Invincible, Immortal, & In the fourth round


Henry celebrates a magical return

Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

The diagonal through ball from Alex Song was perfect. It could have been played by Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, or even Dennis Bergkamp. The first touch was immaculate, the body shape breathtakingly familiar. The giant clock suspended from the Emirates canopy seemed to stop, dead. Time wound back to 2004 and, briefly, Thierry Henry was invincible again.

As he drew back his right-foot to strike the ball, the Emirates was momentarily hushed. Then followed the trademark sidefoot strike. Before the ball crossed the line, Henry glanced across at the linesman. He just had to check. Check that this was really happening, that it wasn’t a dream, that a cruel flag wasn’t about to deny him his moment.

He knew, of course, that the ball would settle in the bottom corner. When he’s wearing red and white, it invariably does.

The reception when Henry had come on as a 68th substitute had been deafening. When he scored his 78th minute goal, a storm of anticipation broke in an explosion of pure joy.

Thanks to EastLower for that amazing video.

Great athletes write their own storylines. Last night, Thierry Henry took a leaden game and carved himself a story, a headline and an accompanying photograph. Another moment, another memory, another myth. A 227th goal, and 60,000 very lucky Arsenal fans there to witness it.

Henry said after the game that it was the first goal he’d scored as an Arsenal fan. You could see that in his celebration. The nonchalance and the shrug of old were replaced with pure, unbridled ecstasy.

Everything else was eerily recognisable. He might not have the blistering pace of yesteryear – but he might not need it. Sprinting speed might be temporary, but it seems class is permanent. The control and finish were as good as anything Henry produced in his heyday. Put simply: given ten opportunities, Marouane Chamakh could not have scored that goal last night. Henry needed just one. Arsenal should only require occasional cameos from their ageing talisman. Yet on this evidence, they could well be match-winning cameos.

What’s certain is that Henry won’t tarnish his legacy. Indeed, last night his statue it seemed to swell and shimmer more than ever before.

Last night was, in many respects, the perfect night for an Arsenal fan. That Arsenal fan, I should add, is named Thierry Henry. He Has Returned. Long Live The King.

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  1. GoonRambler   •  

    I concur with every syllable. Well put. It certainly was the perfect night for an Arsenal fan, or even just a football fan.

  2. Jeffrey   •  

    Long live the King!!!!!

  3. Michael   •  

    227 goals but you couldn’t have said it better!

  4. killak   •  

    Long live the king!

  5. jerome#gunner   •  

    227 goals is nt a joke king henry…truely u deserved dat statue…long live legend!!!

  6. hamza   •  

    long live king

  7. Atlgunner   •  

    We will def need him all season long that’s how u score a goal all the sorry ass strikers we have right now

  8. RVB   •  

    Would we play him vs Man U? Felt like he never left.

  9. Thierry Bandaid Henry   •  

    I cannot understand why the headlines should be about Henry. This is like having a broken leg and talking about a scratch on a hand. Another con-job by Clousseau Wenger. Arshavin, Chamakh and others would not even get into the Leeds United side. They are clowns. Where is Diaby? Another clown. AW needs to get rid of alot of so called players who make me feel like I am watching third division football. Although to be fair to the third division players they have more pride and show more effort than this lot.
    What a great idea frmo CLousseau to take of OC and put on the one trick pony Walcott!!!

    Vela, Lansbury, Campbell, Miyachi, should all be in. And the clowns and imposters like Diaby, Arshavin, Benayoun, Rosciky, Park, Chamakh and Walcott all to piss off once and for all.

    There are so many players around the world whose big toe is better than this lot. Players from the Championship, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, South America who would be 1,000 times better than the clowns. How can AW be a good coach when he turns a blind eye to this?

    Of course I admit that the First Eleven is quite formidable. Great. But when have we ever seen the first eleven consistently?

    Love Pantilimon. (SZX too young)
    Sagna Per, TV, (Koz) Santos
    Vela Coquelin Song Jack

    And some good buys over January and yes we have a team.

    Fix your broken bone you buffoon of a coach and do not sell us bandaid solutions. Does Clousseau really take Arsenal fans for mugs? I think he takes the board for mugs otherwise why wuold they pay him more money than the players actually playing. Why would I stay if Aw hesitated in giving me wages when he is on 6 million a year? The great con continues. By the way the great buys, eg, TH12, Pires, Bergkamp, Viera etc were all flukes. If they were not flukey or lucky signings then how do explain Chamakh, Sivestre, Stepanovs, Squillaci, Gibbs, Fabianski,Diaby, Arshavin, Reyes, Diarra, Bendtner, Hleb, Cygan and on and on.
    Admit you are a lucky fool and go and buy some players.

    • Enjoy   •  

      Dude – if you can’t enjoy Henry returning to the club for a handful of matches then you shouldn’t call yourself a gooner.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        A Handful of matches?

        Is that all you care about..?

        Dude, you need to wake up and smell the coffee

        • Enjoy   •  

          Dude – Henry is one of the greatest players to have ever played for this club. If you can’t honour and respect his return and enjoy seeing him in action once more for our club then I feel very sorry for you. You’ve misplaced something important that all supporters should have; heart.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            I’m sorry – but no one man is bigger than the club.

            And at the moment, we need more than a sugar pill.

            I can’t enjoy something that is to the overall detriment to the club.

            Instead of getting TH back we should be bringing in 3 more players to the club – good players – not the crap he keeps bringing in.

            But now everyone has got side-tracked with Wenger’s Henry manoeuvre – and the club will suffer.

            We are already suffering languishing in fifth place 9 points adrift of Spurs. How could this happen?

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  


    • Peyps   •  

      What an absolute moron.. Your whole post is a dig at Wenger about signings and players who are not good enough to play for Arsenal. My guess is that you play far too much Football Manager.. (Pantillimon over Szcesny? You are having a laugh mate..) How about you go post on a blog of a club you actually support.. Muppet

      Every manager, including SAF has a list of ‘Bad buys’ and ‘Good buys’, or as you pessimistically put ‘Flukes’.. What an uninformed, sad excuse for an Arsenal fan.. Piss off and go spew your garbage somewhere that people actually care what you think..

      • shaun   •  

        I would say a lot of arsenal supporters are happy to see henry as he is a legend and will bring in hopefully the desire to fight to the end to win games as that is sorely missing in this current squad and add a good dose of passion to go along with it , i am sorry but i think arsenal are very badly managed at the moment and hopefully henry can tell the manager where he is going wrong and then he can start making the players realise they need top perform consistenly at a high level as wenger does not seem to be bothered about this aspect and it really shows in this new team of his which is probably the worst team I have seen him produce .I think everyone will agree we need a top quality striker to partner robin and be able to replace robin when he gets injured , I mean it’s not rocket science is it ,if robin gets injured we are toast simple and will really struggle to score goals .the manger obviously does not think park is good enough chamack clearly is not good enough . walcott is some kind of sick joke ,arsharvin is actually a meercat and not a footballer ,gervinio would not score if his wife was on the bed butt naked asking him to , all of a sudden ramsey has morhped into pele but forgot the football skills ,diaby ….well enough said really ,I mean come on fella’s we already no what is going to happen this season …persie already looks very tired …….we have had ample opertunity to be top of the prem even from our disasterous start if we took the opertunity represented to us but we never do …you should be asking yourself why …we are never going to win the CL with wenger in charge that much must be clear we will get to the quaters and then get knocked out ,the other prem teams who really want to win will pick up the cups ,and we will end up empty handed again , wenger is a good coach not a great one that should also be clear …mourine and fergie are great coach’s and before all you wenger lovers start bitching at me just think we had to overcome wolves and beat fullham and we failed, pretty poor from any point of view think we may just get into the top four but we will finish below spurs and that is not exceptable for me for me the difference is I would really like wenger and arsenal to do well but I just don’t think they have the right players or the right attitude as I am pretty sure wenger will not be bothered about spurs finishing above us and there in lies the problem and as such we now have the fans who can see no wrong where as the really passionate fans are fuming at the mismangement of the team , the lack of fight and desire the don’t give a dam attitude when spurs beat you at home after your side be two goals infront take your blinkers off and see what arsenal has now become , we are not the best and do not even strive to be the best as lets face it , it would not take a lot for arsenal to become really compettive but come on the game at the emirates against leeds was awful from every point of view terrible game of footbal and we will struggle with villa as we already no they no we are weak , the full back situation is unfortunate but even that is mismanged

  10. EVANS JOHN   •  

    Let him be called the king of Arsenal for he is a true striker, and a legend.

  11. vladmir Johness   •  

    my star at Arsenal, this is what we call a striker whose job is to score whenever you need him he does make you happy.

  12. Coco Pinchu   •  

    lol u silly!

  13. ManBearPig   •  

    Thierry Bandaid Henry – me thinks it’s about time you stopped swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool…. Muppet!

  14. sundayogbe02   •  

    long live d king is come 2 show chamakh nd order players in arsenal how it is are welcome home a true legand henry

  15. Ademola   •  

    Lng live d King

  16. Graham Chown   •  

    That clip is just about the best Arsenal clip I have ever seen… emotional for Thierry and the rest of us, I am 65 and still felt tears welling !!

    Arsene we must have more quality in this team, Kalou won’t impress any of us !

  17. maureen   •  

    I got thierry-eyed reading this article & videos.

  18. jack   •  

    I agree with bandaid Henry all those players mention are utter crap Aimunia and Squid can piss off as well.But Henry showed his class Ashavin and donkey Chamuck could have played for a week and not scored.

  19. King Kenny   •  

    As a Liverpool fan its great to see him back…a fantastic player who has graced the Premiership. What a dream!!!

  20. Steve Jackson   •  

    I love the way the clock is right behind him in that photo. A classic!

  21. JollyMike   •  

    12 12 12 – The number of the King!

    Shirt 12
    Pld Leeds 12
    Goals 12

  22. Muga Revocatus   •  

    King Henry proved tha craim that sorounding 2 wenger that Arsenal poor performence is due 2 reckless of some players like Arshavin, Chamackh and other alike. There4 he has 2 bring in guality players instead of living with that kind of players with no assistance!

  23. meaner   •  

    Ramilson, you should be ashamed of yourself. You needed a DM Song to do the job for you, to give an assist to Henry. Being a DM, Song has created more than Ramilson, really shameful. And walcott, he needs 30 chances to score, Henry needed only 1, never mind Henry is slower, a 10% Henry is still better than a 100% walcott.

  24. Mop   •  

    Yes Ramsey is shit… Stray pass… Doing to much

  25. DeiseGooner   •  

    Thierry Bandaid Henry – can you just not enjoy a truly magical moment? We know some of our players arent up to the job but fuck me theres something wrong with you if what occurred last night doesnt send shivers down your spine

  26. Nikki   •  

    You know, looking at your previous post before this. It’s like a synopsis to a movie. And that movie is this. You should try writing another synopsis for our coming matches.
    A suggestion for the ending will be Thierry celebrates a winning goal like what he did to Spurs which made him immortalize, and of course the opposition will be them.

  27. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Let’s hope Thierry Henry will score more goals for us during the length of his loan. He is still a good player.

    There are rumours abounding that Arsenal are about to bid for Salomon Kalou. Whilst I believe Kalou is a fine player, I also believe we should look abroad for our next major signing. We need someone who can make an instant impact on the league, and Kalou has shown in his time at Chelsea that he’s a good player without being anymore.

    I suggest we buy Neymar. He’s a good sort. Spend 50m and we could also buy his chum Ganso.

  28. Wanadoo   •  

    Thierry Bandaid Henry is totally correct. Unfortunately there are still
    Many AKB idiots still around to get bamboozled by our fake manager.

    Let’s drop the emotion for a minute and look at the reality: we barely beat the Mighty Leeds 1-0!
    Were you lot not watching how bad Leeds were? I don’t know if they had an off day, but they were terrible – and we just about beat them! What does that tell you? I know what it shouldn’t do; it shouldn’t tell you that King Henry is back and I am crying. It should tell you that we are 6-9 points behind Spurs, Spurs FFS.
    But alas, AW has hoodwinked you again…..poor sheep!

    Instead you get the morons coming on here forgetting that we are 6 points behind Fucking Spurs! And we’ve played a game more

    • Enjoy   •  

      You clearly are a joyless frump. Seriously – if you can’t enjoy what happened then you will never enjoy football.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        You are fickle moron…

        I don’t enjoy that arsehole manager taking the piss at every opportunity and gumps like you enjoying sucking his cock.

        • Enjoy   •  

          Don’t be juvenile.

          Most of the fans here are taking joy from watching a living legend play for our club again. It’s as simple as that.

          I personally think you’re entitled to your opinions about the club and the match – but you can’t stop people enjoying the moment.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            You’re right that was juvenile and I apologise..

            But I am terrified with where we are heading…

            And the problem is….most are ignoring it – because Wenger is pulling PR strokes.

            I truly believe, we as a club are in dire trouble and too many people are not giving enough importance to the real issues and instead giving over importance to the return of Henry.

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      You’re such a grouch… alwayz negative…

      • Wanadoo   •  

        WTF is there to be positive about?

        That we need at least three players and the fucking idiot manager goes out brings Henry back? Is this the fucking answer?? Can you not see what is happening?

        Let me make it simple;

        We need 3 key players and he goes out and loans one for a few weeks – FFS – what is wrong with you people!

        • Enjoy   •  

          I agree we need to bring in 3 key players. And I agree that Henry is not the solution.

          But people here are rejoicing something different. They are relishing celebrating one of the clubs past heros.

          I’m sure no one thinks the job is done. No one is championing Wenger’s managerial skill.

          Surely you of all people can understand the basic desire to celebrate our love of one of the greatest players to ever wear and Arsenal jersey.

          You may want to continue you’re tirade of anger and hate – and it may be fully justified friend – but let the rest of us celebrate seeing Thiery Henry in an Arsenal jersey once more.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            I would be perfectly happy If TH came back AND we were still bringing at least 1-2 players but we’re not – hence lies the problem.

            It’s just that every minute we waste, pushes us deeper into quick-sand.

  29. Ishaque   •  

    Pires is now training with the Arsenal Squad looool that’s it bring everyone back, Bergkamp, seaman, dixon, wright etc. Come on shove them all back in.

  30. FootballTalk PaulyS   •  

    Loved every second… Haven’t had that feeling as an Arsenal fan for a long time but when Henry scored… Speechless.. Even on Facebook the non Arsenal fans were commenting saying the legend returns. The sum up for me was when one of my mates a Leeds fan tweeted “oh well if we were going to lose I’m glad it was to such a superstar”.

    I’m also going to enjoy those fans both Arsenal and non winding their necks back in after saying it was a bad move bringing him back. Arsenal runs in his veins I’ll never forget his reaction, my reaction, everyone’s reaction when Thierry Henry scored on his second debut.

    He left a legend and returns a god.

  31. Superfriendlyaviator   •  


    And many more

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Haha…good one….How about these…

      Mr Miyagi’s Grandson
      The Bender
      Richard Wright (GK)

      Guess what? My list is longer than yours!

      And believe me I could go on adding names to that list, many more than you could add to yours.

      And the funny thing is, half those players are still here….haha.

      And guess what? Next season our incompetent manager will add a few more useless players to the squad….the guy is a fool, he has no idea.

      This should be clear, when towards the end of the summer he had no intention of buying anyone, then we lose 8-2 to Man U, and he goes out and panic buys…..If that doesn’t make things clear for you….the you are truly blind.

      • Bona   •  

        As much as I agree with you.

        Rosicky was great pre injury
        Diaby was a brilliant prospect and cost 2,5 mill
        Wiltord was great for arsenal, watch the 1-0 win at Old T again!
        Reyes was great, but was homesick and vitcitimesed by opposition, watch the game at Old T 2-0 defeat.

        The rest is trash!
        Bronckhorst was a good players for us.

        • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

          1. Senderos was good for a season, and was killed by the addition of Gallas. Should’ve persisted with him and Toure.
          2. Miyaichi is injured, but has a bright future. Did very well in Holland on loan.
          3. Arshavin is misused.
          4. Denilson was misused, was turned into a “defensive midfielder” when he was a passer.
          5. Reyes was brilliant for us until he became homesick.

          • Mad Max   •  

            Yeah Reyes was so brilliant he went back to Spain and had a storming career…!

        • Wanadoo   •  

          Find me an Arsenal fan that thinks Diaby and Rosicky are good players to have..?

          (They must be sober!)

          • Bona   •  

            Rosicky stats pre injury.

            07-08 season: 19+5 games 7 goals and plenty of assists.

            No one has said he is good now, he was a good signing at the time. You have to learn how to read, NOW!

            And Diaby got his leg cut off a week before the CL finale and has never recovered. But he has talent that is for sure.

          • Wanadoo   •  

            So does that mean, because Rosicky had a first OK season then that means it was a good buy from Wenger?….Please come on! What about the other 3 seasons? And his first season was hardly spectacular anyway!

            Besides, that’s even worse because it means that under Wenger’s tutorship – the boy’s been sliding downhill…yet another damning fact for our beloved manager…..He can’t bring on players.

            AW is great at ruining them though (or selling them)

      • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

        Wanadoo, it’s not how long it is, it’s how you use it that counts. Take it from someone who knows….

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  33. Mad Max   •  

    As good a moment as this was, it’s papering over cracks – far more negatives for me last night, Chamakh was awful – did anyone notice that he missed an open net, given offside although he didn’t realise at the time? Arshavin was shockingly poor yet again. Squillaci looked like an accident waiting to happen.

    When will the AKBs wake up? We’re six points behind Spurs. We have substandard defenders in reserve (Djourou, Squillaci, Miquel). We have no long-term option as decent backup to RVP. If he gets injured – that’s it. His contract is expiring at the end of next season and he ain’t signing unless we win a trophy.

    It pains me that the run we have been on since September appears to have quelled much of the anger towards Wenger and the board, although the defeat against Fulham has brought some of it back.


    • Wanadoo   •  

      I second that motion….

      And take Gazidis and Kroenke with you!

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        that’s why I laugh at people who say Arsenal has to operate on a restricted budget. Kroenke’s a billionaire. What the fuck good is he if he doesn’t pony up his own cash to strengthen the squad? Any billionaire who is worthy of being majority share holder should be expected to pour millions and millions of pounds of his own money into the squad, otherwise what the fuck good is he?

    • Bona   •  

      Does the fact that Reyes has a poor career in spain say anything at all about how well or bad he did for arsenal?

      • Wanadoo   •  

        All it tells me – is that Wenger can’t buy or bring on and improve players to save his life – the guy is totally incompetent.

  34. Wanadoo   •  

    And how about this classic….

    Upon completing the deal to bring the 26-year-old to Emirates Stadium, Arsène Wenger said: “We are delighted to have signed him. He will add true quality to our attacking forces and will be a valuable addition to the squad.”

    Who’s he talking about?

    Let me help you…..

    Ju Young Park

    And how much “True Quality” has he added to our Premier league games?

    Errr……zero…..that’s right he hasn’t played once….lol

    Good one Arsene…..! You magnificent manager, you!

    • Bona   •  

      I agree 100%, but take a look around, who is signing anyone good in the PL apart from city and maybe Chelsea? Utd have spent a little bit, but stil have to beg Scholes out of retirement. The money in football is long gone, and the transfer fees is not a problem, the wages are. AW has bought many great players for a lot of money, Overmars, Henry, Wiltord, TV5, Pires, Gilberto, Sagna, Arshavin, Ade, Lehmann, Campbell(free). And many poor players on the cheap. The problem in english football now is the wage demand, clubs merely break even, so there is no money to invest. Also the home grown player rule is a disaster for English clubs, which inflate prices on players. That is why Utd splashed 32 mill on Jones and Young. Unless the wage demand goes down there will be less money for transfers. And every year we are going towards a system of free transfers and last year contract transfers, like Nasri etc.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        But we haven’t spent anything for years! and if we don’t spending soon we will be back to our pre George Graham days.

        Remember those?

        Let me remind you:

        1985/86 – 7th (Spurs 10th)
        1984/85 – 7th (Spurs 3rd)
        1983/84 – 6th (Spurs 8th)
        1982/83 – 10th (Spurs 4th)
        1981/82 – 5th (Spurs 4th)
        1980/81 – 3rd (Spurs 10th)

        I bring you this to show you where we are heading. Too many of you don’t know or remember those days. You think we have a God given right to be top 4 every year and finish above Spurs every year. Well my little AKB sheep be scared because heading back to mediocrity and it’s all Wenger’s fault and the sheep that follow him.

        • Bona   •  

          Listen I was born in 1977 and started to follow AFC, around 1987 when I was ten. So I am 34 now, If you indeed remeber those days I hope you are 45+. I thought you were about 22! Because you are infact a very childish 45 year old, you can`t write a sentence without foul language and your arguments (often correct) is so one track minded it is boarderline to a psycopath, you really have to take a look in the mirror, today, now!I agree with you that AW is past his best, but there is other reasons why arsenal is going backwards too, it is not only AW, its british football in general. Spurs have taken a hell of a gamble, and it is working, but it was a big gamble. And remeber what has happened to all of Harrys old clubs. He has always spendt to the limit of what the club has been able to handle. And evry time he leaves the club goes belly up. Bournemouth, West ham and Portsmouth, and they have never recovered……. Wishfull thinking;)

          • Wanadoo   •  

            What is exactly have Spurs gambled on?

            Buying Van der Vaart for £8m?

            or maybe Scott Parker £5m?

            Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t see what the gamble is!

            And don’t forget they sold Berbatov for £30m a couple of seasons back

            One final thing….

            We have a far higher wage bill than they do – so who’s gambling?

            I think you’ll find the only gambling is being done by Wenger. He has gambled with our club for 7 years making stupid decision after stupid decision and now you can see the result – we are finally paying the price for his Gambling on project Yoof.

  35. RVB   •  

    Gosh, no one is say that Henry is the answer to our problem or that we are now firmly in top four. We still have a long way to go and obviously still need some help. The players are not doing themselves any favour but I’m hoping that Henry brings some spirit and belief back to the team.

    Again, not saying that spirit & belief will solve all problems but it will go a long way in such a sport.

    Just enjoy Henry for these 2 months. Then whine and sob and protest on the streets in May for AW to quit when we finish 5th/6th or 20th.

    I’m flying in to see him live one last time. That’s all it means to me.

  36. Rambling Mind   •  

    I got 2 words for you: Michael Jordan

  37. Wanadoo   •  

    So Spurs are 9 points ahead of us…

    But don’t worry we have Henry back!

    Nuff said…

  38. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    What’s that ? Our wage bill is 40m more than Spurs’ ?

    oh dear.

  39. Gunnerlicious   •  

    Really need a long term striking solution, if RVP would go I would love to see Benzema come in.

  40. True Gunner   •  

    Still seeing spurs fans post here… season only 1/2 way and with the terribad start we had can’t wait until spurs do their destructive loosing sprees and end below Arsenal as per normal… would love to see the expressions on some spuds fans faces here…

    PS Man City spends €1 Billion more than Arsenal in wages and are out of CL, FA Cup and just about out of Carlington Cup… that leaves the PL… so much for buying the “best” players…

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Who gives a fuck about Man City?

      I just want us to improve a little each year – but no that is too much to ask – instead our idiot manager actually likes to make us a bit worse each year.

    • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

      …..and ?

      At least people at Man City are putting their head on the chopping block, if Mancini fails he’ll be out the door!!

      Not like down at Arsenal, where the manager gives big money to shit players, where the manager says that Champions League football is the aim every year….but NEVER equips us with a squad to win it! Pointless fucking exercise!

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        well…. errrr…. overall I belieeeeve it depends upon what you call “pointless”….

        I belieeeeeeve the point is for me to secure a very big salary with the freedom to control and maintain the most comfortable environment as a vehicle for my own ideas and personal enjoyment everyday.

        I belieeeeve as well that every decision I make must first meet the prime criteria: “is it good for Arsene?”. That is the question which must guide every decision…

        • Wanadoo   •  

          So true…..

          He’s totally self serving!

  41. supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

    the difference between spurs and arsenal is:

    they are decisive…
    address their problems (or try)
    are not big headed
    they are realistic
    don’t come with petty excuses…
    have a fair amount of “grown men” whereas we have RVP, Henry and Vermaelen

    spurs deserve to be where they are (but even still they should fall bk into their rightful position – which is belwo us)

  42. Wanadoo   •  

    Spurs fall below us….now you’re dreaming!

    Only if Redknapp goes to Prison will there be the remotest chance of that happening.

    We are in this position purely on the back of remarkable performances from RVP – I’m sorry but this will not continue throughout the season. AW has pretty much put paid to that by bringing Henry back.

    RVP was king, now the shine has been taken from him by our idiot manager who brings back TH.

    Let me remind you, that if it wasn’t for RVP’s outstanding performances we would be mid table at best. Him and him alone is the reason we are in 5th and when that form drops – we will end up 6-8th (at best).

    This is not me being negative – this is just without the Bullshit that AW and his new protégée GS bring.

    • Bona   •  

      Well the gamble Harry took was that he chose to keep Modric and go for broke. It is working out, but if they don`t get CL (they will), but if they don`t their income will take a blow and things might not look that well.
      Harry did as far as I can understand gambled on the other clubs to get weaker and his side stayed/increased their strenght, and that is exactly what has happened. But if that gamble didn`t work out, harry would have been in all sort of problems.
      As well as AW youth project was a big gamble and it didn`t work out. And when you fail you have to pay;) AW don`t and that is a problem.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Keeping Modric was a boardroom decision not Harry’s. Levy decided they weren’t going to be a feeder club for Chelsea. To me, that was good club management – that’s what we should have done. But no, our board are too weak and they capitulate to whatever hair-brain scheme our moronic manager decides.
        Basically, the mental patient is running the hospital!

        Oh dear, I could cry…

        • Bona   •  

          So why are you blaming AW for that? I want AW out as much as the next person, but put the blame where it belongs.

  43. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Henry and van Persie can work together because they both love the Arsenal and in love, all things are possible.

  44. josh   •  

    Is there any bigger copy of that picture ? It’s just brilliant.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Yes, it’s in the sheep pen at Farmer Tom’s

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    WG are you still around on ghere? got a tip for the guineas.. in may!

  46. supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

    Delusional poor sods some of u…

    what fantasy are you living in???u seriously think wenger is going to sign ANY1…let alone a striker

    look…samba..higuain/pato would be my ideal buys but im not even gonna waste my breath talking about it let alone say “pretty please” for AW to sign em..

    again…until wenger leaves we are a Business…not a football club…until he leaves we either stagnate or decline…when it comes to our football anyway…profits might be a different story and then wenger will be laughing to the bank when he does finally fuck off!

    success will only come after wenger leaves…no matter what he does!

  47. grumpy pessimist   •  

    (apologies in advance for the language)
    we had a pretty fucked up summer. its hard to say who exactly was responsible – could be that all of them were – Wenger, the board, the owners and maybe Nasri himself or Mancity that decided it was best to come in at the last minute with a serious offer so Arsenal didn’t have time to replace Nasri – I don’t know. But we had a hugely fucked up summer. It’s hard to imagine that Arsenal can be SO naive at times. We don’t seem to plan well for shitty times. But it’s equally surprising how the shittyness is SO attracted to us. The past few seasons we’ve consistently had some of our main players out for lengthy spells due to injuries. It’s almost become a part of our season every season. And that is absurdly annoying. And not just that, we’ve regularly been on the receiving end of some shitty decisions by referees, the FA, UEFA, so much so that some of us think there may be a conspiracy against us (I wouldn’t blame them). Barcelona in the final of the Champions League in 05 – the game was full of Barcelona-favoritism. And we’ve consistently seen Barcelona-favoritism since then. Even last year when VanPersie was red-carded. Fcuking joke. And their matches against Real Madrid where they were falling over like feathers every 2 mins. Mourinho’s comments after the match should’ve been heard. He suspected it had something to do with the UNICEF sponsorship. Clearly something fishy there. Coming back to us – which other team has had 3 players break their legs in 5 seasons ? (Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey). And I don’t think I remember being on the receiving end of so many goal-of-the-season contenders when we’re playing against some of the mid-table and lower-table teams.
    To the optimists here – I do share the joy and ecstasy of seeing the King back with us. He was and still is the most graceful player I have ever seen. He’s silky smooth. Sexy. Just some kind of magician on the pitch. And lets enjoy his return for 2 months but lets not forget that there is work to do. I wish we could field 11 Henry’s on the pitch but we can’t. We have to think about the other players at the club as well. And that is what some of the pessimists here are worried about and trying to express, and I understand them and to an extent agree with some of the things they have said. That our team isn’t strong enough, GIVEN THE OPPOSITION, to battle for the title. The other teams have improved a whole lot and we can’t just look at ourselves anymore. We have to keep an eye on the opposition to see where we stand. Now we have some good players, and some not-so-good ones and nearly all teams have that except for a few. It seems that we’re battling against Chelsea and Liverpool for 4th spot and with Newcastle there-abouts we could drop as low as 7th with the up-and-down results that we have (games against Wolves and Fulham recently).
    But where we are is also in part due to the fuck-up in the summer. We had a disastrous start to the season and were battling for relegation if the league lasted for a couple of months. So, to both the optimists and pessimists, I say let’s also appreciate that some of our players have actually done well to lift us from where we were and to bring us to where we are now. We are all Arsenal fans and we want to the best for the club and not so long ago we’d be the only other contender apart from United to battle for the titles so it does seem sad and unreal and it frustrates us that we’re no longer so strong, but lets appreciate whatever little good is being done in addition to whatever criticism we have.
    To some of the pessimists here – it’s just plain silly to say that Wenger doesn’t have a clue and that he’s been lucky with transfers. Every team has some good and some bad buys. I’ve already stated we’ve had way more injuries every season than the other clubs apart from getting incorrect decisions way too many times by the refs. But at the same time I agree that our team does need to improve on a lot of fronts. There is clearly a different attitude in our team. But what I gather is that where some teams like Manutd are arrogant and dirty in getting results (and some call that passion – I say bullcrap), we the Arsenal are determined to play the game the right way and try to be fair and not dirty (and hence some say we’re not determined enough – and again I say bullcrap). It’s just a different attitude – no one is the only way. But this is a major reason why I support Arsenal and not the other clubs. We try to be fair where others don’t give importance to it, except for a few. And sadly that quality isn’t appreciated enough in the times we live in.
    Coming back to our season – if all the teams were at full strength, I don’t see us being as strong as Mancity when it come to pure footballing ability and talent. I do see us being close to ManUtd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham in terms of talent but where we lack is mentality. And that’s probably due to some of your squad being youngsters but it could be that we don’t have a strong enough coaching department. We can clearly improve when it comes to timing of movement, movement itself, predictability of play and variety of play.
    And if Tottenham – who haven’t had an injury crisis uptil now – do have a couple of their main players out, we’ll see how they cope with it (Bale, Van der Vaart etc). Manutd is going through an injury problem in their defence same as us. But they’ve got enough quality going forward. The only place where they don’t have a strong enough player in the center of midfield. If they get somebody in this window we can say Goodbye to catching them unless we go on some kind of miraculous run which is hard to see with our current form. I don’t think we don’t have the players. I think some of them are played in wrong positions and maybe we could do better with our formation and how we play (too one dimensional – if we had more variety we’d be a more threatening team as the opponents would’nt know what’s coming next). I think we have a lot of talented players and I think a lot of them would get into the top teams. I actually do believe that Szceszny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Song, Frimpong, Coquelin, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Benayoun, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Miyaichi, Park, Gervinho, Arshavin, Walcott and VanPersie are good enough players on talent alone but some of them have had injury problems, others have been on a run of poor form which can happen to anybody and as a result they haven’t reached their full potential. And there are a few that I’m not convinced by – Chamakh, Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Djourou and Diaby.
    Back again to where I see us finishing – I expect Mancity to win the league, with Manutd close behind and depending on their injury situation Tottenham there-abouts. We’re probably fighting for 4th spot with Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool has a strong first 11 but not enough strength in depth. Chelsea are having some off-field problems but have a strong squad and could very well finish 4th. And maybe ManUtd and Mancity could have a bumpy run of form but even if that happens we will still have to win all our games to have any chance of battling for 4th place let alone challenge for the title. Maybe getting our defenders back will allow our midfield to be more attacking and improve our strength up front because recently it’s looking like theres room to improve. We were very very poor against Leeds. I think we should forget about Chamakh and I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that he’s gone to Africa. I think Gervinho was a huge bonus to us and its a major disadvantage that he’s not here in spite of the many chances he misses, he creates quite a few too and is always a threat running at defenders. But at the same time I feel Park has enough quality to lead our attack. He just needs time to gel in with the rest of the squad and maybe a few games will do him good. I’m disappointed with Arshavin’s performances, he’s been trying but I feel he overdoes it. He needs to go back to feeling the simple joy of playing football and letting his talent take care of the rest. I think he beats himself too much mentally. But it could be that he doesn’t fancy playing out wide on the left and maybe he’d do better behind the main striker more centrally. Also I don’t think we have strong enough wingers. I think only Miyaichi is capable of playing out wide and is strong enough. Compare Walcott who probably isn’t supposed to be a winger anyways, Chamberlain, or any other player who plays for us out wide, to the top wingers in the game, like Young, Valencia, Nani, Ronaldo, Johnson, Bale, to name a few, and its clear our wingers aren’t really wingers. So hopefully we will be able to buy one or two sometime soon. Hazard seems like a great player but from what I’ve read he’s not available until the summer. At the same time I do realize it’s not necessary that whoever we buy will magically just fit in and automatically improve us. Maybe he’ll break his leg or get homesick or whatever so we have to take that into account too when we just wish for transfers to solve all our problems.
    We should have the squad to play a 4-4-2 as well as a 4-3-3 because in recent years we’ve become too predictable and its easy to just sit 10 men behind the ball and play against us. If we’re having an off day we won’t be able to penetrate the defence and they’ll get a goal on the break or a mistake from our defence or a set-piece or whatever. It does happen to us. And there are some players who we could try to replace, the goalkeeper Fabianski and get a better replacement or we could just keep Almunia. I understand he has some weaknesses but it’s not possible to be perfect but Fabianski and Mannone just seem to be too weak. I’m not completely convinced by Mertesacker but we could keep him as backup. We should replace Squillaci. Sagna Koscielny and Vermaelen are top defenders in my book. Not convinced by the defending of Santos – going forward he’s good but he’s a defender so where he needs to be good is at defending. Not sure about Gibbs. Let’s see how he returns from injury. We’ll have to give him the whole of next year and then decide. But we can’t afford to have these kinds of problems at any position and we clearly have a slight issue at left-back. Not sure if Leighton Baines is the answer. He’s good with his feet but not sure about his aerial abilities. He’s a bit short. Abidal could be good but again can’t say for certain. We could sell Diaby and Denilson now that we have Frimpong and Coqeulin. Maybe go for Goetze in the summer to replace Arteta for later – though we could probably do without buying anybody with Ramsey and Wilshere being pretty good. We definitely need a proper winger – Hazard does seem good. And I wish Miyaichi would get some games. We should replace Chamakh and soon it’ll be time to replace Arshavin and later VanPersie or maybe not so late if he decides to leave this summer. Hopefully Walcott can get better quick. Maybe Vela coming back and getting better can help. Anyway let’s stop being hateful. Let’s try remaining calm and positive. At the end of the day football is a game. Let’s not destroy our brain cells over it and keep it positive and fun. And lets understand that nothing in life is perfect so lets stop expecting Arsenal to be perfect.

    • supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

      the longer wenger stays the worst we will become! FACT

      • grumpy pessimist   •  

        well if you know so many facts, might you suggest some solutions to our problems then ?

        • supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

          ofcourse, but i dont know if you can handle it…depends how far up Wengers arse you are??

          but here it goes:

          1)up to me…get rid of wenger send him far far far away…give him a statue…his shares in cash etc. or shift him upstairs onto the shareholders board
          2)recruit alongside berkamp…paul lambert or owen coyle..basically a manager with BALLS…who isn’t arrogant..and takes advice…dont have to be a great scout like wenger and em….oh wait thats all wenger is good at
          3) get rid of the deadwood…WHAT YOU GUYS CAN’T see already is that whether denilson or bentfoot do well or not – WENGER WILL GIVE EM A CHANCE TO FUCK UP OUR TEAM EVEN MORE…trust me – so get rid of: denilson..for good…bentfoot…for good…djourou…for good…squallici…for good…even mertsacker…fabianski…chamakh…arshavin…park..rosicky
          4) then simply sign 3..4 players that would easily be the equivalent of two of those players above…i.e mertsacker+squallici+djourou= SAMBA
          fabianski=schwarzer (cover for szceney)
          5) finally over the summer when the seasons over EACH AND EVERY PLAYERS DOES INTENSE TRAINING ON DEFENDING FOR DUMMIES!

          good to go!…pride restored…no more pussys or pathetic memories or pathetic slow decisions in letting players go who arent pulling there weight…no more excuses…manager like Coyle will not be a fergie or guardiola tactically but better than wenger and with a pair of manly BALLS…not afraid to tell a player about himself than rather protecting him like he’s some kind of baby

          can’t wait for wenger to fuck off!..oh happy days it will be..mark my words!

          • grumpy pessimist   •  

            you really need to stop looking up people’s bums you dirty skunk you. but it shows you haven’t read what i’ve written earlier if you think i’m blindly supporting Wenger. If there’s a better manager there then by all means get him. Nobody’s perfect and that goes for Wenger too.
            but what was that you wrote – Owen coyle ? what are we trying to achieve here ? relegation ? it’s not the championship we need to win mate. Bergkamp for what ? What is it he’s done to warrant a place to coach ? Good football players don’t necessarily make good managers.
            I wouldn’t mind Samba, Schwarzer (he may be getting a tad old) or Hazard but I think Pato’s is hugely over-rated.
            I do agree with you on quite a few points but I do have a suggestion – since we need a quick fix at the club – why don’t you try like you have been with Coyle – sucking his balls to make them big and manly – why not try to do that to Wenger – who knows maybe he’ll get big balls then and it’ll all be rosy again at Arsenal.

  48. supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

    oh so you are kinda offended then…what i said wasn’t for the feint hearted…if you really love wenger that much and can’t see past his arse then fair enough…what i said is too much for you…

    i dnt care if we win or lose as all i know is the longer we are under wenger the more we will embarrass ourselves…become a victim to his pussyfied ways

    • grumpy pessimist   •  

      you gather i’m offended because i asked you to help Wenger & co. out by sucking his balls ? that doesn’t make any sense. shouldn’t you be the one offended ?
      you’re a fan aren’t you ? or are you a troll from some other club ? If you’re a fan then why not help us out ? put those sucking skills of yours to some good use and stop whining.

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        well, I’m not a fan/supporter. Of any club. I’m an observer who likes comedy. cuntene, cuntene FC and it’s asshat clown supporters provide great entertainment value when it comes to comedy, and have done for 7 years now. speaking of “helping out” as you put it. why don’t you go run some errands for cuntene, gazidis and kroenke. maybe cover some of their expenses for them. they’ve got a sustainable model to maintain, dontcha know?! hahahahahahahahaha!

        • grumpy pessimist   •  

          so you’re ‘supporter of arsenal – not wenger’s bitch ? coming to the poor man’s rescue. well observe this – he’s had his ass handed out to him.
          you’re an observer who likes comedy eh ? is that why you’re trolling on fan forums here rather than working on a real job ? is that why your wife left you too ? and now you’re busy being supporter-of-arsenal’s bitch cause that’s all you can get ?
          you’re right about one thing though – asshat clown observers do provide for some entertainment. hardy har har

          • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

            don’t even try. hahahahaha! you’re just pathetic, the very essence of pathos. You’re a supporter of the current Arsenal which is Cuntene FC in it’s current incarnation, therefore you have no dignity. The joke is on you and everybody knows it. You have a mentally incapacitated clown representing your club, constantly making a fool of himself and your club with everything he says and does, and on the other hand you’ve got a billionaire and a useless highly paid executive running a ponzi scheme scam on you while the aforementioned mentally incapacitated clown runs his so-called squad with all the competativeness of a pack of holiday excursionists.

        • grumpy pessimist   •  

          been a fan since the turn of the century actually. saw the invincibles first hand and I agree with you this team doesn’t compare to the invincibles but you have to understand its hard to compare the two teams because back then there was only Arsenal and ManUtd contending for titles. Then Chelsea emerged, then Liverpool, and now ManCity and Tottenham. Only daft people are not able to comprehend that the competition has grown and now the whole level of the league has got better. It’s harder to win games against the mid-table and lower-table teams. That said, again, I remind you that I agree there is room for improvement in our squad and tactics. Chamakh, Squillaci, Denilson, Diaby, Fabianski, and Bendtner should be sold and better replacements brought in – but again you have to understand that only 11 players can play on the pitch and if they mostly remain fit, the replacements would be wasted on the bench. It’s the easiest thing in the world to criticize somebody else.
          But come on. Who are you trying to kid here. We know you’re not really an Arsenal supporter. And we know you’re a Sp**s supporter. How’s it feel dropping points today eh ?

    • Bona   •  

      So Owen Coyle is the solution, you have to do better than that mate. I agree AW should go and that now, but if Owen Coyle is the next in I`d rather stick with “Fawlty”. Maybe Arsenal should approach that Napoli Manager, don`t know his name, but he must be doing something right, they did dump Shity out of CL? And performse at great level the last few seasons. I`m sure he is better than AW.

  49. Wanadoo   •  

    Bar Avram Grant and maybe Martinez – I’d pretty much take any other Premier League manager over Wenger – the guy is a total buffoon who is about to leave us in a complete doldrum.

    • Bona   •  

      Grant would maybe be a good choice for arsenal, unlike you i wouldn`t take any manager around. You should respect AW a little bit more than you do. But he has to go, we are going backwards that is for sure. I am not sure a different manager will help, but surly it can`t hurt;) I belive arsenals problems goes beyond AW, and that makes it all a bit worse;( The fact that we have as many injuries as we do for so many seasons in a row is enough of AW for me.

  50. Bona   •  

    Well both Spurs and LFC dropped points, so I`ll put a 100 Pounds on an arsenal defeat;)

  51. grumpy pessimist   •  

    and tell me this old chaps – which other club has had to deal with a change of stadium and still managed to compete for titles and qualified for champions league spots 14 years in a row ?

    • Bona   •  

      Tell you what?

      • grumpy pessimist   •  

        Did your eyes pop out ? well put them back in and read the comment. see if you can answer. i doubt it.

        • Bona   •  

          Man utd?

          • grumpy pessimist   •  

            they built a new stadium ?

  52. F@bz   •  

    No point to bring back Theo Walcott in the 2nd half. The lad has no footballing brain left at all. And God, is Song becoming a reliable player or what!!! His passes are so sublime!!

  53. Wanadoo   •  

    Where are the AKB’s and the “I’m Crying at Henry being back” brigade?

    What I want to know is, are you still crying?
    Cos I tell you what I’m fucking crying and it’s nothing to do with Henry being back!

    So please everyone please stand up and rejoice and cheer that TH14 is playing again for the Arsenal.

    You bloody idiots – you have no fucking idea.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Thank you. You tell the deluded fuck wits. Outplayed, out passed, out run and out managed….. And out possessed. By Swansea!

      Wenger get the fuck out NOW

  54. F@bz   •  

    Now obvious:
    1) Spurs will finish above us…I can bet anything…and anyone who cannot see this is a total idiot
    2) We will NOT finish in top 4. That stupid Champions League Mantra is finally over.
    3) It is time for Arsene Wenger to bow out…man u have failed us BIG time
    4)Why oh why can we never capitalize on our opponents slipups????? Spurs dropped points yesterday…and whenevr that happens you can be sure Arsenal will do 1 worse and LOSE….to SWAN fucking SEA. BASTARDS x 1,000,000!!!!! Stupid, thick, dirty, stinking CUNTS!!!

    • Bona   •  

      Show some respect mate, swansea is a brilliant team.

      • F@bz   •  

        Yap…and am the most brilliant coach!!! WTF? Swansea is now a brilliant team??? Am I still alive???

        • grumpy pessimist   •  

          only Manutd have beat them at home this season mate. they’ve got the 3rd or 4th most clean sheets this season. conceded very very few goals at home this season. lets put it in context.
          yes we were piss poor. but they worked their socks off and played better than us. simple as that. ramsey was trying but had an unfortunate day. he’s been good all season. arteta may have been missed. walcott and arshavin were mostly ineffective because we are way to slow in moving the ball around and moving into space and Swansea were pressing us like crazy. It’s a shame we don’t know how to press well. We couldn’t keep possession for more than 5 seconds. Even Szceszny made a few positional errors i thought for two of the goals. Real shame we always miss out on opportunities such as this when our rivals are dropping points. There needs to be a slight shift in mentality. We need a tough, ballsy coach to get some of that famous grit going.
          Let’s hope Spurs drop more points because its not looking good for us. That said in a way I wonder what will happen if we fail to qualify for Champs league. Will Wenger finally get some quality players.

          • grumpy pessimist   •  

            another thing to remember is we’ve had all our 4 fullbacks out for a month or so now. this has definitely affected the way we play.

  55. Bona   •  

    Well, who turned back time? It is august again, only colder. We loose every game that matters, they defence is leaking and the transfer window is open, yet nothing. at least we could try to sell some of the players on show today. tragic;)

  56. F@bz   •  

    And 5) which is the biggest wonder: why is it that whenever we play any team….SUDDENLY their goalkeeper has “the game of his life” and we never get the points.

    When the fuck will our goalkeepers ever have the games of their lives??????

    • grumpy pessimist   •  

      been wondering this for a number of years now. it’s like we’re cursed or something

  57. Wanadoo   •  

    It’s funny isn’t it? Spurs do everything that we should be doing….

    1) They have Gomzo the Clown in Goal – Harry gets Brad Friedl to shore that up. In contrast we have Almunia and Flappy, AW goes for Schwartzer but doesn’t want to pay an extra £1m. Instead relies on a very young goalkeeper…..Once again…no idea!

    2) Chelsea do everything to get Modric and offer £40m – Levy says NO. Yet we sell Fabregas (who’s a better player) for less.

    • grumpy pessimist   •  

      can’t disagree here. good points. Personally don’t really rate Friedel much. Wouldnt have gone for him. Spurs’ defence and midfield makes their keeper’s life easier.

  58. Me   •  

    After todays defeat & a poosible 3rd league defeat in a row, against man utd next week, surely that would indicate that our squad may not be good enough to qualify for next seasons champions league.

    With the transfer window open, why not buy a decent player or two??

    Alex went to QPR!! Id take him at Arsenal.

    • grumpy pessimist   •  

      so you’re just going to assume that whatever he demanded as wages would’ve been paid by us ? smart

  59. Strangelet   •  

    Arshavin can’t play in games like that is work rate is zero it’s like playing with 10 men, throw into the fact Walcott can’t defend or won’t we were ruined from the start. Rosicky came on stronger midfield tactically wenger mucked up big time. Same with united he starts the same team we will struggle. The ox defended better than Walcott and arshavin combined. Ramsey can’t play in games like this either no midfield at all today. The swans deserved to win better passing better defending, if they had van p they’d be great.

  60. Wanadoo   •  

    Walcott and Ramsey seem to be getting worse and worse….another damning indictment of Arsene Wenger.

    • grumpy pessimist   •  

      this unfortunately is knee-jerk. walcott i’m frustrated by that he hasn’t learnt how to control the ball better uptil now. but it was possibly ramsey’s first poor game this season. and not for lack of effort. it just wasn’t happening for him. he got into a good position late on and shot a great header at Vorm – just to name one. Walcott did run back and help Djourou out also. Wasn’t expecting him to finish but he did well there too.
      We were just a bit too slow today for Swansea. They’re a good side at home. But we didn’t move it around quick enough. and they closed us down very quickly. We missed Arteta’s calmness in the midfield. AOC might have been a better choice on LW in place of Arshavin. The guy just doesn’t get better. But the team also isn’t playing to their potential. Whether their attacking play is being affected as a result of them having to pay more attention to defending because of losing 4 fullbacks i dont know. But we can’t even defend well.
      I wouldn’t mind getting Samba in place of Squillaci and even Mertesacker. We can argue he was ill but he gives me anxiety. He’s tall but he’s slow. Samba should be better. But again i’m pretty sure we won’t get him. Very strange transfer policy we’ve got going. let’s hope things change for the better.

      • WRINKLY VOYEUR   •  

        sheesh, instead of spending all this time on here typing out huge posts trying to smooth things over hoping things change for the better, why don’t you go spend some money on Cuntene FC merchandise. Cuntene, Gazidis and Kroenke have a sustainable model to maintain, not to mention their huge salaries in the case of Cuntene and the bald prick. hahahahahahahahaha! well…. errr…. overall I belieeeve we showned gweat mental stwengph…. hahahahahaha!

        • grumpy pessimist   •  

          so you’ve been following me all this time. all those posts and you’ve been reading. i’m not sure if that makes you a fan or a stalker. thankyou in any case for showing how much free time you have.
          i’m a few continents away and unfortunately we dont get merchandise here. but why do i need to buy merchandise when you say they’re already sustainable and got huge salaries ? you’re pretty confused aren’t you.

    • F@bz   •  

      When we lost to Fulham I kept saying Ramsey (& Walcott of cos) has become a headless footballer. Get me am not faulting his spirit nor workrate – very committed on those 2 fronts. But his final ball & the decision he takes in front of gaol are shocking!!! How many times does he elect to fire a shot when a pass would be the best option. Almost too egarer to prove himself b4 Wilshere’s return I feel

      • grumpy pessimist   •  

        get what you’re saying but i can just as well say he passes it too often when he should shoot instead. he’s getting there. a tad too slow but he’s improving. walcott.
        lets not jump on his back. the whole team weren’t playing well enough against a good team who was playing like their lives depending on it. that is a case of mentality and we need to somehow learn how to play like that. maybe an addition in the coaching deparment would help. who knows.

  61. Wanadoo   •  

    And for all you….“I can’t stop crying now that Henry is back” mob…..

    Did you know that according to one paper, he is costing us £200k per week!

    Sop basically, a player from League 1/2 is worth £200k a week! Adebayor should ask for a wage rise.

  62. Finbar   •  

    The match report after the Leeds game was up with a day. No doubt the Swansea report will take a week, or more. Funny that.

    • supporter of arsenal - not wenger   •  

      …yes very funny FINBAR – well its all that time GS needs to come with his own mini wenger pathetic excuses – i dont know why the manager, the players the gullable fans are so ignorant…it’s like they are in denial and dont want to face facts



      • grumpy pessimist   •  

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