Today is Gunnerblog’s Birthday

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the internet terrorists chose today to try and bring down this site: it’s a big day in the Arsenal internet community. Not only is it Tom from arseblog’s birthday (Happy Birthday mate), but it’s also the third anniversary of the birth of Gunnerblog. It’s quite amazing to see the changes the site has gone through since that day:

The original oneThe vomity oneThe previous one

As we enter our fourth year, there’s an even fresher look, thanks to the brilliant work of my chum Gael. However, he’s not been the only person to help out over the years. The aforementioned Tom and arseblogger have been incredibly giving of their time and energies and ability to explain to me what CSS is. I can’t thank them all enough.

In the last year, the number of unique visitors has doubled, and the “Guns” have taken on a life of their own, to the point where I sometimes wonder if anyone’s even reading what I write anymore. It’s exciting to think where we might be a year from now.

Things are still progressing. A new comments system is being mooted, and there are interesting merchandising opportunities on the horizon. If these things never arrive, it’s probably because I’m too lazy/inept to pursue them, but it’s just great that they’re even possible.

So here’s to another three years, another few hundred waffling posts, and most importantly, another First Gun.

Another old banner

The ever-so-lovely present

Gunnerblog is the brainchild of childbrained football writer James McNicholas. Aside from Gunnerblog, James currently contributes to Bleacher Report, The Mirror and ESPN.


  1. Hightower   •  

    1st gun yes

  2. crafty bison   •  


  3. gunafied   •  

    lebza 3rd gun

  4. Harry   •  


  5. Swerver   •  

    Top 10

  6. Fuse   •  

    happy birthday!

    Top ten!!!!! boyzzzzzzzz

  7. arse&nose   •  

    6th Gun!

    Happy Birthday!
    I like the new look.

  8. Fuse   •  

    To be honest, I liked the “GUNN, ER BLOG” sheild/design/thingy…

  9. averagely-endowed gooner   •  

    finishing in tenth

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  11. Ash   •  

    Happy Birthday Gunnerblog. Always a good read, the site has grown alot recently,all the best for the future. Come on Arsenal

  12. Freddy Adu   •  

    thank you for all of your fine work – you make my workdays a breeze.

  13. Grandizer   •  

    Happy Birhtday Gunnerblog!!!!!! Always enjoyed reading posts on this site as well as contributing to.

  14. Wingston75   •  

    happy birthday Gunnerblog!

    Always a cracking read, and along with the other main culprit blogs (you know who you are!) you help keep us satisfied for all things gooner.

    Cheers for the commitment to posting , GS…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  15. Swerver   •  

    Happy birthday and keep up the good work.

  16. WillyG   •  

    Great site,keep up the good work

  17. Blacks Are Red   •  

    Happy Birthday Gunnerblog!

    On another note, Wenger has claimed it to be unacceptable for Arsenal not to challenge for the title this season. So what do we do if it’s three years of unacceptable title challenges ?

  18. Crazileiro   •  

    Just what we need, another defender.

    Happy Birthday Gilberto!!!

  19. TRB   •  

    Happy b’day gunnerblog! LOL it was my birthday yesterday and Gael Clichy’s as well!

  20. davey b   •  

    reason’s we dont need lassana diarra at arsenal ,diaby cmf,denilson cmf/dmf,fabregas cmf/am,gilberto dmf,flamini dmf/LB/RB

    hoyte RB,eboue RB ,sagna RB/CB,toure CB/RB ,gallas,CB/RB/LB,

  21. gazzap   •  

    maybe Diarra will take Gilberto’s spot and Gilberto will go back into defence. might work. dont know. all this converting players is doing my head in though. main point – he aint a winger.

  22. fc   •  

    good news about diarra but where would he fit if denilson is going to replace gilberto or diaby will turn in a winger

  23. davey b   •  

    Gilberto is just a shamble’s at CB as gallas & toure are

  24. Uk bubbler   •  

    I don’t think that story’s got to much juice in it, maybe but I don’t think so. All summer media’s pretty much got it wrong. I agree please no more RB/LB pls unless shit hot.

  25. irma   •  

    Happy birthday Gunnerblog!! it’s one of my daily websites so yeah :]

  26. Nacer   •  

    happy b day gunnerblog!
    i dont want lassima diarra….
    1..he’s shit
    2….he’s not worth 4.5 mil or watever it is
    3…we dont need a fucking CB, we need a fucking winger!
    sorry for getting angry…
    illl calm down!

  27. TH14 aka Fab4   •  

    Happy birthday Gunnerblog!!
    Diarra Er, what size is he?

  28. TH14 aka Fab4   •  

    Wenger will get confused with all this not playing players in their natural position!

  29. Phil442   •  

    Happy B-day mate, tremendous blog you got going here

    So any news on any wingers?

  30. Phil442   •  

    Diarra??? Is getting the best competition for right back the best way to win the league?

  31. Uk bubbler   •  

    I guess TH14 aka Fab4, it’s the Ajax way of footie no set positions. I wonder if adebayor can play in goal.

  32. arnold   •  

    if arsenal win emirates cup and ajax cup i will believe in them to win the champions league am going to bet on it

  33. dj khaled   •  

    fuck gunners

  34. fc arsenal   •  

    best 11 in the premiership

    __________ Adebayor __________
    Da Silva________________ Persie
    ______ Rosicky____Fabregas_____
    __________ Gilberto____________
    _Sagna________________ Eboue
    _______ Gallas__ Toure________
    _________ Lehmann___________

  35. Uk bubbler   •  

    dj khaled is that the best you can come up with, OK! you a spud fan i guess, explains the mentality.

  36. Jerry   •  

    Happy birthday Gunnerblog, I hereby toast the 3 years and however many more years GS can be arsed to keep it going.

    Shame about Di Maria although could he be being parked at Benfica for a couple of years? No suppose not. What the fuck was he doing quoting us for then? Perhaps Benfica just offered more aswell as being able to play him straight away. Wish FIFA invited us to play in a two bob international cup, seems the best way to get unlimited visa’s after all.

  37. HARRY   •  


  38. Fuse   •  

    dj gunners, go fuck your grandmom!!

  39. Uk bubbler   •  

    That team looks like it could do abit, like formation fc arsenal. What about subs.? It’s a pity that team can’t play all season, how many times will that be the line up.

  40. HARRY   •  


  41. Charlie Nicholas's Mullet   •  

    So the way we are gonig to challenge for the league is by signing Chelsea rejects???

  42. Anthony B   •  


    many happy returns

  43. Uk bubbler   •  

    I think it’s come to the stage were I just need to see new faces, something in reserve. Arsene should play poker, he doesn’t give you a sniff of any poss targets.

    I think he should have a secret sign for transfers only arsenal fan can understand, scratch his nose in a interview, that means were geting someone shit hot, scratch his arse, well we know what that means. Would stop all this guessing crap.

  44. Charlie Nicholas's Mullet   •  

    bubbler, or maybe he has a shit hand and on the 31st of august when we fold he has bluffing all along?

  45. Million Dead   •  

    Many happy returns Gunnerblog. Keep up the jolly good work

  46. Uk bubbler   •  

    Lets hope not, some would say his been bluffing the last 3 yrs. Like I’ve said wenger sounds very upbeat and positive about the troops, his almost got me believing again. I think his got to much pride to seat back and watch us crumble. Only problem he might walk, that’s why his not signing a contract. If these’s guys don’t do it am off, may not have energy or nous to start again.

  47. SteveRoy   •  

    Cheers from New York City Gunnerblog. A daily reader of the blog and thank you for keeping me up to date with all the happenings of AFC.

  48. Jamie   •  

    I am sick and tired of this shite from Wenger. Liverpool’s net spend for summer was 18 mil. Arsenal with total transfers in and out, transfer facility for summer…have a net total of £34 mil to spend. And yet Pool are making bigger waves with half the cash.
    Somebody made a very interesting point earlier. The difference between ourselves and Pool is that Pool made sure they had a decent team first before moving into a stadium. Over the last 3 years: 1 CL trophy, 1 CL final, 1 FA Cup trophy. Oh and a CC final also. As well as finishing ahead of us for two years in succession.
    Arsenal? Moved to a new stadium with a crap team. Did it the wrong way round! As for Wenger? When will he learn? I have to laugh cos we will never win the CL under this manager. Tactics are too rubbish. Explains why he’s lost all the euro finals he’s made. No players in yet he’s talking about this team competing? Time to make our feelings clear. Money is clearly there from player sales. What the fuck is happening to it? Where is it going? The stadium repayments are a separate issue. This is beyond a joke. Ridiculous. No ambition and I can only wish Thierry Henry the best. He and Messi and Ronaldinho must be wetting themselves at the thought of TH playing for this shower of shit.

  49. Jamie   •  

    Despite making several new signings in what will be their first season post-Thierry Henry, Arsenal’s summer spending has been dwarfed by that of Manchester United and Liverpool, while Chelsea have continued to strengthen and Tottenham have purchased a number of big hitters in a major effort to climb into the top four.

    “An acceptable season for this club is to fight for the championship,” Wenger said. “Last year, sitting 16 points behind the leader at the end of October or beginning of November was not acceptable. We have to be in there in March, April and May. It’s different to lose it by a couple of points but to be out of it by November was not acceptable because the title, and the Champions League, are the major trophies.

    “We knew we were facing major competition last season in terms of clubs who invest a lot of money and chose a different way. But this is the year when, although we still have a very young team, we can’t say we lack experience.”

  50. Jamie   •  

    Right. So, Arsene Wenger has finally admitted there are no more excuses. So the Apologists can stick that in their pipe and smoke it. AW has said: ‘NO MORE EXCUSES’. THIS IS THE YEAR.

    Therefore, I fully expect Arsene Wenger to fuck off and go after we are yet again eighteen pts behind the leaders come November.

  51. Jamie   •  

    ”Inter’s World Cup central defender Marco Materazzi suggested that Arsenal would be half the team without Henry, a view shared by a good number of experts.”

    All these arse-bags like VLC Gooner that cry and cry because people are ‘doom-mongering’…get fecking real. This team is literally in the shit. Crisis. We will probably not finish 4th next season and will do nothing in Europe. 4 years ago any player in Europe would have joined us. Now we struggle to persuade young Argies to sign and are left with nothing but crap, abject DROSS. e.g. Sagna, the 4th-choice France left-back. Eduardo, the Fake Brazilian from a terrible league.
    And now we are allegedly pursuing Chelski rejects. United, Chav and Pool shit all over our shower of pooh. Easy. Any of their midfield or attack waltzes into our first-team. NONE of ours bar Cesc, gets into theirs.

    And AW thinks we’re going places? Ha ha ha ha ha.
    Time to get off the crystal meth.

  52. Blacks Are Red   •  

    As a couple of people said in the last post, we have Fulham, Blackburn & Man City as our first three matches. If we fail to get at least 6 points from those games, we are out of the title race. Sad, but true.

    As Wenger has said this evening, for Arsenal not to challenge for the title & be out of it by November is totally “unacceptable”. So that 2 seasons which are unacceptable already, it may well be a third by next May.

  53. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    55. Jamie – so, we’re literally in the shits? Did I miss the day every Arsenal player was handed shit-covered undergarments at training and stomped in the latrine before heading off to the field?

    Damn, man. We’re weaker this year, for sure. The difference between Liverpool and Arsenal is Benetiz and Wenger. Wenger’s ambitious enough to chase immortality, vain enough to do it his way, and patient enough to constructing his own mythical team to do so. He’s changed the DNA of the club. Benetiz just wants to win a trophy. When he gets tired of England, he’ll leave and Liverpool will back where they are now.

  54. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Gunnerblog. May your genitalia be as big as mine.

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  56. Jamie   •  

    Erm…so what’s your point WEG? Benitez = likes to win trophies.
    Wenger = egotistical comedian who is convinced he will win the league with his methods.

    Wow. Ok so let’s see how his ‘methods’ have been going ever since he decided to break up a winning team:
    12, 24 and 21 pts behind. Out of everything in March last season. Lost to various rubbish sides and one of the poorest squads under his tenure.

    So the difference is…Benitez wants trophies.
    Wenger erm…wants to do it ‘his way’ but will end up walking or getting the sack anyway – and hence making your statement utterly ridiculous. Mind you, you Apologists will use any excuse. Dear God do you even realize how silly you sound! ‘Benitez wants trophies noww’…Wenger wants them in 72 years.

    Some people will use any excuse….I might not be around in 72 years when our latest embryo has developed so, after 3 years of being patient I think it’s not too much to ask for Wenger to AT LEAST finish within 3 pts of the leaders. Frankly…I think we should sack him within the next week if he has not signed a new deal. That way, we can get Ramos or Capello in asap. They would come because the cash is there. Specially Ramos, who knows how to work with small budgets and young players.

    One thing I would do. I would let AW take charge of the CL qualifier first. Once that’s out the way…then we can say ‘Bye bye’ and then finally get somebody that doesn’t say ‘winning isn’t everything’.

    WEG you’re indoctrinated dude…

  57. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    10. averagely-endowed gooner – well done, little brother.

  58. Well-endowed gooner   •  

    I’m saying that Liverpool are borrowing to buy Torres, Babel et al. That’s on top of the money to build Stanley Park, which is on top of the money borrowed to buy the club. That’s a lot of borrowing. If it goes wrong, Benetiz simply resigns and re-signs with a La Liga club.

    Wenger’s got that 40 million warchest as well. Arsenal’s got an equivalent debt. Only, Wenger’s interested in what’s going to happen 30 years down the track. He’s not game enough to bet the future.

    You might not be around in 72 years, but I’m sure your kids (or at least the next generation of Arsenal supporters) would prefer a solvent, vibrant club, rather than a hallway full of dusty trophies for a club that no one remembers.

    Please explain why Capello would want to come to Arsenal. He’s a highly-decorated coach who could walk into any club in the world. Why would he choose Arsenal? The money isn’t there. Forget what the board says, and look at the transfer figures. We sold the Invincibles because their wages were too high. We only buy what we can sell (it can’t be coincidence that this year’s ins and outs match up exactly). We’ve got a 600 million mortgage and any sensible businessman would tell you that you pay off the house before you buy the Lamborghini.

    Like it or lump it, Wenger’s indispensable.

  59. Hystrionix   •  

    Yo sorry WEG but Wenger is NOT ‘indispensible’.
    Nobody is. Wenger has turned Arsenal into a mediocre side over the past three years and his ego and stubborness now mean that we have the weakest team since he’s been in charge.
    Wenger is anything BUT indespensible.
    Mind you, unbelievable to hear that a manager that has been lvigin off his reputation for three years and has proceeded to destroy the respect and standing this great club once had, is ‘indispensible’.
    No wonder there’s no winning mentality at this club these days.
    A manager with zero competence over three straight years is anything BUT indispensible. Oh, and to all those that use the example of Fergie going 3 years without a thing before winning the league, please remember that United never finished 24 and 21 points off top spot in succession. Oh yeah and they actually spent £19m on proven PL quality. BIG difference with the cheap crap we pay through the nose to watch….

  60. Hystrionix   •  

    And WEG I repeat: look at the amount of cash made from player sales PLUS the minimal transfer chest we had…and the cash IS there to spend. Please stop trying to find weak excuses to justify Wenger’s shit decisions and weak management whereby Cesc says what he likes and is made vice and where Gallas says whatever and is considered for captaincies.

    Let me see…Edelman, Hill-Wood and Wenger himself ALL state that there is ‘more than plenty’ of money to spend on players.
    Figures from incomings and outgoings also say that cash is there.

    Oz blogger sitting at home with hand down his trousers claims there isn’t.

    Please forgive me if I choose to believe the former….

  61. Fake Brazilian   •  

    Is it just me or does anybody else wish Thierry Henry would just shut the fuck up? All this ‘I am an Arsenal fan’ and this bullshit about ‘Arsenal have every chance of winning the league’.
    Expect the rose-tinted brigade to jump on Thierry’s comments as proof of us being the bestest team in the land! Yeah sure.
    Henry believes in how good this Arsenal side are so much so, that he engineered a move away as soon as he possibly could.
    Lol. Course Henry thinks this team has an excellent chance of winning the league. On the PlayStation perhaps….

    No bottle, no courage, no heart, no desire, no winning mentality, no tactics, no shape, no cohesion as a unit, crap defending, rubbish strikers, non-tackling midfielder, non-committed players, Charlie big-bollocks, no shame, no experience and absolutely NO CHANCE.

    I am definitely writing these lot off. Would be glad to give everybody on this blog a tenner each if this Arsenal side can even finish within 5 points of the leaders….(unless AW finally realises ‘La Liga has finished’ and goes out there and makes a big motherfucker of a signing. Yeah right, ha ha ha)…

  62. vlcgooner   •  

    Hey Jamie. Nice to come on and see myself singled out for “crying and crying”. It is a funny accusation from somebody who seems think that the world is ending. I have agreed with everybody that we are lacking depth and could use one or two top, top players. If nothing else, Reyes could be forced back. Like many of our players he can play multiple positions, which is needed on a small team. But spending doesn’t win the championship. Ask Real Madrid. What I have said, and I stick by it, is that the team that we have now accomplished a lot last year against big clubs but lacked the consistency and experience to break down the smaller clubs. That tells me that talent was not the issue. The issue was defensive organization on set pieces, sloppy finishing, and as George C. said (and I agree) an unwillingness to push counter-attacks on those rare occasions when we have them. Again, I think a couple of more players would be good, and I think they may be signed (despite what Wenger says). But I don’t think that more players is either the answer or the main answer. Take some prozac, light up, do what ever you need to chill a little. Your whinning and name calling really is a bit tiring. When I come on here I put arguments forward, and when somebody makes a good point I am always willing to reconsider.

  63. Chad   •  

    A pint up in your honour.. between you and Arseblog. I have barely been able to keep my sanity!
    and to a quality season and several more years!
    Chad (Tulsa)

  64. Simmzy   •  

    Happy Birthday indeed.

    Looks as though Gelbs has changed usernames again (Fake Brazilian), haha.

  65. Fake Brazilian   •  

    Arsene Wenger is now, officially, a fucking bastard.
    What a complete joke this guy cannot do ANYTHING right anymore. Seen the latest news on dog-Dudu? Just in case you missed it all, allowe me to recap….AW sells some guy called Thierry Henry. Cheap to our parent club. Brings in rubbish Fake Brazilian ‘striker’. Insists he needs ‘no more strikers’. Which is strange cos all the ones he has are rubbish bar RVP.
    And now guess what?
    The top players that are given work permits on the basis of ‘exceptional talent’…you know the likes of Nani…Edu….the top-quality players get permits. Well dear Gooner chums, it seems that people down at the Home Office have now also realized that Eduardo is in fact nothing but third-rate dross dog-‘Dudu’ as, they have rejected his request for a work permit on the basis of ‘exceptional talent’! LOL.
    Anyone think they saw him against Salzburg?

    I am actually excited by this news. EXCITED. Hopefully Eduardo can feck off back to his crap league and then we can either:
    a) Get serious and sign Huntelaar or Van der Vaart/Anelka
    b) Get in the popcorn and take ring-side seats at the Arsene Wenger F.C Comedy Club. Because I can guarantee you that if Dudu gets his work permit rejected on appeal and then Arsene Wenger goes on to tell us ‘we will not be signing anybody’ then I will laugh so fucking hard its untrue!
    Picture it now. RVP-AdeTool-Bendtner. That’s it.

    What does it go to show? That Arsene does not ‘Know’.
    Pathetic. Gets rid of Henry, brings in fake Brazilian. Could not even get a top one whose quality would never be questioned. Got a budget one that might not even be able to play for us. And now every top player on the transfer market that was available has gone bar Huntelaar and Anelka. Which goes to show how out of touch AW is with why you need a strong SQUAD. If Dudu is sent packing (I will laugh if he is) then AW would have had his bluff well and truly called.
    Imagine he is then subsequently unable to sign anyone proper after that? LOL.

    Come on rose-tinted brigade…I thought that Dudu was going to be the bestest thing in the world since Hovis? This manager is no longer serious and I can no longer take him seriously. Cannot even get his signings right on the admin side. Let alone the playing side….

  66. Fake Brazilian   •  

    Complete joke. The irony is, before Henry left we needed to ADD a quality striker anyway. Now Henry has gone all Wenger has done is to ‘replace’ him with some cheap fourth-rate model…that might not even be able to play! Well done Arsene, well done board. Your inpompetence never ceases to amaze me.
    Spectacular rubbish you both are…..deserve each other…
    Hey maybe I’ll get a game at home to Fulham in August huh?
    Not as if there’s anyone better once RVP gets his now-familiar injury. Oh yeah. We also need 2 wingers (we know they won’t come) cos I have no idea how Rosicky earns a salary for spending all his time on the treatment table. Add that one to the signings of Reyes, Dog-crap Dudu, Flamini, Ade-Tool, Cygan…Arsene Wenger cannot even sign good players anymore. Last top signing he made was the one of RVP in 2004. 3 years ago.

    Gallas? Forced upon him due to Cole. Not a player he actually actively pursued.
    Cesc? Was poached as a chil, not signed for any proper transfer fee. We paid small sum for him at tribunal.

    Also glad to see that certain other bloggers have also realised that Clichy is unbelievable overrated by the rose-tinted brigade. You want me to suggest solutions and be constructive? Fine here ges: either Arsene Wenger signs a new contract within the next 3 weeks, or the board sack him and replace him with Ramos. Contact Ramos now and ask him what signings he would be interested in. Get Friar to secire deals with those signings. Sack Wenger when he has nto signed his deal in 3 weeks. Bring in Ramos, who surely cares about winning, is not smoking crack and delusional and who has proved himself a superior manager (in Europe AND the league) in every possible way over the last three years.

    Enough of this shocking youth experiment.

  67. Simmzy   •  

    I refuse to read long posts.

    But that link, however, is a little worrying.

  68. ey   •  

    Fake Brazilian is so thick that he doesn’t realize that Vander Vaart is not a striker, and that Huntelaar is basically a dutch Eduardo. A Good finisher playing in a rubbish league and scoring many goals. He’s even younger and more unproven than Da Silva you thick fuck.

    Basically the fact that you don’t grasp any of this makes the rest of your comment absilutely worthless.

  69. GunnerShabz   •  

    van der vaart does not play on the wing, no way

    he likes to drift off the strikers and we got plenty of players who can do that

  70. Simmzy   •  

    ey, although I agree with you, I reckon the Dutch league is a whole lot better than the Croatian one.

  71. jamie   •  

    77th gun!

  72. Louisa   •  

    I’m always like the 975th gun here.. but Happy Birthday Gunnerblog! Keep up the great work! :)

  73. Ruralgoon   •  

    Morning fellow gooners especially if you’re stuck indoors working when it’s acttually a nice day for once!!

    GS; sorry, I left before I read your post- yes it was the war and peace post… and belated “happy Birthday” I had an extra drink for you last night… regretting it slightly this morning!

  74. Non Edible Nacho   •  

    Heh, I think I found out who the guy “who posts such inane, depressing drivel under different names, I’m surprised he hasn’t offed himelf” on this blog. It didn’t take too long, mind.

  75. Non Edible Nacho   •  

    Heh, I think I found out who the guy “who posts such inane, depressing drivel under different names, I’m surprised he hasn’t offed himelf” on this blog was. It didn’t take too long, mind.

  76. Non Edible Nacho   •  

    For a change, I post almost the same thing under the same name, you see.

  77. Non Edible Nacho   •  

    Apparently Anderson was also granted his work permit on an appeal. Anyway, I am outraged at this shit. What criteria didn’t he meet? He featured in EVERY game for his NT last season!

  78. Munesh   •  

    A belated birthday wish

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