Arsenal foiled by Wigan’s tactical masterclass

I’m not hugely excited by tactical discussion.  I don’t do chalkboards, and I haven’t got a giant iPad to play with.  Generally, I’m off the belief that quality and desire will override formations and other such minor details.  Well, consider this the day that Gunnerblog grew up.  It’s time to talk tactics.

The catalyst to this was a quite remarkable display by Wigan at the Emirates last night.  Having seen them robbed at Chelsea and victorious against Man United, we knew they’d fancy their chances.  We knew, too, that we’d have to be on our guard.  What I personally didn’t realise was quite how intelligent a foe we’d be facing.

The formation Wigan deployed last night was probably the most innovative I’ve ever seen in the Premier League – although within that I’m discounting Ossie Ardiles’ midfield-less monstrosity.  It could probably best be described as a 3-4-3.  Three narrow centre-backs, all of whom were given license to drift wide to cover if needs me.  One of those centre-backs, Gary (or maybe Stephen, I’m never sure) Caldwell was given license to step up in to midfield when Wigan had possession, without ever really straying over the halfway line.  The four in front all sat deep.  The wingers in particular were almost auxiliary full-backs.  Ahead of them, Franco Di Santo played as a central target man, with Jordi Gomez drifting mischievously infield from the right.  Victor Moses, meanwhile, dutifully patrolled Wigan’s left flank.

It’s a system they’ve used regularly recently, but it’s the first time I’d seen it in the flesh.  They’ve shown that they do their homework and modified it, too.  Against Man United, they man-marked Ferdinand and Evans on throw-ins, so United couldn’t throw the ball back and start again, as is their wont.   Against us, Victor Moses (who had played on the right at Stamford Bridge), switched over to the left.  Wigan realised the majority of our attacks come down the right, where we generally look for an overlap from one of Walcott or Sagna.  We even aim all our goal-kicks out to Sagna and look for the flick on for Theo’s pace in behind.  However, with Moses dropping back, Beausejour deep, and Figueroa coming across, our men generally found themselves outnumbered.  It was subsequently the quietest game Theo’s had in months.

With the main point of our attack smothered, we looked bereft of ideas.  Although we’re known as a fluid footballing side, in recent months our attacking strategy has been built on quite a simple principle of exerting pressure high up the pitch and looking for an overlap outside or dart inside a full-back.  This has disguised and compensated for the fact that since the departure of Cesc Fabregas and injury to Jack Wilshere, we don’t have an incisive number ten who can find a pass through the centre – discounting, of course, the odd moment of genius from Alex Song.  Losing Arteta to injury early on didn’t help, but by 70 minutes we looked as if we simply didn’t know where to go.

Of course, we didn’t help ourselves.  Conceding two goals in two minutes was cretinous, and being down to ten men due to Arteta’s absence is no excuse for the chaos that we permitted to unfold.  When Thomas Vermaelen got a goal back with that excellent header, there was a long way to go and you fancied us to grab at least a point.

For us to do that, Arsene had to change the shape.  I know that Marouane Chamakh has been poor this season, but introducing him would have immediately given us an extra presence in the box and the option to play a longer diagonal ball.  As it was, Robin found himself crowded out by three-centre backs as we tried to thread a ball through a blue-and-white wall.  Instead, Le Boss stuck to his guns, and they misfired.

We weren’t even able to build up any sort of momentum, because Wigan’s players showed bravery and technique to keep the ball expertly.  You won’t find many sides at the wrong end of the table willing to keep the ball on the ground and knock it around in the way they did last night.

Wigan’s recent form suggest they should have been clear of the relegation zone long before now.  Noises from inside the club have suggested that Martinez’s tactics were too perhaps too sophisticed for some of his players.  It seems as if he is finally getting the message across.  Hats off: I was mightily impressed.

Arsenal, meanwhile, have missed a massive opportunity.  The game against Chelsea takes on even bigger significance now – we need to bounce back all over again.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Mike   •  

    Tactical masterclass. Are you on drugs? We were poor but still outplayed them for 89.9 minutes. Marriner has clearly become close friends with Dean and Atkinson but as for a masterclass you are clinically insane.

    • Bona   •  


    • West Upper   •  

      What we outplayed them for 89.9 minutes! Clearly you were smoking something, I was actually at the ground.

  2. Matt   •  

    You sure Wigan played well and Theo was ineffective because of the tactics of the opposition? Apart from when we win, I thought it was always because Wenger was tactically inept, Theo was rubbish, Santos was fat and slow etc etc. Nice to see a balanced review of a game in which one team played to a well thought out plan that overcame us, rather than the usual ‘Wenger out”, “Theo’s not a real footballer” rubbish

  3. Mo Amali   •  

    Spot on with your analysis.We were two goals down against Spurs and i still fancied us cos we were playing our free flowing game.Tonight, we were completely stiffled.We never struck a rhythm n i have to attribute that to tactical prowess of Martinez.They did their homework really well.Chelsea should be an easier game but with Arteta out,we may struggle

  4. Daniel Wong( Hong Kong)   •  

    So the gunners lost. There are no easy games in the epl unless the ref can give you a penalty with the deftest of touches.I am no soccer strategist but I know unless you can shoot and outscore the other team ,you lose.The gunners were harasssed and time and space was denied them.
    Yet the gunners persisted in trying to thread the ball through the crowded defence.
    So when the attack breaks down,as it will inevitably,a swift counter and Wigan with plenty of time and space scored.
    I expect the gunners to lose if they use the same style against Chelsea.Drogba could tear the gunners to pieces with the time and space given to Wigan.Arsenal haven’t had a draw for a long time and this could be it.
    If the gunners fail to win to secure the third or fourth place,talks on Wenger’s contract should wait till season’e end.

  5. Shaun   •  

    Well it was a must win game in my opinion and the defending and mind set were not right again , complacency at the beginning cost us …dejouro fool again the game changing mistake happened early on to be fare but come on the goal that came from our own corner ….when dejourfool set them on there way with his classic defensive header lol…….what was more worrying was persie demeanour as he looked a bit like fab used to a bit like what’s the point if you defend like that and to be honest it seemed quite clear to me Wigan wanted it more . We just don’t want to help ourselves ..I mean we are a better team than qpr and Wigan but yet we lost both games against team ‘s who are fight for there life’s .there are improvements but attitude and mental issues are still there .it is a worry with this team as they could conspire to throw away a champions league place I bloody hope not but hey with this team they will get up for Chelsea and I really think they will win that ..fingers crossed

  6. Yngve   •  

    Is it just me, or has Djourou improved quite dramatically this year? In the beginning of the season I thought he was dreadful whenever he was near the ball, in the last few games I’ve found his performance to be quite satisfying. Or is it just that I’ve lowered my expectations for him too much?

    • shaun   •  


      • GoonerNate   •  

        I actually thought Djourou played quite well last night. He made some key interceptions and some good tackles. He also looked comfortable on the ball coming forward.

    • West Upper   •  

      He’s better playing at Centre Back, nothing special though, OK as emergency back-up.

  7. sam   •  

    wigan masterclass? please don’t make me laugh.
    its just too easy to beat arsenal, a team with extreme one leftfooted centreforward with useless wingers who cannot go pass defenders and old nakered midfielders. van persie can easily get marked out of the game when wingers are rubbish.
    its wenger’s arrogance and stupidity. a winger who can go pass players he keeps him on the bench.

    • shaun   •  

      WE WERE NOT UP FOR IT …WHO KNOWS WHY I noticed varmalons intensisty from the begining and rosicky was busy but the rest just did not do enough sagna and santos were quite poor I thought and I was expecting ramsey to come on and force a claim to be back starting but I thought his display was below average as well and lets be honest persie looks very tired but wenger has refused to by the striker we need as we do not have another viable option within the other 71 players we have on our books

  8. Shantanu Khandelwal   •  

    This is all rubbish. What was there in Wigan’s tactics? Where did they get their goal? If Arteta’d been on, he’d nvr have allowed the 1st counter. & 2nd goal has nthng to do with tactic. We were so complacent. There was absolutely no intensity. At 1-2 they were playing as if its 2-1, everyone asleep. No desire, no passion. U miss 3 chances in a match & its game over in Prem league. They’r old enuf to know.

    Rocisky said, Arteta said, Wenger said it’l be a tough game. How can still you be so complacent. U can’t depend completely on Arteta to all the time break counters Song has to learn. He’s supposed 2 break counters. Why does he keep thinking he’s Fabregas. Okay u can try to b incisive once in a while. He has 2 understand he’s in a team. U can’t keep giving possession away like that. Look for Rocisky or Ramsey. When they’r not trying this he has to understand that its not on.

    What is wrong with Arsenal? If u lose 2 wigan at this time u dont desrve 2 b in CL. Look at them. Thr was no passion. They didn’t look like they were fightin for CL qual. We have wake up now. We’re 6 points behind. U have 2 beat qpr & u have 2 beat Wigan @ home. We still have Stoke away, West Brom away. These are not simple games. We’v missed a big chance yesterday.

  9. Rob   •  

    Wow, I was at the game last night but so wrapped up in it I missed this kind of insight. Very good. Wigan didn’t beat us and Utd by luck so there has to be a reason – this makes great sense. I thought Theo was just hiding from the ball all the time – he kept going inside so we lost the width – but maybe he had no choice. Chamakh could have been an option as we still seemed to get a lot of crosses in but with no one to head it in – I still think he is too weak though to stand up top the Wigan defence and win the ball but it could have been what was needed. Alternative was to cut the ball back from wide on the ground, but we did not do this for some reason. Shows a bit the lack of depth in this team and maybe for all his genius something missing tactically from Wenger.

  10. Bona   •  

    I have to agree with GS on this one. We were tactically outplayed yesteday. But we also lacked ambitions and determination. I have followed Arsenal since 1987 and under AW I have learned that a plan b never exist. Too many times games are lost because the opposition manager outsmart AW. Like yesterday, we played well until the 35th min, than martinez changed the structure of Wigan and we didn`t create anything after that. Same in FA cup semi against chelsea couple of years ago. We were one up, than Essien and Ballack swapped position and we had no answere. AW always wnat to play our way, and that is fine if you have very good players like Messi and Ronaldo, we don`t.
    Wlacott has pace and is a decent finisher, but it baffles me that AW yet hasn`t understood that Walcott should only play away games and agaisnt utd, spurs, chelsea etc at home. Against “weaker” teams walcott can do nothing unless we are leading. gervinho is the same as Walcott only with less pace and worse finishing, so he is shit.

    I am convinsed that we woun`t get 3 or 4th place now. We will lose to Chelsea and for sure against Stoke and by than Spurs and Newcastle will go past us and Chelsea will soon follow.

    And if any arsenal player talks to the media about beating this or that side between now and the end of the season I will just kill them. Please just please play the games and shut up please. Everytime these stupid players open their mouth it all goes belly up, every time. Just for once play the games. And if we finish 3rd i will declear that I know nothing about football and Arsenal. But I do and 3rd will only be a wet dream come the 13th of may.

    P.S: Just read this on

    Shut the fuck up!!!! Just play the games!!!! These players are so stupid we have to protect them against themsleves. Fucking cunts. I mean when did Djourou ever earn the right to give advise about anything. Just shut up and play!!

  11. Maverick Gooner   •  

    Spot on, this article. It’s easy to blame the players but they really tried last night. This was not like the QPR game at all, and people are just venting frustration by blaming the players.

    We got beat because Wigan’s tactics are difficult to combat. Did you think Wigan got lucky in beating Liverpool, Stoke and Manchester United? They played Chelsea off the park too and were unlucky to lose that game. Even Alex Ferguson realised United had come up against a motivated side that made it impossible for United to play, and he did warn us too.

    Not at all trying to second guess the manager, but it’s not like Wigan have played like this for the first time. Still, it’s easy for us to sit behind a desk and speculate on formations etc so I back Arsene Wenger 100% for going with the way we play.

    My disappointment is that we did not react well enough to the opposition we encountered and really just kept running into a blank wall. While a few players did not perform up to a high standard, there was nothing done from outside the pitch to counter the tactics. For that, the manager/backoom staff have to share as much, if not more of the blame than the players.

    Winning and losing is part of the game. Yesterday, we lost not because of our performance but the performance forced upon us by Wigan. And that hurts more.

  12. GoonerB   •  

    I thought we had a lot of posession but had a lack of penetration. That may be due to Wigans tactics or not, but if not for their keeper pulling off 2-3 great stops we could still have had 4 yesterday.

    @ Maverick Gooner I partly agree that it was not like QPR but I also saw a great similarity at the critical moments of the games. With QPR we know TV had a bad day, but what should be pointed out is that with both QPR goals there wasn’t a defensive midfielder in sight. We seemed to have committed too many men up the pitch. I felt the same yesterday with Wigans goals. There are times in a game when our full-backs and our defensive midfielders support the attack. The problem with us is that there seem to be certain times in a game when they are all committed forward at the same time. If we are mentioning the word tactics this for me is tactical indiscipline or naivety.

    We all want to see the attacking free flowing football but it seems that with Arsenal they feel that all players should be attacking at all times. Could it be that our biggest tactical error is in over-attacking the opposition. I certainly feel that when our midfielders sit a bit deeper it brings the opposition out and space and gaps emerge. When we pin them back they get everyone behind the ball and there are hardly any gaps to exploit, unless you have the players Barca do.

    I feel there is a pattern emerging where it looks like we are desperate to score 3 goals in the first 20 mins and swarm all over the opposition commiting many players forward to achieve this. Compare that to Utd and there are many games where they are playing so called inferior teams and they often remain patient and keep it tight without this almost hysterical need to thump the opposition in 20 mins. You would often watch a Utd game where the other team look to be matching them for 60 mins then it is 1-0. On 75 mins it is 2-0 and on 86 mins it is 3-0 and a comfortable victory. Even Barca, who are our superior in attacking football, play patiently for large parts of the game without all their full-backs and DM’s going forward at the same time.

    I feel we are like an inexperienced lover where we are trying to achieve something too frantically and too quickly. It can’t be a coincidence that we often have a massive advantage in possession and territorial possession only to see a disciplined side plug the gaps and hit us on the break. Most of the recent damaging goals have not been from sustained pressure on us, but have started from the oppositions defence or deep midfield areas and with very little time lapse before the ball is in the back of our net.

    • Bona   •  

      “I feel we are like an inexperienced lover where we are trying to achieve something too frantically and too quickly”. =Ramsey

      Amen to that!!!! I agree 100%.

  13. Essex Womble   •  

    Last night showed how vital Arteta is to the midfield, without him the team lacked cohesion. Wigan nullified Sagna as an attacking force, and Walcott became increasingly ineffective.

    I don’t blame Wigan for defending their 2 goal advantage, by wasting time, and disrupting the flow and seeking treatment for every knock. However the referee allowed it to persist for 80 minutes,which was ridiculous.

    In 2nd half Wigan got players behind the ball, and Arsenal’s attack were so slow to build that Wigan always had the central parts of the pitch clogged

    We expect to often score on the counter attack, but last night Wigan by scoring twice through this method,nullified that strategy.

    I left thinking Wigan deserved credit, but that Arsenal couldn’t change their style in the 2nd half,when the tactics clearly weren’t working.

    • Shaun   •  

      Agreed he is the only one with a brain and see’s the others bombing forward with out a defensive thought and covers that space intelligently but I am sure his natural instinct is more attacking ,it would be like Christmas if we got a real defensive mid but hey that is asking a little much

  14. Le Frogambassador   •  

    Mistake notice: you called their defence a ‘blue-and-white’ wall, while Wigan were wearing their away kit and were actually wearing navy and neon.
    Really good post, easy to blame the players but Wigan did themselves proud on the night.

  15. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    We underestimated Wigan at our peril. It goes to show that the size of one’s wage budget doesn’t matter so much as the way one uses one’s wage budget…. And by that I mean length and width and size of one’s wage budget….. And by that I, of course, am referring to downtown action!

  16. Wegrice Weguamba   •  

    I think most of our tactical problems would go away if we just bought Messi. Think of this team:

    Messi – van Persie – Messi
    Messi – Messi – Messi
    Messi – Messi – Messi – Messi


    World class team right there.

  17. petit   •  

    Am sorry to say, Arsene Wenger is so bias as a manager, he got it all wrong when he introduce RAMSEY into d game after ARTETA got injured.its so obvious that ramsey is not a sharp midfielder and sometime doesn’t know what to do with the ball. To play in an arsenal midfield you be quick, intelligent, sharp, quick thinker and and strong in marking your opponent….lets face the fact a play like ramsey lack all this qualities.

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  19. Bona   •  

    I admit I`m frustrated right now but.

    Who on this page will stil want AW as manager next season if we finsih 5th? If yes, why?

    I for one can`t see anything good in keeping WA if we don`t get 3rd, but than again I`m frustrated right now.

  20. West Upper   •  

    Excellent insightful post, their tactics allied to Wenger’s inflexibility and some inept individual performances were the key reasons for the defeat.

  21. Kings   •  

    The game last night was a game i expected to be tight but AW made a terrible mistake introducing ramsey bcos ramsey is an ineffective and lacklustre player with no brains. And walcot ? I have not been a fan cos he lacked skill to beat a defender and the ox would have made a difference had he start.

  22. Gunnerman   •  

    Its bad when you are scored while playing a corner at the other end.Arteta might have gotten there and so should have another player.The second goal came from the over-attacking mentality were the players couldn’t wait for a change for the injured Arteta.About 3 early chances had they gone in it would have been game over like at wolves.But the tactics were not really special from wigan.Theo is silent in some games and that when he has to be subbed or given another role.I question the removal of Benayoun who was a threat and who would also miss the chelsea game due to the loan contract.The Ox for Walcott might have worked the magic or the introduction of Chamarkh who heads the ball well as we were winning most of the headers.But to put the Ox in that crowded midfield was ineffective

    Many of us feel that way so why doesn’t AW do these things.In the man u game even van persie wasn’t impressed by subbing Ox

  23. BigShadow   •  

    Let me start by saying GUNNERS4LIFE….
    When I saw wigan’s 4mation I told my friends I fear for my club arsenal “there r two formations I fear in football bcos of their seemingly weakness and these r 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 with very mobile wingers they can excite pressure both on attack(counter) & defense …”
    1st) our starting line up and 4mation was a good start with d likes of arteta, walcott, rocisky RVP, Benayoun etc… arteta n rocisky were balancing forces dt could allowed us play lyk 4-3-3 attacking…
    2) start we exerted pressure which is d whole idea of wigan’s plan good save n poor finishing killed us off then arteta injured… ramsey in dt was an error cos ramsey can’t really hold d 4mation’s structure… AW made a shocking sub OMG!!! Benayoun OUT!!! Gervinho in(I c d thinking but d sub sucide).. why…
    Benayoun can still launch attacks from midfield b4 wigan re-organises a task ramsey is yet 2 learn… gervinho in was a good thinking but Gerv.. doesn’t have a structure to lunch on so 4 most of d part arsenal struggled then d remedy ox-sub but d damage had been done…
    Chamarkh sub cud av made sense given paper stats and maintain a 4-4-2 with crosses coming in 4m dfield rather than deep end crosses…

    AW made a bad call ramsey was not right 4d match no offense but ramsey seems to b playing in fab’s shadows.. ramsey is a gr8t player if he could discover himself so a loan deal away 4m arsenal n d fab’s shadow wud be gr8t 4him…. AW has panick issue’s n must learn to put logic b4 emotions in substitutions…

  24. BigShadow   •  

    I disagree with theo been a rubbish player… reasons
    1) theo is a runtoball winger so he needs a springboard, when dts missing n his space is closed down by opponents he doesn’t perform…
    2) I’m of the opinion that walcott is a sub-player mayb when d like’s of gervinho, benayoun, or Ryo has worked up the defense.. arsenal barca is a typical example of walcott’s sub qualities…
    3) walcott must be used wisely to get d best outa him

  25. omar   •  

    Firstly good analysis and i would agree on some of the points given out.
    I believe Wigan came to the emirates not just by learning from previous mistakes but also replicating the game play of teams who have beaten Arsenal at home.Their strategy very much reminds me of when Man Utd played against Arsenal early this season and ironically they won with the same scoreline and had a 2-nil lead.

    1. When man utd played arsenal at the emirates, Man utd know that Arsenal will have the chunk of possession. With that come more player involvement with both fullbacks and even sometime CB coming high up the pitch. that left arsenal vulnerable on counter attacks. Unfortunately, we did not learn from previous faults. On counter attacks, we lack the numbers to recover. Similar to Di Santo’s goal. where we see sagna, santos and oddly benayoun rushing back to cover. We place to many players in the attacking third and lack the response time.

    2. Defensive wise, now this i have to salute Martinez. When Arsenal had possesion of the ball, all man utd players apart from Rooney, Wellbeck (who were hovering just behind arsenal’s midfield) formed a “W” like shape with space in between the defence and midfield. The midfield of man utd marked space and tried to reduce the number of passes into the feet of Van Persie and wallcot. While the back four of man utd marked the attacking players, this reduce the ball time for each arsenal player in the attacking third.What wigan did was very much similar, but with a little tiny modification. instead of providing space in between midfield and defence, they actually compacted and made the space even smaller. This tactic disallowed arsenal from threading passes through van persie and push the ball to the wings where wallcot was dominated by beasourjour and moses , our left flank had no substance. Even if wallcot did punt in a cross. The number of wigan players overnumbered the sole Van persie in the middle. Regardless if arsenal were to push them back the 8 players of wigan inhibited arsenal not just threading passes but even disable our midfield from taking shots.

    3. We lack speed and concentration when passing. We keep the ball too long. Every player i realize had approximately 5-8 seconds of the ball. which is appalling for our standards. The ball should be moving after 2-3 touches.The less the better.

    4. LUCK. As nonsensical this may sound, the whole game did not have any thing going our way. deflections, wrong passes, wrong technique, bad touch were all punished. however, when you look at the number of mistakes wigan players do, somehow they manage to find a teammate or relieve a bad situation.

    You cant fault wenger or the players. We gooners have to accept that Wigan were tactically astute and well prepared.

    And just to put a shine on everything. We’re third place fighting for a champions spot for the 16th time. While Wigan are still in relegation race since the second season from their inception.

    players wise. Theo was not up to his game, suddenly he lack some intelligence on the ball. He should start changing flanks once in a while. RVP, cant blame him. He was smothered by 3 defenders. Im still not thoroughly confident with djourou he’s always looks lost and out of speed.Sagna, as much as i love him but he was dominated by moses on several occasions.

    The only thing that would probably improve us next season is by reverting back to a 4-3-3 formation with podolski and walcot on the flanks and wilshere, song and arteta in midfield. Santos isnt bad player he’s trickery has save him on several moments. but he needs stop fantasizing about being a left winger.

    thank u!!!

  26. Bona   •  

    United were leading 1-0 than 1-1 than 2-1 utd. Apart from that fact, a good read.

  27. LJB   •  

    Bona, i want AW gone now but while our idiotic chairman tells the world that there is noone who could do a better job and that he wants him to sign a further contract then we are going to be going round in circles for the forseeable future.It astounds me that a manager of a top flight club has so little knowledge of tactics.Wenger hides behind his “professor persona”,but a degree in economics does not make ideal preparation for a career in football.He might sound clever in press conferences,but his football brain is HND standard as oppose to degree level.He never had a top flight football career,and unlike Jose it shows.I am sick of seeing the oldest swingers in town sat on the bench;we need an injection of youthful vigor at this club and i’m not talking on the pitch.Wenger out,and take PHW,Kroenke and Gazidis with you.

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