Arsenal’s Nigerian Buyer And Me: The Truth

Reports over the weekend suggested that a Nigerian billionaire is planning to enter the race to buy Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith’s 16% stake in Arsenal.  I was somewhat sceptical about the story – until, that is, I received this email:


Dear Sir/M,
I am Mr.David Mark. an Auditor of a BANK OF THE NORTH INTERNATIONAL,ABUJA (FCT), and I represent the interest of Aliko Dangote. I have the courage to Crave indulgence for this important business
believing that you will never let me down
either now or in the future. Some
years ago, I became aware of an English football
team by which is the name Arsenal football club.I
have now shown great endeavours to commence negotiating with
Lady Bracewell Nina Smith for the purchase of
the 16% of Arsenal football club.
Currently what I am Requiring is an initial downpayment of $4m USD. Then I can free funds to complete the further purchase. For the downpayment, I am in need of your Help.
This is simple, all you have to do is to
an account anywhere in the world and send me its detail for me to
the proper money transfer paperwork, and facilitate the
transfer.The funds for the shareholding will
then be released, for us to share
in the ratio of 80% for me, 15 %
for you and 5% for expenses that might
come up during transfer process. There is
no risk at all, and all the
paper work for this transaction will be done by me
using my position
and connections in the banks in Nigeria. This business
transaction is
guaranteed. .If you are
interested, please reply immediately through my personal email sending
following details: (1) Your Full Name/Address (2) Your Private
Number. Please observe the utmost confidentiality, and be
rest assured that this
transaction would be most profitable for both of
us because I shall require your
assistance to invest some of my share
in the team. I look forward to your
earliest reply.

Oh, and before you try and wangle your way in on the action: I’ve signed up. The deal is done.

Some guys are just lucky, I guess.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Jack   •  

    Lol. I wonder if this is the guy that keeps emailing me to say that I’ve won the Nigerian Lottery.

  2. Gooner Chris   •  

    You know this is a well-known Nigerian scam right?

    Cyber-fraud is an epidermic in Nigeria. There’s something called ‘419’ there.

    You white folks need to wise up!

  3. Scottish Gooner   •  

    Haha! Very good

    I think the joke may have been lost on Gooner Chris, though!

  4. Jack   •  

    Yeah, I agree. The joke was definately lost on Gooner Chris.

    If you’ve still got his email, just let him know that i’m opening a new bank account to claim my winnings. Thanks kindly.

  5. stan   •  

    lollll….what about send me couple of thousand pounds via western union so I can arrange the necessary paper works and bribe the officers to release all my money at once

  6. Adeyemi bamidele   •  

    this are just some of the bastards ruining the image of my country Nigeria but never mind but be careful and dont be greedy cos thats their penetration point on victims,,,the EFCC is really trying their best to end this shit okay,,,pls dont u think we should sell Fab and get Gourcuff???

  7. @Meusethegunner   •  

    Nicely done. The bank scam was the first thing I thought of when I heard this story too.

  8. Quartz   •  

    419 Jokes on this on onlinegooner too, but this guy is actually legit.

  9. msg people   •  

    Whoever wrote this piece need someone to tell him something straight-up. you need to find something else to write about and stop wasting your time trying to rubbish some other country’s image. there are good business minded people in that country and there are fraudsters. for you to spend your time putting this up when u know too well that a lot of this non-sense is everywhere on the net, maybe you should get some education. Did you also receive any e-mail from the banker of the Nigerian guy that bought Gatwick airport last year? empty barrel making the loudest noise.

  10. duane   •  

    I knew this stupid issue was going to come up on some blog. Really disappointed it had to be here. And as usual shallow minded followers

  11. Yusuf 4rm 9ja   •  

    Nigerians will never stop trying to be smart on net

  12. Yusuf 4rm 9ja   •  

    David mark is nigeria senate president no a banker this guy most be of those igbo guys in nigeria he is not smart..FRouDly 9ja

  13. Ruky   •  

    David Mark is Nigeria senate president. Zombies stop insulting the integrity of a nation.

  14. Ayzee   •  

    Nigerians have honest,hardworking,and succesful men and women and also the dubious one jst like any other country esp in western world where scams of billions of dollars take place.So dönt mock us,mock yourselves bcoz we learnt from 4 1 9ing.

  15. teejay   •  

    Is this what this blog is all about now ? Use to have loads of respect for this blog and recommend it others as a serious and reliable one but after this i dont think it is worth looking at again.Small minds will never miss the opportunity of giving themselves away. Remember the saying ,”You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool the people all the time”.Keep writing your blog and reading it by yourself.

  16. Obi   •  

    Well all Nigerians are fraudstars what about that? So long as some greedy brits(invest & earn 1000) fall for it, there is nothing wrong wt it. I can understand the reson 4 this post and the comments that followed- ignorance. Yusuf(Mr ethnicity) unfortunatly these guy’s case are better. Yours is 2 pathetic may be u can come home to organise the nest boko haram or arm some almajiris(mallam ka na hauka). Guys go tell ur ppl to tame their greed that way the my folks would be out of business soon. Neither the kettle nor the pot should call the other black

  17. shedzy   •  

    Let he who has never received a mail like the one above. cast the first stone

  18. babstu   •  

    I am a nigrian and I don’t shy away from the fact that due to the economic situation of my country a lot of poeple have decided to get money by fruadulent ways. At the same time the majority of nigerians still go about there business the honest way while praying and hoping for a better tomorrow. Every country has got it’s own fair share of 419ners so take a good look at your country and if you have no sin then cast the first stone.

  19. Ryan Smit   •  

    I think Gunnerblog has completely under-estimated the number of Arsenal fans in Nigeria. There are probably more than in the UK!

    now he is feeling the backlash!

  20. jake   •  

    Chill out guys. It’s just a joke. You’re all acting like children if you can’t take a silly joke like that.

  21. Bigarse   •  

    Chill out you idiots. Its only joke. Too many uptight people around these days

  22. Bigarse   •  

    Snap Jake

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  24. TheNorthBank   •  

    Well done on getting in early and securing the deal. ;)

  25. TheNorthBank   •  

    Some people aren’t taking the post in the light-hearted manner in which it was intended. It’s just a joke, folks.

    If anything, it is more aimed at spam emails than the country itself.

  26. John   •  

    Why do you guys use every opportunity to disparage our people?
    Aliyu Dangote is a respected Nigerian and if he does not buy Arsenal shares, he could spend his money elsewhere and even make more money.

    If Alhaji Dangote were to be Richard Brandson, I’m sure he will be receiving applause from the press right now.
    Here in the UK there are millions of Nigerians working their**se out to make a contribution into the system. And there are also scroungers in our midst whose profession is to collect benefit money!

    What’s the difference between 419 men and benefit scroungers?

    The worst of this matter is that those who talk rubbish about us cannot say at what point in their lives a Nigerian has duped them. They hear silly stories and the recycle the same stories to their children unto the 4th generation.

    Let’s not forget that the biggest con man in history is Maddon, an American.

    Let us also not forget that Arsenal have a massive fan base in Nigeria. English fans should show more respect!!!!

  27. Chris   •  

    I thot dis blog was 4 discusin arsenal news & 4 celebratin birthdays,marriage aniversaries or analysing citizens of a aliko dangote is wel know nigerian he doesnt need a miserable £4 mil 4rm anyone 2 do business.he is a legit bizman.infact fraud originated 4rm d western world,as there is no word 4 fraud in my native nigeria language.

  28. Maq   •  

    If you follow an English team on English blogs, ummmmm, expect some English sense of humour!

  29. Chris   •  

    I thot dis blog was 4 discusin arsenal news & nt 4 celebratin birthdays,marriage aniversaries or analysing citizens of a aliko dangote is wel know nigerian he doesnt need a miserable £4 mil 4rm anyone 2 do business.he is a legit bizman.infact fraud originated 4rm d western world,as there is no word 4 fraud in my native nigeria language.

  30. John   •  

    Dear Mr Northbank,

    Your joke is silly and gone too far. I want you to know that Nigerians have resolved to shoot down every attempt by anybody to disparage our people.
    Enough of your silly jokes and enough of your Nigerian bashing!!!

  31. didee   •  

    Hi Guys,

    i see comments like “chill out guys, its only a joke” and i can’t help but wonder do u honestly expect ppl to sit back and watch you diss their country on an international platform. this blog is well respected but unfortunately this article takes alot of credit away from it. This same Nigeria and his colleagues tried buying Newcastle at a time and there were no nasty jokes. this is a really low blow

  32. shedzy   •  

    idiots, its not such a low blow – the only impression many people in the UK hae of Nigeria is from emails like the one above.

    Don’t blame us if our perception based on all we have ever seen is one that you are not proud of.

    If you cannot see the irony in the situation, then you need to get over yourselves.

  33. GS   •  

    Hello all.

    Well, I sort of expected this reaction, but there you go. Let me attempt to explain

    1) I know how many Nigerians support Arsenal. I know how many read this blog. The joke, in so far as it is one, is not at their expense. It is about a phenomenon known globally as “Nigerian email scams”. I am fully aware that most of these probably have nothing to do with Nigeria, but that is what they have come to be called. I am playing upon that name.

    2) I would rather have Dangote as an owner than Usmanov, or possibly even Stan Kroenke, as I know how passionate Nigerians are about their football and about Arsenal.

    Chill out guys. I have been to Lagos and have enormous respect for the country and the people there. We all have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Terrible things have been said online about Alisher Usmanov, but one obvious joke about a Nigerian buyer and we’re all up in arms?

    If you’re a regular reader, you should know this is a site that does not spout bigoted views. If you have any further problems with anything I say, feel free to email me.


  34. julianofererez   •  

    Sorry – but this is a joke?

  35. anthony   •  

    I am a nigerian and this is a scam…dnt release any funds to oprivate individuals and read thw letter carefully.the language is that of a con artist.please don t pay attention to the letter.Aliko Dangote if interested will not pay in tiny 4 million dollar deposits.

  36. Olugbenga   •  

    GS, In as much as we need to realise that this is a joke, but it is natural for people to react to things like this being said about their country. The bone of contention is the ambiguity of the article. I think rather than tying to justify the article, you need to apologise to your Nigerian fans who feel slighted and lets move on in one voice to celebrate our common club, ARSENAL

  37. osaerus   •  


  38. Brenden   •  

    Yes, you stupid fools can rubbished other people’s country what you like, Nigeria is one of the riched country in the planets, ok, called nigerian any name you like, i want you assholes to know that, the bad eggs among nigerian brought the money they stolen from nigeria to develop your country parasites.

    Why is it when they mentions other countries involvement in football or something, all what

  39. bubbles   •  

    nigerian friends get a grip.

    why are all of you so defensive? nobody was impugning the reputation of Nigeria. yet for some strange reason, many Nigerians selectively decided to interpret it like that.

    it was just a joke; a pretty funny one too…

    best wishes

  40. Brenden   •  

    Sorry folks, something happened along the line. Let me write it again, Yes, you stupid fools can rubbised other people.s country what you like, Nigeria is one of the richest country in the planet, called nigeria any name you like, all the stupids one among nigerian that stole nigerian’s money, where did they bring them, to your country and your government use the money to developed your country, you parasite.

    The nigerian man that bought Gatwick airport any comment, i doubt it. You people get saying nigerian’s are scam or 419, because you people are fools, if some one use his brain to brain watch yours and you fall for it that means you are damn fools.

    So, shut up. without africans nations europians are nothing

  41. SONNIE   •  

    if you fall for a scam, you’re either dumb, greedy, or more dumb.

    someone thought Nigerian scamers how to do scam, and if these teachers are so uncomfortable wif their students, being better than they are, …. teach them to do somethang else. Nigerians did not direct the movies, “OCEAN 11, 12, & 13″, or did they?

    Anywayz, i’m proud to see my peeps standing up to fight for their national integrity, ‘cept for a lousy Yusuf, who gat the balls to diss the “Igbos”. such illiterates only steer up tribal, and religious wars. berra wake up, before someone slaps the sugar cane off your mouth.

    The originator of this joke probably did not Know the impact it would have on us, and we sure have to forgive him for tha’ one. afterall, he’s already apologised.


  42. Sam Taylor   •  

    Previously had the upmost respect for this blog. Now, view it’s author in a different light. What a TWAT. He obviously watches c4’s facejacker for stereotypical, ignorant entertainment

  43. John   •  

    Hello GS,

    If you call this a joke, then you must have a very diabolical sense of humour!

    What you call a joke is what we interpret as an innuendo.

    The Israelis are not given names when they clone passports to carry out assassinations!

    The Americans are not laughed to scorn when their nationals commit heinous crimes.

    The Columbians are not called crazy names for the offences of their drug barons.

    The Mexicans are not all called murderers for the killing spree attributed to drug war.

    The South African are not given names for the muggings and the rapes that occur every day in Johannesburg.

    Italians are not called funny names for the activities of the mafia!!!

    You will get more angry mails if you do not stop your Nigerian bashing. Millions of our compatriots have resolved to protect their personal integrity, and hopefully salvage the good name of our country and hard working people.

  44. Naijarse   •  

    A Nigerian fan of Gunnerblog since 2005 though this is my first time of commenting. A few points;

    To my fellow Nigerians, Gunners or otherwise,
    The first thing people think when they hear of Nigeria is “email scam”. We see these things in our inboxes everyday. Why not make a joke about it? Pls let’s not add “no sense of humour” to our reputation. Shouting people down on web forums is not going to change people’s impressions. Just do your bit and leave the rest. Those (leaders) who should be improving our lot and protecting our country’s name are too busy looting our vast resources. Whoever thinks you’re a scammer just because you’re a Nigerian is a fool and not worth your time. But that’s not what this blog is about.

    To GilbertoSilver,
    If indeed this Dangote matter is true, I wish him well. I do however wonder at our moneybags. So quick to cart funds generated here to foreign climes for “investment”. A fraction of that £160M can do much to bring up the game in Nigeria, which is in shambles. The average football fan has not been to a local match this millennium and does not know our league table, but can rattle off the position and stats of every Premiership team.
    The 419 letter jibe was to be expected, but I still laughed. Stereotypes when used without malice can be funny. Achmed the Dead Terrorist always cracks me up; it doesn’t mean I think the average Middle Easterner is a suicide bomber. Let’s face it; a Cayman Islands email scam doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. If you have indeed been to Lagos, then you may be familiar with this phrase
    “Carry go. Nothing do you”.
    Now Mr Gunnerblog, may I please have your bank account details?… :-))

  45. jake   •  

    Wow. Just wow. Are you guys new on the internet? Seriously. Grow the fuck up. We all make jokes about ourselves and everyone else. You guys must lead really miserable lives if you get this riled over a silly joke.

  46. SONNIE   •  

    shoo? who be this one again? person dey try settle matter wen dey ground, another mumu dey come out to say make we grow the fuck up. i wan listen to joke, i no go watch basket mouth and alibaba dey perform? guy…… how e be you na? take time o. osanobua!

  47. Buhari Sani Kano   •  

    Ku white people hankalinku ba shi da yawa! How comes a man from yonder will claim what you already known to be a hoax but you went forward to let the cat out of the bag?!!

  48. jack   •  


  49. JOHNNY D   •  


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  52. derrick   •  

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