Gunnerblog End of Season Awards 2012

I thought I had better squeeze these in before May is out, otherwise they’ll begin to feel outdated and irritating, like Noel Edmonds or woolen trousers. So, amidst muffled fanfare and the half-hearted applause of a fanatical few, let us begin.


Remarkably, in a season which will be remembered as much for calamity as class, there are several credible contenders for this award – three of whom are arguably surprise candidates.

At the start of the campaign, both Laurent Koscielny and Mikel Arteta were expected to play supporting roles to the men playing directly next to them. However, a combination of injuries and poor form meant that Thomas Vermaelen and Jack Wilshere never hit the heights expected of them – or, in Jack’s case, never even hit the pitch. In their stead, both Koscielny and Arteta stepped up to the mark with some outstanding performances. Laurent eradicated the silly errors that marred his first season to become the model of consistency, whilst Mikel’s importance to the team was underlined most pointedly by how desperately he was missed when absent. The contribution of both players did much to make up for the aberrations and absence of more illustrious team-mates.

It may seem unfathomable now, but the winner of last year’s ‘Worst Player of the Season’ Award was one Tomas Rosicky, who “made 34 appearances without doing anything of note”. For the first half of this season, that ineffective form continued, until he suddenly sparked in to life – and what life. Against the odds, Rosicky has found the best form of his Arsenal career, supplanting Aaron Ramsey and bringing verve and vision to the Arsenal midfield. He rightly earnt himself a new deal, and will be hoping to carry his tremendous end-of-season displays in to next season.

However, despite the various claims from these three pretenders, there can surely be no arguments about the fact that the crown ultimately goes to one Robin van Persie. His quality has long been undoubted, but this year he finally managed to shed the concerns over his fragility. Taking on the armband has seen him flourish both as a player and a man, and it’s hardly worth imagining how 2011/12 might have panned out without him. Saying that, depending on how the summer plays out, we might just get a pretty good idea in 2012/13. Let’s enjoy him and raise a glass to him while we can – Robin Van Persie: the best footballer in the country.


This is always a hotly-contested award in this Arsenal squad, and I certainly found it hard to call.

I haven’t been entirely convinced by Kieran Gibbs’ first full season at left-back, and to be fair to him he suffered a fairly hefty injury which ruled him out for the middle third of the season. So that was him off the list.

I toyed with the idea of giving to Francis Coquelin – a young man who returned from a loan spell at Lorient fairly unheralded, and showed his mettle as a midfielder, full-back, and invaluable squad member.

And then I plumped for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: a teenager who in twelve months has gone from League One to Champions League and on to the European Championships. The thought of what he could achieve with such an impressive first campaign behind him is mouthwatering.

And then I remembered: there was one candidate I was overlooking, simply because I had forgotten that he was even young. I simply accepted him as an essential part of the team.

Wojciech Szczesny only turned 22 last month. In goalkeeping terms, he is a baby – fully three years younger than Joe Hart. To play almost fifty games, with only the odd dip in form, is an outstanding achievement for Szczesny. Next season he will inherit the number one shirt, and I can’t see him letting go of it any time soon.


It’s never nice handing this out, but it is tradition, so we may aswell get on with it. Perrennial contenders Almunia and Fabianski didn’t really get enough game-time to bungle themselves into consideration. I thought long and hard about awarding it to Park Chu-Young, but decided he was more guilty of invisibility than ineptitude – although perhaps that’s because his greatest crimes came on the training pitch.

In the end, however, I’ve plumped for Marouane Chamakh. The Morroccan ventured on to the field 13 times more than Park, without managing to beat the Korean’s goal tally of ‘one’. He simply has not lived up to either his generous pay-packet, or his performances in the early part of his Arsenal career- and unlike Tomas Rosicky, I don’t think he’ll get the chance to prove me wrong next season.


It’s been a thrilling season, so it’s no surprise there are plenty of contenders here. It won’t live as long in the memory as others, but I for one enjoyed our workmanlike display to beat the eventual Champions, Manchester City, thanks to Mikel Arteta’s late strike.

Our entire season felt like a comeback, and it was full of microcosmic comeback games. Highlights include the 5-3 victory at Stamford Bridge, Thomas Vermaelen’s late late winner against Newcastle, and the incredible attempt to reign in AC Milan.

The undoubted winner, however, has to be Arsenal 5 – 2 Spurs. Bacary Sagna’s thumping header turned a season on its head, and set us up for a late run that would ultimately see us pip Spurs to third and the Champions League. It was a fantastic day, and a quite outstanding match.

North London Is Red on Vimeo by merskamp


I won’t pore over the details. It was painful enough the first time. Suffice to say that in my time as an Arsenal fan I cannot remember a game in which we were so comprehensively humiliated by a rival.

I will now consign this game to the same part of my brain that stores the image of John Terry lifting the Champions League trophy, and attempt not to mention it unless absolutely necessary.


RVP’s wonder-volleys?
Hammering Chelsea?
Overhauling Spurs?

Afraid not. The highlight of my season was the magical moment when Thierry Henry not only deigned to return to the Emirates turf, but dared to grace it with a goal so transporting we all felt that Arsenal, briefly, were Invincible again.

Like Martin Tyler once said, the man is simply electrifying.


I think it tells you something about the topsy-turvy nature of the season that there were as many crushing disappointments as uplifting highs. I’m going to go in, the end, for a rather abstract winner: our dreadful start. Although our poor run in January was arguably more damaging to our final standing in terms of the points we dropped, our poor start was so frustrating simply because it felt so avoidable. Our failure to sort out the future of major stars early in the summer, and enable us to focus on completing our transfer activity ahead of the deadline cost us not only points but morale, momentum, and belief. I still believe it very nearly cost Arsene Wenger his job.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that next season’s fortune’s are largely dependent on learning from our mistakes last time round. Over to you, Arsenal.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Me   •  

    “Although our poor run in January was arguably more damaging to our final standing in terms of the points we dropped, our poor start was so frustrating simply because it felt so avoidable.”

    Was it? Really? Do you think we could have finshed higher than third if we had won a few more games during that period?!!

  2. A/S   •  

    Good piece. Personally, though, I don’t buy into the Koscielny hype. Don’t get me wrong, he’s had a tidy season. He’s come a long way since joining us already and we all hope that upwards curve will continue.
    But as we saw last term and a few times this season as well, he has very little or no sense of organisation and leadership about him. He does his bit, and quite qell at that, but without a commanding presence next to him there’s very little organisation of the backline. TV5’s may seem haphazardous to the tactically untrained eye, but the fact remnains that the defence is evidently better structured when he’s around. Thomas barks at everyone to get in position, watch their man/zone or simply wake up. That’s why he’s far more important to the side – and possibly even a better suited skipper than the a slightly too combustible van Persie.

    • Me   •  

      Vermalaen is better than Kosceincy.

      Noone doubts that.

      Kosceincy has had a very good season though.

      RVP said himself that he isnt a very vocal captain.

      Your post was pointless.

      • A/S   •  

        “X is better than Y” is a subjective assessment. I didn’t say anything like that.

        Koscielny has had a fine season. I pointed that out.

        Being a good captain is more than just being vocal.

        His name is “Vermaelen”.

        Thanks for playing, though.

  3. chamakh   •  

    To be fair to chamakh, the player ahead of him was too good to rest and too good to drop.

    In my view the worst player doesn’t have to be a sub who played 20 minutes here and there. It has to be someone who played 20-30 games and did nothing like you did for TR7 last year.
    In which case, as you say, it’s always hard to hand it out but IT WAS RAMSEY…. Just calling a spade a spade, and considering what happened to him in the past it’s really harsh but there’s no other way of putting it. Hope he does better next season

    • pat   •  

      yup….very right about it…its RAMsey…lol…the only thing that gives me hope in him is that he never shies away 4rm d ball…always wanting to do 2 much….that’s his weakness also but also will be his strength in the long run

  4. colexus   •  

    Nice summary there. Actually got goose bumps watching the Henry video.

    January was definitely a disappointment and would have certainly settled some nerves for the run in at the end of the season. In fact, if we knew we had 3rd in the bag, we might have even got a few more points during the final run.

  5. The Flying Dutchman   •  

    Plenty for Arsenal fans to chew over from this season of highs and lows. My awards as follows:

    1. Player of the Season – Without doubt, it was RVP. He was pure class and without his goals, we would have done a Liverpool. Koscielny and Arteta were both superb, Laurent has come on in leaps and bounds since last season and looked a solid player at last. Arteta was always going to have a rough ride as people expected him to replace Fab, but he is a different player and brings a calming influence to the midfield when those around him are losing their heads.

    2. Worst player of the season – Djourou. The man is a giant, but only in stature. He makes mistake after mistake, his positional sense is dreadful and he cannot win a header. The sooner he is dumped, the better for all concerned. How can he justify £60k a week in wages? Ridiculous.

    3. Game of the season – Without question, Arsenal 5 – 2 Spurs!! When we went down 2-nil I think all Arsenal fans thought “This is it, our rivals have overtaken us” – but when that Sagna header went in, hope was reborn! The result showed Spurs that we are top dog, always have been and regardless of how good a season they are having, our class is permanent.

    4. Worst game of the season – Man Utd. Nothing else needs to be said.

    5. Highlight of the season – Again I must agree, the return of The King was a delight. He may be older, he may be slower, but his goals showed his class will never die. What a legend!

    6. Disappointment of the season – This for me is a tie. I feel we badly missed Jack and his “terrier” battling in central midfield and I hope he returns fitter and stronger next season. I think, just beating Jack to biggest disappointment though, was the Arsenal “fans” calling for Wengers head when we were having a bad run. Yes, we were all frustrated by it, but Arsene is the only man who could have lead us out of that danger and I felt a lot of people forget everything he has done for the club. Very disappointed by my fellow Gooners at that time.

    • JMIM   •  

      You must be kidding. Wake up. Arsene Wenger not getting the sack is the disappointment of the season

      • Chris   •  

        Get lost.fool

  6. ricky   •  

    As always a nice piece to read, thank you! I’m with ‘chamakh’ on this one Ramsey was by far our worst player this season purely based on apps and contribution. I’m on no bandwagon – its the truth. But I do sincerely hope rambo finds some kind of form for next season.

    Kos for me will only improve and become that vocal, organisational captain figure we all want him to be. Just give him a year or two, remember he is still young and is far from a veteran in the premier league.

    As I was reading I was wondering what would be your highlight of the season, then I got there. Henry, had to be! That feeling when the ball hit the back of the net against Leeds WOW, I gotta say I’m 26 and to date HAS to be one of the highlights of my life!! anyway, thanks again, enjoy your summer goons!

  7. Ab   •  

    “The highlight of my season was the magical moment when Thierry Henry not only deigned to return to the Emirates turf, but dared to grace it with a goal so transporting we all felt that Arsenal, briefly, were Invincible again.” – Brilliantly put!

  8. JD   •  

    Koscielny is clearly a much better defender than Vermaelen..I’m really not sure how this can even be disputed? Vermaelen is apparently a better defender because he shouts more!? Rubbish. Koscielny was our second best player of the season by far and should have been in the PFA team of the season next to Kompany. He’s the best centre back in the league who’s name is not Kompany or possibly Vidic. He’s on a whole another level than Vermaelen..

  9. Ricky   •  

    Highlight of the season from football perspective should be vanpersie goal against everton…From a nostalgic perspective…yes, it should be the henry’s goal

  10. Brendan   •  

    from the states here. fantastic post. i nearly shed a tear of joy for the henry vid. very well written, and great job finding great vids to go along with it.

  11. bernardinho   •  

    i think song deserved to be mentioned. one can point to some games he was a bit off, but his assists tally is among the top this season and he was overall pretty solid. and some of his assists were pretty good.

  12. Gerard   •  

    Dear God, you really think Chamakh was the worst player? He didn’t get many games, most of the times he was used as a sub (how many minutes did he play? Can’t be three digits). And, if I recall correctly, he was usually sent into games we were losing and used as a semi-winger.

    Ramsey or Djourou were the absolute worst. Ramsey was played all across midfield and sometimes even up front and sucked at every position. His passing is terrible, doesn’t contribute goals/assists and we were outplayed in many games he started. I agree we could do worse than having Djourou as our 4th CB, so the prize has got to be Ramsey’s. He has quickly become the next Denilson- the very bane of our midfield.

  13. Frenchie   •  

    Chamakh worst player of the season? Oh deary me. I’m sorry, but someone who has little or next to no time to gain some confidence or continuity, let alone score goals shouldn’t be recognised as the worst player this season.

    Chamakh has only been at the club two years, and 18 months of that time, RVP has been sensational. He simply cant, and wont be put in the team ahead of the clubs; A) best player, and B) captain.

    Also Wenger doesn’t player 4-4-2, so there is no place for him in the starting XI. That just doesn’t sit well with me, and doesn’t seem a well thought out decision in my opinion. He’s just being made a scapegoat by the fans, similar to the way Ramsey has been lately.

    Worst player?

    Djourou is our worst player, no doubt about it. He’s terrible (Fulham and AC Milan come to mind immediately).

    The rest of the blog is fantastic though

  14. JD   •  

    I agree with Gerard about Ramsey being the worst player of the season, he was absolutely abysmal all season. Words can’t describe how bad he was. He’s become worse than Denilson, Denilson can actually complete 5 yard passes, Ramsey can’t.

    Ramsey’s first touch makes me angry, his passing and his shooting make me want to punch things. He’s like Bambi on ice that lad. Shocking that he was our CAM for almost 3/4 of the season. Thank god for Rosicky’s Lazarus-like resurgence.

  15. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    I’m not doing my Gunnerblogger awards this year because:

    1. I haven’t paid much attention
    2. No one comes to mind
    3. I’d pick myself as the winner regardless

  16. Gerard   •  

    It’s a sad day when the two players fans hate and recognize as weak links are getting new contracts and extensions and our captain, leader and goal-scorer is thinking about leaving.

    By the way, anyone knows about that De Jong rumor? It would be a fantastic addition, he was not used by City (Mancini apparently preferred to have dumb-ass Barry) and, being dutch, might be a good incentive for RVP. He would bring the much needed out-of-my-way steel in midfield.

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      I would love a midfield partnership of Schlong and de Long. It would balance things up with Mikel-such-tiny-feet-Arteta in the side.

  17. The Artist   •  

    So no mention (in the main text or comments) about ALEX SONG ????????????????????????????????

    I am not even going to mention the 16 ASSISTS because it’s not even his job really, but to heap praise on Szcz/Kos/RVp is to forget a particularly important part of our spine this season.

    Imho very few players could be cited in the following sentence without a shred of doubt:
    “There is no way Arsenal would have gotten 3rd without _________”
    Alex Song is one of them.

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      I would say that 16 assists IS part of his job, because he’s not really a total DM, is he? He’s an attacking defensive midfielder, or a defensive creative playmaker, or a big bloke with a big schlong with a big penchant for lofted passes and sweet passes.

      If you’re talking about covering the back four, linking play between the lines, positioning, then Arteta is our tiny-footed defensive midfielder.

  18. cage   •  

    Best players: RVP, Kos, Song
    Worst players: Ramsey, Djourou, Gervinho

    • bernardinho   •  

      agree gervinho has been a disappointment. early in the season i thought he had potential …

  19. James   •  

    6. Disappointment of the season – Not winning anything it!

  20. Gerard   •  

    Dear God, I just hope we find someone better than M’Villa. I’ve seen him play 3 times, and he got injured twice. He’d make a typical Wenger signing (french, relatively unknown and injury prone) if he wasn’t expensive.
    I think with Song, Arteta, Coquelin and Frimmpong we have good CDMs, what we really need is bloody playmakers, lads.

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      m’villa is an unknown? He’s a French international and half the biggest clubs on the continent are after him. IF you’re talkign aoubt unkowns, let’s talk about Gaspard Gallopoulous, the Greek/French Ligue 2 player who can play as a holding midfielder and a central defender.

      • Gerard   •  

        I did say ‘relatively’. Have you ever seen a Stade Rennais F.C. match? That’s what I thought. We aren’t exactly looking at Eden Hazard or Neymar here.
        Of notice, he is injured yet again in today’s match against Serbia. I’d rather have ‘Butcher’ De Jong on our side. We know from a good source even Xabi Alonso fears him :P

        • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

          Have you ever seen a Lille or Santos match?

          The only way M’Villa would be “relatively” unknown would be if he was compared to Messi or Weg’s massive member. One is unforgettable and full of class, the other plays for Barcelona FC.

    • Bona   •  

      I agree with you. We do have dm, that said I wouldn`t mind having M`villa as he is better than the once we have. But I think we need a cretative att mid more. Someone who can take players on and make things happen, problem is who??? Also another striker and defender needed.

    • bernardinho   •  

      assuming we keep song, i dont think we are going for m’villa anyway, and i agree with you our CDMs are fine and we need a playmaker. but i really hope song’s contract extension will be sorted out.

  21. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    When I consider Chelsea’s recent splurge, and Man City’s impending splurge, I would not think Arsenal to be a credible challenger for the Premiership title next season, no matter who we buy or what we do.

    In these circumstances I think it’s best to trim sails and push for that 3rd/4th place trophy.

    Goodbye, Robin van Persie!

    Hello, unknown Frenchie from Parts Unknown!

  22. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    what do people think about berbatov at the club? i realise he’s played for tottenham and man utd, but he’s a good creative player who could add something extra to our attacking force.

    sometimes we need to make a fuckign a trade, something that makes people sit back and think, “that’s fucking a”. I think berbatov would be a fucking a trade.

    • Enjoy   •  

      Mugs away …

      Spurs (and Arsenal) fans have a chance to snap up a bargain.

      Still recovering from the disappointment of Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League victory, Tottenham Hotspur have been left with effectively worthless mugs celebrating their ‘qualification’ for the 2012-13 tournament.

      Spurs qualified for the world’s biggest club competition after finishing fourth in the Barclays Premier League last season.

      But Chelsea’s historic Champions League success in Munich two weeks ago saw the Blues advance to next year’s competition as England’s fourth representative, relegating Spurs to the second-tier Europa League.
      So what are Spurs to do with their Champions League paraphernalia?

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      Rather than be embarrassed by the sale, Spurs seem to be having a joke at their own expense.
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      So if any Arsenal fans want another way to celebrate the misfortune of their neighbours, or if any Spurs supporters want to ponder what could have been as they sip their morning cuppa, head to Tottenham’s website to snap up a bargain.

      • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

        this is a spurs troll wanting to sell off spurs stock so they can scrape together monies to buy vertoghen from us. don’t fall for his s=persuative mannerisms and don’t buy from spurs stores that contribute onies to the spurs tranfser funds.

        let’s instead make our own cups and calll it the arsenal champions leauge qualifcation trophy, and then we can throw it against the stadium on ghame day as a symbol of our cynicism of the arsenalistaoin of our club and the crass ommericalism that’s crept itno the culture of the arsenal.

      • Me   •  

        Put me down for 1000

  23. art   •  

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