Fourth place is everything now

Shell-shocked Arsenal players after the defeat at Sunderland

Shell-shocked Arsenal players after the defeat at Sunderland

Sunderland 2 – 0 Arsenal

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It’s been a bad week for Arsenal fans. A crushing defeat in Milan, followed by a comprehensive loss at Sunderland, and the evaporation of any remaining hopes of bringing home silverware. Arsene clearly broke a mirror in 2005, and good behaviour has not granted him any time off fortune’s sentence: it will now be seven long years without a trophy.

Yesterday Arsenal were beaten on a ground where just one week earlier they had been victorious. The matchwinner on that occasion, Thierry Henry, was conspicuous by his absence, and a succession of defensive injuries stacked the odds against us. Nevertheless we were outrun, outfought, and occasionally outplayed by a fresher and patently more motivated Sunderland side.

There is no point masking our disappointment. The FA Cup represented our most realistic chance of glory this season, and the draw could certainly have been more cruel, but this is an Arsenal side showing early yet familiar symptoms of the annual end-of-season collapse. We have played ten games since January 1st, losing five. Injuries are mounting fast and belief is fading faster.

There were some fans declaring that yesterday marked the end of our season. They could not be more wrong. To be out of the cup is tremendous blow, but Arsenal still have their biggest prize to play for: fourth place.

I have never subscribed to Arsene’s view that a top four finish is equivalent to claiming silverware. It’s nonsense. There is no explosion of joy, no entry in the record books, no trophy. But it remains absolutely vital. As bad as things are, falling out of the top four would be disastrous. It’s not a prize – it’s a necessity.

I’m gutted about the defeats to Milan and Sunderland, but if I had to choose between going out of the cups or suffering two league defeats, I think I’d choose the former. To win the FA Cup would be fantastic, but I’m not sure it’d be enough to keep Robin van Persie, or attract major talent to augment (or indeed replace) him. Fourth place might.

I don’t see the point in discussing the future of Arsene Wenger now – whatever your opinion, everyone is surely unanimous in their agreement that, for better or worse, he will be here until the end of the season. If he and the club decide to part ways then, I’d far rather we were able to offer a new a manager a brief to rebuild with the economic support and talent-tempting allure that Champions League brings.

In the light of recent results, some supporters have declared that we have “no chance” of achieving a top four spot. They are, of course, wrong. Take a glance at the league table – we’re the present incumbents. Arsenal have been incredibly fortunate that in a year when we’ve spent much of the time in disarray, our closest rivals (Liverpool and Chelsea) have conspired to be similarly calamitous.

Our next three league games see us face Tottenham, Liverpool, and Newcastle. As painful as our experiences at Milan and Sunderland were, I’d happily accept those defeats if fate were able to trade them for nine points from those forthcoming fixtures.

If, however, we lose, to Spurs next week, all hell could break lose. The day before, Chelsea and Newcastle both have relatively easy home games, and defeat to our rivals could leave us in sixth place and coming off the back of three consecutive defeats.

There have been big London derbies before. For Arsene Wenger, there has never been one quite as big as this.

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  1. ricky   •  

    Brilliant piece, nail – head

  2. rund   •  

    Silver, you’re becoming more delusional every week. There is absolutely no chance this team will improve by next weekend. Why would Arsenal win against Tottenham if they can’t even win against Sunderland?
    Stop analysing every match as a separate instance. Wake up and see the trend! Without Van Persie in superform, this team isn’t likely to end in the top four. No one is giving you points for trying to cheer us up! Your readers aren’t kids for whom you need to create a rosier picture of reality!

    • Clockendrider   •  

      Alternatively we can all sit there and wallow in self pity, pissing and whining about things we have no control over.
      The author is merely stating an approach which is required if we are to drag anything from this poor season. You choose which course you want to take. Personally I’ve never subscribed to the school of self pity though.

      • rund   •  

        Please notice the difference between self pity and a desire to turn things round.

        A similar thing happened with Anderlecht, a team I also follow closely. It took a serious amount of pressure from fans who realised things weren’t going to get better soon before the board decided to take action. Hundreds of supporters marched in the streets before the club’s policy was changed. Just to clarify, Anderlecht did not fire it’s manager but the whole mentality of the board and coaching staff changed.

  3. oganga joshua   •  

    what is wrong in signing highly lated players, ahalf of arsenal players are just ordinary players who can’t fight back, making the few better to be seen the same. get best players and arsenal will be where surposed to be. no secret required.

  4. JimPrice   •  

    Very good blog.

    Support Arsene and support Arsenal.

    Ok we’ve had a bad-ish season, but we’re still in 4th Place. We always finish above Spurs, so it’s not unreasonable to think we will do it again.

    There Is no better manager out there to get us to where we belong. He has been our most successful manager and he will bring us glory again.

    One bad-ish season and you want to sack him??? Where’s the loyalty??

    We’re going through a transition period and Arsene Wenger deserves to see us through it. Once we’re through it, then you’ll forget this season.

    in Arsene we trust

    • Floris   •  

      You mean the transition that’s been going on for the past 3/4 years? It’s not likely to improve soon.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Haha…No better manager….lol – I think Rosie the dog would be a better manager to turn things around.

    • geoffreid   •  

      Its because of nits like JIM PEARCE we are in such a mess blindly following wegner down the drain.

  5. George   •  

    Yeah,that’s rigght,lets finish 4th so wecan do the same thing all over again,we lose our best while weare in the c league,it will make no difference at all whether or not we qualify for that 4th spot.

    Arsenal next 2 games spurs liverpool
    Chelsea next 2 games Bolton westbrom

    No chance.

  6. Arsenalist   •  

    Fourth place isn’t going to convince anyone of anything. Fourth place didn’t convince Fabregas to stay, nor did it do it for Nasri (go ahead, say it was about money but team quality had as much to do with it), nor did it convince Phil Jones to sign here over Man Utd, or Mata over Chelsea. Let’s not be delusional about what finishing fourth means.

    A mass overhaul of players is needed regardless of where we finish in order to portray Arsenal as a club focused on winning. Even if we finish 7th in the table, and Arsene signs three big players in the first month of summer (overpay them if you have to), that’ll convince RVP to stay. All fourth place on its own means is a quick exit from the knockout-stage. No thank you, I’ve had my fair share of those.

    Don’t get me wrong, getting into the Champions League is important and makes the club more attractive than if we hadn’t qualified, but to suggest that RVP’s decision hinges in any significant way on that is simply wrong.

    • Enjoy   •  

      Got to interject here:

      We could not appease the wage demands of Mata or Nasri.

      It had very little to do with position in the league.

  7. arsenalDheart   •  

    To all those who keep asking why
    Why can’t we play fast pace football like all other team?
    Why can’t we sacrifice 1 midfield and replace it with a striker?
    Why can’t we change the tactic?
    Why can’t we change the manager?
    Why can’t we invest on quality players?

    Of course we can’t if we change we will need to reinvest and that’s losing money
    Don’t forget this we, are the only team that make profit instead of in debt.

    In Arsene we make profit!!!

  8. Fry   •  

    No no no, when your goal becomes to finish 4th, thats all we will ever do! Wenger will see this as a win and as such will see no reason to improve the squad to aim higher.

    Also how will a positive attitude help, this is going to be 7 years, all we are literally doing is lowering our expectations every season, next year will be europa league, then top half finish then avoid relagtion. if the sale of Fabregas isnt enough to buy what is?

  9. circa bergkamp   •  

    this is being reported on espn soccernet, that somehow the board has suddenly woken up and are prepared to smash the wage ceiling to keep RVP and spend big on new players. But they want Arsene to stay as manager. Roy Keane comments that this is the worst Arsenal team he has seen, with no passion and no desire.—reports?cc=5901

    I don’t believe this for a minute. The board will not suddenly completely overturn their belief system and go about spending huge money and raising star wages.

    The daily has a fantasy piece that the board wants Arsene to move up to the board so that Pep Guardiola can take over Arsenal. Keep dreaming.

    IF the board do a turnaround and want to spend, I’d still like to see Wenger go; this football program needs a fresh breath of air, a sea change. He sees all out of ideas and cannot change tactics.

    Also, does anyone know if it is true that a player was quoted this week as saying they never practice defense, and Arteta said the team have no idea how to defend a counter-attack? I saw it in reader commentary in Britain but did not see any stories about such.

    • rund   •  

      I certainly wouldn’t mind if Wenger moved up to the board to oversee the long term financial side or scouting department of the club. However, I fear that if Pep came, they would constantly argue.

  10. circa bergkamp   •  

    i am not sold that guardiola is a great coach with changing tactics ability. barca have the finest collection of players with awesome technique and vision. i’m sure he plays a part in their consistency though.

    but if he came to arsenal i don’t see us becoming the best team any time soon.

  11. Atlgunner   •  

    I really don’t care if this team finishes top 4 or freaking 7th it’s time for a change. I mean the club mentality needs to change, wenger I like u but it’s time to go the club comes first and am tired of all this sentiments it’s been seven yrs guys we can’t keep believing in this project pls spend some money and get this sorry ass players out of this club. I mean 7 yrs no trophy wake up guys am tired of always been in fourth place. I really hope they don’t make it this yr maybe that’s what they need to get the fans attention becos this is really ridiculous this is the worst arsenal team ever and guys if the board don’t change their ways I fear this is the beginning of the end

  12. GilbertoSilver   •     Author

    I feel like some people want us to finish 5th just to get rid of Wenger. I think there is a good chance he’ll walk away even if he gets 4th – he must recognise that we’re in a state.

    I just don’t think you can underestimate it will be to drop out of the Champions League. We will lose key players. And it’s a long way back. Look at Liverpool.

    • Stevieo   •  

      Come on GS. Who is there worth keeping? There’s only RVP and Jack. I would shed no tears if anyone else moved on. We’ve gone from the old adage that we’re only 2 players short of competing, to we’ve only got 2 players of any note!

      And to say 4th place is not a prize – it’s a necessity. This is pure sensationalism.

      Why is it a necessity? What proven quality players have we attracted over the last 3 summers due to us being in the CL? Chamack? Schillaci? Koscielny? Park? Benayoun? Arteta? Gervinho? Mertesacker? If this is the best that CL football can tempt then I ain’t bothered if we don’t qualify.

      And which players have hung around because of our CL qualification? Gallas? Adebayor? Toure? Nasri? Cesc?

      Decent players want to be battling for silverware. Huffing and puffing away with poor Chelsea and Liverpool teams for 4th isn’t going to encourage RVP to hang around. Coming 4th doesn’t magically make us competitive for winning anything.

      This 4th place stigma has been generated by the club. Yes, we will lose £25m. But when we’re not banking our profits, any expenditure is frittered on average to poor players.

      If Wenger finishes 4th, it will be deemed a massive success due to the poor start we made. And he will be given the green light to continue stripping the club from mediocrity to the next level.

      • Dee Brown   •  

        Stevieo yes m8 well said could not have put it any better!

  13. mash71   •  

    out of the champions league and wot quality players will go? i can only think of RVP?wake up smell the shite we have no real quality all very average..the board need to spend on quality more maybe one day he will make the grade type players and no more from foreign 2nd division clubs,and we didnt sign cahill.FFS

  14. Davey B   •  

    Thing is we thought Wenger had finally learned from his mistakes when he sent Deni, Bendy, Vela packing and brought a few players in, only the signing he made were less than stellar. Now here he is giving a new contract to the likes of Johan Djourou!

    He hasn’t learned a damn thing. And that is why Arsenal are still trying to readdress a problem that’s been there for the last 6/7 years. We simply cant defend. Wenger should of been throwing money on the situation, cause its curtailed our overall success for the last 7 years. Instead of that he’s been trying to drop lucky. Now he’s left with a situation where he’s moaning about wages in Football because his budget is being taken up by having too many bang average defenders that he found in the bargain bucket cause he was too tight to pay top dollar to begin with, so essentially he’s gained nothing, infact if anything its ultimately cost more! in the long run.

    It makes me laugh the way we bang on about a having a great business model to. Its like amateur hour of there. We have rubbish players on big salaries that we cant shift cause no one is willing to pay them what we do, and we have consistently allowed our better players to run their contracts down.

    • Stevieo   •  

      It’s unbelievable how much deadwood we shifted out last summer (add Eboue and Traore to your list), and still we have so much garbage on our books.

      I dread to imagine Bendtner and Denilson returning in the summer. We’ll be told that the £25m loss in CL revenue means that we’ll have to keep them as ‘internal solutions’ are needed to strengthen the squad.

      • Davey B   •  

        More than likely Stevieo. I mean is it out of realms of possibility that Wenger could give them another shot? He’s given DJ a new contract, so who’s to say he wont. Look how much time Cygan, Senderos, Almunia were afforded to consistently mess things up for us.

        That right these is a perfect case in point^^ He simply doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Its like the more someone tells him a certain player is not good enough, the stronger his resolve becomes to keep the player in the hope they prove him right.

        That is the huge difference between Wenger and Fergie. Fergie is not too stubborn to learn his lessons and adapt accordingly, Wenger is.

        • supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

          That is the huge difference between Wenger and Fergie. Fergie is not too stubborn to learn his lessons and adapt accordingly, Wenger is.
          Spot on?

          anyone watch sunday supplement – bunch of moaners but they said some sensible things!

  15. Monty the python   •  

    what’s the point in finishing fourth. ?
    To get the 35 mil plus? That we all complain that we don’t spend anyway.
    To buy the top quality players that we all call for but never really seem to buy.
    Or is just to get into the premier club competition in the world only to get through to the knockout stages and get humiliated in a competition we know we can’t win.
    Going by arsenes comments about being tired from the midweek game an excuse he has used on many occasions, then the cl is clearly costing us the possibility of domestic honours.

  16. Begeegs   •  

    Agreed with the people who are saying that 4th guarantees nothing. It doesn’t. Sorry GilbertoSilver, but RVP is on his horse regardless of the place that we get.

    I think that you are dreaming if you think that if he clinch fourth with Wenger that – RVP will stay and suddenly, tactically we will improve.

  17. Ginger Gooner   •  

    Nailed on blog. Perhaps I’m always pint half full, but you can’t have a great season every season. Wenger got it massively wrong this summer, but how many times has he got it right.

    Is the answer more money? I honestly think it boils down to defending, there are plenty of teams in the league with better defences that cost less (the cave men of stoke as an example). Wenger needs to rediscover the mix of defending with exciting attacking football; but defending starts at the front – teams are happy to come at us, and are happy to let us have the bal in the final 3rd, because we don’t take our chances. Wenger teams of old would be 3-0 up in 30mins, we’re now lucky if we are not 1-0 by half time. Sunderland is a great example, one shot on target and they win 2-0.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but it certainly isn’t sacking Wenger – the guy is a genius, stubbon, but a genius – we all know what a bad loser he is and this has to hurt him. Perhaps he needs some fresh faces in his back room staff, but I think it’s the board that need to support him…. Since Dein left, there is not one to do player negotiation – the board need to let him manage, ask him what his targets are and go and buy them. Perhaps he hasn’t really got the money to spend that we think he has. It’s all okay moaning he doesn’t spend, but do we know he actually has money (and a signing isn’t just cash upfront, it’s balancing the wage bill too).

    I strongly think Arsene needs our respect and support to see his contract out, if not, this season at least. We were calling for his head (i wasn’t, a collective blogsphere was) are OT this season, and he turned it around – I trust him to do the same again, another run like that and we’ll be finishing 4th. Let’s get behind the team and support it for the rest of the season. I’ve been to plenty of home games where there is no support from the crowd, so we have to look at ourselves as well, as good support does make a difference too.

    Finishing 4th and being in the champions league is important, we’ve made big mistakes this year, but a strong finish to the season, finishing in the champions league will give us the momentum into next season where we can hopefully sign 2-3 leaders, start strong and build from there.

  18. Ginger Gooner   •  

    I’ll add, if wenger goes, RVP will go. So will, maybe, players like Jack, TV, Sagna, etc. they are there because of him, they are there because he is a fantastic manager.

  19. indian gooner   •  

    If I could think of two short term solutions that would have helped us during the season/transfer window.They would be
    1 a new defensive coach – the players change every year but the problems persist
    2 a striker or a winger should have been brought in january – henry was stopgap . We needed someone to fill the role of a goalscorer with Chamakh’s decline .

    Interestingly, I wonder why Saha wasn’t considered by Wenger . He’s French and has a lovely injury history , seemed like a perfect signing ;)

    On a broader level , a clearout needs to be made Almunia,Squillaci,Diaby,Arshavin,Park,Chamakh,Rosicky,Gibbs,Fabianski all need to go and add that to Bendtner Denilson and Vela being off our books. We should have enough room to manouver interms of wages if not transfer money for next season.

    Djourou is our fourth choice defender, while he hasn’t been great . I can’t see teams with realistic budgets having better fourth choice CBs.

    I would go as far to consider selling Walcott to fund another overhaul.

    There is still a decent nucleus with Szcesney
    The Ox,Gervinho,Van Persie

    A striker and a creative midfielder would be needed to have a strong first team squad.
    Plus youngsters like Jenkinson,Miyachi might make the step up next season.

    • Ginger Gooner   •  

      Indian Gooner – spot on. What I was trying to say earlier, the board need to back him by moving those players on, then stumping up the cash to bring new ones in.

      • indian gooner   •  

        It hurts a lot. But I look at Spurs and see how well they managed a delicate situation. Kept Modric and Bale despite missing out on Champions league . Added Parker, Adebayor and managed to build an excellent team that might even challenge for the title but surely qualify for the Champions league.I am not sure how many seasons they can sustain it , but they have done a decent job for three years now.

    • Davey B   •  

      To me it makes no difference if DJ is first choice or 4th choice. If there’s a possibility he will be called upon then its a problem, cause he’s always good for a mistake. Biggest problem with DJ though, is that whilst he’s only a decent player when he has a run of games, he’s a terrible!!! player when he’s out of the team. When he loses the continuity & rhythm of playing consistency he’s not even competent. Also, what value does he add to the team when you could sell him, potentially get a couple or 3 mil back for him, and get him off the wage bill, then you could look to someone like Miguel or Bartley as 4th choice. They would then get valuable experience and possibly improve. They would also command a lower weekly wage. Even if you dont think Bartley, Miguel are ready to be 4th choice just yet, I still dont see why we need Mertesacker AND Johan Djorou as 3rd and 4th choice, particularly on their wages, that said, its either or imo, as neither are particularly good.

      If we have defensive problems, and Verm is considered the only viable option when it comes to CB’s, then that in theory would push Kos to 3rd choice, so where is the room for a new defender, and Bartley, Miguel, Mert, DJ? If you think Kos is sufficient first choice, then why are we so weak defensively? Why are we talking about defensive reinforcements?

      What we should do is get shot of Mert, DJ, buy a top class defender, then rotate him with Kos. That would be 3 good CB’s including Verm, 2 of those potentially being world class, and if you wont you could keep one of DJ, Mert as 4th choice at a push, but even then they would probably be on too higher wage to be 4th choice imo.

  20. indian gooner   •  

    I think Wenger needs the fans backing atleast till the end of the season. But the fact is we needed to spend more time and money getting quality players in. Surely lack of funds can’t be the reason when we sold both Fabregas and Nasri this season.It’s impossible to improve a team when you sell your best players and not spend enough on replacements.

    I suspect the board would have much to do with the rudderless direction with respect to transfers. Simple economics , if we don’t finish fourth we’ll lose champions league money , find it tough to fill up seats and also have a smaller jump in the next sponsorship deals. They need to compare that risk with the risk associated in spending on transfer and wages for a couple of extra players :P
    But that stage has gone. It’s upto Wenger and the squad to battle on till the end of season and salvage fourth place. Fourth place has never sounded better :D

  21. Get Wenger out   •  

    9 points from those 3 games GS? Are you out of your fucking mind. If ever proof were needed of how fucking detached from realitity you have become then surely this statement proves it.

  22. Makanaky WO   •  

    Wow some alien posters on here now…wonder what happened to the Old Guard – Respects, Nin, JP, TC, Stringer, Rural, Welling, Musky, Glenn,WEG, RSPCA,Sam etc?

    -All good fans driven away from AFC by the Mad Professeur …..

    On topic – I’m sick and tired of the same old tired EXCUSES being wheeled out everytime we basically get what we deserve – NOTHING.

    Every Arsenal fan knows exactly what needs to be done yet for the past 7 seasons its been like groundhog day with ONE man refusing to do exactly what will change things.

    – Buy quality.

    – Coach defence properly

    – Get rid of garbage, your loyalty should be to the Club and fans, not passing through players

    – Hire competent technical staff, not yes men or stale relics like Pat Rice.

    All of the above do not require a massive cash injection,(a fallacy invented by the current Board and its sheep like AKB’s)but a willingness to see Arsenal Football Club become THE team we all know it can be.

    It is not a guarantee of instant success,or a quick fix solution, but one that will show AMBITION for us to be a big Club, because at the moment we may be 4th placed but I can guarantee that changing very soon.

    For the record 4th place is 3rd placed LOSER and of no fucking consequence if we still parade a small club mentality.

    • indian gooner   •  

      Even as an “alien poster” I find myself having the same views :)
      We need to only spend the money we make, that should be sufficient to rebuild this squad no Man City/Chelsea style spree is needed.

      Finish the clearout that started last year. Wenger’s tactic of building a squad on rewarding potential has backfired.That has ended up with top players feeling undervalued and the underperformers being on higher wages and difficult to ship out.

      Defensive coach is a big need. I don’t think our defence is bad on quality individually but as a unit is inconsistent and error prone.

      I am a Wenger fan but I do understand he is partly responsible for our situation. But I sense a lot of this is down to the board lacking leadership in driving the club forward. They are happy with status quo.
      But if fans want change don’t barrack Wenger just hold off on those season ticket renewals , surely the board won’t be quiet then :)

    • shaun   •  

      people go on about pat rice but to be honest when he had the first team for a couple of games that was the only time I have seen this team really trying .Persie is gone just liston to his comments after the game rice took control of “pat gave us a real rollocking at half time gave us a few ideas and we responded”….it was great to have thiery around as he is a real winner evening in training he always wants win , you can see his desire” that should tell you all you need to know really ….people say areteta is a good signing I bet my bottom dollar parker would have made three times the impact arteta is because arteta is not doing what is his natural game but realises what is needed shame wenger can’t see that….we see wenger telling us he is being given lessons in coaching by people who have zero coaching experience well that would not happen if you were infact doing your job correctly .The display at sunderland was predictably poor this arsenal team can niether defend or attack and we will do well to get a draw at home to the spuds but I have a feeling we will loose as the players just do not care that much is obvious as you would have thought they would have come out like tigers to win that game for the fans but the fact is the manager does not care and neither do the players and why would they as they are garanteed a paycheck and wenger also for another two years .so no doubt later in the week we will see pic’s from the training ground with the players larking around having a laugh shame but true where as wec would all to to see them dripping with sweat and busting a gut to make sure they are doing everything to win .mourine was right you do not have to win anything at arsenal just make sure your books look good

  23. Davey B   •  


    Arsenal need to clear players out again, but you just know Wenger wont do that. He wont climb down and admit that Park, Chamakh after only a small spell are not good enough. He never does that. He will allow these players to exist at the club cause he’s too stubborn. Just look at how Squillaci is still getting games. Just look at how long he persisted with Cygan, Senderos, Almunia for.

    Hell Wenger tried to replace Almunia, then saw him as a viable option to take into a another season as his number 1 cause he didn’t wanna pay a little extra for Schwarzer. I mean where in that period did Almunia, the guy he was trying to replace, suddenly become a viable option? Then you have him pulling his hair out during the season when he inevitably cocks up, and your like, why are you getting so frustrated when you know that is what he’s liable to do, which is why you were trying to sell him.

    Wenger’s logic borders on stupidity I tell ya. hE

  24. Danish Gooner   •  

    If we finish fourth Wenger will delay his transfer dealings till the last minute just like at the start of this season,if we finish fifth he will have no excuse.

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      He will have….
      “Jack, Per, Andre, were injured during the crucial part of the season. However, I believe, showing exceptional resillience we managed a 5th/6th spot. I am very proud of the team spirit and mental belief in them. I believe we have a good chance of winning the Premier League with everybody fit.”

      How good an excuse is that???

  25. Davey B   •  

    Irony is some of these Wenger fans who try to fan the flames of discontent with their BS are WHY the situation has come about. The board know they can take advantage of the fans unconditional support for Wenger.However If they were real fans, they would support the unrest amongst fans who are trying to highlight what’s curtailing our chances of winning something. Instead of that they mask their frustration and perpetuate the BS that comes out of his mouth.

  26. Atlgunner   •  

    GS there’s no body worth keeping apart from RVP, so fuck it I really do hope they don’t make top 4 cos am tires of this whole top 4 bullshit keeping folks from seein the truth. I bet when these fucking board members see the stadium empty during matches they will start doing the right , greedy bastards

  27. JimPrice   •  

    Look, a couple of seasons ago, everyone was raving about our youth players ie our second string team that used to play in the league cup. Arsene’s youth policy nearly paid huge dividends. We were a whisker away from achieving it. Ok, so now that it didn’t work, you want to sack him. I don’t think that’s fair. He gave the youth policy a go, it didn’t quite pan out, so now I’m sure he will make new plans that will pan out – you traitors need to give him a chance.

    • Makanaky WO   •  

      So what another 7 years for a crap plan to pan out?


      The only traitors are you AKB sheep that make excuses for the continued destabilisation of Arsenal Football Club..

      – where mediocrity and nonchalance are rewarded with fat contracts (Djourou – will be 10 years at the Club at the end of his next contract with NO honours)

  28. Atlgunner   •  

    Stevieo may God bless u I have been saying tha exact shit all this while. Wenger and the board needs to go and I really pray they don’t make top 4 sorry bunch of losers

  29. Willy young   •  

    The only players worth keeping are RVP Jack TV Ox and Sches

    Sagna Santos as squad players with 8-10 young hopefuls like Coq Frimpong Ryo Miguel yennaris etc

    That means shifting 20 odd players out and 10 in which is what is needed but can’t see it happening.

    Wenger has been great but we need a change that is not disloyal just what is needed!!

    Sunday could get very ugly I fear but equally if we win it does not mean everything is ok all of sudden

  30. Wanadoo   •  

    GS, regarding the abuse thing…

    You must understand people are very frustrated with our situation. And you being a respected blogger, people expect you to have an unbiased view re Wenger. Yet it seems, that you go out of your way to justify his bad bad decisions. The other thing that frustrates fellow Gooners, is that you spin some positive out of every negative thing that happens. Now, by all means if you want to do that in your personal life, then I applaud you. But as a public blogger/journalist you have a duty to be sincere and accurate especially with such an emotive product. And not dress things up like we are idiots.

  31. Wanadoo   •  

    Regarding Sunderland….

    Is anyone really surprised? We got out of jail against Villa with 2 penalties and a deflected ricocheted goal. Yet people immediately were raving about what great spirit.

    There was no great spirit!

    We got bloody lucky – which is fine – but don’t make it out something that it wasn’t.

    I heard another post match interview with AW: he said we showed a lot of spirit – WTF was he watching?

  32. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Wenger : “we lost here is basically down to the fact that we had to give a lot in Milan on Wednesday night and then we had to travel again”

    So we gave EVERYTHING in a game we lost 4 nil.

  33. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  


  34. Ginger Gooner   •  

    Sorry, but anyone who says RVP is the only player worth keeping has lost the argument before they’ve even started…. Sagna, Wilshire, TV, Kos, Song, Sczh and the Ox would walk into any top premierleague or champions league squad. I don’t think Song, TV and Sagna (possibly Kos) have been at their best but that’s due to coaching, not the players. On top of that, Walcott, Rosicky, Arteta, Santos, Gibbs, Gerhinvho and (if he had his mojo back) Arshavin are all great squad players (of a top 4 team).

    What’s lacking is some injection of real quality and real leadership.

    We have a strong nucleus, some really good youth players, some good squad players – where we need boosting is the rubbish squad players – we need to be in a position where every player could lose their place at any second, we don’t have that, and that’s why we are having issues.

    • indian gooner   •  

      Well said. People have short memories. This was essentially the same squad that gave Barca a fright last year (anyone remember Bendtner fluffing that chance which would have knocked Barca out :P ).
      Phillipe Auclair has a very nice piece on Talksport about the state of the Arsenal squad and last summer’s transfer business.

      I don’t see the point in barracking Wenger with the season still ongoing. Although I do understand the frustration of supporters who are paying top of the table prices for tickets when the team is aspiring to finish fourth.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Is that the game where we didn’t have a single shot on goal?

        • indian gooner   •  

          Hehe. You are correct.I was emphasizing how slim the margins are.Ofcourse I know the squad is not as good as it should be.

          I am not saying Wenger is the man to take us forward next season. But some of the reaction is over the top.

          Changes need to be made and I think some of it did happen last summer with shipping some players off. That needs to continue along with reinvesting the money made last summer.With or without Wenger in charge.But no point turning on him during the season.

      • Davey B   •  

        How short sighted is it of you to HL an isolated incident like the Barca game? Barca got complacent by taking their foot of the gas cause they were infront, that said, they still beat us over 2 legs. Beating a top side in a one off games means zilch. You see lower Premiership teams beating top Premiership teams every season. Hell Ruben Kazan beat Barcalona. Does that mean they aren’t far off Barca cause they can compete?

        You include Mertesacker, Gervinho as part of a good nucleus? Your nucleolus should be your spine. Dependable players who can be relied upon consistently. Mertesacker, Gervinho are not in that category

  35. Wanadoo   •  


    I used to think that AFC just didn’t have any money and that’s why AW wasn’t buying anyone.

    But I’ve since reviewed my thoughts as to the reason and the thought process of one Arsene Wenger.

    When we built the stadium and moved in, I believe Arsene thought he could bring through the youth players to an acceptable level whilst the board would clear the stadium debt and then in a few years down the line we would have a great stadium, a good core of youth and a huge income to buy world class players when needed, without any debt shackling the club.

    So what’s wrong with this plan?

    Well what Wenger didn’t figure out was that; after a few years of doing this, the board would quite enjoy the status quo that the dividends were bringing in and that they would put him off trying to sign anyone too expensive.

    So who’s to blame?

    Well it was a bit of a miscalculation on Wenger’s part but I think the biggest culprits are the board, who basically put greed before club.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not siding with Wenger as he’s got a lot to answer for but I think the board have more!

  36. Wanadoo   •  

    Quote from Arsene…

    “We have many missing: big, big players, too. We’re in February and [Jack] Wilshere has played zero games, [Abou] Diaby has played zero games, [Per] Mertesacker is out for the season and [André] Santos for three months. That would be difficult for any club in the world to deal with. But let’s win our next game and we’ll be fine.”

    Well Arsene who’s responsibility is it that we have cover for those areas?

    Arsene spinning it up that our “Injury crisis” is worse than any other team…..absolute Bollocks!

    It’s worse, because it affects us more, because we have no cover!

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      Yeah…. strange how we are in an injury crisis every year!

  37. JimPrice   •  

    Well I think it’s fair to say that we have been undone by injuries. Wilshere, Sagna and Verminator are key players. Most teams could not withstand losing them.

    Arsene Wenger has given us too much for us to turn our back on him now.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      What utter bollocks. Every team have injuries and just get on with the job, not throw the towell in. Arsene has taken for himself every step of the way. From his salary, to his sexual misdemeanours while on company business and dragging the club into disrepute.

      wenger out

      • rund   •  

        Don’t feed the troll. No one can possible so closed-minded as Jim Price.

        • Munitionsman   •  

          Good advice. Thank you

  38. Munitionsman   •  

    The best possible result for arsenal as a club and it’s long term future is for us to be annihilated by spuds, open revolt, wenger sacked immediately then a new manager brought in with time to assess the squad prior to the transfer window. Wenger can’t be trusted with money anymore. If we beat spuds and finish fourth we will be consigned to ineffective boring laughing stock mediocrity till 2014 and probably beyond as wenger renews his gravy ticket. GS the only part of that post that is even remotely true is the last sentence. It’s ironic that being beaten by spuds cd actually be the biggest help they cd give us. They will celebrate for a day, and we can start celebrating again full stop.

    More ironic though is ivan saying he won’t talk to the board about replacing wenger after getting back from his ski trip ( yes the one he was on when we got arse raped in Milan). Ivan is a cardboard cutout of a CEO, and kroenke of an owner. Arsenal as a London football club is all but dead. Not even the badge remains.

    RIP arsenal

  39. Munitionsman   •  

    The problem isn’t actually our players, or even our wage structure. The problem is simply the manager. He is stale. He has followed ever decreasing circles of focus on small nimble lightweight artistic possession football. The sideways passing on the half way line that now encapsulates our game is simply the apogee of that focus, and the nadir of wenger as a manager.

    There actually is only one answer. Every passing day more people pundits journos ex greats and blog polls declare it.

    It’s over. Wenger out and thank your mother for the rabbits.

    • JMIM   •  

      “The problem isn’t actually our players, or even our wage structure. The problem is simply the manager. He is stale.”

      Couldnt agree more

  40. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    I think Wenger has to go. But I also want UCL next year….

    Wenger going now will do more harm than good. The players will find it tough to cope with the new managers tactics and stuff. Wenger has to go at the end of the season. Then the new manager can come to show his new tactics… players can follow it thru the pre- season and be prepared.

    Here’s the catch. I’m more than sure that if Wenger gets a UCL spot then he won’t go (or rather- the board will have an excuse to keep him).

    Damn…. wish I could have both at the same time…!!!

  41. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    All AKB’s…. pray picture this…

    If you guys just assume that Wenger took over the club in mid 2007 (I’m not sure that’s the year…. but I mean to say “the year David Dien left”)…. what great has he done??

    Kos? Ox? ARSHAVIN? :P

    Wenger is a different person now than he was from ’96-2005. There are flashes of his brilliance now…. but he isn’t the man he was b4. Maybe he hasn’t changed along with the modern world….. maybe his faith on players has backfired… I can’t pinpoint the perfect reason.

    The thing is…. he needs to move on at the end of the season. And you are the ppl who are keeping him Arsenal Coach. For god’s sake, why can’t you guys see the circus going on…??

    P.S Where is Weg…??

    • Dee Brown   •  

      I now have to agree his persona the decision he makes show he has burnt out!!! …. Like Henry the legend that was Arsene Wenger needs to retire gracefully!

  42. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    “We have many missing: big, big players, too. We’re in February and [Jack] Wilshere has played zero games, [Abou] Diaby has played zero games, [Per] Mertesacker is out for the season and [André] Santos for three months. That would be difficult for any club in the world to deal with. But let’s win our next game and we’ll be fine.”

    Not to mention: Almunia has played 0 games, Fabianski has played 0 games, Squillaci is out for the season, Park has played 0 games, and Frimpong, Denilson and Bendy are out on loan.

    ANY team in the world would find it a struggle.

    I say let Wenger continue for the rest of the season, and if he can pull a rabbit out of the hat. He has the deadpan calm of a magician who has sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for a pair of white gloves, magic tricks and a leggy blonde assistant (that’s Pat Rice, if anyone’s noticing).

    We love you, Arsene Wenger!

    Long may you reign over us!

    God Save Arsene Wenger!

  43. Musky aka Musketeer   •  

    I feel like some people want us to finish 5th just to get rid of Wenger. I think there is a good chance he’ll walk away even if he gets 4th – he must recognise that we’re in a state.

    I just don’t think you can underestimate it will be to drop out of the Champions League. We will lose key players. And it’s a long way back. Look at Liverpool.

    Are you finally waking up Silver, God I been gone years because if this non-sense. Wenger has put us in this sorry state for 7 years along with the AKB squad, we will get exactly what we deserve when we don’t make 4th spot.

    The so called doomers have been calling it for years whereas the tinters have been tinting and still supporting a dumb board and manager. We let them sacrifice the soul of Arsenal for a price, sacrifice on pitch success for commercial gain.

    Now the tinters are panicing for what, simply let nature take it course now.

    And for the record GS that fool ain’t stepping down regardless, you do not know his mind and have been defending his behaviour for years and been getting things wrong for as long as I remember.

    Drop out of TOP 4 is the only thing that will give tinters a pair. Otherwise its back to rose land, could have been worse, we could be out of the CL, look at cheslsea all that money and can’t make 4th, yeah right.

    WENGER OUT since 2008.

  44. Musky aka Musketeer   •  

    Weg, wilshere = overrated, no accolades. All the above players mentioned are liabilities. We are full of weak men who cannot play football, Wenger philosophy of using one world class player to a poor team is an over-extended bad joke.

  45. RVB   •  

    Goodbye Mr Wenger. Thanks for everything.
    Now, I’ve got to talk to my Liverpool mates to understand how to stay sane as a fan of a mediocre club.

  46. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    What cracks me up is GS saying…

    “I just don’t think you can underestimate it will be to drop out of the Champions League. We will lose key players. And it’s a long way back. Look at Liverpool.”

    We were losing/moving on KEY players WITH THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

    Hleb (He had a good season before the Summer he left)
    and soon..RVP will leave us.

    How will being in the CL make this situation better ? It will just be the same shit going on!

  47. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    time waits for no man…..

    including wenger…

    games up dude!

  48. Stevieo   •  

    Absolutely clutching at straws with this 4th place nonsense.

    Did any of you AKB’s even open your eyes at all last week. If this shower can’t be arsed to put a shift in with two big competitive cup games, then they sure as hell ain’t gonna be arsed to bust a gut to finish a poxy 4th!

    Even last season when we were allegedly involved in the title race, this outfit were on the beach.

    When the cameras kept panning to our dugout on Saturday it was a depressing sight. Arshavin swaddled like a 2 month old baby, just can’t wait to get the fuck out of here. Chamack and Benayoun sat around like spare parts. Vik Akers sat there thinking he can get out of washing the kit as it’s going to come back in the same pristine condition that the team traipsed out in. And then watching Wenger rant at the 4th official over every decision is just so embarrassing now.

    The season is over. Bloggers and AKB’s can keep going on about how we need to see a reaction. How many times do we hear this? It’s as commonplace as Wenger’s ‘mental strength’ catchphrase. Give it a couple of weeks though, and the AKB’s will have the same mindset as our players. Just praying for the season to end.

  49. Munitionsman   •  

    A couPle of great posts on arseblogs for a change. At fucking last the penny is dropping

  50. cygawa   •  

    “To win the FA Cup would be fantastic, but I’m not sure it’d be enough to keep Robin van Persie, or attract major talent to augment (or indeed replace) him.”
    It’s funny how our greatest fear is failing to keep a single player that we have built in our years in shambles and failing to attract players that we are never willing to pay for. I would choose an FA title a milli times over playing in the champions league n get knocked at before the quarters with a + 4 goal difference. Lets face it, we are not champions league material and attracting big players is nonsence if we can’t pay for them. Players will WANT have WANTED to come to arsenal but have ended up in other teams that are paying up regardless of champions league status….FA cup was more important (according to me) than a fourth place to keep RVP.

  51. Gerard   •  

    An interesting thing is that, before the current crop of goofy defenders, we didn’t exactly have a rock-solid back four. Senderos, Gallas, Eboue, Clichy?
    Imo, the reason why we seem to have a crappy defense is because our midfield sucks. Teams used to be scared senseless in the Invincibles years but now they feel confident attacking, knowing well that our defenders are already sloppy. Alex Song and Jack Wilshere aside, I would happily trade any of our other midfielders for any of Newcastle’s or Swansea’s. Diaby is a joke (on the rare occassions he is not injured), Rosicky is improving but is not doing enough, Arteta will always be average and Ramsey is just awful. The fact that Wenger thinks Ramsey can fill in for Fabregas is absurd. Next match, just focus on Ramsey. Ignore everyone else. He missplaces passes, can’t shoot, can’t cross, can’t defend and can’t distribute properly. Sure, he gets some of those things done right every other match, but his usual playstyle is just running around like a kid in a pee-wee league. If we got Hazard, Goetze and Podolski we might improve for next campaign. We are supposed to play attacking football- let’s get attacking players.

  52. Atlgunner   •  

    well here comes spurs hopefully they can send our ass to the cleaners sorry bunch of losers. If am. RVP I def won’t be siging shit until they sign at least 4-5 very good players and sell the sour grapes in this team

  53. JimPrice   •  

    This is the time to show your support and loyalty. Arsene Wenger has made a few mistakes but he is one of the best managers in world football. You just need to ask the neutrals.

    Bill Shankly once said: If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, then don’t support us when we win.

    It’s all very easy saying Wenger Out, let’s get someone better. But who would you get??

    Do you want Cappello? Or maybe you want to give Martin Keown a shot??

    We are currently sitting in 4th place with a very similar run in to Chelsea….

    So now it’s up to all of us to give 110% in support, so that we can get 4th and who knows maybe even 3rd. Spurs looked very poor against Stevenage, so we’ve got every chance.

  54. Wanadoo   •  

    Some of you are upset that we are out of the FA Cup. But getting 4th is better than winning the FA Cup.

    Being out of the FA Cup allows us to concentrate on the league without distractions. So it’s not such a bad thing. I heard Pat Rice doing an interview and he remarked how being out of the FA Cup is a blessing in disguise, there’s less games, less fatigue, less chance of injuries and you get players that are fitter and fresher for the Premier League games… not all bad!!!

    • Wanadoo   •  

      What do you think Jim?

  55. JimPrice   •  

    Hi Wanadoo, yes I agree with you. I heard that interview too and he talks a lot of sense.

    All these games is the reason we lost Jack. I think Arsene should go back to playing the youth players in the cups.

  56. Munitionsman   •  

    Wanadoo that was a shameless bit of sheep fishing. And you hooked a beauty first time round. It’s too easy really innit

    • shaun   •  

      that’s not shamless more hillarious ha ha , a jim if only it were really that simple ,wenger has clearly lost it or under to much pressure .arsene wenger used to say some inteligent things but now you here utter madness and if the manager and board do not have anbition how can the players and that is exactly what we are seeing .we would all support wenger if he did not talk crap and feed us delusional bullshit and take the piss as we are not stupid people well hey I speak for myself lol………….lol but come on how you gonna support a manager who openly says to the public he would happiliy finish second …think light bulb and ambition then conclude that is fucked up , a manager who says fouth place is a trophy , a manager who thinks with his full squad at his disposal the team is good and competeative and can challenge that is clear evidence that arsene wenger should leave in his position you need to be ruthless in order to get success in a billion dollar business I mean come on fellas we needed major re-working last year and what we got was the worst piece of rank management to date the summer transfer activity was a disgrace and can be seen no other way .Any fool who buys this shit about arsene did not no the players were leaving arsene did not have time to find adequate replacement ….people this is arsenal football club the fifth richest in the world apparently and look how we are being managed .Arsene wenger says it is harsh critisisom …what the fuck there he goes taking the piss again a team that is 10 points behind spurs with half there wage bill (and we have kids …so very insulting )is really bad management and make no mistake arsene wenger is to blame as he really does believe that squad is good enough .Jim hopefully one day you will actually see arsene wenger is an average manager that is it I will now only rememeber him for being incredibly short sighted on the football front and so very stubbon but the worst thing for me is he is hurting arsenal football club with his stuborn nature .It’s not about fourth choice is it when djofool plays at anytime he costs us with a game changing mistake and he gets rewarded with a new contract which is way past insanity and there is so much more wrong with arsenal at the moment .I mean the poor boy is obviously embarrased by his displays as he tell the arsenal official web sight how we will now see the best of him in his right position and then puts in a display like that ….lets take bets as I think wenger will make him captain for the spurs game just to piss all over the fans as that is the problem we fan s must just support no matter what and ever dare to question the genious wisdom of wenger …had enough mate go do something useful like play games in outer space or something

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Yep 100% correct – we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet

  57. Munitionsman   •  

    Great links and articles both. Thanks for that. Wage bill ok. Attendance ok. Owner ok. Wenger out, and his assistants Ivan and pat

  58. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Hey, but if Wenger leaves…. who will replace him???

    I really want some proper answers… dont shrug it off by saying “Oh, even a dog will do better than him!”

    Guardiola… Mourinho…. how are we gonna get those guys….??

    • Bona   •  

      See below!;)

  59. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Is GS hoping that Cesc will come back so he can say, “THAT’S why I still kept the Cesc We Can shirts on sale!”???

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    dont go theo…. dont go!

  61. Bona   •  

    Guardiola is a posible candidate, since he was at arsenal and took his coaching levells and studied our youth program, even though it has failed;) And he has said many times that he will not be at barca for too long since the pressure is so great he has no time for development, but just success matters. Barca woun`t win the league and only CL will be good enough. Also his way of playing is not the same be any stretch of the imagination, but the general idea is similar. So I would think he could join us. Also he attracts talented players and he knows what a good player is.

    Walter Mazzarri of Napoli seems to be a great manager, he has build a super team in Napoli who yesterday took chelsea to the cleaners and should have won by a greater margain. Napoli also play 4-3-3 like us so system wise he is similar to AW just better. He has an eye for talent and realy plays football like AW in 1997-2006. I believe he could be the man for arsenal.

    Capello is on the marked as well, he plays for me anyway tragic football, but gets results.

    Benitez, but I personaly hope not.

    Maybe also that Udinese manager, he seems a good manager and italian football seems alot stronger than say 5 years ago. Something is happening there these days and we could learn from them, look how well AC Milan played against Barca.

    One thing is for sure english football is in seriouse decline, utd and shity out in the groupe stage. Arsenal and chelsea now. Maybe that is just one odd season, we will just have to wait and see.

    For me Guardiola is number one, Walter Mazzarri is number two.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Very hard to say how good Guardiola is when you have Xavi, Iniesta and Messi in your team.

      But you can forget him anyway…

      When he takes a look at what he’s got to work with….he’ll just laugh.

      We have more chance of getting Mourinho….only because he wants to stick it up Wenger.

      Realistically, the only manager types we can attract are the jobless, the desperate or an up and coming manager such as Paul Lambert.

      And if Wenger moves upstairs, then we’ll end up with a Wenger Puppet in control and more disaster years.

      • Munitionsman   •  

        Boro Primoric is our next coach if wenger goes upstairs

    • Munitionsman   •  

      the day the tax laws changed is the day that the EPL started its decline

      • Bona   •  

        That is true, thankfully spain has changed their tax laws now so there is slim hope for the future. Italy is just to corrupt and will never change regardles of economic downturn.

    • TaylorD   •  


      Napoli play a 3-4-3 and Udinese coach is beast, he plays like 5 fullbacks everygame

  62. Atlgunner   •  

    I don’t mind Dortmund coach either we can get sone good German players if we can get him. The problem is that too many folks are so scared of changes that’s the fans of course be cos we all know the board will keep wenger for as long as possible with all the money he is making them greedy ass bastards

  63. Shaun   •  

    Anyone interested in the Theo – sturrige swap rumour in my opinion that would be a great deal for us , feel for Theo a bit as he is just not a winger and now looks to be rusty as a striker ……… Can understand what he is thinking here for two years maybe but it has been to long , he is crying out to play up front with persie as I would think that natural too, but wenger seems reluctant probably for some delusional reason …anyway would rather have both as that would give us a super speed option or a power and pace option and let’s be honest here persie is a world class centre forward as proved but I believe he would be a rollsroyce 2nd striker as he has a great through ball and good vision a hungry storage at arsenal would go down prettY well with me as I think we are crying out for this kind of striker and plus we have the ox ,gervino, ARshavin but hopefully for not much longer ( wengers fault …sorry could not help that) and miagi so we have a few options there but out of the 71 players we are paying to play pro footie we have only got 1 worthy striker or so it seems

    • Wanadoo   •  

      it’s nonsense…

      Theo 4 Sturridge…never gonna happen

  64. sperezgooner   •  

    Yes, forth place is everything now. This isn’t all different from the last seven years.Forget about trophies.Do you remember when Wenger ‘THE CLOWN’said last season that Arsenal was aiming at 4 trophies and after the collapse this pathetic excuse for a manager came up with ‘4th spot is an overachievement’? Seriously, this guy is a complete joke, a disgrace.

  65. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    spezergooner, Wenger has had great success with the Arsenal during his career here. I think when he leaves the club he’s going to go down as the greatest manager ever of the Arsenal. Don’t think for one second that he’s going to be remembered as a complete joke, a disgrace.

    What have you done in your time as an Arsenal supporter? How many league trophies have you won?

    Let’s treat Wenger with respect, for all he’s done.

    • sperezgooner   •  

      7 years without a trophy. Will Wenger match the record set by George Morrell(1908-1915)? I think he will set another record at Arsenal.

  66. Atlgunner   •  

    That’s why he needs to leave at the end of this season. Thanks for everything but wenger it’s time to go coach the French team and pls take with u some of this sorry ass players

    • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

      I can’t believe they would mention a Gooner4Life but not a Well-endowed gooner.

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      That’s not me…. I don’t even live in England..!!

      • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

        now i know what it feels like to have penis envy.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    hey weg… wenger does have special needs…

    we will beat spurs on sunday 3-1!

    • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

      we love the arsenal we do

  68. Munitionsman   •  

    so there we have it. The player that AW destroyed by inflating is ego so badly he even believed his own press after a while. From 12 mill down to 4. Unwanted by lowly sunderland even at that price. Costing AWFC 2.5 million sovs a year and gives us nothing at all in return, and even actually slags us off in the media. But ppl still mainatin “who could replace wenger” well i tell you. Nobody could. There isnt a manager out there that would use the clubs money so foolishly. And yet wenger still has the media saying his a financial wizard. Finishing 6th on the fourth biggest overall budget and yet still held as a messiah. Now that is wizardry.

  69. Munitionsman   •  

    Team for sunday. As it is wengers last game in charge I think it should be his all-star 11 that is fielded. Will have to bring back all our excellent loanees but its a big game.

    CFJ JD Kol gibbs

    The Arsene Knows all stars will be unstoppable!!!!!!

  70. JimPrice   •  

    If Arsene Wenger leaves, you will all be crying 2 months later. He has changed the club into the force that it is for the 21st Century. We all have high expectations….but that is because of him and what he brought us.

    We have a great core of players and some exciting youth players coming through and that is all down to Arsene Wenger.

    Have trust, have faith, Arsene knows….

  71. Pradio   •  

    Last night Phil Jones was crestfallen about Man U’s defeat to Ajax. he couldn’t care less that they went through to the next round

    Defeat hurts to him

    Oh to have such determination. Instead we get Djourou mucking around on camera with his mates

    for fucks sake, it is a joke

    they turn up to games in training gear. Where are the blazers with the cannon on the chest? Where is the pride? Where is the responsibility? Man U players travel in suits and blazers, smart and neat. It sets the tone

    This baby creche that Wenger runs has to be disbanded

    It is an insult

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