THE OX T-Shirt: Unleashed. Get Yours Now.

Anyone who saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s performance against France will confirm that to him, such a challenge is merely a red rag to a bull.  

Or should I say OX.  

He simply attacks it, with Pace, Skill, & Power.  Lots of Power.

THE OX has been unleashed.  Now get the shirt.

Graphic by North Internet

Only 150 of these shirts have been printed, so move fast and click here to get yours.  Alongside the tees, we’ve gone for something new to the store, which is both ideal for our inclement British summer and fits the Chicago Bulls-influenced design: a very limited number of sweatshirts (see right).  Only 20 have been made in this initial run.  They’re rarer than an appearance from Park Ju-Young.

If you want to support The Ox at the Euros, but can’t bring yourself to buy a shirt also worn by John Terry, then I might go so far as to suggest that this could prove a viable alternative.  Never mind Three Lions: We’ve got The Ox.  Anyway, hope you like ‘em.

In other news, it seems the potential signing of Olivier Giroud is creeping ever closer.  Arsene was loathe to talk about the subject on TF1 last night, but when pressed he eventually said, “nothing is decided”.  He’s right – nothing is decided, and nor will it be until Giroud returns from the Euros.  Despite that, we do seem his most likely destination.  I was chatting to my brother, the esteemed @char1ie_m (worth a follow if you enjoy transfer-talk and informed football chat), and he made a great point: this signing is a big test for Arsenal’s primary French Scout, Gilles Grimandi.  Ligue 1 was once a very happy hunting ground for Arsene.  However, in recent years we’ve seen Koscielny, Chamakh, Gervinho and Park arrive, and of those I would argue that only Koscielny could be deemed a success.  Let’s hope that in the event of his arrival Giroud replicates the effort of his friend and international colleague.

Last night two existing Arsenal forwards, Robin van Persie and Lukas Podolski, took to the field as Germany met Holland.  Van Persie may have netted an impressive strike with a swing of his chocolate leg, but Podolski will be the happier man this morning after his side took the three points.  I have to say, I think the criticism of Van Persie’s performances in this tournament has been a little harsh.  I, for one, hope he can turn it around and knock a couple past Portugal to give Holland a fighting chance.

Our most impressive striker in the tournament thus far?  Probably Nicklas Bendtner.  Who saw that one coming…

Finally, I suppose I had better touch on the news from over the road, that Harry Redknapp will be leaving Spurs.  There’ll be much dancing and taunting (dauncing?) from Arsenal fans, and with good reason.  However, I can’t help but feel that part of our glee is that Spurs have willingly got rid of a man who took them to fourth, fifth, and fourth consecutively.  With messrs Rodgers and Lambert already in new jobs elsewhere, they’ve severely limited their options for replacing Harry.  I have a sneaky feeling this move could prove to be, in every sense, a good thing for Arsenal fans.

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