The End Is Nigh


Whisper it, but it may almost be over.

El Mundo Deportivo: "Today, Cesc"

A transfer saga that has hung its miserable shadow over us since the day Cesc Fabregas first arrived in London, and that has spent two years showering uncertainty on to our captain and our club, may be about to end.

Widespread reports in England and indeed Barcelona (click images on the right) suggest a deal is imminent.  Of course, we’ve been here before, but the sheer weight of speculation suggests there may be fire at the heart of all this smoke.  The impending commencement of the season, too, may have hurried negotiations along.

Barcelona’s supposed final offer, which they expect Arsenal to accept today, totals €40m.  It’s unclear whether that’s a full €40m, or if the Catalan club are including in that figure the €5m Arsenal will save by not paying Cesc any kind of loyalty bonus.  Whatever they end up paying, it won’t be more than about €29m upfront – and it’ll be a bargain.  Cesc will go for marginally more than Andy Carroll.

Sport: "Cesc - Yes"

As I said a few days ago, the specifics of the deal don’t matter that much to me.  In fact, I’d happily lose out on a million euros or so if it meant we could get it done quickly.  Going in to the new season with this huge issue resolved and a new captain appointed would provide a welcome boost.

When the deal is finally done, both clubs will declare the fee “undisclosed”.  Barca well tell the Catalan press they got a bargain, and Arsenal will brief the English press that they got a fair price.  We’ll never know the truth.

There’s plenty more to say about Cesc and his departure.  I’ll save it for when any of this speculation is confirmed.  The next days promise to be painful, but I think it’s best for everyone now that this gets sorted.  The night is darkest just before the dawn; we can and will emerge from this still unbowed, still Arsenal.

Parting with Cesc will certainly hurt more than seeing off Samir Nasri.  If rumours are to be believed, he could follow Cesc through the door marked ‘exit’, with Manchester City ready to pay upwards of £20m for the midfielder.  If we’re going to lose Nasri, I’d rather do it now for that sort of money than in a year for nothing.  He played for France in their 1-1 draw with Chile last night, so if he is left out at Newcastle on Saturday it’s safe to say he has little future at Arsenal.  If, that is, he’s still here.

An Arsenal executive told the BBC that “all the funds generated by the sale will be reinvested in new players”.  I don’t doubt the board would be willing to do just that, but the final decision, as ever, will rest with Arsene.  Will he be pragmatic enough to forget some of his principles and spend the money required to settle an unsteady ship?  Time will tell.

One signing that does appear imminent is that of Joel Campbell.  I told you on July 29th he’d agreed to join, and last night a Costa Rican journalist who met the U-20 international side off the plane from the World Cup in Colombia confirmed to me that Campbell intends to hold a press conference announcing his decision on Friday before travelling to England on Saturday to finalise things.  The club have applied for a special talent visa as they did with Ryo Miyaichi, and, if successful, would make Campbell part of the first-team squad for 2011/12.

Right, that’ll do for now.  Something tells me I might be back here before the day is out.

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  1. Abc   •  

    Wenger must be removed

  2. ole   •  

    I edited this because it was just pointless abuse.

    • DeeBrown   •  

      M8 I feel your pain but that a litte harsh!!!!!!!!

  3. Malaysian gunner   •  

    Don’t be surprised he doesn’t spent a cent or euro. He may elect to cut costs and get a cd fans have never heard but full of wc potential.The word stinks.
    If Wenger doesn’t get the quality cd preferably from the epl and the gunners continue to struggle because of a leaky defence,he should be axed. Otherwise Arsenal will deteriorate into a mid table

  4. Iceman   •  

    I agree that this is a saga that must end now. Our entire pre-season has been blighted and the stench from Barca has filtered throughout our club for far too long. We need a fresh start – and I truly believe that we are still great and can be good this season. As far as Nasri is concerned, I think that he is an ungrateful money grabbing tosser with a very short memory. Before AW rescued him, not one team would touch him after his meningitis illness. I hope he chokes on his money and spends many hours warming the bench. Unlike a lot of Arsenal supporters, I will not jump on the ‘we’re finished’ bandwagon. We are Arsenal and talent will always prevail.

    • Unbeaten.49   •  

      Totally Agree!

  5. g4eva   •  

    I have lost faith in wenger.

    I have been one of his greatest defenders over the last few months but i cannot take this no more. WENGER OUT.

  6. g4eva   •  


  7. g4eva   •  


      • Rashidinator   •  

        Right leg in

    • Gooneraside   •  

      And don’t forget to shake it all about

      • Tundizl   •  

        …and do the hokey pokey. I’m too late to join in right?

  8. Steve   •  

    Wenger wont be removed and I don’t think he should. Fabregas and Nasri will be a big loss on the pitch, one of the only things that could rock the club more would be to lose Fabregas, Nasri and a manager. Get a clue Abc.

    • Abc   •  

      Sorry Steve, I bow to your superior knowledge. You obviously know it all

  9. Surrey Gunner   •  

    What’s the use of worrying. It never was worthwhile. So pack up your troubles in your kit bag and smile, smile.

    We all knew that this day was coming last two years. It’s a really sad. I think we need to learn the lessons and we need to be more cutthroat with a harder edge.

    I’m fed up with these stars we lavish so much energy and time on the and they betray us.

    Cesc and Nasri. If you ever say that Arsenal supporters are the best in the world. We will come after you.

  10. Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

    Jadson from Shakhtar being lined up as a replacement apparently.

    27 year old Brazillian. Anyone know much about him?

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Sounds like a right cunt if he is playing for them still at 27… The new Chamahk

      wenger out

  11. Englishmik   •  

    We always knew he would eventually go back, but if Wenger had seriously invested in the team last year our established players would have maybe won something and would sense optimism rather than being aboard this fucking sinking ship. Let Fab & Nasri go but at least buy some defenders. At this stage 1-0 to the Arsenal might be our best hope.

  12. Sly   •  

    Great blog, Im prefer to read here these days than arseblogger or similar.

    Not sure whats happened but you are better off staying away from cunts like him.

  13. Savage   •  

    Time for Wenger to play his “A” game. It could be his finest moment.

    Certainly Jack’s progress has meant we won’t be hit as hard as we would have at the same point last season.

    However, all this does raise the question – how reliable are the numbers being quoted? And should we EVER take them seriously? And also, does it matter – isn’t our on-field performance the only thing that matters?

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Jack is injured and the club have yet to indicate how badly as far as I know. So he may not be covering anyone for a while

    • Sniff   •  

      Savage, what’s with your user name/avatar?

  14. SteveO   •  

    I’m a massive Wenger fan but it’s hard to keep remaining positive and keep the belief. I’m desperate for him to do well as much as I want the club to win things, and to shut the armchair pundits up (and stupid ex players).
    BUT, if he doesn’t invest the Cesc money and buy a superstar replacement AND a quality centre back then I will lose all remaining faith and believe he needs to go.
    A massive 20 days for Arsene and Arsenal football club.

  15. Wrightydenhenry   •  

    We are The Arsenal and we will come back have some faith in the club. Barcelona have been playing games with us to disrupt our club. It’s right that the club should stand up for itself otherwise it would chaos. Happened with Rooney and Tevez last year. We’ve had 7 years out of Cesc and made a healthy profit no player is bigger than our club let’s move on and be proud of our club for what we achieved even Gary Neville said it. We won one FA cup between 1971 and 1989 but our club still survived let’s get behind the team now the season’s starting

    • DeeBrown   •  

      £32m? Sorry Arsenal – both for the fans and the club but we should be ashamed. James f**king Milner wasn’t far off that. Why on earth have we become Barca’s b*tches and conceded to their ridiculous valuation? .. three words… “GROW A PAIR!”

  16. cavalry   •  

    We never did have the money did we? The board have known since the end of last season that both Nasri and Cesc would go. Instead of getting replacements in early to strngthen our hand in future dealings with other clubs concerning the two we have been forced to wait until the start of the upcoming season. We play our first premiership game this Saturday and the mother of all hard starts to the season. Now we will hear over the next couple of days how we will reinvest the money from Cesc (our former captain!!)and Nasri on new players when it is clearly too late. And there is not a snowball chance in hell that we will spend it all.
    This with board that has two multi millionaires as the two major share holders.
    This after the ticket prices were put up again at the start of the summer and where we were promised that we would be very proactive in the market during the summer.
    Compare our meanderings with the decisive actions of Fergie and Manchester United at the beginning of the summer. He decisively figured on what areas of the team that needed fixing and bought well and quickly. He now has two excellent centre halves Smalling and Jones that could and should have become Arsenal players again if it wasn’t for our dithering and finacial reticence. On top of being perennial choakers we are now also tight fisted indecisive ditherers. We have sold our soul.
    We have become a weak club in every sense of the word.

  17. Arsenal   •  

    Hey Gilberto Silver,

    Do you have any confirmed source updated on Juan Mata deal.

    Is there any truth that by monday 15th, Carlos Vela will be included in the Juan Mata’s deal. He will join Valencia on a one year loan with Arsenal paying 16 millions euros +3 millions based on appearances and succes. Mata has already agreed a deal of 63k pounds per week wage.

    • Sniff   •  

      Fuck, I hope that’s true. No offence to Vela but Mata would be awesome at Arsenal especially considering the different type of team that appears to be taking shape.

  18. Moses Watasa   •  

    For Arsenal now, the proverbial writing (in bold characters) is on the wall. That Nasri and Fabregas are tired of the “stagnated” Arsenal FC is in “red and white”. It’s a tough call but a shrewd manager would sell these players and swiftly find replacements by 31st August 2011. But the post-2005 Arsene Wenger (that we now know) would most likely bank the cash for his predatory Board to munch other than re-invest it in quality signings. The uncertainty rumbles-on but a tricky CL play-off with Udinese is looming and cracking opening league fixtures are on the horizon. Typical Arsene Wenger is insisting with a clownish defence – they have been leaking and banging-in own goals throughout the summer’s build-up matches. Signing “infants” like Oxylade Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson suggests that Mr. Manager, stuck in his soccer illusion, learn’t nothing from last season’s bizarre implosion. A thick and dark cloud continues pilling ominously over the Emirates stadium. Strong “pain-killers” are recommended for the new season – for the fans who intend to watch Arsenal matches with manager + Board. For Arsene, it’s de-ja-vu time – he is back, in his sharp suits brandishing water bottles – he will kick the bottles (again) along the touchline throughout the 2011-2012 season. I am so disgusted and fed-up, all Arsene Wenger’s pictures are the cause of nausea.

    • Wenger's brain   •  

      Well said, sir.

    • DeeBrown   •  

      Unformtunately I have to concur … same personnel = same failings!!!!!!!

    • NATHAN   •  

      Best comment by far!!!

      sums up the harsh reality that deluded fans don’t wanna hear or see!

      sounds harsh but for the board and the manager to be given the “kick up the backside” it’s probably best udinese not only win but whoop us embarrassingly at home & away. That way it will hit them where it hurts – the bonus money gathered from qualifying. No CL will mean wenger will definantly have to stop ignoring what EVERYSINGLE person (with sense) has been saying.

      and i know merson comes across as a knumbnut but the most recent comments he’s made are so true you can imagine a gullable wengerlicking fan ..crying watching it..going “No ..NO please No…i can’t be like that..i won’t believe it..waaaah waaah”

      time to turn that leaf AFC (not Arsene’s AFC)

  19. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    GS, I just saw your Stan video. Kudos, GS, that was excellent!

  20. Munitionsman   •  

    swap cesc and nasri for oxcart, the karate kid and KFJ

    wenger out

  21. don   •  

    Arsenal is a business entity n not a title ambitious soccer club-as long as Gazidis and Wenger continue running the show..
    mein it hurts like hell

  22. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    I honestly feel nothing about Cesc and Nasri leaving, and feel nothing about CFJ, Gervinho and AOC coming in. I just feel a profound sense of sadness about the Arsenal.

    • aussie gooner dave   •  

      Man the Fuck Up and get on with it. The mighty reds don’t need no sulky fucken euro trash if they don’t want to be here. The problem is, they don’t respect the great football club this is. Good riddance.

  23. AM   •  

    GS, good to see you leading your readers ever so positively. Your advance scouting on Joel Campbell while done with the best intentions nearly crashed the deal in place to sign him. We are lucky the player’s father came back to his senses a week after they rejected our offer. You must understand that the oxygen of publicity and information is what raises transfer prices by alerting various suitors for the same player. Your other responsibility in analysing the club objectively is also going so well as your comments board show.

  24. NeedADefender   •  

    I want to see this money spent on Baines (Everton), Hummels (Dortmund), a centre midfielder and a centre forward as we have no real quality past RVP….however I can only dream.

  25. soumya   •  

    “The night is darkest just before the dawn; we can and will emerge from this still unbowed, still Arsenal.” The best part of the blog…

  26. DeeBrown   •  

    Hey guys we ain’t that far off being a dangerous team again if Wenger & the board are true to their words and get a couple of players.

    Walcott, Gervinho, Miyachi, Chamberlain is pure pace up front enough to worry any defence. If we add Campbell he is quick too.

    All we need is a commanding defender who can head the ball the trickery and vision of Mata and we can compete. I would also dearly like to see a combatitve midfielder signed but know this will not happen!!!

    if Arsene & the board don’t act then we will stuggle to qualify for the champions league lose out on the money and status of being a top club and then the shit will really hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!

    • DeeBrown   •  

      Hey guys we ain’t that far off being a dangerous team again if Wenger & the board are true to their words and get a couple of players.

      Walcott, Gervinho, Miyachi, Chamberlain is pure pace up front enough to worry any defence. If we add Campbell he is quick too.

      All we need is a commanding defender who can head the ball the trickery and vision of Mata and we can compete. I would also dearly like to see a combatitve midfielder signed and a viable backup for RVP to replace the woeful Chamakh but know this will not happen!!!

      if Arsene & the board don’t act then we will stuggle to qualify for the champions league lose out on the money and status of being a top club and then the shit will really hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!

  27. nin FOWYC!   •  

    “When the deal is finally done, both clubs will declare the fee “undisclosed”. Barca well tell the Catalan press they got a bargain, and Arsenal will brief the English press that they got a fair price. We’ll never know the truth.”

    Hahahaha, the truth is plain to anyone who opens their eyes, arsenal are the weak wimpy kid who gets turned upside down for their pocket money, punched in the eye and says thankyou to the bully (barca, if you are not following my metaphor) for the privilige.

    Morning cunts!

  28. GilbertoSilver   •     Author

    France Football also reporting Nasri deal as a “matter of hours”. Crazy time for Arsenal…

  29. Welling (Resident OAP)   •  

    Fear not though fellow Goons, the much awaited centre back could be with us soon. We’ve opened talks with Birmingham for Scott Dann. (You know the fellow, got relegated last season)

  30. Lynchpin   •  

    Selling our best players just days before the start of the new season. What does that say about the clowns running the club? Pathetic

  31. ricky F   •  

    About a month ago Wenger said ‘we will not let both cesc and nasri go’ and ‘if we let 2 of our best players go it will show we have no ambition’……so what now are our targets this year then? Top 8 finish??
    As a true gunner this is straight up depressing. What has happened to us?? Why couldn’t Usmanov take over instead of Kronke?? Atleast he would have put money into the club and not just take out. And why are we bidding for scott dann and jagelika?? Are these real world class defenders?? Per metersaker (sorry for the spelling) already has pleanty caps for Germany and Samba who is a proven premier league defender could be both be bought with the cesc money give or take a couple million. We live in hope!!
    1 more thing can we all do a Uri Geller and all channel strong thoughts that Squillaci breaks his leg…….all together now….BREAK, BREAK, BREAK

  32. Wenger's brain   •  

    “The night is darkest just before the dawn; we can and will emerge from this still unbowed, still Arsenal.”

    Hmm, don’t know what to say, part of me want to say “that pretty aspiring”, part of me want to say, “well, that’s corny.” Unfortunately, Wenger is still the same and the same crap we went through last season will be repeated this season. But at least we had Cesc and Nasri back then.

  33. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Wenger – “Finishing 4th is acceptable”

    Wenger – “If you sell your top players, you cannot convince people that you are a big club”

    Kem – “Wenger is a complete cunt”

    • NATHAN   •  

      Nathan – “Wenger is a complete cunt

    • Abc   •  

      Abc- Wenger is a complete cunt

    • Mitch   •  

      Mitch – “Some people need to expand their vocabulary and only use the word cunt for people who deserve it.”

      • ArsenetheClown   •  

        Totally agree with u Mitch!


    • nin FOWYC!   •  


  34. MKGooner   •  

    mkgooner – “Wenger is a complete loser and cunt”

  35. Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

    Wenger : “So we want to add not quality but super quality.”………1 week later, Arsenal are in talks with Scott Dann.

  36. Jekyll   •  

    Wenger has already got his replacements for Nasri and Fab in the unproven young attackers he’s bought this summer. This is how he will see it and sell it to us. The squad gets ever more younger and inexperienced. It’s something for Wenger to hide behind – remember last season when he said ‘what they do at 23 is incredible’. Well, now they’re even younger on average and we can expect to hear an awful lot about that over this season.

    The man wants to develop young players. Fine, go and be a youth coach. This is Arsenal Football Club.

    • Wegin van Wegsie   •  

      If Wenger can coach a U-23 side to 4th place, imagine how much greater he’d be when he coaches a U-20s side to 6th!

      My friends, THAT is the trophy we’ve been hanging out to see!

    • NATHAN   •  

      it’s true..what i well thought out plan he’s got:

      so theres the
      -Stadium cost
      -working within our means..not spending more than we make
      -developing youth talent
      -not obstructing youth talent by buying the players we actually need e.g. clichy sold..gibbs always injured/not ready – so just buy baines..DOESN’t DO it

      hmm..what other excuses are there wenger can use this season to keep the gullable arselickers deluded into thinking we are the model club..everybody wants to be like us – sustainable and what not – my arse

  37. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    I watched Captain America the other day, and it was an introduction of America’s first Avenger. It turns out that Captain America used to be a scrawny kid who got beat up a lot, until the day he met up with a sad-looking German scientist who injected him full of blue stuff that made him big and tough and able to kick Nazis about with wanton abandon. Then he found a shiny metal shield and became the superhero that saved the day against the evil forces of Hugo Weaving and his leather-clad henchmen.

    Captain America is a lot like Arsene Wenger, who likes to buy scrawny kids and then turn them into supermen by injecting them with blue liquid and giving them shields with which to beat up Nazis. Only we don’t have enough shields, or Nazis, so Arsene Wenger’s great plan to turn Arsenal into a team of Captain Americas has failed.

    Wenger out!

  38. Wegin van Wegsie   •  

    I think the night is darkest at 2:00am. Because even when it’s 30 minutes before the dawn, it’s pretty light because the sun bounces off the atmosphere and the clouds and gives a pre-dawn light.

    At cadets, when I’m standing guard on bivouac, I always carried a flashlight at 2:00am in the morning, because that’s when I’d have to go to the toilet and it would be too dark to see. I never had that problem when it was 5:30am and just before the dawn.

  39. GP   •  

    So Cesc and Nasri are more or less gone now. Part of me is fucking seething but then part of me thinks about time.

    I’m glad that the one transfer that has become a circus over the past 4 summers will finally be put to bed. Most fans are angry that we are barely getting 30mill for him but I would say that a player who we got for peanuts and 7 years of service then 30mill isn’t too shabby is it? Let’s not forget his dodgy hamstring which has played up a bit over the last few seasons.

    Having said that why didn’t we sell him last year or the year before that? Surely Barca would have had to cough up more? Anyonw remember the Viera/Henry deals? Turned down 50mill from Real for Paddy and we turned 25mill PLUS Eto for Titi. In the end we handed them over for 18/17mill respectively ONLY A YEAR LATER!

    Why the fuck does this happen to us all the time? Look at Fergie, wanted to keep Ronaldo and couldn’t but made 80mill off him AND won the PL. Yet we consistently seem to hand of players for a pittance.

    Perhaps it’s karma for our past dealings? Adebayor for 25mill to Citeh? CRIMINAL!

    Anyway goodluck to Cesc. Hope he’s happy that he’s got what he wanted. Anyone who tries to paint him as a legend is a twat though. He played this move perfectly. Got his Barca chums to do his dirty work (anyone remember him calling Barca unclassy as few summers ago for the way they were pursuing him?) and got his move. He was very sly. Had he asked for a transfer at the beginning of the summer then I would have respected him more.

    Still we will miss him. Leaves a massive void in the squad now…..

    As for Nasri? Fuck the arrogant cunt. Gallas called it right. The twat has no respect and is a mercenary who is leaving for money, nothing else. Fuck him. Half a decent season and he thinks he’s Platini in his prime. Good luck at Citeh where he’ll better learn to “motivate” himself against the lesser teams. Mancini is no Wenger. The guy is a disciplarian. Ask Balotelli.

  40. Al   •  

    I will treat you to some Mata info.
    OK, the other day when he finished training with Spain he was asked by the press if he was happy to stay at valencia and he replied “there have been lots of rumours about my future recently and all i can say is that right now i want to focus on being happy and just relax”. mata is a top pro, he has not been disrespectful at all to valencia and he loves the club he is even the 3rd captain but it is obvious he wants to join us and it looks possible. 100% true

    • NATHAN   •  

      according to who..or what source?

      • Al   •  

        I havent been able to find the video on the internet i saw it on the spanish news.
        but surprisingly the spanish press havent taken it very seriously. they think arsenal wont come back because of the extra cash that has to be paid for him now.
        with a bid of 25-27 mill he would be ours, valencia have money problems.
        his dad will bag some money and he will be paid very good money too.
        the move would be good for all parties and remember valencia have a great attack, they can survive without him:canales, jonas, soldado, piatti and aduriz are all good players

  41. NATHAN   •  

    wish list (which will never come true):


    Almunia £3
    Bentdner £9
    Vela £5
    Denilson £3
    Rosicky £4
    Eboue £4
    Cesc £32
    Nasri £22
    Chamakh £8
    Traore £4
    Squallici £2
    Fabianski £3


    Samba £10
    Baines £15
    Parker £9
    Lavezzi £20
    Mata £20
    Micah Richards £15

    and a defensive coach Keown..dixon..

    • NATHAN   •  

      …oh yh and the “out” totals £99mill

      the “in” totals

      £89 mill

      10mill left over!

      • nin FOWYC!   •  

        NATHAN August 11, 2011 at 1:37 pm

        wish list (which will never come true):


        Almunia £3
        Bentdner £9
        Vela £5
        Denilson £3
        Rosicky £4
        Eboue £4

        28quid? sounds fair.

  42. NY Gooner   •  

    @Gunnerblog may be your next blog should be about how terrible Arsenal are and how Wenger has changed this club for the worse..!! So many Arsenal fans have such short term memories..! Yes I agree the last 6 years haven’t been easy, but for gods sake get behind the team and the manage rand actually support your football club…!! Wnger out, without Wenger we wouldn’t have been half the team we are at the moment, every manager goes through a tough time and Wenger has had a tough 6 years…!


    • NATHAN   •  

      on your own mate…you know how long we’ve been getting behind the team – and all that does is give the sense they are in the comfort zone..don’t need to be pushed let alone win matches when it matters

      the players..the managers..the boards laid back attitude is a direct consequence of us
      “getting behind the team” and having blinded “trust” in the manager..

      it’s one thing having a history that garauntee’s your stay for 6’s another thing abusing it..and having fans like yourself excusing him..without pressure there will be no change and developement…as much as one is supposed to support the team – TOUGH LOVE needs to be applied..and if booing and showing disgust is the only thing that can pressure the decision makers then so be it…

      now get off your high horse like your the only fan that is sticking by wenger…none of us want wenger gone..but he’s driving us to that becos of his arrogance and ignorance and he thinks his distant achievements give him license to dismantle the club for the sake of his experiment

      go suck wenger’s arse otherwise!

  43. nin FOWYC!   •  

    Gooner from NY.
    Lets get this straight.
    Arsenal have money.
    We sell our best assets.
    We replace them with kids.
    We pay the highest ticket prices in world football.
    We consistantly give away leads.
    we are mentally frail.
    There is no team spirit.
    We lack leaders.
    Wenger passes the captains armband to players who other players do not look up to; Almunia.
    We can not complete our transfer buisness untill the last hour of the window.

    All of this is the doing of wenger, he has ruined the club – you want to get behind him and close your eyes to the facts carry on, but dont tell us fans who can see it as plain as day that we should ‘back him’.

    His interests are purely about himself, he couldnt give a fuck about the fans!

    • NATHAN   •  

      wenger: “if you haven’t worked a day in football then your opinion is worthless”

      so thats what he thinks of fans input!

    • Munitionsman   •  

      Correct sir Nin.

      We are with you.

      Wenger tried to ruin Monaco and got booted before he could.

      Arsene please return to your beloved PSG (I think the S is for Sonja??)

  44. North Bank Ned   •  

    The current side was built around Cesc but didn’t win anything. The silver lining to his departure would be the need to reshape he team so it is less dependent on one player.

    • NATHAN   •  

      again another fault of wenger…

      who was it he revolved a team around b4..the beginning of a depletion – a little player by the name of Henry…

      and that just ruined our club for how long…oh it’s still goin on!

  45. RVB   •  

    Just keep shouting at the club to do the right things. Replacing players with quality. Creating a real team spirit and a love of the club. Maintaining respect for a true captain. Creating a mean hard defence.

    Wenger in or Wenger out doesn’t matter. Just do the damn right thing. It doesn’t matter who does it.

    • nin FOWYC!   •  

      well said Robin Van Basten.

  46. Aran   •  

    Nice Dark Knight quote.
    And to that “fan” who would like to see us lose to Udinese to prove a point: Just fuck off, mate.
    Most of you are total plebs, too. Al you do is go around shouting, “cunt! cunt! cunt!”. Make an arguement, rather than pointless abuse. Is it just because your on the computer that you’re like this?

  47. NATHAN   •  

    if by some miracle we qualify for the CL..ya think we’d get barca at some stage in the CL – get to see good old cesc again…yay

  48. Pingback: Cesc saga drawing to a close, a few knocks and where now? « savagegooner

  49. Stevieo   •  

    Guys, what’s happened to the carnival atmosphere on here? It’s been a week of festivities with the Chamberlain and Myaichi signings, and the pending arrival of Campbell?

    Don’t let the departures of Cesc and Nasri overshadow these exciting times at Arsenal.

    Some prick was on here the other day saying we were actually stronger than last season, because Cesc and Nasri were still on the books? Didn’t he see this coming?

    I look forward to the positive spin that the AKB’s will put on this disastrous episode. No doubt we’ll be told we’re better off without them, and want more players like Squillaci and Eboue who love to play for the badge.

    That 6.5% hike is looking real good value so far.

  50. A Force!   •  

    My views on the cesc and nasri situation.

    Cesc: tried his 100% until Barca came calling. Got his head turned. In a way I feel sorry for him as he was surrounded by class to dross in an instance.

    His own quote ” At first at Arsenal if I made a mistake there was a player to pick up the pieces (most notably vieria, now when I make a mistake all eyes are on me”

    Case in point his backheel against Barca, yes he was at fault but so was the defense and almunia bur he was victimized.

    What pisses me off most is that why sign such a long contract if you are not going to honour it? That’s what makes me mad with players these days.

    His injuries? Please look at the amount of games the kids played, of course he is going to get injured. When your manager says carry on playing when your fibula is in two pieces then i’m sorry his injury record is not going to look to good.

    Look at Jack now, all them games last season are going to catch up with him. He is injured before the season has even started.

    Barcelona are cunts of the highest order, 40m for Cesc is an insult. Yet he is not even going for that price. Arsene does not know how to negotiate.
    Barca and their antics were despicable but guess what it worked. The fans relationship with cesc has deteriorated and they get cesc for a cut price. Happy days for barca they get their top two summer targets cesc and sanchez. Is Cesc a legend? Is he ****.

    Nasri on the other hand is motivated by money. Get rid of the cunt. He had 6 months where he was good. After that he faltered. Why not swap nasri for de jong with them paying money on top. Arsene doesn’t know how to negotiate especially with swap deals. Ashley cole for gallas. Where’s gallas now and where is Ashley Cole?

    Quote from Arsene himself. “If we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that”.

    Guess what, Cesc kissed his Arsenal badge against Blackburn. Nasri kissed his Arsenal badge against spurs. Now they both are walking out. Does kissing the Mighty Arsenal’s crest mean anything to these two? It sure doesn’t.

    But overall the blame lies with Arsene. 2 days left till the PL starts. We still haven’t got a CB. We have weakened our defence by replacing clichy with gibbs. We have weakened our midfield by getting rid of cesc and nasri. So we will be significantly weaker come saturday.

    ‘Funds be reinvested in super quality’. Scott Dann? Lmao.

    These past few seasons, I have heard we won’t finish in the top 4. I didn’t believe it. Now genuinely the way we are going we will not finish in the top 4 I am certain. One mate just text me “Nasri and cesc gone haha bye bye 4th place”. I replied “who cares”. Seriously I don’t. Not until Arsene walks out of that door, then Arsenal FC will be reborn.

    I miss my Arsenal I really do.

    • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

      A Force, the trouble is, you can see ALL these excuses getting trotted out when the season ends in dismal failure. (which it will)

      Wenger – “How was I supposed to know I’d lose Cesc so soon to the start of the season ?”

      Wenger – “How was I supposed to know I’d lose Nasri so soon to the start of the season ?”

      Wenger – “How was I supposed to know Cesc & Nasri would leave so late, making me unable to sign a CB ?”

      Wenger is a cunt. Plain & simple. Along with the board, who allow this shit to go on. It’s SO CLEAR now that this is the way Wenger & the board wanted to play it this season.

      Wenger & the board had an agreement : NO SUBSTANTIAL SIGNINGS UNTIL CESC & NASRI ARE MOVED ON. This board never really wanted to spend money.

  51. sorin   •  

    wenger should sell all the players that want to leave and buy youngsters hungry for success

  52. Aran   •  

    GS, you’re Stan video has made a story in the Sun.

  53. Jon   •  

    Wenger failed to rebuild over the last 6 years…
    Wenger will fail to rebuild it two weeks…
    Wenger would fail if he attempted to build a sand castle…

    Wenger = Fail :(

  54. Spk   •  

    Until I see him wearing a dirty knacker barca scum shirt I’m not going to believe that he’s leaving

  55. Lynchpin   •  

    Wenger’s latest comments:
    “We currently have four central defenders, and so there is no need for another.”

    Sickening cunt of a man

  56. Arsene Knows   •  

    There you guys go again getting ahead of yourselves. Believe me if by 31st August we have not made the required signings then Wenger will have to face this abuse but its 11th August today. Both Fabregas and Nasri will leave and believe or not this will be a good thing for Arsenal, selling two players whose hearts aren’t in it anymore for a combined sum of over 50 million. Don’t forget things aren’t always what they seem in the transfer market, apparently we have ‘opened preliminary discussions’ with Scott Dann. Maybe Arsene really wants to sign him or maybe hes giving Coyle and Moyes an opportunity to rethink their ridiculously high valuations of Cahill and Jagielka – don’t forget their summers can’t really start until they sell. Lets be realistic we’re not going to sign a Goalkeeper, Left back, Centre Back, Holding Midfielder, a cesc replacement and a striker like some of you want – that is definitely Championship Manager stuff. More than likely it’ll be a CB before the season starts and possibly a central creative midfielder. Like Gazidis said the other day – it’s not like a supermarket where you can just go in and buy a top quality player. I bet we’d all be shocked to find out how difficult it is to strengthen our squad during the transfer window. Lets judge Arsene on his actions after 31st August, you never know we may be in for a surprise…….

    • santori   •  

      Scott Dann is not the kind of signing that will inspire faith in the supporters.

      What we need at the back is a senior player with quality.

      The issue here with losing both Nasri and Fab and not replacing with sufficient conviction would be that the board may have to come to terms with some of the more ‘nimble’ fans walking with their feet. It would negate the ticket hike and have an impact on revenue.

      Having said, that Wenger does not have to spend big. BUT he needs to spend convinceingly and add some experience and know how to the promise he has recruited thus far.

      2-3 signings with experience sil vous plais

    • nin FOWYC!   •  

      FUCK OFF!

  57. Get Wenger out   •  

    So looking like Wenger hasnt got the ability to sign a top player and now we are hearing his usual lies. Same old Arsene, but in fairness if you were a top player would you go anywhere near Wenger. Most players are not stupid, they can see Wenger for what he is, apart from the “AKB” clowns everybody in football can see what Arsenal actually is. Its a team for young kids to use as a stepping stone to the big boys, the only drawback for these mercenary little cunts who have no loyalty whatsoever to Arsenal is that they have to play with mediocre older players from whom they can learn fuck all because they are shite.

    • Arsene Knows   •  

      Ok ‘Get Wenger Out’ lets pretend you’ve just got your wish, after listening to all these idiots criticise his every move Arsene Wenger has resigned. Now who do you pick to be his successor? Bearing in mind;

      1) Our usual transfer budget is around 15-20 million
      2) We have a strict wage structure in place which has to remain
      3) We play in the most competitive league in the world both sporting wise and financially

      What ‘world class’ manager would choose to manage a club like Arsenal when they could manage a ‘sugar daddy’ club like Man City, Chelsea etc

      • Kem - Wenger is a cunt   •  

        “1) Our usual transfer budget is around 15-20 million”

        “2) We have a strict wage structure in place which has to remain”

        Explain why you think this is fact.

        • Arsene Knows   •  

          Self-sustainable model ring a bell? I said ‘usually’ as in a new manager coming in wouldn’t be able to expect more than 15-20 mill on average as a transfer budget each year. Normally money generated from player sales can be reinvested into the team. Secondly the wage bill, didn’t think this would be new news? We have a wage structure in place to ensure they don’t get out of hand and so we can still afford to pay the wage bill each month with the funds the club generate. The basic point i’m making is Arsenal don’t have anywhere near the amount of revenue of teams like Man U, City so any new manager coming in would have to be able to work within a budget and want to do so. And there really isn’t a huge amount of top class managers out there that fit that profile in fact we have the most suitable manager already in place.

      • Munitionsman   •  

        4th highest wage bill in PL.

        annual salary of 6.5

        complete control of club

        I would say a replacment would be very easy to find

        The salary structure just means everyone earns the same regardless of quality or commitment. This makes them easier to manage in wengers utopian socialist dream.

        no pressure, no incentive.

        thats why we are failing. thats why players like denilson and NB52 cannot be sold. Because they are paid above their market value.

        Its called bad managment and we could easily find a better manager for 6.5 a year.


    • santori   •  

      He doesn’t need to sign a “Top” player to ensure our success.

      and we have never been a club about signing Big names.

      A cursory look at some of the players we’ve had in Henry (unfulfilled potential at Juventus before us), Viera (Ditto at Milan and prior to that Cannes), Pires, Flamini, Llungberg (where was he from and for how much?)….list goes on.

      Know your history.

      OTOH, the bigger question is whether Wenger gets the right players in that we need to make a diff.

      We need a bit of know how.

      1)CBack, rather than Scott Dann or any of the names touted, I’d much prefer a better senior man than Squillaci, someone with leadership, grit and PL (winning) experience.

      Alex is rumoured to be available form Chelsea @6m quid. Even if they may be a little reticent at strengthening a rival (I can’t think of why they’d see us as a threat at the moment) and quote us double, he’s still a bargain with power both at set pieces and with his shooting.

      2)Fab replacement _ I’d rather keep Fab but if he leaves, we should add better balance to our middle with someone like Montolivo who can play both as a deep lying playmaker or as a DM. @26, again, he is hitting his prime and will give us a tool to go 4-4-1-1 against teams sitting deep if need be or maybe deploy Jack further forward in a 4-3-3. More importantly, he covers Song (and Frimpong)

      3) Nasri Relacement- Some would say we have already reinforce this position with the options of pace in Gervinho, Chamberlain and miyaichi.

      In thats ense, I think the gaffer is utterly spot on in injecting the extra speed and directness to make our transitions from defense to attack more efficient in order to catch teams out before they clam shut at the back.

      However, I would think there will be sufficient space for another experience operator (since Gervinho should rightly be pushed forward into a striking role IMO) and we could well do with a Bastos.

      He seems content at Lyon but utterly gettable for 15m max. @28, there’s plenty of experience there but we also get a player capable on both wings and crucially a hedge against Traore and Gibbs at LB if need be.

      Will Wenger spend on the right players? Let’s hope so.

      But there is plenty out there available that won’t necessary cost us and will bring top quality into the squad and experience which we need to balance the promise recently brought in with frimpong, Miyaichi, Jenkinson and Chamberlain. Plenty.

  58. santori   •  

    Selling Fabregas at this stage to me seems a tad daft.

    With Nasri leaving, it would seem to me more pertienet to retain the servie of our most effective player particularly as :

    1) He has 2-3 seasons left on contract

    2) Barca will still come knocking end next season and we will still make reasonable profit even if the offer was lower than this summer.

    3)It may have a knock on effect on several of our other senior players if 2 big names at the club leave this summer (I’m thinking RVP who has one year left on contract come next summer)

    4) With 2 weeks left to season start, it may be wiser to retain at least one of the two senior players in question and reduce the intergration issues we may face with new names coming in so late on.

    I think the problem here is that whilst Wenger has no control on the Nasri issue whatsoever (therefore he simply put his foot down early), he has lost moral control with the Fabregas one.

    He prob has some sort of agreement between Fab and him that if we remain trophiless 9which we are) end last season, that he will not stand in the way of Fabregas departing, proviso Barca meets minimum valuation (which is I presume 40m quid)

    Barca have come up with 35m and have put Wenger in a difficult position with the 4-5m player’s loyalty fee, in essence calling Wenger’s bluff somewhat.

    The situation now seems delicate for Wenger to retain Fabregas.

    It will probably boil down to if they can stand firm on 40m + Fabregas ommiting his loyalty bonus.

    If they do (which I hope they stand firm on) and if Barca does not up a further 5m quid for Fabregas, then Fab stays.

    Whilst I don’t think Fabregas is irreplaceable (I’d personally like to see Montolivo come in), I think it better to keep him for one more season at least if we can.

    Seems utterly senseless to get rid of him now.

  59. wordlife96   •  

    I’m really sick of Wenger keeps saying there’s nothing wrong with the defense and we don’t need another center-back. If he doesn’t buy Cahill/Samba by Aug 31, he must be sacked IMMEDIATELY !!!!

  60. Makanaky   •  

    Maka up in this mofo:

    Bare madness going on in London and within Arsenal FC (or should it be Arsene FC?)


    – Get Neuer

    – Get Mata

    – Or Hazard

    – Get Cahill

    – Or Mertsacker

    – Get Parker

    – Keown and Adams defensive coaches


    – Eboue, Almunia, Squillachi, Chamakh, Bendtner, Rosicky, Vela, Fabianski, Traore.


    Wenger with Joachim Loewe or any decent up and coming young manager with a high win percentage.

    • Rashidinator   •  

      Neuer’s joined Bayern, strike him of your list.

  61. Moscow Delight   •  

    NOW i feel for Arsenal. I enjoyed every bit of your 6 trophyless years, but now it has become a bit sad!!!

  62. Game   •  

    WEG, MM.

    What happened to the annual Gunnerblog Fantasy Football that TC used to create?

    And whats with all the change in this website?

  63. Munitionsman   •  

    game GS is rebuilding and its very slow now but hopefully will speed up!!! I think someone did create a league but I didnt join. Try searching past posts for it. TC is rarely seen in these parts anymore. Ran off for a threesome with rural and glenn

  64. Ash   •  

    Some of you fans r player can guarantee to b a success doesn’t matter how much they cost..give dann a chance for Christs sake!! Like many have mentioned yeah Wenger probly has gone about his summer a little wrong But none of us kno what’s happening behind the really think it’s easy for him seeing as everyone fan has a different opinion?replacing cesc by spending 30m on any old player wont nessacarily solve anything!!?? Lets see how the start of the season goes before we judge

    • Dave   •  

      You’re the twat is you think the team doesn’t need some quality CB that can improve on defending against set-pieces. You forget how poor our defense was last season? You forget how the team keeps failing to hold on to the win? Wenger had the entire summer to do this before the start of the EPL. Now you will get your wish, we’ll seeing just how good is the team and minus our two best players this season. But don’t worry Wenger brought in kids and players that used to play in the Championship…

    • Munitionsman   •  

      no we can judge on how the last one ended, as the team and squad is now far weaker.

      Havnt you spent even half a day in football??


  65. Ash   •  

    Dave..when did I say we didn’t need a cb?? Obviously we do and it’s quite clear hes looking for one! This ain’t a computer game mate!! Yeah let’s go out and buy 5 players tommorow!! Stupid (so called) fans!! Let’s keep half arsed cesc or mr loyal nasri and see how we cope then yeah?? As I said Wenger has made mistakes but what u gonna do? Sack him tommorow if we lose? And get who? Just step back and look at the big’s a thin line between success and failure…if there was more positivity around the club we,d probably be Alot better for it but the haters r critiquing everything Wenger does..he can’t win!! Go join spurs where they throw money at any player that has a good match I’m sure u,ll have a good time there

  66. Ash   •  

    If you negative fans were in charge of arsenal we,d probably win the league….( that is sarcasm,just for those who r too thick to realise)

  67. Ash   •  

    And while we,re at it dave..if Alex oxlade chamberlain turns out to be world class just like cesc will u be complaining if we sell him? Hypocrite

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