Jadson identified as Cesc’s replacement


Tomorrow is the first day of a new season.  Ordinarily, I’d be hugely and embarrassingly excited about that.  Today, it feels like a speck on the horizon as compared to the impending horrors of the transfer market.

The trio of Arsenal, Barcelona and Manchester City have been very quiet about the futures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, until last night, when Arsenal.com released this small clip. Give it a watch.  Arsene doesn’t say much, but he doesn’t have to.  It’s clear that Cesc Fabregas is on the way out, possibly as soon as today.

The player himself has maintained his silence, breaking it only to say:

Presumably it’s a new work phone.  Or perhaps this was the clincher in negotiations.  €29m + €6m + €5m + blackberry bold 9900.

Joking aside, it looks like I’ll have to roll out the ‘Cesc’s Arsenal career’ obituary imminently.  I might start pre-writing them for any decent player we ever have.

On Nasri, meanwhile, Arsene says the situation is “stable”.  Stable how, exactly?  Even if he’s not sold he’s still at most ten months away from leaving.  My increasing feeling is that both players will indeed be sold, and probably over the next few days.

As worried as you are about Jadon coping in the Premier League, he looks far more worried himself

The surest sign yet that the pair of playmakers are on the verge of leaving the club comes in the form that Arsenal have already identified his replacement: the Brazilian JadsonThe Independent go as far as to say a £12m fee has been agreed – and my information is that this deal is very much on Arsenal’s agenda, with the only concern surrounding the playmaker’s eligibility for a work-permit.

With all the talk about Juan Mata, I was reminded of what happened when we lost Thierry Henry.  The expectation was that we would move for a big name, like Nicholas Anelka.  Instead, Eduardo da Silva appeared from nowhere.  It’s much the same with Jadson, who ironically now plays alongside Eduardo currently for Shakhtar Donetsk.  Some papers are suggesting Arsenal would like to sign both Mata and Jadson, but I’m not convinced Arsene will move for more than one dwarfish attacker.

Jadson is even smaller than Mata, standing just 5’6″ tall.  To put that in perspective, it’s an inch shorter than Arshavin.  His age would also make him an unusual Wenger signing – he’ll be 28 in October.  Yesterday he tweeted:

“If everything goes to plan, I’ll have some news for everyone at the start of next week. Hope it works out. #happy”

If Jadson does arrive, I hope it’s as part of a concerted spending spree in order to restore morale and strengthen our ever-weakening squad. Joel Campbell, another potential signing from across the Atlantic, is due to hold a press conference in the next 24 hours at which he will announce which club he is due to join.

Speaking of press conferences, Arsene will step before the media at 9am UK-time before travelling to Newcastle.  The chances of taking Cesc or Nasri with him have got to be slim to none.  The rest of the team news is here.

For more on Cesc, Nasri, Newcastle and the season ahead, keep your eyes peeled on Arseblog for the first Arsecast of the season, with myself and Goonerholic.  I won’t, I hasten to add, be rapping.

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  1. Abc   •  

    Wenger out

  2. Abc   •  

    First again

  3. Abc   •  

    Is Goonerholic as annoying in person GS

  4. Abc   •  

    Dont get me started on Arseblogger, the less said about him the better

  5. kc   •  

    Selling a proven top shelf quality player for 40 million and replacing him with a decent unproven player from a lower quality league for 10 million ONLY makes sense in the mad mind of Wenger. Although this little Brazilian does look good, he more fits as a Nasri replacement if necessary.

  6. BnT   •  

    Work permit. LOL oh dear.

  7. OGRE4476   •  

    Dear Arsene,

    You really have lost the plot, allowing two of our most influential players to depart a day before the season starts, not having concluded your summer transfers the day before the season starts, my god have you not heard that failing to prepare means that you are prepared to fail. To all gunners fans now we will hear the usual stories, the right kind of players did not materialize, we are in a transition, groundhog day yet again. When last season ended and all the doubters came out the wood work calling for you to be sacked etc i said to myself Arsene will do the right thing this year im not going to listen to these mindless idiots keep the faith, i am sorry to say it but i believe them to be right now. In Arsene i do not trust. The future of Arsenal football club doe’s not rest in Wengers hands, we have become a feeder club for oppositon once regarded as inferior within the last decade or two. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME BELOVED TEAM.

  8. frank beurre   •  

    Is rather adequate players showing their love for the club and playing entertaining football with soul than talented players being lackluster and having their heads elsewhere.

    With the Wesley Sneijder deal with Man U seemingly off, maybe Arsenal will pick up the pieces, not that they need another attacker, maybe the money would be better invested in a world class bricklayer or plumbers for our goal and leaky defence. Maybe those guys at Wickes can help..

  9. frank beurre   •  

    Is = I’d

  10. Nonso   •  

    Arsenalllll……GOD PLS HELP US d gunners fanz

  11. aaaa   •  

    i have to say he is a very goood player and i am also well happpy that they are going cos cant stand them rite now if i was wenger i would put nasri in the res and let him cry there he would have bin nothing if it wasnt for our club and as for fab 35 bmill yes please all day long for a bloke who hase never bin good enf to win somit at club level if look at the likes of roony messi ronaldo and even kaka inthe ac day they won thing for there clubs cesc never dont get me wrong he has bin good and people dont start say he was the most crative player in eu cos i dont care bout thing like that wot matters is wen thing are down he was never there for the club wen he was ment to be the cap, if that was adams or pat they would have and that is the sign of a wold class player

  12. Savage   •  

    I can’t imagine abc would be any more annoying in person. Not possible.

    Tell you what – a win tomorrow would feel amazing.

    • Abc   •  

      Tell you what- Stop licking hole you “AKB” fool. You dont get anything for being an arsehole sucking up to GS. Theres always one and thats you

  13. Trennon   •  

    The doom and gloom arsenal supporters are having a field day. I’ve never seen them this excited. I’ve been wondering how it must feel to be such a depressed person who thrives on spreading negativity across the world. So we are losing Cesc and Nasri. Tell me exactly what is so special about Nasri? What exactly has he done in his 3 years that make him so irriplacable? Yes Cesc is class but for the last 2 years he has managed just more than half a season. he is constantly out injured and last season, despite the assists, by his standards was poor. So he goes? Guess what. We get a new captian, someone who will lead this team. In Wilshire I believe we already have the perfect replacement for Cesc. In Ramsay, Rosicky and the new fella above we have ample back up. You know what, we may not win the league. Hey we may not even finish in the top 4. But what? Let’s write them off anyway? Let’s stop believing? Our bonus is we face a Newcastle side who has had an even worse pre-season than us.

    • Munitionsman   •  

      have we been watching a different TR? FFS did you NOT see him get pushed off the ball like a schoolgirl time after time after time and score fuck all goals and no assists???? What team do you watch?

    • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

      You think Wilshere is at the level of Nasri ?

      You think Rosicky is ample back up ?


      • Trennon   •  

        No. You Fuck Off. It’s because of so called fans like you that we had one of the worst home forms last season. You’ve turned our home ground into a poison chalice that away teams love because you moan and groan and boo our own players off the field. You are the away teams 12th man. I would much rather be an AKB Mug than a pointless human fuck-wit with nothing useful to contribute to humanity. Go support City or Chelsea you dumb ass retard, negative no nothing cunt bag.

      • Trennon   •  

        No. You Fuck Off. It’s because of so called fans like you that we had one of the worst home forms last season. You’ve turned our home ground into a poison chalice that away teams love because you moan and groan and boo our own players off the field. You are the away teams 12th man. I would much rather be an AKB Mug than a pointless human fuck-wit with nothing useful to contribute to humanity. Go support City or Chelsea you dumb ass retard, negative no nothing cunt bag. These comments from the same retard that said we would finish in the bottom half last season and Wilshire wasn’t worth fuck all. Well he was by far our best player. Shows what little you know about football Kunt-Kem

        • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

          Yeah it’s the home fans fault we lost 3-2 at home to West Brom, due to horrendous mistakes from Almunia.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 3-2 at home to Spuds, due to Chamakh bottling chances & horrendous defending on set-pieces.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 3-2 at home to West Brom, due to horrendous mistakes from Almunia.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 2 NIL at home to Chelsea, even though we dominated posession.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 2 NIL away to Braga, due to Wenger’s inexplicable squad rotation.

          It’s the home fans fault we drew 2-2 away to Wigan, due to Wenger’s inexplicable squad rotation.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 1 NIL away to Man Utd.

          It’s the home fans fault we drew 4-4 away to Newcastle. Being the first team in Premier League history to surrender a 4 goal lead.

          It’s the home fans fault we drew 3-3 away to Spurs, after being 3-1 ahead.

          It’s the home fans fault we drew 1-1 away to Leyton Orient (yes Leyton fucking Orient) forcing yet ANOTHER replay.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 2-1 away to Bolton, due to yet more horrific defensive errors.

          It’s the home fans fault Wenger THREW our last 3 group games, therefore meaning we drew Barcelona in the last 16.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 3-1 away to Stoke.

          It’s the home fans fault we lost 2-1 at Wembley in the Carling Cup, to A RELEGATED SIDE.

          It’s the home fans fault we DREW 2-2 away to Fulham on the last game of the season. It’s also the home fans fault the away support sang “SPEND SUM FUCKING MONEY”.


        • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

          When have I ever said that we would finish in the bottom half ?

          YOU ‘TARD.

          • Trennon   •  

            I remember your posts toss face. Probably the most negative arsenal supporter of all time. when has anything positive ever come out of your fat mouth. And yes it is your fault. how would you feel having to walk out onto a pitch knowing that the so called cunt supporters like yourself will only their voice IF a goal is supported? Or how about the moaning and groaning everytime a pass goes astray or a player doesn’t quite have the best game? Yes they are all your fault which is why our home form got worse and worse. it is why our away form was the best in the league because our boys didn’t have to face cunt supporters like you retard. you are the reason the players don’t want to stay at our club. who the fuck would want to play for you Kem-Kunt?

    • Makanaky   •  

      You must be on some strong Wenger crack.

      Rosicky back up?

      Wilshere Cescs replacement?

      Nasri nothing special?

      You bring new meaning to the word delusional.

  14. Aussie Gooner Dave   •  

    Wenger has to spend 50M in 3 weeks or we’re F####d.

    • xEroi   •  

      Then he’ll spend 50M for Campbell.

  15. DeeBrown   •  

    Season start tomorrow and a club who supposedly have ambitions to challenge for trohpies have not sorted out their squad …. we have become an absolute joke. So what does the Arsenal management team do:-

    1) Sell your best players and start the season with no replacements.
    2) Ignore your defensive frailties and get no commanding defender.
    3) Have no decent backup for your main striker when you know your team only converts a small percentage of the chances they create.
    4) Have no big man upfront in the squad so the opposition know that when you work a wide position you will never ever cross the ball
    5) Believe with predominantly the same squad all the demons of last season will miraculously be solved.

    ** Every year we as Arsenal supporters believe we are capable of winning something … this is the first time in a long while we do not!!!!!!!!!

  16. Munitionsman   •  

    great blog GS. Can see your heart is in it. Shame the clubs isnt but at least your doing a good job. Really missed the blog and thought it was dead. Please keep up the good work and one day we can rejoice again about supporting AFC

  17. Munitionsman   •  

    my predictions for the season

    beat Newcastle go top of the league
    get knocked out of the CL
    just finish 4th due to reduction in squad demand from not being in CL
    win nothing

  18. Zak   •  

    Everyone seems to be convinced that Wenger is to blame and I am finding it more difficult by the day to disagree with them but is it not possible that the board are to blame and that the funds are simply not there and that Wenger is merely making the best of a bad situation???? Thoughts????

    • DeeBrown   •  

      yeah I thought that but if we drop too far behind the opposition and lose our top 4 status then we are doomed. I feel that we now URGENTLY need to compliment our youth policy with a couple of big signings or risk fading into mid table mediocraty!

  19. riizzo   •  

    I am a little bit skeptisk to Jadson signing. He has not featured so much in the brazil squad which could mean that he is not that good

    • Abc   •  

      Hes fucking average at best. If he were any good he wouldnt want to sign for Wenger in a million years. What does a good player get at Arsenal, they dont pay the going rate on transfer fees and they would be on the same money as the current crop of shit and they can sure as hell forget about winning a trophy. So it stands to reason that hes not that good.

  20. Ash   •  

    @ogre…your beloved arsenal?…the one Wenger created mate!! Why don’t u leave like nasri and join tottenham for more transfer excitement!! Sum of our ‘fans’ disappoint me!! Yeah it’s frustrating but deal with it we,re really not that bad!! You lot read Steve Howard,Ian wright and Paul Merson too much!!

    • Abc   •  

      What are you on about clown, why dont you fuck off and support spurs seeing your happy with mediocrity. Some of you “AKBs” havent got a clue yet you come on here attacking fans for having a difrent view, so go fuck off you instead.

      • Trennon   •  

        different view about what cunt face? oh my god we’re so doomed. we are gonna be relagated!!!! look at me i’m a cry baby supporter that hates everything in life. I hate ARSENAL!!!! I FUCKING HATE ARSENAL!!!! ARSENAL ARE EVIL AND EVERYONE THAT LIKES ARSENAL MUST BE CALLED CUNTS, AKBS AND TOLD TO FUCKING DIE, because we don’t stand a chance. Oh my god, please mark hughs come and save us. PLEASE SAVE US FROM WENGER!!!! I HATE ARSENAL. I HATE LIFE!! PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        No Abc please would you fuck off to Spurs, you dumb doom and gloom cunt bag!

        • Abc   •  

          You are a complete moron. Possibly the dumbest cunt on here. You are too stupid for words so ill waste no more time conversing with a retard

        • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

          Remind me where I said Arsenal would finish in the bottom half ?


          • Trennon   •  

            i thought you weren’t gonna waste anymore time on me and then you reply to 2 more of my posts! LOL!! Shows you, you cannot keep the negative down. Show us the negative Abc, come on you can do it. I’m only giving you more ammo for your wank session tonight! Oh and I’m sorry. You actually said we’ll be in a relegation fight. Shows what you know hey. Enjoy the wank tonight on Terry’s picture

  21. MD   •  

    GS, morning,
    I just posted on Arseblogger’s coments section a sort of a plea to a big man himself to cover the Jadson thing in more details in tomorrow’s blog in order to spread the word that that Jadson fellah is not even near the quality (not to mention the super quality thing!) we need!
    This is coming from a person who actually regularly have been watching this Jadson bloky performing for Shaktar Donetsk over last years.
    This Jadson IS a crap player. Not a ‘crap’ crap a-la Sqill but a regular crappy baller in the mold of Denilson, or Eddy when he was in his nothing-going-my-way phases.
    Small, weak, inconsistent – few flashy moments and then long periods of mediocriry.
    I feel Shaktar people are doing one on us: we sold Eddy, who didnt really set a world on fire down there. They are selling a truly useless twat to us and we are seriosly condidering it!
    Sad and depressing!

  22. Trausti   •  

    “..but I’m not convinced Arsene will move for more than one dwarfish attacker.” hahaha..awesome man ;)

  23. Lynchpin   •  

    Never heard of this Jadson so i’m not excited by those rumours at all.

  24. Ruralgoon   •  

    Cesc leaving? Well, there’s a surprise. The bloke’s been after this move back for at least two years. The fact that he’s willing to PAY us to let him go in the form of buying his contract out shows just how much he wants to go…and I think it’s more to do with being back with his mates in his homeland than it has to do with this club. If we’d been worldbeaters this last 6 years, he’d have commanded a higher fee certainly, but he would still have left! There’s been too much peer pressurer for him to resist. Am I sad? a little… do we have someone to take his place? Yes, I do believe we do. Wilshere may be young, but he’s got more drive and grit than I’ve seen on the pitch since Paddy V.

    Nasri… well, if he’s become such a valuable comodity to you lot in such a brief time I’d love to refresh your memory as to the nature of the incredibly derisory comments made when we signed him… unknown, nobody, lightweight, nothing special, yet another frog bum-chum, etc etc… he has a very good season and suddenly he’s worth a fortune and Wenger’s a fool to let him go. So which is it? AW got us another talented player for a good price or AW bought another no-hoper?

    Short-term memories, the lot of you!

  25. Ash   •  

    It’s ok then Wenger..because some fans haven’t heard of jadson he probably is crap so don’t sign him..go for sumone we,ve heard of like rolladega or even Leon osman cos we,ve heard of them they r surely better players and seeing as we watch football on sky sports u shud really do as we say cos i won the league on FIFA 11, altho I sold 15 players(inc bendtner for 17mil) and brought 10 in(neymar was only 9m you know!!)…

  26. MD   •  

    Rural, fair on Sesc.
    But as for Samir that a bit far fetched: he was a bright and cheeky star in France and in Europe indeed when we signed him, he was a one the most coveted young talents at the time, fact.

    That really heavy rumoured brazilian Jadson is not like that on so many levels.
    Watching him on a regular basis I may with all possible responsibility state here: he’s an average player with rare quaility moments in his game in a mediocre two horse race league (Shaktar and Dinamo Kiev).
    It IS a travesty to replace Denilson with him not mention Samir or footy deity Fab4!

    • Ruralgoon   •  

      MD; that was purely my recollection of what others were saying when we signed him. I’m a firm believer in allowing a player to actually show his abilities before deciding whether he’s a) any good and b) suitable for AFC… unlike others!!!

      • MD   •  

        Good for you, you are a good-hearted and resonable person, then :)

        Unfortunately, I have a pleasure to watch Mr Jadson in action on multiple occations:
        an inconsistent player is a most polite term I can provide here :(
        When you see him play for us (even after customary six months of adaptation) you’ll see that yourself…

        • Ruralgoon   •  

          Fair enough… if after 6 months he still blatantly sucks, I shall be 1st in line to slate him. Until then…;D

          • Trennon   •  

            Please! It’s so easy to state for a fact that you watched a player multiple times. How? Do you live in the area and watch the games live? What television station do you subscribe to that affords you coverage of the most un-televised league in Europe MD? You’re full of shit idiot! There was a moment last season involving the player against Kiev, a yellow card, a linesmen and the fan. This was the biggest game of the season so if you do infact follow this league as you say then you’ll know what it is, otherwise fuck off and take your negative bullshit comments with you. Cunt-Bag!

  27. Goonzilla   •  

    For more on Jadson, check out the link below. This highlight reel is a game-by-game highlight of his 2010-11 season. Enjoy


  28. Ruralgoon   •  

    The Indy is reporting Jadsen as a done deal, and Nasri to City as a done deal after a board meeting 8 days ago basically saw Kroenke stating that it was illogical to turn down city’s money now only to see Nasri go on a free next year. I have to say I agree on that one.

  29. Al   •  

    Jadson has an italian passport so no worries about work permits.
    I also think Wenger WILL move for Mata because he wants the move and Wenger loves him.

  30. karunish   •  

    we r fucked we are doomed a few days ago wenger said that we need defenders .but todays soccernet quotes wenger as we dont need CBs .i only want to know what has changed any one can see what we need . my prediction for this year van persie and walcott will be our best attackers and will leave next year. nasri/flamini have shown the way have a half decent season and start demanding higher wages if the club agrees well and good if not then some rich asshole will. so who cares.

    • Trennon   •  

      Yip. Let’s believe everything the media says. That’s the way to go.

  31. B Franklin   •  

    Hey Kem, it has been shown, to a statistical certainty that rabid home fan support or lack thereof overwhelmingly influences the refs. You booing whiners rich enough to buy season tickets are the visiting side’s twelfth man.

    As for Nasri, he has had one good half season for Arsenal. Even less than Flamini. He produced less last year than Arsenal’s most valuable player, who is not Cesc but RVP. I want him to stay, but he’s not the same class as several we have.

    As for you people who think Wenger is responsible for these two men deciding to leave, do you also blame him when you wet your pants in anger at the Arsenal?

    • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

      When we won the League in 98,02 & 04 – did you consider our support ‘rabid’ ? Cos I can tell you first hand it wasn’t! I gave up my season ticket this year, because Wenger and the board have lied too much. Not gonna give my hard-earned money to outright liars.

      Where did I say that Wenger is directly responsible for Nasri & Cesc leaving ?…..

      Cesc wants to leave cos he wants to win trophies (Which Wenger can’t give). Nasri wants more money at Man City.

      • Trennon   •  

        awesome. now hopefully you’ll fuck off and support another team. We don’t need you and we especially don’t fucking want you there. One less Cunt moaning every 3 seconds at the stadium then!!! who said pre-season was a complete disaster?

        • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

          What are you ? The Arsenal Supporters Police ?

          You silly cunt, go an fondle Wenger’s prostate.

          Baaaaaahh Baaaaaahhh

          • Trennon   •  

            No. I’m a supporter. I might agree that Wenger is not the man for the job any longer and I may also agree that we are not good enough as things stand, but I am and always will be a supporter through thick and thin. Unlike you, who can only support through the good times. Funny you mention 98, 02 and 04 in an above post. That must have been horrible for you! What the fuck did you have to talk about then?

          • Trennons girlfriend   •  


        • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

          Trennon : “You are the reason the players don’t want to stay at our club.”

          Hhahahahahahahahahaahahahhhhahhehfiuewo I’M THE REASON PLAYERS DONT WANNA STAY AT ARSENAL!!



          • Trennon   •  

            Glad you finally realising it wank tank. ’bout fucking time too.

          • Abc   •  

            Kem, why waste your time answering a retard. He has neither the understanding of the situation nor the intelligence to answer properly so just blank him, he an imbecile

          • Rashidinator   •  


  32. Aran   •  

    AKB? You dramatic fucks. Giving names and creating divides. There should only be an Arsenal Fan, and that’s it. But you morons love getting your high by slagging off, swearing like lunatics, calling people ‘cunts’ non-stop and creating in-fighting.

    • korchha   •  

      You are trying to treat the symptom and not the cause.

      • nin FOWYC!   •  

        SPOT. ON.

        • Trennon   •  

          The only disease at Arsenal are fuckbags like you. Don’t bother Aran. You can’t fight the poison of these so called “fans”

  33. Rashidinator   •  

    If we sell Nasri for anything above £15m it’s a fucking superdeal considering we bought him for around £12m and he’s on his last year. he’s had 6 half decent months out of around 3 seasons where he has been average.

    If Jadson is signed, I would highly doubt we’ll get Mata, maybe another defender and that’s our lot, wenger’s been bigging up Chamberlain and Miyiachi so I can see both getting plenty of game time in the new season.

  34. CL   •  

    How shit are this club.
    Cesc is off for £35m plus add ons, Nasri is off for £23m, Clichy has gone for £7m.
    We’ve got Gervinho for £10m, Ox Chamberlain for £10m and Jenkinson for peanuts. That’s 2 kids and a decent winger in Gervinho to add to the 10 wingers we’ve got already.
    Arshavin can play the Cesc role next season, that’s his best position anyway, not out wide but we need to spend the money. Eboue must be off as Gervinho is No.27 and Eboue is not on the list. All these players leaving and the ones we want to leave like Bendtner, Chamakh, Almunia etc are all still here.
    We’re fucked unless he spends the money, all of it.

  35. NATHAN   •  

    trennon we all support the club you dimbwit…jus some have got less patience than others…and some like kem jus talk the plain and simple truth…

    think of it like you partner (if you got one) – she keeps lying to you…promising this n that, when really she’s fucking some next dude…you’re the fan that just takes it…you might be concerned…curious even but god heavens your not gonna do a dam thing…you so in far up your girlfriend vagina you can’t see her taking the piss with you whereas some1 bold like kem – doesn’t take any BS..confronts his girl about the cheating and kicks her to the kirb…in turn finding a new finer girlfriend

    Trennon – you seem to be a deluded, ignorant, dont-wanna-face-facts turd!

    wake up

  36. Jake   •  

    So we are replacing one of the top 5 midfielders in the world with a guy who isn’t even sure of getting a work permit? That sounds about right regarding the clubs ambitions.

  37. Trennons girlfriend   •  


    • Rashidinator   •  


  38. Bergkamp   •  

    15 mins ago gervinho was litsed as no.27, ryo and oxlade-chambelain also had numbers, now don’t…

    now eboue has 27, befoe he didn’t. me thinks someone posted befoe they were told they could (with eboue apparently going to gala)…

    club is a shambles

  39. the 1   •  


  40. Trennon's Dad   •  

    Trennon stop being a retarded cunt. I’ve told you before about this!

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  42. Trennons cat   •  

    Treenon. Stop being a twat and come n lick my ass for me !

  43. Trennon's Mom   •  

    Trennon, where’s the soap? Have you been wankin on Arsene’s pic again?

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