Arsenal must learn the difference between fourth and first

Wigan 3 – 2 Arsenal (Walcott 41, Silvestre 48, Watson 80, Bramble 88, N’Zogbia 90)
Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

Before the first whistle had blown this season, Arsenal were largely unfancied. Only Thomas Vermaelen had arrived to bolster a side who had required a remarkable turnaround just to finish fourth the year before. With United, Chelsea and Liverpool (whoops) expected to contest the title, our Champions League qualification was now under threat. Former stalwarts like Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor had jumped ship to the snowballing threat of Manchester City, whilst Tottenham were insistent yet again that this would be ‘their year’.

When our season began at Goodison Park, we took people by surprise. In a new 4-3-3 system based on Barcelona’s high-tempo model, we hammered a lacklustre Everton 6-1 at Goodison Park. Every one of the front six worked to exhaustion, chasing and harrying and not allowing Everton a moment on the ball. It was exemplary stuff.

The form continued and so did the victories. Before long talk of Arsenal failing to make the Champions League had metamorphosed in to talk of title challenges and ending the wait for a trophy. The players, through graft and no small share of ability, had stuffed one up the critics. And do you know what? They were proud.

Unfortunately, pride – as they’ve said ever since Adam and Eve got a bit haughty about their jungle paradise – comes before a fall. As soon as Arsenal felt they were part of the top three rather than the chasing pack, they were a different team. The points were still racking up, but under different circumstances. The work-rate had dropped and teams were given an easier ride. We celebrated last-minute winners when perhaps we ought to have been wondering why they were needed. The hallmark of this Arsenal side’s early season form was that you barely had time to think, let alone get a foothold in the game.

Fitness problems played their part. The injury to Robin van Persie meant that we lost not only our best finisher but also the natural leader of that attacking line. He was the one who instigated the pressure; who drove those around him to work ever harder. Perhaps it’s also fair to say that as the injuries kept on coming, the players who remained simply tired.

I’m not sure I buy that. We have one of the youngest, most athletic squads in the league – Arsene wouldn’t have it any other way. What actually happened was that this team forgot what had lifted them above the chasing pack and alongside Untied and Chelsea. It wasn’t the skill of Arshavin, the passing of Fabregas, or the shotgun striking of Robin van Persie. The technical ability of this team has never been in doubt. What marked this team’s improvement was working hard for each other and defending as a unit.

You’d think the exhibition of team play that Barcelona put on for us across two legs might have acted as something of a wake up call. It didn’t. Following on from that we were beaten by a super-motivated Spurs team and, from a position of absolute comfort, managed to crumble in just ten minutes against Wigan to be beaten 3-2. “Mental strength”, one fears, is a facade that Arsene’s post-match interviews can no longer keep from falling down.

People will point to individual errors, and rightly so. Only a player far more gifted than Abou Diaby would deserve the indulgence with which the manager has treated his lack of defensive discipline. Lukasz Fabianski, meanwhile, is far more befitting of the “clown” jibe once hurled at his countryman, Jan Tomaszewski. Massimo Taibi was shunted out of United after just four games – one wonders how long Arsene will take to learn the lesson that some players are just not cut out for the high-pressure environment of Premier League football.

However, it’s important to remember that any player can make a mistake. Thomas Vermaelen might go to clear and completely miss the ball, but it doesn’t matter if Sol Campbell is there to tidy it up. If a unit is strong most individual mistakes are recoverable. And, frankly, if you’re concentrating sufficiently on your responsibilities then they’re less likely to happen at all. The problem with this team is that they believe they are the “great entertainers” the press build them up as. But if you don’t do the basic work, skill is pointless. Barcelona recognise that they can’t do any damage without the ball, so they fight incredibly hard to get it.

I mentioned Sol Campbell there. You have to feel for him. As a friend said yesterday, he plays every game as if it’s his last – probably because it might well be. But the thing to remember about Sol is that, a few ‘wilderness years’ aside, he’s done that for his entire career. The difference between a player like him, who has won medals and accolades at every level, and an unfulfilled talent like Abou Diaby is entirely psychological. Campbell can’t hold a candle to Diaby’s technique or fitness. But Sol knows that to win a title you have to fight just as hard if not harder than a team battling relegation. Every ball, every tackle, every header is a statement of intent. Sol wore the armband yesterday, and deserved better from those around him. He must be kept on as an example of the required attitude.

Although Sol was a January signing, this problem is not something that can be remedied in the transfer market. An ethos cannot be bought, and Arsene knows that better than anyone. At the start of the season I was impressed that our usually stubborn manager had revised his thinking: he’d changed his formation, and seemed to have recognised that hard work had as big a part to play as technical proficiency. Over the course of the season, perversely just as success started to come, that philosophy was lost.

The responsibility lies with the manager. It’s no good signing another two centre-halves if the team is not compelled to work for each other. Every player must know that if he does not fulfil his responsibility to the team, he will pay the price with his place. Not in the starting-line up for the next game, but in the squad. If we want success here, we only have room for winners. It’s a lesson the likes of Nani have learnt well at Manchester United. If we want to match their achievements, our players will have to suffer the same kind of tough love. Over to you, Arsene.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. titan49   •  

    perfect. well thought out and well written. It is indeed more a psychological matter than anything else. the players should be asked a very simple question before every game… ‘how bad do you want it?’ that is all it comes down to. when the invincibles walked onto the pitch, all you had to do was look into their eyes and you knew they were up for it. bobby, titi, vieira, dennis, sol. there was anger in their eyes. anger that the opposition would even dare to challenge them. and they worked their butts off as a result… they proved their genius through trophies, not one or two games of brilliance. I strictly remmeber titi coming out after massive wins and saying ‘it means nothing’ because he saw the bigger picture…

  2. Tony De Palma   •  

    What separates Arsene from his peers is his ability to see things in a player when no one else does. Alexandre Song is the latest example of this. But Arsene doesn’t always get it right and I’m sure he finds it difficult to accept that some of these youngsters have betrayed the faith he has put in them. Diaby’s amble back yesterday was not a one-off for this team – see Denilson’s leisurely stroll back in a bid to stop Rooney’s goal at the Emirates – Rooney wanted it more and that is inexcusable.

    I track my man in 5 aside on a Sunday, why can’t Diaby and Denilson do the same? I think GilbertoSilver makes an exemplary point about Sol – he shows it isn’t all about technique. Desire is possibly even more important than ability, and while the manager is required to instil some desire into his players, for those in the dressing room who have won nothing (ie almost everyone) how can they have less desire than a man who has won it all? Surely at a club like Arsenal, only winners need apply.

  3. SteveTheAustrianGooner   •  

    Absolutely spot On!!! Great article!

  4. MPN   •  

    At the end of the game yesterday, as the camera panned around the pitch to capture the players’ reaction to the result, we saw the likes of Bendtner mortified by the result and then the camera came to Diaby, as he high-fived and hugged his mates on the Wigan team. Absolutely says it all.
    Excellent article.

  5. BennyA   •  

    Gunnnerblog this is an excellent well thought out articlle and provides some much needed coolness to the heat and anger of yesterday.

    There is, unquestionably, something missing in the attitudes of a large proportion of the squad and the only meaningful way for the manager to get the message across that coasting through games is not acceptable is to ship em out. yesterday Bendtner, Nasri, Rosicky were all guilty and Diaby most of all-I was positively shouting and raging at my tv long befor e the 1st Wigan goal

    Great blog tho Mr-have just signed up o follow this and will watch it closely from here on in

  6. GMR   •  

    You only have to look at Portsmouth to see that team spirit and fight for each other means a lot. Yes they are going down but thats not due to the players, it’s down to poor financial management. Avram Grant has them fighting tooth & nail for each other and it’s a shame our so called superstars don’t do the same. Nobody is turning them over with ease and even Wigan couldn’t beat their half reserve half youth team this past midweek. It says it all about the attitude of a lot of players at Arsenal.

  7. brian   •  

    Absolutely spot on.These players have listened to the ridiculous hype and believe they are better than they really are as a team.From 50 minutes on yesterday I would have just about accepted a 4 goal win but quite clearly even more were available.Instead all we get is a bunch of prima donnas believing that they have done it all and,led as always by Diaby,lost any semblance of hard work,team work and a positive attitude.Winners have the right positive attitude and seek to destroy the opposition.Danger signs have been there for a long time(Burnley,Wolves etc)and it is up to Wenger to find and play people with the right mentality more even than technical ability.

  8. Wengerball   •  

    Thanks for a bit of calm, intelligent anlaysis amongst the rush of Wenger sackers!.
    Good man.
    there’s no doubt though that this close season is a massive challenge for him. Tough decisions on some of his most cherished hopes need to be made. Fabianski, Almunia, Diaby, Eduardo, Silvestre and maybe rosicky all have to go.
    He’s gonna need to show that ruthless streak.
    How much do you think we’d need to separate Pepe Reina from the Kop?

  9. Copernicus   •  

    Superbly put. I hope he’s reading.

  10. eie   •  

    Not good enough, this team keep making the same mistakes and ultimately Wenger is responsilbe. He need to buck or ship out. 5 years and we seem to have gone backwards. We have bottled every big game in the last 2 seasons. As in 2008 and now both those squads had a great opportunity to win the league and bottled it. Wenger needs to look at himself as much as these overpaid underachieving arseholes

  11. Shubham   •  

    As a Arsenal fan from a distant land, I was gutted yesterday, not by the result but by the lack of intelligence from our superbly technical players. Football or any sport for that matter , requires a combination of mental and physical ability. I mentioned mental first because that is where most games are won or lost even before kicking a ball. This team for all its technical accumen seem poor with the reading of the game. Over the last couple of months, I have seen them concede possesion cheaply in trying to play one touch football when the situation screams for holding the ball longer till a teammate takes up a better position. Arsenal gets hustled up even when there is no pressure from the opposition. For a team that plays expansive, pass the ball football, decision making is key to success. While we have ton loads of possesion we fail to choose the right pass in the final third to inflict damage. Awareness, understanding and inventive thinking is paramount for this bunch of wannabe superstars if they are to fulfill their potential and go on to write history.

  12. Sam   •  

    Wenger need to leave hyis useless and his team too.

  13. theironsloth   •  

    Excellent article.

    I’m not so sure that it can’t be remedied in the transfer market though. Certain players demand more from those around them and are able to get it.

    Surprised by a couple of comments singling out Rosicky too. I thought he worked his bollocks off yesterday until he faded towards the end and we lost a lot when he was substituted. I had been dubious about his future but he really tried to lead the team yesterday. If he can get a full pre-season under his belt and regain some of his old turn of pace and confidence when shooting, he can be an important player for the club next season.

  14. Wengerball   •  

    Rosicky is a connundrum. Overall I would say he’s not done enough. Woeful against Barcelona when that seemed to be his night to step-up as the experienced head. Occasional flashes of genius sure but rarely any end product and he generally goes missing on the big nights. I say sell.

  15. trond   •  

    in no way am I tempted to suggest “Arsene must pack up and leave” – he is the best manager Arsenal could have or get.
    but – lacklustre individual performances aside – he must shoulder his amount of blame for yesterday’s embarrasment: His substitutions were nothing short of horrendous.
    in the long run he either needs to get rid of players that aren’t up to it effort-wise – or he has to bench them until they are.
    as for your point about this being the season we drop out of the top four, and this being Sp#$s’ season:
    it might still happen…

  16. Belayneh Kakamo from Ethoipia   •  

    Mr Wenger is responsibil for all lose.

  17. alex   •  

    Wigan game gave an emphatic clear answer of those called ARSENAL PLAYERS.
    Very well written article.Looking back at the season it was the very same repetitive weakness season after season.Simply the desire is not there at all time and every game.
    Look at that Diyabi game against villa when he smash theyr defense so easily and look at the wigan game.two oppsite performance from just a single player not to mention the squad.
    From the first minute DIYABY was missing tackles misplacing passes easily disposessed .I can recall any any single touch of his on that game.This tell all of us this guy is similar to ADEBAYOUR RATHER THAN VIERA.He perform only when he want.Who is Arsene that he cannot see this fragility of this specific player and keep on playing him game after game.We have seeing it all Arsene your geniousity and i dont have a problem if you go,simply it is you that trust this fellow but you cannot tell anyone about his consistency we have seeing it all.GO AND FOOLISH OTHERS IF YOU CAN FIND ONE.

    Maybe it seems easy to tell you go of course is not .But decision has to be made and certainly in six years time you fail utterly to install steel on this team.Injuries have played theyr role but it is a part and parcel of excuses.
    For years you fail to change a goalie and you stuck with this two clowns.Almunia never never was able to stop long shots.Remember Rolando a shoot from half court ,remember bentley volley from anothe half court ,remember long shoot from Taylor (correct me if i mistaken the player )bolton game .So who is surprised by the latest shoot of anpther Spuds player ? Arsene will tell us it happen once in a milion year.
    We talk only of what we see on the pitch and not on training ground .And that is what it matters.
    In the last six years Arsene you fail to install the wining mentality.
    In the last six years Arsene you fail to rough it up against tough games.
    In the last six years Arsene you fail to replace or enhance the goal keeping position.
    In the last six years Arsene you fail to build a solid back four.
    I wouldn`t press much on technicality but even in that there were games highly questionable decisions.

    TIme to take tough decision.

  18. iluvafc   •  

    I agree with theironsloth. Rosicky worked his ass off. It is the supposed young talents like Diaby who really pissed me off.
    If you reward complacency & incompetence it becomes a virus that will quickly spread to the entire team. Do you think if Almunia & Diaby had played like that for the mancs or chavs they would get another game? No. They would be banished to the reserves & sold to any offer in the summer.
    It is bad enough we have no real tactical strategies in our game, the last thing we need is lazy showponies & spineless wimps strolling around flashing their pussies & going down like some cheap crack whores.
    Someone once said, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Likewise if you Sh*t, you will remain S*it.
    Please Wenger, its time for you to cut your losses & sell those bad investments. You should know better than anyone that Its nothing personal, its just business.

  19. billy   •  

    All those narration given above do not matter to Wenger, untill he knows when to sub players, not only in a match, but when he realizes that some player is being overworked and needs some rest.

    Our physios should be good in advising this guy, not unless he is also sturbbon in listening to advice from them also. Which is more likely he could be.

  20. Nephew of Rocky   •  

    Excellent post as always- long time reader but first time poster (Ive even printed out your graphic on the top of the screen for my wall at work!) Well thought out and the fact is for all the Mental Strength stuff that Wenger speaks so frequently of, i see very few of these players with an ounce of it…sheer grit and determination, “wont be beaten” mentality, TV, Sol, RVP, Gallas, Cesc…other than that i’m stumped….and that is including subs, reserves – this is what really needs to be sorted out in the summer…and maybe a Gary Cahill, (and dare i say Bellamy) type of player could be the way forward

  21. Matthias Lang   •  

    I hope you have sent this to Arsene Wenger and his players, very well analysed.

    “I don’t want to see Fabiansky in the goal of Arsenal ever again!”

  22. Eurasian   •  

    Spot on, great article. We need to take a leaf out of Fergie’s book; under him, no player can get away with half-assed performances for long. Sir would never given Fabianski another game after his comedy show at Chelsea last year. Ferguson is a bit of a prick, but he gets results. Wenger is a nice guy, too nice in fact. He is too attached to his young players and indulges them too much.

  23. tkgooner   •  

    Graet article. Wenger just needs to to come to terms with the fact that the players he has tried to mould into the ideal ArsenalBarca type players are simply inadequate. Denilson,Diaby,Rosicky,Silvestre,Eduardo and Fabianski are often inconsistent and as such not good enough to play for Arsenal.These players would never ever be picked to play for either Chelsea or Man Utd and for me that says it all. Denilson and Diaby are lazy at tracking back. Denilson’s performance against Man Utd ie not tracking back with Rooney was enough for me.As for Diaby,well yesterday said it all really. An Arsenal player incapable of passing or holding the ball-he will never learn and his time is up.Granted Eduardo and Rosicky have suffered terrible injuries but we cannot continue to carry them forever. If we get between £10-15mil for the two of them i consider it good business. Almunia is and has always been a joke despite his commendable forma against Barca at home. He has cost us hugely in important matches over the past 3 seasons. That he is still our number one is incomprehensible. Bendtner is not good enough to start a match;he cannot hold the ball for toffee and that is unacceptable for a team trying to emulate the wonderful Barca. Arshavin is right that there are no world class players at Arsenal but even he needs to look at himself in the mirror;world class players are consistent and he isn’t. To add insult to injury, he has the laziness that epitomises most Arsenal players:he never tracks back.Until he starts being consistent he should try and zip it! Wenger risks tarnishing his reputation by not remedying these blatant flaws. It is time that he lets go of his obduracy and arrogance and just accept that things must be done slightly differently.

  24. Naijarse   •  

    Great article. Spot on analysis.

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  26. A   •  

    fully agree with most comments.
    Diaby and Denilson specific are not providing enough cover in defense. Very lazy and not motivated at all. Probably when you get all that money in your pocket, there is no need to care about anything else.

    Anyhow i hope Wenger does not use them again.

    He will also need to spend some money and get a proper keeper. Fabianski and Almunia have had their chances, time to go.

    Keep Gallas, Sol and get another defender.
    Get some power in the midfield. Only Song is not enough, would be nice to see someone like hargreaves (ok he is not technical but at least he tries not like diaby\denilson).

    And dont know what happened to the mentality of the team. The attackers are just not helping the defense. walcott/bendter/asharvin are not putting pressure.

    Thanks to Wenger for all these many years, but he has to see that the last years the team could be doing much better..

    ps. is that chamakh any good? His bickering for the last year on which team to go etc, has not given me good impressions..

  27. RVB   •  

    Great post as usual. Echos the heartache of watching the fighting spirit of the team dissipate into thin air. These boys need to know what it takes to wear the red & white of Arsenal. Right now they just reckon it’s technical ability with a few stunning moves. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This is exactly what we lost when we shipped out the spiritual leaders of the team. There’s no one left to pass on this ethos in the dressing room. That’s why it’s down to Arsene. He has made his job harder.

    One great point brought up about Arsene in a post that’s a barrier to the need for tough love. Arsene can see something that others can’t and he believes in that himself. So it’s much harder for him to convince himself that a particular player has crossed the line of his faith and will be dropped like hot potatoes.

    I think the Wigan match has crossed that line. I think he’ll do some drastic measures. He was rightly pissed off. Both at himself and the team I’m sure. Let’s see. He might even ship himself off.

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City and county leaders believe both transactions could help make reality out of long-unrealized dreams of bringing a tourist train that would link Woodinville wineries with Snohomish’s antique district.The potential real estate deals owe to grants pending approval through Snohomish County’s Conservation Futures program.An advisory board, which includes Somers, recommended the land purchases in August. They’re among 19 projects in line for a share of $25 million in grants.The County Council is expected to vote to finalize the recommendations later this month, at a date to be announced.One grant would allow the county to buy an 11-mile piece of the East Side Rail Corridor that the Port of Seattle owns in Snohomish County.A separate grant would allow the city of Snohomish to pay $500,000 for 19 acres of flood-prone farmland along the Snohomish River, immediately east of downtown. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife has pledged nearly $400,000 to build a ramp on the property for launching motorized watercraft. The city would keep its existing boat launch at Cady Park for kayaks and canoes.”Right now the boat launch at Cady Park is very steep, it doesn’t work at low tide and there’s very little parking there,” Snohomish Mayor Karen Guzak said. “We looked at doing another boat launch at Cady Park and it’s still constrained by parking.”Provided the deal goes through, construction on the ramp isn’t likely to begin for at least a year, Guzak said.The city also would like to use the new land, now owned by the Stocker family, to expand the Riverfront Trail. It also offers the state a chance to improve salmon habitat in the river.That’s not all that’s envisioned for the Stocker property. The county sees it as a missing link to extend the Centennial Trail eastward to Monroe. The county already owns most of the right of way for that route. The Snohomish city land also could provide a trailhead at the nexus of the Centennial Trail’s future north-south and east-west legs.What most excites county parks director Tom Teigen about the county purchase is tapping into a regional trail network. The Centennial Trail already attracts an estimated half million users every year. Once it reaches Woodinville, it can link with King County’s Burke-Gilman and East Sammamish River trails, which see an estimated two million users per year.”It’ll definitely attract some interest nationally,” Teigen said. “This piece starts making the Vancouver (B.C.) to Vancouver (Wash.) linkage possible.”The Snohomish-to- Woodinville corridor is among the last pieces of old rail line the Port of Seattle still owns from its 2009 purchase of the East Side Rail Corridor. The Port paid Burlington Northern Santa Fe $81 million for 42 miles of track and right of way. The original sale included the line from Snohomish south to Renton, with a spur to Redmond.The rail line started in the 1880s, but had dwindled to minimal freight use by the time BNSF sold it.The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train ran on the line between Renton and Woodinville from 1992 to 2007. The train ceased operations when the state Department of Transportation took out a section of track south of downtown Bellevue to expand I-405. That track has not been replaced.The Port of Seattle has sold off sections over the past four years to King County, Redmond, Kirkland and Sound Transit.The Port retains about 15 miles, including the Snohomish County section.The price under discussion is $5 million, Teigen said. Conservation Futures money would supply $3.5 million, with other county funds making up the rest. The county originally sought to buy an easement on the land, but changed its Conservation Futures request to an outright purchase.The property runs from the city of Snohomish to the north end of King County’s Brightwater treatment plant in Maltby. It measures about 100 feet wide in most places, though a few spots narrow to about 30 feet.The parks director and other proponents say there’s plenty of room to keep the tracks and build a parallel recreation pathway.”Everybody involved is committed to seeing the trail, with rail, move forward,” Teigen said.The tracks need about $6.5 million in upgrades to accommodate passenger rail.”We’re working closely with the state legislature to get that money,” Guzak said.Civic leaders for years have discussed a tourist train that would ferry passengers between the Snohomish’s historic downtown and Woodinville’s wineries.Guzak said the tourist train remains a long-term goal. She co-chairs a group called the Eastside TRailway Alliance whose name uses double capital letters to emphasize its commitment to both rail service and trails.Gaps in the rail network will complicate any hopes of starting commuter train service. That includes Kirkland’s efforts to remove 5 miles of track to build trails.”It will make it much more difficult, but not impossible,” Somers said.Keeping the county’s section of rail open to freight trains also is a priority, Somers said.The county began its Conservation Futures program in 1988 to distribute property taxes that the state allows counties to collect for land preservation.This round was made possible by a $120 million bond sale the county conducted in April. 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