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  1. Enjoy   •  

    Wow, I’ve never been top gun.

  2. Enjoy   •  

    It sucks that we lost this match because the team played really well. I actually thought we were going to get mauled, but I was so pleased when I watched the match this morning.

    We out fought, out played and out smarted City for the majority of the match. And it was cruel, if not unexpected that City scored against the run of play.

    Certainly I came away from the match with a sense of pride. Chamberlain, Kolscieny, Frimpong, Coquelin and Miquel had terrific games.

    On the negative – Chamakh continues to be a drain on the team. I really can’t see any reason why we should hold onto him. If there’s any chance of offloading him in January, I hope we can take it because he simply doesn’t offer the team anything.

    • shaun   •  

      looked to me like djouro was at fault yet again , I could be wrong as I admit I do not rate him at all and don’t feel he should be playing for arsenal as he seems to make a crusial mistake every game .for me I have no idea why he stopped tracking auguroe or what ever as he just seemed to stop and leave the guy for a free run on goal .fring,coq,kos and oc were first class I thought .but come on we need a striker it’s as simple as that .Chamack should have been subed at the end of the fisrt half and arshavin given a chance as he could do no worse

  3. sasa   •  

    Pls dont show audio reports…. it removes the feel of the blog. The static hurt my ears too.

    Damn, so upset to miss out on ragging City fans.

    • ChrisJ   •  

      Agreed. If you’re gonna do it again, use a pop-guard to iron out the sharp P sounds.
      If you don’t want to buy one, just wrap some tights around a coathanger and put that between your mouth and the mic.

      • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

        Yeah, I hated it when GS said: Pesky Pennines Purloiners of our Pimple-scarred French Prince Prance Proudly about after Pinching Precious Win.

  4. Tee   •  

    A good performance from the team. A bit cruel to lose a goal at the time we did. Oh well. Things look really bright with the fringe and younger players. My only complaint is why do the fans give Nasri so much acknowledgement. Yeah he left the club for more money. But for me it is not like he is an Arsenal great. Frimpong sums it up well ‘PFFFF’.

    • Cesc we can   •  

      The Emirates was support was typical. Very vocal at booing and hissing but rarely get behind the team. Always a negative vibe.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    thrown towel in GS

  6. Ishaque   •  

    We need to play Benayoun more. The Ox needs to be on the bench as a back up to walcott, teams will get scared at this prospect of the Ox coming off the bench. Also, Chamack should not be in the squad, it should be RVP Park up front, Mid – song, arteta, ramsey walcott, def – kos, per, vermalean and santos. Switch to 442. Bench – frimpong, ox, gervinho,coceqlan, arshaven, benayoun. Arsenal will only get stronger if we bench chamack, cause hes simply a header of the ball not a pacy runner.

    • True Gooner   •  

      I agree with Ox being on the bench he is READY!!!

      Also agree with Chamakh not being good enough but either is Park we need to invest in a proper striker if we can find a decent one who is prepared to play second fiddle to RVP.

      I would also like to See Afobe included when he is fit!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ishaque   •  

        Yes i agree boss but heres hoping park gets into gear in this champions league gaming coming up on tuesday.

  7. Atlgunner   •  

    Good performance but we def need a striker asap to back up rvp! but knowing wenger he won’t do it. After this match I have to say that I feel better with the fringe players we have except chamakh of course.

  8. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Oh, please defeat City in the EPL!!

  9. RVB   •  

    Should have been Arshavin as SS to Park. Didn’t see the game but highlight looks good on the young lads. Still think Ox should be closer to first team action on the EPL. What can we do about the striker situation though… No replacement in sight. RVP is a big shoe to fill but at least get a striker who believes. Shit, Chamakh makes me miss Bendtner. It’s THAT bad.

    • True Gooner   •  

      Mate Bentdner has done very little at Sunderland but have to admit he is still a better option then Chamakh!!!

  10. mobsidian   •  

    seriously i feel bendtner would have buried that last minute chance. chamakh has forgotten how to head in the past year and hes still looking for the through ball to run onto that never comes. midfield needs to supply those to him again. its the reason he did well when he joined the arsenal, he was winning penalties like that, but sadly no one in the team believes in his abilities.

  11. fu   •  

    Seriously, Bendtner would have missed as well. the useless long string of piss. it says something about Chamakhs ability when people start placing him behind Bendtner. The sad thing is Bendtner will be shipped out of Sunderland asap now that Bruce is gone. That means that we will be stuck with him again paying obscene wages for a mediocre player who lives in a dream world as regards his talents.
    Wenger is still the problem so lets not forget that, we beat an atrocious Chelsea team and all was forgotten, lets not forget how bad Chelsea are at the moment

  12. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Maybe we need to bring Bendy back to the fold. He’s a good player and if he knuckles down and works hard, he’ll be a top-flight footballer yet.

    The same can be said of Denilson.

    • True Gooner   •  

      No and No .. you cannot be serious Bendner missess chance after chance then scores one great goal and all is forgivnen.

      As for Denilson he falls over after every challenge which bacically means he is not cut out to play in the EPL

      so NO and NO

  13. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    I understood that Frimmers picked a fight with Nasri so he could publicise his range of DENCH clothing. Is that the kind of player you want wearing the mighty shirt of Arsenal? I for one have never seen Denilson pull a stunt like that.

  14. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    There are rumors that we are going to sign Moussa Sow in the January transfer window. I suppose a swap of Chamakh, Park and £10m would do it. Moussa Sow would be an excellent addition to our band of desperadoes.

    Up the Arsenal!

    Up the table we go!

  15. Munitionsman   •  

    the grotze rumour is interesting…. chamahk isnt, bendy said he wd never return. Why cant we produce a CF….. why always FB’s and midfielders?

    • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

      Gozte is a no-go because he’s too expensive. Chamakh will go back to France because he’s been found out at the English game. Bendy will come back because Sunderland no longer want him nor can afford him. If you, Munitionsman, can trump my logic and reasonings, then speak up, or otherwise cower like a cowering Englishman!

      It would seem that we’re intent on buying the Lille front three, with links to Hazard and Sow in the January window. It is ironic that for all our vaulted youth set-up and our pleasure at being the best at being great, we’re relying on stealing a front three from Franceland.

      We have great up-and-comers who are coming up through the ranks. Benny Afobe is one for the future. So is JET, who despite being sold off to Ipswich Town, is still considered a gooner because of his Academy days. And then there’s “Dirty” Sanchez Watt, who’s going to be a big hit with the ladies.

  16. Ricky   •  

    Wenger will not bring any striker…even if he brings…it is going to be in the last hour of transfer window :-)

  17. Ricky   •  

    How about PODOLSKI

    • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

      We do not need new strikers, esepcially as we have Benny Afobe and Dirty Sanchez in reserve, as well as Walcott and Park and Chamakh, who are all world-class.

      If we bought Leional Messi , he would be a bench player. How would he get ahead of Park or Chamhk? He doesn’t even have experience in the French league.

  18. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Sorry for the nonsensical rant, but I’ve been watching the Australian Cricket Team face off against the Kiwi Cricket Team. I am greatly discouraged by the number of New South Welshmen in the team, and am nauseated by the stench of those New South Welshmen wafting over the verdant green pastures of the ‘gabba.

    I do not believe that David Werner deserves a baggy green ahead of better-credentialled players who come from Victoria. There is only one Victorian in the Australian team, and that Victorian cannot, by himself, uphold the spirit of awesomeness that the Australian Team is renowned for – he is being held down by all those New South Welshmen.

    And as for picking NSW Strac over QLD Cummins, words beggar belief. I say a pox on those who suggested Clarke would be a good captain and selector. A man who would choose the Australian captaincy over Lara Bingle has to be seriously questioned as to his sexual orientation and manhood priorities, as well as his choice of shoes for formal functions.

    Let’s go Arsenal!

    Let’s beat the Kiwis!

  19. GP-Chamakh's Agent   •  

    Who is this Sow?25 years old so in his prime and one for the present an not future so that’s a plus I suppose.

    A word on Chamakh, he is playing shit because his confidence is absolutely shattered. When be came to the club he was linking play well, holding the ball up and scoring a few goals to boot. He built up a very good understanding on the pitch with Wilshere and Arshavin and some of the football was sublime.

    My question is what has happened since then to him? Fair enough if he didn’t do anything since signing for us then we could say he’s shit. But the truth is he came to one of the most physical leagues in Europe and started very well – where better strikers have struggled. Don’t get me wrong he was not Henry or Wright but be was doing a good job while RvP put his feet up for his annual RnR.

    Some of you will probably hammer me for even having the audacity to mention that Chamakh is a good player but I seriously think something major has happened to him off the pitch which has shot his confidence on it. It’s a vicious cycle which can only be broken with two things – 1) Goals 2) Games.

    With RvPs form He won’t get the game time and he can’t score those goals sitting on the bench. Perhaps a good run with Morocco in the ANC will help him break the cycle.

  20. GP-Chamakh's Agent   •  

    One other thing. In a time where badge kissing wankers fuck off at the first sign of more money or better chances of winning trophies it’s nice to see that there is some loyalty left in the game.

    For 10 million TV seems a bargain at the moment. Along with Vidic I’d say one of the two best defenders in the league at the moment. The guy had signed a new contract and it’s because he feels he owes the club for the way they looked after him through is injuries. Also he feels he has t proved anything yet as he’s only had one full season with us. The guy is a winner and having as vice captain is a good shout.

    Now we just need the captain to commit – which I feel he will as you can see how much AFC means to him. His bond with AW is stronger than Cesc as AW believed in him through his tough early years and of course through the rape allegations. That counts for more than money and trophies. Trust me.

  21. A Force!   •  

    I would definetely have Bendtner over Chamakh anyday. Bendtner is a striker who has scored a hat trick in the champions league and has scored at the nou camp. Chamakh has done sweet FA!

    I think the real problem started when Chamakh got caught with the two swedish blondes. It got swept under the carpet but ever since then he hasn’t been the same player.

    If we have any hope of getting top four we need a TOP striker in January. There are no two ways about it. But you know Arsene he will just go and pick up David Ngog from Bolton!

  22. GP-Chamakh's Agent   •  

    That’s about the time he started to to AWOL in games. Come to think of it the guy comes from a tight knit Muslim family and it would look a right twat for getting caught like the way he did. Didn’t he get blackmailed or something over it?

    Either I agree on the striker issue. We are one RvP away from Thursday night UEFA league football so getting a class foward is imperative. That Podolski wouldn’t be a bad shout and word on the grapevine is that Villa ain’t too happy at Barca and that he’s had a fall out with Messi.

    I doubt we’d get him as he will actually cost a few pounds but he’d fit into our still of play in an instance. Hell I’d go 4-4-2 and have him and RvP lead the line. Oh well I can dream I guess.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Two swedish tarts and I bet he couldnt penetrate either. Turned his back to them and tried to back into them….. before slipping on his own hair gel.

  23. GP-Chamakh's Agent   •  

    We are one RvP “INJURY” away…..

    Too tired to type properly…..

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    weg, this time last year you had a chance of winning the ashes,,, still roll on 2013, eh.]

    your a brave man to talk about cricket, your wicket is very sticky at the moment, if you get me gist…..

    hows your summer going old boy,,,

    whos the next big aussie band coming through?

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    weg surely you should be behind your man webber?

    not in a perverse way but vocally…

    hows the railings industry going? still trying to persuade me daughter to get in to the dentist industry , they are never poor are they?

  26. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    RSPCA, it is a difficult time for Australian cricket. First, we lost to England. Second, we have Michael Clarke as captain. Third, we’re forced to watch Michael Clarke shove his mates in the cricket team with scant regard for form, talent, charisma or Victorianess. The only consolation is that we can still beat the Kiwis – but even then it’s a bittersweet feeling because Michael Clarke will be lifting the trophy.

    It’s a good industry to get into, but the GFC is biting into profits. If things don’t improve, I may have to consider buying a BMW instead of a Mercedes next year.

  27. Enjoy   •  

    As we all know, Lukas Podolski has been continually linked with January move to Arsenal in the past few weeks.

    While there is no denying the Cologne forward’s goalscoring pedigree, do Arsenal really need him and how would he improve them?

    Well the answer to first part of that question is yes, they most certainly do need him. The second part is a little more complicated, but I intend to answer it all the same.

    Arsenal need him because they have a striker problem, a problem that has already scored 17 goals in all competitions this season.

    RVP is in the form of his life at the moment, which is nicely covering up Arsenal’s striking deficiencies. The Dutchman has a poor injury record and the player closest to him in goals is Theo Walcott, with four.

    As can be seen from this statistic, we do not score a lot outside of our captain and we really do not have a viable option to back him up.

    It can be argued that he plays at the point of Arsenal’s attack and that he should be the one scoring the vast majority of the goals, but it isn’t healthy for a team to be so reliant on Robin.

    The two strikers who deputise for ‘RVP’ are Chamakh & Park. Neither has proved to be an able deputy on the rare occasions they have come in.

    The Moroccan will go away on Africa Cup of Nations duty in January – as well as Gervinho – and Arsenal cannot afford to have only Park as replacement.

    Although you would have to argue that a new signing is needed, regardless of where Chamakh is in January.

    Lukas Podolski could fit the bill as Arsenal’s perfect forward signing in January, for a number of reasons, not including Gervinho’s absence due to Cote D’Ivoire commitment at the Africa Cup of Nations..

    ‘Poldi’, as he is called by German fans, has a proven track record in finding the net – scoring 18 times in 48 games for Germany. He is also on a hot streak for Cologne and has scored 9 times in only twelve appearances, despite his side being on a poor run of form.

    It is unlikely that Podolski will go anywhere he isn’t guaranteed first team football, what with the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine taking place next summer, but Wenger can accommodate him into the current system.

    Podolski can do the job of central striker and wing forward equally well, making him ideal for any of the three attacking positions at Arsenal. Granted, he is unlikely to make it into the side with the current form of Gervinho, Van Persie and Theo Walcott, but squad rotation is now essential if success is to be achieved.

    Podolski has been very successful playing wide in a Germany front three of himself, Thomas Mueller and Mario Gomez or Miroslav Klose. His goal record is also impressive for a player who is supposedly a wide man who creates chances.

    For Cologne he plays predominantly as a traditional second striker, but often drops back into a wider position when they are in defensive mode. It works the other way as well, as he has started as an orthodox wide player and moved to a more advanced position when his side need a goal.

    This tactical versatility could be just what we need, as current wide players Gervinho and Andrei Arshavin often find defensive concentration somewhat difficult.

    It would also mean it more easy to change the team’s approach, should they be chasing a goal. At the moment they invariably call Chamakh off the bench for a defensive player, often this only results in making the team toothless and more vulnerable at the back.

    Some may say that Walcott has pleaded for a central role many times and a Van Persie injury could be his chance. Walcott has never really played that position and it would most likely be too much to ask for him to lead the line.

    Podolski has international experience in doing carrying out this role and plays there regularly in the Bundesliga.

    Podolski also brings a goal threat that Walcott and Gervinho do not currently possess (although I think Gervinho can come good). The German also has a tendency to shoot on site, something that we would all find refreshing.

    The clincher may be the fact that Cologne are not in Europe and so Podolski would be available in the Champions League, which is somewhere he could prove to make a serious difference.

    • Ricky   •  

      I always look for this kind of analysis on any player linked with gunners…hardly find anything meaningful….THANK YOU

      • The Well-endowed Wegster   •  

        The only meaningful stat is the one that’s written on the back of his underwear.

        Warner scored 3 from 3 balls on his debut. He’d be rapped about his 100% strike record. I

  28. Munitionsman   •  

    is it the interlull? Noooo

    Is it the off season? nooooo

    Is it the euro’s? nooo

    Is it the world cup? noooo

    Has there been a nuclear war? nooooo

    GS get a fucking blog in

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      too true…

  29. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    Oft times have I wondered about GS’s day job. GS is one of those chaps who ghost in and out of dinner party conversations, chiming in with bits of classy, educated bon-mots, and then disappearing for hours at a time to parts unknown. Where does he go? What does he do?

    Considering the amount of union troubles you chaps have been having lately, might I suggest GS is some sort of hired goon, employed by the government on a casual basis to sort out the hoi polloi from the hoitty-toitty class? I can just see GS in padded riot gear in a security cordon, beating up that protesting crowd of riff-raff as they dare to get too close to the upper class. He’d be the one trying to organise the riot police into a decent 4-3-3 and driving it straight into the heart of that said protesting rally.

  30. indian lawyer   •  

    the doomers only post when we’re losing!

  31. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    The 4th place trophy is in our sights!!

    • Brent   •  

      we’re in second place, not fifth!

  32. Brent   •  

    awesome GS. a free kitten avatar?! you’re the best

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