Transfer update: Cesc, Alvarez, Diaby & Gordon

Hello all.  Quite wanted to write this blog yesterday but, frankly, London was too hot.  It was muggier than the room containing the world’s largest collection of mugs, and I was sweating like I had hyperhidrosis.

Today, however, things have returned to normal somewhat with the promise of thunder, lightning, and lots and lots of rain.  And, of course, with a story about Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona all over our back pages.  Yesterday the BBC published an article quoting a ‘senior Arsenal official’ as saying:

“The offer was made formally in writing to our chief executive (Ivan Gazidis), and we said no straight away.”

Asked if the club expected another bid, the source said:

“Possibly. If it’s enough I expect we’ll have to sell.”

Which is as close to an admission of availability as you’re going to get, and rather different in tone from the bullishness of twelve months ago.

It looks to me as if we’re trying to smoke out Barca’s interest early in the summer.  If their second offer is in the region of £40m, a deal will be done.  If it’s not, they can forget about it for another twelve months.  Cesc is privately insisting he has no interest in agitating for a move, so the ball is firmly in Barca’s court.  With their bid for Alexis Sanchez seemingly stalling, perhaps there’ll be some movement on this one within the next seven days.

The latest on Ricky Alvarez is that our interest is definitely concrete.  There has been contact between the player’s agent and Arsenal executives, and negotiations with his club, Velez Sarsfield, have begun.  It still seems an odd signing, but at this stage it’s impossible to guess how many could leave the club this summer.

One who looks like staying is Abou Diaby, after sources close to the player told me Arsenal had rebuffed a £10m offer from a Turkish club for his services.  I’m sure that’ll drive some of you potty – it seems like a good deal to me, too – but perhaps with the possibility of both Denilson and Fabregas leaving this summer Arsene feels the need to hold on to the remaining central midfielders.

Finally, a few people on Twitter have been linking us with Sunderland’s Scottish goalkeeper Craig Gordon.  It’s nonsense.  I’d be surprised if we bought a goalkeeper at all this summer.

For now, I don’t know anything more about Gary Cahill, Gervinho, or others.  It might be of interest to you that have launched our 125th anniversary away kit, which instead appears to be a 124th anniversary Wycombe home kit.

Tata for now.

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  1. paul   •  

    Wenger should rely push hard to get a replacement of cesc coz his desire is already off arsenal, sell him go now, while he still have value, but get good players who can match the likes of Chelsea, man u,man city or else we shall fall further down the table next season,

  2. The Cabbie   •  

    I reserve the right to sell my seat ON a regular basis if I CAN FIND ANY TAKERS

  3. ahmed alieu songa   •  

    we need nasri,goalkeeper,one in the middle and up front partner with van persie.

  4. Jemale frx   •  

    We r tired of runing afta arsenal news, damn it!

  5. ldebex   •  

    Its time we let Cesc leave, he is just not into arsenal anymore. bt i will like to c new players fill up d voids. our adversaries r busy buildn rank, we musn’t sit bak n watch

  6. Dave   •  

    That Diaby rumour is just not funny dude.

  7. Jamilu Danladi Danzabuwa   •  

    I am very happy about signing ricado alverez from velez sarfis.

  8. jeffey   •  

    going to Barca w’d b Cesc’s greatest blunder,he is going spend a season or two tryin to fuse into Barca’s type of play and besides Barca is already a perfect team with no one intending to leave who is Fab going to replace.Go but it’s a big risk Fab.

  9. alex kwasi   •  

    this is our time to buy new players and stop all this trouble we are going true wenger need to sign,cahill or samba at list get another striker to help rvp and difenceve midfielder do some thing am dieing because of this club,gunners for life

  10. obamaverick   •  

    I have said it before,the advent of cesc killed off our invincobles formation of 4-4-2 and gave us 4-3-3 and watchamakalit! Cesc can leave (with due respect of course!).Then we bring in midfielders that make our attack moreaggressive,and a confidence boosting defence. That said,i dopn’t think we should pine over the departure of a captain who wasn’t really with us last season (compared to the previous 3 seasons or more).Remember Guardiola sold of the acclaimed Geese that lay the golden eggs (Ronaldinho and eto’o) and realised that the rest of the team can piss DIAMONDS).Their results ever since are enough evidence.

  11. Dattijo Aliyu   •  

    Let us not deceive ourselves, we need a goalkeeper! The present crop of goalkeepers need time 2 grow, wenger will regrate if he do not sign a goalkeeper. Wenger should pay 4 any amount on samba or jagielka, he should look for a midfielder in d mould of viera(Tall & aggressive) because we have many short people in d midfield and most occassionally we loose airiel battle.

  12. ayinde teejay   •  

    tel wenger 2 sign samba cahil nd gervinho nd cesc shld b allowd to go.

  13. Cadde3_4   •  

    I support arsenal and i watch every game my opinion arsenal need players like kaka ozil benzema alvarez tevez and modrich arsenal must buy these players

  14. Mike 9ja   •  

    Wenger is trying but,should buy experience player like cahil or samba wit one sharp striker.4rm arsenal family in 9ja

  15. kk   •  

    am tired of arsenal being interested with too many players without signing involves competition on and off the field so wenger should convince fab to stay like the case of rooney.big clubs dont let their best players to leave at ayn cost.

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  17. zel   •  

    @jakisy you are a big foooooooooooooool!

  18. zel   •  

    @jakisy you are a big fool

  19. zel   •  

    jakisy you are a big fool

  20. destaw haile   •  

    i think if wenger doesnt buy a world classl kipper, it will be difficult to win big matches

  21. albert   •  

    arsene should target one or two who is really good for replacement on particular position and make a bid and keep trying to get them. Unfortunately, there is so many targets and keep delaying a deal. Arsenal fans looks bored with this situation. Whatever, arsenal should understand that they must have better players than last year and not in getting average players on cheap sale…

  22. fanso   •  

    Plse Wenger Let Diaby go!

  23. Joel   •  

    C d idea of b link wit many playas witout sighing any is a very frustratin tin.we d fans r tired of dis & dat.the bodies beta sit up & do sumtin abot dat sighing tin.cos i dout arsenal being in d top 4 in dis season dat wil comence.

  24. David Vandamme   •  

    All I have to say here is that, we need a combating centre half like SAMBA and CAHILL most especially to have one English at our back, because the FA always seize that opportunity of lack of so many english man at our team to punished us with bad officiating. Thats my opinion. Die Hard Gunners

  25. badamasi ibraheem   •  

    Arsene Wenger should let Cesc leave for Barcelona with Thiago Alcantara or Juan Mata be ideal replacement

  26. Drew   •  

    Wouldn’t matter if we had 10 midfielders, Diaby would still be injured for half the season and play like crap for the rest except for 3 games when he would be great. 10m offered? What a wasted opportunity.

  27. DAVE Highbury   •  

    DIABY STAYS. He’s a GREAT player and we’d be mugs to sell. People who slag Diaby are SHEEP. He is QUALITY and once he has a run of games, you will see why the new French team is built around him – FOOLS

  28. Andy Mack   •  

    1) Who is this ‘Arsenal Official’ that said this stuff about Cesc?

    2) I think Diaby has a long term injury (AGAIN!), so I’m pretty certain the story is pure fiction.

  29. sodienye   •  

    i love Wenger Diaby should stay he is a great player Wenger
    should bring in Samba and Cahill and allow Fabregas 2 go

  30. ishmael   •  

    i lov pls wenger,let fab go… Diaby,denison,bentner,squilaci. Pls let dem leave.and bring on hard men dat know the pain of a game.players like samba,gervinho,parkar.cahil,melo.any other players dat play agresively,dat can suit on our style of player.pls wenger try and splash the cash dnt giv us same story.GUNNERS ALWAYS DIE WIT D BALL!!

  31. Durlzx   •  

    Arsenal nids 2 buy n stp puttin us all in suspense,various names erupt evry day bt we avnt cin any signin yet,we nid players wo ar ready 2 giv der all 4 d team,as 4 fab he shuld do wots bst 4 himslf,goin 2 barca is a big mistak 4 em n a plus 2 arsenal,cus dat wil reshape d team.he’s jst goin 2 sit on d bench like e does in d spanish team

  32. NATHAN   •  

    30. sodienye | June 28th, 2011 at 2:03 pm
    i love Wenger Diaby should stay he is a great player Wenger
    should bring in Samba and Cahill and allow Fabregas 2 go

    But you know thats not happening

    and you love wenger do you – im sure wenger loves you too…more than you’ll ever know just don’t bend down for him..might be in for a nice surprise up the a-hole!

  33. Durlzx   •  

    Am sure nasri wil sign a nu contract,hes jst scarin wenger 2 mak em realise we nid quality playa’s n nt babies,which e one’s ws,alvarez,gervinho,n cahill ar certain 2 join arsenal as 4 d rst i anit sure,n if daiby wnts 2 stay plz hlp me tell em 2 learn hw 2 pass n shot in tym,he plays selfishly,gunns 4 life

  34. Vinny   •  

    Prof wenger pls we gunners fans r getting impatient with the price n leave attitude in d market. Wen is Arsenal fc going 2 scare d likes of man u,chelsea,kop,man c. From our teamlineups ? Now is dat tym man u wr better last term & have gotten 3 players do we stand any chance at all……lol Worried gunner

  35. shina   •  

    hapy aniversary 125yrs congrat.pls all d board shuld consider d pain gunners fan goin true.wenger shuld sign experiences player wil want trophy six yrs witout silverware we dnt want dat dis season on wenger shuld resign.tanx

  36. OKAFOR STANLEY   •  

    Wenger should tidy up the purchase of players like GARY CAHIL, GERVINHO, RIKY ALVAREZ and SAMBA to shore up his defence line, midfield and attack.
    In my opinion, Cesc should be allowed to leave Arsenal cos he rarely contributed positively last season.
    Nasri should not be sold at any amount to any club for now.

  37. chriswhizzy   •  

    i think wenger should get busy by signing players that are experience and stop blabing, if cesc is tired of arsenal let him go with barca tabling the right amount for him. We arsenal fans in Nigeria are being mocked, plz wenger do something!

  38. Easy Tiger   •  

    Paragraph 4, reckon you mean ‘publicly’, not ‘privately’

  39. juddy   •  

    Diaby is a great player and will come good! ARSENE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Michaelme   •  

    Wenger will wait until we fight closing date. It becoming so painful to be a fan of arsenal yet we have no say

  41. Futuo   •  

    Why the obsession for Cahill, just because he is English makes him over priced – Per Mertesacker or Sakho would be cheaper and imho better. If we must have Cahill give them Bentner and 5m.

    A new Viera is a must.

    Falcao would make a dream signing.

    A goalie would be nice, Reina ideally.

  42. Futuo   •  

    Oh and let Cesc go if we can get Hazzard

  43. uche   •  

    we re tired arsenal down fall every season, from first oposition to fouth, arsenal is an a disgrace to us fans

  44. Gowin   •  

    I don’t know about cesc but arsenal should buy a quality goalie like Hugo lloris or craig Gordon, a good centreback is needed too. I think per mertesacker could be bought at a low price. Fullbacks like Phillip lahm also should be bought. Arsenal need to sell bendtner, denilson, almunia, squilacci and also diaby. Deals could be done by trading in these players. Arsenal can get some quality attackers like hazard and gamiero. These purchasing shouldn’t cost more than £50million. I think all these need to be done soon and everything can go smoothly if the process is planned. It is all up to wenger

  45. Gowin   •  

    I don’t know about cesc but arsenal should buy a quality goalie like Hugo lloris or craig Gordon, a good centreback is needed too. I think per mertesacker could be bought at a low price. Fullbacks like Phillip lahm also should be bought. Arsenal need to sell bendtner, denilson, almunia, squilacci and also diaby. Deals could be done by trading in these players. Arsenal can get some quality attackers like hazard and gamiero. These purchasing shouldn’t cost more than £50million. I think all these need to be done soon and everything can go smoothly if the process is planned. It is all up to wenger.

  46. Full English   •  

    I don’t think we need a new keeper. Szezza will be plenty good enough with a solid defence in front of him that he trusts. As for Fabregas, Let him go, He wasn’t up to much for us last season – infact I think we were mostly better without him and I’d rather he went before it gets messy between him and the club, tbh I think he’s moving towards being seen as ungratefull after Arsenal made him into the player he is today. Nasri though is a different matter, We must keep him at any cost and build the team around him and Wilshere in the centre of the park. If he is sold to Manure then I will honestly consider whether or not I want to follow Arsenal anymore and I’ve been a fan for 25 years. I cant stand to watch us turn into a feeder club for the likes of them, It would break my heart.

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  48. akanni abeeb   •  

    Man u already bought 3 to 4 playaz as defending champs of d league.instead of counting playaz arsenal av bought we are selling tickets 4 emirate cup.dat was ao we did last scared of wenger and his so called executives,they are busy making profits without minding d die hard arsenal fans.leave all dis story and concentrate of building viable team dat wil win many laurels come next season.plz wenger BUY GUD PLAYAZ.

  49. Howard   •  

    Cesc should be sold but not Nasri
    if Nasri goes to man utd we want Nani in return otherwise Hill-Wood and the board should go
    You dont sell first then look for replacments
    The current board are taking Arsene and us the fans for a ride it must stop now

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  51. O'lewi   •  

    Fab’s main wish is 2 leave Arsenal nd move 2 Barca. So why not Wenger leave him now? Wenger let Fab go b’cos u are wasting time!.

  52. molar   •  

    wenger should stop all dis rubish dis season we need quality player dat .’ll beef up d team

  53. toby   •  

    i am a gunner 4 life. but i like to see wenger leave. he lacks the modern day style in the transfer market. he wants to prove a legacy that had failed him in last 6 years. belive me, he knows what to do. the problem in arsenal is not cesc, nasri, nor clichy. it is WENGER.

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  55. Louis   •  

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  56. Filiberto Goligoski   •  

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