Sunday is God’s day, and God is an Arsenal fan

Sunday is God’s day
And God, it would appear, is an Arsenal fan.  Manchester United dropped two points at Blackburn, whilst Spurs were dragged through 120 minutes of a pitch that made the Somme look like a snooker table before, hilariously, losing to a rag-tag Pompey team.

United could be out of the race by Saturday
If Chelsea beat Bolton tomorrow night and City continue their goalscoring form in Saturday’s derby with United, their title challenge could be over.  A point at Ewood Park is no disgrace, but that defeat to Chelsea was a hammer blow, compounded by their Champions League exit.  Without Rooney, they lack spark and, frankly, a serious attacking threat.  Have they had a goalscoring midfielder since Paul Scholes’ pomp?  And don’t say Ronaldo, because he played many games as part of a front three – even sometimes as a centre-forward.  United have problems all through their core, and are going backwards fast.

Spurs will be forced to play Kaboul in midfield
With Wilson Palacios suspended, Kaboul is the only viable option to add some steel to the Spurs midfield.  It’s not his natural position, and if Alex Song is fit to play you’d expect us to be able to dominate in that area.

Wednesday is our hardest game
City will be tough.  Blackburn will be tricky.  But the North London Derby is beyond doubt our hardest game.  Win there, and the remaining fixtures will feel a lot easier.  It is still very much on, but there is no margin for error.

A salute to Cesc
Something that passed without much note was that with our Champions League exit against Barca, the slim chance of Cesc Fabregas re-appearing for the Final disappeared.  That means we’re able to call time on a fantastic season from the captain – one that’s brought 19 goals in 35 games, and some truly inspiring performances.  Captain Fabregas – we salute you.

was a very charming guy.  With any luck I’ll get hold of some video footage of our chat in the next couple of days, and stick it up on the blog.  Keep your eyes out for it – there might be a nice competition for you guys too.

More Spurs build-up tomorrow…

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  1. Hmmm....   •  

    If God was an arsenal fan, surely you’d have won the CL by now? or at least something in the past 5 years?

  2. N7 Gooner   •  

    The Lord has indeed given us some hope. Come on Arsenal!

    As an aside, how AMAZING would it be if Wilshere puts his name up in lights by scoring a winner against Chelsea in midweek?!?!?!! I’m not expecting it from the kid, but if it happened I’d be going mental.

    Good call on Cesc – amazing season from a brilliant player.

  3. Mr Bollocks   •  

    If God is an Arsenal fan he needs to employ a better photoshop artist, that picture above is atrocious.

  4. Cobblers   •  

    Ha ha. More like Alan Wiley is an Arsenal fan (which he is actually). Chelsea for title, Chelsea for cup. Underachievement for Gooners and Spurs alike. Just a matter of perspective.

  5. Steve   •  

    Spurs fan here. Yesterday was a good day for you but as cobblers posted, the reality is that neither of the North London sides will achieve their best case objectives this season. Whatever happens both sets of fans have to look at this season as a marked improvement on the other. See you Wednesday.

  6. lee   •  

    Wednesday we smiled all day after Barca made u look like scunthorpe, today is yours. Cant wait for thursday COYS!!!!

  7. Stoney   •  

    God might well be an arsenal fan and he too is a myth just the same as the chances of the goon squad winning anything this season and for 6 years in a row. Your team is just a bunch of imported faluires and the only joy you get is from watching other teams fail. I pity your pathetic little lives. Woolwich wastes of space.

  8. lee   •  

    You have won nothing for years, your team is average at best , bar the little spanish prick we wouldn’t want any of your players.. You will win nothing this year again and your manager is still the biggest NONCE in football. SHUT UP & FUCK OFF back to south london-

  9. Good to be a GOONAH!!   •  

    Rather amusing to see sp*rs supporters visit our blogs and attempt to string words together… not really your forte… like footy

  10. ros   •  

    why dont you shut the fuck up lee 9 seasons you have not beaten us in the prem CHAMPIONS LEAGUE YOUR AVIN A LAUGH PRICKS

  11. Jumbo   •  

    Truely God is a Gunner,and if HE wasn’t then HE is now. GOD BLESS ARSENAL FC.

  12. Neves Lord   •  

    Jux imagine spurs fans on here… we lost 2 barca with d best player on planet earth n outer space… I bet yur players r neva gonna have a chance 2 play such teams…
    @lee… Yu v gat amazing players jux lyk bentley ,huddlestone,jenas dat cnt make d england

  13. Gooner 85   •  

    Loved it. Bravo mate.

  14. c   •  

    you really are a c**t

  15. spursman79   •  

    erm……. how many arsenal players play for england? you lost 4-1 to a 1 man team simple as that, are you forgetting how good you played against birmingham? cant wait to see dawson slide in and snap the little legs off another player of yours, if god was an arsenal fan then surely he wouldn’t allow a NONCE to be the manager!! can’t wait til wednesday as it gonna be great watching you all cry coz your title hopes are gone, theres only 1 RYAN SHAWCROSS!!! hope he goes to south africa, COYS.

  16. fourstar   •  


    Lee lee lee lee lee.

    When will you ever learn? Been on the Shandy Bass have you, love? Got a bit giddy? Time to stop playing now, your Mum is calling you in for bedtime.

    Cheerio, muppet.

  17. mozzo   •  

    there is no god u thick cunt.

  18. fourstar   •  

    That, spursman79, was really very amusing. Awfully clever indeed. How do you come up with such entertaining epithets? Can we commission you? Are you available for after-dinner speaking? Bravo, sir – BRAVO!!

  19. Steve   •  

    Arsenal embarrassed English football against Barca. Think our 3rd placed team against their then 2nd looking like world’s apart. In the first 30 minutes in the first leg, I thought it was the warm up of attack vs defence. You stink and you know it.

  20. navan gooner   •  

    To all you spuds fans
    Fuck off
    At least we will still be playing champions league again next season.
    Oh i thought you was gonna finish fourth this year.
    you are a joke of a team

  21. lee   •  

    at least ur saviour , notts county’s finest has returned to save you.Fuckin idiots the lot of you! COYS

  22. lee   •  

    STAND UP IF YOU HATE ar5ena1 . You lot make me laugh, u slagged us off for the lovely song we used to sing to prick who now plays? at man city, and then as soon as he leaves u sing the very same song to him. MUGS!!! Now just so you know wen ur nonce manager leaves you the song goes like this….. WITH A PACKET OF SWEETS AND CHEEKY SMILE VENGER IS A FUKIN PAEDOPHILE!!!!

  23. mozzo   •  

    One thing that will always stay the same is, that Gooner fans have always been cunts and always will be. I am glad that that fat bird that used to scream whenever u let in a goal at highbury is dead now. she was a cunt too

  24. mozzo   •  

    “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. fat fucking woman gooner cunt.

  25. jj   •  

    hopefully king will be back for wednesday which means we could play gomes, corluka, dawson, bassong, bale – bentley or lennon, king, hudd, modric – defoe, pav with a bench of possibly: crouch, assou, jenas, krancjer, gudjohnson, kaboul, walker etc. However some of those that played against pompey were not match fit as they only just came back from injury. So we shall see. As for the idiot who named hudd, jenas and bentley as failed internationals implying they are rubbish players..hudd has played for england under 21s the other two for the full england team. Jenas regularly scores past arsenal, infact its usually his one good game a season and bentley scored a cracker against arsenal recentely too. Bring on weds..cant wait..polite note to not under any circumstances start crouch!

  26. Arsene likes boys   •  

    I could quite easily believe that God is a Gooner, afterall most of those priests and clergymen are nonces so it would fit in with the club exactly

  27. Ade is My Hero...   •  

    I wish the elephant washer still played for the gunners…

  28. TONYS   •  

    I am a lifelong arsenal fan, but i do truly feel like we will lose this one to spurs. i am very nervous… spurs will come out hard after their FA semi final loss.

    i truly fear another 5-1 loss.

  29. sol campbell   •  

    omg. i’m so gay. i’m so scared of those big mean spurs fans booing me

    i didnt even do anything wrong! oh wait, yes i did.

    haha im just a f*cking c*nt then i guess!!!!

  30. arsene wenger   •  

    oh hi there sol. bum me?

  31. TheoWalnutHead   •  

    Someone touch my nuts? Arsene is a bit rough :(

  32. Eurasian   •  

    Wow. Spurs fans are a classy bunch. If only their own team blogs were as interesting as Arsenal blogs, they wouldn’t feel the need to hang out here and stink up the place.

  33. Jo Jo   •  

    You think we are going to go to Spurs and win? Madness. Spurs are a class act this year. Sure they messed up on Sunday, but not without the help of Smiley Wiley.

    We’re in for a tough week boys.

  34. fourstar   •  

    This is hilarious.

    Come on big Spuds, that all you’ve got? Some ancient stuff about Wenger, Sol and the number of English players on our books? Your feeble minded cerebral cortex so blinded by the Daz-white of your barely-sweated-into shirts from Sunday’s lacklustre capitulation that you can’t come up with any new insults for your old enemy?

    Perhaps you’d be better off sticking to your own blogs, or just go back to gawping at Nickleodeon until they come to change your nappies.


  35. God   •  

    Yes I am an Arsenal fan. My favourite band is Stryper. My favourite actor is Kirk Cameron. My favourite book is the Bible.

  36. Hi   •  

    PMSL @ these comments. Hilarious.

  37. J   •  

    God… These kind of threads make me embarassed of being a Spurs fan… I’s ok to hate Ar5ena1, but please be a little realistic. We’ll at least have to get to the CL and maybe win something else that the LC trophy before bragging about them not winning a sh*t for some years…

    Still… I HATE AR5ENA1 and Cuntbell, and look forward to a (please) good win against the c*nts come wednesday… :)

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  39. fourstar   •  

    OK so I have to say well done Spurs.

    Your team scored two and we scored one.

    We lacked a cutting edge until RvP came on and Rose’s shot was brilliant.

    However, you do really let yourselves down with all the silliness about Wenger and calling people names. If you expended half that energy on pushing your side on to greater things, you might be quite good.

    Anyway, see you next season.

  40. Kerstin   •  

    Still believe God is an Arsenalfan?… I’m starting to think someone is against us =(

  41. Gayla Caringi   •  

    Although I don’t concur along with you, I locate your supply of the view one which I’m able to actually find enjoyable to hear to.
    My experiences with science and character have obviously been distinctive.
    I genuinely admire your considering.
    I need to consider an opposing view on “vulcanism”, nonetheless. As being a pretty untypical lady, I have been instructed I am really reasonable and analytical. And, like the normal lady, I have triggers that make me cry, nevertheless it may cause you to laugh.
    I uncover myself most frustrated and pushed into tears by men and women behaving illogically. I finally had a boyfriend evaluate me and say, “That’s just it. Men and women really don’t make perception primarily. You have to end anticipating them to, and then you’re going to be less annoyed much less typically.”
    Just assumed you can receive a giggle from me.

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