3 months for Walcott; Astonishing Gallas quotes; Silvestre dressed as a gorilla

Our worst fears were confirmed this morning with the news that Theo Walcott has undergone surgery on his dislocated shoulder.  His recovery is scheduled to take at least three months, with the likelihood we may not see him play again before March.

It is the same injury that Walcott had on his other shoulder in 2007, and as I intimated yesterday, is the result of an inherent weakness in his shoulder ligaments.  There’s no point in us complaining about the fact it occurred whilst on International duty: it could have happened at any time.  Hopefully surgery will strengthen the shoulder and prevent long-term problems.

In the meantime it leaves us looking increasingly light in the midfield, with Emmanuel Eboue and Aaron Ramsey the men most likely to benefit from Walcott’s absence.  However, I wonder if Theo’s absence may be the catalyst for the steady introduction of Jack Wilshere into the first team: without Walcott’s searing pace, we will require another creative outlet, and Wilshere certainly provides that.

William Gallas is at it again.  He’s got plenty wrong in his time as Arsenal captain, but I think this might take the biscuit.  I urge you to read it yourself: in the interview, Gallas cites being spoken back to by an un-named 25-year old player (*cough*VAN PERSIE*cough*), and talks up his role in breaking up a row at half-time against Spurs.

These things, whilst unacceptable, ought to remain behind closed doors.  They are private club business.  It helps no-one for them to be aired in public.  Oh, except Gallas himself.  His motivation is absolutely clear:

“I am trying to defend myself a bit without giving names. Otherwise I’m taking it all (the blame).”

How brave of you.  What a show of responsibility.

Fuck off, Gallas.

Also contained within the interview is a veiled threat to leave if we fail to win anything this season.  Well, every cloud.

Finally, Gallas’ partner in crime, Mikael Silvestre, has appeared on Arsenal.com in what can only be described as a gorilla suit:

How can a man, literally dressed as a monkey, be talking about hoping to become a coach down the line?

God.  Our club is a bit embarrassing at the moment.

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