Gunnerblog Is Back: Comment on Adebayor

First of all: an apology.  As has probably been made clear by my massive absence, I have of late been massively absent.  Some readers were so alarmed that I receieved a few emails suggesting I convert the blog to a once-a-week official update, so as to cease dashing people’s expectations on a daily basis.

Well, fear no more: with my extraneous committments now over, Gunnerblog’s daily updates will return.  In order to do so, I’ll be covering the events of the past week in the next few days.  Starting with:

Emmanuel Adebayor’s potential departure has dominated the headlines over the past few days.  Although almost anything Adebayor says has the ability to confuse with its garbled velocity, these quotes seem to indicate that his mind is clearly on pastures new:

“Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players. Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it’s up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I’ll leave. I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement. The time for preparing for that moment is now.”

These comments have seen Adebayor lambasted as greedy and disloyal.  I have to say, I think it’s pretty naieve to expect anything else from a professional footballer.  The climate in the sport in the moment is rather distasteful: Hleb, Flamini and Adebayor could all depart the club this Summer, and in each case it seems that money is the major motivating factor.  Flamini’s departure seems to have demonstated to the players that vast sums can be earnt elsewhere, and unsurprisingly they’re taking advantage of that.  I don’t really buy that he’s already worrying about his pension, but Barcelona and Milan have offered to triple Adebayor’s wage.  Who can honestly say they can’t understand the temptation of an offer like that?

I am disappointed that Adebayor seems to want to go, but I don’t hate him for it.  This is a guy who came into the world with nothing.  He doesn’t play football as a hobby – he plays to transform the living standard of himself and his family.  I strongly suspect that unless you’ve had the upbringing Adebayor had, you can’t understand what it is for him to be offered £120,000 a week.

I hope he stays.  I’m not impressed with the names being mentioned as replacements, and I am convinced that Ade’s all-action style was one of the key factors in our limited success last term.  However, with rumours of £25m bids on the cards, I can see Arsene taking the profit and running.

Whichever way it falls out, I expect we may get some news this week, with Barca president Joan Laporta eager to secure a deal before next week’s election.

Tomorrow: Cesc and Euro 2008…

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