This is not the time for Arshavin to go


Andrey Arshavin’s Arsenal career is clearly approaching its end.  It does not take a genius to see that.  Look at the diminishing percentage of Premier League starts he has made over the course of his Arsenal career:

08/09 – 100%
09/10 – 83%
10/11 – 68%
11/12 – 42%

As his work-rate and productivity have declined, so have Arsene Wenger’s faith in his mercurial talent.  His nadir came this week, when he was dropped down to the Reserves for their game with Norwich.

Against the odds, he actually turned in a decent display, combining well with Yossi Benayoun and scoring twice.  One wondered if Arsene might consider handing him a return to the first team, particularly with Theo Walcott out of form and Aaron Ramsey injured.

Instead, it seems to have prompted interest in his homeland.  Zenit St. Petersburg, his former club, are trying to negotiate a loan deal until the end of the season before tonight’s deadline.  They have lost their playmaker, the Portugese midfielder Danny, to injury, and Arshavin is still viewed as a talismanic figure in the city of his birth.  Arsenal were known to be resistant to any deal, but James Olley of the Evening Standard reports that the offer of a £1m loan fee has forced a breakthrough in talks.

I know Arshavin has been a major disappointment.  I know that the end of his Arsenal career is inevitable.  But why let him go now?  With the number of injuries our squad picks up, it’s almost certain he would have been used between now and May.  And for all his flaws, he is very occasionally capable of important, match-winning contributions.

For the sake of a few months wages, I cannot see the sense in selling at this point.  But then, that’s rather in-keeping with most of our transfer business of late.

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  1. Sajit   •  

    Sort of decision that makes you scratch your head.

  2. HighburyJD   •  

    Guess the rationale is Ox, Gervinho, Yossi, Rosicky and Afobe can all play there this season and will be (for their Arsenal careers).

  3. Mong   •  

    Just a bloody shambles if you ask me. I can’t help but feel his poor performances are a result of a combination of his own attitude and Arsene’s mismanagement. Buying number 10s and sticking them out on the wing isn’t good management.


    • Slow Graffiti   •  

      He wasn’t having any trouble being a number 10 out on the wing in his first two seasons, was he? Posted great numbers.

  4. circa bergkamp   •  

    i don’t know which has less productivity at this point: arshavin or walcott. whether he goes now or in the summer, i still don’t understand why wenger lets declining or already awful players clog our payroll for so long. let’s clear out arshavin, walcott, almunia, denilson, diaby, bendtner, squillacci — i suppose there’s no hope of getting rid of djourou since he just extended his contract.

  5. Mong   •  

    I have no problem with Arshavin going. But in the transfer window and with a ready replacement.

    I repeat, shambles. Our transfer “policy” is a joke.

  6. Gary   •  

    He should have been sold earlier, he was played in the wrong position, he was lazy, we should have kept him in case of injuries. Every moron has a strong opinion. Why is Wenger not allowed to have an opinion? Can’t you idiots not get behind the team for once? Just please stop your fu**ing moaning. The team needs your support. If you can’t support, please go and find another club. You are harming the club.

    • JMIM   •  

      Of course Wenger is allowed to have an opinion. Its just that his opinions have been proven wrong. And to be paid 7m a year to drag the club through the mud because of his failed opinions is very very poor indeed. And being a supporter means sticking my head up Arsene’s arse and pretend all is well just like you do?

      • Akshu   •  

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    • sam   •  

      You said it yourself…he should have gone earlier in January so we could have replaced him. That means wenger made an incorrect decision (weakening an already weak squad). I don’t think many fans would have complained if he was sold in jan and replaced. It just doesn’t make sense now. I know Arshavin hasn’t played well and played out of position (still dont know why he hasn’t played behind rvp as an alternative plan) but don’t forget just 2 weeks ago he provided an assist for henry to score a winner against sunderland.
      Three logical decisions Wenger could have made:
      1. Keep him and play him in the hole
      2. Sell him in jan and replace him
      3. Keep him on the bench as a backup and sell in the summer

      but wenger chose magical number 4 and sent him out on loan after the transfer window closed. We have Theo, Ox and Gervinho who can play on the wings. Benayoun hasn’t played much and Rosicky usually comes into midfield so we are really short on the wings. Wenger’s solution in the past is to play a stiker out wide (think bendtner on the wing in seasons past) and I can see it now….chamakh coming off the bench to replace theo on the wing.

      I really want wenger to succeed and win before he leaves/retires but its getting more difficult to back him and support him.

  7. Mong   •  

    @Gary So supporting means not being able to criticize?
    Our transfer policy is a joke. Doesnt stop me from supporting the team.

    You sound like the one moaning. Also calling people idiots for not having the same opinion as you is very mature.

  8. Gerry Gooner   •  

    Trying to lower the embarassing wage bill? To facilitate a wage rise for Djourou? This club is a shambles. Arshavin hasn’t being doing it but we bought him when he was one of the most sought after players in Europe and failed to get even 70% of what he is capable of. our fault or his? The only other world clas player in the squad apart from RVP. This is becoming ridiculous.

  9. JMIM   •  

    If it takes a Spuds spanking for the penny to finally drop and to get the Emirates crowd to turn against Wenger, I’ll gladly take it. There’s only one way out of this mess, folks. The hard way. The sooner all Gooners see this the better.

  10. Gary   •  

    You were probably the same idiots who booed when OC was subbed off and AA brought on. The same ones who said on Monday that our wage bill is too high. The same ones who wanted AA sold in January. Whatever Wenger does is wrong in your eyes. Fricking bunch of fantasy managers. Never achieved anything in your lives but know how to criticise those that do. If the harm you’re doing to the Arsenal was not so serious, you would have been laughable.

    • JMIM   •  

      “If the harm you’re doing to the Arsenal was not so serious, you would have been laughable.”

      Surely you’re referring to Wenger there, aren’t you?

    • fu   •  

      Well said Garry now get the fuck down from Wengers hole and wake up and smell the coffee you jerk

  11. zaragooner   •  

    Is support will make our team get better? No isn’t it? I’m not making a fuss about Arshavin going out on loan, but why now? When the transfer window is closed and no proper replacement? Benayoun is not Arsenal material, and what can we expect from off-form Theo? Do you really want to risk AOC now? Why we never learned anything from Jack’s injury? This is stupid and lunatic move! Enuff said.

  12. Mong   •  

    Heh @Gary. Are you being serious? The fans who are concerned are the ones doing damage to the club?

    Anyway, lets beat sp*rs on Sunday. COYG! No matter what odd opinions you may all have.

  13. sdb   •  

    Although Djourou has been given a contract extension the exact conditions i.e. his actual pay before and after I don’t believe have been authoritatively published. Everybody is assuming he got an increase. Everybody assumes there are no conditions built in.

    Second point – Djourou was playing better before the League Cup final last year. Whilst he is no right back – he is at an age where he can improve as a center-back and he is at present fourth choice and apparanetly content to fight for his place. In my opinion there are several more worthy case for wage elimination before him, in the squad.

  14. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Loaning Arshavin out at this time of the season, is one of the most Ludicrous things I’ve heard!!

    Is it true, we asked a 1m loan fee and Zenit agreed ? Just goes to show, this club’s only focus is to make money!!!

    If you want to loan/sell Arshavin during the Summer or January…thats fine. But now ? In late February ? UTTER DISGRACE AND JOKE.

    • Bona   •  

      What is the difference between january and february? Or are you just complaining?? And why is it a joke? The reason it happens now is because the russian TM is open longer. You are such a cunt and a fool.

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  16. Basil   •  

    What a total and utter joke this club has become.Why oh why did we not sell him in january and shock horror actually buy someone to give everyone a lift.Letting him go now is totally pointless,cheers W***er,i hope when the spuds beat us 5.0 on sunday,you get hounded out of the club you total idiot.

  17. Stevieo   •  

    Well here’s a first. GS struggling to find any logic or reason to another mindboggling decision from Wenger.

    Surely you can rack your brains to defend Wenger. Where Wenger’s 5 deadline signings was clearly a mark of panic, you saw it as visionary from Wenger changing his transfer policy. Where a home defeat to United is disappointing, you look at it as an improvement. Defeats to dross like Blackburn are defended with mitigating circumstances. When we badly need reinforcements up front, Wenger’s negligence to solve this is overlooked as Henry returns for a couple of games.

    If you can excuse all of the above, then justifying the loaning out of Arshavin should be a piece of piss. Ask your mate Arseblogger or Goonerholic for some AKB inspiration.

    For the non AKB, this is just one in a long line of puzzling decisions from Wenger. Actually, I’m wrong there. There’s nothing puzzling about anything he does now. It’s par for the course. Djourou’s contract extension is another recent case in point. This kind of joke scenario is nothing less than I expect these days.

    It’s quite funny to see an AKB scratching his head as to what the hell Wenger is playing at. The confusion it creates in the mind when one actually steps away from Wenger’s arse.

    If you can’t defend Wenger, then allow me to in true AKB fashion. I look at this positively. I think Wenger has seen the error of his ways. This is the beginning of the clearout. Chamack, Fabianski, Diaby etc all to follow in the summer. Then we bring in Hazard and Goetze as replacements. Oh it must be good to be an AKB. The fantasy world is such a brighter place.

    • fu   •  

      Dont you know that GS along with Arsehole blogger are trying to lick up to the cunts that run our club so will therefore never be negative about Wenger. The thing is they dont realise that these same cunts care as little for them as they do for the rest of us. We have a board whos priority is solely money making. Its no longer a football club but instead a business. Its a fucking joke to hear som guys praise what weve become and point out how they wouldnt want to spend big money on players, makes me fucking laugh the mentality of these cunts

  18. fu   •  

    Sir Alex admits what Wenger never would

    By Myles Palmer

    After losing 2-1 to Ajax last night, Sir Alex admitted he picked the wrong team.

    Manchester United went through on aggregate, having won 2-0 in Amsterdam, when Rooney played.

    Sir Alex said, “Playing so many young players in the back four was a big ask.”

    He also started the very promising Tom Cleverley.

    “Tom found it difficult tonight, to get into the pace of the game. But it’ll bring him on. He’s been out for four months.”

    I watched the second half on Channel 5.

    United’s fiery enthusiasm wasn’t enough against very technical opponents who did some different things, creating a few unusual angles.That gave United a few problems.

    One Ajax goal was handball but Ferguson didn’t squeal about that.

    He’s a big man.

    I just love guys who are big enough to admit mistakes.

    Dictators are never wrong.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that.

    • Bona   •  

      Yeah I`m sure he would have said the same if they lost 3-1, ok than.

  19. Atlgunner   •  

    Don’t care anymore

  20. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Maybe £1m was enough to make Arsenal change its mind. Can you imagine how big a trophy you can buy with £1m? Big enough to appease the fans, at any rate.

  21. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    But seriously, Wenger is a genius and knows what’s best for the club. Arshavin’s owlish good looks will not last forever, and now may be the perfect opportunity to cash in on them.

    • F@bz   •  

      CUNT!!! You don’t have a big PENIS…you just have a big dirty CUNT!!!

      And supporting AW makes you a smelly, retarded CUNT as well

      • brent   •  

        do people really not realize how sarcastic weg is?

  22. F@bz   •  


    That’s it AW is a total fucking stupid cunt who has lost it completely. He thinks AA23 is not good enough anymore???? What a fucking idiot!!!! AW please look in the mirror, pleas look at your own record…for fuck’s sake if there is anyone who needs to get out IT IS YOU, you fucking, old, retarded French piece of shit!!!

    You have destroyed our club and made it a total joke. and this 1million to sway your mind is the final insult. AA23 is a top top quality…you are a useless, clueless manager who plays him out of position and cannot motivate a team even when they are in a Carling Cup FINAL against FUCKING RELEGATED BIRMINGHAM, when they have not won a tophy in 6 years!!! AA23 is class that you will rarely ever find in Arsenal.

    Arsene, please just fuck off to hell…go work on Wall Street, you dirty, stupid idiot…any manager can do a better job than you

  23. F@bz   •  

    AND that is the final confirmation…we WILL NOT finish in top 4….

    At this stage of the season a manager conspires to further weaken the squad??? With all the injuries, the lack of class / quality, being behind Spurs, 1 day to NL Derby, and seriously threatened top4 position????


    • F@bz   •  


  24. Praise of Songs   •  

    What the hell does Wenger think he is doing, the deluded voyeur piece of shit. What kind of dickhead sells probably our best chance of scoring after RvP 2 days before a North London derby?

    Perhaps when Arshavin returns in the summer, he will replace RvP. LIKE A NEW SIGNING

    Fuck off out of our club Wenger, you fucking cunt!

  25. sam   •  

    are you people for real?
    yes wenger made big mistakes he should have sold him in the summer and shouldn’t have sent miyaichi to bolton.
    arshavin just joined a long list of russians/ukranians who failed in the premiership. good riddence!

  26. sam   •  

    now afobe is fit, park still waiting for his chance, there is gervinho and chamberlain.we don’t need arshavin. shame he didn’t take chamakh with him. it seems like you guys just want something to moan about.

  27. West Upper   •  

    I’m glad to see him go, its clear that he has been on a downward spiral and someone less talented who is prepared to graft is more what we need. The tangible contributions have been minimal of late.

    Its a shame as it started so well but he’s gone so let’s move on…

  28. Bona   •  

    First you all wanted Arshavin to go, now AW is cunt for letting him go. Well it makes a lot of sence.

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