Slim victory for slimmer squad

The Champions League Trophy

Arsenal 1 – 0 Udinese (Walcott 4)
Match report | Highlights

1-0 to the Arsenal. A familiar scoreline, but a far from familiar Arsenal performance. For much of the tie – indeed, the entirety of the second half – Udinese bossed possession, and Arsenal were to forced to look for counter-attacks as they tried to grasp a foothold in the match.

Fortunately, we were protecting a lead, thanks to a goal in the fourth minute from Theo Walcott. The English winger met Aaron Ramsey’s cross with a lovely cushioned volley which, at close range, gave Handanovic no chance. Arsenal had started fast and it looked at one stage as if we might blow a shell-shocked Udinese away.

However, led by the slippery front-man Di Natale, the Italians recovered well to secure a foothold in the game, and only the fabulous save from Wojciech Szczesny, a brave block from Alex Song, and the width of the crossbar prevented them from grabbing a first-half equaliser and crucial away goal.

If Arsenal were relieved to see half-time, they couldn’t have known what travails would follow. In the first nine minutes of the half, they lost Kieran Gibbs and his replacement, Johan Djourou, to hamstring injuries. With Armand Traore also out, it meant having to hand a first-team debut to Carl Jenkinson in an unfamiliar left-back role.

The lad did OK, but had he made a major error I would’ve felt incredibly sorry for him: he shouldn’t never have been in that position. Six months ago he was playing in the conference; now we’re expecting him to be ready for the Champions League. It is, frankly, ridiculous.

You could say the same of the introduction of Emmanuel Frimpong, though the tenacious Ghanaian midfielder seems to be taking to first-team football like a duck to the proverbial water. Even so, the fact he gave away several dangerous free-kicks is indicative of his inexperience.

Our squad is thinner than Steve Bould’s hair. Joey Barton has more depth. On the bench yesterday Andrey Arshavin represented the only plausible attacking option. Wantaway Nicklas Bendtner was included to make up the numbers; if he wasn’t brought on for the struggling Chamakh he was never going to be used.

Nevertheless, we held on for what, in this sort of tie, is a good result. We could even have nicked another: only a stunning save from Handanovic prevented Walcott from adding second late on after Gervinho finally rounded off his promising approach play with an effective final pass. A draw or even a 2-1 defeat in Italy will be enough to take us through. It’s great to record another clean sheet, and I thought the triangle of Szczesny, Vermaelen and Koscielny were impressive again, whilst in midfield Aaron Ramsey showed tremendous work ethic and desire.

The problem of our ever-depleting squad, however, remains. Yesterday, Emmanuel Eboue and Carlos Vela became the latest players to leave Arsenal, joining Fabregas, Clichy, Denilson, and Emmanuel-Thomas. More are set to follow. The steady drain of talent is becoming an exodus.

After the game Arsene Wenger declined to speak to the press, ostensibly as part of a stand-off with UEFA, who were unhappy that messages were being passed to pitchside via Boro Primorac and Colin Lewin. He will have been relieved to have found an excuse to avoid the outstretched cameras and microphones. Doubtless he would have faced more questions about strengthening his squad – questions to which, as yet, he has provided few answers.

There remains much work to do: both in the second leg in Udine, and in the transfer market. Get busy, Arsene.

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  1. goonerista   •  

    Good post. What ever happened to Chamakh? If this is our second best striker I’m really, really worried. Get some new faces in now, not next week, now Arsene.

  2. RS   •  

    If not for the injuries, Arshavin or NB52 would have replaced Chamakh.

  3. Greg   •  

    Good post. But it’s not ridiculous to expect Jenkinson to step up to this level, just because he started his career at Charlton. You have to start somewhere. If he’s good enough, he’s good enough.

    Of course if he’d made an error we would have cut him some slack, but still – the lad’s fitting in well, let’s start having some confidence in him.

  4. kc   •  

    Agree good post. We have to spend some money on defense now. We also need a creative CM to replace Cesc. Every time we worked the ball into the final third yesterday we stalled out. Two big signings like Cahill and Hazard would turn things around imo.

  5. Mark   •  

    I have to disagree with your assessment of the match. Udinese had a few spells where they were on top but to say that they bossed possession and that we were just looking to hold on is a massive exaggeration. Try watching with the sound off – its amazing how your perception changes when you form your own judgements and aren’t just listening to the commentators tell you that Arsenal are crap for 90 minutes.

    • Frank Beurre   •  



      trying to bury your head in the sand are we?

  6. Trennon   •  

    No doubt Jenkinson will be asked to play Liverpool at Left Back. Anyone think that we should ask City to throw in Wayne Bridge?

    Well done to the lads. We won ugly. What’s the problem with that? The ‘fans’ complain endlessly that we are unable to keep a clean sheet or win ugly and when we do they complain that we were under too much pressure. No pleasing the GLOONERS.
    Song ban confirmed by the FA. Time for Frimprong to stake his claim. I have a feeling we could be pleasantly surprised at some confirmed new arrivals before the game this weekend. Go Gunners. Red and White and only Red and White!

  7. g clarke   •  

    arsenal played well even with the inexperience on the field its going to be tougth until more players arrive but they battle on and under the constant media crap thrown at them espcially by sky sports the fans must get behind them

  8. Michael   •  

    We now have the nightmare scenario of seeing Squillaci playing in our next three matches (against Liverpool, Udinese, and ManU) because of the injuries to Gibbs and Djourou. Traore just hurt himself playing for the reserves a couple of days ago, so with no left backs we will probably see either Vermaelen move to left back with Koscielny and Squillaci in the middle, or Jenkinson will play on the left again with Vermaelen and Koscielny. Neither is an ideal option. We need a new centre back and we need one in time to play this weekend. Arsenal have been looking (dithering) all summer and now it’s time to act. We also need to bring in another midfielder … Rosicky doesn’t look up to it right now and he looked hurt coming off the field last night.

    • Trennon   •  

      Rosicky was energetic, creative and defensive. How many tackles did he win? I thought he did very well. I agree though, he did look hurt, but no confirmation was given. I would have liked to see Arshavin tried through the middle but with Gervinho banned it won’t happen. Theo looked amazing though and bigger? He’s bulked up a bit for sure! Hopefully for the return leg we’ll have RVP and Wilshire available.

  9. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Wenger Out.

    • cookiee   •  

      u get out boy…

  10. SidcupReds   •  

    Dear diary
    I’m having a rough time.
    The wife has been asking me to get a non-slip bath mat for months. “Arsene, I send you for a bath mat and you return with a shower curtain.”
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    “BUT WE DON’T NEED A SHOWER CURTAIN, we already have shower curtains we don’t use, we need a bath mat. What happens if I slip whilst taking a shower?”
    Can’t do right for doing wrong.
    She wanted me to pop out for a latte; I thought I’d use this opportunity to really impress her.
    “ARSENE! What have you done? I ask for a simple coffee and you come back with a coffee machine, coffee beans, a grinder and some milk!”
    What’s her problem? It’s always much more fun when you make these things yourself. Anyone can buy a cup of coffee but surely making it from scratch is the most admirable way.
    Even my daughter has been getting in on the act this week, complaining that I’ve sold the family holiday home.
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    “Maybe I did sell it.”
    “Why say you weren’t going to sell if you were going to sell it all along? You could have bought a new one first.”
    “I didn’t want to upset you. I’ve got my eye on a place in a suburb of Marseille. May be a bit rough at the moment but in a few years it’ll be the best neighbourhood around and then I’ll be able to make an impressive profit.”
    She doesn’t understand how these things work. Being happy is simple, having what you want immediately is a crude symptom of a materialistic society. It’s the struggle to reach happiness which brings most fulfillment. When a man climbs a mountain does he stay there forever? No, he descends and gets ready to climb a larger, more challenging, mountain.
    I have taken it one step further; I no longer reach the summit as this merely provides me with frivolous joy. When I can see the top approaching I turn around and head back down, it gives me more hunger to nearly climb the next one.
    So why buy a bath mat when a cheaper and prettier shower curtain can save you? Why buy instant coffee when you can make it yourself? What’s the point in being content now when that would end the pursuit of happiness? A stronger man recognises the struggle is worth more than the prize.
    Yours, misunderstood as ever,

    • Welling (Resident OAP)   •  


    • korchha   •  


    • colin   •  

      this is very thought provoking

  11. South African gooner   •  

    I think we really umder estimate Arsene and Arsenal. Yes I agree last night’s game our opponents had more ball possession than arsenal. Genrally that’s not the case unless we play Barcelona off course. But I may argue that arsenal has not been effective or penetrative enough. Or as Arsene would add, lacks sharpness in the final third. But I think, with the exception of the lazy chamack upfront, I think this squad is designed to hit opponents on the counter. This could be a devastating counter attacking team. They need to defend as a team though, and soak up the pre assure and use the speedy wingers such as Gervinio,Walcott,miyachi and AOC. The middle of the park, is where it gets tricky. I am however optimistic of the wingers as our disposal. Ramsey and Wilshere are not cesc ready yet, but who knows. I think I may be able to take that risk on these two talented young players. Yes cesc left early, but everyone was crying out loud for a new goal kepeer , some cover for song last year. But after scessny cameos, and the emergence of Fringpong perhaps us goners really do not realize the talent at our disposal. Jack Wilshere’s performance against barcelona at the emirates is a good example of that. I really think that a good player like cesc is a big loss to Arsenal, and wish him well. But I can’t wish Barcelona well though. But it would be a great story for these youngsters to raise thier hands and stand up and be recognized. There has been glimses of brilliance from these youngsters, the question is consitency. Could they perform constantly through out the season. Young players tend not to do that. On the issue of Arsene buying players, I agree with him. We are not city, chealsea e.c.t. We do not have money to waste or spend on average players. We cannot afford to gamble on players which are not world class. The area that upsets me though is wasting money on fringe or squad players which are underperforming. Chamack on a free transfer is still not good enough to play for us. At least NB52 albeit lack a few technical abilities is more agile, shaper and hungry. P.s I think Arshervin and Rosicky are finished and past thier best. I hope these youngsters have the character o prove most doubters wrong. If they do, this squad of very young also talented players will dominate the Epl for years to come.

  12. chris   •  

    we grind out a result and keep a clean sheet even though we didnt play at our best. i remember how many were complaining how come man u can do this, an arse cant, how when man u can grind out results like this is so good,but when arse do it..nothing but complaints. dam people are so easily led. i think its fair to say most fans are easily led, fickle and shallow. stop with all the doom and gloom. support your team.

    • Uncle Mike   •  

      Exactly. The pessimism of Arsenal fans never ceases to amaze me. WE WON, and all you hear about is how Wenger is cheap and the players — the ones who ground out a One-Nil to The Arsenal (TM) — have no bottle. Enough is enough! I have had it with this MF’ing pessimism from these MF’ing Gooners! Support your team and take the wins!

      • Frank Beurre   •  

        YES! *Fist pumps air*
        Vive la révolution!

      • Goodbye, Wegs Wegregas!   •  

        1-0 to the ARSENAL!
        1-0 to the ARSENAL!
        1-0 to the ARSENAL!
        1-0 TO THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WE LOVE YOUR ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. RVB   •  

    Good point, well deserved win. Simply due to the credit of the back 3 + keeper. The Verminator was great and even Kolsielny did well. Sagna was his imperious self going up and down the flank.

    Not impressed with any of the new faces though. Gervinho looks a very average buy at current showing. Some good running but a lack of ideas near the third. Jenkinson was alright but nervous. Frimpong was just clumsy. The left back position is really worrying now.

    Walcott seems to have plateaued in his growth. His potential seems to have hit a ceiling somehow. He’s still good for his runs but his overall play did not improve.

    I’m most concerned about our team movement. This was something that we were proud of. We had a system that players would plug into, reserves or otherwise. Granted we had new players but still no excuse for the others. Movement off the ball was too tentative and players had no idea how each other would run, often clustering in the same position.

    We need to play better as a team because it’s becoming obvious that we will have no stunning talent for some time to come. Time to start coaching AW. Stop thinking about who to build your team around next.

  14. aji akinseli   •  

    realistically speaking,arsenal cannot win anything with this current squad.

  15. Trennon1   •  

    Sidcupreds / SA gooner. All that time spent typing Boooooooring posts though.

  16. Rashidinator   •  

    Just read that Cristián Zapata was sold for only £6.6m to Villarreal, WHY THE FUCK WERE WE NOT ALL OVER THAT, AT THAT PRICE!??!?!


      Didn’t you know…wenger likes to take the glory of getting an unknown player and claiming he made them great – he will not have his excuse of saying they have potential – why do you think he hasn’t got samba, cahill or jagielka – cos then he would have no excuses when we lose!

  17. Ilian A   •  

    Good post as usual, absolutely spot on with the Jenkinson issue. I thought Sagna at left back would have been the better option simply because of Carl’s inexperience. And as you said – thankfully he did ok, but I think, had it been a better opposition, he would have had problems. The left back position remains a weak link and for me that’s even more important than a center half.

  18. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    The answer is simple….. sell nasri to city 19m+ is more than enough. Try swapping him for tevez. Get mata or hazard as replacement. Buy a LB…. Baines wil do the trick. Sell chamakh and buy sum striker with arial ability and without any moral problems. Keep faith in Rambo and gervinho they wil perform. This squad can win the prem league.

    • RVB   •  

      Rambo = Pingpong? Tevez is only good for a season though. Not a bad suggestion but it’s hard to see any one of them happening in the next 13 days. Let alone all of them.

      • colin   •  

        rambo is ramsey

      • Gooner 4 Life   •  

        i know it wont happen and we ultimately wont win the prem

  19. RVB   •  

    Good debate on which gap is more important to fill.

    Interestingly during the last transfer window, it was absolutely clear we ‘only’ needed a world-class CB, DMF and perhaps a ‘keeper. Failing to sign quality back then means now we have even more gaps to fill. We can pick any one position from CF, AMF, DMF, CB and LB and it would seem imperative we have quality there. Failing to fill these gaps with quality will mean we’ll have a whole squad to replace in the next close season, with more disillusioned stars leaving. This could easily become a very slippery slope for AFC. I hope not.

  20. GP   •  

    Moving Sagna to LB is suicide. It’s not his natural position so why weaken both flanks?

    Anyway we have no Gervinho and Song for Pool, ManU and Swansea games. Makes no difference really. Arshavin will come in to replace the Ivorian and having no Song is a massive plus. Frimpong at the age of 20 showed more commitment, desire and maturity in the few minutes he’s played in the last two games that Song has shown in all his years with AFC.

    I’m chuffed he’s out. It gives Frimpong three games, two of which are huge, to stake his claim in midfield and keep Song out of the first team.

    As for our chances against Pool and ManU, well they will target our left flank and overload it. CFJ is in for a baptism of fire, poor kid thrown in the deep end will have to have two of the games of his life if we are to avoid a thrashing. God help him and us.

  21. bernardinho   •  

    squad is thin, yes. need additions, yes.
    but dont agree udinese were the better side.
    2 things people arent talking much:
    positive: 2nd half arsenal sat up in defense and udinese didnt really get that close.
    negative: too many misplaced passes in midfield.

    • ArsenalDNA   •  

      Spot on.

  22. Gooner 4 Life   •  

    Our squad to win the prem league:-

    Sagna Vermaelen Djourou Baines

    Wilshere Ramsey

    Arshavin Mata/hazard

    van Persie Tevez?



    Walcott on the bench will be a game changer with his pace as ppl will be tired after time. Gervinho should play regularly even for a sub.


    • ArsenalDNA   •  

      ‘WE’, No this isnt Arsenal. you have 4 players that do not play for Arsenal. and btw this isnt Fantasy football………

  23. RVB   •  

    AW has again reiterated that last season failed due to bad luck. My money is on him spending £20M on a club shaman and rabbit foot in every locker.

  24. Sajit   •  

    We live to fight another day.. But for how long?

  25. GP   •  

    Another two weeks maximum. That’s how long. The Italians will knock us out next week and we will lose to the Mancs and Bindippers by a 3 goal margin. After that we will dominate my home team Swansea for 91 minutes before they pinch a set piece goal at the death. Our season is then over as we fail to recover our confidence.

  26. Frank Beurre   •  

    It does slightly annoy me that we’re not even linked with players (more so, ones we actually need), I’m even more annoyed that the press can’t be bothered to make something up.

    If only they were allowed to hack phones to give us that bit of information we crave, I’d feel a lot more relaxed about the whole thing.

  27. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Wenger – “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri,” stated Wenger. “You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.”



      you just can’t make it up – literally…the guy is COMIC ALI for true.

      – udinese beat us
      – nasri goes now
      – persie leaves end of season
      – he buys NO-ONE
      – same old injuries,same old excuses
      – buys NO-ONE january or next summer
      – Wenger finally leaves or goes upstairs : )(oh pls,pls)

      • Farewell, Wegs Wegregas!   •  

        You just DID make it up, NADG.

  28. Gary   •  

    The team that played out last nights second half is pretty much all we have right now, with only RVP to come in. Even without further injuries we are about to play Liverpool, Udinese away & The Mancs. Now how the fuck can anyone be anything other than worried at this prospect?

    Why has he risked all on Gibbs when Enrique or even Baines could’ve replaced Cliche or at least been available when Gibbs is inevitably out? Cliche’s concentration was suspect but Gibbs is suspect, inexperienced and made of glass. So a dodgy position has now been made a gaping hole.

    We are 1 injury away from Squillaci pulling on the shirt again, how has this been allowed to happen? Jenkinson needs to be slowly guided in not thrown to the lions, the boy’s confidence will be trashed.

    Cesc & Nasri gone within the 1st week of the new season, you couldn’t make this shit up, complete incompetence on the clubs part. Any sign of replacements, is there fuck. No player of worth would commit to us without first having CL in the bag.

    With regards to new arrivals it all hinges on next Wednesday, we win then we will at least have a chance to sign quality. We lose and we’ll be left signing cast offs which will in turn leave us outside the top 4 for sure. This then leaves the prospect of our remaining quality wanting out next summer. We then won’t get a sniff of CL for years to come.

    The result of that 1 game is what separates this club from being Tottenham. The way this mess has been allowed to unfold is nigh on criminal negligence. So much for all the wisdom of a sustainable model, so much for “in Wenger we trust” & so much for trusting the board headed by a plastic billionaire that cant even buy a convincing syrup.

    Last night was tense, next week will be horrendous.

    All our egg’s

  29. Felipe   •  

    We are linked with Valbuena. OMG.

  30. Makanaky   •  

    Are some Arsenal ‘fans’ for real?

    I must have been watching a different game or you lot must inhabit a totally alternate universe where the sun literally shines out of Wengers arse….

    ..What I saw yesterday was appalling and car crash football of the lowest order.

    Let me break it down for you muppets:

    Yesterday we had a left back that was on loan from a League One club playing conference football last season (no disrespect) but in A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MUST WIN GAME that is the equivalent of a death by a thousand cuts with a rusty tetanus filled blade.

    We had in the super presence of Chamakh a striker that could not hold the ball, pass it or shoot it. Now I am no fan of Bendtner, but even old rapist-first-touch would have had a better game.

    Then we had another of the Marmites, Tomas Rosicky – a player that has built a career out of looking busy, not scoring and lengthy spells on the treatment table (wisdom teeth;the irony!!cheers Nin) this waste of space only plays because he is another ‘experienced player’ *coughs* yet is weak feeble and a downright liability for any team that plays a presssing midfield.

    Alex ‘Wannabe Beckenbauer-Maldini’ Song : if there was an award for twat of the year this fatarse would get it, apart from the already mentioned great block, all he contrived to do was give away possession and be out of position, for a No.4 that is unforgiveable.

    then the manager, Wenger – banished to the stands for his previous unwise outburst this dickhead has sold our best player and waited until that has gone through to start searching for a replacement. Not only have the prices been doubled (the whole world knows he’s got dough) but it will be hard to negotiate as teams know how desperate we are for players

    I just dont get it.

  31. santori   •  

    Spend some fucking money. Completely agree. He needs to do it now.

    And he doesn’t even have to spend that much to be honest.

    1) Cback, Alex is being scouted by Juventus and rumoured to be going for a mere 7.5m quid!!! Even if Chelsea charge us double, I’d take him.

    2) Midfield : Montolivo is a contract rebel at Fiorentina who need money for Aquilani. Price thouroughly negotiable (particularly if we throw Rosicky their way as a sweetener). AND Montolivo can play BOTH deep lying playmaker and DM (Not to mention left midfield)!!!Price? Probably low 20s at most (not counting trade in)

    3) LB : Bastos at Lyon will cost 15m tops (and that’s before hard bargaining)!!!He can play on either wing (reinforcing our flanks when we need to close out games) AND most importantly @LB!!!

    Spend some fucking money Wenger! And you don’t have to spend too much either!!!


  32. Vieira4   •  

    I have to agree with all the negatives labelled at Wenger and the club as a whole as we have turned into an absolute laughing stock. Top 4? on our 2 performances we’ll be lucky to get top 6.

    I could accept this if we were not in a position to do anything about it. The fact is that for this past 6seasons we have gradually lost our best players and have not replaced any of them with quality.

    The fact that Wilshere has come through the ranks is a God send as we all know wenger would not have paid the type of money to get a quality player like him.

    The club has had money to spend each and every transfer window and that cunt wenger will simply not spend it due to his ‘philoophy’ of youth.

    Wat a cunt and anyone who didnt see this train crash coming knows nothing of football. How could u expect to keep players like fabregas and nasri when u show no ambition and do not invest in the team its a fucking disgrace.

    Wenger out any new manager if got 2day wouldmake signings be fore the transfer window closes. I personally cant see wenger making ne of note.

    ne one ne idea y he is sellin utilty players and not replacing them. Eboue should have been kept cause he wont be replaced and can play in many positions

  33. GP   •  

    I “heart” Carl Fucking Jenkinson.

  34. colin   •  

    I can see Man shitty winning the league and us finishing outside of the top 4 this year. The injuries haven’t even begun to set in yet…
    oh wait, they have

    I would love to see a comparison of Arsenal’s first XI and second team against City’s

  35. A Force!   •  

    Fabregas in 8 years at Arsenal won one trophy.

    10 minutes at Barca and he has won the supercup!

    PS Don’t expect any signings.


      love it lmfao

      and did you see the smile…the biggest smile i’ve ever seen on him!

      good on him!

  36. ArsenalDNA   •  

    I really dont want Adebayor to move to spurs…

    I really dont want Nasri to move to City…

    You know why? cuz I hate both these cunts… and I know both these teams can beat us with ease… and that will be painful

  37. Gooner 4 Life   •  


    A LB, a mid and striker required (Sell Chamakh). Now.

  38. gunner ealist   •  

    Poor sad apologistic “south african gunner”, peolple like you are pathetic, piss off and die!!!!

  39. Farewell, Wegs Wegregas!   •  

    I don’t like reading newsnow anymore. It’s depressing how we’re linked with players like Dann and Barton and that guy from West Brom. What happened to those cold-stone certainties like Benzema, Hazard, Mata, Cahill, Jagielka?

    It’s one thing to never buy the best; we probably don’t have the money to buy super, super players. But have we really be reduced so much that we can’t even be LINKED with a better tier of player?

  40. Farewell, Wegs Wegregas!   •  

    It’s to the point where I honestly don’t care anymore. The Arsenal are slipping away and my heart’s not in it.

    Who loves Arsene Wenger?

    We used to love him, once.

    We wish we still did.


      “we have to stay united” he says

      i hope thats wenger realising he IS losing the support of the fans

      yaaay…he’s gonna be going soon!

      (about who are we gonna replace him with) you wenger arselickers will be saying that until the fans we’ll be crying out for any1…fat sam…any1 thats how bad wenger’s gonna sink the club!

  41. JMIM   •  

    Lol some of the comments from AKBs are really incredible. Just read one from arsenalfcblog actually defending Chamakh’s performance by saying he defended well from the front and headed out the ball for a couple of corners! 80k a week to head balls out for corners! On top of that, they’re praising Gary Neville for defending the indefensible Wenger. Im amazed, I really am, from reading some of the shit these ppl spout LMAO


      tell me about it JIMM… dn’t worry the realist ones like us will soon just have to watch as wenger faces reality and his gullable deluded minions eat their words!


  42. Mobsidian   •  

    Quit your whining fellow gooners!

    The Arsenal won a game! It can’t be all bad.

    Yes we need new players in to replace the departing/injured players but kossy + vermy are playing well! Sczc is like a wall! 2 clean sheets in a row is proof that. Gibbs is as bad as clichy so no change there. sagna is sagna. Djourou n squillacci are needed for the carling cup and for throwing CL group games. Thats the defence sorted.

    Ramsey frimpong wilshere will rein supreme this year! If frimpong hadn’t decided to represent Ghana, he would have cemented his place in the first team this season. Rosicky, diaby and song will be the end of us though, total liabilities like eboue, clichy and almunia (atleast we’re finally rid of them this season!!).

    We have great wingers, gervinho, ryo, walcott, chamberlain, arshavin! All they have to do now is learn how to put in a killer ball in the box. Though we don’t have a striker with killer instinct (apart from RVP, but he’s a CF not a ST). Chamakh is a total dud. I hoped n hoped he would come good, he was so good in the air and in breaking the offside trap but hes gone stale.

    I guess I see what someone earlier was suggesting, ST, CAM, LB would be ideal. I’m not saying Wenger should go and buy so and so because we as fans have no control over that and have to hope for the best. But, if it were me, I would pick:
    LB : Bastos (black and french league)
    CAM : Gourcuff (french)
    ST : Benzema (african and french)

    If we couldn’t get Bastos then I’d put vermy in LB and buy Cahill

    Realistically wenger will probably get some kids in for those positions if at all.

    Finally, about this weekend, I hope we don’t draw, I’m sick of Arsenal drawing with liverpoo, I want a result and I want a clean sheet and I want Suarez to break his face!


  43. tony   •  

    a couple of signings from this list and all wont be lost this season.
    christian eriksen, eden hazard, gary cahill, douglas costa, alex (chelsea)

  44. 7m   •  

    a couple of signings from this list and all wont be lost this season.

  45. 7m   •  


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