, providing assist after assist for Robin van Persie.  Song is arguably Arsene’s greatest developmental success, so why sell him now?  As far as I can see, there are three main reasons: economics, tactics, and attitude.

Economics: £15m for a player who cost just a couple of million from Bastia is very good business.  Song’s agent was demanding exorbitant wages, and perhaps Arsene felt that salary budget could be better invested elsewhere.

Tactics: As the manager has been so keen to point out this week, Arsenal have an abundance of central midfielders.  If Abou Diaby stays fit and Jack Wilshere’s comeback remains vaguely on schedule, we can add them to a list that also includes Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, Tomas Rosicky, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Emmanuel Frimpong, and Francis Coquelin.  Over the past two seasons Arsene has shifted the formation slightly to go with two deeper-lying midfielders behind one more advanced creative player.  With the news that he’s set to replace Song with the significantly less physical Nuri Sahin, it’s clear he now feels he can afford to go without a physical, ‘destroyer’ type, opting instead for a more mobile, possession-led midfield trio.

Attitude: Arsene has admitted that Song made it plain he was keen to go.  If rumours are to be believed, his attitude on the Asia tour was poor, and the manager was left in little doubt about the player’s desire to move on.  It’s worth noting that after the departure of Robin van Persie, Song was the final remaining client of one Darren Dein.  Perhaps the club wanted to take this opportunity to wipe the slate clean and rid the club of any disruptive influences in one fell swoop.

As for Song himself, he’s not a guy who lacks confidence or self belief: if he’s joining Barca, it’s because he believes he can play an important role in one of the sport’s greatest teams.  Good luck to him – he’ll have to step it up another notch or three all over again.

So thats the whys and wherefores taken care off.  Now on to the thornier issue of whether or not it’s a good thing for the club.  From an economic perspective, it certainly is.  From an attitude perspective, it probably is.  But I do worry about it from a tactical point of view.  Just a few weeks ago many fans were clamouring for Arsene to bring in Yann M’vila as potential support and competition for Song.  Now we’re likely to enter the season with neither.

I believe it may have been me who originally said: “Song is not a defensive midfielder – he’s just our most defensive midfielder”.  A neat quip, but now our most defensive midfielders are either relatively untested prospects like Coquelin and Frimpong, or guys like Arteta, Diaby, and Wilshere – midfielders who aren’t very defensive at all.  Arteta is our most disciplined midfielder, but he lacks Song’s considerable physical clout.

It may not be a problem.  Arsene is doubtless inspired by the way the Spanish midgets hypnotized the competition during the European Championships.  A midfield containing the likes of Arteta, Wilshere, Sahin and Cazorla could prove impossible to dispossess.  But I can’t help worrying about the fact that one of the weediest midfields in the Premier League just got a whole lot weedier.

Song’s departure also puts a slightly different spin on our summer.  A few weeks ago we had brought in Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, and still had Van Persie.  Now we’ve lost the Dutchman and, to most people’s surprise, Song.  Earlier in the summer, that trio of signings looked like a considered statement of intent: we were finally loosening the purse strings to improve the squad.  By selling Song and Van Persie, we’ve actually covered those costs entirely.  Once again, Arsenal head towards the end of the summer in profit.  It’s almost as if we planned it like this.

We only had one Song.  And I can’t help but feel a little alarmed that Arsene doesn’t look in much of a rush to replace him.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Millwe   •  

    I’m a massive believer in if they don’t want to be here, get rid. He was never going to play at his best if forced to stay. So thanks, good luck, and we move on. Again. That being said, another DM wouldn’t be the worst news ever.

  2. bernardinho   •  

    i didnt want song to leave, but was positively surprised yesterday. i thought our midfield was our positive bit of news on saturday — it lacked some understanding at times, but with diaby out for ages and cazorla just in, that was to be expected.
    our wingers were not as good though and i wont cry when we learn by the end of the month that walcott is gone as well.
    last, i checked your fantasy team, you have ryan shawcross there?!? i hope it is an intent to jinx thebloke…

  3. Caribkid   •  

    Contrary to popular belief, Song is actually perfect for Barcelona and will receive increasing game time once he beds. He will be used as a CB, DM (Busquets role)and extra MF when they want to lock shop a la Keita.

    Also, to include Rosicky and Frimpong as part of our MF when they are still out crocked is misleading especially since Wilshere is still recovering and Diaby has had a nightmare last 2 years because of injuries. That’s a lot of gambling to me.

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  4. Clown Shoes   •  

    No the loss it’s being made out to be. we will stop concieding goals where Song fails to track back.

    As for Wenger not looking for a replacement, there is just no pleasing some people, these things don’t just happen with a click of the mouse as in Football Manager.

    A solid perfromance this weekend, and unlucky not to get the win. For a team that was playing their first game together it was encouraging.

    Although I am more convinced that there is a large percentage of Arsenal fans that aren’t happy unless they are moaning.

  5. Segun fash   •  

    Alexandre Song, i will forever miss you, even if ARSENAL find a better replacement of you, i will never forget, thanks for what you ha done for ARSENAL, you’re the best.
    Believe me right now i’m crying because you left us, why Song? Why??
    I love you so dearly, as for V’Persie, f**k you rvp.
    I believe ARSENAL will move on.
    I’m gonna be GUNNERS till i casket.

  6. zacheaus ludafish   •  

    Well” its a shame that we lost song” but i believe we can move on 4rm there” bcos football is not a one man team

  7. santori   •  

    Spanish midfield midgets have Sergio Busquets to back them up with Alonso beside.

    We have our alonso (arteta) but we won’t have the hatchet man unless Sahin develops into one.

    Problem I have with the trasnfer of Song is the timing.

    I have no problem us releasing him but I think it a risk to expect anyone to come in at this stage and hit the ground running (ref strike dept). Points at this stage are crticial (we are already 2 behind Chelsea and City)considering the diff last season.

    No doubt Song has been a bit of a wanker and pushed his weight around at wenger.

    But I would have perhaps kept him with a promise to up his income (with certain performance criterias built in)for a year, signed an MOU with Barca (let them stew a little) and then axed him next summer thus giving space for our new player to bed in.

    At vey least,we shold have bargained for Affelay the other way me thinks with Walcott also being obstinate putting pen to paper.

    Principally I feel by caving in to Song’s antics (bearing in mind he does not carry a Catalan recessive gene or have a uyear to run down left on contract), we are setting bad precedence for others to follow suit.

    That to me is the main issue that we are now getting pushed around by players who should be firmly in contract. Bad development IMO.

    • shaun   •  

      arsenal are really badly managed and have been for a long time .We have our manager saying the player was in his last year of his contract so we had no choice …i mean come on are arsenal really that inept and stupid the whole situation is just a massive embarrasment .that said the team did indeed look a lot more solid defensively
      which was nice to see as I think bould may instill a little pride in the group

    • Munitionsman   •  

      fellaini is the ready to hit the ground runing replacement and ten times the player song will ever be

  8. henry mugwanya   •  

    wenger is becoming a more of a gambler than a professor because what arsenal need now is a player who can sit in a deep six of which song is far better in doing that than sahin he is planing to replace him with, second player like mvila who are even interested in joining the club are there , why don’t wenger think and bring in those player to help us end our trophy less carrier

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Wenger is just becoming a bigger fool…that’s it! The guys a moron.

  9. ONLY SAHIN Joining for the season   •  

    Next match is against the Tony Pulis – ORCS. Who can get rough with them….now that song is gone….
    Wenger is going to get SAHIN thinking the midfield trio can keep the possession……….
    No more signings for the season…forget it…

  10. Jovetic Please   •  

    Wenger, Can you pls spring a suprise and get jovetic…I know….WISHFUL thinking

  11. Trennon   •  

    What we saw was probably one of our best defensive games I’ve seen in a long long time. It was no surprise the way Sunderland played and we are going to get that a lot. Expect it against Stoke as well. The point is we gave nothing away in midfield. Song was forever giving the ball away. For every hollywood pass there were 6 others that went straight to the opposition that put us on the back foot. I’m glad to see the back of him. We were hit hard last season with midfield injuries and I’d rather had 3 quality back up players than just 3 mediocre ones. Go Arsenal. Go Gunners. This is our season!

  12. Trennon   •  

    We conceded 49 goals last season with Song, the exact player you are all hailing as the DM. If a DM cannot protect a defense then why is he in the squad? If Song was so good then how is it we conceded 49 goals?

  13. An Injury   •  

    If one of Arteta, Sahin or Cazorla has an injury….then they are no quality replacements…….. Ramsey, Diaby or Rosicky cannot replace them…so we need Yann m’vila

  14. feygooner   •  

    I don’t understand why people think that it was a good deal economically for us. Song’s market value should be far, far above £15m. Javi Martinez is probably going to go for £40m. Martinez may be better than Song, but Song was one of the best central midfielders in the league last season – his value IMO should be around the £30m mark. Heck, even Yann M’Vila, who’s from Ligue 1 and is much less experienced from Song, probably costs £17m!

    What we bought him for has no relation to his current market value. We bought Cesc for peanuts too, does that mean we should have accepted £15m for him too?

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  16. dave   •  

    5 years back who would have thought we’d be selling Song to Barcelona??!?! Back then we all wanted to see was Song Out! We’ll he matured into a good player – a great player? No.

    However while he might not have been the best / an out and out DM etc, he does leave a gap. One which i hope we CAN find a great DM for. We’ve missed a proper midfield enforcer, of the nature of Viera. So Mr Wenger, you got 2 weeks to find one :-)

  17. Ankush   •  

    As you mentioned, I also believe that Arsene wants to play a ball retaining midfield trio for which he need players with equal technical skills. With Arteta, Jack, Cazorla and Sahin we will get that

    • shaun   •  

      there is nothing wrong with the sale of song as that is a good deal .the sail of van persie to the mancs is a disgrace pure and simple.the only way you can make sense of that deal is from a business point of veiw which should tell all who need to know arsenal are not playing to win the title that is not the managers thought , we play for a champions league place …..carzola will be fed up within the month when he realises he has been conned and he plays for a feeder club with zero ambition.you just do not do what arsenal have just done and realistically expect to fight for the title

  18. Steve   •  

    “Song has both the defensive attributes and the ball skills to play as an adventurous centre-half when required” – er no you are very wrong!!!?! He wouldnt know how to hold a defensive line if it kicked him the nuts – he’s totally inept as a centre half – please go check the few occassions he’s played there.

  19. Steve   •  

    “Song has both the defensive attributes and the ball skills to play as an adventurous centre-half when required” – er no you are very wrong/deluded!!!?! He wouldnt know how to hold a defensive line if it kicked him in the nuts – he’s totally inept as a centre half – please go check the few occassions he’s played there.

  20. prinze   •  

    didn’t expect this but one thing i know is wenger does not gamble IMO he plays too safe.just need we gunners t stop been fooled by sky and mirror columnists wishing to sell papers….

  21. The BearMan   •  

    I am seeing a repeated line reoccurring every time a player leaves Arsenal: Poor Attitude! The fact is the club needed the money! Song had 3 years left on his contract, Wenger did not have to be so agreeable, unless he wanted to. M Villa, are we sure? How has his behaviour being reported of late?

    We have to live with the reality, players will come n go! They will fall out of LOVE with Arsenal, when a BiGGeR opportunity comes knocking. Don’t we do the same thing daily? Changing employment so that our positions n status are improved? Yet we set a different standard to players! Why did we not hold on to Almunia n Squallaci. These lads wanted to remain at the club.

  22. The BearMan   •  

    One thing we know for sure: Arsenal can now just about balance the books!

  23. Byo   •  

    Song-good riddance.

    I will say this about anyone who is not committed to the club. I really don’t care about the economics of it, Song I was not sure followed the instruction of the coaching staff, and suggestion of his teammates. There were evidence of this in various matches over the years.

    Maybe now the defense can go about not conceding 49 goals in one league season with players who want to be there!

  24. TruGunner   •  

    santori AUGUST 20, 2012 AT 5:05 AM
    I agree with u.

    Of a truth, Song WAS a good player for Arsenal in recent times even in spite of his defensive frailties. Mind you people, don’t be fooled by the assists he gave to ‘him I do not want to mention’.
    When Arteta was injured towards the end of last season, I got myself prepared for the worst.
    Atreta was the one always covering for him.
    However tactical Wenger wants to be, this is the Premiership. A League that requires physical qualities from teams.
    I would have loved the Club to get M’vila but I don’t want to bother with the thought.
    But should we always allow the Club to be bullied by players? I believe if you sign a contract, you need to see out that contract even if you don’t like to. You already signed the damned contract! The Club shouldn’t be giving in to power play by players. Wenger gives in too easily!

  25. Me   •  

    When was Song booed off the pitch by his own fans??

    I only remember Eboue getting booed off.

  26. Me   •  

    Its funny how people on this blog were saying how crap Song was all these years, but yet, as soon as we sell him, it is a complete disaster!!

    Song was a decent player, but 15m is a good price for us, he can easily be replaced.

    No big drama.

  27. Daymee   •  

    Hey guys, haven’t posted here in centuries. It’s not the same Arsenal but one players stands out above everyone else now and it’s Santi Cazorla. He could easily be the next player being targetted next summer.

    Watch this space

    Sahin and M’Vila will be announced VERY soon

    • fu   •  

      He was and still is crop. Wenger is only interested in making money for the board and big bonuses for himself. Wenger can’t compete with the top managers anymore so he’s decided to milk arsenal for every million he can get

  28. RVPFan   •  

    It’s one thing to say Song can be replace so can Van Persie, the latter more difficult, but to say they were disruptive influence is a tad bit ‘yellow’, don’t you think?

  29. Wanadoo   •  

    You gotta love Gazidis and Wenger….the two biggest piss takers in world football.

    Spend £40m on 3 players – pretend to invest – so that season ticket sales rise and then when the season tickets have been sold: sell our best striker and best midfielder for £39m…haha…great investment in the squad.

    “Arsene knows best – In Arsene we trust

    in April 1945, you would have also chanted…“In Hitler we trust…”

    You fucking moron AKB’s – Every year another hoodwink by Gazidis & Wenger and you AKB dogs lap it up. Totally fucking blind..

    There’s even the slightest hint in GS’s blog that he is starting to smell the Nescafe.

    • Me   •  

      Na, Hitler was finished in 1945.

      We would have been chanting Hitler before that.

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  31. MANvsTREE   •  

    I really really really want Yann M’Villa as a replacement. Tactically, he’s perfect- a midfield destroyer who also acts as a deep-lying playmaker. Imagine him dispossessing an attacking team from deep, and setting up our creative midfielders from deep, allowing them to move further up the pitch? Arsene, I know you wont read this, but fucking hell mate M’Villa wants out AND would be perfect.

  32. PTAFC   •  

    Not disappointed to lose Song at all. How many times during a game did he use to lose the ball?! always tried to dribble pass players with limited success. Just shows how far we’ve declined when people are upset about losing an average midfielder like this.Can’t see us spending again now we’ve broken even.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      4th in the Assist League last Season – not good enough for you?

      Only Silva, Mata and Valencia got more.

      • Bona   •  

        Come on don`t you start. As if you rate song…. Not fit to tie Busquets laces etc….

        • Wanadoo   •  

          I’m not saying he’s amazing, and a couple of seasons ago, I would have driven him to Barcelona…but he’s improved…alot…and just as he’s improved …we sell him…WTF.

          It’s always one step forward and two steps back with Wenger.

          Are you saying we are now a stronger squad than last season?

          We’ve lost 30 goals and 20 assists. Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla won’t get 30 goals between them – nor will they get 20 assists…that’s pretty obvious, right?

          • Bona   •  

            I don`t know. Pod 15, giroud 10, cazorla 5. Could happen. But they woun`t be any RVP that is clear. Podi has probably in a good year 20-25 in him, but not in his first season in england.

  33. RVB   •  

    Bye Song! Happiest fucking day! Because if I ever see him smiling away and shaking hands after losing a match, I would have flown all the way to London just to whack him on the head.

    Yeah, we will survive in the DMF area. We might take awhile but if we have shown we can tweak this wanker into something meaningful, it shows we can turn anything that moves into a proper DMF in AFC. The squirrel looks pretty good.

    I vote for Ramsey and Coquelin and I still hate Wenger for selling Gilberto.

  34. Stevieo   •  

    The most important thing for me with the Song transfer is that as always, Arsenal handled it very well. They kept it relatively quiet in the media and got the deal done just about before the season started. Great work Arsenal. And don’t be alarmed that we are in no rush replace him. With Arsene, there are always internal solutions.

    The downside is that the sales of the ‘Praise Of Songs’ t-shirts which were gathering dust when he played for us, will now be impossible to sell. Can we expect prices to be slashed? I always thought £16.99 to walk around with that dozy twat’s face on you was a bit steep.

  35. The BearMan   •  

    The reality of the matter is we are watching Arsenal’s Blue Print. Buy players on the cheap and hoping to make a Big profit by selling them off when frustration sets in. It’s business! Players coming to Arsenal will be sold on an unreachable dream. They will give their all for a few years, with midiocure wages.

    Frustrated when they cannot achieve better wage rises or trophies. But on occasions Arsenal like Newcastle, Spurs, even Everton will strike it lucky. Do not be surprised Theo Walcott will be next to leave. It will only come home to Arsenal fans, when players like Jack Wilshere decide to walk. Let’s be honest, it’s not a matter of players greed or being a traitor But AMBITION.

    They all love Arsenal, but once their eyes are opened, they realise they bought into the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM!

    What I say to Arsenal fans is stop for a moment n think!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      It won’t be long when Wilshere wants to leave…all of our best players have….why would he be any different?

      There’s a cancer at the club, his name is Wenger.

      I mean, can’t you AKB’s spot a pattern – this is not something new – Our best players have been leaving every year for the last 7 years – Isn’t it obvious?

    • shaun   •  

      exactly no ambition what so ever I would honestly leave that staduim empty, arsene has been found out long ago ,they have no intension of winning anything on top of recouping all they have spent on transfer they have also lowered the wage bill classic and ofcourse walcott should go if he is really serious about winning something but on the other hand how the hell has that long french streak of ………..managed to let a player of walcotts ability which lets be honest is not great ,treat our great club this way .we are the chumps of the prem bent over at will by fergie and mancini or anyone who has alot of cash

  36. The BearMan   •  

    If Arsenal can get the kind of offers they want for Walcott tomorrow he is a gonna. Fans will rubbish him and re-direct their affections AOC.

    What is the hold up right now! An improved financial offer to encourage him to sign a new contract! Will he get it???

  37. avg321   •  

    Its a gamble from Arsene as always…. and since he been gambling lately I would go ahead and get rid of Walcott as well. He’s rubish and keeps proving it. At 23, the fastest living footballer can put 2 decent crosses out of 10, cant handle his own speed and overruns the ball half the time [duh]……. 5 years from now he will be fighting for a starting spot at West Ham or something….. Gamble on the Ox, cash in on Theo.

  38. True Gunner :P   •  

    So spurs trolls and u know who u r… we should now write off manu since they lost their first game of the season? Oh and it was priceless RVP 1st game for manure and they loose ^^ so good.

  39. True Gunner :P   •  

    Time for Furguson to exit, yet another hack who can only buy players to win and has refs help as well… should retire now since Mancity now has more money.

  40. SFGiants   •  

    I was looking forward to a fantastic Gunners’ season, even with the pending departure of RvP, but with the Dutchman going to ManU, and with Song gone for no other apparent reason than the bottom line, it looks like another season where we’ll be told that a fourth-place finish is almost the same thing as winning silverware.

    This Sunday on FOX Soccer, a couple of the pundits on the post-game show suggested that Arsenal was no longer a club but now a corporation, and that Wenger had become a businessman rather than a coach.

  41. Keep your physio fit - £25m o.n.o   •  

    What the people complaining about Arsenal turning into a business don’t understand, is that for a club that has the bizarre notion of spending what it earns, it’s near enough impossible to consistently oompete anymore than what we’re currently doing. Yes we could sell up to that fat bloke who’s got even more cash than kilos and start spending his money. Forget the moral dilema, these clubs will fail. People willing to drop a billion buying 100m players (wages) for tinpot clubs like City and Chelsea will fail, or at least drop like a stone when the cashman stops having fun, or runs out like at Malaga and others. So in order to keep (nearly) top bracket players like Theo, Kos, Song, Verm, you need to keep on increasing revenue just to stand still. Only other route is to fill the team with local lads, but even Bilbao are having problems keeping their men. Wish some of the haters would open their eyes and realise that while their seems to be rubbish decisions emanating from the board room each and every day,their hands are tied in more ways than you can imagine. In 10 years time the stadium will start reaping awards while the petroclubs spending may have halted by a few high profile casualties. Until then chill out and enjoy AW beating the odds.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      In 10 years time the stadium will start reaping awards

      Haha, I love you AKB’s – The combined intelligence of a flea.

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Go support manc city or manure, or I suppose your a spurs troll, well you’d better start weeping manure and spurs are already behind supposedly “shit” Arsenal. You are in need of something called a brain either way.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Fuck you, you cock sucking cunt. The only troll here is you. And why don’t you go and suck Wenger’s cock because we all know that’s what you dream to do one day anyway.

          How many games have you been to in the last 3 seasons?…let me guess; Zero! Yet you think you know what you’re talking about by watching Match of the Day…lol…what a nerdy, cock sucking, idiot you are.

          You’re probably some fat nerd, who sits on the couch, munching crisps and drinking diet coke (like that will help!) and plays computer games whilst shelf filling at Tescos at night….haha….LOOOOSER.

          Now take your hand off that shrivelled little grape you call a cock and suck my dick.

  42. Wanadoo   •  

    “Song, the man he is intended to replace, was paid £55,000 a week and moved to Barcelona because the club refused to renegotiate his terms.”

    What a surprise!

  43. Munitionsman   •  

     Once again, Arsenal head towards the end of the summer in profit.  It’s almost as if we planned it like this.

    Classic GS 👏👏👏

  44. Munitionsman   •  

    Only wish Walcott would fuck off as well. But he is too crap even for pool

  45. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    I regard sahin a better player that fallaini. fallaini is a goid player because his splendid afro distraxts opponents. Sahin must beat them with neat hair and superior brain.

    I agree song was good partly becaise of his outlandish hairsryles, which grew more diarracting as he got better.

    But how many top, top players have embarassing hair? None. Hence, a bizarre haircut will not be a panacra for a lack ofclass

  46. Gunner. N.ireland   •  

    Glad he’s gone , finally rid of Darren dein as well , hope we replace with a proper dm , someone of flamini model . If wenger is going for a diamond formation , a proper solid DM would be good to sit in front of back 4, then let our creative players run the show with our fullbacks going forward . In theory anyway

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Check out link I posted below from gingers blog. One of the best analysis of our midfield I have seen.

  47. Wanadoo   •  

    Mirallas preferred Everton to Arsenal – WTF!

    Even players from “outside” can see what a useless fucker Wenger has become….It used to be just the insiders that knew and left – now everyone fucking knows….sigh!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      Your obviously yet another spurs troll… he picked Everton since he knew he wasn’t good enough to get first spot in the team… its better that he didn’t join since he doesn’t have any belief in his own skills.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        You are a real cunt..

        Anyone who says anything negative about Wenger must be a Spurs troll or should go and support City or United….bravo dickhead.

        So any player that picks another team over us – must not be good enough?…haha…If you agree then you are no Arsenal supporter but a complete and utter twat.

        • True Gunner :D   •  

          Yeah he’s so good that manu and man city tried hard to get him… oh wait they didn’t bother… u r brainless and pretend u can actually run the club better than Wenger…

          • Wanadoo   •  

            That’s exactly right Dick-head they didn’t try and get him only us and Everton…and he chose Everton…Now if that doesn’t tell you there’s something wrong how about this….

            Vertonghen preferred Spurs and the Euro-Disney cup with no manager and polls that still hold up the stands over Arsenal, Champions League, Wenger and as state of the rt stadium….and I suppose the Dutch player of the year was also no good and wouldn’t have gotten in ahead of Mert or Djourou….

            Now are you smelling the coffee? You nerdy, blue specled cunt.

            Please Fuck off to Spurs blog – it’s obvious mate.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      You must be mad that spurs lost modric… go troll on your won sites.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Who gives a fuck about Modric…..well overrated anyway. Not fit to tie up Cesc’s boots.

        Only a Spurs supporter would wear blue specs in their avatar….now fuck off back to that shit hole and enjoy the Euro-disney cup this year.

        Oh and btw, thanks for giving us 3rd place …lol

        • True Gunner :D   •  

          You can stop pretending to be an Arsenal fan I can see u worship spurs.

          • Bona   •  

            Easy now kids….. You are both gone end up crying.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            One thing is clear…

            You worship Arsene (or Spurs) or maybe both..

            Now suck my cock dickhead

  48. Wanadoo   •  

    The fact that this blue spec’d cunt keeps pointing fingers means that he is the troll.

    I have 3 words for you….Euro-Disney Cup…haha….enjoy this pointless competition cos next season you might be in the Trophy Vase or whatever the fuck it’s called.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      I sense a mad spurs troll shown to be what he actually is…

      • Munitionsman   •  

        True gunner in blue and white? 😂😂😂

  49. Wanadoo   •  

    True Fucker – no one is interested mate – probably just a united troll – bye bye fuck face.

  50. Wanadoo   •  

    Sahin in!

    That’s a bit more like it.

    But funny isn’t it, that I’m happy just to be at a similar strength to last season. That’s Wenger for you!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      The troll still complains and pretends he can to better than Wenger…

      • Wanadoo   •  

        One thing is for sure; I can do better than you.

        Now when you’ve finished sucking Wenger’s balls – come suck my cock

        • Ser “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

          Wanadoo, you’re never going to convince True Gunner to suck your cock if you keep calling him a dickhead. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Wanna bet? He’s here right now giving it his all.

            Who’s your daddy True Gunner???

  51. Pingback: Arsenal place faith in brains over brawn → The Arsenal Column

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    whats big down under? apart from the obvisious come back that you say…

    music.., tv, english wannabeess….

  53. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    Mel b and brian mcfaxdden are on australian x factor. Saw her praise a white guy for singing “no woman no cry” in a faux jamaican accent last night, which is horrific.

  54. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    Apart from gthat, its almost spring, so ill have to steart wearing underpants a bit more breezey

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    mel b… what da hell is that all about… casting opinions on wannabees…. the world has spun upside down…

    do you have a august bank hols down under?

    did the good english worker insist on that as part of the the ten pound deal….

    i recently went on a tour of old milbank prison cells that were used to send over the first poms… to your/our fine land… reading some of the crimes was laughabble,,

    they are based below and old pub now by the thames… was interesting….


    prisoners of millbank….

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    aint it funny how spurs fans have instantly forgot about harry, their saviour from 2008…..strange…

  57. Munitionsman   •  

    Fabulous blog post below. Full of excitement this year. Something to genuinely look forward to now that project wenger youth is finally dead.


    • Ser “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      One thing I like is that all the players we’ve bought have been ready-made replacements. Project youth has been shelved.

      One thing I find sad is that we’re shelving project youth just at the point when a few really promising youngsters are coming of age. We gave countless chances to Bendy, Denilson and Song. We’re going to give precious little to Frimmers, Benny Afobe, Chucks Aneke and Le Coq Sportif. THAT’S a pity because I think these lads have the talent to succeed in a quality side under a quiality manager.

  58. Munitionsman   •  

    With just a year left on winger Theo Walcott’s contract, Arsenal are focusing their attention on acquiring Sevilla star Jesus Navas. The 26-year-old Spanish international has a £35m buy-out clause but his club are expected to accept a much lower offer.


    • Ser “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      Navas is very much attached to Sevilla and the Andalusian lifestyle. I’ve been to Sevilla, and I have to say that Navas seems to a very sensible chappie to prefers being a big, comfortable fish in a pretty little pond, to a moderate-sized fish in a concrete bowl in the middle of North London.

      They have orange trees lining the streets in Sevilla, and even in winter the city smells like oranges. It’s possibly one of the nicest cities in Europe, and if Navas couldn’t be tempted by the thought of moving to Barcelona, he’d never consider moving to London.

  59. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    I think some of the more entetprising convict chaps stole their loaves.of bread just so they could have the opportinity to come over and help start the greatest race of peoples the world has ever known. Who woulndt swap the banks of the foggy thames for a nice lay down on bondi beach?

    Sadly no public hols until melbourne cup day…in the furst teuaday on november.

    • indian lawyer   •  

      hes going to liverpool

  60. indian lawyer   •  

    sahin will sign for liverpool today. so much for bringing in more signings this summer. we’ve effectively signed ONE player net net this summer, its a bit sad. same old arsenal. another year of united and chelsea and barcelona fans making fun of arsenal and me having no reply to them as a fan, as they win all the major honours this footballing year yet again.

    good times.

  61. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    Indian gooner, i feel your pain. But remember that arshavin or walcott is likely to leave quicksmart as well.

  62. Munitionsman   •  

    We only had one song, replaced with an imaginary sahin, while pool beat and spuds go head to head with manure. Chavs and citeh power on. Same old arsenal, always saving for arsenes next pasirisian shagfest. Or kroenkes USA franchise top ups

  63. Wanadoo   •  


  64. Wanadoo   •  

    This is why Wenger is a useless piece of shit..

    He doesn’t want to take Sahin on loan (because there’s no option to buy) but he’s quite happy to do it when we get thrashed 8-2. What kind of attitude is this?

    You fucking useless French cunt – you should be trying to push us forward but instead you only do something when there’s a disaster that needs to be averted.

    This attitude shows that Wenger is a fucking loser.

  65. Wanadoo   •  

    He has no real interest in winning anything – just wants to keep the status quo.

  66. Gunner. N.ireland   •  

    Hey wanna fool u need to get out more , away from this site , u’ll end up with an annurism…! !!! Maybe u shud go visit wenger in France , maybe the riviera

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Maybe you should suck my cock you Irish cretin.

      Now fuck off, and go learn how to write English….you cock sucking gay cunt.

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Radcliffe, 22, told The Mirror newspaper: 'There’s this idea that , Rupert and myself are the best of friends who always hang out together.'I’m just going to put out there, Emma and I text all the time but Rupert and I never text each other, we never see each other.'If I see him every six months or so, it’s a friendly "hello, how’s things with you" but that’s about it.'The Harry Potter star, who is promoting his latest movie, , also revealed that the trio were once offered roles in a Wizard of Oz remake.'I had a lot of offers post-Potter but I just try and stay away from any of the next big ­fantasy franchises… or anything crap, really,' he said. Good idea. Since the final film was released in 2011, the three stars have all pursued solo projects, with Radcliffe acting on stage in Equus, Grint starring in up-coming movie Into the White, and Watson forging herself a successful modelling career, fronting campaigns for Burberry and Lancome. 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Then it was off to where we spied Samantha Cameron making a quiet entrance before the Canadian designer bewitched us with another magical and oh so beautiful collection. sent models clad in geometric mix matched dresses, fluro eye make-up and oversized Perspex and mirrored oversize earrings down the catwalk. Yet even the Queen of fluro showed some surprising monochrome looks, (one of SS13 key emerging trends) in the form of very commercial appealing looking tailored coats. After that it was back into Team MCs Mercedes Benz LFW car to whiz us over to Kensington for . Pulling up to the venue with the fun pop up invite in hand, it was a paparazzi scrum to capture star after star who arrived – Andy Murray, , Laura Bailey, Dita Von Teese and 1Directioner to name a few. Describing it as a 'palette of peacock in shantung silk' Charlotte Moore editor of Marie Claire Runway explained 'the trenches packed a powerful punch. Yet the clashing oversized Perspex bags and metallic shoes were what we really fell in love with. 'Then it was over to Giles for some dark show stopping glamour with a feminine twist – pencil skirts and fitted bodices in murky blues and lilacs or puffy skirts topped with playful wide brimmed grey metallic hair hats. Meanwhile at Osman it was back to the bright side as neon pinks clashed with cobalt blue or mustard yellows. Just like his AW12 tailored brocade trousers that have been such a hit it is inevitable that his leather creations with heart shaped embroidery will be just as popular for spring.The final show of the day was JW Anderson – the name that has been on everyone's lips this week since his standout collaboration with Topshop. Playing with proportions it was quite a different Feel for the Irish designer with dropped pleated waists and jacquard cuts. Whereas Minute flower prints on tapered trousers, loose dresses and shell tops felt more like his signature appeal. Then it was off to the Kenzo Paris party at Liberty where we danced to Blood Orange before jumping over to the Topshop JW Anderson party where we danced long into the night to Jesse Ware.  fashionistais said to be in the running to play the lead in Hollywood’s anticipated adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and is rumoured to have chopped her locks off for the part. Just last week the Burberry beauty lopped off her long hair in favour of a short pixie crop, posting pictures on facebook, and revealing it was a ‘liberating experience’. But now it seems may have had an ulterior movie for going from long to short. The star has reportedly been screen tested for the biggest vacant role in Hollywood – the lead in Steig Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. ' has auditioned with director David Fincher and cut her hair to look the part,' one insider told the Sun.‘The character of Lisbeth is a misfit goth-type girl with spikey hair.’But it seems Emma may have a fight on her hands if she wants to secure the coveted role. , , Natalie Portman and are rumoured to have their eyes on the part. Would you like to see take the lead in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Or do you think the film needs someone more edgy? Let us know in the comments box below.Milan Fashion Week is getting under-way and we're looking forward to some of the fashion greats taking to the catwalk over the next few days. With set to show on Sunday, they're the latest brand to develop their social media network – with live-streaming of messages by show guests.Following in Piccadilly circus and numerous designers live-streaming their shows, over the last few seasons, social media has made fashion interactive for everyone worldwide. Wiith countless blogs, websites and twitter making the glamourous world of fashion accessible for all us mere mortals – we can only hope more designers jump onboard!With set to show on 27th Sunday at 2pm Milan Time , a WI-FI network will be available inside the Metropol Theatre – where guests will be able to log in to a customised website where they'll be able to post comments live during the show.The messages of guests attending the show will then appear in live streaming on the monitors positioned over the catwalk and will be joined by those sent by viewers of the show through official 's Twitter and Facebook page. As the sunshine (finally!) made an appearance this summer, a whole host of our most handsome male stars enjoyed a day out at the polo for the Audi Polo International event in Windsor this weekend. Doctor Who's and fellow actor wore their smartest suits and sunglasses to watch the action on their boys' day out at the prestigious Guards Polo Club (where Prince William and regularly play) at Smith's Lawn.The handsome duo were spotted laughing and joking, and enjoying the free flowing champagne as they watched the Coronation Cup between England and South Africa.And they weren't short of female attention either. was spotted chatting to a mystery woman beside the polo fields, whilst (without new girlfriend Ruth Negga) was pictured chatting to actress Annabelle Wallis.The two actors weren't the only heart-throbs present at the posh event. Burberry model and actor Douglas Booth got the ladies blushing with an appearance at the Audi-hosted party wearing a relaxed patterned shirt, jeans and boots ensemble.Other notable guests included teen songstress , Eastenders actress Preeya Kalidas, and dancer Brendan Cole and his wife Zoe Hobbs – who are expecting their first child together. With the ongoing trend for mixing designer labels with vintage and high street finds, searching eBay for that unique bargain continues to be a popular pursuit for fashionistas.

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