Park & RVP net seven goals in one day

With all the fuss over deadline day, I almost forgot there was a round of internationals to be played last night.  Several of our new boys were in action, with strike pairing Robin van Persie and Park Chu-Young grabbing the headlines.  Park scored an excellent hatrick against Lebanon, before RVP went one better by netting four in the Netherlands’ 11-0 win over San Marino.  Follow the links for video clips.

Whilst the level of opposition has to be taken in to account, it’s always good for a striker to score goals, and Park showed his potential with a variety of finishes: a stretching volley, a powerful header, and a neat finish across the keeper.  He looks like he can score all kinds of goals, which is more than can be said for Marouane Chamakh – who, at the moment, can’t score any.

As a rule, it seems our players have been more successful in their internationals than in their recent club form – and the good news is that so far I’m yet to hear of any injuries.  English fans will have enjoyed watching Theo Walcott give an impressive performance on the right-hand line of Fabio Capello’s new look attack, with his driving run helping to create the third goal for Wayne Rooney.  In the same group another Brit, Wales skipper Aaron Ramsey, scored in a 2-1 win over Montenegro.

Andrey Arshavin‘s impressive dribble set up Russia’s winner against Macedonia, whilst Bacary Sagna and Laurent Koscielny only made the bench for France as they saw off Albania.

The same was true of Per Mertesacker, which is fine with me –  I’d rather him rest than run the risk of injury.  The other two new boys, Mikel Arteta and Andre Santos, are not on international duty, so should arrive at London Colney in the next couple of days to join the rest of the squad for training.

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not Arteta can match Cesc’s class on the pitch, but he’s certainly very classy off it.  Yesterday he spoke to Sky Sports News about his transfer.  He spoke with great humility and honesty about his departure from Everton – it was clearly a difficult decision for him, somewhat akin to Cesc’s departure from Arsenal.  Hopefully he will show the same loyalty and commitment to us as he did to Everton.  You can see the video here.

The night before the senior internationals, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made his debut for the England U-21s, and impressed, setting up a couple of goals including this beauty from loanee Henri Lansbury.  Now that we’re almost a week on and I can mention the game without wanting to cry, I ought to say that I was quite impressed by his little cameo at Old Trafford.  Despite the circumstances he showed some real guts, going on a couple of mazy runs and spraying one nonchalant fifty-yard pass across the pitch.  Although the signing of Yossi Benayoun (who captained Israel in a 1-0 defeat to Greece) will nudge him a little down the pecking order, he looks like he’s ready to fight for this place.  The Carling Cup tie with Shrewsbury on the 20th looks like a chance for him to make his first start as an Arsenal player.

Yesterday the club named their 25-man squad for the Premier League.  I say 25; it was actually 22.  Chamberlain is one of several players who do not have to be named due to their age.   The only surprise is that Manuel Almunia is a) included and b) still here.  I’m guessing he couldn’t find a club to match his wages.  Still, at least it means we have plenty of depth in a position that provided us with no end of trouble last season.

There are a couple of transfer stories doing the rounds, suggesting we made enquiries for Yoann Gourcuff and Clint Dempsey.  I’m sure that’s true: Arsenal clearly had an extensive list of targets and had to explore them all.  I don’t know about you but I’m still recovering from the madness that was transfer deadline day.  There was no blog yesterday, and if it’s alright with you I might take Sunday off too.  To be honest, I’ll probably do it even if it’s not alright with you, because I’m just horribly inconsiderate.  I’ll be back in force next week with some in-depth pieces on our new players ahead of the Swansea match.

Only a week until we get to see the new boys in action…

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  1. Chris   •  

    Nice piece – thanks for all the links to goals and that classy interview with Arteta!

  2. The BearMan   •  

    The new recruits is beginning to grow on me. I believe like many we were expecting that name and up and coming young stars such as M’ Villa and Hazard to turn up at the eleventh hour. It’s like being hit with a damp squid???

    Now that the dream is over and the dust has settled I see we acquire a few players that were sitting in the last chance Solon waiting for the last stage coach and a train appeared. Until they have change into the colours and set foot on the turf as a team, we are left to speculate! Maybe we will see more hunger and urgency than we got from Nasri, Chamakh, Rosciky, Squallaci and Arshavin.

    But my delayed dream is yet fixed on the January TW. However, I will give the new boys my support and hope they do not prove to be relatives of (Jaun) Squallaci.

  3. Segun Ogunmade from Abuja   •  

    Infact,I was happy yesterday to see our boys in action.My fear is our coach formation and player for a particular match,with new park signing,Asene Wenger should go back to 4-4-2 formation that gave us winning Six years ago because having seen what RVP & PARK did yesterday,it shows that Asenal will go far this season.

  4. Femi Ibitoye   •  

    All Arsenal players dt went 4 international duty performed excellently expecting them 2 do d same in their duty as Arsenal player.

  5. Munitionsman   •  

    you deserve a break GS. Blogging on AFC must take years off ur life!!

  6. Daymee   •  

    Santos fills me with excitement. Arteta is a bold player who can shoot with both feet. CY Park is a workhorse and a kind of player Arsenal have been crying out for more than 7yrs. Good in the air, times his runs and has an amazing eye for goal. Benayoun, another final-ball passer and workhorse. Mertesacker a giant at 6ft 6ins.

    My expectation is very low and I expect nothing this season. At the very least, we have the minimum requirement to head into a season that had disaster written all over it.

    2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 new striker was the minimum. Something still tells me that Arsene could not have done this on his own volition. I believe a higher hand intervened. The truth about that we may never know.

    A lot of us fans were resigned to Gibbs being 1st choice left back and Wenger intended to give the baton to Gibbs for the season. Santos is a strange occurence because he doesn’t strike me as the sort of player Arsene normally goes for. Of course we have not seen this guy kick a ball yet but I’m quite confident we have just brought in a player that will light up England in Andre Santos. I expect “the usual idiots” to start sniffing around him soon.

    At the very least, I’m quite excited to see Santos, Vermaelen, Mertesacker and Sagna build a solid unit. About time this Arsenal team have an established back 5.

    I can’t but mentioned Frimmers. Thank God he now has an oppourtunity to fight Song for the DM role. I must also mention the deadwood we got rid of: Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner, Clichy, Traore.

    Losing Cesc will not be easy as the team was built around him. Arsenal as a club now need to move on. It would have been more difficult without those 5 signings. It still feels strange and I must admit I feel a bit numb and desensitised by all the black cloud that has been cast over this club for months now but I believe a new birth has occurred. A new Arsenal team with a new fire and spine.

    My only wish is that this new team can find a new spirit and a new disciplined, direct and merciless attitude

  7. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    I watched the first episode of Doctor Who tonight. Let’s Kill Hitler was an excellent episode with all the excitement, fun, intrigue, comedy, knowing little winks, and a hottie red-head in a mini-skirt. Honestly, out of all the Doctor Who companions, I’d have to put Amy Pond up there with that blonde girl in a bear-skin bikini back in the 70s, and Martha Jones. Always liked Martha Jones – not sure why the Doctor didn’t tap that when he had the chance.

    What’s this got to do with the Arsenal? Well, what’s anything got to do with the Arsenal these days? We’re all marking time until the inevitable.

    Arsene Out.

    • Well-endowed gooner   •  

      Then again, I though that young Mels was a bit of alright, but why did she have to regenerate into Alex Kingston? I mean, Kingston is a looker if you’re into MILFs, but surely a Time Lady who can look as luscious in dreads as young Melody Pond can think of a better body in which to regenerate.

      I think the plan is to turn van Persie into a false nine and get Gervinho and Theo to take turns to drift into the vacated centre-forward position. But it might not work because van Persie takes too many touches to control and ball, and because he’s not mobile enough to drag defenders out of position, since a DM can easily mark him once he drops deep.

      Moreover, why was Melody Pond white as a baby, black as a kid and a young adult, and then Welsh as a mature woman? That’s craziness, and something Stephen Moffat had better deal with in future episodes.

      I read that Mertesacker had a pre-Bosman deal with the Arsenal to move to the Arsenal when his contract ran out in 2012. I think that’s a load of shite, because it would mean tapping up of the first degree, and if the Arsenal are stupid enough to do it and let the press find out, it’ll create a shit-storm that would bury the Arsenal in a pile of shit.

      I am curious when the Tardis got a new coat of pain and a sticker on the right panel of the door. It never used to be there.

      Arsene Out.

  8. Daymee   •  


  9. freshgunner   •  

    damn dude calm down!

  10. Wenger owns you and your mom.   •  


    Wenger out.
    Seriously is that the best you can do?

    • korchha   •  

      No. He can do better.

      Read the archives.

  11. colin   •  

    I completely agree weg

    • Well-endowed gooner   •  

      We weren’t to know that running a 18 year-old into the ground in his first full season of senior football would have a detrimental effect on his body. It’s one of those freak events that happens only once or twice or five times at most, at the Arsenal Football Club.

      I’m watching Rango at the moment. There’s a bunch of bugs with Spanish accents talking about Rango. It’s funny because they’re bugs and they speak Spanish instead of English.

      Arsene out.

      • Ha Ha   •  

        Oly idiots like you can put every single faults solely on Wenger…..

        • Davey B   •  

          Bigger idiots try and pass the book by using the board as a scapegoat to absolve him of any blame.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal....   •  

    scary… thats what this season will be, i agree with frank mac, we are all washed up, wenger WILL walk before xmas! taht aint a statement it will be a fact!

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal....   •  

    weg… so your a milf lover then…

    why watch dr who its like arsenal its past its best!

    weg what floss do you recomended? serious your a man who looks after the railings?

    • Well-endowed gooner   •  

      I watch Doctor Who because it’s usually a beautifully scripted 30 minute show with heart, humour and pathos. Some episodes are genuinely moving.

      Much like the Arsenal in the early noughties.

      I never got into the old Doctor Who episodes because they seemed a bit daft and a bit earnest. I like the zany, self-referential nature of the rebooted series.

  14. Ha Ha   •  

    This transfer was not knee jerk or related to 8-2 trashing…. If you believed the media you gone mad.

    .Eden Harzard brought in for Rosicky sold (I’m very sure it will happened)

    . Fann M’Vila brought in for Diaby sold (I’m very sure it will happened – Diaby injuries record no fault of his but he is not an intelligent or quality player of Arsenal standard)

    . Cahill brought in for Sqillichi (I’m very sure it will happened). JD must be careful as either Miquel or Bartley will over take him real soon if he continue to slide down in his performances.

    . A creative player to fight the two role up for grab in Arsenal engine room…Ramsey (not ready now and need some games to get his confidence and form back otherwise we can see him slide down the pack), Wilshere (shiny real soon), Arteta (real combat style that we need right now after Fabregas left – He is not a like replacement but a good enough replacement)… Goertz or others must be brought to prvide competition and strength in depth as well as rotation in the squad.

    Can you see what Wenger planned for the future.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      haha your name is very apt… yes i can see AW future…. = PSG + SONJA

      • Ha Ha   •  


      • Munitionsman ......Nuts?   •  

        Wenger can build team up from zero with minimum budget as well as qualites signings along the way. You still moan or just want the club to spent huge monies and gone the way to brankrupt…. Nuts right

  15. Strangelet   •  

    Barca vp saying they should have paid 52 million
    For Cesc! They mugged us and I am sorry to all you die hard cesc fans but he effectively threw our shirt on the floor and spat on it by making us
    sell him for that stupid price! Kiss the badge lying twa£. Good riddance.

    • Ha Ha   •  

      Cahill can at most be 3rd choice if brought, and if the like of Chelsea join the fray what can you expect from Arsenal with the moey slash around the players…Moan again like most of you did huh! The reason Mata join Chelsea was his father (agent) and his previous club tried to hike the selling price to all interested club to the press & every tom,dick and harry knew Chelsea slash the cash…Arsenal back out as we still need to buy a few players without slashing the crazy market o a single player. I thought you guys moan about his lack of physical side but once Chelsea snatch him every was okay. Strange plastics fans comments baffle and media redicule us, so Wenger and the board took another twist ad went to the transfer dead line to do their deals and yet you guys moan again. Rich jerk born with silver spoon huh! Bar yes some of the recruits still need to adapt to this league and prove their mettle but do you comprehend or moan again the reasons why we brought this talents. Frankly I expect Wenger to break his transfer record either Jan ’12 or next season for Eden Hazard and Fann M’Vila for the range around £12m to £18m. All still marquee signings.

      Fabregas deal was cut with conditions but the media just crackle and redicule us on the silly transfer fees. Many points but you strangely like to read only the negative push up from the media. Get some live and stick up. The media just kept including now BBC kept spinning negative towards Arsenal and you guys still believed them. The 8-2 spanking had totally no relation to the 5 signings and enquiries to players does not equate to buying the players. Any glue or clueless? Ha Ha

      Cahill was good but clearly not world class and the reason we go after him was because the stupid FA ruling on the English quota required that’s all. His worth at most £8m let alone £17million, so why Spurs not paying crazy money for him? Strange or piggy hole thoughts huh! Cahill commented to his pals he like Arsenal and was interested to join us so just let that be the focal point and see us move forward to the deal.

      • Well-endowed gooner   •  

        I don’t believe that, Ha Ha. Arsenal are the one club who qualify for the home-grown rule quite easily, without having to resort to buying Englishness like Cahill. Although, with the departure of Bendy, Cesc, Clichy and Denilson, maybe that’s changed lately?

        Whatever the case, I think Cahill would be an excellent addition to the Arsenal. I believe Mertescaker is a better player, purely on reputation, but I could see us quite easily with a back four of;

        Sagna Cahill Mertesacker Vermaelen

        And for those would think that that centre-back pairing is too slow, bear in mind that we’re parking FOUR gigantic balls right in front of goal. It’ll be like trying to shoot through a 19th formal manor garden complete with hedge animals and hedge fences.

  16. Pingback: Mid-interlull and a bit of news as well as a final transfer round-up. « savagegooner

  17. InWengerWeRust   •  

    WHO is Marouane Chamakh???? is it the guy with Frodos invisible cape when he’s on the field???

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