RVP to United is painful but unsurprising

Arsenal fans know more than most that, in football, loyalty is a lie.  Putting your lips to the badge is almost always a Judas kiss; a horrible precursor to an inevitable betrayal.  All that said, there is something particularly painful about losing Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

It’s partly to do with the individual in question.  Here’s a guy who claimed to have grown up an Arsenal fan, admiring the exploits of his idol Dennis Bergkamp.  In his eight years at the club, Van Persie seemed as dedicated as anyone to Arsene Wenger’s policy of sustainable success.  Arsenal, in turn, were good to him, showing tremendous patience throughout years of injury problems, resulting in the rewards of last season and a 36 goal haul.  I will confess that as the season drew to a close, I firmly believed the dutchman would sign a new deal.  It turns out that what we were witnessing was not a glorious blossoming, but a bittersweet swansong.

What makes this divorce particularly painful is the third party: Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.  Over the years, Fergie has tried to snare several Arsenal players – most infamously, Patrick Vieira.  In the past, such moves seemed improbably.  United and Arsenal were simply too close in their rivalry and their status.  Now, for the first time, one of our assets has been prised away to Old Trafford, and it stings.  Arsenal fans will claim Van Persie left for the money.  They’ll chuckle at the fact he’s ended up at a team that probably wasn’t his first choice.  But the uncomfortable truth remains that he’s joined a club where he stands a better chance of winning the trophies that have eluded him for so long.

I’m disappointed that the self-professed ‘Gooner’ would so readily join a rival, but I’m not surprised.  Footballers are just doing a job.  Never allow yourself to believe it means any more to them than that – you’ll only get hurt.

Considering that his departure has been inevitable for some time, I feel Arsenal have handled it well on several counts: they have kept it relatively quiet in the media; they have got the deal done before the start of the season; and at £24m they have secured a very reasonable fee for a 29-year old with brittle legs and a year remaining on his deal.

Van Persie’s replacements, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, are already in place.  Whilst Nicklas Bendtner and Park aree both certain to depart, it’s looking increasingly like Marouane Chamakh will remain at the club to play second fiddle to Giroud as a target man.  It’s possible another forward will come in, but it’s by no means a certainty, or a necessity.  We have been preparing for life without Robin for some time now.

Preparations are going well.  We have a stronger squad than last season, even without the Dutchman, and can look forward to watching an exciting new team take shape.  As for Van Persie?  Well, he’s about to destroy whatever legacy he might have had at Arsenal.  From talisman to traitor, so swiftly.  That’s footballers for you.  Disappointing, but no surprise.

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  1. wordlife96   •  

    In today’s football world, the so-called loyalty is made up by money and trophies. If the team constantly winning trophies, players will becoming very loyal. But that’s not the loyalty it’s meant to be. You are loyal because YOU LOVE THE CLUB, not because of silverware and the green papers.

    Even though Tottenham is our arch rival, I do respect Ledley King for staying with Spurs until retirement. How much trophies Spurs had won since he joined the team?

    • Steven   •  

      And if Arsenal never win a trophy (at least for a while)?

      Can you really blame the man? Hes 29, and hasn’t won anything he can rightly call his, that he had a meaningful contribution to. If we could actually have a 50/50 shot at winning something, instead of wanking off at 3/4th place or quarter finals (which is okay with me, I love our team) I’m sure he would stay.

  2. Naija Gunner   •  

    It’s so painful alright but how do we find solution to all this stars that claimed to love the club and abandon us in the end for our bitter rivals(mostly). It’s sad you can even win any banter because in the end you won’t have anything to justify your argument but a Champs League Spot, which is not getting funny anymore.

    We need to win something and make all these mercenary look exactly what they are.

  3. MothGun   •  

    Ledley King poor state of health means that nobody in the right mind would want him. It is more of the lack of interest for him from other clubs rather than “loyalty”

    Strange that you would mentioned Ledley King, since RVP was at the same situation in previously seasons. Nobody want to take a risk with him even though it is obvious that he is talented. The moment he is finally fit and able to showcast his abilities to potential suitors, boom, bye bye loyalty.

  4. akin   •  

    Giroud wld play as second fiddle to chamak! Haven’t you asses learnt anything over the years! Arsene is a loyal donkey and it hurts to th bone. Diaby is out next already! All it takes is for him to have an injury free season, and the likes of city come knocking again.

  5. MothGun   •  

    Hi Naija, actually the answer to your question is simple. By becoming a team that competes and WIN trohpies seasons after seasons. This will make the teams more marketable in securing good commercial deals which can be used to fund for the wages. High wages + shiny medals means players are happy and suddenly you have a “loyal” bunch.

    Of course the problem with building a winning team is to stop losing your stars every year. I solution is to bite the financial bullet and invest in some really quality players. Which is why I am excited about the coming season. Despite the RVP saga (and probable Song and Walcott), we HAVE bought well this season. We have a seriously good team that can challenge for titles. Do not listen to doomsayers. Take a good look at our current team and you will realise that we are not that far off from the media’s champion-elect teams of Chelsea and the two Manchesters.

    Cheers and have faith in OUR team.

  6. Tim   •  

    Enjoy your blog! However have to disagree with this common notion that it was good business to get 24m for a 29 y/o injury prone player. That is head in the sand thinking. The reality is that we just sold our best player and league leading scorer to our rival 3 days before the start of the season. Essentially, handing them a strong leg up to win the title. Thats never good business, and continues to raise questions about our winning ambitions. Why as supporters are we proud that Arsenal got a great profit for him? Arsenal do not pay us/supporters dividends , or even get ticket prices lowered because they post a huge profit on a sale. And the 24m doesnt even give any enjoyment of a solid new signing to replace our loss because they probably will not reinvest it. So how is it a great deal for us as fans? Now i am not saying they should have kept an unhappy player and let him walk for free. We should have had him gone two months ago when we could have control of the situation, before he releases his silly statement. We could have moved him over seas much easier. It is clear now that AW and Gadzidis knew for certain he was not signing so why did we wait until 3 days before the season to move him? Hell, if we offered him to PSG before they signed Zlatan they may have made an offer. Juve were in better position to negotiate as well back in June and i would rather take 15m for him and have him gone than sell to a league rival. Once again bad timing and bad business to top it off. Thanks for hearing my rant!

    • Bobby Digital   •  

      Well said Tim, well said!

    • True Gooner   •  

      Great points Tim …. Song next! The reality is Arsenal board have an agenda and it is not winning trophies

  7. MothGun   •  

    Akin, calling fellow supporters as “asses” is a bit thick. Why don’t you direct that anger towards other teams instead?

    And what makes you so sure that Giroud will play 2nd fiddle? The season has not even started! Besides if Chamak rediscover his form and become more productive than Giroud, then there is nothing wrong with Giroud playing 2nd fiddle.

  8. Annie Brosterhous   •  

    Arsene’s breath is so foul, it smells like excrement. He stuck his tongue out to lick the cheek of the Abou Diaby mask he makes me wear and I almost suffocated. It’s his perpetual lying. It’s manifested itself physically as a rank stench in his mouth. But my greatest fear is that he might sell me or our daughter if he thought the price was right.

    • Kernuz nurke   •  

      Plz let’s us respect Robin van persie dicition coz he like utd and want to play along side with rooney and so many man utd players

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  10. Hamza salihu birma   •  

    Waw! Realy it’s so painful to lose a big and great strike like rvp and nw no replacement for him.

  11. xavier tan   •  

    RVP is a genius technically. It’s true that very few players would show loyalty to a club that doesn’t show ambition. Honestly, how can arsenal compare to clubs like manu and barca? Players don’t care about loyalty. They just want to go to a club that has the potential to win trophies. And obviously I can’t see arsenal winning any trophy in the foreseeable future with the current system and mindset.

    Yes, arsenal is well run financially as a club. But who cares?

    -From a long time arsenal supporter

  12. sammymarvin   •  

    Well RVP is gone but d fact remains that our board is playing prank with the fans.i guess we got the POd and OLiver for about 30mill pounds now they want to sell and refill there spent money.first its RVP 20-24 mill pounds..next might b song btw 15-24 mill pound next might be walcott between 15-24 mill pond.so that makes up for the money spent on POd Oliver and cazola and a huge gain of about 20mill pounds.so f**k stan get me my man Usmanov and arsene will manage the club finacially and trophy wise.but fans the worst might happen this season if arsene does not win a trophy he might be the next transfer.and the f**king board will run with arsenal’s cash.but all d same am expecting a good season if alex song stays

    • RedandDread   •  

      Would the BOD have sanctioned a sale if RVP wanted to sign a deal.-NO, they would have preferred to sign him to an extension. So don’t blame the BOD here.

      If a player wants to leave, generally speaking it’s better you find a buyer at a price that suits you and move on!

  13. RedandDread   •  

    Stevie G stayed loyal to Liverpool in the face of mega bucks & trophies offered by Chelsea. It can be done but it’s a rarity. However, the manner of the betrayals in recent times really hurts.

    Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Nasri & RVP. All had one very good/great season and then left.

  14. Emeka Korie.   •  

    Van Persie really con Wenger into making him believed he has been a gunner right from his mother’s womb, knowing fully well his plan to leave, while Wenger thinking van persie commitment was real didn’t rush into extending his contract long time ago. But as gunner fan,I forgive Van Persie for deserting Wenger whom has been with him in all his injured worried years to another club in order to win trophies which has been the dream of every footballers. But will never forgive him for moving to United who in collaboration with referees chooses to a supreme pain to Arsenal ass. I wish Van Persie good luck.

  15. alan   •  

    Now the Gooners have someone else to boo and heckle besides Cashley.
    RVP (Robbing the Purse) be warned and prepared for your first game back at the Emirates

  16. paul   •  

    We could have ofered an extension to his contract 18 months ago just as he came back from injury, scoring record poor, injuries consistent. In retrospect it would have been a brilliant move but would anyone have appreciated it at that time?
    Instead VP finally starts scoring goals and his agent probably advises him to hold off signing a new contract. A career year, no injuries and time to re-negotiate his contract. Adebeyor earning 175,000 pounds a week, Arsenal offering 120,000. The big teams are going to come running, Barcelona, Real, ManU, Man.City, Juventus, Chelsea. Then it all falls to pieces, terrible advice on how not to look like Nasri, apparently not listening to his wife or parents, penning a terrible letter to fans. No real way out.
    Maybe Arsenal buy to try and keep VP, maybe we buy just in case but then no-one wants him but ManU.
    Arsenal had to let him go, keeping him would have been disruptive, his ego would have been shot.
    Selling him gives our new boys a shot in the arm, we have confidence in them.
    Almost overnight a potential legend becomes just an ungrateful mortal, not for chasing the almighty dollar, not for grovelling for medals but for biting the hand that fed and nurtured him for 7 long unproductive years.

  17. The BearMan   •  

    It is very painful losing another of our best players to the “Red devils”, but what will prove to be the greater tradegy is Wenger n Bould not plugging the seven year holes in the defense.

    RvP has secured for himself the ideal retirement plan. The Bear will not joint the booing mob and hold that against him. I will be more disappointed if Wenger / Arsenal return to the bargain bucket sale options which cost the club more in recent years.

  18. M Nizam   •  

    Arsenal will stop being a feeder club when Wenger goes. he started the buy young nd loan out scheme.It hasn’t worked and will not work ina thousand years.To compound the problem he didn’t want to ply ugly to win.
    When the gunners start to win games and trophies,only then will the players not have the urge to leave.

  19. The BearMan   •  

    Arsenal hopes of winning will only commence when it becomes the goal of the club. We heard it from the horse’s mouth! Our success has been to qualify for the CL. It will be like Mo Forah running with the only ambition of getting to the finals of every major event. Without once dreaming of winning it.

  20. Goodnews   •  

    Let us as Arsenal fans forget about this ingrates that rocked our darling club’s boat. Rvp is one of em, and will never shine as he tut with MU.
    Who knws, this might be our clubs season

  21. The BearMan   •  

    Ask any player at Arsenal what it is they hope to achieve each season. If its simply to collect their wages and look good on the bench and wearing the strip – terminate their contracts immediately.

    RvP did his part last season to move the club in a different direction. The club’s investments is to ensure 3rd place again! Why not hope for more than that – I am not speaking of breaking the bank now. Our defense has been letting us down for years, have we diagnosed the problem yet?

  22. Manu   •  

    Footballers with loyalty are a rare breed. Digressing abit from the topic what excites me is that its an end of the youth error. The whole team wenger stood by faithfully while they gave us ulcers while watching games have deserted all for greener pastures financially. Some have been bench warmers and won trophies. ULCER giving 11 Almunia, Eboue,Toure,Senderos,clitchy. flamini.fabregas.hleb.rvp.adebayor.bendtner. Only remainders are Sagna and Diaby who is just with us because of injuries. had Diaby reached his potentual he would have already left. The team now is drastically different boasting older more mature seasoned internationals. This is the 1 st year in like 7 years do i fancy our chances. Chezney.sagna.koz.verm.santos.arteta.song.carzola.gervinho.podolski.giroud. plus walcott.ox.ramsey.diaby.per. etc With or without RvP we are deadly. Walcott.Gervinho. Ox. Pod. Giroud will have a big season. Up the arsenal

  23. Charlesdvamp   •  

    I hope RVP remains fit throughout the season…wouldn’t want to see him injured, we all know his history with injuries…best of luck to him but it sure came as a huge surprise!!!a lotta work to be done to replace RVP.

  24. M Nizam   •  

    No point lamenting RVP ‘s move.Get a move on. It is not guaranteed the red faced will win everything. If it is ordained he will win the quad not treble,the epl better close shop. It won’t be exciting.
    As for Wenger,he better start firing the gunners to the top and not cl soccer.The sooner start shooting in front of goal instead of passing all over the pitch,the better.

  25. Immi   •  

    Its all about money mate.. Arsenal have more depth and quality than man utd this year so rvp went there for trophies is a boring thing to say..

    Come on see the players we have this year. Podolski, Gervinho, walcott, cazorla, arteta, song, diaby, ramsey, giroud, chambo and wilshere.. far better than utd’s midfield/attack.. and robin used to love arsenal, bergkamp was his idol.. if he had joined city i wouldnt be so disappointed but man utd.. its ridiculous..

  26. Immi   •  

    and its not any fault of arsene or the club.. we bought 3 world class players in giroud, poldi and cazorla..

    which players van persie want at arsenal? messi, xavi, iniesta, ronaldo? sorry but they are not available..

    just one good season and he has the right to say the boss how to run the club and they dont match his ambitions?

    it is arsene who made him the player that he is today.. football players just care about money now a days.. anyways no player is bigger than the club.. henry, fabregas, viera.. we survived.. i am sure rvp is not bigger than the above 3 players..


  27. The BearMan   •  

    A stronger defense an Arsenal will be a force!

    Failure to address the main problem, we will be just going through the motion!

  28. SC   •  

    Well written article. Arsenal have done well with the replacements, perhaps even better. When one leaves, another will step up and perform.

  29. bryan ooi   •  

    I can understand where RVP is coming from. He is at the peak of his career or may be the twilight of his career. At age of 29, this represent the last chance for him to improve his career or financial future. However, Arsenal broke the standard practice by offering RVP an improved contract of 130K per week, plus signing fee of 5million pound . In addition, arsenal bought 3 good attacking players to support RVP. All this points to the fact Arsenal trully value RVP’ contribution. In fact this is unprecedented based on Arsenal last 5 years track record. I’m truly sad & disappointed tt RVP decided to give up on Arsenal. Nevertheless thank you RVP for your contribution. I will remember you when you score that goal against Charlton Athletic.

  30. KingHenryThe14th   •  

    OK. So RVP is off; its been a long time coming. For a lot of us gooners, we are only pained by the manner of his leaving. It kinda feels like a stab in the back. For those who say he has carried Arsenal through out last season, have you forgotten how the squad carried him as well through out all his injured days? Had players like Bendtner, Arshavin, Adebayor and even Chamakh not done their bit during one of his “long injury vacations”, how would he have made it to the champions league the following season. Football for him for him might be just a job which means, play for the highest bidder. But in truth it has more emotional involvement than the average “job” for the fans. In the end what’s done is done, but don’t expect me to applaud him when next he rolls up to the Emirates. I believe I speak the minds of a lot of gooners.

  31. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i think it will eventuate that poldi, santy and gerry (and maybe sahin on loan) transer outlay will equal vam persue and song’s incoming fees. foue players for the price of two.

    im not the biggest fan of song, id rather someone with more energy and positonal sense. if we can someone else like this to act as a proper dm, id be happy.i think we may even xome out stronger this summer peoviding we bring in someone like that.

  32. Red Member   •  

    The reality is Arsenal board have an agenda and it is not winning trophies it is all about running a successful business.

    Arsenal are linked with many players in an attepmt to appease disgrunteld fans but ultimately we balance the books in transfer activity to suit the budget allocated to the manager.

    Buy them young bring them through the system maintain a top 4 spot then sell the most marketable players. We cannot buy big stars as it will block the progress of the talented youngsters.

    Song will go next and Coq or Frims will replace him mark my words that will balance the transfer books for this season.

    Cole, Flamini, Viera, Petit, Adebayor, Toure, Henry, Fabregas, Cliche, Nasri now RVP.

    Conclusion we are always 2 players short of a real title challenge and a day before the start of the season here we go again !!!!!!!

  33. Stevieo   •  

    I think the poster Tim sums this blog up. GS, you’ve got your head truly stuck three foot down in the sand. The headline should be ‘RVP to United is painful but the AKB response is unsurprising.’ This post is wrong on so many accounts.

    Van Persie seemed as dedicated as anyone to Arsene Wenger’s policy of sustainable success? This statement is a joke, right? Maybe if we’d had an iota of success, we wouldn’t be going through this annual rigmarole of selling our best players? Sustainable success? Unfortunately our top players see through this propaganda bullshit that the club feeds us, and have more ambition than a top 4 finish. Just a shame the fans can’t see through it.

    Arsenal fans will chuckle at the fact he’s ended up at a team that probably wasn’t his first choice. I don’t see no one chuckling? United fans maybe. No, I tell a lie. United fans are pissing themselves with laughter right in front of our faces. I think football fans of all clubs are pissed off with United getting Van Persie. Let’s just do all we can to help them get their title back.

    I’m disappointed that the self-professed ‘Gooner’ would so readily join a rival? Yes you really need to get your head out of the sand. Long gone are the days that United were our rival. We’re closer to Newcastle and Everton as rivals than United. United’s ambition is to win trophies. Everton and Newcastle’s ambitions are to break in to the top 4. That matches our ambition, so these are the teams we need to look out for.

    With the transfer, you think Arsenal have handled it well? Because they’ve kept it quiet from the media? Whip fucking whoo! Hats off to the club for that. Well done chaps, excellent stuff. So when all our captains abandon this sinking ship, as long as we keep it quiet we can pat ourselves on the back? And then of course lets all give a round of applause to the club for acquiring a fee of £24m. Excellent business! We hear this every fucking summer. ‘Great bit of business’ resounding in our ears as our squad is ravaged by City and Barca.

    You managed to stop yourself before trying to work out how Van Persie will fit in at United, or even that we are actually stronger than United now, which some muppets are claiming.

    No doubt I’ll be called a Spurs fan by the usual AKB muppets on here. But I tell you, I ain’t ‘chuckling’ watching Van Persie parading around in a United shirt today. You losers can wrap this annual disaster in as much cotton wool as you like, but thankfully this club can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      Your long winded trolling is pointless. Go be a good spurs troll and find your way onto one of your own blogs.

    • Bona   •  

      I agree with everything you say. But a football club anno 2012 is not a football club it is a company. Players are just employees. And fans myself included are only customers. This is the sad truth of football these days. Long gone are the days when arsenal were a club for n-5 local chaps etc.

      Arsenal today is Acer computers. While Barca is Apple, United are Dell etc. We are the cheap version with good skills that don`t last long hence good players leave to soon. And our economy is far less than our opptition, so we can`t compete anymore.

      Question is, can we change this? Only one way as I see it. Either you continue bying Acer or you switch to Apple ( like Song does).

      At present the board is fucked as far as titles goes. But maybe in the future that might change. Maybe one day running a club well will mean trophies. At present that ain`t a posiblity. Hopefully one day not to far away the Cities and Chelseas of this world will be gone, but it might take a long time.

      That said, selling to utd just ain`t an option even for a crap pc company;)

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    wegs railings all sorted… cost a few quid,,, nice young filly tho so was worth it…

    cheers for your help…

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      glad it worked out. what was it in the end?

      and did you mention to her that you know a well-endowed dentist from Australia?

  35. Gunner4Life   •  

    I think it is sad how much Arsenal has gone down…but what can you do? Remain hopeful in Wenger. He is maybe the only manager that seems to get young, untested players to play above their means. Many Arsenal players that have left including Henry, have never really managed to reach the standard they displayed when they were at Arsenal. Yes, some have won trophies. Maybe Cashley (sorry but true). Player of the year, Casri was nothing like he was at Arsenal when he moved to City either. Cesc is still good player but will never get best player in Barcelona. Traitor VP will definitely not be as good again. Mark my words. He will not get as many goals for sure or be the star like he was at arsenal.

    Arsene makes these players special. Sadly they don’t reward him by staying patiently. If all the players that have left were still at the club, with added experience, growth, they would definitely be challenging for the top reward. But we don’t pay well enough too. Have to be accepted.

    Many of our players are paid £30K to £80K a year. The same as the mid level teams. Our No.8 had to take a pay reduction to come to Arsenal from Everton!!! Think about it. We are definitely pulling well above our weight if compared financially. All of Utd and City and Chelsea top players are getting minimum of £100K. They are mostly in the £150K+.

    It just saddens me that we are not the club of the mid 90s to mid 00s. Fighting every match as if it was a final (unbeaten season): going for the championship year in year out. The standard of pay and quality of players went up (started by Chelsea), Manchester United followed suit, Manchester City took it to another level. Arsenal actually went backwards. Sold our best players and developed youth to challenge. We were always saying….”they are special kids, can you imagine how great they would be when they gull more, grow older, stronger, more experienced we would definitely win the league. I believed…Carling cup was special because that was the next generation…without any pressure. But we sold all of them….to fast. We have been in transition since 2005. When will it end?

    Arsene is the best manager in the world I believe. He is pulling above his weight every single year. With our inexperienced players (eg. 18 year old Jack, two years ago, Cesc at 17 years ago etc etc). Can you imagine if this man had the Barcelona squad?! It would be unbelievable. He could make them player even better than they do. He would make them even more special. And no one will be able to buy them. Sadly Arsene is failing to win trophies because of his own incredibly success. The board knows that if you give him young or cheaper players, he will keep performing miracles. We will be in the Champions League. Money comes in. Little back out. I hate the idea that we have become a feeder club. If we lose Arsene, we are screwed…if we carry on with cheaper, younger players. Most managers would fail.

    But in end, Arsene will perform miracle. I guess don’t know how long we can keep patiently waiting for the board to actually give us a cheer (any trophy). We have been hurt a lot every summer for many years. It is like have a break up with the girlfriend you love every year, leaving for another.

    But we will find a new one and love her again….until next year. I just she stays longer…to win together. It means so much more. In Arsene, I trust. I just wish they gave him money to really challenge. Won’t be surprised if VP money isnt invested in the team.


  36. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    chaps, if we lose van perise and song its not the end of the world. the end of the world will be an apocalyptic event in which all of humanity will cease to exist and quite possibly the chase for trophies will be rendered irrelevant.

    song can leave, for all i care. i believed in that young chap, believed him one day of filling the mighty breeches of Patrick Vieira, but now i believe he is only capable of fill the breeches of his manager with cash. i say lets sell him and bring in some young mercenary type who will leave us after one good season, but importantly, one who can provide a reliable shield in front of the back four.

    and then lets challenge for the title!

    I’m am excited about the season ahead!

  37. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    weggles the cat was immensely talented at killing mice, but he reaented being anyones cats paw.so he decided to become a vegetarian. he died two years later because he couldnt handdle the diet.

  38. Stevieo   •  

    So after the ridiculous (and predictable) elation of thrashing the bottom team in the German 2nd division, where we showed off our strength in depth (get a grip GS), the might of Sunderland roll in to town and normal service is resumed.

    Some of the garbage banded about this week that we are stronger than last season is laughable. How does selling the PL top goalscorer which kept us in the top half of the table last season strengthen us?

    Some of our fans are embarrassing. I see yesterday two averages teams in Fulham and Swansea putting five goals past two shit teams. They aint gonna finish better than mid table though. Can you imagine if we’d scored five past a shit Sunderland team? We’d be on course for the treble according to some of the jokers on here.

    This blog is awesome though. GS and your AKB worshippers like Hunter and True Gunner provide great entertainment. I hear Wenger spout bullshit all the time after every poor result, but I can understand that. A guy on a £7m salary will do all he can to protect his job. Blame refs, FFP, no value in the market, teams parking the bus, etc. You’re not going to hold your hands up and admit your incompetence. Perfectly understandable. But the hilarious posts provided by the losers that fall for this shit is entertaining. Yesterday was just a blip I guess? We’re in another transition period? Please, please, please keep posting the lame excuses losers. It’s priceless!

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      Some more trolling… As long as we don’t concede all the goals we did last season we have a good shot at winning the PL. Sunderlands defence was solid, we still had more opportunities than they did, we also most importantly did not concede. You seem to forgot this team has only had a couple of weeks to integrate the new players. I’d call this a good start, but carry on the negative spin. Go support Man City I have a feeling they will be a 1 season team… and then no more… not built on sound finances they won’t stay up there for decades unless some sugar dady ponies up billions more.

      • Stevieo   •  

        A home draw with Sunderland is a good start to the season? Like I said, fucking priceless!

        Even West Brom fans would have been disappointed to draw with Sunderland at home. But True Loser is well pleased…

        • True Gunner :D   •  

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    A year later he returned to the Gunners, and from 2007 started featuring regularly in Arsene Wenger’s line-ups. By the age of 24 he was a first choice defensive midfielder, and he has gone on to make more than 150 appearances in the Premier League, scoring seven goals.

    Song is also an important member of his national team, for whom he has been an automatic choice since signing for Arsenal. He has more than 40 caps to his name, and was in the side that finished second at the 2008 African Cup of Nations, held in Ghana and won by Egypt.

    Moving forward

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    FFP needs to go further though. It should be extended to making it illegal for shit inferior teams to come to the Emirates with the sole purpose of leaving with a point. It’s not in the spirit of the game. Shit teams should just turn up and bend over for us. We can hardly expect our inept manager to do anything about it in terms of tactics.

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