2011/12: Arsenal’s Season Blogged

For the reflective among you, here’s a little look at 2011/12, as it happened on the blog.  I thought it might be interesting to see what I got right, what I got wrong, and just how topsy-curvy a campaign this was.  Without further ado, let’s get underway.  See you on the other side.

Only One Number Counts When It Comes To The Cesc Deal | August 6th 2011
“Whilst Arsenal are undoubtedly right to push Barca to pay as high a fee as possible, the truth is that I don’t think it matters too much exactly what the final amount is. What difference does a few million euros make, really? The fact is that Arsenal are losing their captain against their will. Having a little bit more money in the bank won’t make that blow any easier to suffer. The only figure that matters to me is how much is reinvested in the squad.”

A Real Life Signing: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain | August 8th 2011
“There will doubtless be fans who are frustrated at Arsene’s willingness to pay such a high price for a teenager when he baulks at similar fees for established internationals.  I share that frustration.  All I can say to that is that I hope Chamberlain is the first of several new faces, the rest of which will be slightly more experienced than the young Englishman.”

Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan, This Is Stan (Kroenke) | August 9th 2011

The End Is Nigh | August 11th 2011
“Whisper it, but it may almost be over.  A transfer saga that has hung its miserable shadow over us since the day Cesc Fabregas first arrived in London, and that has spent two years showering uncertainty on to our captain and our club, may be about to end.”

Newcastle & Season Preview | August 13th 2011
“Cesc’s team has now been disbanded.  A new one is emerging, with a far more Northern European than Mediterranean flavour.  A team dominated by Van Persie, Vermaelen, and a growing British core of Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Walcott, Jenkinson and Chamberlain.  In most circumstances, it would be exciting.  But the revolution has come at a time when Arsenal fans do not have the patience for yet more transition.  Arsene has nurtured a team around Cesc and Nasri, only to have the creative heart ripped out of it when he thought it was closest to fruition.  Now he’s left to pick up the pieces and try and build yet another new side.

With the growing pressures on him, his only option is pragmatism.  He has to be more short-termist, and bring in experienced players who represent immediate solutions.  We’ve said this before, but never has it been more urgent, and more true.

The season proper starts on September 1st.  If Arsene isn’t careful, his position could become untenable before then.”

Barton, Brawls & Babies on the Bench | August 14th 2011
“Watching us on the pitch yesterday suddenly brought home the significance of losing Cesc and Nasri all the more clear to me.  These are huge, huge players.  Aaron Ramsey is a talented and characterful kid, but he’s not even close to their level.  Replacements are necessary if we’re to achieve our minimum aim of a top four finish, let alone challenge for major honours.”

The “Goodbye Cesc” Post | August 15th 2011
“I have known for some time that I’d have to write this post.  Probably ever since Cesc Fabregas arrived as a 15 year-old back in 2003.  I ought to have prepared it and kept it on file, ready to go, like major media organisations do with obituaries. And yet, for some reason, even as the past week has made it clear his departure was imminent, I haven’t dared to start it.  Patently, it’s because I didn’t really want to.”

How Arsene Has To Spend His Money | August 15th 2011
“The received wisdom is that the position which requires attention most urgently is centre-back.  That’s changed.  Losing Cesc and possibly Nasri means the priority is a creative midfielder – ideally two.  It’s unlikely that any individual will be able to replace Cesc’s enormous contribution to the team, so sharing that burden and providing some strength in depth would be sensible.”

Arsenal 0 – 2 Liverpool: Cracks Widening In Every Game | August 20th 2011
“Quite often, I get criticised in the ‘Comments’ section of this blog for being “too positive”.  I’m accused of being sycophantic to the manager and blind to the club’s problem.  Those readers will probably enjoy this blog a little more.  Equally, I hope that those fans who enjoy my more positive outlook will forgive the sombre mood of this post – but I was deeply alarmed by what I witnessed today.”

Nasri Won’t Be Missed Like Cesc | August 26th 2011
“Nasri’s departure certainly evokes memories of Hleb’s exit.  Last season was comfortably the Frenchman’s best, and seems to have left him with both an inflated ego and idea of what he ought to be paid.  After turning down a £90,000 p/week contract extension, Nasri left Arsenal with a clear choice: sell him now, or risk losing him for free in twelve months time.

For me, it’s a no-brainer.  As Arsene pointed out, both “economically and psychologically”, the club only had one option.  And, for economic and psychological reasons, Arsenal will be quietly delighted to have sold the player to City rather than United: his original suitors.”

Udinese Thoughts: Pride, Passion & Pace. Lots of Pace. | August 26th, 2011
“Congratulations to this group of players for triumphing in the face of adversity.  With their backs to the wall, a mishmash team pulled the manager out of an ominous hole.  I hope he’s wise enough to know they won’t be able to do so every week – to flourish, they need reinforcements.  With Champions League football in the bag, we should have both the means and the might to lure them.”

8 – 2: A Post Mortem | August 29th, 2011
“What sickened me more than anything was to watch this team perform without pride, and without belief.  The players know the squad isn’t good enough to compete.  It was written all over their performances – and some of them have even said as much.  They were caught in a losing battle.  When Van Persie and Walcott were withdrawn to fight another day, they sat down on the bench without so much as a glance at Wenger.  Inside, they will have been fuming.  You can bet that neither are in any mood to open contract negotiations anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the manager sat in the dugout, motionless.  He didn’t even walk to the touchline to cajole his troops.  He just sat there and watched his lambs slaughtered.  You know Arsene is in trouble when he’s receiving pity from his supposed adversary.  After the game, Alex Ferguson said, “we could’ve scored more, but you don’t want to score more against a weakened team like that”.  It’s a comment almost as withering and humiliating as the scoreline.”

Transfer Frenzy: 5 Signings In 2 Days| September 1st, 2011

Two days. Five signings. One goal: Regeneration.

“I expected activity from Arsenal.  I hoped for three, maybe four additions.  But five signings in two days is more than I could have wished for.

The 8-2 defeat to Manchester United brought the club to its knees.  But it also brought a change of ideology.  Arsene saw how on that day how vulnerable his young squad was, and has moved decisively to reinforce it with experience and quality.  The cavalry has arrived.”

Mikel Arteta: Class, Character & Cojones | September 6th 2011
“Arteta’s last act at Everton was to take a stoppage-time penalty.  At stake were three points for a beleaguered club.  Everton’s usual taker, Leighton Baines, handed the ball to Arteta, grasped his head in his hands, and whispered a few crucial words in to the Spaniard’s ear.  One can only imagine he was urging the midfielder to leave the club and the fans the parting gift of a goal.

That’s pressure.  That’s where a player has to draw upon experience, nerve, skill and character.  Arteta duly stepped up, and scored.  And that’s just why Arsenal need him.”

Curious Koscielny | September 16th 2011
“Laurent Koscielny is a very strange footballer.  Not because of his Polish-French heritage.  Not because of the upright, short-armed running style that makes him resemble a stalking velociraptor.  Laurent Koscielny is a strange footballer because he manages to look extremely competent whilst also being at the heart of a defence that is occasionally in disarray.”

Blackburn 4 – 3 Arsenal: Adjust Your Sights For This Season | September 17th 2011
“I can’t sit here and tell you that Arsenal defended anything other than dreadfully.  Nor can I tell you that we’ll turn this round and become title challengers.  What I can tell you is that I saw signs today that we are perfectly capable of finishing fourth in this league.  It will take a lot of work, and a few changes, but it can happen.  And if you care about the future of this club you had better hope it does.

The manager will not walk away.  Nor will he be sacked.  Like it or not, he is here for this season.  You may believe that this mess is of his creation, and I’d probably agree.  However, I still believe he can get us out of it.”

Of Course Arsene’s Arsenal Can Finish Fourth | September 19th 2011
“I think there is real evidence for my assertion. The team favoured for fourth by most is Liverpool, who beat one of the weakest Arsenal teams in history largely due to an unfortunate own goal. Yesterday they shipped four goals at Spurs. They’ve now lost consecutive league games. Despite about £100m investment, they hardly look world-beaters, and are just three points ahead of an ‘in crisis’ Arsenal.

If not Liverpool, then Spurs, you cry. But Tottenham remain, well, Tottenham. They have not finished above Arsenal in the course of Arsene’s reign, and consistency remains a problem for them. When it comes to the crunch, wobbly nerves or dicky tummies tend to see Arsenal emerge on top.

It is, in reality, a three-horse race for fourth place. Looking at the squads on paper, there isn’t much to choose between Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool. But the fact that we’ve done it before will surely count in our favour. Every season for the past five years I’ve seen pundits write off our chances of a top four finish, only to be proven wrong. This year, after the difficult start we’ve had, would be sweeter than ever.”

Spurs 2 – 1 Arsenal: Arsene Wenger & The World’s Worst Handbrake | October 3rd 2011
After the game, Arsene trotted out the now-familiar refrain of Arsenal’s problematic braking system:

“In the first half I felt we played a little but with the handbrake on.”

Maybe.  But I thought a handbrake was supposed to stop you going downhill fast?

Chelsea 3 – 5 Arsenal: Arsenal Get Their Swagger Back At The Bridge | October 31st 2011
“The celebrations for the fifth goal and the final whistle have have looked a little over-the-top to the neutral. They were more befitting of a side winning the league than a mere three points. However, for Arsenal fans, they require no explanation. After the horrors of Old Trafford, this game provided a necessary and hugely cathartic fillip. For the first time since the victory over Barcelona in spring, Arsenal fans are able to feel unapologetically proud of their team.”

Norwich 1 – 2 Arsenal | November 21st 2011
“In the calendar year of 2011, he has now scored 31 goals in 29 league games.  In the history of the Premier League, only Alan Shearer (36) and Thierry Henry (34) have managed more.  It is an extraordinary run, and one that surely confirms his place as one of Europe’s greatest strikers.  What’s particularly fascinating is that he doesn’t have the electrifying pace of Henry, or the brute strength of Shearer.  He is a pure footballer, and it is a combination of intelligent movement, breathtaking technique, and devastating finishing that is seeing him ascend these heights.”

An Extraordinary Week To Be An Arsenal Fan | December 12th 2011
“I was very grateful to be invited by Arsenal to attend the unveiling of three statues commissioned to commemorate the club’s 125th Anniversary.  It was something of an open secret that the statue’s would be of Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams, and Thierry Henry.  What I didn’t know was that Mr. Henry would be there in person, and that I would be stood just yards from the legendary striker when he broke down upon seeing his statue.”

Thoughts on Arsenal’s Festive Sandwich | December 28th 2011
Yossi Benayoun deserves more opportunities.
His headed winner at Villa Park was a rare example of an Arsenal player coming off the bench and making a genuine different to the game. Supporters are tired of seeing the uninspiring sight of Marouane Chamakh or Andrey Arshavin preparing to take to the field. Benayoun guarantees hard work and, of late, real quality. His display at home to Wolves was another example of what he can offer the side.

Whisper it quietly, but Spurs don’t look likely to collapse anytime soon.
Whilst of course we ought to try and pursue and overhaul them, I’m increasingly of the belief that the real battle for Champions League qualification is between us and Chelsea, and for fourth rather than third place. Spurs look very strong indeed, and I don’t perceive Liverpool to have the strength in depth to mount a sustained challenge – particularly in light of Luis Suarez’s ban.”

Henry’s Pride Will Not Allow Him To Fail | December 30th 2011
“However Thierry’s physical condition may have degraded, he is still Thierry Henry.  You have to remember that in electing to come back, the player himself has everything to lose and nothing to gain.  Is that a risk he would take if he felt he was genuinely past it?  I suspect not.  In my time as an Arsenal fan, I have never seen a player so image conscious.  Everything – his interviews, his transfer flirtations, even his celebrations – were expertly stage-managed.  It was as much his intelligence off the pitch, as well as his brilliance on it, that helped make him a living legend at Arsenal.  Over the past few years, he has had many opportunities for the perfect goodbye, including that emotional appearance as a Red Bulls player at the Emirates Cup this summer.  A player so conscious of his own legacy would not dare jeopardise that by coming back only to depart with a whimper.  If he’s coming back, it’s because he believes he can make one last, lasting contribution.”

Return Of The King: Welcome Home Thierry | January 9th 2012
“What is va va voom?

It’s many things. It’s a style, an attitude. It’s a grace, an impudence, a gallic flair. It’s instant control, a side-footed finish, and a shrug of celebration. And what is more, it’s back. As of today, for a period of six to eight weeks, Arsenal will once more be able to call on the greatest player in their history. Thierry Henry has returned.”

 Invincible, Immortal, & In The Fourth Round | January 10th 2012
“The diagonal through ball from Alex Song was perfect. It could have been played by Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, or even Dennis Bergkamp. The first touch was immaculate, the body shape breathtakingly familiar. The giant clock suspended from the Emirates canopy seemed to stop, dead. Time wound back to 2004 and, briefly, Thierry Henry was invincible again.

As he drew back his right-foot to strike the ball, the Emirates was momentarily hushed. Then followed the trademark sidefoot strike. Before the ball crossed the line, Henry glanced across at the linesman. He just had to check. Check that this was really happening, that it wasn’t a dream, that a cruel flag wasn’t about to deny him his moment.

He knew, of course, that the ball would settle in the bottom corner. When he’s wearing red and white, it invariably does.”

 Arsenal 1 – 2 Man U: Mutiny At The Emirates | January 23rd 2012
“I suppose the vitriol on display is a symptom of a relationship under strain. The reaction yesterday was about more than one substitution – it’s about 6 trophless years, a baffling transfer policy, and most recently a run of three consecutive defeats. Patience with Arsene has been thinning and yesterday, for many, it gave way.

Truth be told, I think our record is simply levelling out to something approaching an accurate reflection of our ability. Robin van Persie carried us to a long unbeaten run pre-Christmas, but I think in that spell we did disproportionately well.  Expectations may have been raised higher than was appropriate.”

Sunderland 1 – 2 Arsenal: Thierry’s Fabulous Fond Farewell | February 13th 2012
“On Saturday, in the final Premier League appearance of his farewell tour, the man who writes scripts with a swish of his right boot rather than a pen emerged from the bench.  There was just half an hour to play in our game against in form Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.  After Aaron Ramsey had clawed back an equaliser to James McClean’s opener, Henry’s expertly volleyed home a stoppage time winner to hand Arsenal a vital three points.  229 Arsenal goals and, with a game against AC Milan to come, still counting.”

Thoughts On Our Milan Mauling | February 17th 2012
“Arsenal have suffered a few significant defeats this season. There was the obvious example of the thrashing at Old Trafford, the collapse at Blackburn, and the capitulation in Greece. In all of those instances, there were mitigating circumstances: teams weakened due to transfer activity, injuries, or rotation. The reason the 4-0 defeat to Milan cuts particularly deep is that this is a game in which Arsenal were bereft of excuses. We had a strong side, a massive incentive, and we were hugely disappointing. Make no mistake about it: on Europe’s biggest stage, this was a humiliation.”

Sunderland 2 – 0 Arsenal: Fourth Place Is Everything Now | February 19th 2012
“I have never subscribed to Arsene’s view that a top four finish is equivalent to claiming silverware. It’s nonsense. There is no explosion of joy, no entry in the record books, no trophy. But it remains absolutely vital. As bad as things are, falling out of the top four would be disastrous. It’s not a prize – it’s a necessity.

I’m gutted about the defeats to Milan and Sunderland, but if I had to choose between going out of the cups or suffering two league defeats, I think I’d choose the former. To win the FA Cup would be fantastic, but I’m not sure it’d be enough to keep Robin van Persie, or attract major talent to augment (or indeed replace) him. Fourth place might.”

This Is Not The Time For Arshavin To Go | February 24th 2012
I know Arshavin has been a major disappointment.  I know that the end of his Arsenal career is inevitable.  But why let him go now?  With the number of injuries our squad picks up, it’s almost certain he would have been used between now and May.  And for all his flaws, he is very occasionally capable of important, match-winning contributions.

For the sake of a few months wages, I cannot see the sense in selling at this point.  But then, that’s rather in-keeping with most of our transfer business of late.

5 Reasons 2 Believe | February 27th 2012
Grateful though we all are for yesterday, there is a strong and accurate feeling that redemption is about more than one game. This was the first of three hugely significant league games, which will also take in clashes with Liverpool and Newcastle. The performance yesterday has to be a blueprint for those games, and beyond. If we are to qualify for the Champions League we need to consistently find that level of desire, that degree of determination, and that quality in our play.

Today marks a year to the day since the Carling Cup Final defeat by Birmingham – a game which signified the beginning of something on an annus horribilis for Arsene’s Arsenal. Let’s hope yesterday’s victory can signify the start of a more enjoyable twelve months.

Oh, and Tottenham fans: Mind the gap.

Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal: Robin Rocks Anfield | March 3rd 2012
“Last week we blew away Spurs with a five-star, five-goal derby demolition. This victory at Anfield could not have been more different: we absolutely sneaked it. And, to me at least, it felt just as sweet.”

Milan Preview: Chamberlain To Get Central Role? | March 6th 2012
I don’t know if I speak for all Arsenal fans, but I’m rather looking forward to tonight.  A couple of big wins in the league have changed the mood in the camp, and what previously looked like a humiliating dead rubber now feels like an opportunity to face glamorous opposition with, really, nothing to lose.  No one has ever over-turned a four-goal deficit in Europe and the Champions League betting reflects the uphill task Arsenal face.  To all intents and purposes, we’re already out, but any sort of positive result would be catalytic fuel on the fire of our momentum.  And if – IF – we were to score a couple of early goals… well, you just never know.

Arsenal 3 – 0 Milan: Now Let’s Fight For More Nights Like This | March 7th 2012
“I was bowled over by what I saw last night. Arsenal may have lost the tie, but I couldn’t have been more proud. Proud of the performance, and proud of the club. Lesser men would have given up before kick-off. Lesser clubs, I would argue, would have crumbled after what we have been through this season. And yet there we were, putting the sword to one of Europe’s finest. The fans who sang so loudly, the players who worked so hard – they all need to know that if they show similar levels of commitment between now and May, they will be back on that stage, with a chance to put things right. Let’s make it happen.”

Arsenal 2 – 1 Newcastle: Arsenal Complete A Quartet Of Comebacks | March 13th 2012
“For the first time in a long time, Arsenal play without fear.  In they go behind, they believe they can retrieve it.  If they go in to the tackle, they believe they can win it.  The ghosts of Eduardo, Ramsey and others have evaporated, and Arsenal players are throwing themselves in to challenges like they’re impervious to pain.  The commitment is fantastic, and it’s bringing results.

There will inevitably be a lot of talk of reeling in Spurs.  With the ups and downs of the past few months, my principal target remains fourth spot and a chance of Champions League qualification.  Anything beyond that will be a bonus – albeit a very welcome one indeed.  For the first time in a while, Arsenal are beginning to look up as well as down.”

QPR 2 – 1 AFC: Back To Earth | April 2nd 2012
“It was a poor performance, and a poor result.  But it’s not the end of the world – nor, crucially, the end of our season.  Before the game I spoke of eight cup finals.  We lost the first one, but win the next against Man City and it will soon be forgotten.  Arsenal have plenty to play for, and I’m afraid slip-ups along the way are inevitable.  Don’t be fooled by unbeaten runs: this team are not the Invincibles.  They are, however, earning a reputation for being fairly unkillable: as soon as they’re written off, they find a way of coming back from the brink.  It’s a trait I can’t help but admire.”

Arsenal 1 – 0 Man City: Small Feet, Big Goal | April 9th 2012
“After his thumping free-kick against Aston Villa, Arsene Wenger revealed the secret behind Mikel Arteta’s shooting: his unusually small feet.  Well, rarely can such pies pequeños have been responsible for sending such reverberations through the Premier League.  Arteta’s 87th minute strike has not only continued our propulsion towards Champions League qualification, but also seems to have handed the title to Manchester United.”

Arsenal Foiled By Wigan’s Tactical Masterclass | April 17th 2012
“Wigan’s recent form suggest they should have been clear of the relegation zone long before now.  Noises from inside the club have suggested that Martinez’s tactics were too perhaps too sophisticed for some of his players.  It seems as if he is finally getting the message across.  Hats off: I was mightily impressed.

Arsenal, meanwhile, have missed a massive opportunity.  The game against Chelsea takes on even bigger significance now – we need to bounce back all over again.”

Ramsey, Chamberlain & Fan Perception | April 17th 2012
“It’s good to back youngsters.  But here’s my worry: when Aaron Ramsey was 18 years old, I’d say his potential was roughly equivalent to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s now.  People were talking about him as a future Arsenal captain, a ‘Steven Gerrard figure’ and part of an exciting new generation of British talent.  Ramsey is a lesson that the hype and expectation around a young starlet can quickly turn to frustration – just ask Theo Walcott, who was pilloried last night for a performance that was nullified more by Wigan’s outstanding tactics than any failings on Theo’s part.

It is my firm belief that Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will become massive players for Arsenal Football Club.  What they both need from the fans is time, patience, support, and a bit of perspective.  Let’s give them that.”

Fourth Is Now A Risk We Simply Can’t Take | April 25th 2012
“Roberto Di Matteo’s side are now just one game from snatching the Champions League Qualification spot normally awarded to the side who finishes fourth. Fourth would always have been a risk – our tie with Udinese this season showed just how treacherous the obligatory qualifying round can be. Now, with the possibility that even that opportunity to qualify might be whisked from under our feet in Munich, it’s a risk we simply cannot take.”

Podolski Confirmed; Third Place Far From It | May 1st 2012
“Like his countryman Per Mertesacker, Podolski fits the new profile of Arsenal signings: mid-twenties, internationally decorated, and continentally-known.  His Bundesliga experience and muscular build mean that adaptation to the Premier League shouldn’t be too problematic, whilst his direct running and powerful shooting offers an immediate improvement upon the likes of Gervinho, Park, and Chamakh.”

Confessions Of An Anxious Arsenal Fan | May 4th 2012

The squad must know now that there is absolutely no margin for error. Spurs have had their dip, and are now right back in form. Newcastle’s dip came and went months ago, and they look like they could overturn anyone at the moment. The pressure is back on us now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s when we were comfortably clear that we began to look a little complacent. Beat Norwich tomorrow, and the pendulum swings once again.

Come On You Gunners. Please.

Arsenal 3 – 3 Norwich: Advantage Spurs | May 6th 2012
“This game was a rather neat microcosm of our entire season. A fairly abject first half, a spirited improvement in the second, due largely to the unquestionable brilliance of Robin van Persie; and a heart-wrenching collapse at the finale. Having dragged us ourselves back from the brink to lead 3-2, we handed Norwich an equaliser, and in doing so may have handed third place to either Spurs or Newcastle.”

If I Were Giving Today’s Team Talk | May 13th 2012
“Now it’s time to reward the fans. To allow them to celebrate something – not a trophy, but something: a place on the European stage, and getting one over on a rival. It’s time to reward Pat Rice for 44 years of outstanding service to Arsenal with a good send off. It’s time to put down a marker for next season, and show that despite the loss of key players, terrible injury problems, humiliating defeats and plenty of bad luck, this club will not be broken. We are Arsenal, and winning this one game is well within our capacity. Keep focused, keep fighting, keep the faith, and get this done. Come on boys.”

WBA 2 – 3 Arsenal: Arsenal Complete The Great Escape | May 14th 2012
“At the full-time whistle, the relief was palpable. To have finished third in a season which began with four defeats from seven feels like we have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Disaster threatened to engulf us on so many occasions this season, and yet we’ve actually managed to improve upon our league placing from last year. And, crucially, we’ve edged above Tottenham. Not so chatty now, Mr. Van der Vaart.

Personally, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Arsene Wenger. If another manager had arrived in September and shepherded us to this position, he’d be hailed as a messiah. Instead, I’ll doff my cap to an ordinary human who is an extraordinary football manager.”

Arsenal players hold Pat Rice aloft after the final whistle

Whoof. And there you have it. Goes past rather quickly when you put it like that. An extraordinary season, with many lessons for the club and its supporters alike.

Fixtures for 2012/13 are out in a couple of weeks. Bring it on.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


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  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    weg…. good team on paper/net,,,,however are you expecting song to be the creative AM…. bad mistake,,,have not seen a mistake like that since itv commissioned showing aussie drama winners and losers… the makers are the winners we the public are the losers….bring back prisoner cell block h,,,,

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      I’ve never watched Winners and Losers. I’m surprised it made it over there. I think most Aussie dramas are terrible to be honest, with the possible exception of Offspring. Has that made it over there as well?

      I included Schlong in the side because he gives us a certain weight and anchorage to the midfield.

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    He made us suffer when things could have been a lot easier. Why doesn’t he respect the fans suggestions? Oh well, but that is my take.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    no not seen that yet… but with so many satellite channels i’m sure it will one day,,,

    i’m not sure that song will with us next season italy calls…?

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      I am a fan of Song Billong. I think he’s a bit lazy for the EPL, but I think he’s a talented boy who could become a great player if given the right motivations.

      If the Schlong leaves, it is imperative we get someone else with a phallically phonetic name – I suggest Luke Biglia.

  19. RVB   •  

    I’ve a strange feeling that RVP will stay but play his suitors all summer long. I have no idea why but I think he’s cheeky like that. It’s clear his heart is here and he knows, as his wife reminds him, of the supportive club behind Mr Glass before he became Mr Golden Boot. It just seem unlike him to betray us.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    i agree song has had a good season, not a consistent one, but he has been ok, bit of an mtv concentration span , three minutes each half, improve that and he has the dreaded word potential….

    wenger needs to pull his fingers out this season…

  21. Me   •  

    AW pulled a master stroke by delaying contract talks until after the euros.

    If RVP does well, his value increases.

    If he does bad, clubs may not want him.

    If he gets badly injured, Arsenal can fuck him over & dump him when he is 29.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    large odds me…..for a small wager…

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

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