United Preview + Park signing imminent

There is a massive match today, and at the risk of sounding uncannily like manager Arsene Wenger, I’d like to talk solely about that.  However, with the window creaking towards closing, inevitably there is transfer news on the agenda.

It appears that Arsenal are about to sign South Korea striker Park Chu-Young.  After Monaco were relegated last season, Park, who is captain of his country, has spent the summer searching for a move.  It seemed he’d found it when French champions Lille agreed a fee of €3m + €2m add-ons.  He underwent a medical, and this morning Lille president Michel Seydoux sought out Park at his hotel to finalise the contract.

Only, Park wasn’t there.

A series of furious phone calls to Monaco and the player’s representatives confirmed Seydoux’s fears: Park had travelled to England, to meet with Arsenal.

Park was as surprised as anyone; the deal has come from nowhere.  On Friday, Arsene confirmed Arsenal’s desire to sign a striker – a decision motivated by the impending departure of Nicklas Bendtner and the fact Joel Campbell has been denied a work permit.  That evening, Arsenal informed Monaco of their interest.  By Saturday morning, a formal bid had arrived, and Arsene Wenger had spoken to Park on the telephone.  As soon as he received the call, the player departed for London.

It’s an intriguing signing, and in my eyes a positive one.  A couple of days ago I didn’t think Arsene was going to buy a striker, so I’ll be delighted if we do secure one.  Some fans seem disappointed by he player’s relatively low profile and price-tag, but I think they’re odd criteria by which to judge a signing.

Even so, I expect bigger names to arrive in the areas which require more significant strengthening: defence and midfield.  Speaking of which, Owen Coyle’s criticism of Gary Cahill’s performance at Anfield, suggesting the player has had his “head turned”, seem to me to be further evidence of a club preparing for the player’s departure.

Anyway.  More of Park, Cahill and others in the coming days of frenzied activity.  For now, for today, it’s Manchester United at Old Trafford.

First: team news.  As you all know, the Arsenal squad is currently decimated by injuries and suspensions.  From the game against Udinese we lose Song, Gervinho and Frimpong (all suspended), who join the likes of Gibbs, Squillaci, Wilshere, Diaby and Bendtner on the sidelines.

Wojciech Szczesny will continue in goal.  Thomas Vermaelen will form the bedrock of our defence, with his first-choice partner Laurent Koscielny hopefully able to be picked alongside him.  There were some rumours yesterday that Bacary Sagna was suffering from a stomach bug – assuming he recovers, he’s likely to continue at left-back with Carl Jenkinson on the other flank.

The central midfield trio will be comprised of Tomas Rosicky, Aaron Ramsey and another.  The likes of Oguzhan Özyakup and Francis Coquelin have reportedly been called up to the first team squad, but I suspect Arsene will go with Johan Djourou in a holding role.  The Swiss defender began his career as a midfielder and should be comfortable enough in that position.

The attack picks itself: captain Robin van Persie will be flanked by the in-form Theo Walcott and out-of-sorts Andrey Arshavin.

United have started the season in fine fettle, with plenty of new blood to supplement the established set.  They’re champions and favourites for this year’s title.  Arsenal, meanwhile, have spent the first part of the season lurching from one disaster to the next, until the reprieve granted by defeating Udinese in the Champions League qualifier.  All of that means that we start this game as massive underdogs – a position which ought to suit us.

Considering this is always a huge fixture, we go in to it under remarkably little pressure.  Hopefully that will liberate some of the younger players in our side, and allow us to at least make a decent fist of it.  The squad strengthening that will happen between now and Wednesday could dramatically alter our season – but, arguably, a positive result today could be more.

We’re due a win at Old Trafford.  And we’re due some luck.  A victory, or even a convincing performance, could rarely be more timely.

Come On You Gunners.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Ya Nan   •  


    Its gonna be a shitshow tommorow. Nevermind who will play they aren’t going to be fully fit.

  2. natty   •  

    we need a big pacy CF and we get this little Korean. Sunday will be a matter of escaping with a two goal defeat.

    • ZDan   •  

      He is 6.2 you idiot

      • pype   •  

        dont mind natty… park has a great work rate, in my opinion he is a decent buy.

        • Inas   •  

          It wil be a great buy for us.compare to wht we already apart of vp.i dont tink we ve quality cf.i tink is a welcome idea.we dis on cheap arsene use d rest of d money 2 strength d area dat re needed.up gunners for ever

  3. GunGirl   •  

    Please try to check your facts before you post. Park is 6 feet tall and is the captain of South Korea’s national team, which was in the final 16 of the last World Cup. Are you unhappy with Gervinho’s signing too? Did you moan about Arsenal signing Thierry Henry from Monaco, too?

    • TOMMYG   •  

      I like your comment but Henry was not signed from Monaco but JUVE

    • Get Wenger Out   •  

      You couldnt make it up, an AKB telling someone to check their facts then telling us Henry came from Monaco

      • Cuntene Cuntger   •  

        Ha, stupid slut! I don’t moan about cuntene cuntger and his collection of overpaid pussies, I fucking roll on the floor laughing at them!

      • Makanaky   •  

        I’m actually laughing out loud at this…nice one GWO….

  4. Andrew   •  

    Will be very interesting to see what chu young can do! A very un-arsenal like signing!

  5. kc   •  

    Classic stuff to compare this Korean to the Legend that is TH14 just because they were bought from the same club. Anybody worried about the fact that this guy has to do 2 years of military service before the age of 30?! He’s almost 26 so in effect he only has 2 years left to play before duty calls. And GunGirl Gervinho cost 10 million and came from a competitive club in Lille. This guy played for a team that got relegated to League 2 last season. Add to this we royally pissed off Lille who already had agreed a deal for this guy. Do you honestly think they will sell us Hazard now? This is not good business.

    • Beastista   •  

      Do you honestly believe Lille was going to sell us Hazard 4 days before the close of the transfer window anyway?

      And do you honestly believe that we should still spend on Hazard given that we are in need of players in other positions?

      It was quite clear that Lille would only sell only one of their star players. Do you think we should’ve bought Hazard instead? Cus i really like the one we got.

  6. kc   •  

    Sorry ‘played’ for the same club was meant not bought.

  7. gimmeg6   •  

    Gungirl in my eyes you are a perfect no flaws kinda woman lol

    • ron   •  

      with massive boobs.

      • fun ni   •  


  8. John   •  

    Have you seen this guys goal scoring statistics? He is CRAP in the 5th best league in Europe. And he is moving to the league that is ranked 1.

    What makes this a good signing? Its rubbish. Chamakh and Gervinho are going to ACN. RVP is an injury waiting to happen. We needed Sow. Higuain, Benzema. And instead we got a player who couldn’t stop his club being relegated in a average league. Terrible signing.

    • Beastista   •  

      would you say the same about kos and jenkinson? as for statistics, bergkamp has 11 in 50 for inter…
      he’s just backup… lay-off the lad untill u’ve at least seen him play…
      not even wenger can tell a jeffers from an eduardo…

      • Munitionsman   •  

        too fuckin right!! Did you see those two football impersonators team up to ship 8… not 1… not 2 but 8 fucking goals.

        You couldnt make this shit up. Wenger out and please lets load up a ship full of live sheep for export to the middle east.

    • pype   •  

      you are just a fool, he couldnt stop his club from relegating..? How many players are on the pitch?.. for your info he scored 12 goals last season…

  9. Adeniyiyaqub kre   •  

    All thing is in d hands of GOD,we all know dat man u is too hard to defeat at their home.when arsenal ave complete squad they are unable to defeat man u talkless of dis time dat arsenal ave sell their best player with injuries and suspension dat their top player got.i believe if chu young is added to arsenal squad he(park)would improve arsenal forward.

  10. Jimmy Gunner   •  

    Just read Neveilles’ comment in the Daily Mail.He said Wenger always played in the same style with no variation.No wonder they always lose to the red faced.It seems Wenger expects others to let his team pass and pass and pass and to defeat.
    For today’s game,he better note that all out attack will play into the hands of counter attacking teams like MU and Chelsea.This maybe anathema to him but it wins games.His pretty soccer with unending passing is nice to watch but it can be sabotaged by teams prepared to play hardball.Invariably the gunners come out worst.
    Unless Wenger gets his act right,the gunners will fail to win against the red faced cunt and trophies.

  11. Danny   •  

    70million in the bank and what do we buy. a fucking nip who can tie his shoe laces

    wenger needs to go …….

    lets hope united piss on us

    • elkieno   •  

      Why would u lower urself down to the mindless level of a racist, your talking about an Arsenal player and you call him a ‘NIP who can tie shoelaces’? Doesnt even make sense, you are the kind of fan that no one wants, glory hunting snob probably from the a$$hole of this world. I bet you supported Arsenal when we were on top but now your angry and are really thinking u want to support UTD, City, Chelsea or even liverpool. Piss off and take your crappy thoughts with you, we really do not need a fan like yourself, little boy..

    • barry   •  

      totally suck in your commend….who u think can replace wenger…u?? i don think so…

    • Enjoy   •  

      Danny you racist piece of shit you deserve to have you chest crushed by a garbage truck.

    • SHAME ON YOU   •  

      You can dislike Wenger all you want and want him to leave… but to hope the mancs piss on us…. YOU’RE NOT A GUNNER….

      PISS ON YOU.

    • Cuntene Cuntger   •  

      each and every one of you can take your self-righteous bullshit and shove it the fuck up your ass. If someone wants to say nip, they can say nip. If someone wants to say stupid n*gger or dumb c**n, they can say stupid n*gger or dumb c**n. If someone wants to say filthy h00k-nosed k1ke they can say filthy h00k-nosed k1ke

  12. mzeey   •  

    i think wenger should tose batner in the hazard deal that will make lille cool down about chu we need hazard bad

  13. sigvardur   •  

    Wenger got the best out of Henry when he bought him to Arsenal. This guy might be a box to box player that Arsenal need.

    Park is a very good player, and he has amazing passes.

    It is always funny and sad on the same time, when people are talking bad about Arsenal signings.

    The game against Man U , will be a massive game , the quality the young players have is amazing .. Arsenal rules ;)

    stop crying like old ladies and be a men haha

  14. Ken   •  

    Your right we got all dat money an wana got 4 this guy who could course us the loss of hazard wot is he thinking I hope we get beat bad 2 day I’ve had enough 3 days left there’s no way were gonna get wot we want just same old sh.t with arsenal were just an avarge team now all Dow 2 to wenger his fucked this club up now we need new blood

    • elkieno   •  

      We need new fans too.
      Your are Danny in disguise, and Danny is a Spud in disguise..

  15. Octopus   •  

    Come on Danny, don’t be so mean. The guy is actually a good striker. U will be surprised how he will fit seamlessly into the arsenal team…..
    Come on u reds!
    I sense a 0-1 tomorrow. We are due a win.

  16. Mitch   •  

    Like all of you seriously thought that Arsene had cashed in his last remaining marbles when i heard about Park. However, for the first time ever i looked into all of these players and not rellied on the media for hype about how good they are or ex-failed managers and their opinions on talkshit am – if you look at the basic fact the Lille – the champions of France have been chasing this guy from Monaco the entire summer – he was their number one choice as a striker/winger, replacement for Gervinho. Who by the way, won the title with Lille last year in the same team as Hazard. Gervinho played on the left wing, Hazard the right wing. Gervinho scored 15 goals with 10 assists. Hazard chipped in 7 goals and had 10 assists. Question why are we chasing a player who is clearly inferior to our new player from the same team for more money? Everyone says he’s tricky but wow, look at how many times he was dispossessed compared to any other player in the league, and then look at the top of the same table and you’ll see Gervinho. Haven’t seen Hazard play that much but outside of our desparation for signings can’t see how he supposed to replace Cesc. Nasri sat on the bench for walcott when walcott was fit and had a run of games so not worried about that position.

    As for Park – that guy just scored 12 goals and that is all for 33 matches. 0 assists. But then again Nasri had 1 assist and 10-goals last season – so straight away, considering Nasri played with VP, Cesc, etc last season and still lost to Park in benefit to his team by 1-goal/assist – and then consider Monaco were relegated, so who had more chances to score or provide a pass for an decent player to score with?

    By the way, Arshavin who really needs to get better still weighed in with 17-assists and 10-goals last season….just thought i would share that.

    Only Lille has said Arsenal by the way, if in his quote he says Monaco etc don’t know where he is, why did he say POSSIBLY Arsenal – could be Spurs for all we know, they’re looking for a striker too…..

    Also remember last summer he signed a no name defender just out of the second division in France, and look at him at the end of last season – Koscielny is looking too bad compared to some big name defenders who everyone said we should have bought etc etc etc

    chill for now, let’s see what happens between now and maybe christmas and see if any of the new kids have made a difference, and if we sign people. no point in getting irrate about it anymore since the season has started and song, Gervinho and Frimpong got suspended, we have to support what we have even more importantly.

    • elkieno   •  

      Good post mate, if only ‘Danny’ the Spud I mean ‘supposed’ Arsenal fan, would go out and read the facts for himself instead of relying on what the Media say about his team.
      What a joke every fan is, the ones who have the gall to come on and be a racist, talk like they no better etc. When we start winning again watch these ‘fans’ come out and sing Wengers praises, cos AW really does know better..(except Danny cos he is a Spud)
      Excellent post…

    • barry   •  

      Good statistic! i think what our beloved arsenal desperate need are the fighting spirit and we all know how the asian player play their football. they are famous in their never say die attitude. i can see this spirit in Ryo and Park. i think they are anytime better than a few players in the arsenal team at the moment.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      mitch kol cost us points and the CC… but aart from that Arsene knows.

      Kol is not a top 4 defender… not now not ever. Weak, goes to ground in the penalty area.

      • Snethemba   •  

        you spot on dude i get baffled hw every1 rates Kos and how hes gona improve(he aint no youngster). IMO he’s a very weak defender whos afraid of the physical challenges- then whats the point of being a CB?? Kyle Bartley is already miles better then him.

  17. iain   •  

    Danny,no need for racist comments mate- its the mindless spurs mob that do that. I posted a few comments earlier across the blogs and got slated by a few AKB’s, which was odd seeing as I generally sit in that camp myself.

    My point was this, no doubt that Park will have a good engine and skill but he is not the best striker we can afford, simply the best deal on offer. I believe with the better service of Arsenal he will score more but his total lack of assists in previous seasons also means he will have a lot to develop.

    Papiss Cisse or Moussa Sow both are proven 25-30 goals a season strikers and I would have preferred Le Prof blew the extra 10 mill or so and bought one of them in. He hasnt however, probably at no surprise to us fans, so I shall support our new striker as i do the rest of our team.

    Gotta say though, when we needed to strengthen last years squad and we have sold our best creative players since then, I am not convinced Park will make the difference and terrify the EPL defenses.

    Talk of Benzema was always a red herring, talk of Kaka more of the same and I know Hazards name gets raised every day but his club,before we just stole their Gervinho replacement from under their noses, have stated time and time again that he is not for sale this year. Will be interesting to see if our new CB and midfielder will be the proven stars we are calling for or, like Park, just the best deal on offer.

    I AM happy Wenger is getting in some players, I am just unconvinced as of yet they are the best players we can afford, rather than the best deals on offer.

    All moot for tomorrow, we are all set for a hammering by the scum at OT so bring it on- come on you gooners!!

    • Munitionsman   •  


      one post at last that is accurate

  18. hedgewire   •  

    mzeey that would be a great bit of biz, as for the lads an lasses that write a game off b4 its began, SHAME ON U!!!!!!!

  19. Octopus   •  

    Some gunners …lol. U moan and moan. Damned if Arsene doesn’t sign a player, damned if he signs one. Was Thiery a household name before he became a gunner? Viera? It’s not like Arsene is in his first year as a manager! Why the fuck would any true gooner want us beat up just to spite Arsene? Fuckin madness…support the team!

    • Munitionsman   •  

      park is the new TH14. Come lets fill our classes with another tote of arsene’s finest.

      When dod the AKB’s come back here?? O yeah its the beginning of the season and everybody has had a RAM reset.

  20. d.y.t   •  

    dt,s bulshit! Was it nw dt d transfa window opend 4 wenger to b in nid of playaz. Chek out juan mata arsenal went 4 1st,nw he is relaxg on our neighbours bench.jus cos of wengers greed.incase u guys dnt knw park chu young is neva a gud playa 4 a club dt nids trophy!

  21. RedDevil   •  

    Can’t wait to smash your boys up tomorrow, it’s always good beating you, but tomorrow I feel a humiliation is due.

    • barry   •  

      u fucking arrogant red devil!!! u will regret after tomorrow game.

      • Cuntene Cuntger   •  

        couldn’t agree more. cuntene cuntger and every single one of these ridiculous jackass clowns who support him deserve a massive humiliation. it will be so gratifying because they sooooooo richly deserve it.

  22. prince   •  

    the truth is pessimistic comments n believe takes us nowhere, we’ve constantly lashed our team with annoying comments.whoever wenger signs to me is good considering his past signings for the club they all turned out good same players clubs are clamouring for.lets just believe that we will suprise matter of fact shock europe from now on

    • Munitionsman   •  

      they all turned out good?? Well prior to 2004 many did. but you cant say that anymore, because it simply isnt true anymore.

  23. Alex Ngoke   •  

    Man, the disillusion I’m seeing from some of you so called Arsenal supporters is truly shocking. Wanting us to get pissed on by the Red Mancs, have some f***ing shame. If that’s how you feel, then go and support the inferior team in North London. If not, then get behind your team AND manager regardless and support them as you should as a fan.
    And btw, I’d take Park Chu-Young over Bendtner anyday, bet he wouldn’t of cocked up in the Nou Camp last season…

    • Munitionsman   •  

      wanting or not wanting something doesnt change the fact of the matter. the fact is we are no longer in the same league as manure. and that has been achieved by choice, not imposition

  24. Tee   •  

    I agree with you Octopus TH14,PV4,DB10 were nt household names when AW sign then think that we paid jus 500 000 pounds for him and latter make him wat he is 2day. On the other hand pple complain abt buying players who had been proved to world class wen they are playing for lesser then we pay out of the odds wen we culd buy them before the lesser team. Luk Jags we culd had bought him from Sheff Utd for jus 4mil then before following him at Everton where we are being billed a whooping 20mil in which we want AW to pay. Luk at wat form Chamack n Arshavin had had before we sign them n compare that with their current form. Let’s see wat AW hav in mind coz crying will not change anything then judge if he is already signed them we shall surely see him imo its better to hav him than wantaway super quality Bentdner. As for Sow n Cisse these two will be going CAN if I sure there both Senegalese n are leading their group which haS Song’s Cameroun n Samba’s DRC.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      wenger didnt buy DB10…

  25. Phill   •  

    31st is jst few days from now. Let us hope dat AW will do more signing. Park is welcome. Nasri wasnt good wen he came to Arsenal but became good nd decided to leave. Anyway ….

    • Munitionsman   •  

      nasri was an identified talent and cost alot for a young player because he had potential.

  26. bradster   •  

    I’m just glad Wenger is actually shopping around. Realising that players don’t need to be French to be good and at a reasonable price.

    I reckon trust Wenger, so many times players that he gambled on came good. Granted there has been some crap that he brought in, 90% French as well but wow did he find some good ones that others wrote off.

    I reckon give him a chance and if he’s crap, the boo brigade will let him know at the game.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      as long as they are from the french second division

  27. Inas   •  

    Arsene knws d right player and at d right time.please gunners lets watch wht is doin.he d manager he also knws wht is important tin 2 do tan us here.i tink lets cross our fingers and wait.lets kep d faith.GUNNERS TIL I DEY OH

  28. La Gooner   •  

    Love your blog mate, regular reader.
    But please change the flashing ad of Cesc We Can on blinking on the right side. It just doesnt feel right….anymore ;)
    As usual, I start my day with your read, Thank you…

  29. Farewell, Wegs Wegregas!   •  

    I have serious reservations about buying a 26 year old player who was relegated from Ligue 1. Granted, he’s the South Korea captain and he’s quite a large fellow, but how many 26 year olds from relegated clubs do well at a big, big European club in the first season of their contract?

    I’d much rather we signed Lionel Messi.

    • Get Wenger Out   •  

      Dont forget Arsenal can no longer be considered a big club and this is something even Wenger has pointed out

    • Get Wenger Out   •  

      Wenger says we are no longer a big club

  30. Ysteven   •  

    Was hoping this deal was made sooner. Park Ji Sung VS Park Chu Young seems cool.

  31. joely   •  

    Its funny how some gunner fans can jst open thier mouths n say wateva nonsense comes to thier minds..av they eva given it a thot dat players themselves read these blogs? Which means dat u end up shooting urself in d foot by demoralising d same players u r supposed to support! How r we spposd to add “depth” to d team anyway? Is it by buying 2 players (who btw, might jst end up getting laid off wit injuries for d whole season! In football, ANYTHING can happen) wit d whole 70 mil or spreading it over 4 or 5 above average players who can help shore up d team (av u looked at our bench lately? *shivers*) pls guys, lets try to be logical in our comments..

    • Munitionsman   •  

      I agree lets get right behind chamahk, squilacci and the sale of 20 million shirts in the far east.

  32. GoonerTurnedBarcaFan   •  

    I really don’t see what endeared me to the gunners anymore in their game. With Wenger buying sh*t players, I don’t see it changing anytime soon…Goodbye

    • Home Counties Gooner   •  

      I say old bean, your response to the Arsenal is thoroughly discouraging.

  33. Arse warrior   •  

    Does anyone else worry that buying a striker from a club that got relegated may just be because he is bound to raise the clubs profile in the far east and not because he is good enough to play for us
    Is this more of a business minded signing than a football minded one ?!

  34. Gunner   •  

    Park is a great signing. Just because we didn’nt spend 20 millions to buy him doesn’t mean anything, the proper Arsenal supporters should know that. He’s a backup striker, and can play on the wings. Monaco might have got relegated but I can tell you he was always really good, and single-handedly kept them in several games last season.
    As for Hazard don’t believe the stories you hear: he won’t come to Arsenal this season. I think Arsenal never actually made a bid for him.
    If we manage to get Cahill (likely) and M’Vila (unlikely), we’ll be looking rather good.
    Today’s match won’t tell us much, we’re likely to lose, but with a bit of luck, without pressure, we’ll manage to pull off a result. I’m pretty positive Coquelin will start in midfield, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in a big game.

    • Home Counties Gooner   •  

      Hello chaps! I believe it’s naivety to believe that just because Park’s an obscure signing from a lowly club for a cheap fee, he’s going to be the next Thierry Henry.

      We are all Englishmen here, with big cups of tea to fortify the spirit against the long english season!

      Jolly-o, let’s show these northerner chaps the meaning of The Arsenal! Our stiff upper lips are the stiffest and lippiest in the world!

  35. Munitionsman   •  

    GS profile and price are exaclty the correct thing to judge a signing by and this guy has neither. He is not young, and he hasnt made it. Tells you all you need to know. Wont be as goos as NB52 who himself isnt any good. Chamahk was cheap and is crap. Stinking the joint out. Joel didnt get an exeptional talent visa because, guess what, he is not exceptional.

    this is yet another knee jerk reaction late in the window because the plan that we didnt have has failed. This is rank mis-managment and I cant believe you wont call it for what it is.

    But I do undertsand you dont want to can an AWFC player before he dons a shirt. I get that, but its not going to change the fact that we are signing utter shit these days

    kol (marginal at best)
    Gervinho (good player and guess what, has both profile and price)

    Buying quality youth is fine I have not beef with that.

    • Home Counties Gooner   •  

      MM, any chap who identifies with a club must, I say MUST, stand shoulder to shoulder with the chaps who pull on the jersey week after week. A club is a Victorian representation of values and commitment and solidarity. If we British Isles chaps were not raised on a diet of Victorian values and grammar school loyalty, we would never have ruled the world with a combination of light horse, heavy artillery, opium peddling and bright red pea coat uniforms.

      Good gracious, MM, if we were to turn on all our players like you’re turning on this chap Park, then we’re dishonouring the memories of our ancestral chaps. This Park chap is a hard-working pro and we should encourage him into the family of Arsenal chaps.

      Jolly good show, say what old fruit?

      • Munitionsman   •  

        I know thats wegs webragas ;)

  36. GunFan   •  

    The arrival of Park as the outstanding S. Korean capt should provide us what we have been lacking – determination, leadership, fighting spirit and pure Asian work ethic.
    Rewind to last three world cups and look how the S. Koreans play together as a team with incredible attitude and went better against teams like France, Greece, Togo, Nigeria etc.
    Perhaps the kind of injection we need in our team?
    And Danny. Please do us all a favour? Fuck off back to Scum Spuds where you belong, you small minded prick…

    • GunFan   •  

      Looking back at the World Cup results again… S. Korea even got the better of teams such as Spain, Italy and Poland!

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal....   •  


    good points at 12:23 joel is a pipe dream a pipe of crack!

    we are dead in the water as a big top 5 team… we will will get raped like a a 18 year old doing time on his firest week at belmarsh!

    4-0 united, another game another clean sheet…in attack!

  38. JMIM   •  

    How Wenger has mismanaged this squad beyond recognition is beyond me. Our team to face Manure later is as weak as I’ve seen. We’re gonna get raped badly. WENGER OUT!

  39. Get Wenger Out   •  

    I dont know whether to laugh or cry at our defending

  40. Get Wenger Out   •  

    The great van persie

  41. Get Wenger Out   •  

    The great Arsene Wenger

  42. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Thats what you get when you spend money Wenger you fucking clown

  43. JMIM   •  

    This is a fucking shambles on so many levels. Off the field and on the field. Fucking farce of a club. WENGER OUT NOW!!

  44. Get Wenger Out   •  

    At least Arsene has got us into the champions league, think about the revenue for our beloved board

  45. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Fucking hell what has become of us. No fucking excuses will do about injuries, these guys are always injured

  46. Red Devil01   •  

    How does it feel lads to be run-ragged by Sir Alex’s Youth Project?????? HOW DOES IT FEEL YOU SOFT TURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DOES IT FEEL???

    Getting into the Champions League was a big mistake for Arsenes Young Boy’s because your going to get HUMILIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  47. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Please please please will some journalist actually get the balls to question Wenger properly during a press coinference. How the fuck is this cunt getting away with the lies and bullshit, why will someone not question him

  48. Lynchpin   •  

    Fergie’s younguns ripping it up. What excuse does Wenger use now?

  49. Get Wenger Out   •  

    At least we dont have to watch Song coming off licking Rooneys booths with a gigantic silly smile across his ugly fat face. These cunts have no idea what bit means to be an Arsenal player and thats Comical Arsenes fault

  50. Makanaky   •  

    Makanaky August 26, 2011 at 11:51 pm
    Oh Dear.

    AKB’s Mouthing off in September.

    One fortunate win against Udinese

    Udinese hit the bar, had a penalty saved and still scored.


    These fucktards always miss the key point:


    A flash in the pan away victory, with more misery against inferior opposition awaits Arsenal fans with a team that is not equipped to win.

    Car crash season continues at OT on Sunday.

    Make sure you tune in, no excuses will be tolerated.

    Posted on Wednesday, self fulfilling prophesy.


  51. Depressed   •  

    Seriously, how is Wenger still in this job??

    Traore is our first choice LB, as Gibbs well never play more than 5 games in a row. Vermalen has become a sick not now too. Djourou, koscinky, Squalaiiii are fucking shit.
    Jenkinson was playing non league football 2 yrs ago & was a fault for 2 goals so far.

    I dont blame Jenkinson, I blame Wenger for putting him there.

    He is putting kids in a knife fight against men, & the kids dont have knifes.

    Walcott is now our leader, at 22!!!

    Who the fuck is this other CM playing at OLD TRAFFORD?!!!

    The fans have to make a stand, Wenger has lost the plot & is simply refusing to spend money & now our reserve team is getting crucified.

    Enough is enough.

    Why is he buying an unknown striker from french league 2???

    He has 3 days to buy at least 3 world class players. If he doesnt, then we will not qualify for the CL, for a few years.

    If Wenger refuses to spend that £80m we got in the last 2 weeks in the next 3 days THEN HE MUST BE SACKED.

    Full stop.

    Fuck in hell!!!

  52. Makanaky   •  


  53. Makanaky   •  

    The team that lost 6-1 was far stronger than this and they played a BETTER manu side.


  54. JMIM   •  

    Where are you AKBs now? Wenger knows eh? What this club needs is a new manager, no 2 ways about it.

  55. Depressed   •  

    Man Utd 7-2 Arsenal.

    The writing is on the wall.

    What more needs to happen before either Wenger is sacked or he spends the money required?!!!!

    The board should tell Wenger what players to buy.

    Fuck in hell.

  56. JMIM   •  

    I dont trust Wenger to spend our money. He should just fuck off now.

  57. Lynchpin   •  

    Blood fucking hell! If the cunt is not sacked after this then i fucking quit. Fuck this

  58. ole   •  

    Who wants to join us?

  59. Depressed   •  


    What player in the world would come near us now??

    This is all Wengers fault for refusing to spend money.

    Now the day after getting beat 8-2 at Utd, Arsenal are likely to go out & buy a striker from the french league 2.

    Do the die hard fans feel this is acceptable?

  60. mystery7777   •  

    Wenger should come out and apologise to everyone concerned. He should then resign because this was a result that should have serious reprecussions all around the club. forget wenger glazidis is his boss and should also resign. top to bottom change needed.

  61. Depressed   •  

    Its actually the real fans that are demanding changes.

    The mindless fools that try to defend Wenger now deserve to be murdered.

  62. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Arsene, its time, “STEP DOWN”

  63. ole   •  

    Another problem now, its might to late to sack wenger now, wednesday will come too soon for another manager.

  64. ole   •  

    I agree with all above, this result can not go unpunnished. The worst day probably ever in arsenals history, including back in 1911 or whatever when they got relegated.

  65. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Words fail me. If Wenger has anything about him other than greed he must step down. This is unforgivable

  66. Makanaky   •  

    I just can’t see ANY excuses for Wenger.

    Well said Depressed, real fans need to force this change.


  67. ole   •  

    Happy days the arsenal ladies won 3-1 against LFC, maybe we could promote some of them.

  68. Wenger OUT!!!!   •  

    That was the worst performance in Arsenal Football Club history.

  69. xgoonerx   •  

    bloody fucking hell… Arsene Knows Bollocks!

  70. mystery7777   •  

    As has been mentioned elsewhere this is not one mans error. This travesty is the resposibility of the entire club.

  71. Get Wenger Out   •  

    People must start calling for him to step down. These excuses are ridiculous, theres no excuse for this absolutely none so all you fucking bloggers its time to tell the truth now, this man is incapable of being our manager anymore and dont you dare keep covering up for him. In all honesty theres not another manager would allow their team to be hammered like this at old trafford, the mans clueless and has to go. Its time for everyone to speak up now, the farce is over

  72. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Fuck judging by what hes saying theres no players coming in. This is very sad now

    • JMIM   •  


      1) He’s not gonna quit
      2) No new players coming in as players coming back are like new signings.

      Time for the fans to force him out

  73. Get Wenger Out   •  

    Even Garry Neville whos been licking Wengers hole since he joined sky has decided Wengers a lost cause now and has started sticking the booth in

  74. gunnerfox   •  

    “in england when you lose the reaction after the game is will you sign players i just want to get my players back”there is no way wenger is going to sign the four players required to take this team forward.the only players missing were vermaelen gervinho song you can hardly class bendtner diaby gibbs squillachi as big losses.first time ive said this but its time for a change same shit year after year i was going to wait til the end of the window til i said it but can anybody else see wenger going out in the next 3 days and signing any 4 of this list cahill samba jagleika arteta martin mvila hazard no me neither.lets go and sign a korean from a relegated french side i bet man u man city chelsea are shitting themselves.the ship that nasri and fabregas jumped off is slowly going under

  75. Depressed   •  

    Wengers post match comments:

    “We were drained after the CL game”

    First of all, how many players played both games?? Exactly. Excuse invalid.

    Secondly, if Arsenal dont have the squad to play a weekend game after a midweek game, then its his fault for either, not buying enough players, or poor fitness levels. What happens when we play the group stage CL games? We lose every weekend game??

    Asked if this result highlights the need to strengthen the team – “thats the English way, every time u lose a game, the answer is to go out & buy players”.

    Very bizzare response, the fans have been saying for the last few years that we need to buy quality players. Even more so all summer long. The calls to buy players is not the fans response to losing one game. I predicted before this game Arsenal would lose 5-0.

    Wenger has lost logic thought.

    He cant cope with the pressure.

    He used to be a great manager, but his ego & stubborness are causing him to lose his sanity.

    Wenger is finished.

  76. Red Devil01   •  

    HAHAHAHAH Any signings you make are right proper Mug!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to join a sinking ship?????????

    Nasri played well! Fabregas scored the winning goal in the UEFA Super Cup!

    You MUGS ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!1

  77. gunnerfox   •  

    he knew what was required before even before fabregas nasri and clichy left.a quality centre back another midfielder and a quality striker to partner van persie.the squad has always been thin i cant believe he doesnt realise any of this.and the injuries is it just bad luck or is there something wrong with the training regime year after year the injury list just grows and grows.sold clichy and thinks gibbs can replace him now dont get me wrong gibbs is good enough to replace him but surely wenger knows the lad is not capable of being fit for 5 games or more.all summer to sort this shit out and were in more of mess than when we were at the beggining of june.i have a lot of respect for the way fergie dealt with his summer buys got them in straight the way so they could have pre season together but here we are with 3days to go not knowing what the fuck is gonna happen.hes had long enough its time for a change thanks for the last 15 years arsene but its time for something different as you are far to stubborn to change your ways.how can pundits fans ex players all notice arsenals glaring weaknesses but you are blind to it please leave.

  78. BePositive   •  

    If Van Persie’s penalty wasnt saved, then things would ve been different! Very unlucky!

    Should be back on track against Swansea though! Go Arsenal!


    • JMIM   •  

      Delusion knows no bounds

    • Get Wenger Out   •  

      Ha Ha Ha

    • Rashidinator   •  


  79. Aran   •  

    AKB? Please, can some of you grow up and giving out dramatic names like some shit film.

  80. gunnerfox   •  

    when you think about it why would the board sack him.they said there was a substansial amount of money to spend even before the sales of clichy nasri and fab plus champs league qualification what other manager is capable of that?the board this summer 100m up

  81. Strangelet   •  

    The only way this will change is if fans stop buying kits stop going to games. Its the only way, I’ve given up my membership to arsenal, i will not be wasting near on 40 quid to watch my money buy the board members new cars bigger houses. Dont just think its the management its the whole core is rotten. Remember AW is an employee of the board and the board could force players on him but they dont they let him have is way because Arsenal still make cash. Roll on a match day at the emirates of 35 thousand fans and watch these rich cats shite them selfs because the gravy train is coming to a stop.
    Nasri enjoy football you mercenary tit.
    Van persie get a transfer request in quick smart. Ramsey you could have played for utd, silly boy.

  82. gunnerfox   •  

    if the penalty wasnt saved we still would of been smashed we was absoloutly woeful i do like your positivty though

  83. Strangelet   •  

    Owen coyle just called he said we can have cahill for 35m, its called suply and demand hehehe

  84. Supa Dupa A   •  

    Right now I blame the board. Wenger is one man trying to do it all from team tactics to signings. If the board were actually serious they would have helped Wenger or at least had his backing but right now it seems there using him as the face of our troubles when infact its them. The board can go fuck off and take Kroenke with you.
    BRING US USMANOV who actually looks to have ambition.

  85. gunnerfox   •  

    after all the rumours this summer,mata benzema kaka hazard does anyone feel slightly pissed off about the iminent arrival of a 2m korean international

  86. Lynchpin   •  

    Wenger: “what is there to turn around?”


  87. Stevieo   •  

    Some perspective, please…

    The positives (as we usually start):

    1 We scored our first PL goals

    2 We are now only 2 signings away from challenging United for the title?

    3 At one stage United looked like scoring double figures. Thank God for small mercies!

    Such a shame really, after the euphoria on here following the signing of Park.

    I notice the AKB’s are absent on here at the moment. However, once the clock strikes midnight, there seems to be an abundance of these tools on here. I look forward to your excuses on this performance.

    Maka called it a car crash waiting to happen. More like a 20 car pile-up on the M1.

    I also look forward to Santori’s opinion on this shambles. After all, he wasn’t too worried about this result, as he didn’t expect to get anything out of the game. You won’t be too disappointed about this result then?

    We get told to go support Spurs if we can’t stomach Arsenal losing. Why don’t you fuck off and support Wolves then? That’s how Wolves under McCarthy turn up at Old Trafford. Wave the white flag and surrender. The only difference being they put out their weakest team on purpose, whereas we put our strongest available team and get mullered.

    You won’t be too disappointed either when Spurs beat us again, as you won’t expect anything from that game. Then a draw at Norwich is a point gained I bet? Must be great to be such a superfan when getting thrashed doesn’t bother you.

    And yet the fans who highlight all that is wrong with this fiasco, get told to fuck off.

    Right now, I am totally deflated and embarrassed about this result. I suppose I ought to man up and deal with it eh? You collection of AKB superfans on here can fuck right off. When we beat Swansea you’ll all be back on here spouting the usual shit.

    You’re the fucking embarrassment to this club, not those who have opened their eyes to this sham.

    Just carry on wanking to the signing of Park…

    But don’t be too hasty in judging Wenger. There’s still 3 days out of the 90 day transfer window to turn things around…

  88. Stevieo   •  

    8 fucking 2!

    Waiting for some cunt to tell us that’s nothing, because back in in 1894 Corinthians put ten past us!

  89. Enjoy   •  

    The board need to go in addition to Wenger.

  90. NOT-A-DELUDED-FAN   •  

    finally…also qualify for champions league – wenger would be out already!

  91. Get Wenger Out   •  

    8-2 still cant believe it. Where the fuck are all the AKBs, the cunts have all done a runner even on the radio theres none of them, its like Stevieo says theyre like a bunch of vampires here in the middle of the night

  92. Sop   •  

    Oh GS, You deluded fucking pansy. Right up Wenger’s arse hole. I dearly look forward to reading about how you spin this one into this not somehow being Wenger’s fault. I mean after all, you managed to spin the signing of some piece of shit Korean who was in France’s League 1 as ‘positive’. How fucking spineless, pathetic and ballseless of you.

    So I it is times like these I enjoy the comeuppance of AKBs like GS and co. Come on GS. GIVE US A BLOG!

    Can’t wait to laugh at your latest excuse-making bollocks that will no doubt have been fed straight to you from Arseblogger’s rectum. You’ll never call things as they are of course GS, too scared to lose your advertising revenue aren’t you eh? Hmmm?!

    • NOT-A-DELUDED-FAN   •  

      wooooy.. direct talk right there, but i dunno, sum truth to what your sayin..who else can keep going on “in denial” (with wenger)

  93. Goodbye, Wegs Wegregas!   •  


    If you look at Arsenal team, you’ll see that there’s quality youngsters for whom the sky is the limit! Le Coq, Fucking Jenkinson, the Ox, Rambo, Theo… all these chaps are going to get better! It’ll be a privilege to buy a season ticket and watch these young fellows learn the game and blossom into beautiful flowers to adorn the pitch at Arsenal! Anyone who says otherwise is not a genuine Arsenal fan.

    8-2 is a bad result, but as Wenger said, we were missing half our first team and playing our reserves and U-18s. It is a slice of extreme bad fortune. Anyway, there’s not a difference between losing 8-2 and 1-0, and all realistic, GENUINE gooners would’ve realised that we weren’t going to win this match with the players available.

    So what can we celebrate with this match? Well, considering that is this basically a free match (since we weren’t expecting to win):

    1. Alex Chamberlain and the Coq got their first starts in what should be LONG Arsenal careers.
    2. Carl Fucking Jenkinson learnt a bit more about this Premier League lark.
    3. Rambo gets another game to recover his form.
    4. Wilshere, Frimmers and Schlong are one game closer to returning to the first team.
    5. New siging Park Chu-Young gets to see the type of mental strength it takes to be an Arsenal player.

    Remember the Charge of the Light Brigade!If those moustachioed chaps weren’t afraid of machine guns, landmines and Teutonic aggressors, why should we be afraid of overly-styled millionaire footballers?

    Let’s stick together and support the Arsenal!

    • NOT-A-DELUDED-FAN   •  

      shut da fuck up – what are u ..wenger’s right bum cheek…all cosy

      go fuck off you fag..about:

      oh… “Let’s stick together and support the Arsenal!”

      you mean support arsene u duunduss

      • colin   •  

        you are a retard and clearly don’t understand who or what weg is.

        His penis is gigantic.

  94. Gooner4EVER   •  

    nice to catch up with fellow gooners esp after the ‘death’ of bbc’s 606 to talk about footie & our great club. . .may the cannon live long! See all u l8t.

  95. SalTydayPaw   •  

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