Wolves + Barca thoughts: Press Press Press

Bendtner heads Arsenal ahead

Arsenal 1 – 0 Wolves (Bendtner, 90+4)
Highlights | Arsene’s reaction

Bendtner’s header kept our challenge alive
Chelsea’s win at Old Trafford means we cannot afford to drop a single point between now and the end of the season if we’re to have any chance of claiming the title.  They’re clear favourites now, but still face tricky journeys to Spurs and Liverpool.

We got away with one of our weakest line-ups of the season
Had Bendtner failed to score would Arsene have been criticised for leaving the Dane, Abou Diaby and Samir Nasri on the bench?

Eduardo and Vela are in serious danger of being shipped out this summer
There is reason for patience with both: Eduardo is recovering from a terrible injury, whilst Vela is at the start of what could yet be an illustrious career.  However, with Marouane Chamakh likely to arrive in July, both seem in danger of slipping yet further down the pecking order.  On Saturday, neither looked like making any impression in their time on the field – Eduardo in particular looks a shadow of the predator we once knew, whilst Vela has suffered the indignity of being left out of tonight’s thread-bare squad for the Nou Camp.

Sol Campbell has been a remarkably astute signing
A couple of times in this game he held off Kevin Doyle for pace, who is no slouch.  But what he offers is far more than canny playing ability – he is a leader and a winner.  He galvanises and organises those around him better than any player we’ve had since Patrick Vieira left.  If he is called upon tonight he may struggle, but he certainly won’t let anyone down.

There is a strong determination in this side
that will be needed at the Nou Camp tonight.  It’s what has brought us so many late goals, and it comes from two very distinct places: there is one set of players who have never won anything, and are determined to make their first imprint on history.  But crucially we now have a few – the likes of Campbell, Silvestre, and Rosicky – who suspect this may be their last chance.  They will give everything they can between now and the season’s end.

The loss of Song is a huge one
He was arguably our best outfield player in the first leg, and kept Lionel Messi relatively quiet in that torturous first-half.  Denilson has big shoes to fill, and will need to be ably supported by Abou Diaby, who simply has to perform better than he did last week.

Starting Walcott would put us on the front foot
The principal difference between us and Barcelona is not, contrary to popular opinion, how well they keep the ball, but how hard they work to win it back.  They press very high up the pitch, with two or three players closing down the opposition in their own half.  They force errors, win the ball, and exploit the created space.  Arsenal must do that tonight, which means the front three of Bendtner, Rosicky and one of Eboue or Walcott working extremely hard.  I think starting Theo would give us an attacking impetus that might spare us from coming under too much pressure ourselves.  If Abidal plays centre-back with Maxwell at left-back, he’ll be able to exploit the Brazilian.

It’s a cup-tie
Barca are massive favourites but funny things can happen in a one-off game.  If we can stay with Barca until the last twenty minutes or so, anything can happen.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve already got butterflies.

Let’s do it for Cesc.  Come On You Reds.

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. mjm365   •  

    Believe: The Catalans are an outstanding team, any one who denies that deceives themselves. Unbeatable? No. Sevilla has won in the Camp Nou as have Rubin Kazan this season.

  2. Paulinho   •  

    It’s getting to the point now where people say Song was our best player out of habit – like a reflex action. And it’s all based on very little.

    He’s a decent player who excels when the game gets stretched and other team tires and drops their level, but he gets majorly exposed against quality, vibrant opposition and gets played around far too easily, as well as making stupid fouls and not knowing when to back off.

    I’m glad he’s not playing tonight.

  3. brdgunner   •  

    Spot on with your assesment. The real differnece is off the pitch. They are better than us at keeping the ball, but not agreat deal.

    Everyone needs to be 100% if they are, then its more than likely we will get a result.

  4. lobo solitario   •  

    Arse will get roasted

  5. Oslowolf   •  

    Just get Rosicky into their penalty area and a breath of wind should do the rest – he’ll be down squeeling like he’s been shot – rest of your team surrpound the ref – red card and a penalty – job done!

  6. joseph malta   •  

    no mate i will not have butterflies cos this is a game that i will not expect arsenal to win. however i would love it if they can do it.

  7. frichie   •  

    Dry your eyes Oslowolf!

  8. Ashburton_Grove   •  

    I re-watched the second half last night and it gave me much optimism.
    Although Alex Song didn’t have his best game – he didn’t follow the runs of Ibrahimović for both goals – he also broke up play well and had some telling interventions.
    With the news that Rosicky is only 50:50, I’m thinking Wenger will start with both Walcott and Eboue, perhaps with the young Englishman on the left so to peg back Dani Alves.
    All I want from our players is a committed performance and a win. Not too much to ask is it?

  9. Oslowolf   •  

    Frichie – you’ll be drying your eyes tonight mate as Aresenal, like Wolves, will win nothing this season! So close and yet so far!

  10. mikeygooner   •  

    Oslowolf shut ur mouth! If rosicky had his foot on the floor his leg wud have been broken. Anywhere in europe this wud b a red. U dont tackle from bhind. Cant believe people supporting these kind of tackles. Shawcross was a vicyim wasnt he?Wonder y Premier league is seen as best in world. Less than half the teams here actually play football. U too busy trying to break legs oh no sorry trying to b manly. Play rugby instead. Crazy how english players lack flair n technics like that scumbag henry. N the media n fans like u condone that kind of thuggery. Wonder y england will not win anything anytime soon?

  11. Oslowolf   •  

    Mikey – he went down like a 6 year old who’d had his sweets nicked! That’s just plain cheating however you look at it son – even Wenger couldn’t bring himsalf to say it was a bad tackle – his comment was that it didn’t deserve a red card – no further comment required as we all know he’s the biggest “selective sighted” whinger in the game – bar none! FACT!

  12. Justin   •  

    Re: Oslowolf. I think you need to watch the challenge again, without those rose tinted glasses on!! Have a look at the state of Rosicky’s leg. Numpty!

  13. jhomsie   •  

    I don’t think that Eduardo or Vela should be sold, but I think Vela should go on loan to a Premier League club to prove himself in England. Eduardo doesn’t look confident, and hopefully this is just a bad season for him. I don’t think the whole Celtic situation helped him, and it’s worth reminding ourselves that the central role up front is not a role he is suited to. He looked good earlier on the season when he was on the right or left of a three that contained RVP.

  14. Oslowolf   •  


    yes – I was there and have seen the replay too – his leg was in such a bad state he got up (not before Henry was sent off of course) and joined the next attack apparently unscathed. That’s play acting which = cheating!

  15. gunthemdown   •  

    Oslowolf | April 6th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    next time we play u i hpe campbell snaps doyles leg in 2.

  16. Oslowolf   •  

    gunthemdown | April 6th, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Lol! If Campbell plays next time then you will ceratinly be in trouble! He couldn’t get close this time so he certainly won’t get close enough to break anyones legs next time. I DO hope Campbell plays tonight though – Messi on Campbell will certainly be one worth seeing – humiliation for your lot methinks!!

  17. gunner17   •  

    I always really enjoy the nervousness that comes before games that look really tough. When we play Wolves or whoever, my nervousness comes more from the hope that we won’t f**k it up somehow. It’s a kind of jittery, pessimistic nervousness.

    With this game, much like when our tiny wee Carling Cup Kids take on Premiership opposition, my nervousness comes from a combination of being afraid of a bludgeoning humiliation, and an excitement about how much of an achievement it would be if we actually won.

  18. Hampshire Wolf   •  

    Why do Arsenal fans keep saying ‘the english will never win anything’ the way we play football? Where is Campbell from? Walcott? Looking at it another way, where are Bendtner, Nasri, Song, Diaby etc all from, countries with a great footballing pedigree who play better than England? Would not like to be on your side in a war that is for sure ! No pride in your country or not English?
    Henry is not a dirty player, physical sometimes but not dirty. RoSICKY did a triple salko followed by a pike and acted like he had been shot, shame on the cheat. Yellow card at most.
    Now to surprise you I hope you win tonight being an ENGLISH club, and finally, GunThemDown- you are the real moron.

  19. Isiaq kure   •  

    Arsenal will surprise body tonight by defeating barca by 3 goals to nothing furck all our enemy

  20. Oslowolf   •  

    Isiaq kure | April 6th, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Nice post Isiaq lad! Your command of English is about as good as your squad! You’re in good company there lad!

    UT Barca!

  21. Hampshire Wolf   •  

    Great insight Isiaq, pure class mate.

  22. Olugbenga   •  

    Olsowolf, why not go and watch your team playing nobody in the glamorous ECL tonight? Do you know why teams like yours cant? because thugs like Henry are your heroes………If you can only drop your toga of stupidity and realise that the guy was intent on showing Arsenal flair players that he was on the field rather than showing his football skills and artistry….Check his stud marks on Walcott and Rosicky. We played Barca, Real Madrid, Juve, Milan without complaining of hard tackles……

  23. Oslowolf   •  

    Hampshire Wolf | April 6th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Alright Hampshire mate! It’s a better laugh on here than on our Board innit? You just have to wait for the next laugh to come along – and it isn’t a long wait is it?? Good value! Lol!


  24. Oslowolf   •  

    …. and right on cue up pops old Olug!


  25. Justin   •  

    oslowolf – how does it feel to support a team of thugs that will never get close to winning anything? Being a gooner I’m used to seeing my team play amazing football in the pursuit of trophys, I just wondered what it’s like starting the season just hoping not to get relegated. Things must be really dull on your own blogs if you have to keep making crap comments on here! Prat!

  26. Fourstar   •  

    Best of luck in the Championship, Oslowolf.

  27. Oslowolf   •  


    shame your prose don’t match up to the silky slick skills of your squad mate. As I already said both Wolves and your lot will win exactly the same this season – nothing! – only difference is that we are developing whilst your team has gone nowhere for the past 5 seasons!

    UT Barca

  28. Justin   •  

    Developing!!! What exactly?!! Thugs, maybe. Have you seen the average age of our squad? Your talking shit! I’m going to enjoy watching my team play at the nou camp in the quarter finals of the champions league! Oh you can only dream!!!! Prick!

  29. Oslowolf   •  

    Hello Justin Lad

    Boom boom boom let me hear you say Messi way yoh!

    Boom boom boom let me hear you say H-U-M-I-L-I-A-T-I-O-N way yoh!

    How are you enjoying watching your team play at the nou camp son??

    Jog on loser – See you next season!

  30. asianwolf   •  

    my god, Arsenal do have some so-called fans who can not take realistic criticism of situations. Arsenal were far the better side on Saturday for sure and yes they are the best team that I have seen this season, and to be fair they got the goal that was coming albeit in the 94th damn minute. However, when it comes to the red card some of their fans on here are so far up the arse in arsenal it’s unbelievable! Henry is tough tackler but is probably more at fault for holding onto other players than actually tackling them.

    No way was that a red card and admitted by Arsene Whinger himself. It meant that our players had to work harder than ever but you won at the end of the day as you were and are a better footballing side. Best pick up your dummies and suckle on them for a while after the Messi show tonight. It’s a shame as I would have liked to see Arsenal, and English team win. Unfortunately as said before, Arsenal will not win anything this season…but best of luck

  31. Oslowolf   •  

    All gone a bit quiet on here hasn’t it! Anyone seen Justin?? ;-)

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