Djourou: “In my head I’m a midfielder”

There are two people I have to thank before posting this.  First of all, Pascal Dupasquier, who did the original interview for Swiss daily La Liberté; secondly, Boz from the arseblog forums for the translation.

It’s a really interesting piece in which Djourou reveals that he himself chose to go out on loan, which clubs he turned down to join Birmingham, and the role he envisages himself playing for Arsenal in the future.

One final note: ‘Number 6′ is terminology for a holding midfielder, in the same way as ‘Number 10′ is a byword for an attacking playmaker.



Johan Djourou : On loan from Arsenal the man from Geneva is doing a six month stint at the newly promoted Premier League side.  His objective?  To play in the number 6 shirt.

Johan Djourou has temporarily swapped his number 20 Arsenal shirt for the 16 of the Blues of Birmingham.  Blocked by Kolo Touré and William Gallas at Ashburton Grove, the twenty year old defender has made a wise choice: to play rather than to wear out his shorts on the bench.  It’s a decision he made alone, he stresses: “Arsenal weren’t very keen to let me go. It was my choice,” he confirms, satisfied to have received the permission of the “master” Arsène Wenger.  “It’s fantastic for me that he allowed to do this six-month loan,” he continues.

The Genevan is held in high esteem.  He knows that the french coach admires him. So it’s not surprising that it was difficult to let him go.  The Gunners are firing on all cylinders (Premier League, Cup, League Cup, Champions League) and Arsène will need all his fire power. So Djourou could have expected some playing time.  And didn’t he play 30 matches in all competitions last season?  “That was already a good percentage,” smiles the ex-Carouge player.  “But for my development it was better that I was in a club which played me regularly. With Gallas (ed’s note: currently injured) and Touré, it was going to be difficult to get games at Arsenal”.  It is also true that his position degraded somewhat in the second half of last season as he only played five times.

Loads of offers

As soon as it was known that he wanted to leave the offers poured in: “Sunderland, Newcastle, Manchester City, Zurich, Hertha Berlin and even Lille and Toulouse were interested”, lists the defender.  “So I really had a choice,” he laughs, before adding, “I wanted to stay in England because that’s where I feel well. France? It didn’t interest me at all”.  It was the newly promoted side Birmingham, under the legendary Steve Bruce who finally won out.  “They’re a team that likes to play football. What’s more, the coach is a legend in Manchester and his speech really convinced me,” said Djourou.  “He said he wanted me. That was an important element in my choice.”

The loan at St. Andrews is scheduled to last six months and is not a backwards step.  Far from it.  “There is absolutely nothing negative about it,” reassures international coach Köbi Kuhn.  Djourou adds “Arsenal is my club and I’m under contract until 2012. It’s certain that I will return to play there.”  In the meantime, Johan Djourou has made a good start at Birmingham.  His evaluation?  Quite simply, excellent: four matches and 360 minutes playing time.  As his star continues to rise, Djourou is fast becoming ‘The Sheriff of Birmingham’.

This is good news for Steve Bruce.  With four points from five games and ranked 16th out of 20, his team has had a difficult start to the season.  “It’s true that they trust me, and it’s good to feel that,” smiles Djourou, for whom everything happened very quickly. His loan was confirmed on August 7th. Five days later he was wearing the blue against another team of Blues – Chelsea (3-2 loss). The 15th he played against Sunderland (2-2).  “I had two good matches to start with,” he confides.

On the 25th he was at it again in a 2-1 win over Derby County. Then he moved up a rank at Middlesbrough (2-0 loss) where, for the first time, he played in midfield: his secret dream…

The Middle Empire

Johoan Djourou doesn’t hide it: his dream is the midfield.  “Going to Birmingham allows me to play in the number 6 shirt.”  Number six – the cat is out of the bag. The defender wants to evolve. “In my head I’m a midfielder,” he blasts.  “I had to learn to be flexible. It’s in my interest as it opens other doors.”  There is no doubt, the Swiss international is aiming in the medium term for a midfield berth in the red shirt and white cross of the national team.  But with so many rising young wolves like Inler, Dzemaili or Gelson, the position is hotly-contested.  “As in all good teams there is competition for places; that’s not new,” he recognises without losing his calm.

This is where the Birmingham option is important. During Saturdays game at Middlesbrough Djourou played in midfield.  “Steve Bruce has always said he would play me there. It’s what influenced me to come here,” he makes clear.  “I started playing in defence because they have injuries there, but it’s at number 6 that I will continue the season.  If I can play all the games in midfield for Birmingham then maybe Köbi Kuhn will take notice.”  The national coach had tried a short experiment in March against Colombia (3-1 loss) during the training camp in Miami.  “I only played 20 minutes, and the team wasn’t playing well,” regrets Djourou.  “I would like to have an opportunity over a longer period.”


Just when you thought we couldn’t have less centre-backs or more central-midfielders, this happens.

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    Wenger to sign Friday…… Best signing for years

  15. munitionsman   •  

    I think countries should be abolished so there are no international fixtures

  16. Rod   •  

    i would like to see Steve mcClaren resign in the toilets after another Wembley defeat….and then all the players piss on him

  17. enki   •  

    djourou is quality and seems to be a young man who know what he wants. i respect that. i hope though he chose defence as i think he is quality.

  18. Dick (aka Willy)   •  

    *****NEWS FLASH*****

    The team-sheet for the Tottenham game has just been leaked!!

    THIS is what the line-up will be (provided everyone is fit):

    Subs: Lasagna, Lasagna, Lasagna, Lasagna, Song.

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  20. Le   •  

    Dick, you forgot the manager, Garfield.

  21. Glenn Helder   •  

    Ahhh that’s where everyone went

    I think he should stick to CB. He played in that position in the last game of the season if my memory serves me right. Not sure his range of passing suits that role but he is intelligent and has good positional sense and is a tenacious tackler.

    At RB he seemed a bit short going forward – understandably as he was out of position but it will be handy if Gilberto is injured or retires / leaves.

    Just think he’ll eventually make a really good CB – most people have rated his performances above Big Phil’s

  22. Grandizer   •  

    I hate it at these times when we have to wait so long for the next arsenal game, especially as we were starting to look pretty good. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off, and destroy the Lasagna brigade!

  23. Jean-Michel   •  

    Add Djourou to our list of twenty central midfielders… the lad is mad!

  24. Valour   •  

    26th Gun

  25. AusGunner   •  

    “Just when you thought we couldn’t have less centre-backs or more central-midfielders, this happens.”

    It’s not like he won’t play centre-back if he’s told to.

  26. Glenn Helder   •  

    Right it’s a really slow afternoon – give me your Carling cup teams I haven’t had any response to the last one except stick Theo and Eduardo in – both valid points

    Carling Cup Team






    Subs From:
    Van Den Berg
    G Hoyte

  27. ThorstenLegat   •  

    Gilberto, Denilson, Diaby, Diarra, Song, Flamini, Djourou…how about a 0-10-0 lineup?!

  28. gunner fan   •  

    we probably have all our injured players back so wenger might give them a run around so they can get there fitness
    what do think
    ie: eboue in midfieldand hleb as second striker

  29. mockster   •  

    28. Glenn Helder


    j.hoyte nordveit g.hoyte traore

    walcott diaby diarra gibbs

    barazite bendtner

    mannone randall fonte merida…

    PS: has bartley signed for us?

  30. Glenn Helder   •  

    Yes Bartley has signed

  31. mockster   •  

    33. enki | September 4th, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    what about gibbs

    what about him?

  32. Glenn Helder   •  

    Not think the defence is a bit lightweight against Newcastle ?

    Walcott and Gibbs will give us width but won’t the FBs be a little exposed – seen Traore get caught out quite a bit

    Be really interested to see Fonte – heard good things

  33. enki   •  

    will he make the carling cup team

  34. Glenn Helder   •  

    Yep I guess Gibbs would get the call ahead of Merida if the Emirates Cup is anything to go by – would love to see Merida get his chance though

  35. Grandizer   •  

    I havnt seen much of gibbs but during pre season he looked an excellent prospect, never gave the ball away, great link up play, and good passing! Really looking forward to seeing him play more! And cant wait to see Merida either!

  36. Glenn Helder   •  

    I expect Newcastle and Fat Sam to field a strong team – I reckon we need to go with a solid spine of experienced players – nice to see we have got so many coming through

    Anyone actually seen Fonte or Sunu – heard the latter made his reserve team debut

    Haven’t heard much about Bartley

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    it means twat on here

  39. gunner fan   •  

    Thierry Henry’s estranged English wife, Claire Merry, has been granted a divorce.

  40. Gilles Grimandi   •  





    Van Persie

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    fuck me have you just got up and got the paper gunner fan, we’ve read that hours ago

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    40; ID stealer, fu, its OK now, thanks for covering in my absence but Im back now, ta.

    From last thread, gotta say i agree with LD.

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    hands up who still like’s senderos!

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    Sorry Grandizer, had me hands up for the last 5 minutes so couldn’t type anything.


  47. Geekov   •  

    48; its all yours now. Looks like sooooo much fun that.

  48. enki   •  

    me. i like him. i feel he played well until he was sent off. i do agree though he is unlikely to make it here as he cannot deal with the pressure of playing for such a big club.

  49. Geekov   •  

    I rate the guy, hes in the maldini mould and needs a few games

  50. Geekov   •  

    im going to head off shortly guys as i have a doctors appiontment, little infection. i still think arsene should have bought a midfielder last week, whats your opinions on that guys

  51. ha ha man (previously y-front woman   •  


  52. ha ha man (previously y-front woman   •  

    Sorry dude. 53 geek i agree. cesc is too young and gilbertos past it and hes got no loyalty

  53. Grandizer   •  

    Dont u think its funny though that alot of arsenal fans when asked about senderos say ” yeah he was great…….until he got sent off!”. Surely that means your not great. He does well when he plays and then manages to do one major fuck up per game! I still think the guy will never b arsenal class because to many premiership forwards know his weaknesses – run past him!

  54. .ha ha man (previously y-front woman   •  


  55. Geekov   •  

    56, no not really, whys it funny, is there a hidden joke in there im not seeing

  56. though   •  

    no i dont grandizer. im with the geek

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    fuck it guys i gotta go. the boss is watching me. she thinks im a fucking statue in front of the computer these days. ill try and pop in later on, ive got the office keys now

  58. enki   •  

    maybe he should have left kanu through on goal. then he would not have been sent off but would have been critisize for being useless. i personally think this was not a penalty. damn if you do damn if you don’t

  59. Grandizer   •  

    fair enough guys you dont agree with me – but hes still shit! Now Denilson – hes one hell of a player!

  60. munitionsman   •  

    56 Its a difficult one. He has been sent off twice for really soft things. A fraction of what others get away with. BUT the clever players know what they can and cant do. Senderos has been OK but not intelligent. Dare I say it but not cunning enough perhaps. I think he is there or there abouts but it could go either way. The good thing is he has the physical prowess, which you cant learn, and the things he lacks, can be acquired.

  61. munitionsman   •  

    This blog has become very quite since the transfer window closed AND we came out like steam train.

  62. munitionsman   •  

    62 Granpa

    Denilson IS a hell of player. Everytime he plays he astounds me. I know it is a BIG statement but in some ways he is more impressive than cesc was at that stage. What I like about Denilson is his willingness to spray the ball about ala scholes. Cesc doesnt switch the play around like that. For me cesc and denilson CAN coexist in midfield, for sure.

  63. Grandizer   •  

    Denilson for captaincy!

  64. munitionsman   •  


  65. munitionsman   •  

    How can AW completely break the mould and create am almost completly flexible team. One that surpasses every single team in the PL and maybe world for pass completion and comfort on the ball, and do it for a profit.

    AW got shitloads of stick on here and I put the wellie in as well but the guy is a freak…. regardless of how we go against the big boys AW is truly unique.

  66. blogmeme   •  

    Liking the sounds of Nordveit…. seems like he’ll be making the right noises soon. Though at the moment we couldn’t be lighter at the center of defence… imagine if Kolo got suspended!!! hail mary

  67. Glenn Helder   •  

    4-5-1 for Denilson and Cesc then we have 1 holing players 3 playmakers and a winger

  68. munitionsman   •  

    That hansen twat still doesnt rate us a chance, and that is fair enuf. We still show ourselves somewhat vulnerable to the physical aspects but there is a noticable improvement…. but are our northern friends showing any improvement in there ability to play football. Lilly Savage says were hypocrites BLAH!

  69. Glenn Helder   •  

    I was used to Sky being embarassingly anti-Arsenal but the BBC are icing the shite cake now. Fuck ‘em all – we still play the best football – especially when we get on the end of all slick passing

  70. munitionsman   •  

    70 I see it. Maybe denilson could play wide in his own right. The way rosicky and hleb are travelling you could not justify moving them out. Bloody hell with diaby pushing and denilson pushing it is becoming a midfield selection dillema of epic proportions. Then throw in Diarra just for fun… and gilberto is a given aaaahhhh midfield madness

  71. munitionsman   •  

    I would give my right testicle to see the game at shite hart lane…. but who would give up their ticket for a testicle?

  72. Glenn Helder   •  

    Only a left one

  73. munitionsman   •  

    I watched AFC/porty on show sport arabia and the commentators were creaming themselves over the gunners. Best passers in the world they said. Maybe you have to get out from under the marketing umbrella of britain to get a true assessment of the football.

  74. munitionsman   •  

    I need the lefty, I guess eveyone does that’s why they are so sought after….. ppl always giving away the right but never the left. O and BTW I forgot about eboue coming back to right midfield as well., hehhehe its insane.

  75. Jaydee   •  

    Note to self: Read La Libérté more often. Piece of shit newspaper but if it has some contact with Johann then it’s all good. Maybe I can catch up with the french version in Le Matin in a couple of days.
    I have a few friends that played against Djourou back in his days as a midfielder playing for the mighty ‘Etoile des Carouge’ (Stars of Carouge, a run down ex-industrial area of Geneva)

    They played against them one week with Djourou and lost, couldn’t get anywhere forward as Djourou would close them down with ease. Couple of weeks later and they’re back and Djourou’s not there. Asking why his team replied ‘Apparently he’s signed for Arsenal’ even his team-mates didn’t believe it!’

    Back then Djourou had ‘pace’ but in the same way that Sol Campbell has ‘pace’ his legs are so gigantic that one step is the equivalent of 3. Whether he can produce that at a level higher than youth amateur level is yet to be seen.

  76. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  


  77. munitionsman   •  

    Many folks talk about Merida but I know nothing about him. Unless he plays in CC I prolly never will!! And Barazite… so frustrating.

  78. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    I please please want merida to play in the carling cup !
    or fa cup

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    i told you before geekov so i wont tell you again, its cool, im the coolest nerd on here and the most popular

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    dont you ever wonder why we post such complete bollox on here. just take a look at some of our posts, especially mine. i cringe sometimes when i read back through them, i want to make one thing clear, im not retarded

  83. y-front man   •  

    munitonman you fucking silly knob jockey twat, get a life

  84. Invisible Man   •  

    Re Gilberto…

    Put emotions to one side… he is a professional footballer and has enjoyed a great career at arsenal. He would be the first to acknowledge that football is an evolving sport… he isnt being frozen out, left on the bench or shunned by the manager.

    Im sure whatever plans Wenger has for him have been laid out bz Arsene and Gilberto, the professional that he is, is happy to comply. If we manage to win the title this season, Gilbero can be gradually filtered out of the team next season, by which time either Diaby or Diarra should have stepped up a level to take his place.

    If he isn’t content, then Im sure Wenger will have no problem allowing him to pursue the remainder of his career elsewhere.

  85. gooner09   •  

    Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!!

  86. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    No, Merida rules you cunt !

  87. fu***dge packer   •  

    wooo! hello sweetys its me the id stealer. u are all my frends arent u? pleez say yes as i hav no 1 else thats y im always on here nickin ids and chattin shit. pleez say u like me

  88. gooner09   •  

    91. —-Arsenal Fan—#1 | September 4th, 2007 at 9:54 pm
    No, Merida rules you cunt !


    Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!! Tomas Rosicky Rules!!


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  90. Rabbi Savvy   •  

    Right now it seems a hell lots of Central midfielders but some November all of them will be used. CC, CL and PL plenty of bodies needed. CC will have a pretty good midfield. You can have Walcott and Eboue playing on the wings in CC with Denilson and diarra down the middle. Or you can have Walcott upfront and play gibbs on the wings.

  91. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Arsenal rule. Let’s not get carried away with 3 home wins vs average sides but hopefully we do them spud comedians 15th!
    If that happens then its bye-bye Jol and hopefully Pleat can take over once more…lol!

  92. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  


  93. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  


  94. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  


  95. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Lige nu!

  96. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Jeg har fundet 100! Ok good night Gooners and sleep tight.

  97. munitionsman   •  

    Wake up lil gunner children and smell the coffee.

  98. munitionsman   •  

    Jens Lehmann has been selected to play for Germany despite suffering from an Achillies injury

    And the tooth fairy will be playing centre forward

  99. munitionsman   •  

    In my head I am a prima ballerina….. I know how Johan feels, it is very frustrating trying to break into the bolshoi at 45. Dont give up Johan, I believe in you.

  100. munitionsman   •  

    At gunnerblog there is a day shift… and there is a nightshift…. and there is my shift…… my shift is wery wery qwiet

  101. srinath   •  

    did any of u guy nearly swerve off the road when cashley’s invincibles lose

  102. srinath   •  

    i am planning to visit spuds blogs, anyone help me if they know a good blog where i can wind them up

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  104. Rabbi Savvy   •  

    u do not need to wind up the spuds. with a chariman like that its a perpetual motion windup machine

  105. Desperate Dein   •  

    I wanna be the chairman! Why can’t I be the chairman? Please, let me have the club…

  106. daymee   •  

    I have an idea guys……

    You all know the tune to the song “london bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down”…….

    I thought the Red Action and all fans at White Hart Lane next Saturday could sing this rhyme about Martin Jol being sacked after we score them. Here it is:

    “Mar-tin Jol -is go-ing home, go-ing home, go-ing home.
    Mar-tin Jol -is-go-ing-back, to-Ne-ther-lands”
    Let me know what you think about the idea. It’ll be great wouldn’t it?

  107. Bergkamp   •  

    111- Last line would be ‘Martin-jol-is- go-ing – back, to- the Nether-lands’

  108. Invisible Man   •  

    good idea….but if I may add my 2 cents… you can tweek it to

    Totten-ham are going down, going down, going down,
    Totten-ham are going down – and we-re all laughing.


    hows that?

  109. Invisible Man   •  

    good idea….but if I may add my 2 cents… you can tweek it to

    Totten-ham are going down, going down, going down,
    Totten-ham are going down – and were all laughing.


    hows that?

  110. Geekov   •  

    Morning tumbleweed

  111. small faces   •  

    Wouldnt it be nice to get one over the neighbours…

  112. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    Fuck the Spuds !!!!!!!!!!

  113. abba   •  

    money money money,
    the spuds are funny
    they keep spending 4 fuck all

  114. Geekov   •  

    So Micah Richards is gonna sign a new deal at City then.


  115. Gilles Grimandi   •  

    119. It’s ok, we have….. SONG!

  116. Dick (aka Willy)   •  


    Check this out:;t+need+to+buy+stars,+we+can+make+them

    It’s an interview with Arsene on the main Arsenal website in which he makes some interesting statements, including:

    “I feel we are in the process of turning Cesc Fabregas, Denilson and Abou Diaby into world-class players.”


    “I am not scared to spend money. If it’s for a player I feel who is what I need, of course I will do it. But [the number of] really world class players are really small. And then you have to get to a level of players who are better than you have already.”

    & (my favourite….)

    “I feel we make superstars. We have a feel for the game and the way we want to play football is linked to development and therefore you have to take your time a little bit. If you find an extra special player then OK. But I have not seen a number of what you might call world class players. World class prices maybe but not world class players.”

    Check the link out. It’s worth a read.

  117. gooner09   •  

    121 hahaha

  118. dick   •  

    whats funny you cunt

  119. Geekov   •  

    Nice one Dick (aka Willy)

  120. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Geekov you missed me?

  121. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    I´m the best !

  122. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    where in this God-forsaken earth is that fuck-headed twat called PETE.

    U screaming moron, come on here and take some stick for staking your rose-tinted reputation to AW buying a top quality player b4 Sept1.

    u r a dirty wet cunt with shit brains and though u had said u won’t be a rose-tint anymo if he don’t sign quality, am here to shout to u that we don’t want a losser like u amongst the bedwetters!!

  123. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Aah yes. The classic bedwetters vs rose-tints.
    I’ll admit even though I am a big believer in this team I do not believe we will win anything major unti we have signed a top-of-the-range striker. We simply don’t have one. RVP has disappointed a lot and isn’t deadly enough with his approach play in the final third. I think Akinbayor should have been the one to be sacrificed and an Eto’o or Huntelaar or David Villa brought in.
    I really think we missed a trick with Torres there…I think we need a class striker more than we need a winger cos we create chances nevertheless. Ade simply ain’t good enough sorry.

  124. fabz (has crabz, smokes tabz & likes to be called babz)   •  

    wot da fuk u on about?

  125. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    Adebayor has good games, but he has bad ones aswell !

  126. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    #129 wot u mean, eh?
    and don’t make fun of my declaration that we will go unbeaten in the league u cunt-lips

  127. fabz (has crabz, smokes tabz & likes to be called babz)   •  

    u lost da bet tho crabz

  128. dick   •  

    suck mine!

  129. Julian Clarey   •  

    Loving the debate today guys. Really hardcore, high level stuff.
    Fancy an arse fuck?

  130. ----Arsenal Fan---#1   •  

    You are very rude little boys, aren´t you ?

  131. fabz (has crabz, shit stabz & likes 2 b called babz)   •  

    juilan try dick

  132. dick   •  

    but your the best

  133. Julian Clarey   •  

    I hope you’re all better at bumming that mass-debating.

  134. Julian Clarey   •  


  135. dick   •  

    138 woo hoo im great

  136. julian clareys dog   •  

    please keep julian here for a while my bum is very sore

  137. fake tan   •  

    adriano wanted 125000 a week!

    Adriano is alleged to be spending £28,000 a week living in the suite of a five-star Milan hotel, despite having a home on the outskirts of the city, and partying. His drinking has already cost him club fines and suspensions for missing training.

    Adriano has admitted having a booze problem. He said: ‘I like going to nightclubs and discos and try to get rid of my problems through alcohol.’

  138. Julian Clarey   •  

    140 – how are your rimming skills?

  139. fake tan   •  

    so why didnt wenger sign him?

  140. lionar   •  

    fabz wow are we still on that whole trip? Does it matter I mean are you all a flutter cos last time I checked weve got the same number of points as Liverpool dnt we and RVP will get goals so I beleive will Eduardo once one goes in…

  141. piss tank   •  

    we would all love to do that hey! he can and so would i!!

  142. Julian Clarey   •  

    Fi-Fi.. I would never rip your sphincter like that. I love you too much, my little poochie poodle.
    However, I do like smearing dog food over my cock. Are you hungry yet?

  143. shocking   •  


  144. ejikeme   •  

    i think the squad is good.

  145. shocking   •  


  146. *   •  

    149 your name is poo

  147. JuJu   •  

    I posted this under another article but no one replied, so i’ll post it again here and would like to hear your thoughts.
    PS. it has no relevance to the above article.

    Does anyone know if Arsene wenger even attempted to sign Kolo’s brother Yahya Toure?? He signed for barca during the summer and has been their best player so far!! he even scored in their last game with a left footed cracker.

    I dont understand why we werent even linked to this player. Or maybe we were and i didnt know. but this guy was meant for wenger looking at his style and commitment. And for gods sake he is kolo’s younger bro!!! why the hell didnt he convince him????????

    Damn i’m gutted everytime i see YAHA toure playing for barca!


  148. Dick (aka Willy)   •  

    “140. dick | September 5th, 2007 at 12:55 pm
    138 woo hoo im great”


    GILBERTO SILVER – please, please, purleeeeeease mate, can we have a passworded ID field??

  149. *   •  

    yes we were linked with yaya but it didnt happen for some reson maybe because we have plenty of CM already who knows? arsene does!

  150. lionar   •  

    We didnt get him right? So its over. Im sure our players will be equally good.

  151. Dick (aka Willy)   •  

    JUJU —

    we had Yaya Toure on trial about 18 months ago and Wenger opted against signing him.

    I saw a lot of him in Ligue 1 last season – which I watch almost as much as the Premiership – and he was brilliant for Monaco, even though they had a shitty season and finished mid-table. He’s so versatile, covering multiple positions and seems to have a great engine.

    Why we didn’t sign him, I don’t know. I think at the time he was at Olypiacos and they were demanding silly money for him. Then he went to Monaco for a reduced fee, played well…. and they started demanding silly money for him too.

    Still, £8M for Kolo’s brother doesn’t seem a fortune in today’s transfer market.

  152. DICK   •  

    sorry dick is mine bigger than yours

  153. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    what do u want lionar? i have said we will be unbeaten in the league all season!!

    so what are u ranting abt?

  154. fake tan   •  

    yayas goal wasnt!

  155. *   •  

    the goal was qualitybut im sure our lads will do better

  156. Geekov   •  

    Yaya may well do well at barca, good luck to him, but he’s gone, the window is shut, so it’s over with!

    Saying that, we could do with a central midfielder, couldn’t we.

  157. Geekov   •  

    160; it wasn’t a goal though was it. It didn’t cross the line.

  158. *   •  

    arsene wants to win the league with 11 CMs its his dream i tell you!

  159. Greg   •  

    Wenger’s sick. He only likes young boys. Toure is his favourite and he wants him all to himself and not to have to share brother YaYa’s cock in the showers. He loves young bums and willys.

  160. (*)(*)   •  

    get back to school greg lunch times over!

  161. Geekov   •  

    Dick; Looking at the Adriano article and his ‘refueling’ habits and all, would you still like him at the club?

    You gotta hand it to the guy though. He has a big old house in Milan, but is spending nearly £30k a week on a suite in a top hotel so he doesn’t have to stumble very far when he leaves the Night clubs with all those lovely Italian foxes.

  162. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    LOL 164

  163. (.)(.)   •  

    greg likes arse

  164. gooner09   •  

    i dont think yaya is barca standard, when they signed him i was shocked. but juju, i disagree with u and that WE need him. another central midfielder? no thanks….

    hansen has been writing us of this year becuase of a lack of strenth in depth. he has a different excuse every single start of a seeason.

    I, however think we lack just 1 or 2 players to have a complete squad.

    in goal, we have 3 great keepers, evenn lehmann lol. in defense, we have enough cover for the fullbacks but we need 1top class centre back along with djourou when hes back so that we dont have any problems.

    midfield is good enough for me and i don think we need any more, not even a winger.

    think about it. we arent the best at using the width of the pitch, besides we have clichy, eboue and walcott who can play on the wings. real madrid back in their good days when they had luis figo beckham zidane, they usd to play THEM on the wings and use the pacey fullbacks, solgado and carlos. thats what wenger is doing with technical players like rosicky and hleb on the wings with clichy and sagna or eboue constantly overlapping.

    the other player i think we need is a quality striker. I dont’t think a strikeforce of bendtner ade and walcott will even be able to score as many goals as henry put together. RVP is the only top class forward we have. anleka would have been nice, i saw his goal against everton!!

    Thoughts anyone??

  165. Geekov   •  

    sheesh fabz, did that make you laugh out loud then?

  166. (.)(.)   •  

    adriano is 1 lucky fucker! get in there my son!

  167. Geekov   •  

    169; I would go along with most of that. At the monent we are scoring enough goals to get results, the midfield have stepped up, so far, but there may come a time when the midfield dries up and we need the strikers to score. maybe Eduardo will bang a few in, time will tell.

    I was hoping we wouold get a striker and a wide player all summer, but it didn’t happen, so i aint gonna go on about it any more.

    I just hope we don’t hear injuries as excuses at the end of the season.

  168. Julian Clarey   •  

    Geekov – I heard you are the resident bum bandit. Well move over girlfriend, there’s a new cock in town..

  169. (.)(.)   •  

    id swap my hard working life for pissing it up with foxy ladys, hell yeah!

  170. Geekov   •  

    173; ooh you bitch, I’ll scratch yer eyes out.

  171. gooner09   •  

    Can we talk about football now? Our team? The Arsenal?

  172. (.)(.)   •  

    intersting question i found on another site

    Arsenal will be without Senderos for their trip up the Seven Sisters Road as a result of his sending off by Halsey against Portsmouth. If you watch the incident again it’s clear to see that Toure was level with him and Kanu, who hit the deck far too easily.

    The straight red will keep him out for three games and once again I feel that Senderos was hard done by. Anyway, it’s all academic now, at least we got the three points on the day. Gilberto filled in very successfully and will have to deputise in Senderos’s absence as Gallas is still laid up with a groin injury and Djourou is on loan at Birmingham.

    With Gilberto playing at centre back there will be a space for a defensive midfielder to partner Fabregas for the next three games.

    So who should partner Fabregas?

    song (joke)

  173. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger   •  

    Geekov you missed me?…

  174. (.)(.)   •  

    Denilson: The young Brazilian has given steady and mature performances in the times I’ve seen him play this year, but I feel he’s more of a Fabregas type player and not really an instinctive defensive midfielder. I have no doubt that he could do a good job as a stand in but I feel his long-term ambitions are more attacking. He is also probably one of the smallest options listed here and I feel he may get out-muslced and out-jumped by bigger and stronger opponents.

    Flamini: He reminds me of an ageing Ray Parlour. Full of hustle and bustle, always busy and enthusiastic, but he’s not the most technically gifted player in Arsenal’s midfield. He’s like an annoying wasp at a Sunday picnic, just hanging around and appearing from nowhere just when you think he’s disappeared. His performances have been good this year and I feel he has sorted his attitude out and looks up for the fight compared to last season.

    Diaby: A lot was said about Diaby when he signed for Arsenal and comparisons were made with Vieira but I think they were premature and somewhat inappropriate. He has recovered from his injury well and looks fit and confident but I just think he is an instinctive defensive midfielder either. I believe the comparisons were made with Vieira because of looks and stature and not playing style or ability.

    Diarra: I will be the first to admit that I haven’t seen much of Diarra but seem to remember that Wenger wanted him before he went to Chelsea. So Wenger gets his man at last. He is the only direct replacement for Gilberto as he is a defensive midfielder, although he was wasted at right back by Mourinho. Based on reputation he should be pushing Gilberto over the next few seasons, with a view to eventually taking his position.

    Song: I’m not one of those fans that booed Song last season as I respect any man or woman who plays for Arsenal but I do feel that he is the weakest of Arsenal’s midfielders. I concede that he put in some gutsy and passionate displays for Charlton last season but I just don’t think he’s technically good enough to start for Arsenal yet. I feel that the arrival of Diarra may have sealed his fate and he may move on in January.

    So that’s a quick look at the usual suspects.

  175. Geekov   •  

    177; I thought it was a one game ban for Senderos?

    178; Yep, I have missed you like I miss the sunshine, who the fuck are you?

    No offence

  176. (.)(.)   •  

    SONG, YOUR FUCKIN KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope wenger dont think about playing him at CB!!!

  177. (.)(.)   •  

    even if it is 1 game he wont be available for the spuds

  178. (.)(.)   •  

    So who should partner Fabregas?

    I’m not sure Song will even make the bench for the North London derby. If he does it will be as cover for centre back, which he can play according to Wenger. I shudder to think…

    Denilson will make the bench, but I don’t think Wenger would start him. I believe that Denilson and Fabregas are not an ideal combination and if anything the young Brazilian is the young Spaniard’s back-up.

    Diaby could push for the starting position but I don’t know where Wenger thinks his best position is. Perhaps he sees him as cover for both the attacking and defensive positions in the centre of midfield? But Wenger rarely, if ever starts him at defensive midfield.

    If this situation was to occur a few months from now I have no doubt that Diarra would play alongside Fabregas. But I feel that Wenger will play Flamini just because he played the first three games of the season there and looked solid. This will only happen if Flamini isn’t required to fill in at right back if Sagna doesn’t recover from his back injury and Wenger doesn’t want to go with Hoyte.

    Wenger would be taking a risk giving Diarra his debut in the North London derby, but if he did I wouldn’t mind it as long as the young Frenchman knew what he was letting himself in for. This year more than ever, the neighbours from the Seven Sisters Road will be looking for a scalp… literally and figuratively.

  179. Geekov   •  

    If Gallas is back, then it’ll make all this redundant, but, I’d stick Flamini in there, given his form so far this season and how Diarra aint played yet. But then, I’d play 4-5-1 with a midfield of;


    Saying that, Rosicky is bound to come back injured.

  180. lionar   •  

    Geekov my point exactly. I didnt relaise that was a rant Fabz. Lets not rehash whats done is done.

  181. (.)(.)   •  

    personally id like to see diaby given a start here, playing the holding role

  182. Geekov   •  

    The thing is, I think any of the players mentioned (bar Song!) could do a job there. But given Flamini’s showings he might get the nod, especially as he won’t be sodding off with the International team.

  183. (.)(.)   •  

    is diaby or diarra in the france squad?

  184. Geekov   •  

    diaby’s in the U21s. Not sure about Diarra.

  185. Dick (aka Willy)   •  

    Guys, guys – why are we arguing about what the line-up against Tottenham’s gonna be?

    I’ve already told you – we’re sending 11 lasagnas out onto the pitch. End of.

  186. Geekov   •  

    Paul Merson thinks Walcott should play upfront as he aint ready to play on the wing, yet.

    So, Wenger is completely wrong then as he thinks the opposite?

    He said: “I would like to see him play up the middle for us. don’t think he quite has the nous to play on the wing at the moment.”

  187. (.)(.)   •  

    or maybe we should just call back djourou!

  188. Geekov   •  

    Lasagna it is then Dick!

  189. (.)(.)   •  

    i love merse but id have to go with what le boss thinks

  190. Dick (aka Willy)   •  

    “189. Geekov | September 5th, 2007 at 1:59 pm
    diaby’s in the U21s. Not sure about Diarra.”

    Diarra is in the full French National squad for the qualifiers against Italy and Scotland. He’s been in the last four French squads, playing twice.

    I posted the entire French squad on here the other day. Think you’ll find it on the last thread. Sagna and Gallas are in there too. Diaby would have been in there as well, but as he’s only just recovered from injury and it’s almost certain – barring injury – that Vieira and Makalele will start in central midfield, so probably didn’t think taking Diaby was worthwhile. He’s very highly-rated though in France. It’s a case of when, not if, he becomes a first-choice in the national team.

  191. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    am i 200?

  192. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  


  193. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  


  194. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  


  195. fabz (arsenal will be unbeaten all season)   •  

    i am

  196. gooner09   •  

    arsene knows

  197. I hate fabz   •  




  198. sf gooner   •  

    steady on hater

    not very nice that you threaten a
    man and don’t let the rest of us in
    on what he did this time

    even though we all know he really is a cunt

  199. Goonerx   •  

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