Arsenal 2 – 1 Olympiacos: Arsenal Avoid Greek Tragedy


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain wheels away after opening the scoring against Olympiacos

Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s Pat’s reaction

Arsenal picked up their first win of the Champions League group stage last night, meaning we were the only English side to win in Europe’s premier competition this week.  We also now have more Champions League points than Manchester City and Manchester United combined.

Arsene gambled a little with his team selection, and got away with it.  I support his decision, and would have done even if it had backfired.  We have a huge squad now, as the fact that even with the amount of injuries we’re carrying we were able to rest players demonstrates.  The XI he picked was plenty strong enough to win this game at home.

With that said, I think we all may have been guilty of underestimating Olympiacos a little.  Granted, we don’t see much of them in England, but I thought they were great last night – all technically capable, and organised too.  They were smart in their tactical play, looking to break against our attacking midfield, and closing down Mikel Arteta whenever he got the ball.  Their goal was the result of some intelligent thinking: recognising that we’re adapting to a new zonal marking system, they threw a spanner in the works by taking short corners.  Frankly, we looked as if he hadn’t covered that situation in training yet.

They looked the more dangerous side for long periods of the game, but fortunately we were already two goals ahead thanks to strikes from two recent signings.  First, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain continued his impression adaptation to top-level football by dribbling inside from the right and firing left-footed across the goalkeeper to become the youngest ever English goalscorer in the Champions League.  The second and third youngest, in case you’re wondering, are Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere.

Andre Santos’ goal also came off his wrong foot.  He galloped forward to meet a Tomas Rosicky through-ball, but his cross for Chamakh was cut out.  When the ball rebounded back to the cavalier left-back, he skipped in side his man and knocked a right-footed effort in at the keeper’s near post.

We did struggle to retain possession at times – Emmanuel Frimpong looking particularly raw in midfield – and Olympiacos gave us the fright of our lives by striking the crossbar from range in the second-half with an effort that probably deserved better – but we held out for the win.

There were plenty of positives for me, particularly with the makeshift centre-half pairing of Song and Mertesacker.  Song was tenacious and calm on the ball, and the German had his best game in an Arsenal shirt.  I’ve noticed an interesting trend in his play: unlike most Arsenal centre-halves, he doesn’t charge straight towards the ball.  At times he backs away or runs in to an area which seems to make no sense – only to be perfectly positioned to clear when the cross comes in.  He’s economical and efficient – at times last night he knew when his best option was just to boot the thing away.

I also felt Santos played well, and the battle between he and Kieran Gibbs looks set to run and run.  Santos has a remarkable upright dribbling style – his touch is immaculate and last night he showed some steel to match the flair.

It’d be impossible not to mention Chamberlain.  Although I felt he faded before being withdrawn on the hour mark, it’s clear we’ve got a huge talent here.  The most obvious comparisons to make are with Theo Walcott – not just because of their Southampton heritage, but because they’re competing for the same spot in the team.  Last night Pat Rice said:

“From Arsenal supporters’ point of view, they are going to be seeing a lot of this boy. Whenever he breaks in permanently he has a big, big challenge to now get in front of Theo. I know that Theo is a very strong-willed guy as well and he won’t give in easy. It all bodes well for England anyway.”

For England – and, more to the point, for Arsenal.

In summary: we won.  United’s home draw with Basel shows how treacherous these games against ‘lesser’ opposition can be.  The Greek league is significantly stronger than the Swiss, and we came out on top.  I’m happy with that and you ought to be too.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. HR   •  

    I’m happy too :)

  2. Totally Deluded   •  

    Song Ox & Arteta 3 big performances

    Mert, Santos & Szczesny 3 solid performances

    Chamaakh, Rosicky & Arshavin a worry

    The future Bright the future Arsenal!!!!!!!!

    • Me   •  

      appropriate name

      • Totally Deluded   •  

        Changed it especially for prats like you

        • NOT-A-DELUDED-GUNNER!   •  

          totally deluded = prat

          • Totally Deluded   •  

            And “NOT-A-DELUDED-GUNNER” = fuck wit

  3. Enjoy   •  

    I think so played one of his best matches to date.


    Good ..very lucky win!

    you can easily see how we WILL get undone by sides not even better but just sides that know that they need to pressure better than the greek team…teams like west brom, stoke, newcastle – all know how to beat this arsenal side…

    we all know come real challenges, we will still fall and crumble – bring on spurs to again open wenger and his followers to the real permanent problems we have

    good win netherless – just a shame everytime we win its draws wenger and his followers further to believe there are no problems when there clearly is

    we cannot defend
    dont know how to as a team, as individuals, as a coach
    the art of defending is non-existent at our club
    we look shambolic when we attempt to defend..look at rosicky, he’ll blatently show you how defending is just something he knows nothing about!

    nothing will change even if the team gels

    wenger out!

    • feygooner   •  

      You won’t change even if we win the league and don’t concede a goal again all season!

      • NOT-A-DELUDED-GUNNER!   •  

        and there we have it lol


    and before you go into just be grateful we won…blah blah blah

    turned a blind eye if you want…just don’t cry when you get carried away with expectations based on beating


    • Cesc we can   •  

      Totally agree mate. We looked incredibly shaky at the back and how they missed that chance in front goal can only have been divine intervention. They had far too much of the ball in the last quarter of the game. The midfield was getting bypassed so quickly it was one way traffic. But a wins a win.

      Spurs will be a different proposition! First real acid test of Wenger’s defensive coaching is this Sunday!

  6. Matt   •  

    Not a deluded gunner.

    What a cunt you are.


      arr dear, having to resort to name calling – just because I explained some home truths, there is no need to get all bitchy and cuss …so our defence is going to be exposed against spurs – SO big deal

      …it’s just one of the many things that need to happen until wenger and his goons stop being so deluded, open their eyes and finally eat their words on things like:

      we can’t compete financially – yes we can and when wenger’s gone we will
      we don’t need to study the team we play, the arsenal way of playing will get us through – this arrogance will get us nowhere..we will be exposed if we keep going into games unprepared!
      last wenger denying the need for

  7. Arse&Nose©   •  

    good observation on Merte, I noticed it too. He is refreshingly calm compared to any defender we have had for a long time, I hope this rubs off on the others.

  8. Eagleye   •  

    Honestly dont know why people bother watching Arsenal if you are going to hate it!

    Seriously if you like watching good defending then dont watch the premiership, the defending from all teams this year has been questionable. The only reason Arsenal are highlighted is because of the media’s fascination with the fall (or expected fall) of Wenger and his philosophy.

    For your own sake just stop supporting Arsenal, your own fans dont want you and neither do the players.

  9. Davey B   •  

    It seems to me Arsenal might have a better work ethic with players like Arteta, Frimpong, that they are defending more as a team, only that has come at a price, as we aren’t as potent offensively cause we are lacking creative players who have less defensive responsibility (Cesc, Nasri). Also, Mertesacker looks to be dropping deeper and that means we aren’t playing such a high line, which might be helping defensively?

  10. tony montana   •  

    ‘not a deluded gunner’ and ‘cesc we can’ are mercenaries and spuds supporters that are emplyed by wengers enemies to dis-unite true gunners. pleade ignore their posts.


      you sound like a panzie lol

      ooo – don’t listen to them cos they are saying bad stuff about wenger and his all powerfulness – give me a break

      grow a pair ..and help some of the players while your at it

      tony montana = wenger’s left bum cheek = softy/panzie/pussy


    i guess we better make the fact that we were the only EPL team to win in the cahmpions league this week a trophy of some sort – cos thats the only victorius thing we’ll be doing! lol

    • samuel   •  

      On this performance Arsenal better hope we don,t meet Barcelona,Real Madrid,Bayern Munich or the Milan teams in the knockout phase as our midfield was overrun time
      and again ,only Alex Song and Rosicky
      holding it together,Sagna was absolute rubbish again,getting caught in posession
      way to often,the less said about woeful Walcott and ageing Arshavin ,the better?

  12. Thomas   •  

    “arr dear, having to resort to name calling” – “tony montana = wenger’s left bum cheek = softy/panzie/pussy”.


      i was i supposed to be the bigger man – i thought i was the pessismitc..downer arsenal fan!

      • Totally Deluded   •  

        Finally I get it .. you are the off-spring of Arsene or to put it another way the spawnn of Wenger ….. WOW i’m not deluded anymore – ha ha ha LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. RVB   •  

    We won. I’m happy. Life is easy like that.
    So sorry for those who can’t even bring themselves to celebrate their clubs’ wins anymore.

    Too bad I missed the match. Hope to catch the derby. Let’s bring game to the impostors. C’mon Arsenal!

    • Umoh   •  

      hehehe, we’re gonna rip them a new one… :)

  14. Stevieo   •  

    It’s one thing the AKB’s getting carried away with our first 3 wins on the bounce since God knows when, against super quality opposition I hasten to add. But once again you go well overboard, comparing our results to United and City.

    “Arsenal picked up their first win of the Champions League group stage last night, meaning we were the only English side to win in Europe’s premier competition this week. We also now have more Champions League points than Manchester City and Manchester United combined.”

    “The Greek league is significantly stronger than the Swiss, and we came out on top. I’m happy with that and you ought to be too.”

    And the posters Enjoy and Arsenal are back on the previous rack talking like we’ve just overtaken United in the league.

    Do you realise how stupid you sound? We’ve beaten Olympiakos? Come out on top of what? We won a game, United drew a game, both playing against shit teams.

    You want to start comparing us with United, then fine. Because when us Wenger despisers use United as a benchmark, we get told to fuck off and support them.

    But being an AKB is all about being very selective with the facts. We won last night, United didn’t, therefore we are better. I prefer to go for direct comparisons such as the 8 goals they put past us in our head to head, or the league title they have at OT. But these facts don’t come in to play when an AKB is talking up Wenger.

    Remember last season, when it was the worst United and Chelsea teams for years. Well they finished streets ahead of Arsene’s best ever team. But once again, an irrelevant fact to the AKB.

    And it’s us the AKB’s are always saying should get some perspective?

    • shaun   •  

      I think the board is quite informative and everyone is allowed an opinion , we have had three wins and I am happy about that and long may it continue , please god against spurs as that will be a tougher game but I for one will be very very happy if we win that one and I don’t care how we do it .One thing is for sure the players have to step up for this game as it is important and no silly mistakes .The defense I think will get better as the super slow man knows the high line is killing us and that crap will not work with the personel we have and especialy not him and I don’t think he is down with getting embarassed like that which is great for us and he looks to be standing upto wenger , all he has to do now is tell wenger to get rid of the zonal crap and go man for man untill we find the weak link or who is not doing his job .and that the zonal is gonna be really hard when you have to change the defense every game as the new player is always gonna think have i got the right area covered .wenger has never been good at defense but I think we seem to have our defensive coach within our ranks now , so lets see.For me wenger deserves the stick he is getting as no one should be imune from critisisom .It is holy unprofessional and completely damaging to your team to concede 8 goals , complete disgrace and wenger needed to get severlly bollocked for that and no excuse from the wenger lovers as that did not have to happen .you are up by four goals at half time to the geordies and they come back to 4 all again completely unprofessional and unexceptable , the four we conceded against blackburn by scoring against yourself twice , you could not make that sh!t up .why do you think wenger said when a german talks you listen .I will tell you why and why do you think wenger is praising the big german now .He has seen the error in our defending and sits deeper no matter what wenger says and I tell you this will help us .when did you last see a defender kick the ball from his own area straight into ours and start a dangerous attack atleast a couple of games ago .I was against the big german but now hope and pray our defense will improve as that was always the main issue for me school boy defending is not exceptal when you are being paid 6.5 million a year to coach your team how to defend .But wenger has a get out with the german let’s hope he uses it .Lets see arsenal stand up and stop getting bent over by ……’s .I am a proud gooner and if my team get beat when they give there all then we as arsenal fans are gonna have to hold it .But what we have seen lately is not on and not as the price we are asked pay think I am negative if you want but as others see , I want the best for my team who I believe are not being managed correctly at the moment and I am just airing an opinion but I hope we have seen the error atleast in some of the things that are going wrong .come on arsenal lets put the spuds in there place …..which is alway below arsenal

  15. Umoh   •  

    Okay, I’m really glad we won, to be quite honest it could easily have been a draw. The match however confirmed two things to me. Chamakh is completely useless and We need a new defensive coach. Did anyone notice that there were 11 Arsenal players in the box when Olympiakos scored a free header? 5 attackers in the box vs 11 defenders. They were outnumbered 2:1 and two of the attackers were completely unmarked.

    This is something we really need to look into. What do you guys think?

    • Stevieo   •  

      1. Chamack is going through a transitional period, adjusting to the rigours of the English game. He will come good. Have some patience.

      2. The defence is going through a transitional period. It will come good. To say we need a new defensive coach is a slur on someone who has spent 32 years in the game. Some on here will find that offensive.

      Please remember, that Arsenal has the best defence in the league from open play. Goals from set pieces don’t count, and the media include these to distort the figures to make us look like we can’t defend.

      • SR   •  

        Ah right so when a team scores from a set piece these dont count, we best tell the refs that only “True goals count”.

    • samuel   •  

      If Chamakh is useless then what are Walcott,Arshavin,Arshavin and Sagna as useless is not a word i,d use, rather rubbish?

  16. Enjoy   •  

    I love the fact that you are such a miserable bastard Stevio. Seriously, say the words slowly… A miserable bastard. Truly, it brings me such great pleasure to know how unhappy you are as an Arsneal supporter.

    I feel fantastic every time I imagine your sour face. It’s such a contrast to my own upbeat persona. I’m smiling right now, because deep down I am happier and more content than you will ever be.

    • Wegs 11   •  

      HAPPY, if you take pleasure in the misery of others, your own happiness is likely to be transient and superficial. It’s like pissing in the wind – keep it up, and the wind will change and you’ll end up with a face-full of urine.

      I am happy that we’re winning football matches.

      I am sad that van Persie may soon be leaving us.

      Through it all, I have a big penis. And isn’t that the best new of all?

      • samuel   •  

        Hey Wegs what does your big private part have to do with this blog?

  17. Wegs 11   •  

    It’s demonstrative that Wilshere’s going to be out for 4 months, and no one has raised an objection about how we conduct our medical regimes and organise our rehabilitative regulations. It is a sign that gooners have come to accept that we WILL have our best players out of unseemly lengths of time for injuries that, in hindsight, appear to be completely avoidable or minimisable if treated promptly and properly with the appropriate amount of caution and daring.

    I, for one, believe this to be a travesty of both the support from gooners and the off-field management at Arsenal:

    1. As supporters of the great and bountiful Arsenal, we should hold the Arsenal to account when things are slipping even ONE iota below the highest standards that this wonderful club deserves. We should be manning the barricades and tattooing Jack Wilshere’s visage on our breasts and lining up Avenell Rd in sackcloth and ashes. If we allow the Arsenal to be run in a slipshod manner, who are we to object to a fall in standards? Standards demanded are standards achieved. Standards neglected are standards that will forever be out of reach.

    2. It behoves the Arsenal medical staff to create a systematic diagnostic and management protocol for injuries that cuts down on the cases of misdiagnosis, indecision, rehabilitative failures and conditioning short-cuts which have substantially shortened the playing careers of many of our players. Gallas was out every season for many months due to recurring hamstring injuries. Fabregas was run into the ground in his early years and ended up with vague hamstring problems. Wilshere is heading towards the same path. Henry had sciatica and never got management. van Persie spent half a season getting rubbed with cow placenta and having his wisdom teeth removed, instead of getting surgery on his ankle. Vermaelen has chronic inflammation of his Achilles’ heel, and he’s not going to get better.

    All these cases are cases of failure in the diagnostic and treatment protocols currently at the Arsenal Football Club. The Club has an aversion to surgery, and so these players are milked along by physios for months on end, until an outside specialist comes in and tell them that surgery is necessary. The Club doesn’t give returning players sufficient conditioning and strength preparation, so they get recurrent injuries in their comebacks as their bodies aren’t ready to cope with the stresses of playing football. And worse of all, the Club does not learn from their mistakes, but continues in their wrong-headedness and error.

    • samuel   •  

      Wilshere being out for 3 or 4 months is no big deal as he isn,t the answer to our midfield woes Alex Song and someone else,who
      i,m not sure yet can manage perfectly ,so ben Ayoun might be able to do this job not Ramsey?

  18. Wegs 11   •  

    Moreover, the Arsenal are playing with fire by playing their young kids so often and in such high intensity. Has anyone wondered why all our youngsters are breaking down so regularly? Wilshere, Walcott, Fabregas, van Persie and Clichy all spent their formulative years at the Arsenal, and they’ve all spent significant lengths of time injured.

    Is there a connection between playing too much too early, and getting injuries later in life as the strains of those early years takes its toll?

    Wenger out.

  19. Thoroughly English Chap (not Weg at all)   •  

    Salutations, Arsechums! I am an avid patron of this delicable blog but seldom have I felt the need to contribute on the comments section. Be seen and not heard, say old chaps! Those of you who were raised by harsh house marms like myself and then sent to strict public schools like myself know what I’m talking about, what!

    Still, after reading this Weg chap’s ideas about the Arsenal meical room, I felt a pressing need to make my opinions heard. I say, I think this Weg chap is positively brilliant in his assessment of the club and the terrible way in which it was run! Seldom have I read such cutting insights. He has truly reached into the heart of the universe and had a cup of Earl Grey tea with the deep questions of life!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Weg old chum! You Aussie chaps are always so much more awesome than us degenerate, inbred English chappies, and you’ve got much better beaches too! Let’s hope the Arsenal will turn their eys upon Australia one day and buy the next Harry Kewell and raise him up to be a true Aussie gooner! Then we’ll see trophies raining down on the Arsenal like thunderstorms during an English summer!

    I’m sure the rest of the gooner community joins me in saying that Australia is by far the greatest country of them all and their chaps are by far the most well-endowed!

    Now, I must press on. Mustn’t lark about on an internet site any longer! Must see the Queen for a cup of tea and a jolly old chin-wag about the state of affairs in the colonies! And then I’ve got to take their Corgies out for a walk and join Prince Charles in a game of polo and then shoot some ducks for supper!

    Remember chaps, there’s only one Arsene Wenger! Even if he’s a Frenchie, at least he’s not the bad sort who sneers at our food and steals our women with his sauve, sophisticated style of kissing and fried potato products!

    Tally ho!

    • Munitionsman   •  

      weg you are off ur trolley!! Only the bitter, mental and deluded skulk these halls

  20. JMIM   •  

    Its good to win, but isn’t it obvious that our recent results are papering over some very serious cracks at the moment? The old issues (shit defending, injuries, tactics) which have plagued our last 6 barren years are still around. And maybe in greater depth than before.

    I get this dreadful feeling that a hiding or two is just round the corner when teams of REAL QUALITY will really show up the dross we are as a team. Happened this season already at Manure. Will it happen this weekend against Spuds (even though they are not in the super-quality bracket)?

    Lending your support to a manager who’s trying to improve and sort out issues is one thing. But happily glossing over the obvious flaws of the team after some mediocre wins and blindly supporting a has-been who’s too stubborn to change his ways is just foolishness.


  21. Munitionsman   •  

    Defense is adjusting to a new zonal marking system? I didnt know that. When was it introduced and why didnt we manage to adjust to the old system. What was the old system and when did it end??

    • Munitionsman ......Nuts?   •  

      U R sleeping in the well so continue to sleep till forever!! Ha HA

      • Munitionsman   •  

        OK but its wet down here??

        • weg   •  

          that’s why you need to wear rubber pants to sleep, MM.

  22. Munitionsman   •  

    whats wrong with these people?? Cant they see that we are challenging for the title and nobody can do what wenger does… even though he has a higher wage bill than spuds and has money in the bank unspent!!!


    This time around, though, I think Tottenham will have too much for them.

    By all accounts, Arsenal were fortunate against Olympiakos on Wednesday. They were all over the place. The Greeks created plenty of chances and plenty of opportunities at Emirates Stadium and if the Gunners allow Tottenham’s midfield and frontline that amount of time and space on Sunday, they will get punished.

    Tottenham come into the game, I think, with a midfield – especially – that is better than Arsenal’s. Scott Parker, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale – they look a real handful. Add to that Rafael van der Vaart, Emmanuel Adebayor, possibly Jermain Defoe or Aaron Lennon, and I just think Tottenham are going to be too strong.

  23. Munitionsman   •  

    Bob Wilson “Wenger will only be appreciated when he is gone”

    MM “Too true, now fuck off so I can start appreciating you again”

    • Wanadoo   •  


  24. Munitionsman   •  


    Tony Adams certainly didn’t do himself any favours recently. Arsenal used a charter plane to fly to Udine, and the in-flight magazine (left in every seat pocket) featured an interview with Adams being very critical of Wenger’s methods.

    There’s one thing Wenger doesn’t like and that is criticism. At the moment, there is very little besides.

  25. GP   •  

    MM – That article with Wilson’s interview was quite touching to be honest mate. The guy speaks highly of Wenger when it came to helping with his cancer charity. Sometimes there’s much more to life than how well or bad AFC does.

    As for the appreciating him after he’s gone. Well in my opinion that could have been true, the guy has overseen the move to The Grove, sorted out the Yoof Project etc.

    BUT had he left say after the 2008 season – when it was obvious our business plan had changed from before then I would have said that we have appreciated everything he has helped to develop at this club.

    However he has managed to stay in power too long and now all that good work is undone by conceding 8 at OT, losing/drawing to Spurs regulary – when they used to be our whipping boys, having no shots on goal against Barca and the refusal to buy established players when he knew full well we’d have our usual sicknotes laid off.

    So in summary he’s fucked his legacy in the arse and will always be remembered as the manager who did well – a long, long time ago but went senile in the end and undone all his previous good work.

    Also anyone deluded to think he’ll get fired – keep dreaming! Kronky had come out and basically said Wenger has a job for life and his reign will end only when he wants it to end. Great!!!

  26. Wanadoo   •  

    I really do believe that GS is totally losing it. A couple of years ago this was a clever guy who wrote well and wrote a good blog. Now he writes with a totally different agenda. It’s almost like someone has kidnapped him and put a simpleton in his place…

    WTF is this…
    We also now have more Champions League points than Manchester City and Manchester United combined.

    If this isn’t the writing of a simpleton, I don’t know what is.

    He goes on…
    The XI he picked was plenty strong enough to win this game at home.

    Was he actually watching the game….we were effing lucky…nothing more, they had created more chances on our patch I might add.

    The only way we will beat Spurs is by some fucking miracle. Not only will we lose, we are likely to get severely rogered. I reckon 4-1.

    It will take something extraordinary for us to pick up a result there ie a dodgy Lasagna, or Ref. or both!

    I can guarantee you one thing:

    Come Sunday/Monday, this will be an AKB free zone

    I’m just looking forward to reading more drivel from the simpleton that is GS.

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