Cazorla makes more sense than Sahin

Hello folks.  Apologies for radio silence.  Serves me right for trying to use a radio to write a blog.

In the time since we last spoke, Arsenal rounded off the Asia tour with a 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, and a 2-2 draw with Kitchee SC.  The latter through the Kitchee sink at us, and exposed almost as many defensive frailties as our Premier League rivals.  There’s much work to do, and it’s worrying that only one official pre-season fixture remains in which to tighten up at the back and introduce the new strike pair of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud.

There were, however, some positives on the tour.  We’re used to the defensive problems, but there were some less familiar sights, such as Gervinho being efficient and productive, and Abou Diaby not limping.  Now we return to London and the hard work continues – away from the pitch, too.

In recent days we’ve been heavily linked with two Spain-based midfielders: Malaga’s Santi Cazorla, and Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin.  It’s well known that Arsene is a huge admirer of both players: he attempted to sign Cazorla from Villarreal last summer, and six or so years ago named Sahin as the world’s best teenage talent.

The need for Cazorla is clear.  Despite selling both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri last summer, Arsene’s didn’t buy a direct replacement in the form of an attacking midfielder, choosing instead to rely on Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky across the course of the season, with mixed results.  Cazorla would fill that gap and add an extra dimension to the side – and, at a reported £16m, be an absolute bargain.

At first glance, the signing of Sahin would be a little odd.  He plays a deeper role than Cazorla, without being a destroyer.  It’s an area in which Arsenal are seemingly well-stocked.  If there is anything in this story – that of Arsenal pursuing a left-footed, box-to-box creative midfield player, then one has to wonder just how worried Arsene Wenger is about the amount of playing time he’ll get out of Jack Wilshere this season.

If a deal for Sahin was imminent, I doubt the player would have flown to America with the rest of the Real Madrid squad.  There seems to be a significantly bigger fire at the heart of all this Cazorla smoke, and Malaga’s financial troubles could hold the key to us nicking their prize asset on the cheap.  I had a brief chat with a journalist from Malaga Hoy last night, and he told me that people around the club accept that the player has decided his future is with Arsenal; it’s now just down to the two clubs to reach an agreement.  Whether or not that’s possible will depend on how desperate Malaga are to bail themselves out – I can’t see Arsenal bidding much more than the current £16m on the table.

Arsene has already confirmed that messrs Park, Bendtner and Squillaci will soon be on their way, and there are a couple more who could face the chop.  And that’s without mentioning the precarious contract situations of Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, and even Alex Song.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks…

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  1. Dolapo Williams   •  

    Am quite sure one thing for arsenal dis new season @ least two cup await them and there will be luck for them also, let wait and see it

  2. Munitionsman   •  

    I still read this blog GS just to let you know. In case you were thinking of handing it over the Nigerian scammers entirely.

    • letgo   •  

      @Munitionsman, You are racist idiot!!!!

      • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

        At what point was Muni racist??

        • Josh   •  

          At the point were he said “handing it over the Nigerian scammers entirely” dont you or cant you read? his statement was too generalistic of Naijas… by the ways, is it not ur greed or ur people’s greed dat made you to be scammed? if not 4 ur gluttony and greed how would you belif a story of some1 saying ” his father or govt official has some unblivable money stashed somewia and needs to launder it thru blah blah blah….

    • OD   •  

      Muni you are Bastard… No wonder you English fellas are so arrogant… What has Nigeria Scammer got to do with dis Article. Perharps is it only Nigerians who do scams??

      And for you @welling, shut your mouth if you dont ve anything to say

      • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

        Fuck off. I was merely pointing out that Muni didn’t post anything racist you cretin.

    • bahja   •  

      GueSs U̶̲̥̅̊ never left τ̣̣ђё shore of your country that’s why U̶̲̥̅̊ write that way get a map a study U̶̲̥̅̊ cunt and stop saying what U̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊☺̣̣̥̇ŋ’t knw Nigeria į̸̸̨§ τ̣̣ђё mst populous black nation in τ̣̣ђё world get your fact before talking idiot naija until I die

      • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

        That’s cleared that up then!!

  3. Arsenal   •  

    I’m seeing lots of positive reports about getting most dead woods off the wage bills (negotiating to sell or loan deals). That can only be half job done.

    I don’t see any return of V.Persie, and M’Vila deal will come after then as well most likely. The way I look at this deal would be Arsene telling Alex Song and his agent to accept a deal of 100k or shoo you go. Don’t forget Coquelin is an able study in the next 2-3 years so M’Vila is an important cog right now before he start maturing for serious competition. Cut off the crap about Frimpong he is really not worthy and most likely sell after a few season from now.

    Walcott re-sign deal is frankly just hugging for more $ and nothing more.

    Carzola deal looks likely and extremely good for the team dynamic and overall defense to attack turn over goals ratio.

    I hope Spurs Modic deal to Real Madrid deal done, and Sahin can come over Arsenal for a loan deal. He is another excellent top prospect to help Arsenal deep laying midfielder cause Arteta is not geeting any younger and he seems to need some matches break for shaprness and fatigue. The sticker point is Arsene want a loan to probable buy so really hard and a 505-50 case.

    LB – Gibbs can come good this season and Arsene will look to the market for below 7m addition. Santos looks likely to get more game time in attacking wing play. Don’t expect to see Wenger buying now and he might even get TV or Santos if injuries start creeping in.

    RB – Jenkinson defensive positioning is very naive, and he is in progress. Yennaris or Coquelin to help the youngster in 3 masketeer until Sagna. Unlikely Wenger will buy unless any scouting report indicating a must buy product.

    • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

      WTF you on about?? Learn English!

      • omoshizo   •  

        @welly what we are not in an english class as long as you get the meaning of his message that’s what matters……………way to go @arsenal

    • Homer   •  

      This is odd.
      Buy Cazorla. Flog off Theo b/c some think he wants too much cash? That’s brilliant. Yes, Cazoral will surely work for free. Better yet, he’ll accept 50k a week.

      Wake up folks. Cazorla is a gamble.
      And what’s with this worship of M’vila. Not impressed. He’s flavor of the month.

      Song is a beast. Coqelin will be fine player. And Frimps is a beast in training. M’Vila … meh.

  4. jd   •  

    we should sign sahin although just for a long season loan.maybe he can add up creativity in the middle of our midfield.if he can show us he is worthy,then we should sign him for permanent basis.we can use him as backup for our injuries player.cazorla is a good player,and i hope Arsenal can wrap up the deal.for RVP,he should learn something from alessandro del piero.with up and down Juventus,he still loyal to the club until now.thanks for the update.from Malaysia..proud to be Gunner fans..hope one day i wanna see Dennis Bergkamp will be our manager..he is my idol

  5. Wanadoo   •  

    Every season things just get a bit worse – I wish I could say I’m looking forward to next season but le Wanker is still in charge.

    • Homer   •  

      le wanker?

      A fine Arsenal supporter you are. Le wanker took us from the bottom of the heap to a guaranteed CL spot. He brought in 2 world class attacking players – and make no mistake, Poldi and Giroud are here b/c of Le Boss. He’s a legend in the game and you fools who slag him off – shame on you. This demonstrates your utter lack of understanding of the modern game – but does show that you are mindless followers who cannot think for yourselves.

      Remember the clamor for Felipe Melo? He was a total bust and AW got taht one dead on.

      Everybody just chill.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        I think it is you that has been blinded by le cunt.

        Poldi and Giro are here because of le boss….you imbecile that’s my point exactly….our idiot boss keeps buying crap.

        I suppose you’re going to tell me that his panic buys last season where world class too…lol

        He’s brought in two world class players….haha good one!…let’s see shall we:

        Podolski for his last two clubs has a hit rate of 1 goal per 2.7 games and 1 goal per 4.7 games…hardly “world class”

        Giroud…this one is even better…this guy has spent half his career on loan to a second tier and third tier French league…which is the equivalent of Scottish division 1 & 2…his hit rate is 1 in 2.3

        It is you who is mindless …all you see is Wenger from 8 years ago. You have no independent thought; Wenger tells you he is buying world class and you believe him….the figures speak for themselves – I don’t need to say anything.

        Our idiot manager has ruined us….8 years ago we were “Invincible” – all the top players were clambering to come to Arsenal. And then single handedly, he dismantles the the team bit by bit – what kind of manager is this? That should have been the beginning of our golden era. Instead we’re left with a pile of shit as every season he sells our best players….fuck him and you …you fucking moron.

        • Kunle Akintayo   •  

          if you don’t have anything good to talk about, pls go get drunk and go to sleep…… what do you really mean by world class, please define? it is just a definition that idiots like you and the press make up. of all the so called world class players that had left Arsenal, please tell me how many of them have made good at where ever they left to. I tell you one thing if there are any so called “world class players” I can count them on the tip of my fingers. stupid slogans and jargons for idiots to latch on to!!!

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Why don’t you fuck off you mother fucker – If you don’t know what world class means then you’re the fucking idiot.

            You come on here talking shit – you brainless fucking idiot.

            Now go and suck some cock, Kunta

          • Kunle Akintayo   •  

            You are not a football fan, you stupid thug!!! Not your type we want as an Arsenal fan, brainless moron!

    • someone   •  

      This “wanado” dude is so freaking bitter it makes me pity him. There’s more to life you know, and @ the end football is just a game. Your fussy and foolish rants on here wouldn’t stop Arsene from being paid or being the legend he is….Get a life.

      • Kunle Akintayo   •  

        well said

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Haha, Wenger a legend…lol, good one.

        Don’t win a trophy for 7 years and you’re a legend…haha what a brainless twat.

        I pity you for having the brain and wisdom of a pig.

        Now fuck off

        • hunter13   •  

          between 53 and 89 …which is the span of 36 years by the way …the club just won a double in 70-71..and a further f.a cup in 79 …

          would you like to do the match there and tell us who has gone for longer periods without a trophy ..wenger or arsenal ?

          lets see who pities who shall we ……


  6. Wanadoo   •  

    Oh, and I just read that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has turned down a £38m bid for Modric – WTF??

    So we sell Cesc for £30m and they won’t sell Modric for £38m – No way is Modric even close to being as good as Cesc….WTF is going on?

    I’ll tell you what’s going on….we have spineless git Gazidis and French cunt Wenger in charge – while Spurs are being run by a chairman who knows what he’s doing. Makes me sick.

    I also read that Wenger said that there will be more signings coming in – That French cunt is a lying fucker…the only signings we will see are unheard of future talents. The cunt is trying to get season ticket sales up, that’s all.

    In Arsene we DON’T trust!

    • jack   •  

      oh please don’t abuse wenger.its not his fault.its the board.arsenal should have held firm on 40m price for cesc.i agree with that.spurs squeeze more money out of the transfers.that is a fact.spurs fine modric and we let cesc go for cheap when he had 4 yrs to go on his deal.and now cesc pretends to be a saint.levy definitely is better for his club but we have the best manager ever

      • BigL   •  

        You judge a manager on what he wins not how much money he saves. That’s what he is hired to do.

        Wenger should worry less about what other teams are doing and focus on keeping his job

        • Double98   •  

          You don’t judge a manager on what he wins. You judge him on how he performs with the resources available to him.
          You judge him on how he manages the club and ensures his tenure continues or enhances the work of the managers before him in the annals of your history.

          Wenger is by far the greatest manager in terms of bang for buck. Thanks to him your children will have a club to support – a club called Arsenal and not Newco or North london cannons or whatever.

          I have no doubt that Mourinho or even harry redknapp could come in and spend 200million and win a title.
          But thats not the Arsenal way. We are too good a club for that.

          In Arsene we trust, dream and are honoured by his commitment to the club.
          He is legend

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Here Here!

          • Wanadoo   •  

            My “Here Here” was directed at BigL not the double98 plonker

      • Bona   •  

        True Cesc and many fans think he is a saint. He was as much of a cunt as Nasri, Ade and RVP. The only two I respect after leaving is Toure and Clichy. At least those players won anything for arsenal and we got the right money for them.

    • Jimmy   •  

      Don’t be so rude and vulgar

    • Giddy   •  

      u lack respect for others which is really bad and more so if u open your facking mouth to abuse others wiser than u. Can u really manage even a local superleague club?

    • Frankky   •  

      Not down with how we run our football,take a hike dude

  7. Wanadoo   •  

    And let’s not forget that “there is a good chance that Jack will be back before the end of the season” – What season was he talking about?

    And he also said that When Jack & Abou Diaby are fit – it will be like signing to new players….this guy is a fucking idiot.

    • idowu adetona   •  

      I am a gonner and will remain one for life. I am sure a lot of football fans worldwide will be surprise at what AFC will do this season. We are already being written off even before the start of the season. No one is even reckoning us to be trophy. Carzola and Sahin would a fantastic addition to the rank of Arsenal squad. I see AFC doing well this season and challenging for trophies. Overlook AFC at your own peril.I am very sure that Jack Wilshere, Aboy Diaby,and Sagna when they come back will come back stronger. Olivier Giroud and Lucas Podoski will perform wonders in the season for the gonners. They will score a lot of goals for gonners. I wish them excellent stay and good performance in the red and white colour of AFC.

  8. eddymc2   •  

    I really hope Wanadoo has something, anything else going for him in his life. He sounds a little too bitter, like Arsenal’s his only hope for happiness.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      My other hope for happiness is seeing Wenger’s shrivelled French cock up your arse.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      double thumbs up to u

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Kunta the cunt, embarrassment to Arsenal -

        • Kunle Akintayo   •  

          You are the embarrassment, abusing and quarrelling with everybody and everything, fucking racist, Bitter old fool.

  9. shellykeen   •  

    Just get us dis man called cazorla and let us go on am fed up with dis carzola transfer

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Can you speak properly… you moron

      • DPavo   •  

        So WONA FUCKEN DO What Club do you Couch? Just like to know ‘cos i recon you could do beta job the A.W in it!!! You are that good. Fuck me how come that Arsenal Club Missed out on Getting you as a couch For Mighty ARSENAL! Fucken Prick What Team sport do you play can i ask you or are you just a back seat driver? Fucken Nob-Head.

        • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

          Another intelligent contribution. A couch is another name for a sofa. Quite what that has got to do with football is beyond me.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Helllloooo, have you retards no grasp of the English language?

            At least use spell checker…you lazy fucker.

  10. mez   •  

    pls AW go get us santiago cazorla m’villa n sakho not forgeting sahin…these players are class and will win us trophies

  11. Dave   •  

    Cesc wasn’t in an open market he only wanted to go to Barcelona there was no bidding war for him. As such they got him cheap. It doesnt matter how good a player wants if he is only interested in one club then that massively weakens the hand of the selling club.

    • Giddy   •  

      Yeah tell him all those facts but i gues he sees nothing, hears nothing

    • Frankky   •  

      Spoken wisely

  12. Alfred   •  

    We should buy both,all are gud players

  13. Dele   •  

    @munitions man, your ignorance informs your racism, and or paranoia. I am a Nigerian supporter of Arsenal, started doing so since 1985, at a time you probably hadn’t been born. To tar an entire nation as being fraudulent, probably without ever having left the shores of England, or ever taking advantage of the education your country has on offer, only exposes you for the ignorant twat that you are.
    One Arsenal, one love!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      @Dele You shouldn’t get upset because your country’s chief import/export is scamming, thieving and fraud.

      He never said the whole nation were scammers…go back and read it again, you sanctimonious cunt.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Ok started supporting arsenal 1971 almost certainly before you were found at the orphanage. Worked in Qatar Indonesia Malaysia phillipines Australia Norway and USA. Always with people of multitude of nations. It is not a generalization to say the majority of Internet scams originate in Nigeria it is a fact. As an expat worker Nigeria remains the place people least want to go to. But all of that is not the basis for my comment. The basis for my comment was a Nigerian trying to launch a scam on this blog the other day. Hope that’s not too general for you.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        “Ok started supporting arsenal 1971 almost certainly before you were found at the orphanage”

        Haha, classic

      • Kunle Akintayo   •  

        That is where you got it all wrong, you claim you’ve been all over the world, yet you think like someone from the gutter. internet scam originated from Nigeria? I guess we did invent the internet! the biggest scammers are your banks and big money corporations, that have been scamming us since the time of slave trade, you fuckers scam entire nations and kingdoms. So please!!!

        • Munitionsman   •  

          That’s a fucking brilliant come back. I doff my cap to you!! Seriously folks are so sensitive it ridiculous. If someone on here said “loud mouth American” or whatever other stereotype you choose it would go unnoticed. The allocation of the term racist has become entirely selective and inconsistent. To me the use of the term Nigerian scammers is not racist because Nigeria isn’t a race it’s a country. Maybe I am a countryist? But then show me someone who isn’t. How many times do we read on this blog about nasty “Russian oligarchs” and “oil shield” and even “American exploiters” I could go on but you get the point.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Kunta the cunt, why don’t you send a few more emails out…

          Dear Beloved, My son Kunta the cunt is in need of a brain. If I can get him this brain, he will inherit $74 million for his late dear father King Umbongo from Northern province. However I need $4,200 dollars for the new brain operation. Please send money quickly and I will send you $20 million for your kindness after the operation.
          Mrs Cunta Akintayo

          • Kunle Akintayo   •  

            I need a brain, but your’s is located under you foot, you trample on it everyday and that make you talk from your ass hole saying shit, I’m sure you are just a frustrated old dog, I really do feel sorry for you. Do see a doctor maybe they can help to relocate you cobweb of a brain back to the right place, so at least you can learn to shut up and stop talking like a brainless donkey that you are.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Cunta, Please open up your head, the worm wants it’s brain back.

            As for donkey’s, you know all about them ….

            The last donkey that came by your place, now walks like John Wayne.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      Respect @Dele, pls tell the idiot

  14. shanu_gunr   •  

    sell song for higher price;buy m’vila or biglia or sahin for lower price

    • Clinton   •  

      Is only the wise one, that knows how to scam or do fraud, and beside fraud and scammer is every were now.if u dont like nigerian patter get a map, locate to hell, drive to hell nice tripe fooooolz.@anti nigeria

  15. Glann Helder   •  

    Threw the Kitchee sink

  16. WillyG   •  

    we can`t afford to miss out on Cazorla. He is one of those few availble players that can make this team better. Could be one of Wenger`s highest profile signings along Campbell & Overmars. The sort of signing that would bring belive to the fans

  17. Ufuoma   •  

    If we have a song, coquelin, arteta, wilshere, diaby, ramsey, rosicky, carzola midfield and a walcott, gervinho, ox, poldi, giroud, arshavin, chamakh attack i dnt tink it’d be a bad squad. We’r good to go!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      haha…yes good to go to middle table mediocrity

      • azzberg   •  

        Yeah, hard to please, huh?
        Look at Man United, and they only have Rooney as the star? Who did they buy after Ronaldo sale?
        Poldi, Giroud, and Cazorla are very good players for a competitive side.
        Do you reckon shinji kagawa as better than Cazorla???
        You can only field 11 players at a game, 14 max if 3 subs are used. If they are all fit, we have big names on bench!! And even outside of the bench!!

        • Wanadoo   •  

          You’re right, but Man U have SAF – we have a clueless twat in charge.

          • Oma   •  

            @ wanadoo,
            You are right,i didnt know he was a big player,neither did we know Cesc,Kolo toure,Viera of even Pires were,….we also had useless ones like chamakh and bendtner aswel,but for a player even Real madrid wanted to sign @ a point in time and is in the Spanish squad (though not a starter because of xavi and iniesta),I dnt think he is a bad signing,except you are telling me Hazard is a better signing in comparison …so like you said,..lets wait and see.

        • Oma   •  

          @wandoo…,you seem to b realy upset with everything Arsenal FC is trying to achieve,i have to but wonder if you are a Gunner in the first place.If Carzola isint a big signing in terms of contribution and talent,i wonder who is. Jst a thought,…so please enlighten us on possible transfer targets you would want @ the club then.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            I bet that before Arsenal where interested in him…you didn’t even know who Carzola was, and what he looked like. So don’t tell me he’s a big signing…let’s wait and see.

  18. AV   •  

    Some peeps amaze me. Buy Sakho, M’vila, Neymar, Messi…. It’s still a 23man squad fool. The earlier you face the fact Wenger is not going to bring in more than two players, the better

    • OD   •  

      If Wenger can sign Mvila and Carzola, then loan Sahin with an option to buy later on… This seems good for the future

  19. AJAGA O M   •  


  20. Ma$iya   •  

    Interesting views from fans who all want ‘e best 4 ‘e club… I believe Carzola will be “if happening” a fantastic signing 4 us & will add confidence 2 both players & fans as we need 2 reaplace voids left by mongers na$ri & fabrega$,,not forgeting a fantastic loan player we had in Benayoun,a season in EPL is long & tough we def need 2 strengthen those areas.. As 4 RVP hmmn,, all I can say is dude u used 2 b my fav but so was Ce$c, Hleb etc.. Respect & adore bossman Arsene but he just needs to add confidence 2 new generation of fans..
    As for racists & those swearing cut it out educate yoselves we all 4 one goal one sport one species one world one love one ARSENAL… Love ‘e badge in front!! Remember RESPECT!!!

  21. Kiwigoonerz   •  

    Muni – didn’t you know that you can be arrested and charged in Uk for calling someone a choc-ice or a loser. Be careful what you blog on Uk boards man. Although I’m sure you’re ok in Aussie @PCgonemad

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Didn’t call anyone either of those things cousie bro 😜

  22. Anto   •  

    God!all this vulgar words n the season is yet 2 kick off?hope AW will sign carzola,he is a great walcot cn warm the bench,fact is the ox will elbow out of the wing.

    • Oma   •  

      I would love it if Walcott stays,least he doesn’t wanna leave like VP. Carzola can play in the central attacking midfield and as such , leaves spaces for players on the wing like Gervinho,Walcott,Ox et al…Carzola is a wonderful addition,let him play in a more centralized creative role.

  23. JIm from Kenya   •  

    Carzola is a good player and i would like to see him play for arsenal next season. If we can also get Sahin (on loan or not) well and good, we need more experienced players which has been our peril for the last 8 years. But my concern is the defense, i think we are not yet solid as we ought to be. I watched the pre-season matches in the Asian tour and we conceded very silly goals. No one is talking about bring an defender on board. Can Wenger please do something about this?

    • Frankky   •  

      Well spoken,lets hope SB is as impartful in the defence as some of the players say

  24. Tayuski   •  

    If wenger can get carzola it wil rili be a great achievment 4 ars dis season in d transfa market afta securing 2 gud strikers alredi
    i also tink he needs 2 sign a gud left bk 2 ad quality 2 our defence
    iRep ArSeNaL…

    • Wanadoo   •  

      I understand you want to speak like an idiot – but why write like an idiot too?

  25. Soji   •  

    Anyone who senselessly insult others is a senseless insult himself. So peeps what your tongue…

    • keniarsenal   •  

      it dont make u a celebrity when you concentrate on dissing ur mates. please contribute or oppose the blog, not ur brothers in arms. please

  26. Homer   •  

    This is the WORST blog ever.

    Everyone here throwing the “racist” accusation around and obviously demonstrating their utter ignorance of the meaning of that term.

    You lads who keep insulting Wenger or just plain foolish. Foolish, foolish, foolish.
    Noone is bigger than the club – including unbalanced, rude, twats like YOU guys.

    Arsene Wenger was fundamental in establishing Arsenal as a modern football force. If you mindless clowns want brand new shiney toys, and new players every 6 months who match your aspirations on VIDEO GAMES, then go support City. Or Chelsea. Or PSG.

    Arsenal doesn’t need your negativity.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Any guy that continues to support Wenger is a moron. The guy hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years…..

      Why do you think all our best players want to leave? Don’t you get it? Is it really that hard to comprehend?

      Dear oh Dear, brainless fuckwits!

      Oh! and what does it tell you when the Dutch player of the year – would rather join Spurs and compete in the Euro Disney cup than come to Arsenal with champions League football….Now either the guy is a complete moron or he sees the same thing that all our long gone best players have seen.

      • Frankky   •  

        @Wanadoo, obviously you don’t remember R.Madrid some seasons when they had d best players in d world,won a few trophies 4 two,three seasons and then nothing.Dude,its all about consistency & profit & only one club can march ARSN in that in England,Man.U. If you’re not ok with that,sure City fans,Chelsea fans will welcome you with open arms.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          What I’d like to see is some of the promises made come good. Like “With our new stadium, we will be able to compete with the best clubs in the world”

          That was a lie!….we can’t even compete in the EPL.

          And we haven’t gone 2 or 3 seasons with nothing – we’ve gone 7 years!

          And in the time that RM didn’t win anything – did the manager keep his job?…I think you all know the answer…enough said!

  27. Deji   •  

    Arsene no doubt is a good coach, but by now he should know that some players in squad have refused to develop even with the enough time they’ve been giving… All Walcott wants is more money, improve Alex Song to 90K, get out Squillaci, Ashavin, Djourou, Bendtner, Chamak, Park and likely Ramsey… Bring in Carzola, M’villa, Sakko, Ganso, one more Defender and a Goalkeeper will all strengthen the team…. RVP can leave if he all likes

    • Oma   •  

      Think hes doin dat now bro.

  28. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    I am intrigued by the idea that we will sign Carzola and Sahin. How will we fit everyone in the first team and still have room to give Chuks Aneke and Frimmers “Le Pong” Emmanuel experience to grow?

    And please don’t call MM a racist. He is the only one of you Pommies who realised there is the whole wide world out there to see and explore, and most of it is nicer that the UK. Also, that Aussies are much nicer, smarter, better looking and better endowed than their British counterparts.

  29. ogunrinde ismail abiodun   •  

    I lik all d comment nd d suggestion,but one thing i haste most, is word of abuse,nd i haste racism,if le prof nd d board can try add our midfield wit quality players nd they shld talk to ourdefenders,they shld be looking,they’re too exposed at back, i bliv all wll be well in dis season.I support arsenal 4lif.Thrks.

  30. ay   •  

    don’t you know that everything you say counts? If you really believe that you will be judged by whatever that comes out of you, then you will be mindful of your posts. You still hv the time and you can correct. You canlt really influence arsenal’s decision on who to or who not to buy. Then, what is the problem? Why must go to hell?

    • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

      Well said!

  31. Common Sense   •  

    Jeez, some crazy-ass people commenting on this blog. Talk about going off on random rants.

    Thanks for the article GilbertoSilva, the Santi Claus (hehe) deal sounds perfect for us, nicking a top-class player at what looks like the bargain of the transfer window. Sahin seems pretty far fetched, Real would want to make sure he plays where ever he goes, and i doubt we can guarantee playing time. Funny that Carzola + Pod + Giroud = 1 Carroll. Pretty sure we’re getting the better deal….

  32. onafuwa   •  

    i don’t know how many clubs can go on a trophyless run like us n still manage to boast of mammoth supportership like Arsenal’s.what this says about us(U and I) is that our passion 4 d club is deep n we support d ideal on which Arsenal as a club was founded……… d final analysis :u either a gunner or u not!so RESPECT is paramount…………….about transfers:let Robin Judas go(but get top dollar 4 him);bring in Lloriente or Lewandoski;buy carzola n i think this season will b good 4 us.this is our world;we are ARSENAL,please let there b no rancour………wow thats quite a mouthful!

  33. Stevieo   •  

    You are a worry-guts GS. It’s only just turned August which gives us plenty of time to sort our defence and introduce our new strike pair.

    To say we have only one friendly is a slight exaggeration. As like last season, our August fixtures against Sunderland and Stoke will be used to see where we are lacking in quality. This will then give us 24 hours to rectify any problems in the transfer market. I can’t see Stoke putting eight past us, so I don’t foresee any panic buying this time round.

    Then we use September to bed our new stars in. By the time our Carling Cup fixture comes around, hopefully we can play Shrewsbury again, stuff them, get on a winning roll, and then our season is deemed officially open. As long as we are not in the bottom 6 by the end of September, we will be in a strong position like last season, to mount another serious challenge on a top 4 place.

    So please have a little faith in Wenger, Gazidis & co as they plan ahead for the season. These guys are paid millions and won’t leave anything to chance. If it does go belly-up, we have a ready made excuse that we cancelled the Nigeria game. Now won’t that make a refreshing change from bad refs and poor pitches.

    And just what are these defensive frailties that you go on about. All I ever read on here is how fantastic the pairing of TV and Kos are. We have Sagna (who is top notch) and Santos who for some reason you rate? Any injuries, and we have the excellent Djourou who you say we can’t do better than to step in.

    So just exactly how do you improve on this defence?

    Sad to see Bendtner on his way out. He will be a loss on this site as the ‘Bendtner v Chamack’ debates were the best.

  34. Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    with a large penis, the world is your oyster

  35. Wanadoo   •  

    Looks like this blog is officially dead..

    The only ones posting are the the most clueless supporters I’ve ever heard.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      ..munitions and Stevio excepted..

  36. Boro   •  

    We all look but see things differently. I felt the joy then when we became invincible and I shared the pain every second my back line defended the ball against a vibrant Ronny when we won the FA cup. Some times we forget how our style of football changed when Wenger took over and won the league the next season. Every player that has worn those colors is a brand name today. It hurts me that so many followers lost there way on these journey we all took together. I do not know about you but I believe in my team the same way I always laughed at Henry but today his one of my mentors and a legend in the EPL. Do not forget that the team that became Invincible where not the best players in the world but they had the spirit of team work.

    At first words got to me when fans from other clubs talk dirty at me because of the colors I wear. You know what I do I just Laugh at them knowing deep down in my heart in no time I would cheer those songs. The sounds of victory gets clear with each day that comes. IN VICTORY COMES HARMONY that is what drives me. What I would not trade to be at the stands that day. Home is where the heart beats and that is where every true fan would know we fought hard and won well.

    Van is a man of his words and the Captain of our team. Whatever decision he makes I would stand by him as he wants the best for the club in his heart. A warrior would not leave his clan because he has lost to many battles, he fights because he believes someday he would lead his mates to stardom. Some would say you are wooed with the root. Every man or woman that wears the crest on their chest would kiss it. I am standing by my Wenger one rare kind. He would not lead us to battle without a plan.

    An attacking midfielder would not be a bad idea an experienced one with like minds of Arteta. TRUST me we good to go. I see the Invincible’s lining up again.

    To those nerds who do not know what to do with something as precious as time. GET A JOB.

    Peace out

    • DPavo   •  

      BORO Now that is Poetry in Word’s you must be a Poet, The Undeniable Love for Arsenal Club i feel in thous Word’s just makes me believe there are Intelligent Forward thinking people still out there (3 moves ahead) At all time’s . Ant the Interview i sow T.H that he gave few day ago he was saying Arsenal trailed MU 18 points 99 00 01 02 03 and then We Hit them With Invincible’s!!!!!! They all spend huge amount’s off cash!! Do you wont Arsenal FC to be in Death to Bunk’s just so we pay wages of 150.000,00 PPW or more!! I shore as fuck wouldn’t go to Battle with you bunch of Fucken Turn Cote’s, one lil thing and you would shoot me in the back just to prove to the ENEMY YOU ARE OK AND READY TO FIGHT FOR THEM!!!!!!! I Was not borne ARSENAL i Was Born DINAMO ZAGREB But as i stayed in England 20+ years i ADOPTED it and fell in love with it and the way they play. From that day on till now and to the last breath and beyond i will Bleed RED AND WHITE!!! And follow any couch that takes the rains and guide’s ARSENAL FC ON and ON!!!! I sad it ones and i meant it ARSENAL FC FORE LIFE!!!!!!!

  37. toni   •  

    Nigeria’s main exports are not scammers tho.Painful conclusion.On the up side,hope this turns out to be our best season in years.I LOVE THIS CLUB

  38. prinze   •  

    COYG this is arsenal not mufc we are too strong for infighting to be part of us, lets encourage the coach & the team. they are human only trying their best don’t make them infallible .. when we win scream crazily shen we lose put that xtra bottle on my tab
    Pls leave racism out of it there are only 2 Races: US GUNNERS & others

    • TrueGooner   •  

      I agree that all the supporters get behind the team. As you say it’s US GUNNERS… The team is comprised of a variety of races, so why shouldn’t the supporter base reflect this.

  39. TrueGooner   •  

    From comments made by Wanadoo I suspect he is a trolling Spud and think he should change his name to Wannabe to match his team of Wannabes.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Fuck you – you Wenger love child!

      • hunter13   •  

        hahaha … much rather be the love child of a cultured professional thatn the lovechild of a neanderthal scot who takes money under the table and then manages tottenahm…puahaah

        chicken on a basketball and all…

  40. Roberto   •  

    It’s really sad that all one can do is insult others while he claims to Support the same club as them. What I know is that a true Arsenal fan is the one who will stick with the club even if we got relegated. Born a Gunner and for eternity will be!

  41. Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

    According to talsport (which isn’t that reliable) Cazorla is in London for a medical. Malaga due to hold a press conference this afternoon.

    • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

      * Talksport

  42. WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

    what an upside-down, topsy-turvy world we live in, where a failed ape species is propped up against the winnowing of Darwinian evolution so we end up having these evolutionary primitives with internet access.

    • Omoba Kofoshi   •  

      your father fucking white trash

  43. george   •  

    @wanadoo…wen poldi and giroud score and u celebrate u r a cheap hypocrite,a green snake, a back stabber, a mouth sloth and a stupid fan!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Of course they will score – not just that often. I cheer when Chamakh score – doesn’t mean I rate him.

      When you understand the definition of “Hypocrite” -until then, go read a book.

  44. circa bergkamp   •  

    mouth sloth? that’s a good one.

    this season will be fascinating. with chelski, newcastle, spuds, arsenal trying to join the top two teams, there are going to be more than a couple of teams left broken and disappointed in may. arsenal absolutely MUST improve on defense or could be quite certainly be one of them. if modric leaves the cunts, i don’t rate spuds finishing top 4. newcastle impresses me though. and i think chelski will be more solid than arsenal.

    i hope rvp stays. for me, he hasn’t burned all bridges and he remains my favorite arsenal player. stay rvp!!!

  45. bona   •  

    Many of the people commenting on this page needs to try sex. I mean one slagging offer the other with “i’ve been a fan longer than you crap”. Jesus christ just get laid already…..

  46. bona   •  

    By the way, i’ve been an arsenal fan since 1902. Anyone better?

    • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

      You beat me by a year bona

  47. top cat   •  

    Has anyone seen respects. Im getting worried now. The dudes been gone ages.

    • Me   •  

      Well he was quite old, so he is probably dead.

  48. Stevieo   •  

    Wanadoo. Valiant effort trying to get through to these dimwit AKB’s but you’re wasting your breath.

    We’ve had several years of Wenger dismantling the invincibles. We’ve watched utter shit like Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, etc take centre stage for years. Sold our best players every summer. Witnessed us throw 2 goal leads away in minutes, throw 4 goal leads away, conceded 8 goals in a game, and all the while won fuck all. And for the first summer in God knows how many years, Wenger seems to be on course for a net surplus of quality players in over the players leaving. And guess what, seven years of negligence and incompetence is waived.

    Now I understand the happiness or relief that these signings provide, but what the AKB fails to understand is that we still have Wenger at the helm. Although lack of quality has been our downfall in recent years, this probably only accounts for 75% of the problems. Where Wenger has been stubborn in his transfer policy, he is incompetent with his tactics, closing games out, rotation of players and playing players out of position. None of this will change. The Wigan’s, Norwich’s and Swansea’s will still continue to embarrass us.

    But the AKB’s are as predictable as an Arsenal capitulation. They are as embarrassing as a Wenger fit on the touchline and they are as cringeworthy as an Eboue dive.

    Just give it a handful of games, and you watch the usual excuses come back to the fore. We are in transition. Wait until January and Wenger will put right the defensive problems. This team will come good next season. When FFP comes in, QPR won’t beat us again. United’s sixth goal was offside.

    As the realists predict to a tee what will happen on the pitch, we also predict the excuses the AKB’s will offer. These are easy enough to guess though. All you have to do is look back at the last 4 years of excuses, and they are just regurgitated.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Stevio, I hear you…

      By some remarkable twist of fate we snatch 3rd from Spurs – thanks to their old keeper gifting us two goals plus the Spurs capitulation (shame that).

      And then once again the AKB’s feel like they’ve won the champions league and Wenger is a hero.

      What a bunch of morons these people are….they simply cannot think for themselves.

      Fact: Under Wenger, worse defeat in the premier league for 100 years

      Fact: Under Wenger, first team to not have a single shot at goal during a champions league game

      Fact: Under Wenger, first team in the Premier League to lose a 4 goal lead

      I could go on and on…but what’s the point. The clueless will remain clueless. I just don’t get why they settle for mediocrity. In fact I do know; they’re just losers.

      • Bryant   •  

        @ Wannado, Now I realized that you are moron,Your facts under Wenger…bla bla..why you don`t mention about Invicible…what Wenger did when he won back to back PL…You an idiot…

        • Wanadoo   •  

          @ Bryant

          I have mentioned Invicibles, many times!!

          That’s my point – he took us from Invincibles to Conquerables – He’s a disgrace

      • Bona   •  

        Fact: The premier league hasn`t been around for 100 years.

        Fact: Man U didn`t have a single shot on target against barca either. I know they scored, but it was offside and shouldn`t have stood, at least we got an honest goal.

        Fact: You predicted a 7th place position, we were actually closer to 1st than 7th as far as positions goes.

        Fact: You have said earlier that you would rather have two decent strikers than one world class injury prone RVP (remember)?

        Fact: You have to adjust the way you behave, I know it is the internett and your identity is hidden, but you have to respect yourself at least………

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Bona, don’t you be an idiot too….

          100 years of top flight football

          I never said shots on target, I said shots – we didn’t have a single shot dummy.

          Please don’t be thick – we were closer to 7th…it’s all about points

          I don’t remember saying that about RVP – but even If I did, where are the decent strikers? Giroud and Podolski…lol….I suppose you want to add Chamakh into that group…lol

          Adjust the way I behave? Fuck you, mother fucker

          Now talk off those little Harry Potter glasses and suck my cock.

          • Bona   •  

            I was not aware that you are gay “wanadoo”, but it is high time that you came out openly about your issues and it realy explain many questions. And I respect gay people of chourse.

            Anyway, podi I hope is a good signing, and he did get a good number of points for a relegated team in Germany, I am sure you wount find many players scoring 15-16 goals in a season for a team that went down.

            Giroud is another matter, but he might be good as gold for all you know. I have a dodgy feeling about him, lets hope I`m wrong.

            Cazorla is proven top class. Better probably than any english player ever. Sad but true.

            So in general we have improved from last season. I agree with you that AW is no tactical genius. But how do you explain that arsenal seems to finish higher than the quality of the team. Surly it ain`t luck every season.

            If RVP stays, he woun`t but if, we will have a very strong side. Even better if we offload B52, Chamack, Park, Squill, Arshavin(even tough I like him).

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Carzola is so good, that Barcelona and Real Madrid who are right on his doorstep – didn’t show a hint of being interested. I think you’ve been listening to the Wenger rhetoric a little too much….Let’s wait and see how good he is…I really hope I’m proven wrong.

            And don’t you think that if he were that good that Man U would allow us to have a free ride at him…especially when they need that type.

            So let’s see….

            btw, I’m impressed that you didn’t throw any abuse back…..#muchrespect

  49. Boro   •  

    Sometimes I wonder why some people wear the colors without respect. One thing I know is if we have to go all the way without a trophy these season. Its not going to be new or something to worry about, You all fail to realize to be crowned champions you have to win with valor and have the mentality not just a player but as a fan too. We all have our roles to play in these get that stuck in yah heads. BELIEVE IN YOUR TEAM BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF AND TRUST IN GOD. True money transforms a team but a team that is built with strength and loyalty is a different ball game entirely. It took Chelsea over 5 decades to win the trophy or they do not have fans that waited that long. If you love the game you share not just victories but defeat too as a team. Only fools talk dirty about the same colors you wore one time in your life with pride but take a bold step walk away instead of staying in the shadows bad mouthing a team that has set a standard for the past 16years. You all worry about the cup but forget the basis that follows.

    The manager knows what he is doing. To all those who watch the game with their mouths not their heads should ask there selves on question. Why is he still the head coach of the team if there are not things he brings to the drawing board that has been tested with time. I am a Gunner in these life time and in the next. We can not win it all but when we do I know all you weak ass dudes would take a chill pill and you know the good thing about these blog. In the next ten years I tell all yah who talked with your asses to like them instead of our cup. Dpavo you know how it feels to be a champion and no one can take that away from us.

    Peace out

  50. Eric Nelson   •  

    Arsenal is a businez entity n aim at makin an economics ground we are stable bt being without trophy 4 years is sumtin dats kilin we da gunners…we stl hopin dat we cn win sumtin dis season becoz hope is our bulletproof vest dat protect us 4rm any emotional hurt

    • Wanadoo   •  


      Please stop writing like you’re a retard – if you want to talk that way – that’s up to you. But don’t attempt to invent this crappy type of language in written form as if it were a new English dialect.

  51. sidad   •  

    @wanadoo the sailor,cos u really swear like one.Criticize,not vulgar expletives. I think u should b banned from this blog cos u just pissing guys off making comments

    • Wanadoo   •  

      These guys are not making comments…they’re scammers looking for a way in.

      Before you know it – they’ll be offering you cut price matchday tickets – and all you have to do is transfer £100 via Western Union.

      They can all fuck off

  52. s.munn   •  

    @Wanadoo.. mate..

    If you really are an Arsenal supporter and not a little spud loving twat that takes pleasure out of criticizing Arsenal, Arsenal fans and the Arsenal Manager.. you really do need to seek some help..

    Your anger is simply misplaced and not justified. Disappointment? Sure. Believe there’s a better way to a title with our resources? Suggest it!

    Your mindless profanity and criticism of everyone who has a different view to you is pointless. I’d like to hear your take on who exactly should be appointed as Arsenal manager and why.

    I’d like to know what you believe would bring about titles, consistently when competing against free spending billionaires.

    Most of all, I’d like to know what experience and/or position do you hold in life or in the football world that qualifies all of your ‘expert’ statements.

    You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at a football club. You have no idea what is involved in transfers, coaching, training, PR/marketing, spending etc. Until you can get a grasp on the ins and outs of football club management (particularly at a club as large as ours) your nonsensical opinions will remain exactly that..

    Leave your fiercely pitiful drivel at home and bring some well thought out and clearly expressed points to the table.

    – A real Arsenal fan.

    • Stevieo   •  

      This argument that we cannot compete with Man City and Chelsea is a poor point. For arguments sake, let’s take City and Chelsea out of the equation. Even then, for the last seven years we have finished behind United, and still would not have won the league. City and Chelsea’s money is a smokescreen hyped up by the club that the AKB’s take on board hook line and sinker, to accept dismal failure.

      It would be interesting to see how the AKB’s would defend Wenger’s inclusion of shit like Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, etc over the last few years, as we have fallen further behind United’s wake without the distraction of Chelsea in the picture. What excuses then? City and Chelsea’s improvement should not be used as an excuse for our abysmal decline of quality on the pitch.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      “A real Arsenal fan”

      That’s a joke…you’re really:

      “A real Arsene fan”

      A subtle change of letters but the difference is huge.

      What I do know is very simple: Our manager doesn’t want to pay huge wages but is happy for himself to take the biggest Salary regardless of performance.

      What I also know is that every year he sells our best players and brings in mediocrity.

      What I also know is the man has no tactical ability.

      What I also know is that he is useless without David Dein by his side.

      I could spend the next 3 hours listing his faults: But you AKB’s are living in the past and I cannot change that. In your minds the year is 2004. And as long as Wenger is in charge it will be 2004 in the mind of the AKB

      • Bryant   •  

        @ Wannado, you a ridiculous,how could you say
        “What I also know is the man has no tactical ability”
        Are you serious with this comment or just bullshit,if so,means you are a fool.or you just don’t know the meaning of “tactical ability”. wow so surprised I didn’t know I was talking to someone who does’t know about football. Aw brought Arsenal from bottom of the table to 3rd position,more over, Arsenal played second round in Champions League ahead of Man city and Man U.
        what planet are you from?
        I wish to see you in person, I gotta 9mm pistol here,just to fuck you up, straight down.
        I am a member of New York City Arsenal Supporters Club…I do buy arsenal season jersey every season to support my team..
        What is your contribution towards your team you cock sucker,only to complain against Arsenal Fans..What have you done for Arsenal in your life? Moron

        • Wanadoo   •  


          I’m gonna take that 9mm pistol and shove it right up your arse where you like it best. And when it’s up there I’m gonna pull that trigger in rapid fire mode.

          You fucking cretin the only reason we finished third is nothing to do with Wenger – It’s because RVP had a remarkable season. With any other striker we would have finished 6th or worse.

          RVP got him out of it – simple enough for you cock-sucker?

          What you doing in New York, scamming the Americans?

          Now take that Jersey off – cos I want you to suck my cock.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      You a real Arsenal fan mate, wonderful right up.

  53. Tron   •  

    Bla..bla..bla here we go again,wenger sits there and calls every twat he signs “WORLD CLASS”, and u fucking assholes support him? Men! We’ve gone 8 YEARS without a trophy and he keeps on buying world class. Take a look at Ashley Cole,he left us and went 2 Chelsea where he has won more than 5 TROPHIES(the CL included),we dont need explosive signings(ronaldo nd messi like signings),what we nid is to find a way 2 bring out the action in this young talents by gettin older players to tutor them,instead of selling experienced players nd filling the club with CLUELESS MOSQUITOES. And as for carzola nd sahin,i pray we benefit 4rm them(thats if we sign them cos wenger is in charge). A True Arsenal Fan: ONE LOVE.

  54. Omoba Kofoshi   •  

    You stupid racist idiots like wrinkly,munitioins and welling can go hug transformer or eat rat poison. punks

  55. leroyafc   •  

    I have a black mother and a Chinese father ! So cut out the racist shit , Wenger will prevail..

  56. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i agree thay mm is not a racist. in fact, for an englishman,he’s not a bad chap. the nigerian prince internet scam is cilural reference point denoting overuse spam and gullible internet users, not A racidt remark.

    now, why dont we all sit down with some bisxuits and a nice cup of tea? smashing stuff, old chaps!

  57. s.munn   •  


    It might come as a surprise that I am in fact, not a fan of Arsene Wenger the manager. I do believe that the man has done some great things for the club and would be a definite asset as a director of football or at board level, but in terms of taking us forward I believe there are other options that need investigation.

    You however insist that the man is an idiot. I was lucky enough to meet Arsene and his wife Annie in Geneva, and I can personally vouch that the man is not an idiot. He’s one of the most intelligent football personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure of conversing with.

    I disagree that the manager doesn’t ‘want’ to pay big wages, rather he has not been ‘afforded the luxury’ of paying big wages. If you could prove that the financial decisions of the club over the past 7/8 years have been Arsene Wenger’s, then your point is a valid one.

    The same applies to your next suggestion. Prove that it is Arsene’s decision to sell our best players every year and then your point is valid.

    I don’t agree that the current manager has no tactical ability. However, in this respect I am of the opinion that Arsene has paid too much attention to an ideology and a vision for Arsenal football club rather than simply enforcing drills and the application of ‘rougher’ skills into his squads. Having said that, the past season has seen a huge departure from the previous 6 campaigns. Perhaps it is a change of tact from the manager.

    Still, you have only provided opinions (which you are completely entitled to do) however, you offer no backing to any of your views.

    You are yet to suggest a better (plausible) candidate for the managerial position. I am truly interested in hearing what you come up with in this regard.

    I’d still like to know what experience and/or position you hold in life or in the football world that qualifies all of your statements.

    You are completely entitled to opinions and nobody can take that from you, yet you insist on criticizing and throwing insults at the people that follow the same club as you. People that manage your club and people that play for your club. That is unnecessary and serves no purpose.


    Sorry, I should have made my point clearer. I don’t refer to ‘free spending billionaires’ the same way that the media do. I am in fact including Manchester United and Liverpool in these assertions.

    Arsenal don’t compete in spending with any of the clubs mentioned above. (Note, by spending I refer to net spending; including all player transfer fees, wages for the life of the contract, agent fees etc).

    Even though I have poured over our financial records every season, I’m not privy to the in depth finances of the club, so it would be unwise of me to suggest we SHOULD spend more. The burden of the stadium debt is obviously playing a part, but there seems to be more to it that this. I just don’t know what that is yet.

    I actually applaud the way transfer business has been conducted at Arsenal. It is a real shame that our strongest squads have been dismantled in recent times, but I do feel that it is out of necessity, rather than strategic decisions.

    Flamini, Hleb

    Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Toure

    Van Persie

    All players that we tried to bring together for long enough to push for a title win (and we came close on more than one occasion) however ultimately, there we’re better offers on the table elsewhere and we weren’t able to tie these players down.

    I am as frustrated as you with the playing time afforded to some of the lesser quality players over recent seasons. However, look back at Manchester United’s title winning squads, and you’ll see names that don’t scream quality in every position. For every flop or player failure, we have always had equal measure of quality talent.

    Hopefully the evident change of tact in the past two seasons, as well as the quality added will herald some change in mentality of the pessimistic fans.

    I don’t believe we’ll win and major titles this year. We may sneak away with one of the lesser cups if we are lucky, however when new sponsorship deals are negotiated in the 2014 and 2018 seasons, I think we’ll have the resources available to compete in dollars and on the pitch.

    Evidently, Arsene’s contract expires in 2014. I believe this is very intentional. He is doing the best he can with the resources available to him, to leave the next manager in the best position to take over at the helm at this time.

    We can only wait and see.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      @ s.munn

      You ask me for proof that the negative things going on at our club is due to Arsene Wenger – That’s an impossible task for anyone to know, bar the respective people concerned.

      But life isn’t always about getting proof. It’s about linking the various bits of information and producing a supposition.

      I’ll give you one example; Last season before we got trounced by Man U – AW was telling us/the media how we’ve got a good squad to compete. Then we lose 8-2 and he suddenly goes out and panic “buys” 3 players….

      Now for me, this has got to be one of the worst bits of football management I have ever seen.
      But the AKB’s will say, “he saw a problem and solved it – he’s a great manager”

      A “great manager” (amongst other things) is someone that plans ahead and foresees situations before others do – that’s why they’re “great managers”.

      He (AW) should have enough experience (and intelligence) to not let this situation arise. Now he may have the experience, although he clearly doesn’t have the required intelligence to utilise it.

      There are so many examples of his mismanagement….I could write a 10,000 word piece on the subject.

      • Bryant   •  

        @ Wanadoo,you said you could write 10,000 words on this subject? then go ahead. I would love to read it. Because even if you do that, none of your words make sense to us.
        we Arsenal fans are not satisfied about our result, but no one can deny that AW is not a great manager. look at Chelsea, they have expensive players, and we don’t have such players. but we can still compete with Chelsea because of AW’s experience. I think if we are truly Arsenal fans, you know what I mean.
        We all know Arsenal have problem. everyone confirmed but we can never forget what AW did for Arsenal. I am so sure this coming season, Arsenal will win a trophy.
        I can’t wait to see it and confirm we Arsenal fans are right but you. Remember that we are still in the market,this is gonna be the first time Arsenal is effective in market,sounds great to us and as a prove that Arsenal means business this season.
        Let’s credit them for improvement.
        Rome was not built in a day.
        I will like to know where are you from and your race,you sounds annoying.
        Gotta do something better and look forward seeing my team,shut you haters mouth shut this season.
        In Arsene we trust!
        Gooner till I die.
        Gunner for ever…ever ever.
        You haters,shame on you.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          @ Bryant you are a fool. Our only chance of silverware is League or FA cup. The rest you can forget about.

          Rome wasn’t built in a day, well how about he destroyed Rome in 7 years…it was already built.

          Fucking Clueless AKB’s

          WTF is going on? Is Wenger going round recruiting nitwits from Africa to support him?

          • hunter13   •  

            he built it ..he can do whatever he wants with it

            are you a shareholder ?

            if no you have no say in the way the club is run

            put your money where your mouth is and go buy the club and lets see you do your thing

            even better ..why dont you undust them uefa coaching badges you got in your shoebox under your bed and go do an AVB somewhere ..ahahahaha

          • Wanadoo   •  

            Like I said, complete fucking morons on here….come on GS, you can’t be happy with the level football intelligence shown by these morons.

            Stop letting these Africans post on here – it’s an embarrassment to a once good blog.

  58. Oma   •  

    @s.munn…well said,totally agree with your insight about our beloved club. I do hope,with the new signings,that we @ least challenge for the title,..not like we have anything to loose,..who knows,anything is possible in football.

  59. Stevieo   •  

    S Munn

    At the end of the day, this is just a football blog where guys can let off steam. True, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors or the exact finances of the club. So therefore I don’t know why you ask Wanadoo what his position in life in football is to hold such opinions? Are you saying that the minimum requirement to post a comment is to have played the game at a professional level or hold a qualified badge?

    What you find on here is when guys like Wanadoo or myself have questioned over time why is Denilson still playing, what is the point of Bendtner, why don’t we spend money, etc, we usually get two kinds of reply.

    Firstly there’s the fuck off if you don’t like it, go support Spurs. They don’t even offer an opinion. So if Wanadoo comes across a tad aggressive with some of the posters on here, that’s probably why.

    Then you have those that do actually have an opinion to give, eg, ‘you’re talking bollocks mate, Djourou is actually a quality player.’ The kind to which you can have ‘civilised’ dialogue on this site. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any civilised debate on here!!

    What makes me laugh on here, is that because we only pick up on the bad things at the club, we are miserable fuckers. Why don’t we ever talk about the positives? Of course there are positives, the Wilshere’s and Chamberalin’s, but these positives year on year are getting drawfed by the negatives. Would a toy salesman that had just lost his Tesco contract start bleating to his boss that he’d gained a £2k sale with a corner shop?

    In the workplace, 99% of the time in meetings and boardrooms are spent talking about the problems that need resolving. The way forward to improve things. They don’t spend all the time patting themselves on the back that productivity is up 1%.

    I question on here the way the club goes about its business. Example, why last summer did it take to the 31st August to sign our players? Fair question? Our season was over before it started. True, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but then neither does the AKB when they start proclaiming that Wenger’s hands were tied, we didn’t know Nasri was leaving, we had to wait to sort the Fabregas situation out, we had to sell before we could buy, etc. And then they say that Wenger performed miracles getting 5 players in, by which time our season was in disarray.

    And this is where the AKB’s let themselves down. They can’t think for themselves. To come out with such tosh and spin defending the club last summer, then this time round, why aren’t they asking themselves what’s different to last summer. Why are we buying players before 31 August? Why are we buying players before the Van Persie situation is resolved? Why are we buying players before we have sold any that provides us with the funds? Just what the fuck has changed in 12 months?

    They don’t feel cheated or let down by the club last summer. The nonsense they spouted defending the club’s inaction was hilarious. All that shit that we can’t replace players until they are sold? Here was another cracker, we couldn’t replace Cesc until he was sold as it would knock his sale value down? So please, I’d really love to know why it’s different this year. We haven’t sold Van Persie yet, but we’ve replaced him. Does that not send his value spiralling down? If the Cazorla deal goes through, we will have spent £40m on players without recouping a penny yet.

    And this is where the AKB’s are such fuckwits. If we did everything so bloody perfectly with all these ‘imaginary’ constraints last year, then we must be doing it totally wrong this year.

    But with the predictability of a needless free kick given away by Song on the edge of the box, once the Carzola deal goes through, the AKB’s will be on here mouthing off how fantastic Wenger is. It is just pure blind allegiance, with excuses made up on the spot for every calamity that this club puts us through. Not for one moment will they stop and think how the club has been mugging us off for the last 5 years.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      That’s a fantastic piece of writing and logic Stevio, succinctly put.

      • Beastista   •  

        Even if I didn’t read enough to tell you exactly where I disagree, don’t you think calling the above post succinct is a bit of an understatement?

        • Wanadoo   •  

          What the fuck are you on about?

          Suck my cock mother fucker.

  60. s.munn   •  


    You make a valid point. I shouldn’t question the qualifications of anyone who wishes to post here. After all, it is opinion and you don’t need qualifications for that.

    I personally steer well clear of the typical nonsense that people spit at each other over the web on club blogs etc, but what prompted me to have my say this time is the following: Even when things are seemingly taking a turn for the first time in nearly a decade, those who have criticized errors of judgement and mistakes in the past, are hardly interested in acknowledging when those in charge are taking decisive action to turn those errors around.

    Errors such as affording playing time to lost causes such as Denilson and Bendtner, were dealt with, decisively last season. Yes they are yet to be sold, but they are no longer playing for the club and their wages are no longer a significant long term burden on the club.

    Errors such as last seasons transfer dealings being left far too late forcing ‘panic buys’ have been swiftly resolved this term, with the early capture of two decent-looking reinforcements.

    They could fail dismally and those on Wanadoo’s side of the coin will spray their ‘told you so’s’. They could score 15 each and lead us to a title and the AKB will do the same. Me however, I am just glad that something has been done to give us a chance to succeed in the new season.

    I don’t rate Johan Djourou as a world beater by any means. But I believe that he provides exactly what we need from a fourth choice center back. He is prepared to fight for his place, has some form of chemistry with our existing squad and he is versed in Arsenal’s training regimes.

    If anyone can find a better player that would be prepared to wait in the reserves until not one, but two more preferred center halves are injured, by all means, move him on. For the time being, he is serving his purpose. Cover in his position.

    I see your point about discussion of the problems and negatives in order to drive change and improvement. However when I see errors being corrected, and problems beginning to be addressed, there is no acknowledgement from those who initially opposed.

    It seems that those who want Wenger out and fought so vehemently to have their cases heard are unable to acknowledge the instances where he addresses their concerns. Either that, or they are too proud to back away from their position. Same goes for those who swear by him, failing to see his shortcomings. It is the nature of passion for the club I suppose.

    If you must pick a side (which I firmly disagree with, division is an unnecessary distraction in any club) why can’t you acknowledge when your club is showing the right signs and is making the right decisions?

    It seems that supporters of the two sides are that unwilling to concede any ground in their stance, that a quadruple winning season for Wenger wouldn’t be enough to convince the anti-Wengers and a relegation to the second tier wouldn’t be enough to convince the pro-Wengers. It’s petty and simplistic.

    I feel that I sit in the only fair seat on the debate. I will support my Club and the team that they put on the pitch through and through. I will respect those who are currently in charge and not criticize in any situation where all the underlying facts aren’t evident.

    Yet at the same time, I will take a critical view on the shortcomings and errors of those in charge. I want what is best for my club and there is NEVER a clear cut solution to this problem.

    The most frustrating thing about people like Wanadoo is that they don’t EVER offer alternatives, they don’t EVER prove their understanding about the underlying situation and yet they feel the only way to orchestrate success is to remove the current manager.

    Removing Wenger would bring about 1 thing. That is change. It may be positive, it may be negative. It might drive short term success, but long-term failure. It may bring about short-term struggles but long term success. No one can know the answer to this.

    What is certain is that Wenger brought about success and subsequent stability in a turbulent time for football, for Arsenal and for global finance. For that I applaud him and appreciate his efforts.

    Moaning on forums about wanting him gone wont get him gone. That will happen when his contract expires for the last time or when he retires or passes away. Until then, rather than spiteful angry frustrated calls for the man’s head, we should support our Club and our team and manager as a consequence of who he represents.

    We shouldn’t overlook his shortcomings and failures, but we should cheer for the decisions that he gets right.

    I myself have been working in and around football club management for 6 years. Whilst boards and owners can have ulterior motives, one man you can put your house on to do the utmost for the Club and the team is the Manager. Whether his utmost is good enough or not, is another story entirely, but there is no conspiracy, and rest assured Wenger is not at all content with a hefty pay packet for mediocrity. He wants the success as much as you or I.

    I understand and for the most part, I agree with and share your frustrations with the team and what is seemingly a directionless period, but I can see the positives and I can see the evidence of changes on the horizon. Hopefully this results in what we all want. Success.

    • Oma   •  

      @ steve
      Well said….i cldnt agree more.

  61. Bryant   •  

    @ Wanadoo and Munitionsman…You folks are disgraced to human race.If you are truly Arsenal fan,your comments should base on our team or opinion that other fans can share or comment about,not dirty language.
    You dude are complete asshole,this is the first time to read a blog without any sensible point from both of you.You are nothing but cock sucker…I’m mixed,half Nigerian and USA.
    It doesn’t mean every Nigeria are rogue,we have so many Nigerians in UK doing well,as a Police,Mayor and some working in a bank.
    The director of Gatwick Airport is a Nigerian,next time get your fact right before talking bullshit.
    If you are victim of any incident,then you are mugun,maga or mumu..Is your white ass problem.
    What is the different with what your fore fathers did in Africa during the colonization,you stole from us..The stone you throw bounce back on you….fuck you …mutherfucker

    • Wanadoo   •  


      So you’re mixed race?

      So does that mean that you eat McDonalds in the daytime and Rice and Beans at Nightime?

      And please don’t give me the bullshit about “not every Nigerian is a rogue”…that’s crap! If you are driving in Nigeria as a foreigner, you have got a high probabilty of getting pulled over by your wonderful policemen and them asking for a bribe…It happens every single day – so don’t talk shit – You cock sucking, McDonalds munching fucker.

      Even your police force is a disgrace. And furthermore “our forefathers” stole nothing from you….you lot are just the laziest mother fuckers going. And if it weren’t for your oil you’d all still be living in tents.

      Look at Zimbabwe, 30 years ago this was a country attracting a lot of foreign investment and was being recognised as a real emerging nation. Then look what happened, your mate Mugabe comes along, gives all the “stolen” fields to the black people – and within 1 year those fields are near dead and producing a maximum of 20% of what they used to. Nigeria is just a worse example of that. You’re just lazy and corrupt and want to blame everyone but yourselves.

      Now take that hamburger out of your mouth and suck my cock!

      • Bryant   •  

        @ Wannado..Hey Asshole!
        I can`t suck your cock becoz it smell like are nothing but a crap.
        I’m 100% sure,you ain’t Gonner’s fan.
        You are a team prostitute ,whom don’t have a team,just fucking around.
        This season, Arsenal would do great and someone like you,will be ashamed..We don’t need a imbecile like you as a fan.Get lost and support Tottenham or Man u.I know you and know how to find you,you are in Africa,I can track you down..
        EPL – Won by Arsenal
        FA- Won by Arsenal
        Champions league- semi final

        These are the Arsenal result in this season 2012-13
        If you don’t like it, Hang your self or commit suicide.
        We are the Pride of London…
        You sound like a story teller,I don’t even have any clue about African experience,how police collects bribe or so…How did you know ,if you are not part of them…What a hell were you doing in Africa..
        I think you need a job,I can get you one in my company….You are nothing but crap!
        Peace out!

        • Kunle Akintayo   •  

          The giver of bribe is a guilty as the take of bribe

        • Wanadoo   •  

          @ Bryant

          You shouldn’t complain it’s better than that donkey cock you keep sucking.

          Now get down there and open your mouth mother fucker.

          I’m an arsenal fan, born 5 miles away from Highbury….you are a cock sucking donkey born on a heap of elephant dung.

          EPL and FA cup wins in 2012/13? = haha, I thought you sucked donkey’s cock….now I think your are the donkey’s cock. What an idiot you are. We couldn’t even beat fucking Kitchee (or whatever the fuck their name is)

          An btw, I would love us to win the premier league, but it ain’t gonna happen with chief donkey in charge.

          You going to track me down??? With the black magic? lololol

          Yes, I would like a job in your company, answering the phones….

          “Hello Madam, yes it is true you have won the Nigerian lottery….congratulations!….Now please can I have your bank account details”

          ….I think I got it pretty good.

          Now open that fat mouth of yours…cos I got something for you.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Why did you leave Nigeria?

  62. Stevieo   •  

    S Munn

    There’s no two ways about it. This summer has seen the best activity in years. People will always have an opinion on the players coming in. None of them give me the boosegumps as Bergkamp or Overmars (or even Arshavin) did, but it’s certainly better than the Gervinho and Chamack signings that were hyped up to hell right in our faces. Chamack is shit, and I don’t even put Gervinho as average.

    But you say we don’t afford Wenger any credit when he does things right. What has he done right? He’s buying in quality, yes. He’s buying it in before the season kicks off. Yes. A club of our size should be able to attract quality and get most of its transfer dealings done before the season kicks off. He is doing exactly what he’s paid to do. If a receptionist goes to work everyday and lets the phone ring as she files her nails, then gets a bollocking from her boss as customers complain to him, she doesn’t then get praised for answering the phone.

    It’s the pure neglect of the squad over several years that has worn thin with many. This summer should be the norm, and last season the exception. But it’s the other way round. My patience with Wenger is exhausted. This really is a case of closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Wenger has had ample time to turn things round and because it looks like he’s finally pulled his finger out and doing what he’s failed to do for years, he gets no Brownie points from me. There have been too many instances of one step forward and two steps back to think Wenger has turned any corners yet.

    Wenger has burnt all his bridges with me. If your wife cheats on you for 7 years and then goes a couple of months being faithful, you don’t start doing cartwheels do you? And at the end of the day, there’s nothing to suggest we will do any good next season. But I fear that is totally irrelevant. Because Wenger has finally shown some ambition in the transfer market, that is all fans will judge him on. If we fart along in 5th place, the AKB’s will shrug their shoulders and say Wenger did exactly what we asked by getting players in, there’s no pleasing some people. This summer’s activity has bought Wenger another year’s stay of execution.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      “If your wife cheats on you for 7 years and then goes a couple of months being faithful, you don’t start doing cartwheels do you?”

      Haha …classic

      • Beastista   •  

        What are you? a ball-boy?

  63. fu   •  

    And when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down

  64. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i am ezcited.about the new.signings. they are a lottle too latw.on my mind (wpuld buying chaps like these a few years back have won us a title?), but i am ezcited to see how spng artwta and cazorla will combine and how young chaps likr wilahire and rambo and nuri will compete. also to aee ryo, theo, oxo and the fotrhead on the flanks, not to mention giroud and pokdi fightong it out with the.xhamkhattack for the striker position.

    its ezciting times to be a gooner!

  65. Atlgunner   •  

    @stevieo@S munn
    I really appreciate u guys comments, I wish we could be having intelligent conversations like this all the time. I def see both sides of the argument and at the end of the day we all want what’s best for Arsenal with or without Wenger. And by the way am Nigerian too so pls guys lets be mature and stop all the name calling both from my fellow Nigerians and my brothers from another mother peace out.

  66. s.munn   •  


    Nicely put. Funny analogies to boot.

    I agree with a lot of your views, don’t get me wrong. I share your frustrations. I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that you can have a view and promote it, without taking up arms against supporters of your own club.

    There doesn’t need to be two sides to the coin. Blind Wengerlove is just as bad in my opinion as incessant Wengerbashing. Both viewpoints are flawed and both are divisive and damaging.

    My take is, that it shouldn’t matter that your frustrations with the manager have exceeded boiling point. It shouldn’t matter that (you feel) he has put you through 5/6 years of torment. No amount of baying for blood will lose the man his spot at the helm of our club, so instead of reiterating and revisiting old frustrations, embrace the efforts made today.

    All any fan (of a big club) can really ask of their manager is to provide a CHANCE at success. One or two instances aside, Wenger has kept us relatively competitive throughout his entire tenure at the club.

    He has done this with fewer resources than any of his direct counterparts and all along he has been positioning the club to continue being competitive for generations to come.

    In Wenger times we have seen disastrous outcomes. Big losses, lost players, poor transfer windows. But we too have seen one of the best squads to ever grace the Premier League. We have seen the development of one of the best forwards to have ever played the game.

    We have won doubles and titles and broken records and competed in the Champions League final.

    And we’ve managed to stay consistently in the top tier of the most demanding and competitive league in the world, playing amazing football.

    Yes, it has been too long without a trophy. We all want trophies, Wenger included. But I know that I would rather have a genuine belief that my team can challenge for major honours every season. Than to win once and fade from existence at the top of the game.

    Unfortunately, with the resources at our disposal, it is too much to ask to win a trophy every season. All I ask for is the CHANCE of a trophy every season.


    • shaun   •  

      Agree with most of what you say and how you feel as a supporter but in my opinion wenger is not a good manager and he is showing that regularly and there are way to many inconsistencies for a man who tells us consistency is key to winning and that you have to produce consistent performance .why are the best players at the club always left with 1 year on there contract before they are approached to negotiate a new contract .Why have players who are not of the required level left on the wage bill for three and four years , why is the captain sold every year and why are we not able to keep our best players .
      The attitude of the manager and the team is what worries me most of all as winning is clearly not everything to them .you don’t go to the mancs and get totally totally embarrassed and have to offer your travelling fans the price of admission back as the performance was so bad and worst of all a champions league knockout game in Milan we don’t even turn up ….no desire and know belief , no chasing back and no closing down for me the attitude and desire of the players needs to reflect the managers desire to win and when you hear it from the managers mouth that he is happy to finish second ever year you see what the actual aim is .you mention dejourfool as an ok fourth choice center back but can you not see this in it’s self is an issue the man has been at the club for 8 years and is still happy to be fourth choice in my opinion that is no where near good enough ….when he plays he has lapses in concentration and more often than not will cause a goal for the opposition with one of his mistakes which he does pretty constantly , you play him at right back and he is embarrassing and how many times have we seen him hopelessly out of position and then looked shocked when a player speeds past him and then decides to run after him when it is clearly to late and his performance reminds me of the arsenal team of the last five years just not that bothered as they know average performance is acceptable .If like we are told by the manager the team will give there last drop of blood to win and do there best and then perform the way they do then that is down to arsene wenger ,for me 80 % of the problems at arsenal are down to the manager .I think we are being very poorly managed at the moment just not sure why as I too believe arsene wenger is an intelligent man albeit extremely stubborn .Young players …yes they want to come to arsenal as they no they will play and be given the chance they need without the pressure of the other big clubs because at arsenal you can make mistake after mistake and still be selected so no real pressure to perform so you will get decent exposure as well well as we are now seen as the whipping boys for the big clubs …when fasty player’s like EVRA turn around and say we are an academy we get annoyed as we no it’s true . why do you think players like nassri and fabregas want to leave in there prime and when they are about to produce there best I think it is that they know the players around them do not have the desire or are even being pressured to produce the required desire because the manager does not have that desire himself and does not communicate that to the players , I mean how many times have we heard players telling the fans arsene does not say a lot and then in turn arsene will tell you he likes a player because he does not say a lot .when you have pro footballers who have already been schooled in the fine arts and do not have to be told of the required level of desire we are all good .e.g. veira ,Adams keon ,Henry lungberg , winterburn Dixon even palour but when you put toothless pups against well drilled relentless teams where every player has that desire to win are poor little pups get ravaged and damaged and then the damage is done

  67. Munitionsman   •  

    My favorite movie is district 9. It tells the story of the heroic Nelson Mandela in a sci fi allegory. A lovely film about racism and how it effects people. Interestingly in that film the criminals were Nigerian. Probably just a coincidence……

    • Bryant   •  

      @Munitionsman, you idiot sounds like Arab,If you don’t good comments,why don’t you watch Olympic and shut ur mouth up.
      You damn ugly muther F,this blog meant to comment about Arsenal as a fan,not about anyone country.
      If you have problem with Nigeria,board a plane and go down there to express your feelings..Nigerian are every where,find a Nigerian to spit ur feelings in his or her face,that would be better than your mouth running a hell.
      You r nothing but clown.
      Your mouth is dirty,try to brush.

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Isnt calling someone an Arab racist a bit of an oxymoron?? The more I toy with you people the more you can’t help but show your true colors. The only thing worse than a racist is a hypocrite racist.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      You and your fucking white racist south african brothers are bastards

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Hey I was just telling about a movie I saw. We often talk about movies, music, and even horse racing on here. But I guess technically horse racing is racist as well 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐎🐴

      • Munitionsman   •  

        You shouldn’t refer to people’s skin color. That IS actually racist. Hope your getting the picture.

        • Kunle Akintayo   •  

          But you and the idiot wanafool have been referring to Nigerians and Africans in the negative? but that’s not racist? right? pleassssseeee!!!!!!

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      My favourite movie is Up. I like the talking dogs, especially the fat dumb one. What larks they get up to!

  68. Kiwigoonerz   •  

    A good read S.Munn. A lot of angst on the boards today – can’t we all just cool our jets and laugh at WEG and the Aussies for the fact NZ is above Australia in the Olympic medal table. Great seeing Mo our fellow Gooner win gold too

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      If NZ finishes above the Golden Aussies on the medal table, we’ll just offer asylum to those gold-winning Kiwis and claim them for our own.

      We’re not ashamed to admit the best Kiwis are almost as good as an Aussie! We’re just ashamed of the rest of the Kiwis!

  69. True Gunner :D   •  

    So many spurs fans trolling here and the season hasn’t even begun truly sad.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    does ashley cole still support arsenal…. is it the first score he looks for? if not why?

  71. Munitionsman   •  

    Kunle I do you forgive you for your racist slur. We are after all arsenal fans first and foremost and we all love eboue.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      I don’t need your forgiveness, it’s you that should learn to respect other people and not to profile or generalise, there are crooks every where including where you come from, but believe me there are more decent people than you have crooks. If you say anything bad about my people and my country, I will abuse and curse the hell out of you. You get my drift? so you go right ahead and shove your forgiveness right up your…………

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Never said a single bad word about Africans. Read the posts. Just Nigerian scammers. Didn’t say all Nigerians were scammers. But we have had Nigerian scammers posting scams onto this blog. This is a new and undesirable development.

    • Kunle Akintayo   •  

      Yeah you right, I do love Eboue

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Mate even if you had a keyhole in your back you couldn’t be easier to wind up. 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

  72. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    we should all put our differences aside and just hate the english.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Wegs is such a great example to all of us. Even though the English sent his forebears to Australia in chains he holds no malice.

  73. Wanadoo   •  

    What I know for sure is this….

    In 2-3 months time, you won’t see a Scamming Nigerian AKB on this site for love nor money.

    Which is a shame, cos I’m gonna need a blow-job.

  74. OneOfWanadoo'sFathers   •  

    Wanadoo, listen to your father. You might want to go and lick Ursmanov’s sorry ass. And while you are it, say hi to your mother for me too.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      How are those cheek bone cuts healing? It’s a shame they didn’t go down a few more inches.

  75. hunter13   •  

    wando and stevieo you are both wrong.

    wanado says ” 8 years ago we were invincible and every world class player wanted to play for us”

    you do realise that it was wenger;s managerial skills that brought this club the success of the invincibles ?

    you do also realise that the company decided to bank on that success and grow and expand . ?

    what better than using this success to develop a new stadium ? to enhance the brand name of the company “arsenal” etc etc. ?

    and what is your age if you dont mind me asking ?

    how can you expect a club that was never rich and powerful to be collecting footballs biggest prizes while repaying their infrastructure investment ?

    your expectations are utopian for a club that pressed the reset button and started everything from scratch with a new team in anew stadium.

    as for dismantling the invincibles, it was a necessary procedure to fund the move as well as to promote the youth a lot sooner than normally.

    the point of that is to make his players acquire the experience youd normally get at 27-28 …to get it at 25-26..thus gaining years out of their carreers. throw them in the deep end..the best will survive.

    this process is of course gonna take some time before it reaches completion…and with all due respect 7 years without a title while repaying our biggest investment and transition in our history is nothing when we know that the club has gone nearly 4 decades with nothing to show for it

    did we have a stadium to repay back then ? i dont think so…

    so where do all these expectations come from i wonder ?

    it is illogical for you two to attack the manager or the club and to suggest that you two know better about running football clubs than a professional who has been doing it for the last 30 years and is considered one of the finest in the game.

    instead of feeling security that our manager is not some idiot who will bankrupt the club for the sake of kodak momments with trophies like a gloryseeker you keep complaining that he gets it wrong….

    stats show otherwise ……stas show that on a money spent/points won ratio he is
    second to NONE.

    those who say wenger aint a good manager …i laugh …he took a team with no psychhology who were lying in 17th and got them to 3rd …so shut up you clueless fucking cretins ..with eboue and flamini and senderos wenger has reached finals of the champions league …howmany finals in the champions league did arsenal reach before him with all them world class neeanderthal players theycollected from the pubs and clinics ?


    wenger = arsenal

    • Oma   •  

      2nd only to the signing of Cazorla,u just made my day,…tell dese so called arsenal fans wat they dnt knw,..nice one.

      • Stevieo   •  

        You must have had one pretty shit day…

        • Oma   •  

          Nt @ all,but i would still be impressed Arsenal for once in a long time look busy and like you pointed out earlier Stevieo,”There’s no two ways about it. This summer has seen the best activity in years”….so i guess you and i agree on this one.

  76. hunter13   •  

    gunnerblog you shouldnt allow these people here to talk such crap ..they are showing empathy towards our manager…no logic whatsoever.

    to put it this way …our manager is better at what he does than anyone in here will ever be at anything he/she attempts …so who the fuck are these people who think that their frustrations and non understanding of what arsenal is doing gives them the right to express their “opinions” …

    what “opinions” ?…i dont see opinions ..all i see is ungrateful scum releasing their bigotry on wenger.

    who the fuck are you all to tell the best manager of the decade how to do his job ? dont you feel ashamed even thinking you can question such a pro ?

    i also dont like mourinho , like you lot dont like wenger ..but calling him useless is a total bollocks..

    you dont like wenger;s managerial style…pi55 are stupid ..his method is safe and bulletproof and the correct one (from ethics pov)

    he took our club from the gutters of anonymity …a club full of alcoholics and coke addicts who were abandoning the club to stay in clinics and beating their wives and has given us ISO certificate of QUALITY in all aspects of the football club and you lot dare complain ?

    LOL ….you dont deserve such a manager ….maybe you should get some manager like allerdyce and give you english spine to play like shawcross and barton …. lol you uncivilised cretins

    • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

      I think the work you’re looking for is antipathy.

      • Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

        Word, not work. My mistake.

    • Me   •  

      “he took our club from the gutters of anonymity …a club full of alcoholics and coke addicts who were abandoning the club to stay in clinics and beating their wives and has given us ISO certificate of QUALITY in all aspects of the football club and you lot dare complain”

      1989 – league winners
      1991 – league winners
      1993 – FA Cup winners
      1993 – League cup winners
      1994 – European Cup winners

      5 cups in the 8 years before Wenger arrived.

      I think the club were doing quite well before Wenger took over!!

      1996 – Wenger takes over.

      1998 – league winners
      1998 – FA Cup winners
      2002 – league winners
      2002 – FA Cup winners
      2003 – FA Cup winners
      2004 – league winners
      2005 – FA Cup winners

      7 cups in the 16 years after Wenger arrived.

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        Selective stats… so if you take Wenger from 1996-2005 then thats 7 cups in 9 years… not bad!!! Dumbasses like you know nothing about statistics… you can make anything say anything if your selective about your time periods.

        • Me   •  

          What are you talking about you clown?

          The point I was making was highlighting that Arsenal were not in “gutters of anonymity”.

          They had just won 5 trophies!!

          I like Wenger as a manager, but my stats were not selective, they included all his years at Arsenal.

          If I wanted to be selective of his period, I would have said that he has won nothing going on 8 years now, despite charging the most for tickets & paying crazy high wages to average players.

          I know that Wenger couldnt buy expensive players cause he wanted a bigger stadium & this is why he introduced the 5 year plan.

          That 5 year plan has failed & he accepts that, this is why he is now buying more experienced players.

          So Wenger is not perfect, he does make mistakes, it is clowns like you that refuse to admit that this guy is flawless.

          Being an Arsenal fan doesnt mean that you have to blindly agree with everything that they do. That would just mean you are a dumb mindless sheep.

          • hunter13   •  

            in terms of what arsenal is now and what it was before arsene ? you must be mad….its like day and night ffs..

            this comment of yours ” wenger wanted a bigger stadium” …who the fuck is wenger..the employee, to decide whether the club, the company, builds a stadium or not ?

            why not look at it this way: whatever arsenal OWNERS intended to do with the club, luckily they had the best manager for the specific task.

        • Wanadoo   •  

          You are the Truest Mother Fucker going …A twat that makes all other twats look like geniuses.

          He’s not selectively date picking you fucking retard. He’s just using the actual dates concerned, you Wenger cock sucking mother fucker.

          What a total fucking cunt you are!

          Get down on your knees and suck my cock you brainless dickhead.

          • hunter13   •  

            hahah youre a lunatic mate …you cant express yourself unless you get aggressive and insult.

            id rather suck the cock of champagne football than being represented by classless little engladers collected from the pubs

            and no i dont take it out on 19 year olds who couldnt beat drogba for the title …such behaviours are for peasants like you.

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        At least compare a 16 year period with another 16 year period… MORON

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Hey cock sucker, try engaging brain before speaking….He’s comparing manager’s arsehole….who the fuck compares time periods with time periods….What a total cunt of stupidity.

      • True Gunner :D   •  

        And this will still be misleading considering the amount of money now spent in soccer… like comparing apples, rocks and jellyfish!!!

        Show another manager with Wengers budget that gets anywhere near Wengers results! Common should be easy for you!

        • Stevieo   •  

          Soccer? What the fuck is soccer?

          I can’t think of any other manager with an annual £140m wage budget that has gone seven years without a pot to piss in…

          • True Gunner :D   •  

            For brain damaged people like you I will explain soccer is the same as football they are synonyms… oh sorry that word is too big for you… basically the two words means the same ^^ Now go be a good troll and move on to your spurs fan page.

            PS You still haven’t stated a single manager with Wengers results and budget? Is that too hard?

      • Enjoy   •  

        If you are going to create a tally of things acheived, you should add a bullet point for the new stadium on Wengers tally.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Mate, you’re living in 2004…it’s now 2012.

      Have you not noticed that in 8 years none of our good players have wanted to stay…they all have had enough. You don’t see that at any other club. Even fucking Spurs players have more loyalty than us – and they finish below us every year.

      Now ask yourself, why is it they want to run off….?

      Because the manager is a useless cunt. Can they all be wrong?

      • hunter13   •  

        that aint wenger;s fault though…thats the CLUB;S fault. But then again why use the word “fault” ?

        why do you want to blame people for things which are just a natural process .

        the club reached a climax in 2004 mate …the highest form of success this club has ever experienced.

        it goes without saying that when you build a stadium and rely on youth till you repay it, obviously you aint going for the titles with 19 y.os and 21 y.os are just doing enough to reach the positions that give you financial rewards, because thats your priority and your main objective as an organistaion at the time.

        you choose to blame the club in a period where the club has openly come out and told us to be patient and that every summer they had to fork out 25 million for the banks. we knew since 2006 that the repayment phase would take anything between 15 and 20 years …and wenger;s transfers and work has sliced that period in half. within 7 years wenger has helped arsenal repay their stadium investment, kept us in top4 and champions league money and has formed nucleus of players coming throught the academies. and the worst part is that you dont even blame the club, the principals, the owners, the ones who form club;s strategy. you blame an employee……

        the role of the academy is twofold. a) create players for the first team b) sell the ones who aint good enough

        you are angry because our first crop got burnt from the pressure and weight of expectations and wanted out. well what did you expect to happen when 19 y.os are made to feel like criminals for failling to win the title of 20m value drogbas

        you have allowed the media and rivals taunting to affect your mind on arsenal. you show mental weakness. why?

    • Munitionsman   •  

      more a gatherer than a hunter. What a know nothing knobber. Every single team was up to their eyes in coke and booze. If wenger is such a reformer of characters why couldn’t he keep himself from shagging Sonja and breaking his families heart. Wenger is just another legionnaire. Do anything for money.

      • hunter13   •  

        well thank god a professional manager came in and gave those addicts a purpose int heir lives again and reminded them what it means to wear the shirt.

        damn right he is a reformer ..ask tony… and he reforemd our club for the better

        there is nothing you can say to convince me that what wenger has done for arsenal is negative. try your best.

        sonja? who the hell is sonja ?

        • Munitionsman   •  

          Google it. Sonja and wenger

          • hunter13   •  

            google it? pffffffff ahahah yes ok why not get my info from the sun and youtube too ?

            shut up ….

            why dont you honour your trousers like a man and tell us about all these “negatives” that evil wenger has unleashed upon arsenal …. and ill give you an encyclopedia of arsenal;s “class” prior to his tenor

            hehe ..fkn idiots with no perspective and no intelligence…typical local morons who think they can give advise to foreign pros about football

            you cant even lay the grass properly in your national stadium (wembley) and you dare think you are at a level where you can tell wenger how to run his football club ?

            lol ……. go for your fish and chips and leave the bon-fillets to us …dont forget to add lots of vinegar….it suits you ..ahahaha

  77. Sir “Wegs” Wegwick   •  

    Hunter13 sounds like me before I became disillusioned with the Arsenal and started focussing on my large member because it’s the only thing in this world that is AS GOOD OR BIGGER than the advertising!

    Hunter13, save yourself the heartache and just accept that my abnormally large penis will win more trophies (best in show, most congenial, etc) at the Royal Melbourne Show than Arsenal will win in the next five years. And once you’ve accepted that, I have faith that you’ll jump on the right bandwagon!

    • Oma   •  

      @ Wegs
      And if they do win a trophy next season what would you do?

      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        I would celebrate as long and hard as my penis gets in the mornings. What would you do?

        • Oma   •  

          I would celebrate that my team has finally started doing what we all wanted them to do..”WIN TROPHIES”…. and i hope ull be here singing their praise as a Gunner fan.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      You can always tell when weg has been to the beach by the groove in the sand. The great purple Pointer from down under

    • hunter13   •  

      well wegwick …i didnt expect trophies from a bunch of kids with no experience who werent even shaving yet

      whoever did…its his problem..not arsenal;s..nor wenger;s

  78. Stevieo   •  


    Christ, at first it looked like we had an AKB on here with an actual opinion. But if you look behind all your drivel spouted, there is as usual, no substance.

    Even the hardcore AKB must be embarrassed by some of your garbage.The old chestnut that Arsenal never existed before Wenger. How tiresome. A team full of alkies pre Wenger. Would one of those alkies you dismiss be Tony Adams? This ‘English’ guy that Wenger kept on until the end of his career and captained the ‘company’ to 2 of Wenger’s titles. Yes Wenger certainly never wasted any time clearing the decks with Adams?

    Or maybe you’re referring to Paul Merson as our cokehead. This guy who won 2 league titles pre Wenger in the days we used to finish 17th as you put it. You add up the silverware that our entire current team has won between them, and Merson alone has won more trophies. But give me the ISO certificate of quality of Diaby anyday over the guts and passion of Merson.

    And we were a team of anonymity? Yes Bergkamp was as anonymous as they come.

    You want to defend Wenger, then fine. But to dismiss the Arsenal team that Wenger built his foundations on makes you look a first class cock. Give me the pride, passion and guts of that George Graham team full of English grit from the nineties anyday over this shower of overpaid pampered bottlers where failure is applauded.

    Waffling on that we had to sell our top players to move to a new stadium. I thought the idea was so that we could compete with the best. That’s what the club said. But you tell us it was to enhance the brand? And you cry to GS to ban anyone that doesn’t lick Wenger’s arse? Do us all a favour and fuck off over to Arseblog, and take your company accounts portfolio satchel with you. Fucking anorak.

    • hunter13   •  

      you are mad my friend

      1. boring boring arsenal
      2. alcoholics
      3. coke addicts
      4. playing like typical neanderthal thuggs
      5. fuck that shit
      6. we want civilisation

      if i have to remind you of the shitty past in order for you to recognise that wenger deserves respect for what he has done and continues to do then i wont hesitate reminding you even worse stuff from the what arsenal used to be……

      you shitheads should be the first to defend the manager and the club and our players and certainly not come out as all knowing gods questioning and doubting the professionals who have developed weahs, henrys, vieras cescs, songs etc etc etc…what the fuck do you know about the demands of top level sports? training? psychology ? you know shit..thats right.

      certainly not questioning the loyalty of managers who for the last 16 years have been busting their arse for the club…..

      you thought we moved to buy torreses for 50 a piece.? then go to the doctors and start the therapy already. even 5 yearolds canunderstand the break even concept of a business plan , or collecting to repay debts. but i guess its rocket science to you …


  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    you stilll alive GS?

  80. Gelbs   •  

    Think it’s that time again, you fucking cunts…

    Begun this around 2007/2008 (2006 I called it and had major doubts), and there is so much more, which proves how bad and repetitive everything has become. And a Cunt of a manager and Club who’s former star player in Fabregas wanted out from this shower of shit because of the crap he is surrounded with and lack of ambition and lack of silverware, refuses to strengthen to show him and It’s fans that they mean business. Too busy making money for themselves. And Wenger the Cunt himself, stating he would be happy to finish second for the next 20 years. And yet he can’t even achieve that! What kind of loser mentality, particularly for a big club is that?!! Not to mention people defend the prick for not winning anything for 6 years is down to no money to spend. If he were such a great manager as morons claim, then why would he need money to win trophies?! He can’t even win ONE trophy! And besides, it isn’t even just about winning silverware. It’s the whole mentality. Rotten right through the core. Top to bottom. A manager that’s not interested in winning and spending the required money, and on an ego trip. A board who only cares about profit alone. Sell high, buy low. Financially, a fantastic plan. But from a footballing side perspective. A recipe for disaster. And Wenger now, Arsenal’s longest serving manager, without winning a trophy. EVER!
    A Club who’s motto is “forward” in celebrating it’s 125th anniversary, is kinda ironic, when they’re keeping hold of a deadbeat manager, who is living off past glories…
    People say Fabregas signed a long-term deal a few seasons back, and should honour it and no-one forced him to. More like Wenger manipulated him into signing it, and promising all this shit like he tried in vain with Henry. Now, Fabregas isn’t as young and naive anymore, he’s realised the bullshit. Chugging along, playing his heart out, and noticed it is all one-sided and flawed. The die-hard defenders claimed that when Wenger finally leaves, all Arsenal’s “so-called” best players will follow suit. Well, they already wanted out. What does that say? Wenger claims he will keep certain players, but lies or fails to keep those kind of promises, and ends up losing key players, despite stating it would be the wrong kind of signal to send out to others. What a bastard. And even if he does finally wake up, after years of not making the right kind of signings etc, this should of been done ages ago. And would of convinced the likes of Fabregas and Nasri to stay. Not to mention a harsh (but slight) wake-up call via a 8-2 thumping of Man United. If he had drawn or lost that match, he really wouldn’t of done nothing. Thank United for doing that! Best thing that could of happened to Arsenal. He may even of had his hand forced from higher up as well. Not even his own choice. Either way, too little, too late.
    People claim no player is bigger than the club. And that’s true. But they also claim the team can cope without a big player leaving. Time to move on. But then why is it different for a change in manager then?! A player may not be missed. If replaced. So surely a manager can as well eh?
    The Club’s a laughing stock. Sooner it goes tits up, and Arsenal learn the hard way, the better. The more cunts who re-new their season tickets (mainly the Wenger brigade) etc (and yet still complain), is the reason the board and Wenger get away with it continually. If some die-hards claim we don’t have a “divine right” to win trophies, then equally, why does Wenger deserve a “divine right” to stay at Arsenal because he won silverware years ago?!
    Fucks me off something chronic, when die-hard idiots defend Wenger because he changed that, because he changed this. Errrr. One major flaw with that. What has a successful past got to do with a shite present?! Brian Clough bought success to Forest then got them relegated. Prime example of making and breaking a team. Stayed too long. If Arsenal win nothing much within the next 5-6 years, you’d still get wankers defending Wenger because he changed the dietary methods 20 years ago, and won league titles 15 years ago etc etc. Remarkable. The fact he also inherited from Graham, the winning mentality, defensiveness, power and strength from Adams, Keown, Bould etc who passed it on to Vieira and co. makes you wonder if he’d of won anything. Not taking anything away from his success’, but seeing now how poor Arsenal have been for ages, no drilling for the defence nor fighting and “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” attitude. Whole situation stinks!
    A man too, who claims “We SHALL win a trophy this season!” yet “throws” and shows utter contempt towards competitions i.e. FA Cup and League Cup, in favour of the more “bigger” prizes/competitions, in which they never come close to winning neither, so completely, and utterly, pointless! And how “This summer, I plan on keeping the squad together” and fails miserably.
    Seeing him try and take the League Cup more seriously now, after years of contempt, and still not winning it, is such an ironic thing. So desperate to try and make it look like his “project” as finally come to fruition.
    Get somebody else in to give it a chance and take us back to the heights Wenger can no longer do. Or WON’T do.
    Someone who hasn’t won a pot for years, in a position to chuck any competition under no pressure from the board is way beyond words. Lack of squad depth? Who’s to blame for that then?
    Wenger has had 7 years. Plenty of time to deliver but hasn’t. In football, you judge someone in the recent past and present to be fair. And Arsenal’s last few seasons have been in general, shit and trophy-less. Wenger takes the plaudits when we were successful, now he has to take the majority of blame for the ultimate failings…
    After the 2004 season, The Cunt thought that winning the League unbeaten, was as good as it got.
    So, with his ego (his “master-plan”), he thought he could build a team with youth, whilst spending next to nothing and winning stuff, although not as bothered as seeing his shit play so-called “wonderful” football. And using the stadium move and lack of money as a smoke screen for his “project.”
    He thought it would take 5 years tops. Although believed it would take sooner. Obviously, it all went wrong. Rather than admit defeat and do something about it, he refused to, whilst then claiming 3rd/4th was a trophy within itself.
    People bang on about it being an achievement, which it isn’t. Done well in small doses sure. But ask yourself this, if UEFA wasn’t so generous with it’s 4th spot qualifying, would it be deemed such a glorious success?
    It is shit because he has FAILED to build upon the squad year after year, and ultimately, has won fuck all. And a total disgrace being offered a new contract of at least 6 million quid a year AND a 20 per cent pay-rise on top of!! Hill-Wood the prick, saying in regards to Gallas’ contract, how players need to know the value of money, and realise that money doesn’t grow on trees. Yet bump up season ticket costs on top of already being the highest paid ticket in world football, to watch utter dross and a team of bottlers and losers. Total contradiction and disgust! No money? Simple. Get Usmanov. But we all know he’d put pressure on Wenger to spend and be booted out.
    And again, any top draw manager could finish at least 4th at WORST with this squad. But then, it would be inaccurate to say that anyway, because any decent manager who came in would add/replace players significantly in order to achieve success. At least make an attempt. Not buying success, but spending what is required and building upon the squad currently. This Cunt has shown nothing but contempt and negligence, that Arsenal after years, STILL require 3 or 4 top players at LEAST to make them successful again.
    Fact of the matter remains. Regardless of CL qualification. 6 years without nothing and no progress whatsoever. Taken 6 years to try and build a top draw squad with which there is no end product. The squad doesn’t even look convincing. Weaker every summer. Key members of the squad sold as their contracts wind down and are left too late to be re-newed, whereas the more worse and mediocre players constantly get contract extensions with pay-rises thrown in. The best players end up leaving anyway, because they’re tired of playing with shit and winning nothing. Even though they’re part of the downfall themselves!
    10 per cent doing well in CL qualifying, 90 per cent shit on the whole for under-achieving and winning shit. I could be manager of Arsenal and win shit for 6 years, anyone could. I might miss out on a CL place, but then if Wenger did, I doubt he would STILL get sacked!! I sure as shit too, bet Wenger would spend money more if it was the top 2 only who qualify for the Champions League! 4th at worst is a comfort zone. He said himself once, that it should only be the “Champions” in it. Yeah, easy to say that when he use to win the Premier League. Something which was years ago and never to be repeated again under his reign. Considering too that, 2 of his trophies came a different century ago, and a decade almost since the other two of his 7 major honours.
    Oh, and maybe stability breeds success. After-all, look at the incredible success and trophies Dario Gradi bought to Crewe after so many years of him being their manager!
    People also brand Wenger a genius. Truth is, the bloke is an idiot! Why would a genius make the same old simple and many mistakes eh? Bunch of Wenger (magic) ass-hats. And does a so-called “genius” go a total since they have been at a club of around a DECADE without a trophy?! And does a genius who has had such wonderful, world-class players at their disposal, have such a shit general record in Europe and never won a CL and back-2-back league titles?!
    Bloke wants to admit defeat, gain respect by fucking off to Japan or France and take the board of directors with him. Prove how “good” he is by building a young/youth team with a small club over there for peanuts. Then if he makes them world-class, THEN we can say he is a genius. What a prick. Fucked Arsenal just like he did with Monaco. In fact, even worse. At least they had the balls to drop kick him into touch where they replaced him with Tigana. Who went that extra step and signed the right players in order to achieve success. Same as the great George Graham said on his arrival as Arsenal manager: “If you can’t think big, or act big, at a club like Arsenal, you may as well crawl under the carpet….” Wenger needs to crawl and rot under his Aubusson. It was a shame the board never shared Graham’s ambitions too, restricted to a shoe-string budget and strict (at the time) wage policy which got thrown out the window when he was sacked. If the board bent over backwards for Graham like the Cunt Wenger now, he would of been even more successful! Particularly when Graham made Arsenal a lot of money for his successes.
    Thinking there is a conspiracy against Arsenal too, is also typical of being a Cunt and when decisions etc go against him. Should take a long hard look in the mirror and closer to home. Always someone else’s fault.
    It amazes me why people continue to defend this man to the death. He is seriously fucking up Arsenal, to a point, if he did leave, no world-class players would want to join Arsenal anyway. Won’t ever change under Wenger. All true and the truth hurts. With a French git who speaks such shit and thinks The World is against Arsenal.
    That is why I dislike Wenger, not just because of the lack of success recently, it is the refusal to learn from the ultimate, simple a lot of the time mistakes, and the constant “bigging” up of his team when they aren’t good enough, and the repetitive shite he continues to spout. Whatever he once achieved at Arsenal is history. He will be remembered as the maker and breaker. Most successful manager (trophy-wise), but also, the most under-achiever for single-handedly destroying his own legacy and undoing everything he ever done. Fact!
    Wenger said in the summer of 2005, when he sold Vieira, he had a “Master-plan” and “Trust me”. I guess that that plan and the trust in him, was to finish with fuck-all 7 seasons on the trot, whilst watching your fiercest rivals sweep the lot between them. Champions Leagues, League Titles, Doubles etc. How wonderful. The cunt’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash (“Top Cunt”) and he is a skinny fucker too. Starved of success. Whilst everyone else involved with The Arsenal (mainly the fans) has to suffer.
    Seeing United and Chelsea etc win shit, you’d think would agonize and make Wenger etc more determined to do something about it. Particularly as he stated himself he hates losing. Wouldn’t of thought so based on recent seasons…
    Wenger apologists always point out we were “shit” before Wenger came along and were a “mid-table team”, which has a whole is utter shite, because it was only around twice (1993 & ’95) we were mid-table. And even then we made history by winning the two cups.
    1993 and 1995 was the only real time in recent years prior to Wenger we were mid-table, but ultimately, still a VERY successful side. Second most successful era/period since the 1930’s.
    In 1993, we still won a cup double which was a first in those days, so not at all a bad season and was a fantastic triumph when the League Cup meant something back then. So in fact, it was only really 1995 (still reached CWC Final again and unlucky to lose) and 1996, we had 2 “shitty” seasons until Wenger came along. In fact, Graham himself, only finished outside the top 4 like 3 times in his 9 seasons or so he was at Arsenal.
    People are also quick to harp on about how we wouldn’t even be where we are today without Wenger. Damn right about that!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    Same people, however, aren’t as quick to notice that the past 7 seasons, which have been shit, are also thanks to Wenger.
    After 2004, it is sure shit to be an Arsenal fan. Maybe as well, we don’t have the funds to get players in (although we all know we do which has been proven) because of the new stadium etc. Well, if that’s true, sounds like a right hash job and not thought through enough, with crippling debts. Might be good for the future, but by then, probably be a lower division side. Yet again, you can blame Wenger, seeing as he was the one behind the new stadium and the one with the “vision”. Not to mention the disgraceful wage bill which is one of the highest around, particularly in England. Paying over-rated crap which aren’t good enough, nor win anything PERIOD. Total fucking shambles. Even for a small amount, you telling me there isn’t an affordable batch of players out there, better than Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh et al?!
    Wenger himself, one of the highest paid managers in World Football, on at least 6.5 million a year, to win fuck all, and be under no pressure to deliver at all. Even more than Ferguson at United. Money for nothing.
    Building a bust for the bloke as well, when he is still at the Club and completely over-rated, and single-handedly destroyed his own Legacy he created.
    Brilliant times though eh? After we won the FA Cup (un-deserved playing negatively and shit, something Wenger hates and slates other clubs who do that against us whom we struggle) in 2005, we have had to watch Liverpool, Chelsea and in-particularly, Man United, sweep the lot between them, i.e. CL and the PL. What a wonderful place to be in! And people reckon us Arsenal fans are spoilt! What the fuck does that make United and Chelsea fans then eh?! United dominated the 90’s, and now the 2000’s!
    And who can forget Avram Grant, reaching his first CL Final in only a few months, someone who was inexperienced and might not even had the right coaching badges etc. Something Wenger had taken a decade to do in reaching the final, and still not won a Champions League! In fact, the only manager to reach all 3 finals of each European competition and lose!
    SACK THE BOARD AND WENGER!! It is the only way forward if Arsenal are to win trophies. Lie to the fans. Just because Wenger wants to do it his way and bring on shit kids and basement/bargain buys just to save a few bob, who are too young (or old and has beens or never beens of will be) and not good enough, then blame the lack of success on “Lack of maturity.” A self-inflicted, repetitive wound..
    And people defend Wenger (Arsene knows brigade and apologists) stating the board are letting Wenger down in regards to transfer money. Wenger is the fucking man behind it!! He wanted to move to the stadium and do things on the cheap with his “Experiment” (his word) and brain-washed the board to the point they are now BOTH to blame. Wenger doesn’t even spend the money which we all know we have which is proved. Said himself he wouldn’t spend 100 million if he could because of hampering the younger players development etc. Nor did he spend big anyway when at Highbury, but still managed to compete and became successful. And if there really is NO money, then guilty by association. Happy to line their own pockets first. Both tight cunts, although Wenger is the main culprit as he is still given the opportunity to spend money (and the board believe the sun shines out of his arse and would happily bend over for him financially if he wanted to spend big), but the board are happy for him NOT to spend it, hence making a saving. Either way, Wenger has wasted a lot of money of cheap and piss poor signings. Not to mention high wages for crap players. And some of these players want out, but no-one else wants them, due to their extortionate salary and mainly, because they’re such average players.
    Plus, Wenger said success can only be measured in time. Okay then. Have it your way:
    7 trophies in 15 years not bad at first glance. But add up a total of a DECADE of not winning anything, no back-2-back Titles EVER, no Champions League EVER, 3 League Titles in 15 seasons, and no Title for 8 seasons, and a trophy-less 7 seasons on the bounce. 11 seasons out of 16 of NOTHING!
    Overall, shit ratio. Well done, Arsene!
    Now Fabregas has gone, seeing as the team was built around him, Wenger will fuck off or get a golden handshake, and the Arsenal board leave too, because daddy left, leaving it someone elses’ problem to hire a new manager and leaving the club in the shit. Probably end up Arsenal having the best stadium in the Coca-Cola Championship. With sad fucking Wenger Cunts with banners sat there saying “Arsene Knows.” “Bring back Arsene!” We are shit. Fucked. Finished. Back to mediocracy like the 80’s until Graham saved us and turned Highbury into practically a full house and not just 20,000. Out of the darkness, into the light….
    When you got a manager and board of directors happy and content with winning nothing and finishing 3rd and 4th, you are never gonna be successful again.
    Wenger has gone full circle. He made Arsenal and made them successful, and now taken them right back to where they started when he joined way back in ‘9- when the team went a little bit stale and no trophies for a couple of seasons. In fact worst as far as trophy-less seasons go. Although they weren’t as shit as everyone made them out to be prior to Wenger. When he leaves, the Club will be worse off than ever, and all the money he has saved up, leave Arsenal in a fantastic situation financially, which will be brief before The Board sell up and a new owner pumps debt into the Club. So completely, and utterly, pointless…
    Wenger’s 2004 Invincible season, something which may not ever happen again, was his swan song. The worst sequence of runs since 1980 to 1986 where Arsenal never won anything until George Graham took up the reigns. And even he never went more than one season without fuckall!
    Sinatra style, with Wenger singing – “And I fucked Arsenal……………MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “It is unacceptable for a big club to go 4 years without a league title.” – Arsene Wenger.
    No League Title for Wenger for 8 years, and trophy-less for 7 and counting…………

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.” – Arsene Wenger, then loses those two players who wanted out.

    Wenger for me, was once a very good manager at Arsenal, but never a great one……

    Arsenal….Where failure and losers are rewarded…

    THE END.

    • Me   •  

      Do u expect people to read that long winded crap??

      I’m sure it more or less says Wenger is bad.

      • Enjoy   •  


      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        In the time it took me to scroll pat this post, I had breakfast and caught up with all the London Games shenanigans. Turns out our Sally Pearson won a gold medal in the hurdles! Once again, Australia has proven that we’re the best athletes when it comes to running fast and jumping over things!

        • Oma   •  

          @ Sir wegs
          you and me both,only difference was that i slept for 2 hours while scrolling.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        If you don’t want to read it then STFU and eat some cock you mother fucker.

        Brainless fucking Arsehole.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Very well written…

      Unfortunately it’s wasted on these morons….imagine you are trying to explain to a duck that Wenger has to go. This is the intelligence factor we have to deal with.

      Excellent post Gelbs…

      • hunter13   •  

        gebels would be proud of that for sure !

        hahaha … how is the club with the chicken on the basketbal doing then ?


      • hunter13   •  

        wenger has to go ? pmsl ..why dont you go pour some cold water over your head and wake up ?

        do you know of many companies who would fire an ASSET like the arsenal manager ?

        you are insane… i wish that the people under my employment could reach even 5% of wenger;s professionalism

        so i guess if you employed a manager and took your fish and chip shop and turned it into a restaurant for the queen …i guess youd fire him wouldnt you ? …. lol …..and back to the chip shop. :)

        youre so clueless

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Hunter, don’t be a moron…ALL TOP CLUBS would have fired Wenger long ago.

          No manager of these clubs has ever lasted 7 years without a trophy…..has never happened….we are the only fuckers to put up with this.

          Real Madrid
          Man Utd
          AC Milan

          I don’t think even fucking Spurs would keep or have kept a manager who hadn’t won anything for 7 years.

          It’s a fucking joke and you AKB’s are promoting mediocrity because of what that fucker achieved in 2004…..I say he achieved, I don’t even think he can take full credit for it – since David Dein went, he’s been as much use as a shrivelled cock in a threesome.

          • Oma   •  

            You are right,…except the fact remains that these clubs had a board who willingly doled out ridiculous amount of money for players each of those seasons,..and consistently fired their managers for lack of silverware given the amount of resources spent….Wenger as you say, could be the problem,but the Arsenal board is the biggest problem, a statement Usmanov himself attests to,..he sees nothing wrong with Wenger. have you asked yourself why he hasn’t been fired after years of not winning A SINGLE TROPHY?

          • hunter13   •  

            with the exception of chelsea who are newcommers in that list …what the fuck does arsenal have in common with them clubs you listed there ? NOTHING.

            the club arsenal has gone for much bigger periods trophyless and back then we didnt have a stadium to pay for…so whats your excuse then? why couldnt arsenal get in that list of clubs prior to WENGER ? ill tell you why. cause we were never as big or as rich or as powerful as them. wenger gave you the right to think that you can put arsenal next to those clubs.

          • Wanadoo   •  


            Agreed! Any board that puts up with him winning fuck-all is definitely part of the problem.

  81. pedantic george   •  

    I have never witnessed so many people without a clue all gathered in one place .
    Hello Hunter.You keep doing your good work pal.

    • True Gunner :D   •  

      Yeah there are many spurs trolls here always complaining… if we won anything they would still say we were not good enough. They are mad because spurs sucks period.

      • Stevieo   •  

        If we won anything they would still say we were not good enough?

        Well we’re never gonna see how that would pan out under Wenger are we, you prat.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        A great answer from a total cock sucking prick…”Go and support Spurs”…yes very good….bravo.

        Why don’t you support Arsenal instead of Arsene you fucking dirty little piece of shit

        • hunter13   •  

          because arsenal without arsene is just another bolton/tottenham of them english nenaderthal clubs who have no flair in their game.

          • Annie Brosterhaus   •  

            you must be the anonymous fellow who begged me to bottle up some of arsene’s bowel movements and send them to you. After you told me that sniffing it on a regular basis reinvigorated your mind, body and soul, making you feel powerful, I must admit I’ve thought of sniffing it myself to see if it’s true, but I just can’t get a good whiff through this replica Diaby mask which he constantly makes me wear.

        • True Gunner :D   •  

          So I see some of the spurs fans trolling again

          • hunter13   •  

            heheh they cant stay away from us …big shaddow we cast upon them

            you really got to laugh when the supporters of a chicken on a basketball want to square up to a cannon

          • Wanadoo   •  

            @True Moron
            Is that your answer for everything…”Spurs fans trolling”.

            It just shows what a one dimensional little fucker you are.

            Why don’t you take those silly little blue glasses off and suck my cock. It’s gonna feel great! Cos that mouth of yours looks just like a little pussy waiting to be hammered

  82. hunter13   •  

    hallo george

    wherever i find them ;)

  83. Ser "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

    i can apprwciated wenger on many levels. hr created excellent teams in the early noughties, he spots big talent and sells them for a profit, he xreates trophies for us to win out of sheer sophistry, he delivers cl qualification on a postive transfer budget, hes instrumwntal for he stadium, and he has instilled a certain fench elan to an otherwise stodgy boring english football club.

  84. Stevieo   •  

    Hunter. Just how many times are you going to contradict yourself?

    We played like thugs pre Wenger? Did you seriously hate that ‘take no prisoners attitude’ and die for the cause ethic of the GG teams? Did you not get any pride from the ‘you don’t fuck with the Arsenal’ aura?

    It’s funny that you berate that team of ‘thugs’ yet Wenger’s Arsenal teams in his early days had the worst disciplinary record going. The pundits used to ram down our throats the number of red cards received. I had no problem with that, in fact I loved it. Do you see the correlation here? In Wenger’s successful years (winning trophies/not P&L accounts), we had a team that could look after themselves.

    So I suppose when Keown under Wenger (GG era) got in to Van Nistelrooy’s face, that appalled you? Ray Parlour (GG era) having a swipe at him disgusted you? Vieira’s kick at Nistelrooy made your stomach churn. Did the kick-offs in the tunnel with United make you ashamed to support Arsenal? Throwing pizza around after a defeat? All under Wenger you fucking hypocrite.

    And you want civilisation. What the fuck’s that then? Chamack putting his brylcreem on so he looks pretty on the pitch? Bendtner wearing pink boots? Song dyeing his hair yellow to look like a cunt?

    It’s no coincidence with so many pansies putting the shirt on over the last 7 years, that we’ve won nothing. Lack of character, lack of fight, and no bottle for a fight.

    Take your ‘civilisation’ and go follow womens gymnastics you girls blouse.

    • hunter13   •  

      man what are you talking about? this aint the scottish league or war..what take no prisoners attitude? you watch too much braveheart and vinnie jones movies. and no mate there is no pride in being represented by toothless alcoholics who now make their living shitting on arsenal in public.

      keown/vn the incident …it happened in 2003 …why do you put gg era in brackets … what the hell did gg had to do with that team ..laurent ..lehman… mad or something? lol…

      and dont make me laugh….di canio dummied a hit and winterburn fell three meters back…paok salonica was disqualifying us inside highbury… we were ending the season in 12th place …

      bottle? lol…yes the english have such bottle they should talk….why dont you shut the fuck up and get on your knees and pray wenger stays at arsenal for life you silly little englander with your bangers and mash gg era ..we are on another level and thats because of wenger…a level that arsenal has never reached before…silly kid

      how soon you forget huh ….

      • hunter13   •  

        you are complaining about character to a team that was mostly comprised of youngsters who had never won anything and were making their early professional steps in the worlds toughest league.

        you chose to castigate manager and players for failing to win trophies when the club’s intentions were to focus on completely different things than spending to win titles.

        you dont make sense. you dont know who to blame and for what and you are confusing the priorities of a club that has to repay its brand new stadium with a club that is funded with unlimited resources, either through loans or the personal fortune of tycoons.

        as for your cultural football preferences ..stick to rugby if you want to see people bashing eachother..i want pires, dennis and the likes…and who such an environment maybe even the parlours will flourish (as it happened ..dumb@ss)

        you just wait and see the humble pies coming your way when wenger’s english kids/students perfect the wengerball approach and let go of the barbarisms which are characteristic of your “old” football…..

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Love it. Potd.

      But what about Le expression collective???

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    weg me tooth hurts….

    bit down in anger on me finger noew gum sore and teeth hurt… what should i do?

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      You may have advanced periodontal disease. There comes a point in time when there isn’t enough bone to support the tooth. When that happens, a sharp bite can actually break the bone that supports the roots. If this is the case, either need to take the tooth out or splint them together so they can bear the occlusal force a bit better. Most likely extraction.

      Or the periodontal ligament could just be bruised. Take some painkillers, keep off the tooth and see if it’s better in a couple of weeks.

      • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

        Or it could be cracked.

        It really depends. Could you fly over to Australia so I could have a look?

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    im so bored with the gunnerblog,,,,

  87. Munitionsman   •  

    Apologies for radio silence but 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    think its just bruised…. taking a few painkillers and anti inflamtory,,,had a bit of work done to a chipped tooth years ago, thats lost a tiny bit…. pain eased a bit seeing the railings c=doctor next thursday…. tha nks for your advice weg…..

    i keep advising my daughter tpo become a dentist…. you never see a skint one!

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      thats cool rspca

  89. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    thank you weg

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    weg you must be proud of all our medals in the lympics….

    you still have the union flag so your still little englanders…

    • Sir "Wegs" Wegwick   •  

      I am proud of all the athletes who have beaten the English at their respective events. In times like these, it is missing to the point to be nationalistic. We all need to remember the main aim of the games is to beat the English at as many events as possible.

      So far, the world has failed this task 25 times. Were some of these failures due to Aussies not performing to their awesome best? Shamefully, yes.

  91. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    vela gone to real sociedad…..

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    Cipriani missed the Aviva Premiership fixture at Adams Park in December after being dropped but produced a deep secondhalf showing inside of a match that started Will Taylor’s sinbinning.

    In absence, the Sharks ran in three tries and were able to hold off a late onslaught to ensure Leicester cannot catch them, it does not matter their result on the Scarlets tomorrow.

    Old stomping ground: Danny Cipriani shone on his get back on Adams Park

    Sale’s hopes took beginning hit whenever a Wasps scrum brought about captain Sam Jones passing to Charlie Davies, whose ball inside sent Charlie Hayter through for any test his home debut.

    Stephen Jones added the straightforward conversion prior to a former Wales and Lions flyhalf added a problem ahead of the posts make score to 100.

    However the Sharks hit when we were holding awarded a problem try being a powerful maul was illegally dragged down by your Wasps pack with Cipriani knocking covering the extras.

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    Cipriani’s conversion would have been a success however gap was soon reduced backtrack to a single point at 1413 as a consequence of a Jones penalty.

    In the line: Wasps’ Sam Jones scores a spin

    The Sharks were causing some problems for themselves with poor kicking from hand, one of these almost cost them their lead with Jones’ next penalty striking a post.

    They were not so lucky four minutes before halftime, however, with Tommy Bell striking a superb effort from just within the Sale half to position Wasps ahead.

    However the momentum swung dramatically back towards away side at the beginning of the second half once the hosts had Taylor transferred to the sin bin.

    Out of the resulting lineout, just another maul surged its excess of the fishing line with Sale captain Sam Tuitupou emerging when using the ball.

    Three minutes later, the Sharks had the bonus time the bag when hooker Tommy Taylor charged clear after being played in by Henry Thomas Cipriani’s conversion lifting the score to 1628.

    With a half-hour still to play, the visitors pulled further clear again with Cipriani rounding off an exceptional move to score with the lefthand corner.

    Wasps pulled one score back with 15 minutes left when Davies purchased in the back on the strong fivemetre scrum, cut inside and touched down.

    After Sale had Aston Croall sinbinned, the hosts then had the final word using the final play when Sam Jones went over but Sale just weren’t to generally be denied finally.

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