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Shrewsbury Report (mp3)

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In the end, it was an enjoyable night out – apart from the fact I managed to tumble down about three rows of seating when trying to make a quick escape by hopping over the man in front. If you saw a tall man in a blue hoodie go tumbling with kind of pirouettes and spins more commonly associated with a fouled Cristiano Ronaldo, then I confess that was me.

The spins and flicks from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were far more impressive.  After a quiet first 45, he came to life in the second half, thumping home a crucial goal from range as well as terrorising the opposition full-back with some searing sprints to the byline.  The difference between Chamberlain and Walcott could not be more clear: the newer addition is much more prepared to drift inside and get involved with build-up play, spraying thirty and forty yard passes effortlessly across the pitch.  He’s far less reliant on pace, and possesses far greater technique.  Undoubtedly, a huge prospect.

And yet, his Man of the Match award was possibly a little generous: across he ninety minutes, the performance of Francis Coquelin probably warranted recognition. Since arriving in 2008, the holding midfielder has always looked a neat tackler with tidy ball-skills. Yesterday, in a 4-4-2 formation alongside Emmanuel Frimpong, he demonstrated that some time playing at full-back and a spell on loan in Ligue 1 have seen him add power and energy to his game. Yesterday he charged from box-to-box, winning the ball back and using it simply and efficiently. It seems the Old Trafford mauling has not scarred him.

Honourable mentions also go to Kieran Gibbs and Yossi Benayoun, who grabbed their first Arsenal goals, and Ignasi Miquel, who looked far more assured than his experienced defensive partner, Johan Djourou. Lukasz Fabianski, too, won’t have worried compatriot Wojciech Szczesny with an unconvincing display.

Ryo Miyaichi got twenty minutes but didn’t have time to make a notable impression, whilst the game may well once be remembered for the Arsenal debut of the giant Chuks Aneke. Chuks is, in every sense, a huge star at U-18 and now Reserve level, with that exciting combination of technique and tallness that draws inevitable comparisons with Patrick Vieira. He’s more of an attacking player than the Frenchman, and an enormous prospect. He only got a few minutes in stoppage time last night, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we see him again before long.

Right, must dash. Tata for now.

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  1. RVB   •  

    Coquelin looks good in the team. Far better deserving of a place in the team than Frimpong in my opinion.

  2. AleX   •  

    I told you…gibbs is way better than A. Santos


      what so because gibbs, whose had bags of experience in CL, playing (and helping us lose) to the likes of man u etc and overall tuns of appearances, scores against a league two side (division 3) – he’s now better than santos

      there as bad as each other…can only pray santos becomes a better player as he beds in the team…oh but wait he’ll learn to play the “arsenal way” – that can’t be good these days!

      • DeeBrown   •  

        Gibbs if he can ever get fit is a very good left back and will challenge Baines & Bertrand (the young boy at Chelsea)to become Ashley Cole successor … ONLY if he stays fit – TRUST ME ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!

      • Daymee   •  

        Gibbs is better than Brazil’s no 1 left back?


  3. Cesc Fabregas   •  

    “I don’t need a new defensive coach, fumes Arsenal boss”

    You couldn’t make it up. This Cunts arrogance and denial is of the highest order. But then so are the idiots who sung “one Arsene Wenger” last night when we beat Barcelo….Shrewsbury.

    A concise summary of the problems, past and present.

    • Savage   •  

      The Barcelona forums are elsewhere.

  4. Alex   •  

    If not for the Ox’s goal, Coquelin would of been Arsenal FC man of the match, I was in the North Bank and all I saw from him was vital box to box tackles in the defensive third, absolute quality. Get well in son, COYG against Bolton this Saturday!
    I’ll be there singing, Oo oo oo to be oo to be a Gooner!

    • DeeBrown   •  

      Totally agree with you finally some young talents actually doing it on the pitch – something to get us excited about!!

  5. AM   •  

    The only cunt here is you and assuming a legends name wont change that.

  6. VolsnCards5   •  

    @cesc– HAHAHAHAHAHA,ndid you really just link to a article tonargue your point? Idiot

    • Cesc Fabregas   •  

      HaHA Read the article you stupid prick.

  7. g clarke   •  

    arsenal will never be a good old english side as long as aw is there come and watch stoke bril lob and ope and batter football

  8. Cesc Fabregas   •  

    I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I am only twelve, and I get annoyed ‘cos all my friends support Man City. It’s not fair…


      ha ha..

      don’t mind the idiot whose got a sugar rush cos we managed to beat a league 2 side

      see this is what i mean …yes get behind the team..we won can only mean good things, but don’t delude yourself in thinking we’ve kicked off into a good run…the problems still ooze through the cracks (which have now turned into holes)

      bolton next, reckon a draw at best but more likely a 2-1 or 2-0 lost ..home…away doesn’t matter!

      • Cesc Fabregas   •  

        Are you sure you support Arsenal???

        • Cesc Fabregas   •  

          Nice one CUNT.

        • NOT-A-DELUDED-GUNNER!   •  

          why you getting at me…i was backing what you was saying???

          • Cesc Fabregas   •  

            @ Deluded, sorry mate. Someone’s stolen my name and started posting random shit everywhere. I guess this is the new level the AKBs steep too………….

    • Cesc Fabregas   •  

      @Cesc Fabregas

      Very funny cunt flaps

      • Cesc Fabregas   •  

        Fine repartee Mr Pottymouth!

  9. marquess gooner   •  

    Draw at best,your a disgrace you lot.Bet you never went last night thou did you.

    Waste of space our support i tell you.

  10. marquess gooner   •  

    If your that p’d off and so unhappy why don’t you do yourselfs and favour and go take up cricket or something.You all sound so boring and have nothing positive to say about the team you proclaim to support!!!

    • Cesc Fabregas   •  

      shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hush now cunt flaps. Does your mum know your on the internet?!

      • mjc   •  

        You sir, are an idiot. Please go away.


    i remember at members day keown being asked “will he consider becoming a defensive coach etc etc.” and he replied with total modesty, saying that ofcourse he’d jump at the chance, but that we must respect the coaching staff we have now, and how they’ve done such a good job anyway

    dunno about you but keown sounded like he was trying to be a good wenger’s..or teacher pet…not to say anything too out of line in case he banishes another ledgend like adams, merson or wrighty!

    you find players..ex-players or current MAKE SURE they do not say anything remotely bad about wenger and his regime..even if that isn’t entirley what they feel from the heart

    its a total shame when even respected ledgend are too timid to stand up to wenger..not even stevey bould has piped up..although don’t expect him to probably more so, as he still gets a pay cheque from wenger…i mean arsenal!

    • Joeyboy   •  

      It’s called showing some respect and being professional. He’s hardly gunna say “yeah, they are shit. I could do a much better job, fucking sack ‘em” and being a mouthy twat is he? You could learn something from him


    seems like the win has attracted the AKB’s in full today! ah well…will all change at the weekend! lol

    • mjc   •  

      And if Arsenal lose, you’ll be happy because you’ll be right.
      Could I suggest that you seek therapy.

      • NOT-A-DELUDED-GUNNER!   •  

        mjc your my fellow gunner…respect you for that, but, a simple question

        win, lose or draw do you still honestly think wenger has the answers??…are you one of those that believe “oh wenger’s done it before, so he’ll do it again”..

        i for one want us to do well, but i also KNOW wenger has very little more to give…as a manager – so when we do win…like what your saying i’ll be happy if we lose…in a way i’m so very much wanting a resoulution, i believe tough times need to be had in order for wenger to GO…not see sense cos i don’t think he will…but to go..upstairs..on the board i don’t mind but he can’t do a managers job anymore – you just don’t sit in silence after an 8-2 whooping

        see when we do win wenger assures himself things are fine and then the players think things are fine..and then the next games spells disaster as they full back into they low standards..lack of conerntration..lazy lack of passion ways!

        simple terms:

        a win = wenger thinking he’s proved critics wrong therefore no change..defensive..playing shit players etc

        a lost = re-addresses the problems we’ve had for the past 5..6 years

        win at bolton relaxes the players..makes them think they are untouchable …and going into the spurs game they’ll be concerntration …think they can stroll through the match …this like so many times before can only lead to an unpleasant result against spurs!

        so yes a win against bolton – but i hope it doesn’t set us up for a loss against a dearest rivals!

  13. athreya   •  

    A question for those who actually saw the match last night. How did Park play? I trawled through most of the match reports but couldn’t find a mention of him. Does it mean he was anonymous till he was subbed?

  14. marquess gooner   •  

    Athreya he did ok if i’m hosest,looked a bit overawed by playing at the grove.I’m sure with a bit more time he will show why we signed him.

    Full of akb’s??….where did you get that from that site le-arsehole???….Typical another bbk no nothing stupid mug.Your as bad as the sun newspaper and all them dumb hacks.

    Keep acting like you know more than Arsenal and Wenger,I’m glad IG made that statement yesterday.Put you mug’s right in your place ha ha.

    You are deluded mate and your name should read “deluded gooner”


      marquess oooOO getting all bold are you…what cos stevio, JMIM etc aren’t here so you’re getting all high n mighty

      go suck out wenger arse then you fucking douche…

      2 words

      spurs game – that’ll shut you up come the day..or eveing. lol

      you poor blinded far up wenger arse we can see you peeping through his throat when he does his pathetic bitchy press conferences!

      • marquess gooner   •  

        Anyone who put’s lol,after saying wait to we get beat by the scum is no way a gooner.

      • marquess gooner   •  

        Also i thought the school holiday’s were over,
        Guess not!!!

      • Alex   •  

        NADG – So if Spurs win, you will back on here telling us you told us so, Wenger’s shit etc etc? What sort of fan are you?
        I want us to start winning again just so you can go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

  15. shaun   •  

    our defense was still shocking last night and mostly down to djouro and fabianski niether should be wearing an arsenal shirt , the positional play from both was shocking and in my opinion we were extremly lucky because if we had conceded a second which could easily have happened we would have lost again , can anyone explain why we have to work so hard to get into any teams final third but when the opposing team attacks they wolse straight through an open gate it is embarrassing and wenger has done absolutly nothing to rectify our defensive problems and they are evident in both teams we are currently fielding .we needed at least a 100 million worth of investment on talented players in tghe transfer window just gone as we have failed in the previous years as we all believed in wengers dream which has gone horribly wrong and to rectify his failure will take millions .what has been done by wenger an the board in the last transfer window is nothing short of a slap in the face to the loyal fans and will do nothing to get us a trophy or silver ware we are told we cannot compete withe big boys so all the arsenal fans have to look forward to is fighting for fourth place but yet we are one of the five richest clubs in the world and our manager is among the highest paid managers in the world really don’t believe the current plight of arsenal is exceptable and we have seen nothing but rank bad management of our team to the point of embarrassment

  16. marquess gooner   •  

    Shaun i agree that JD hasnt been the same since that game against England at wembley and right now is way out of his depth,but how can you say that the signing’s we made are a slap in the face to loyal fans???

    I’m a loyal fan and i think we have made some very smart moves.I strongly believe if we get behind these boy’s and show them the love we always have given our players that they will come good.It’s just all the negativity that is surrounding the club is playing a massive part in the way thing’s are happening to us.We will turn the corner i am sure of that.

    • shaun   •  

      I really want to believe but just can not see it .I think we should have bought both jags and cahill as they were really needed in my opinion .strong defenders who no the prem and no the rough house tatics which we are undone by on set peices .are squad is seriously weak in the defensive department , squalicci =rubbish ,dejouro=rubbish varmeleen =apparently injury prone , mertsacker=no prem experience and needs time to adjust to the speed of the game which by the looks of it will take for ever , santos =needs time , gibbs injury prone and gibbs =injury prone that little peice should tell you all you need to no and add no confidence what so ever and that is our defense and I am sorry but it is just not good enough for a team that is conceding more goals every season so if you can tell me how we are suppose to improve the defense with that lot then please tell wenger as he obviously does not no .Also name one player we have purchased in the tranfer window who is equal or better quality than fab and nasri , I will tell you not one player we have purchased is anywhere near there level so in essence we have sold really good vreative players and replaced with players not as good and bought one german defender from a league that is noticably slower than ours and who is also very slow himself and we play a high defensive line .I am sorry but I see this as rank bad mangement

      • marquess gooner   •  

        Mate i agree right now the defence is not good enough for a club the size of ours.I remember not to long ago people screaming for Arsene to sign Metersacker and he did what the fan’s asked.

        Your point about Fabregas is unfair,how could any club replace a player like Fabregas??
        It’s like when utd sold ronaldo and alex got stick for not buying anyone to replace him.
        But look because he stuck with Nani how much better a player he has become.

        I don’t get the big deal about Nasri,he had half a good season in two years at the club.
        We made 25m of a player that was one of the worst players during that hard spell we had at the end of the season.We have bought a wonderful talent in oxo,we brought in a new right back,left-back,Three midfielders and a striker.

        I personally think we have a stronger squad this season then we did last year.The confidence has been zapped and i really thought despite the result at blackburn,there were times when it felt like watching the old Arsenal.

        • shaun   •  

          fair point about fab and to be fare very hard to replace and yes nasri was not that great in the last part of the season but by his own admission he did not have to be at his best to get into a failing team .My issue is with the defence and the goal keeper , you can’t tell me arsenal could not afford top quality in that department and I just don’t believe we had to go to manu and get humiliated the way we did .with the personnel available for that game and you have been coaching for thirty years you go there and play a high defensive line .I belive great teams are built from a solid defense I just don’t think wenger thinks this way at all .as much as I want my team to win they make stupid defensive mistakes atleast three or four times a game and the same happened last night just so happened we were against lower league oposition so lets see what happens this weekend as I am praying for a win but we will have defensive errors as we are consistent in that department it just depends on how many and how lucky we are and that should not be the case for arsenal football team

          • marquess gooner   •  

            I agree with you about our defence,but i just think metersacker need’s a bit more time and he will get it right,him a vermaelen would be a very good partnership.

            The utd defeat was bad mangement from all round.Wenger is not immune from the sack but i just feel we should not be baying for he’s head right now.It’s not helping the club.

      • marquess gooner   •  

        I also forgot Gervinho,you watch the impact this guy will make.

        • shaun   •  

          granted Gervinho does look’s good but really wanted to see mvilla and hazard to add to that and i feel we needed a striker as well as I am not convinced by chamack as our striking backup as he seems to be only able to use his head and not his feet it will be interesrting to see how park integrates into the team as I think he will have an important wrole to play because if van persie breaks down we will again have issues that the fans will say should have been avoided as we do not have a striker of the level required

          • The Artist   •  

            Yann M’Vila is not interested in playing for Arsenal.
            At all.
            So I don’t know about your other dream signings but don’t blame AW for that one.

  17. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    The Ox is slow, but the earth is patient.

  18. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    GS, I too share your disgust at how these “gooners” are trashing the mighty brand of Arsene Wenger and his acolytes of fiery footballing fiesta. We’ve won 3-1 against one of the best clubs in League 1, and it was a tricky tie against long-ball opponents. Let’s clap our defence on making it through, and let’s get behind the lads so they may build upon this performance.

    We are the Arsneal. Let’s get behind the club.

  19. marquess gooner   •  

    Getting brave on a internet site mate???
    I’m not the one acting like some internet gangster that slags he’s own football club off.

    Your the type like that dev patel who say’s he has given up he’s loyal support of 10 yrs just because wenger has fucked our club up. ha ha

    Mate loyal is sticking with your club through thick and thin and shwoing your love just as you do when were winning and showing your support in the bad times.Make’s me laugh how you can berate wenger who is the most successful manager we have ever had and put’s he’s all in for the Arsenal.

    I’ve watched some shitty Arsenal side’s in my time and wenger has brought some of the best football i have ever witnessed in my lifetime to us.He has made us one of the biggest club’s in world football and that’s how you show the man your respect.


      -loyal doesn’t mean i can’t be critical, say anything bad about your lord wenger automatically makes you a disloyal fan!
      -no doubting his been our most successful manager..doesn’t mean he’s exempt from criticism
      -whats wrong with wanting more – as its said before – top 5..6 richest club..manager gets paid 6..7mill a year..he had his 5year plan to do what he wanted to do and failed…you DO NOT lose 8-2..aint been donoe in over 100yrs plus how much do we pay a ticket shrewsbury or CL £40 odd jus for the ticket
      -so sit down shut up – we have a right to berate the management


      • marquess gooner   •  

        No one is saying you can’t have a say but when those that support the club and manager are branded AKB,Then all what your saying is just goes through one ear and out the other.

        Mate if you don’t go games and don’t know ticket prices,why talk about them??


    well said shaun mate!

    only thing i don’t agree entirley on is the £100 mill we need to spend

    it’s not the players that need changing it’s just purely the management..wenger, pat rice..etc, between them they do not have a clue!

    wenger out

    • Totally Deluded   •  

      Agree and disagree with your points .. something is definitely wrong but tell me what the fuck is an AKB ?

  21. marquess gooner   •  

    And for all those stupid enough to claim that Arsene has lost the dressing room,Read Gibb’s comment’s today.

    • shaun   •  

      arsene wenger is responsible for some of the best football I have ever seen as well but is now also responsible for some of the worst defending I have ever seen and is clearly being stuborn , why offer 12 mil for jags who he clearly wanted and then spend 15 mill on a winger it does not make sense to anyone .what I am saying is why has the defense not been made a priority as it is shockingly bad and has been for a while and wenger and the board have done nothing to rectify it , wenger should have demanded the board get jags at the very least but no we get the slowest german alive at a cheap price but is that really good business , so I ask you why did we get the german and not jags or cahill ?

  22. akb 4 life   •  

    All those who hate wenger, you need to shut up and support him, because he is manager right now. Once his contract expires it is likely that he will leave unfortunately :'( you might be happy at first however soon after you will all regret and then arsenal probably wont then even qualify for cl. Because he is actually carrying arsenal through the economic downturn as well as stadium related finance restrictions. I really hope arsene wenger could stay for life!!!

  23. Munitionsman   •  

    JD was capt ffs!!!!

  24. Trennons girlfriend   •  

    Well well well, the AKB out in force I see.

    I’m behind Arsenal FC NOT Arsene FC!!!!!

    The sooner Wenger goes (and the rest of the tight fisted board that are happy to charge ridiculous season ticket prices but won’t invest in top class players) the better.

  25. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Hhahahahhahahahahaahaha Stevieo was right!

    ALL THE AKB’s are out in force today!!


  26. Matt   •  

    I was there last night, I thought the ping lads did fantastic, some great and exciting prospects.

    Djerou was poor, and flappi again poor.

    Look forward to supporting arsene and my team on Saturday, as always. Shame other pricks won’t do tw same.


  27. JMIM   •  

    I took a glance through some of the comments and sure enough, the sun shines out of Wenger’s ass today after he masterminded this glorious victory over the great Shrewsbury. AKB sheep, so predictable, just like Wenger’s tactics.

    And Djourou captain? Thats a disgrace to the armband. Adams, Vieira and Henry must feel real dirty right now

    • shaun   •  

      Djourou captain? I wish I could even begin to explain that one and is ofcourse extremly worrying as I don’t believe even the most hardened wenger fan can understand that decission and believe me I do try

  28. CanGunn444   •  

    Funny and Sad to see how crazy the Gunnersphere has become… I’m not an AKB or whatever the opposite is…

    I just want Arsenal FC to do well, win games, entertain me and make me proud…

    Same as I have since I first started watching the games as a kid…

    Our team is flawed at the moment, everyone knows that, we have some very promising youth, but we’ve had that for a while now…

    Can this team rebound from an awful start? I certainly hope so…

    I’m at a point where I support Arsenal 100%, whether that’s Wenger or not Wenger…

    Wenger has been a great manager, I hope he still is because that’s what’s best for Arsenal this season and potentially going forward…

    I don’t understand why some of you spend so much time slagging each other off and making supporting this amazing club so black and white…

    It’s possible to love the club and hope for better… It’s possible to love the club AND the manager… It’s possible to be loyal and want change… It’s possible to just be a FAN and want the team to do well NO MATTER WHAT…

  29. Stevieo   •  

    Ok, I see it’s praise Wenger day again on here. So can anyone tell me just what the argument for keeping Wenger is?

    There are many valid points for removing him, some even Wenger’s supporters agree with, but just what does he have left to offer?

    I keep reading on here that Wenger gave us some of the best football we’ve ever seen. Not going to disagree with that, but is that really a case for him holding on to his job? You’re basically saying that Wenger has a job for life because of his past, regardless of results or trophies. So even with relegation, Wenger would deserve to stay for the football he brought to us 7 years ago and beyond.

    The other point I read is that to change manager now would be disruptive with the season already started? That’s hardly a plus point for Wenger is it? In any case, with every defeat we suffer, I read we’re still in pre season as our players learn to gel.

    And then there’s the classic ‘who would you replace Wenger with.’ Again, not an argument that throws any positive light on to Wenger for his case to stay. Basically, the AKB’s are saying if Wenger can’t sort this mess out, then nobody else can.

    And then those that critically highlight the problems that the club repeats year after year with no reward, are told we’re just negative. All we do is highlight problems, blame Wenger for it, but don’t suggest any solutions for it all.

    Well hadn’t we been saying for years that Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner should not have been playing regular games for the team? Recently, haven’t we said the likes of Chamack, Squillaci, Djourou and Koscielny should be nowhere near the team?

    There’s plenty of solutions right there to have been getting on with. Not rocket science. Do you seriously think wage caps and a self sustaining transfer policy is a reasonable excuse to allow such shit to play regular first team football?

    If what Wenger has achieved in the past gives him your unequivocal support, fine. But don’t kid yourselves that he’s now capable of turning this mess around. It’s taken 6 years to bin Project Youth. And now he’s rattling on about this new cycle we’ve just embarked on. What’s this one all about? Project Experience with a bit of youth in it? And everyone laps it all up. How many years in the deluded wilderness will he give this project?

  30. Wegs Wegregas rides again!   •  

    Not-a-deluded-gooner, it’s not that you don’t have valid points, it’s more that you don’t seem to realise that most of us have already thought through these points and accepted or rejected them. I’ve been reading your comments for a while now, and there’re the same things I’ve been reading for the past 3-4 years now.

    That’s the problem with most new pessimists. You seem to think that your personal revelations are earth-shattering and urgent, but really…. it’s not.

    • Alex   •  

      Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself.


      new pessimists – what are you on about…i aint new mate! always been on here – always been a REALIST and ofcourse never deluded. my points are my points.

      i see from your comments your mainly on here to entertain..with your odd sayings (bada bing bada boom etc etc) don’t if thats just you seeking attention or trying to be liked to cover up your natural side-ing with the AKB’s



  31. LIAM   •  

    very true weg, been reading this blog regularly since the arshavin transfer saga, groundhog day comments for a groundhog day club, dunno if i even care anymore, i suspect this is why stringer, respects etc never comment anymore. sick of arsene and his bullshit, so much bullshit i dunno what bit of bullshit to start on. so i wont.

  32. nin FOWYC!   •  

    good morning cunts.

    wow its all changed up in here? I only recognise a few of the ‘old school’.

    Man, some of the akbs are amazing, id love to have whatever they are smoking.

  33. Cesc Fabregas   •  

    Bon dia!!!!! Did you see my goal last night? Christ it was a cracker! See your missing. Since leaving a very stagnant Arsenal FC I’m now completely revitalised playing as a striker. You could have had it all but Wenger just wouldn’t buy the “super quality” that he promised me……..

    All the best and good luck for the weekend.

  34. mop   •  

    le grove is the best blog out there…..akbs here suck

  35. nin FOWYC!   •  

    agreed, i read Le grove, hands down the best blog and the comments are gold too.

  36. A Force!   •  

    This is getting out of hand. The realists are in dispute with the AKB’s and the AKB’s are in dispute with the realists. See what Wenger has done, he has created divisions between the Arsenal fans.

    Yet if the realists protest, the AKB’s will sing ‘there’s only one arsene wenger’ like on Tuesday night and the AKB’s will get the publicity. Change can only happen once all the fans are in unison. But that looks a long way off.

    I want wenger to go but in a way I don’t. Deep down do you really trust the Arsenal board to get in a top top class manager? I don’t. If you regard Martin o’neill as top class then you will be happy.

    Yet Frank Rijkaard is managing in the middle east could easily be our manager. Bergkamp as his number two. (Dutch Connection). Get Paddy V from city. Get Keown or Dixon from the MOTD. Get Titi to show our strikers how to score.

    But in reality I see Arsene seeing out his contract and then having a say in who becomes our next manager. So an Arsene wenger clone!

    Times are desperate I wouldn’t mind twitchy. He always has something good to say about Arsenal and you know in the transfer window he will strengthen the positions we are inferior in. Or wait till next year and get Capello. This whole team would have a reality check if he was in charge.

    Long gone the days where you could walk into work and hear a deafining silence where your colleagues are quiet after Arsenal have just spanked a side 7-0. Now we are the fans that dread going to work as we know this club is in dire need of a rehaul and a quick one at that.

    Thursdays are Spursdays? We will be lucky to get 5th!

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