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Hello all.  I’m not dead.  It may appear so from the lack of activity on the site, but instead I’ve entered a kind of stasis,  cryogenically freezing the Arsenal-obsessed part of my brain to protect it from the onslaught of boredom provided by the international break.  Now I’ve temporarily awakened it, and the ennui is already flooding through the window.

In the past few days I’ve taken time to reflect on the events of the weekend.  I certainly feel more positive about it now than I did on Monday morning – even though I am mercifully spared the gloom of trudging in to an office job to be faced with gloating colleagues.  Losing to your local rivals is always painful, but the Spurs and Arsenal squads are about on a level pegging at the moment.  Losing to a team who are about as good as you, at their stadium, is no great shame.  Objectively, it doesn’t appear a disaster on par with Old Trafford, Ewood Park, or the home defeat to Liverpool.

Of course, it will matter more, because it’s Spurs.  I had a fascinating and at times terse conversation with a good friend of mine last night, who is not a football fan.  That is to say: he doesn’t mind playing, he’ll even watch as a neutral, but he doesn’t support a team.  He described a scenario where he walked through Kensal Rise, and saw a crowd of Fulham fans singing about their hatred for Chelsea.  He simply doesn’t understand the tribalism, and asked me to explain or justify it.  Why, he asked, do I say “we” won when I had almost nothing to do with it?  And why ‘hate’ other teams?

I have to say I didn’t find his questions easy to answer.  Explaining it away as a geographical loyalty to your local area becomes impossible with the number of fans who have no history or heritage in the city where their team is based.  Let’s not forget a fan in Africa recently committed suicide on the back of an Arsenal defeat.

I think it’s certainly tied to some sort of tribal instinct – an inherent “us against them” mentality.  We live in a world with a decreasing number of foot-soldiers.  Football provides an outlet for that aggressive instinct, and occasionally I’m glad that the vitriol I witness inside a football ground is contained within that relatively controlled environment, rather than being unleashed out on the streets somewhere.  When it spills over, however, as with the unacceptable chanting from both fans on Sunday, it’s a very ugly sight and sound indeed.

I suspect one of the main reason people invest in the fortunes of their team is as a form of vicarious living.  As lovers of sport, we are imbued with a competitive spirit, though not necessarily the ability to actually compete on the great stages of the world game.  Pinning our colours to a club’s mast allows us to share in the glory of victory and the catharsis of defeat.

Above all else, I suspect that in an increasingly blurred, globalised world, people are more willing than ever to ‘belong’ or cling to whatever they can use to construct an identity.  In this relatively secular country, football is the obvious way to do so.

This is a real ramble, straight from my brain to the page via a pounded and punished keyboard – a stream of consciousness splashing all over your unsuspecting face.  If you have more considered opinions, I’d love to hear them.  We need to fill the time somehow.

Right.  Back in to the stasis tank.

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  1. A Force!   •  

    “In the past few days I’ve taken time to reflect on the events of the weekend. I certainly feel more positive about it now than I did on Monday morning.”

    Sounds like Arseblog.

    • Denver   •  

      We need a lot more intgshis like this!

  2. Bryce   •  

    Really well written and intelligent blog again.

    Humans have always wanted to belong to or affiliate with something, whether it’s a religion, a political party, a nation, a golf club or a football team. It allows us to believe we have more of an identity and purpose because of that.

    However, said ‘tribalism’ also breeds division and mutual dislike or hatred for the other side.

    Have a listen to John Lennon’s Imagine for an alternative.

  3. Wegs is a believer!   •  

    I remember having a similar conversation with my brother when we were kids. I was a fan of the Melbourne Demons, an AFL club, and he asked me once why I referred to them as “we” when I didn’t do anything other than watch the games. Couldn’t give him an answer at the time, and probably can’t give him an answer now. My active support of the Demons has waned as I’ve grown up, but they’re still the first team I look up in the newspaper, and I’ve never had the urge to follow any other AFL club since.

    • Wegs is a believer!   •  

      What I never figured out was whether I was deluded or he was missing out.

  4. Jekyll   •  

    The original affiliation with a football team came from them representing your local area. They ‘represented’ you in this way. Obviously that’s been warped as the game has gone global and there is something inherently absurd about supporting a football team on the other side of the world, but it’s still about them representing you in some way. Of course, there are still vestiges of this geography based belief, e.g. southern based Man U fans are mocked.

    Personally I support the team in the area I grew up in, that’s what it’s still about for me, and that happened to be Arsenal.

  5. RealisticGunner   •  

    i really thought old GS would be giving us his response to some of the obvious comments of disgust from the previous blog, but i guess he has overlooked this, ignored it, turned a blind to it all – a la wenger style.

    GS we will still keep confronting you with you undying deluded love for wenger and his regime!

    also i think it was mentioned before…i can understand why your trying to be a “goody-two-shoes” for wenger and his arse…because when they revamp the “” website…you could play a part..even a job role as an official blogger for them – yes i saw on the survey the question ask if “it would be a good idea to put other arsenal blogs on their websites i.e. have gunnerblog on

    well lets hope your being all nice and pretty for arsene…and arsenal so that once they buy you good support and employ you can let loose the TRUTH and HARSH reality …offically! or you’ll just be doing more arse-kissing and sucking up to wenger!

  6. Stevieo   •  

    Losing to a team who are about as good as you, at their stadium, is no great shame. Objectively, it doesn’t appear a disaster on par with Old Trafford, Ewood Park, or the home defeat to Liverpool.

    Yep, I think there’s going to be a lot of this sort of analysis during the season. Each bad loss and poor display will be categorised in to a chart position on a ‘feel good scale.’

    With a narrow defeat at Goodison, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much. We’ve lost to worse.

    A 4-0 pummelling at Man City will be nothing to be ashamed of. Look at the money they’ve spent.

    A 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge. Shouldn’t grumble. Didn’t have us down to get anything there anyway. We have to be realistic.

    A 0-0 draw at the Reebok will be met with we should be happy with an away point. These teams fighting for survival are never easy places to go.

    A home defeat to West Brom next month? – Ah well, it’s not as though we’ve got anything to play for.

    I suppose we didn’t lose by 8 so we should be happy?

    I think I know where you’re coming from. I lost my arm last week but I’m feeling more positive about it now. It doesn’t appear a disaster on par with when I lost a leg the week before!

  7. Cesc we can   •  

    Required reading for GS

    This will be reposted on every new blog post until GS acknowledges the facts.

    “I would argue that only a moron (GS) would support a manager:
    1/ Who has totally lost the dressing room
    2/ Lies to the fans on a consistent basis
    3/ Plays world class players out of position all the time
    4/ Sticks with the same formation whatever the opposition or situation
    5/ Resides over a defence that is conceding more goals every season
    6/ Plays crap players huge wages so we cannot off load them
    7/ Played Almunia in goal for 4 seasons before realising he is crap, when most could see it after 2 months
    8/ Leaves it until the very last day to strengthen the squad in the transfer window
    9/ Makes bizarre and pathetic substitutions
    10/ Loses 8-2 to a rival, the biggest defeat for over 100 years
    11/ Manages to come fourth in a two horse race last season
    12/ Let’s Diaby walk into the team whenever fit
    13/ Let Denilson play over 200 games before noticing he was crap
    14/ Does not research the opposition and discuss ways to nullify their strengths, just tells them to go out and play
    15/ Runs young players into the ground knowing they are in the red zone (Wiltshere) and then moans when they are injured
    16/ Whose team lies 17th in the PL
    17/ Has made the team a laughing stock in front of our rivals
    18/ Set’s new records for incompetence. (Leading 4-0 and not winning, going 90 minutes without a single shot)
    19/ Not telling young players what they have done wrong or how to improve after a match (Traore)
    20/ Having the same “Yes Man” Pat Rice as his number 2 for 15 years
    21/ refused to sign Xabi Alonso because “it will kill Denilson”

    (Fletch, 2010)


    • Bona   •  

      point number 21 is just fantastic, just brilliant, I remeber it too, AW actually said that. That alone should be enough to hand in a resignation.

    • Wegs is a believer!   •  

      Required reading for Cesc We Can:

      1. We get it.
      2. We got it many years ago.
      3. We got it many years ago and accepted it.
      4. We’re not fucking stupid.
      5. We know Wenger’s got problems.
      6. We know the wage structure is fucked up.
      7. We know we’re tactically naive.
      8. We know we crumble under pressure.
      9. We know the medical team is incompetent.
      10. We’re not Untold Arsenal.
      11. We know all this, but still choose to support Arsenal.
      12. We are gooners.

  8. Stevieo   •  

    I see house resident AKB Enjoy has been posting quotes from Jack on the previous forum, which means Wenger hasn’t lost the dressing room?

    I now see where his delusion comes from. Words speak louder than actions.

    Here’s some more quotes from the last 12 months that you must have believed too.

    Wenger – Nasri will stay. We have mental strength. We have turned a corner. This is my best team ever. The defence has improved (3 days ago that one).

    As long as Wenger says it, then that must be true too I suppose.

    I don’t know if it’s all that beer you keep drinking that’s affecting your brain, but you just keep reading and all these nicey nice bloggers and everything will stay rosey in your la la land.

    After Sunderland beat us next week, you’ll be quoting Rosicky’s post match verdict that the team has learned from this. Tool!

  9. shakir1989   •  

    I think Arsenal need a 4-1-2-1-2 (4-1-2-1-1-1)

    You have the keeper and a back four.
    One holding midfielder – just sits in midfield all day long mopping up everything, A.Song does not do this, M’vila can, when needed he’s pretty good at attacking too.
    Two wingers who play well and cross well, there is Gervinho but Walcott has to improve his crossing and link up play.
    Wilshere or ramsey in midfield creating the passes and responsible for all link up play upfront.
    The next part is where Wenger needs to notice what he did wrong. He should not have sold Adebayor or he should have found an equal or better replacement. V.Persie and Arshavin should be the strikers who play in the hole behind the main ST, VP is more a CF than ST. He is exceptionally technical as well as A.A they create great chances, when we had Ade and V.P upfront we were unstoppable until Eduardo broke his leg and we went on a slide. We need two upfront or we will create chances but with only 1 player with 3 defenders usually to go past, no way, 2 upfront great chance.

    What do you guys think.

  10. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    GS I really feel u dont know the meaning of blogging anymore. You really dont put ur feelings in it…. and are TOO optimistic?

    • Wanadoo   •  

      GS has a different agenda; He now thinks that by writing optimistic, arse licking crap that will snap him up.

      Unfortunately for him, the commercial revenues on a site that only gets a couple of hundred posts is minimal…hence they would never be interested.

      If he instead focused on stuff that was important to other Arsenal fans and he represented their view then he’d have a much larger readership, many more posts and thus more interest to Arsenal commercially. But he’s tried to circumvent that….maybe if he changes his attitude to that of a true Arsenal fan and does it quickly. He may have a chance cos the site is nicely laid out.

      • C   •  

        Utter nonsense, but nice trolling tho… GS has been blogging on Arsenal since 2004, have some respect he is legendary

  11. CTG   •  

    Damn! more negativity from the comments I’ve seen. Only when we as Arsenal fans can collectively get behind this team can we go from strength to strength. The Emirates is still not seen as a fortress by our opponents. I don’t have any problems with abusive chanting by the supporters either. For how many years has the manager had to put up with abuse from our opposition’s fans? I’m tired of us showing that we’ve got more class than “them” obviously we do “We Are The Arsenal!” If the manager can’t get the best out if his players then maybe we can. We sure as hell can’t change the squad overnight or even the management but we can effect results through our support. Get loud, chant abuse at the opposition, whatever it takes to get that 11 players motivated to produce on the pitch.

    • Wanadoo   •  

      Listen, if you come home every night and your wife serves up disgusting food on the table then you can be positive all you want – the fact remains the food is disgusting.

      Now if you and the other AKB sheep wanna put a smile on your face and say “it’s lovely” and be optimistic that one day she may be able to cook – that’s your option….personally, I’d rather hire a cook or get a take-a-away.

  12. 433   •  

    Football as religion in 21st century England: discuss.

  13. Bub   •  

    Whats up with you guys if you dont like what GS writes then go write your own stuff. its almost shameful how your always complaining try actually supporting a team when not on a winning streak. People always looking at the bad points nowadays.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      we are writing our own stuff Bob but GS is paying for the bandwidth….. its just wengernomics writ large

      • Peyps   •  


  14. Wegs is a believer!   •  

    Here’s a good topic for the Gunnerblog to discuss:

    Arsenal have a policy of scouting for technique first, then mentality, then physicality. This had lead to the identification and development of players like Jacks, Gibbsy, Frimmers, Lansbury.

    Southampton have a policy of identifying athletes first, and then coaching them in the detail of the sport. This gives them Bale, Walcott, the Ox.

    Which policy has been more successful? And which is likely to be self-sustaining in the future?

  15. Wegs is a believer!   •  

    Here’s another good discussion topic:

    Should real gooners like myself be given preferential treatment at the Armoury, over those self-proclaimed “Wenger haters”? I think a 10% discount on Arsene Wenger related merchandise would be appropriate.

    • Cuntene Cuntger   •  

      how much would you pay for a sniff of the wrinkly voyeur’s jock?

    • Cuntene Cuntger   •  

      as legend has it, if you inhale the gaseous vapors from Cuntene’s arsehole you’ll be infused with gweat mental stwengph and spiwit.

  16. Sharpness   •  

    Just what the fuck is this GS:

    “Losing to a team who are about as good as you, at their stadium, is no great shame.”

    This is Spurs you are talking about, not Wigan or Sunderland etc. So you admit to how far we have fallen.

    Fuck off Wenger, you myopic cunt!

  17. Annie Brosterhous   •  

    Arsene says my privates aren’t as smooth as Abou Diaby’s so he makes me shave and rub on all manner of lotions. He paid a Hollywood mask designer to create a very realistic replica mask of Abou Diaby’s face. Next time you hear him say Abou’s name, stop and really listen closely. There’s something sexual about the way he says it….. Diaby

  18. Munitionsman   •  

    spuds are better than us…. any other conslusion is purley delusional really. The league doesnt lie, even this early its truth is confirmed by te head to head with spuds, the pool result and our comparable showing agaisnt manure

  19. Munitionsman   •  

    Now we are actually being prepared for failure before time. And told we dont need CL football. Why? because we can always rape the fans. This cunt doesnt understand we wont be able to attract players, the stadium will empty and we will be condemned to years of mediocrity. What a cunt this guy is and Kroenke and wenger. Give me the rapist and some ambition. If this doesnt start a riot, let alone a protest then nothing will. We dont need europe. What an utter cunt.

  20. Wegs for President!   •  

    It’s good financial planning to plan for the worst, MM. I like how Gazidis has fireproofed Arsenal from the effects of missing out on one or two CL seasons. Especially considering we have the 3rd highest wage bill in the country.

  21. Munitionsman   •  

    From the Swiss ramble

    As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Unfortunately, the club’s stance was explained by Tom Fox in an interview with an American magazine. After seeing the 40,000 waiting list for season tickets, he said “As a US sports executive… you think, you’re not charging enough for tickets.” In the business world, price increases are often considered the path of least resistance, and football club owners are proving increasingly happy to adopt the same approach, as their “customers” have the fiercest brand loyalty around. After all, an Arsenal fan is hardly likely to switch his allegiance to Spurs.


    Might be time to rethink that this year. Do you think there will even be a waiting list? That’s a Serious question btw. Interested in ppls opinion on that.

  22. Mad   •  

    Man this ‘team’ is on the verge of implosion. Let’s brace ourselves for the relegation battle

  23. bong ed   •  

    Your friend has got some valid points.Ive never felt the right to talk about as arsenal like i have some involvement in the day to day running of the team.Plus Ive never understood hate for the other teams.The whole football community is like a puzzle, take away one or two pieces, aka the football club you hate, and you’ve got an uncompleted picture.

    Ive seen user comments posted all over the internet where football fans prefer to spend more time hating another club than actually just enjoying their own.Its a daft “my daddy runs faster than your daddy” mentality that should be left on the school grounds.

  24. Me   •  

    Arsenal say that they are ok with not qualifying for the CL!!!

    That they can sustain a successful business model without CL football…

    This statement is worrying. Very worrying.

    Arsenal board are putting cash before cups!!!




    WAKE UP.

  25. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Have to go on to some statistics now…

    I think Vermaelen (when he becomes fit) shud play more ahead. Maybe Song’s position (CDM). That’s coz its an attacking and defending position…. and Vermaelen looks to be dynamic there.

    Meanwhile (call me crazy, but) Song should get some playmaking responsibility. I’ve seen he’s brilliant in passing and is very sure of his shoots. Arsene, dont degrade him in DM (altho i know u will)

    Gervinho and Walcott are not so good in kickoff squads. They have good pace and are influential as subs.

    To end, i have to say, it really feels strange to see the red line whenever i type the word ‘trophyless’. Its used in every Arsenal blog & comment, but still is an invalid word…!!

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  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    GS… your showinghsigns of going soft…

    we are sinking faster than the spanish armarda!

  28. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    As Munitions put it, “GIVE ME THE RAPIST & SOME AMBITION!!”

  29. RealisticGunner   •  

    we will only get worst under arsene wenger – FACT

    who knows the odds on arsenal loosing to all the top 5 (man u & city, chelsea, spurs, liverpool) home or away & to get relegated?


  30. shaun   •  

    16 Sun Barclays Premier League H Sunderland 13:30 SS1
    19 Wed UEFA Champions League A Marseille 19:45 Player
    23 Sun Barclays Premier League H Stoke City 13:30 Player
    25 Tue Carling Cup H Bolton Wanderers 19:45 Player
    29 Sat Barclays Premier League A Chelsea 12:45 SS2
    November F A
    01 Tue UEFA Champions League H Marseille 19:45

    Sunderland at home , I would hope we would win this but not a given by anymeans and we could loose this match
    Marseille loss in my opinion
    Stoke city definate loss as the rugby team will batter us and as we have no players with any fight in them persie will take it upon himself and get sent off
    Bolton at home I am going for a win here regurdless of my actual thought
    Chelsea is a loss pretty sure of that
    Marseile loss again

    So again for me the worst case is four loss’s out of six games does anyone think we will do better and why ? as I am really worried about the right back with either AA or walcott in front

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      i reckon we could well lose that bolton one as we’d probably player the even younger kids!

      as for sunderland …we are bound to lose one key starting 11 player through international duty…it’s just garaunteed that one of the soft n brittle players will get injured…a walcott or v.persie..probably mertsacker

      so i say no wins….possible draws

    • Mobsidian   •  

      W D D W L L

      • Auth   •  

        October 6, 2011 love love love fencrh toast!Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..

  31. Stevieo   •  

    At last, some good news brought to us from Ivan amongst all this negativity. Should the club not make the top 4 due to all the bad refereeing decisions, we need not worry ourselves. Our self sustaining model will ensure the club is still here challenging for the PL (??) and more importantly, we’ll still be able to pay Wenger his £7m salary.

    Wenger said we couldn’t win the league at the weekend (stating the bleeding obvious), and now Gazidis is breaking it gently to the deluded AKB’s that our 4th place trophy may be moving on to pastures new.

    This news must come as a welcome relief to the season ticket holders who forked out the extra 6.5%. They were told it was needed to compete at the highest level. That was obviously a load of bollocks after a summer of farce, but at least it goes towards railroading the Arsenal gravy train where failure is rewarded.

    The sale of Van Persie will fund the annual payrises for the dross that plays and help sustain the wages of the dross we can’t shift.

    Some will say the club lacks ambition. But remember, Leeds showed ambition and look what happened to them. Using our year on year profits to strengthen the squad would have led to a decline in the team, followed by administration and League 1 football, just like Leeds.

    Give it a couple of weeks and that twat Gazidis will be forewarning the fans to brace themselves for relegation. But relegation won’t be the end of the world, because with the PL parachute payments built in to the self sustaining model, we’ll still be making profits.

  32. Wegs is a believer!   •  

    Why it is dumb to moan too much

    By Walter Broeckx

    After the not so bright start of the season a part of the fanworld ise up in the arms. Well everyone has the right to be a fan as he likes it to be. But how wrong they have been all these years is really amazing.

    For years a part of the fans have been crying for “Wenger out” and almost every player we had on our books had to be sold because he was not good enough. Every time we won a game they said it mean nothing. The opposition was poor. The players still weren’t good enough. The manager still had lost it. And every single player got their own special insulting nickname. They had to add “shit” or other not so nice extensions to the name of our players.

    And no player escaped from their vile name calling. Even Fabregas was amongst the victims and this was long before the media campaign to drive him out started. I think it started together with the campaign to drive Wenger out. Maybe they thought both of them away and Arsenal would be broken down completely? I even said at a certain point to them that if they talked like that about Fabregas and if he would read it, he would have every right to step on the first plane to Barcelona and go away from Arsenal. Maybe it would be interesting to know how much the constant insulting of our players contributes to players leaving Arsenal.

    Anyhow what happened, happened, but the thing is that that part of the fanbase surely must be considered as well not being the smartest part of supporters.

    Now these days with our bad start they come out and say: “See now, I told you X years ago and now it happened”. Followed by more doom and despair for the rest of our days. Now I’m not going to say that I am happy with our start this season. I can see many and various reasons for it. But are those who say “I told you so” really that smart?

    Let us take the period since we moved to the Emirates as a starting point. A period in which they have been moaning about all and everything. And yes we didn’t won anything in those years. But we have been close to winning on a few occasions. We have played a few semi finals of the FA cup, Carling cup, Champions League. And we had a very strong chance of winning the league twice. Last season we were in contention for the title until we lost our third last game of the season. And we lost the Carling cup final in a heart breaking way. And in 2007-2008 we just have been cheated out of the title race.

    I didn’t do the ref reviews in those days but I think it would have been very interesting to have done it by then. I can remember a lot of strange decisions and strange events going against us starting with the Birmingham game. But in all those years almost every season we had the chance of winning a price. But it didn’t happened at the end and so the fans who are fans to win prices at all costs are disappointed. I consider myself more as a long term supporter and I can live with such things. I like us to win things but as long as the players do their best on the field, there is nothing more we can demand from them. And we have to accept defeat sometimes as it is part of football.

    But what really baffles me is the fact that in all those years when we always have been playing for some prize some fans were never satisfied. And in fact this is really sad I think.

    Because in the last 6 years (to use the special media Arsenal measurement) when we didn’t win anything I have had some great times. I remember great evenings and afternoons of football that you can hardly see anywhere on the planet.

    I have seen us destroy teams with great football. I have seen us score goals as if it was nothing. I have seen the most amazing goals from Arsenal. I have seen great victories. And yes I have known defeats. And yes I have been disappointed at times after a game. And yes I have been angry for a moment when a player messed it up and cost us a game. And I have been very angry when again the ref screwed us and took our points away.

    Defeat is part of the game and I can understand every fan for being angry when we lost. I could even understand him shouting abuse at the team for a defeat. Not all of us have the ability to accept defeat gracefully.

    But what is important for a real supporter is that he must learn to enjoy every win. Or even a hard fought draw. Because if you cannot enjoy every win then you surely must be a sad person. How can you be angry about Arsenal for 6 years and say we are worthless? Didn’t you enjoy the wins? Did you never felt joy when we won? I’m not saying that I danced around in my kitchen where I was watching the Olympiacos game last week when we won but I surely was very happy with the result. So I didn’t care at that moment about what would happen the next Sunday.

    We would lose by a cricket score the “know it all” said after the Olympiacos game. Now I’m not a person who knows a lot about cricket but I think that a 2-1 score is not really the average result of a game of cricket. Or is it? But for a lot of fans there was no joy after that win. Or after the Bolton win. Or after any win in fact. Because right away after we won a game they came out and told us that if we would play against “Fill in as you like” like that we would face a heavy defeat.

    What I don’t get is that some fans are not really able to enjoy a win. And that is something that most of the “told you so” fans have in common. It looks to me as if it is a really heavy burden to be an Arsenal supporter. For me it is for 80 or 90% a constant source of joy to be an Arsenal supporter and I know and realise how happy I am that I once chose to be a Gooner. And I can tell you that if we only take last season I really had some very great moments as a supporter. We have been trashing a few teams with a high score line. We were the only team that have won against the two teams that played the CL final.

    I even can remember the ecstasy after our win at home against Barcelona. Or us reaching the final of the Carling cup. Or us winning at Manchester City. Or us winning against Chelsea at home. Or us winning against Manchester United at home even without Cesc and Nasri. Those were great moments last season. And I enjoyed them. And yet the “I told you so” part of the fans didn’t really enjoy it. Because after those games they still were moaning. They still were calling for the manager to be sacked. They still were abusing the players on the internet.

    And by doing this they only show us how dumb they are. Supporting a team means you should be having fun when we win. You should feel happy when we win. Why support a team when you are unhappy when they win? Be unhappy when we lose, fine for me. I’m not happy when we lose. But by just enjoying every win I can promise you, you will feel better. You will feel happier. Just try it for once. Just for once try to enjoy the win and leave the moaning aside.

    I have been enjoying Arsenal even in those 6 years. And life is short for us human beings. Not enjoying something for 6 years when you have every reason to enjoy it is really a stupid thing to do.

    I will be in front of my TV when we play our next game. I will be there to support our Gunners from afar. And when we win the game I will be thrilled and feel high. Just try it the next time we win a game. But be warned: it might feel good! But that is the way it supposed to feel.

    • Chuck Norris   •  

      That’s very misguided. These wealthy men are running a con-game, scamming people out of their hard earned money for their own selfish personal aggrandizement. You should never feel happy about that. In fact it’s the opposite. You should feel happy about every manner of setback these despicable men suffer. Just as surely as you feel happy when I take down the bad guys in my movies and television programs.

    • Sharpness   •  

      Is this post for real?

      Weg, I think you’re in the afterlife pal.

      • Wegs is a believer!   •  

        It’s from Untold Arsenal. I read it from time to time and shake my head at its stupidity.

    • Gooner 4 Life   •  

      Ummm… is this Arsene Wenger..??

  33. Munitionsman   •  

    Untold arsenal… The home of delusion and an akb factory which is now in disrepair. They cling in desperation. May their fall be swift and brutal.

  34. Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

    Denilson’s set up for a storming Hollywood second half of the season. Arsenal sold their star players at the start of the season, sent Denilson out on loan, and are currently languishing in 17th. Arsenal are desperately in need of a spark.

    Denilson’s back home where it all began, struggling to find his feet. He needs to go back to his home favela, meet his childhood inspiration (an old boot maker, perhaps), play a couple of games on a sun-kissed beach with a gang of happy street kids to get his samba-passion back, and then go on a storming run of play at Sao Paolo until he gets the call up back in London…

    I can see it now – Arsenal are on their worst run of form since the end of Graham’s days. Denilson’s sitting on the bench until we’re 3-0 down against Man Utd. Wenger’s tearing his hair out, then sends Denilson on for the last 30 minutes. Denilson roars with the fury of a thousand mojito-fuelled samba parties, and creates 4 goals in quick succession to win us the match! And then he continues until the end of the season, and we win our 4th placed trophy again!!!!!

    And then he signs with Barcelona in the summer after declaring it his “dream club”.

    • Me   •  

      ha ha excellent

  35. Munitionsman   •  

    Theo Walcott’s agent has conceded he “doesn’t know” if the winger will sign an extension to his current deal at Arsenal.


    but wedo things the right way…. we just need to keep this group of players together

    wenger out

  36. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    LMFAO if Walcott leaves!! Even the average players have had enough of the bollox!!

  37. Stevieo   •  

    I blame the media for trying to destabilise the club. Why do they write these stories about Walcott and Van Persie wanting to leave? They make us sound like a sinking ship.

    The AKB’s can take solace though, in that not all players wanting out get their way. Denilson and Bendtner wanted out too this summer. They’re still on the books.

    Anyway, in the meantime, just give your undying support for the lads and get behind the team. If we get shafted, then we get shafted. Now is not the time to bring this up. Wenger will sort it. Remember, we hold all the cards. If we sell in January we’ll get a better fee to prop up our self sustained profiteering racket.

    • Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

      Stevieo, you deluded cunt!!!!!!!! Don’t you realise that Denilson is shit, Wenger is shit, Arsenal are shit, and everyone in England shits on us and we eat shit because we are shit???!!!!!!!!

      It’s AKBs like yourself who are turning this club into a club of losers who look like shit and smell like shit and taste like shit, because you eat all the shit that the club shits out of its shithole!!!!!!

      Until cunts like you open your eyes and smell the shit that the club is shitting out, we will NEVER kick Wenger out and move on.

      WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!

      • Stevieo   •  

        Sorry Wegs. I took a look at that Untold Arsenal site you was on about. I think I got a bit caught up in it all and temporarily brainwashed.

        That site makes Arseblog’s love for Wenger look tame!

  38. Sharpness   •  

    Fuck off Wenger! CUNT

  39. Munitionsman   •  

    Wenger out. There I said it.

  40. Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

    I think it’s time we started prioritising which trophies we want to win this year. I would suggest:

    1. Financial profit trophy
    2. 4th place trophy
    3. Get out of CL group stage trophy
    4. Nurse Vermaelen back from injury trophy

    This would be an unprecedented quadruple, and shit on everyone who thinks that Wenger cannot win things with Arsenal.

  41. Wanadoo   •  


    Arsene Wenger is the creme de la Creme of Abou Diaby’s sperm filled cock.

    You have a wonderful stadium, a gorgeous bust of Arsene Wenger proudly looking on, a team that plays CL football every season, a team that has given you two finals in the last few years, a club that has a management trio of Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis & Arsene Wenger and if there’s something that slips past them, then there’s Pat Rice who takes charge. Then we have our team of Yoof; Walcott, Wilshire, Oxy, Carl Fucking Jenkinson….future world beaters (albeit in a different team).

    And all this for a miserly 6.5% – anyone would think we’re the most expensive club to watch!

    And if you’ve got a good view of the Arsenal bench then you get regular performances of Arsene Wenger doing his Basil Fawlty impersonations…..and you get that for free!….NO CHARGE – so stop fucking complaining.

    Anyway next season will be different; prices will go up by 7.5% in order to make up for loss of Champions League football – I think this is what Gazidis meant by sustainable model. At the end of the day he knows that mother fuckers like us will still pay up.

    • RealisticGunner   •  

      yep just like the iphone 4s – people will complain but they’ll still go out n by it!

      • Wegs for President!   •  

        I’m still using my old Nokia. I don’t complain about smartphones because I’m well aware of the futility of upgrading every other year to get the newest, shiniest communications device.


        • Wegs for President!   •  

          I’m sorry, that was a bit crude, and I pride myself on my subtlety.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    GS… Throw the towel in fella,,you sir seem to not care..

  43. Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

    Le Coq Iggy Bartley Gibbsy
    Jacks Frimmers Rambo
    Chuks Benny Ryo

    If we stopped playing with our shite, and started playing with THIS team in the Premier League, we definitely won’t win a 4th place trophy, but we WILL set the foundation for an amazing side in years to come.


    • Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

      And I’m well aware than Chuks Aneke is more of a central midfielder, and the Ox should be on the wing instead, but I think Chuk’s got amazing potential and who knows???


      I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!


  44. Wanadoo   •  

    GS, you should realise that if you keep writing optimistic balderdash that bears no resemblance to reality then you won’t have a readership….and without a readership, or anyone else won’t be interested.

    They are only interested in sites that have a following.

  45. R.S.P,C.Arsenal   •  

    Wegs… i fell the same about afobe… that lad will be awesome, maybe we have to wait 2 seasons… once he has his groove.. watch him go…

  46. R.S.P,C.Arsenal   •  

    i agree GS.. been reading this site for many years..

    i remember the halcyon days top cat Welling Gooner rural, respects, Nin JP…
    I’ve missed off a few come on fella spark it all up again!

  47. Wegs for President!   •  

    Mr Wenger is worth between £100m and £400m to Arsenal

    By Tony Attwood

    Arsenal are the only leading club in the Premier League to make money from buying and selling players during the years of foreign ownership (which we take to mean since Roman Abramovich at Chelsea).

    Since 2003/04, Arsenal have received £21 million more than they have spent, and this is a figure that will get higher next year because of sales this year – unless Arsenal spend a mega fortune on players in the next transfer window.

    Meanwhile Chelsea and Manchester City have each spent well over £400 million and their spending looks likely to continue.

    Again over the same period, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Manchester United have all spent around £100 million.

    The extraordinary thing is that despite all this extra money the distance between the clubs has not got to the proportions of the distance between Ranges/Celtic and the rest in Scotland. Nor that of Spain – although the dominance of the top 2 is being challenged by the clubs newly acquired by overseas interests – although curiously it is Levante at the moment who are separating Bankrupt Barca and Real Mad. Last season for example, Chelsea, with all their spending, still managed to have a collapse of monumental proportions, after (according to the pundits) having the league sown up by October.

    During the period in question (2003 to 2011) Arsenal has stayed in the top 4 throughout, while Liverpool and Tottenham have not.

    This doesn’t mean that the money in question has no impact – of course it does, but rather that to a large degree managerial ability is also worth a lot. And from this we could perhaps work out just how much money Mr Wenger has been worth to Arsenal. Certainly at least £100m since overall we have at the very least kept up with Tottenham and Liverpool, and that’s the amount they have spent.

    Since we’ve also won the league three times, one might say the figure is somewhere between £100m and £400m.

    Of course there gets to a point where the spending by a manager of more modest ability will overtake our income plus the value of Mr Wenger – but where ever that amount is, the amount is enormous.

    Quite how we find another manager worth between £100m and £400m when Mr Wenger retires or is forced out by the dual forces of the media and the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal, I have no idea.

    Now however we have new game, as Liverpool, utterly desperate to try and get back into the top four after being pushed out of the Champions and Europa Leagues, and watching the $1bn court case against them begin its journey, are proposing that the clubs should each negotiate their own TV deal.

    The current TV money is £2.1bn for UK rights, and 50% goes to the clubs as an equal part, plus 25% according to where a club ends up in the league, and 25% “appearance money” for each live game. Manchester U got the most last season with £42.4m last season, Blackpool got £21.2m. Everyone gets an equal share of overseas rights – £17.9m each last year.

    Of course this is about to change because of the lunatic court case run by the league to stop a pub landlady showing matches relayed from a Greek satellite TV system. Now everyone can watch anyway. In a poll in the Guardian 75% said they would get such a system.

    In a new system, four clubs would dominate: Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United, with (to a lesser degree depending on league position) Chelsea.

    Of course a simplistic answer to my thesis here would be “how can Mr Wenger be worth this when he can buy…” and then you fill in the name of any player you don’t like. But of course every club has some bad buys, and that isn’t the point. The point is that rather than take us £100m or more in debt in order to have had our long run in the Champions League, we have had Mr Wenger. Seems like a good deal to me.

    Who knows where any of this goes – the answer is no one. But, what we can be sure is that it will be hard to find anyone who is worth as much equivalent in the transfer market as Mr Wenger.

  48. Wegs for President!   •  

    Some would say that the greatest player in the world is Lionel Messi. Otherwise would say it is Denilson. Who is right? I don’t think any of us are entitled to make that call. Wenger is the greatest manager in the history of Arsenal’s history, and he IS entitled to make that call. And Wenger said that he’d prefer Denilson to Messi. And now that we’ve sold Densilon, we’re fucked.

    What do the laws of causality tell you? It tells me that Arsenal are the best club int the world, and Wenger’s right of reason should be unchallenged. denilson is a great player and we should welcome him back with open arms.

    In case we’re going to win another trophy of the 4th place variety, it’ll be game over, bitches.

    Wenger rules!

    Arsenal rules!

    Let’s win matches for the Arsenal!!!!!!!

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    one for you weg…

    joke time

    A bloke’s wife goes missing while diving off the West Australian

    He reports the event, searches fruitlessly and spends a terrible
    night wondering what could have happened to her.
    Next morning there’s a knock at the door and he is confronted by a
    couple of policemen, the old Sarge and a younger Constable.
    The Sarge says, ‘Mate, we have some news for you, unfortunately
    some really bad news, but, some good news, and maybe some more good
    ‘Well,’ says the bloke, ‘I guess I’d better have the bad news first?’
    The Sarge says, ‘I’m really sorry mate, but your wife is dead. Young
    Bill here found her lying at about five fathoms in a little cleft in
    the reef. He got a line around her and we pulled her up, but she was
    The bloke is naturally pretty distressed to hear of this and has a
    bit of a turn. But after a few minutes he pulls himself together and
    asks what the good news is.
    The Sarge says, ‘Well when we got your wife up there were quite a
    few really good sized crays and a swag of nice crabs attached to her,
    so we’ve brought you your share.’
    He hands the bloke a sugar bag with a couple of nice crays and four
    or five crabs in it.
    ‘Geez thanks. They’re bloody beauties. I guess it’s an ill wind and
    all that… So what’s the other possible good news?
    ‘Well’, the Sarge says, ‘if you fancy a quick trip, me and young
    Bill here get off duty at around 11 o’clock and we’re gonna shoot
    over there and pull her up again!

  50. Wegs believes in Denilson's story   •  

    That’s funny, RSPCA, but also true. Aussies are as awesome in death as they are in life.

  51. shaun   •  

    So today we learn that our first choice center back is a right back by trade our other constantly injured center back hailed as our best center back is actually a left back and we now have to put jenkins in and while he may mature into a class right back I don’t think he is now and for me if your not that good a fullback you must have real speed to be able to correct some of your positional mistakes and I don’t believe jenkins has the speed to re-cover .Concerned as I see this as a very dangerous and uneeded gambe again in the defensive area .why do a club like arsenal not have players who played in the position required for years .I understand wenger likes ball playing defenders but we need defensive stability with real defenders at the moment and we have some real big games coming up and I would not have been so worried if we had ebue still within our ranks but unfortunately that is not the case .I can’t seem to work out wengers rational here as he is under pressure from the faNS AS RESULTS ARE NOT AS EXEPECTED and now he has to take another massive gambell that is also at the back as we Can’t expect a rookie right back to not make mistakes in a defense that is already error prone , anyone else concerned or do arsenal fans feel we will manage

  52. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    GS, now i think you are dead.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal   •  

    GS you are noeww borderaring on being a disgrace!

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