Gunnerblog on: Campbell’s goal, Thierry’s return, Gervinho’s assists & more…

You can come out. The interlull is over, and between now and Christmas, there’s a veritable flurry of football. Here’s some of what I’ve been thinking about:

…Joel Campbell

As some of you know, I spent a good deal of my summer following the trail as Arsenal pursued Costa Rican striker, Joel Campbell. Whilst a deal was ultimately agreed, Arsenal were forced to send the player on loan to Lorient after his application for a work permit was rejected.

Since then, he’s fared well – this piece from French Football Weekly will bring you up to speed on his start to life in Ligue 1, whilst this week he notched the most significant goal of his career to date, curling in a twenty-yard effort to put Costa Rica 2-0 up against World Champions Spain. Whilst the Spanish clawed their way back to a draw, it will doubtless remain a famous goal in his homeland.

If he continues to rack up international caps he has a chance of qualifying for a permit next summer.

…Thierry’s return

Despite his relative success at Lorient, Campbell will be kicking himself that he’s not in London at the moment. If he were, he’d be able to pick up a few tips from one of the game’s true greats. Arsenal’s record goalscorer, Thierry Henry, is training with the club to keep himself fit in the MLS off-season.

The sight of Thierry in an Arsenal training strip is enough to make me feel all fuzzy inside, like the mouth of person suffering from flu. So, in the hope of giving you the same on this cold Friday morning – the nice feeling, not the flu – here’s a picture:

The blonde man behind Henry is American Brek Shea, who is here not only to keep fit, but also to try and impress Arsene enough to earn a move across the Atlantic. By the looks of things, he’d instantly take Gervinho’s crown as possessor of the worst haircut at the club.

Whilst I don’t think anyone would realistically want Henry to come back and sully his record and reputation, but at times Arsene must be tempted to bring him back to the club on loan. This January will leave us with only the injury-prone van Persie and anonymous Park as striking options. Tempting, isn’t it…

…Gervinho’s assists

Whoever plays up front for Arsenal will be able to rely on a decent supply from Gervinho. In ten starts, the Ivorian has created six goals. It’s an impressive return, and suggests his record as the most productive attacking player in France last season was no fluke. The challenge now is to improve his own finishing and take some of the goalscoring burden off RVP.

…Kieran Gibbs

Yesterday saw Jack Wilshere tweet the following:

It doesn’t take Jonathan Creek to work out that Gibbs must have been going some sort of surgical procedure, and the whispers are that it was for a troublesome hernia. If that is the case, I’d expect him to miss a further month. Still, at least Andre Santos has been working hard on his new fitness regime:


Our next game is away to Norwich tomorrow lunchtime. I’ve been really impressed with both the Canaries and Swansea, who’ve managed to combine decent results with attractive, enterprising football. Any lapse in concentration will doubtless be punished, so we’ll need everyone to refocus immediately after their international exploits.

…the Arsecast

In order to celebrate the return of proper football, I had a chat with Arseblogger for today’s Arsecast. Why not head over to and have a listen? On the agenda: Injuries in defence, Koreans in Sunderland, and racism in football. Enjoy.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Ricky   •  

    Jenkinson has a stress facture..What a shame…The kid was doing great…

  2. Enjoy   •  

    Yeah, I read that – it’s horrible news.

  3. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Finally a blog…!!

  4. Stefan   •  

    Shea worst haircut?! No, that crown belongs to Sagna and Sagna only =)

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  


  5. GiantGooner   •  

    Don’t get me wrong, Shea’s haircut is 18 different kinds of douchetastic, but its still no match for The Forehead himself, Gervinho. And playing with a bag over his head? I mean really…

  6. North Bank Ned   •  

    TH14 wearing Rio’s shirt?

  7. Liam Van Persie   •  

    must admit the sight of Henry in an arsenal shirt does send me weak at the knees! Pretty moist downstairs now.
    Also good see Jack is recovering well, cannot wait to see our lil terrier back in action! :)

  8. Wanadoo   •  

    GS the apologist

    The thing you should be thinking about GS is how come your Bondage Master Wenger is buying such crappy players that they can’t even get a work permit…It’s a fucking joke mate and you’re missing the point behind your Wenger tinted glasses.

    What is this fucking lunatic doing to our club.

    • Bona   •  

      Wake up!! This is a fact: If Lionel Messi was from the Fiji Islands and was 18 years old and no senior caps for Fiji, no english club could sign him because of regulations. It is beyond stupid. You my friend got to understand this. The Da silva twins at united got a work permitt for utd despite having played 0 international caps because they are from a higher seeded nation, Campbell who has 9 didn`t because he is from Costa Rica, a lower seeded team. Campbell is a brilliant prospect and would be good enough for arsenal already, even if it is because Chamack is so poor. Utd almost got him from under our noses, and you will be happy they didn`t.

  9. Well-endowed Wegster   •  

    The Wegster has seen Campbell in action himself, in a friendly against the Aussie U-21s. The Wegster has faith in the kid, and would rate him high enough to consider him an honorary Aussie. That’s an honour that’s rarely bestowed, and usually only to New Zealand actors who’ve featured in Neighbours and are now really, really big in the States.

    So kudos, Campbell, and good luck with the rest of your career. On ya, mate!

  10. Wanadoo   •  

    Bona, are you trying to say this is the new Messi?

    I can bet you one thing: that is if SAF wanted him he would have got him!

    I have no faith in Wenger’s buying policy or his training methods of young players. He has acquired more young players than any other manager in the league and where are they all?

    This guy will be another fringe player who will make the odd few appearances in the league cup and that will be it – you’ll never hear of him again.

    • Enjoy   •  

      You seem awfully sure of yourself.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        It’s not a case of being sure of myself. It’s just that this is happening all the time.

        There’s a pattern….

        Reporter: Freddie Ljungberg has left the club this week – will you be signing any more players now that he has gone?

        AW: Not necessarily no.

        Reporter: You talked about bringing in “super class players” earlier in the Summer Arsene. Will another “super class player” come in?

        AW: It’s too early to say that.

        He did bring someone in called Gilles Sunu on a 4 year contract for about £1m and guess what? He made zero appearances in 3 years before being shipped out to Derby last year!

        And guess where he ended up…yes, that’s right Lorient.

        Now for the dim-witted amongst you – are you beginning to spot something?

        The guy (Wenger) is a fucking imbecile

        • Enjoy   •  

          Again, you seem pretty sure of yourself, however the argument you present doesn’t necessarily convince me that all of Wenger’s young signings turn out poorly. Here’s some to name a few:

          Fabregas, age 16, £500,000.

          Nicolas Anelka, age 17, £500,000.

          Song, age 18, £1million.

          Walcott, age 17, £5million.

          Ramsey, age 18, £4.5million.

          Van Persie, age 21, £2.75 million

          Oh and Henry and Ljungberg were both 22 years of age when they signed.

          So it’s not a bad record of recruiting good young players. Of course there has been some shockers. Reyes and Baptista are two of my all time ones I love to hate.

          Anyway the point is, Joel Campbell has every chance to become a super star for Arsenal.

          • Ture Gooner   •  

            Reyes was not a shocker he was a very good player at Arsenal. How were we to know the cry baby would get homesick and run off home!!!!!!!!

    • Bona   •  

      I agree to a certain degree with you, but arsenal ahve to gamble on talent. Do you recon cesc, RVP, clichy, jack, Ramsey, The pole, Vieria, petit etc was not worth the gamble? Many of the players AW brings in is not good enough, but many are. You should respect some of the work AW has done for us.

      • Wanadoo   •  

        Bona, Nearly all those players you mentioned were bought during the Dein years. Having read many articles on the subject; David Dein was instrumental (if not the reason) in bringing those players to Arsenal.

        I quote Wikipedia:
        Over the following years, Dein was also responsible for recruiting players such as Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit, Marc Overmars, Thierry Henry, Davor Suker, Robert Pires, Sol Campbell, Gilberto, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie.
        Without Dein, Wenger has been clueless when it comes to buying players. and as one Spanish fat bloke would say:…. “FACT”

        • Bona   •  

          Sure I agree, we all miss David Dein, but I can gurantee you that AW indetified the players, and David Dein did the negotiation. Problem these days we have Ivan, who can`t convince a three year old to have a cookie.

          And you are WAY wrong on the work permit issue.

  11. Bona   •  

    Not at all mate, what i was trying to point out was that a work permit or not doesn`t decide how good a player is. That is all.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Look, I might be wrong here but I’d like to know when has a player who couldn’t get a work permit ever been successful… guess is never. And if it’s not never then it must be pretty close to never. So to me, following such a recruitment policy is totally absurd, foolish and idiotic.

      So you have to ask yourself: Why would someone have such a policy in place? I’ll tell you why, it’s because our manager is a self serving cunt. He wants to say to the world: “Hey look at me, I bought this nobody, he couldn’t even get a work permit and I had vision and I’ve turned him into something special.”

      I wish people would wake up and see what this guy is really all about…he’s a fake. He’s self-serving and doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal. The bust of him says it all.

  12. Well-endowed Wegster   •  

    Ronaldinho couldn’t get a work permit when we wanted to sign him. Neither could Yaya Toure.

  13. Well-endowed Wegster   •  

    Those who derided Wenger as a has-been in the beginning of the season should be ashamed of himself because of writing him off so soon. We are now 6th on the table with 26 games more to play and a huge up-swing in the offing now that we’ve won 5 games in the trot. Wwe are the greatest side in the world again, 1 game off third place and we’re going to win the league again this season for sure! I know it because Wenger never lies and Wenger says that we’re the best team in the club and that this is the best squad that he’s ever known.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      And equal points with spuds who still have 2 games in hand. Equal with Pool. Behaind newcastle FFS.

      O yeah lets tongue Arsene’s arse for that ;)

      • Bona   •  

        Listen, we have gained points on every team apart from city the last six games, and we will gain more. In two weeks we should go past at least Pool and Newc and maybe even chelsea. So we are on a good run, spuds is the problem they are winning and not playing well, that is a danger sign for me. But 3rd or 4th is now a real posiblity, while 5 weeks ago we were relegation bound. Things change quickly. We should be happy, not licking AW, but happy stil.

  14. Zywiec   •  

    “I quote wikipedia.”


    • Bona   •  

      Why don`t you shut up. We try to make a normal argument and he found that info on wikipedia, what is wrong with that? This is not a PHD you fucking fool!!

    • Enjoy   •  

      You’re dreaming.

      • Munitionsman   •  

        i know…… never going to happen. On the positive side I am really enjoying watching us play again. More cut and thrust as opposed to nuzzle and nudge

        • Enjoy   •  


          I tell you what’s going to be great. Watching Jack back in the team in the new year. Can not wait for that.

    • Suja   •  

      more like the new maradona, sleuoisry no1 has ever looked more like maradona than arshavin. messi is brilliant, and tevez, but shava plays exactly how diego used to.

  15. Munitionsman   •  

    Yes true…. but who goes out? Arteta? He is very high on the fantasy league points table which suprised me. Rambo who is playing well? Song? No chance. I guess its rambo or arteta. For me I guess its rambo but with so many fixtures there is enough playing time for everyone. Imagine being able to sub JW for arteta or vice versa on 68mins?

    Looks like AA23 is well out of favour now. I dont think AW got the best out of him. Not even close. I dont think Russians understand lassie fairre (SP?)

  16. Bona   •  

    You are correct! We are looking good all over these days. For me we have only one real problem, a quality striker besides RVP, it is a must in january, a must!!!!

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