WBA 2 – 3 Arsenal: Arsenal complete The Great Escape

Arsenal players hold Pat Rice aloft after the final whistle

West Brom 2 – 3 Arsenal

Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

Arsenal were not able to raise a trophy aloft at the end of this season. We were, however, allowed to lift up Pat Rice, and give him the send-off he truly deserves. A traumatic season ended on a high as Arsenal secured third place with this win at the Hawthorns. You might not get any baubles for qualifying for the Champions League, but one need only look at our post-match celebrations to realise its significance.

This has, in my humble opinion, been the most exciting season in the history of the rebranded Premier League, and it had a final day to match. Events in Manchester will rightly take the headlines, but for any Arsenal fan the only thing that mattered was our game against West Brom. Arsene gambled a little in his team selection, dropping Gibbs and Ramsey for Santos and Coquelin, and playing the inexperienced Jenkinson at right-back. The result would suggest that this brave move paid off.

We certainly owe a lot to West Brom’s stand-in goalkeeper, Marton Fulop. Early on, his dallying over a back-pass allowed Yossi Benayoun to steal in and grant us a lead that should have settled the nerves. Instead, as against Norwich, his goal was a cue for complacency to creep in, and we ended up going behind. First Shane Long was wrongly ruled onside and fired past a hesitant Szczesny, before poor defending allowed Graham Dorrans to reach his own flick-on and fire home from the edge of the box.

Fortunately, we got a goal back before half time. Without that I’m not sure we would have had the bottle to turn it around. Andre Santos, playing in the “false three” position (credit to Barney Ronay), strode forward and thumped a 25-yard shot that took a slight deflection before beating Fulop at his near post. Again, the Hungarian could have done better.

At half-time Spurs led Fulham comfortably. Arsenal knew that only a win would be good enough. I said then I felt that if we could cut out our defensive errors, we’d have enough to win the game, and so it proved. Again we owed a debt to Fulop, who flapped horribly at a corner, allowing Laurent Koscielny to stab home. Interestingly, Fulop spent three seasons on the books of one Tottenham Hotspur, in which time he failed to muster a single competitive appearance. Judging by yesterday’s evidence, he’s still feeling a little sore about that.

This rolercoaster game was by now horribly reminiscent of that fateful 3-3 with Norwich, and I was dreading a heartbreaking late equaliser. That we didn’t see one is due largely to Kieran Gibbs, who produced this stunning tackle in stoppage time.

There were other heroes on the day. Wojciech Szczesny recovered from his positional error on the first West Brom goal to put in a commanding display, especially when you consider that Arsene Wenger revealed he has been playing with a bad shoulder injury. It was fitting that Koscielny, our best player over the season bar Van Persie, should score the vital goal. As for Yossi Benayoun, what can I say? His contribution has been enormous, and his role in final day folklore will make him a firm favourite among Arsenal fans for years to come. It seems unlikely Arsene will give him a permanent deal – Yossi himself has intimated he’d like to move somewhere he’ll play more regularly – but I’d certainly consider trying to convince him to stay. Whenever he’s been called upon, he’s shown more commitment than many players on more lucrative, long-term deals. The guy is a real pro, and whoever gets him next season will be lucky to have him.

At the full-time whistle, the relief was palpable. To have finished third in a season which began with four defeats from seven feels like we have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Disaster threatened to engulf us on so many occasions this season, and yet we’ve actually managed to improve upon our league placing from last year. And, crucially, we’ve edged above Tottenham. Not so chatty now, Mr. Van der Vaart.

Personally, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Arsene Wenger. If another manager had arrived in September and shepherded us to this position, he’d be hailed as a messiah. Instead, I’ll doff my cap to an ordinary human who is an extraordinary football manager.

There are other challenges ahead, starting with resolving the future of Robin van Persie. After that we have the summer transfer window, next season’s Premier League, and (thankfully) a Champions League campaign to worry about. I hope you’ll excuse me if I forget all that for now, and enjoy the moment. My glass is half-full. In fact, it’s more than that. It’s Fulop.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Arabe   •  

    I think mr wenger should give Yossi a 1 yr deal and bring someone like Keita he’ll be cheap and has a winning mentality and great experience we need to win us trophies. Remember age is not a factor when you need trophies for eg pirlo at juve.

  2. Scott   •  

    I chuckled and thought you were a madman when you, way back in September (?) proclaimed Arsenal would finish in the top 4.

    Fair play – I take my hat off to you. I’m glad you were right, and us pessimistic souls were wrong.

    It’s been a hell of a season, keep up the good work.


  3. AmeriGoon   •  

    This information by Wenger that Szczesny has been injured and hasn’t trained in weeks makes me question Wenger sticking with him the whole time. I think everyone loves Szczesny, but he’s not played well in recent weeks and it makes you question not giving Fabianski a match. The latest edition of Fabianski has been decent and less error prone; why not give him a game. I’m saying today, as it was so pivotal, but certainly he could have played vs. Norwich or Wigan.

    • Zywiec   •  

      Fabianski had a stellar spell last season, a couple of amazing games, and seems to have the attributes to be a decent keeper.

      That said, his performances in the Carling Cup this season weren’t particularly encouraging. He does seem to suffer from nerves/pressure. Perhaps you could call him a confidence player? Give him a decent run (with a pre season) and he has more chance to full fill his potential. I wouldn’t be willing to test that by throwing him in at the business end of a season where the outfield players have a tendency test the nerves of fans, staff and club as a whole.

      What Szczesny adds in terms of authority/vocalness for the rest of defence is almost indispensable as well.

  4. jubz   •  

    You are a legend.

  5. Anon   •  

    Hail Fulop!!

    Time to congratulate the team and enjoy the victory.

  6. Max   •  

    Thanks for all the great coverage this year! Really appreciate the thoughtful and positive tone. This blog has been my favorite source of Arsenal coverage.

  7. Max   •  

    The Twitter account too, of course.

  8. Gerard   •  

    About time we got back to winning ways!

    If Bould manages to fix our defensive juggling, avoid having too many injured players and keep RVP, we’ll have a team that can compete for trophies at last.
    I mean really, if Chelsea got in the Champs league final and we delivered 5 goals at Abramovich’s house, why does it sound so silly?

    Who’s that team they call the Arsenal?

  9. Pat   •  

    Great result, good defending second half, for the most part.

    However, things could have been very different if the teams below us took the numerous chances we gave them. I;m a firm believer that Diaby is THE most talented French midfielder and we’ve missed him and Wilshere this season. BUT, these last few games have shown the persistent problems exist. Signing a pro like Arteta has saved our season. We need 2-3 more players in addition to Podolski. My picks? Vertonghen if he’s willing to play LB. M’Vila, a central playmaker such as Kagawa(who would be a steal for the reported 8 million).

    Special mention to Koscielny. The first time I saw him, against Pato at the Emirates cup, I knew he was a hell of a player. I have not seen a 1v1 defender as good as him for ages. He does remind me a bit of Maldini in his elegance, but he also has that eastern european grit. For a skinny guy, he’s very tough.

  10. Pat   •  

    One last comment. Vermaelen has to stop panicking. He’s been doing it more often this season and it is very worrying. The lack of a proper, solid LB may have an influence on his performances though.

  11. Rich   •  

    G.S keep up the good work, by far my fav blogger

  12. Tom   •  

    Incredible that despite the absence of Cesc, Nasri and Wilshere this season, we finished better than last season, both with a higher position in the table and with more points. It really was a great job by Wenger in turning this season around.

    Great job on this blog and on Twitter all year long!

  13. sam   •  

    since when third place is acceptable for arsenal fc? arsene wenger is surely a brainwashing dictator. now he has license to torture us again next season with his lame ducks. i heard arshavin and denilson are coming back and from next year ramsey will play like cesc fabregas, chamakh is also staying.
    enjoy your failure dude! please make sure you don’t throw up when you watch nasri’s next interview.

  14. sam   •  

    even more embarrassing we had to wrestle for third place with tottenham and newcastle we only got lucky with dodgy goals while tottenham outplayed fulham. wenger called it success because he’s a liar. if this season is such a success then we shouldn’t be worried about losing players like van persie

  15. Andy   •  

    Sam you can not possibly be a gooner what with this reaction immediately after a crucial nerve shredding win. Even the most cynical and pessimistic gooner would have celebrated first and then said a lot of work needed to be done this summer. Instead you react this way. You evidently dont support the Arsenal.

  16. sam   •  

    man utd are second and not celebrating. maybe i am the only one wenger failed to hypnotised. you should be embarrassed after your crucial nerve shredding win instead of accusing anyone of not being arsenal fan. third place is failure

  17. DAF   •  

    @Sam…..you’re hilarious! Posing as an Arsenal fan yet you refer to OUR win over the Baggies as “YOUR win”. Run along you tiny Tot and mind the gap while you’re at it.

  18. Arthur C   •  

    Andy, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Go on Arseblog’s page on Facebook and check out the hysterical reactions/comments on the match report thread. You wouldn’t believe what you are reading. People calling Wenger a c unt and acted as if Wenger had only started managing the club in 2006.

    Sam, Man U was winning trophies for years and they still worried about losing Rooney. CRonaldo left despite of the trophies as well. Players can leave whether we have success on the field or not. RVP has been utterly fragile for most of his time here in this club. I love him and his attitude towards the club. But if he leaves now after having only given the club one full season, then there’s not much else that has to be said.

  19. sam   •  

    Daf you are really being daft. not celebrating third place makes me a tottenham fan. how did you work that one out?

    • hunter13   •  

      shut up cunt and MIND THE FUCKING GAP ..hahaha !!!!

      a brainwashing dictator ? ahahahahah get down on your knees and kiss Arsene;s feet you miserable w@nker together with the rest of english media and other neanderthals who dare doubt the Scientist / Professor / Artist .

      shut up fool … :)

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        well…errr….overall I belieeeve…


  20. Bradster   •  

    I’m just releived it’s over, this was the most exhausting season ever. If my hair was long enough, I would’ve pull every strand out by now.
    I feel Wenger’s patch work was a success but there’s definitely major changes and fixes needed if we want to be title and CL contenders.
    Get the passing game back and the Arsenal swagger.

  21. chemi   •  

    crazy analogy between wenger and a saviour manager.

    it would work if a club employed a manager to fuck things up, then sacked him and re-employed him to sort it out.

    he has to go.

  22. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    I remember watching Friday Night Lights (the movie), and final scene when Billy Bob Thorton has his players taking a knee in the dressing room – he tells them that to be “perfect” means giving it all on the field and playing for each other because they are all brothers, and then he tells them that because of them lads, his heart is full.

    I imagine Wenger saying something similar to the Arsenal boys at the end of this match. Only, I wish he could’ve judo-chopped some of our underachievers for taking so long in confirming third place.

    Still, 3rd is a remarkable position considering the shit we were in at the start of the season. It’s a remarkable turnaround and we owe it all to Arsene Wenger. He’s truly, truly, the man of the hour.

    Let’s hear it for Arsene Wenger!

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    And Thank You Pat Rice For Your Contributions To The Arsenal!

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    first thing this summer is to by a good keeper….

  24. Paparoach   •  

    I have a question. If chelsea win the champions league will arsenal have to qualify for group stages? and if not then hopefully chelsea wins and spurs miss out on CLeague altogether.

    • bernardinho   •  

      as far as i understand we’re in the CL, no need to play the qualifying match even if chelsea win.

  25. indian lawyer   •  

    dont mess with a manager thats won a title unbeaten. thanks to him, us gooners can proudly use the retort “is yours gold?” whenever we are criticized as a club by fellow title winners

  26. Atlgunner   •  

    @paparoach, we are thru to the group stages but Chelsea will have to play qualifiers first to get in since they will be taking the 4th spot,which spurs no occupy.

  27. bernardinho   •  

    first, congratulations on your excellent blog (+ twitter), here is where i will be searching for information about the transfer window this summer.
    second, a suggestion: you guys could assemble a few quotations back in october of (i) pundits saying we would finish behind stoke city (remember that?) and (ii) people shouting abuse because you were optimistic. I don’t have any problems with those who think we’ll do badly (even though i am a wengerista through and through), but abusing supporters who think we’ll do well is insane.
    third, what a great st totteringham’s day this one was!

    • Shaun   •  

      I don’t understand ….why would we have to play an injured inexperienced albeit good goal keeper for weeks …by our managers own admission if the keeper is not fit …..surely we have another keeper we can use ?

  28. Liam Van Persie   •  

    So relieved we got 3rd place. Lazarusish! Credit to wenger and the team for a truly remarkable turnaround. Maybe it could have been a lot different had wenger and co signed players before the season, and that morale crushing massacre at OT could have been avoided. Hopefully wenger see’s sense and gets his business done slightly earlier this summer, we cannot enter next season In such a shambles. Podolski is a Good start granted. Oh yh lol at spurs collapse, it almost makes one want to support Chelsea against bayern, Almost! Keep up the blogging GS, cheers! :)

  29. Uccello   •  

    Disgusting some of you see fit to abuse ‘Sam’ for pointing out the bleeding obvious. No one here has refuted anything he said. He stated we finished third and that is not something to shout about. He also pointed out that there are a number of players not fit to wear the shirt, be it a result of attitude, quality, or the fact that they would not be fit to sniff Rocky’s bootstraps. Almunia, bendtner, eboue, Arshavin, , denilson, vela, fabianski, squillaci, all wenger recruits, all lauded to the heavens and repeatedly bugged up by wenger, gifted around 1000 caps in our beloved shirt, now all wildly rich off our money, and an utter, utter, embarrassment to our club, our history, our heroes, our community. The least Sam was doing was pointing out that there are a number of wenger disciples who have not pulled their weight. We could only sell eboue, no one else will pay the wages we pay for this garbage. Massively telling that we are even struggling to pay other clubs to take these players off our books. Sam well within his rights to ask ‘please sir I want some more’ having coughed up for the most expensive seats in Europe, swallowed the lies over everything from attendances to we gets increasingly embarrassing scratching around for excuses.

    He could well request a bit more when you also consider how many players has wenger got a good season out of? Szcz – probably, kos, rvp, definitely, arteta. That’s about it. Thats his job.

    Since we last won a trophy, I remember it well, I was there with my dad and remember sitting next to a chuffed ainsley harriot of all people on the train back, united have won td 4 pl, 3 lc, 4 chs, 1 cl, 1 fifa cwc
    Cfc 2 pl, 4 fa, 1 lc, 2 chs
    Mcfc 1 pl, 1 fa cup
    Birmingham 1 lc
    liverpool 1 cl, 1 fa, 1 lc, 1 chs
    Spurs 1lc and even Portsmouth 1 fa cup

    That is all that matters. I will not be sitting down in fifty years telling my grandson about that famous season we finished third. I probably will still remember the ten defeats and litany of embarrassingly below-par games, not where we lost marginally or were unlucky with ref or injuries, the numbe where we embarrassed ourselves as a club, united 8-2, Blackburn away, Swansea, qpr both away, LFC at home, Norwich, Chelsea, Wigan at home, I could go on but what is he point when the minute someone posits a different view from yours they are met with he most hilariously vitriolic abuse. Wear it like a badge of honour Sam, if it’s coming from cretins who have no argument, just personal insults.

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      well sed Ucello – theres nothing wrong in facing facts and explaining home truths!!

  30. the boyhill gooner   •  

    spot on about benny younger players take note strengthening required for next season spuds are very quiet my glass is empty hic.

  31. RVB   •  

    Glad we finished the season relatively unscathed. Kind of as we were. Not a huge improvement but a roller-coaster ride.

    Hope the geezer comes out abit wiser this season. Will we have any luck getting rid of our deadwood? Pray some of them have a decent showing in the Euro to promote their ass off our window display.

  32. Taylor D   •  

    I’m really proud of the team that they pulled through and got the win, but…

    I thought arsenal wanted to win titles. I mean really we should expect arsenal to get champions league. Man u aren’t celebrating 2nd place, so why are we celebrating 3rd place. We should pushing for titles and cup finals, but arsene wenger still decides to stick it out with the current garbage deadwood. I really hope he finally buys the world class talent. Not break the bank but spend that 20 mil and get all of the deadwood out.

  33. A Force!   •  

    Glad the seasons finished. Shambles. Only really came on here to post about Pat Rice. He maybe a ‘yes man’ or whatever. But he’s a gunner through and through. 44 years!

    I know he’s not the best assistant ever but he genuinely cared! Farewell Pat Rice. Goodluck. Oh and ‘Bring on Eboue!’

  34. Munitionsman   •  

    Bye bye robin. Thanks for playing out of your skin and staying fit so you could get a great deal. Don’t worry about your bed at the arsepital, diaby has is covered.

    So arsene who are you going to sell next year to make your +25 mill kpi bonus?

    Out of players, out of ideas. But sadly not out of a job. This will be wengers last year leaving the club a hollow shell but with his trousers bulging.

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      glad theres a succession of non-arse lickers

      keep it the REAL talk!

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      MM, are you implying that Wenger’s been selling off our best players and syphoning the money for his penis augmentation surgery?

      That’s a horrible accusation, and I hope you have proof!

  35. indian lawyer   •  

    “People at Arsenal tried to make out that I came here for the money,” Nasri told French TV station TF1. “I hope they are watching me now collecting my Premier League winner’s medal.

    “I believe they have not won a trophy for many seasons now.

    “If all that I was interested in was money, the easiest decision would have been to stay at Arsenal, picking up my money every week and walking into the team.

    “I now hope the Arsenal fans can get on with their lives and forget me, they should celebrate their third-place achievement and I will focus on winning titles.”

    • Wegrice Weguamba   •  

      That’s very true. I, for one, have completely forgotten this fellow.

    • Munitionsman   •  


  36. indian lawyer   •  

    sounds more like focussing on sitting on the bench and watching his team mates win a premier league

  37. Stevieo   •  

    “There are other challenges ahead, starting with resolving the future of Robin van Persie.”

    Well surely that challenge has been met successfully? The guarantee of CL football was necessary to persuade RVP to stay. We’ve had that drivel rammed down our throats all season from the AKB’s. Well when he clears off to a team that can guarantee ‘competing’ for trophies, not just taking part in them, I look forward to the ‘money-grabbing’ and ‘no loyalty’ references that will be banded about.

    The only challenge on this front is how much we can fleece him for. Do we have to go through an history lesson each and every summer with the AKB’s, showing how our top players are sold on. Just when will the penny drop?

    “After that we have the summer transfer window”

    Yes, really looking forward to this again. I have every confidence that Wenger will cherry pick some more gems like Chamack, Park and Gervinho from his magic hat again.

    “then we have next season’s Premier League”

    Can’t wait for our assault on the Top 4 again. Or is it just a case of finshing above Spurs these days to get that euphoric feeling that’s abound on here?

    “and (thankfully) a Champions League campaign to worry about.”

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s a major worry who’s going to whip our arses this time around.

  38. RealisticGunner   •  

    steveio – so concious of the magic wenger uses oon these poor guys

    i wish my seats were closer to wenger …

    i swear i dream about the hometruths i’d be explaining to him…

    ah well – he’s getting old ..that surely is a plus – my kids won’t have to put up with this pathetic embarrassing business team

  39. Whodeeny   •  

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