New signings: Why it won’t be Gallas…

My brother is a heretic Chelsea fan. Today is their open training day, where they all go down to Stamford Bridge to watch the players be put through their paces. Said brother was particularly excited today, as he knew he’d get a glimpse of their new stars, Ballack and Shevchenko.

However, what he was not expecting was to see William Gallas turn up. The supposedly wantaway defender appeared in the centre circle, and recieved a huge standing ovation from the crowd, which he returned with applause.

The Chelsea store had no hesitation in selling printed Gallas shirts, with the number 3 which had supposedly been destined for Ashley Cole across the back.

I don’t think that means that Cole is staying with Arsenal, but apparently the big news at the Bridge was that Gallas didn’t appear to be going anywhere. He and Mourinho have seemingly made peace, which is remarkably easy when you have Roman’s roubles as a catalyst.

If then, as arseblogger suggests, there are to be signings, brace yourself: I worry we could see the walking calamity that is Eric Abidal in an Arsenal shirt sometime soon.

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  1. Red Square   •  

    Gallas can still turn up to training, he has to otherwise he’ll get fined and things would just get all tangled up and nasty.

    Oh and the Chelsea store don’t mind selling anything to people willing to pay!

  2. Khunthol   •  

    I wouldn’t call Abidal a walking calamity. He did ok at the World Cup, no more, no less. To me he is not the answer to Arsenal’s problems, but he is not as bad as suggested in the article.

    I hope redsquare is right – Gallas for Emirates.

  3. g   •  

    Having seen Abidal in the world cup, I hope he does not arrive at the Emirates.

  4. Arse   •  

    Dont forget thats still an easy swap. Cole comes in & gallas leaves (be it to arsenal or elsewhere) & they just swap the name on the 3 shirt. Something is going to happen but I think we will all have to sit tight until wednesday as wenger is out in croatia & its highly possible that the player coming in wants to see how we get on tomorrow night before committing.

  5. Chelseafan   •  

    Ah I wouldn’t be so hard on Abidal. I watched a lot of French football in the last year and he’s not as bad as he looked at the WC. And besides you have Wenger… he somehow makes stars out of even the slightest bit of talent. I enjoy Chelsea’s success and Mourinho for everything he is (yes, arrogance and all) but you can’t deny Wengers talent for turning good players into fantastic ones. Give the lad a chance ;)

  6. Ash   •  

    Abidal is a fine player. Going forward he is not a Grosso or a Zambrotta but he is a solid player. I think he would be a great CB for Arsenal and he can obviously play LB

  7. goonerboy   •  

    Abidal was the worst starting player in France’s XI by some way. I’d rather Flamini and keep the cash. The Gallas thing was just talk by his agent to improve Gallas’s deal.

  8. Alan 14   •  

    I think come Wednesday or Thursday we will known who it is but,i think if Gallas where to leave Chelsea he will go abroad,i haven`t seen Abidal too much in action but still he plays for Lyon which is a good team,and for france at LB where they have also the likes of evra,silvestre,givet…..

  9. mickeymouse   •  

    my you should learn a little bit mr blog starter.

    you really think those money grabbing kossacks are going to refuse to sell gallas shirts?

    don’t you remember cole (aka chelsea rent boy) showed up for training last week?

    do you really think the new arsenal superstore wouldn’t sell a ‘cole’ shirt to you if you asked…

    your scoop is merely an observation – the real news is that gallas’ rep was with wenger all day sunday.

    now that is news.

  10. slev   •  

    wow mickeymouse, back off.

    1. the team wouldn’t sell the shirts if fans didn’t buy them. it sounds like Chelsea fans think Gallas is staying, which isn’t a ridiculous conclusion to draw.

    2. there is a difference between Cole showing up for traiing (when the entire first tem is on the preseason tour) and feigning illness to leave after a few hours and Gallas, who showed up to training in front of the fans and was applauded by them. false analogy.

    3. see point one. of course arsenal will sell you the shirt if you ask for it. why wouldn’t they? “uh, no, we won’t do that, cause we may or may not sell him.”

    4. scoop? when did he say he had a scoop? who are you so angry at?

    as a side note, i rate abidal highly. he doesn’t get forward, but he is versatile and strong in the tackle.

    mickymouse drinks his own urine

  11. O   •  

    i pray tht abidal comes to arsenal…good young strength with world cup experience…i dnt think gallas would want 2 even come 2 arsenal and i get the impression from the world cup and chelsea he is pretty hard 2 work with……bt we must def. buy abidal

  12. Sin   •  

    Abidal is better as a CB for Lyon, but a liability at LB. But even at his club he has been nervy. Decent player, but not sure Wenger would really want him. He’s not an upgrade over Djorou or Senderos. How much will he cost for a three-month rental?

  13. Joe HY   •  

    no doubt abidal was the worse player for france in wc. indeed he has speed which is is greatest asset but he never knows where to go with the ball. during the wc, he only seemed to be heading to the corner flag all the time. clichy & flamini are much better.

  14. leicester gooner   •  

    Chelsea will not let Gallas go to Arsenal even if he wants to go – so no more silly transfer rumours about this player.It will not happen!

  15. Sylvain   •  

    Ribery did the similar thing today, came to train with his smile on his face and had a run around for an hour. And we all know by now that he’s leaving the club.

    Although i stilll think Gallas won’t be coming to Arsenal, but yr argument doesn’t mean a thing.

  16. Scottish Goona ( 13 )   •  

    i think abidal is a good player and he deserves a chance. NO way would gallas come to arsenal. and as ALAN 14 said ” he would go abroad “. Flamini is a good player and has done realy well at left back and remember he was used as a central midfeilder the season before. Arsene is a brilliant manager and is good at bringing up the youngsters like nikolas Bendtnar who is away to birmingham now (i think) no-one knew about him.

    I hope CESC FABREGAS stays hes the new vieira

  17. Chaz   •  

    Don’t be so keen to dismiss Abidal simply ‘cos he had himself a bad summer tournament. That means precious little. Afterall, Ronaldinho was rather shambolic himself and yet, I’m sure we wouldn’t turn him down. It’s different of course but from what I hear, not myself being a keen watcher of French football, the fella had himself a good last season where the league was concerned. I think you should judge a player, not on his world cup performance but his performance in the league last season of whatever country he plays in, personally.

    We’ve apparently tabled an £18M bid together for Ribery too.

  18. Joe HY   •  

    most probably we wont be signing ribery. this is the latest quote from le boss:
    “If you look at the flanks we have [Tomas] Rosicky, who is not an average player, [Alexander] Hleb, [Jose Antonio] Reyes, [Theo] Walcott… also Ljungberg – where do I put a player like Ribery?”
    apparently, walcott would be developed as a winger. not a bad idea as i think he would be a bit lightweight if he plays as a striker. moreover, we need goal scoring midfielder since bobby has left & hleb & rocisky (not to be deceived by his 2 goals in wc) do not have good goal scoring record. hope ljungberg could rediscover his scoring touch

  19. Chaz   •  

    Yeah. Just caught that quote myself after my post. Looks like he’s playing down our interest. I think it’s always been more Ribery wanting Arsenal than Arsenal wanting Ribery, to be honest.

  20. nightmonkey   •  

    Gallas is just pushing for a a big contract at Chelsea & parity with the other high earners, that is all, he won’t be playing in red & white next season.

  21. Sylvain   •  

    You don’t need to be a genius to realize that Ribery is moving to Lyon or Real Madrid. There’s no Arsenal at all, the only link him with us is because of that picture Henry was hugging him and the questionable quote about him prefering a move to EPL with French manager (which no spanish nor french media caught that quote apart from fansfc and other gullible english media).

    And Gallas won’t be here too. Its already a certain by now its not Abidal either, JM Aulas has made it clear that Abidal is not for sale for anything less than 18 mil euro. And we all know Aulas will nvr settled lower than his valuation, i mean NEVER.

    So, who’s the mystery signing? It will be made very clear after Arsenal guaranteed the Champions League spot.

  22. Joe HY   •  

    my guess is we’ll signed the 23-year old shilla illiasu and the 25-year old alou diarra both who featured in wc. le boss has promised 2 experienced signing & both are available cheaply (illiasu – 500k & diarra 4 mil release clause). since we have already spent 6.8 mil for rocisky, if the we really happened to sign these 2 players, our spending would be just about reaching our limit of 12 mil (if rumours were to be believed). wonder what happened to kolo’s little bro. 2 months ago, he seemed to be very determined to leave olympiakos.

  23. arsenals bombay chapter   •  

    have a pretty strong gut feeling that this time wenger will sign an established player and not a relative unknown with potential.

  24. Sin   •  

    Chaz, I’ve watched him play for Lyon. As I said, he’s not very good at left back, and is not as good as Djorou and Senderos at CB.

  25. Joe HY   •  

    we have enough skills in our team. time for some steely reinforcement especially in the midfield where we suffered the most last season. skill or steel? any preference?

  26. Tom   •  

    It doesn’t take much to get us excited does it…the substance of the Abidal rumours (such as it is) is one quote from about a week ago where Abidal said he’s happy playing for Lyon but that he’d find it hard to turn down a team like Arsenal or Barcelona (or words to that effect). That’s it. It scarcely merits comment. For what it’s worth I think Abidal was utterly bog standard during the World Cup, it made me think that if Clichy hadn’t been injured for most of last season he would have had a good shout at getting in the France side – he looks a much better prospect. Anyway, safe to say we won’t be signing Abidal (or Malouda – now he looked properly shite). I’d guess no Ribery, Gallas or Diarra either. Arsene loves suprising us…

    All this and an actual competitive football match tomorrow…come on you glorious Gooners !

  27. Bob   •  

    The mystery centre-back is Jean Alain Boumsong. And I’m not going to tell you how I know. But you heard it here first.

  28. Jamie Pullman   •  

    Boumsong? God, no! We’d be better off signing Jasper Carrott.

  29. Rohan   •  

    True but with Wenger’s quality and him being French he might fit in well and play much better. Before he moved to Newcastle he was aite.

  30. Ghunter_sax   •  

    [BOB] I don’t think this is really funny! let it be on your head if i have a stroke when i wake up this morning…

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  32. Gooner for 59 years   •  

    Last year we played 8 players at left back. Say Cole is leaving, Larssen gone that leaves 6…all of whom, (OK maybe not Pas!) look more useful than Abidal.

  33. suckin lemons is fun   •  


  34. DeiseGooner   •  

    Abidal – It was one quote and a nothing one at that , chill your beans lemon sucker.
    Who was the last player you signed for Arsenal ? cause you seem to have the impression fans buy players for their club !! Interesting concept

  35. Badger   •  

    Does anyone else think Wenger saying the Cole thing needs to be sorted by this week, plays into Chelsea’s hands?

  36. Evans   •  

    I think that the fact Gallas has been given the number 3 says that it is likely that he will be used as part of the Cole deal. They have given him the shirt that Ashley will almost certainly be given. This is certainly a marketing ploy to squeeze extra pennies out of their much loved fans, but they could also be trying to scare us into thinking that they will not pay stupid money for Cole. The only problrm is that we all know that Chelsea will pay silly money. My prediction: at least £12 millon + Gallas.

  37. GoonerHopeful   •  

    Wenger will buy Lucas Neill from Blackburn. Ull see. as well as ribery coz reyes will be off to madrid. Ribery scores goals as well. Unlike Hleb who is a brilliant player. he just does not hav the scoring touch.Nice goal against albion last year though. Rosicky does only hav a place on the bench until freddie and reyes are gone. Abidal is a class player. Malouda also did well at the world cup. Boumsong is a toilet signing, if he signs BOB. Neill is a aussie hero.

  38. gazzap   •  

    I said yesterday that Illiasu and Alou Diarra seemed like the most likely pair to come in. they are wenger signings all over.

    The Boumsong Rumour though is interesting. he is french and played well before he was at Newcastle. Arsenal are about the only club who could afford his wages. you’d have to think if he cant handle the pace of the prem at Newcastle, why would he fair better at Arsenal?

  39. DeiseGooner   •  

    Boumsong – no thanks. Illiasu and Alou Diarra sound likely. Unless Wenger has an ace up his sleeve ?

  40. gunner8   •  

    Sylvan mystery signing is Ribery… …he will only go yo a team in CL, not much of a mystery

    Joe HY Gooner – Walcott will be developed like Henry… …first as a winger to find the pace while he builds strength and 1st touch, then as Henry’s direct replacement

    Tom Malouda is shite as shite can be… …brown and green with bits of corn

    Bob – Funny

    Rohan – that is because he was playing with Mexes

    GoonerHopefull – you smoke crack and talk shite, Rosicky behind an injured Ljungberg and nofirstouch reyes (who will hopefully go)

    Rosicky is a Central Mid Who can play on the wing …. …. Lucas Neill and Boumsong hahaahahahahahahahaah

    Malouda was pants in the WC, worse than Abidal

  41. Gelbs   •  

    Wenger and ppl saying tonights game is a patched up team. I disagree. Because we have such a light squad, this team is close to full strength. The only key player missing is Henry and possibly Senderos. And Wenger better get used to it. Because this will be the same old story during the season where it will be even worse. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we lose tonight 1-0. This team is so lightweight. No strength in the heart of the midfield, no strength on the flanks, and a 4th choice Cygan now becoming 1st choice. Once upon a time we could rely on the toughness of a Ray Parlour and a certain Vieira. Not now. Oh dear…

  42. DeiseGooner   •  

    Lehman, Senderos, Lauren, and LB (Clichy perhaps) would all be first choice so it is somewhat understrength but i wouldntnt say patched up.

    Ray was a grafter and had a great attitude but hardlyset the world alight did he. Id have cesc over the ginger permed one anyday. Strength on the flanks ? Eboue, Hleb and Reyes look like quality to me.

    Listened to that interview with Wenger – he says arsenal have never spoken with Gallas himself, his agent or Chelsea about signing him.

  43. Gelbs   •  

    Hleb, Reyes, Rosicky are still lightweight. By that I mean they are ball players as opposed to ball winners. You go in hard on them or close them down fast, they can’t play. Parlour on the right flank would battle and win the ball. He would never bottle it. And he could do a job in the centre. Remember, if you allow Arsenal space (like any team) they can destroy you. But the past couple of seasons teams like Bolton etc, have worked out how to snuff out Arsenal. You go in hard on them, they won’t give what they get. Arsenal are well known for their fantastic ball playing, but our ball winning and getting stuck in and hardness rarely excists. When the going gets tough, we can’t cope. As it proved so many times last season. This team tonight will be hard and tough. Make no mistake. What’s the chances of getting even more injuries?

  44. Badger   •  

    Actually we have 9 players out: Henry, Lehmann, Lauren, Clichy, Senderos, Diaby, Ljungberg, Walcott, Cole. We are’t even close to full strength.

  45. Gelbs   •  

    9 players out. Well, looking at those players. With the exception of Henry and maybe Senderos, the rest of those players aren’t exactly brilliant regulars. Just potential. Lehmann isn’t an out field player, Lauren is irrelevant because he hasn’t played so months, Ljungberg is no longer a threat or a player he once was, Cole has played his last game for Arsenal, Walcott isn’t a regular, and Senderos I am still unsure of anyway. And Diaby seems good but too early to judge him. My point is, apart from Henry, none of those players wouldn’t really make Arsenal alot stronger anyway.

  46. LondonGooner   •  

    Gelbs, stop cutting and pasting (i saw them on another site) your miserable , doom mongering comments and come up with something fresh! and potentially even supportive of the team, you claim, to support!

  47. Badger   •  

    Nonsense. Henry, Lehmann, Senderos, Cole are all first teamers. Lauren has always been first team until he got injured. Wenger always picks Ljungberg when he’s fit. Given that Cole has gone Clichy is now a first teamer. Even Diaby is arguaby a first teamer in the new 4-1-4-1 system Wenger uses away from home now a lot. Walcott i grant you isn’t a first teamer but he’s been to the world cup. He must be close to playing. He’d be a sub if fit coming on for impact. Add to that we’ve lost Campbell, Pires and Bergkamp and we’re 12 players down from May. Still think we’ll win though …

  48. Badger   •  

    Ps. If we can stay close to the top for the next few years and thus keep all our players we will be an awesome team in 3 years …

  49. Chaz   •  

    Sin – Well, I’ve heard otherwise. Of course, I can’t comment myself, as like I’ve said, personally, I don’t ever remember seeing him play in the league last season. I’ll reserve my judgement I guess until I see him in an Arsenal shirt which will probably not even happen.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game. We should ace them, but have to be wary also. Here’s to hoping that we can take a strong advantage, go all out, and grab ourselves some goals.

  50. Hypo   •  

    Why are everybody saying Chealsea won’t sell Gallas to Arsenal?
    To me that doesn’t make any sense at all, after all we all expect Arseshley Cole to move to Chealski and isn’t that the same thing?

  51. gaga   •  

    Gelbs and his lot should stop rewinding the tired line of close down arsenal like the boltons do and they do not play as they do not have ball winners. s**t. i look at the games last season where arsenal lost because of “lack of ball winners” and in a good number of them i see games where arsenal lost several opportunities. opportunities which if they were converted would have meant a win. so when your players get opportunities and cannot convert its not because you do not have an american football player in your midfield.

    In most of those games arsenal could have won if only they scored first and they mostly lost by a margin of 1 goal.

    to me this is a result of lack of believe, the drive and determination to come back from a goal down etc and nothing to do with lack of “Gelb whiners”!

    not to forget the fact that football is at times all about lack. remember how we won our last fa cup.

  52. Alan 14   •  

    Hypo,i dont think its the same situation coz A.Cole is expensive and only chelsea can ever match our asking price

  53. gaga   •  

    i mean about luck. not lack.

  54. gazzap   •  

    in a way gaga (not the real gaga?) is right. If Arsenal had a fox in the box and a more experienced defence Arsenal would have won a lot more games in the prem last season. only a few games were solely down to a lack of midfield presence.

    trouble is wenger bought the right player, its not his fault Diaby is injured. Would any manager bring in a world class midielder to cover an injury? what would happen when the player returns? you’re new man does not get a game. Only mourinho would do that.

    having said that if Diarra joins then Wenger has exactly that sort of problem. But Diarra would have a lot prove as he was a flop at Liverpool. ie he is not a world class auto first choice player.

  55. gazzap   •  

    But perhaps it wont be Diarra after all. wenger said he was experienced and I get the impression that the move depends on whether we get a good result tonight. Diarra would come to us regardless of us being in CL, its not like Lens are in it.
    So its an experienced player who would only come if we in the CL. but I still dont think its Gallas. for me he is either staying at chavski or going to spain. that deal would be too complicated. wenger made it sound like this deal is almost wrapped up. How about Hargreaves?

    Could it be a name that has not appeared on any message boards this summer? You never know with Wenger.

  56. gazzap   •  

    Baptista sort of ticks all the boxes too.

  57. gazzap   •  

    or Yaya Toure. I dont think he’s signed for Monaco yet.

  58. ruralgoon   •  

    do we really want Gallas anyway? The only weak position [from watching last season] is centre back. Wondering if arsene is plotting on using Lauren there when he returns to fitness? Then again, perhaps we should really be cheeky and offer cole in exchange for john Terry!! Failing that, ask Winterburn to come out of retirement after seeing some of the tackles in dens testimonial

  59. Gelbs   •  

    If your saying we don’t win games because we lack that certain striker etc, I guess Wenger hasn’t learnt still from that mistake. And I agree.

  60. Gaga   •  

    Yes Gazzap, not the real Gaga. It’s Gaga with a capital G.
    And I hope you can tell by simply reading a comment that it’s not me. Everyone has their own writing style, and I hope you can tell when it’s not me.

  61. Gaga   •  

    These tabloids are a bit unclever. So Reyes has “sparked fury” at Arsenal coz of posing in a Real shirt? And so he was pictured in yesterday’s Marca? You’d think the photos were taken this week, no? Turns out the photos were taken before we played them in the CL. AND THAT, YOU FUCKING MORONS, WAS IN FEBRUARY! GODDAMMIT.

  62. Gaga   •  

    Hagreaves ticks most boxes:
    I saw Hagreaves at the World cup, and I’d say he was one of your better players in the tournament, if not outright best. Then i saw him make a coupla crossover and pass move on someone, close to the D, and I’m like, “Hagreaves never does that! Was he in Real c.a. 2000?” So in short, me likes him, and if signed for us, you wouldn’t hear me complain. And he is not slow either, is he?
    Baptista ticks the boxes:
    I gather the comments he made about Arsenal, after signing for Real last season, were not exactly flattering. But then again, his performances for Real were not exactly flattering either, were they? So that makes it two of us mate, and if he was to come over, I’d be very well pleased. There was a reason Wenger wanted him in the first place, and like they say, form is temporary, but class is permanent. And I’d risk my football acumen by saying that Baptista is class indeed.
    Yaya Toure ticks the boxes:
    I saw him at the world cup as well, and I saw glimpses and moments that convince that he’d be a good signing for us if those glimpses and moments were to become long and consistent. We sign him, me is happy. I doubt he’d hold outfor us to be in the CL though. Olympiakos aren’t, and his rumoured destination, Monaco, aren’t either.
    On the stregnth of the waiting to see if we’re in the CL thing, I’d say it’s likelier to be Baptista or Hagreves.
    And for all you mourning about Arsenal being L’Arsenal, Hagreaves is English through and through, no?

  63. Gaga   •  

    REAL MADRID plunged Arsenal’s Champions League ambitions into turmoil last night as the Bernabeu club insisted they will hold transfer talks over Jose Antonio Reyes this week…

    Are these people paid for writing this crap?
    How the fuck does making a bid for Reyes “throw our CL ambitions into turmoil”?

  64. Alan 14   •  

    Arsenal were fab tonight,really happy.Rosicky looks good already.on wednesday i`m expecting arsenal to make the headlines in terms of transfers and tonights game

  65. LordPersie   •  

    We were fab because of ‘fab’regas. SUPER talent, defintely one of the best CM’s in the world.

    v.Persie, Hleb and Rosicky all looked good.

  66. jp72672   •  

    Seems like Reyes is going and Ribery is coming. Not a good deal, Reyes is much better player. I think the other player will in deed be Abidal.

    So it´s a crap summer through and through. We lost Ashley, Sol, Pires and Dennis – and we never replaced Vieira.

    Even Spurs have a much better team than last season, so i think it will be hard for us to finish even fourth.

  67. Alan 14   •  

    If reyes does leave which looks like its going to happen,i would really like to see Mr Wenger get ribery first coz,First I would be afraid we will not get a replacement just like the vieira situation last year,Now people known we got money,to spend and they will be greedy(The fact is we are not Chelski) remember Baptista first 12m meet their price no its 15m and so on

  68. ruralgoon   •  

    jp72672- did you not watch last night? “we didnt replace Vieira” . My arse. We already had his replacement on the books. So Fabregas wasn’t really strong enough in his first full season but the lad was only 17/18. Dunno what they’ve been feeding him over the summer but hes trebled in strength. Personally I think that our midfield last night was back to its creative best- Hleb, Rosicky and Fabregas going forwards and the ever wonderful Gilberto cleaning up with no fuss and nonsense.

  69. gunner8   •  

    Reyes vs. Ribery

    If it was a fight there would only be 1 winner, Scarface!

    Seriously, they are both fast and good with the ball while running.
    They both hustle lilke terriers

    The difference is Jose Antonio’s first touch is caca
    Ribery’s finishing is caca

    so we would swap a better finisher for someone who has a better touch on the ball.

    Wenger is the best at coaching finishers… …I would take Ribery anyday

  70. gunner8   •  

    oh and a thoroughly enjoyable second half, cracked open a bottle after RvP’s strike

    Adebayor looked strong, he is going to be very good

  71. Alan 14   •  

    I agree with Gunner8 on his view on Ribery,i hope we sign him…

  72. Rohan   •  

    I actually really don’t want to sell Ashley to Chavski, after reading Thierry’s view on it all. Why do we have to; try to convince him to stay. If we let him go We’ll be miles weaker and Thierry might want to leave due to one of the best players at the club and one of his best friends leaving… Other people will suffer. I know he’s been a piece of shit, but getting round all that shit, he is the best left back in the world. And we’re giving him to potentially the unbeatable side in the world…?

  73. gunner8   •  

    Alan 14 thanks, now what about Pascal?

    I know he is not good enough, but as a fourth he is OK (providing the other 3 are fit), my point was that even though he is slow and basically crap, his passing (range and acuracy) is great for a center back, watch him closer next time.

    Djourou was outstanding last night, I think he will be very good too, he made some great clearences and showed composure under pressure.

  74. joelman   •  

    I agree. It’s not only a case of weakening ourselves but strenghting the enemy if he goes to Chavski. We still haven’t actually heard a comment from Ashley himself about any of this have we? If he is indeed desperate to leave (which isn’t 100% confirmed) we should sell him abroad though. The only compromise would be Gallas plus money in the other direction I reckon. As far as Ribery/Reyes goes, I’d rather have Reyes, but it looks like he’s off too, so let’s go wild (and stop Gelbs moaning for 5 seconds) and get Robiniho or Torres and retrain someone else to left wing, like V Persie or Clichy (assuming Cole stays) for when Roskicy gets injured.

  75. Rohan   •  

    I like Reyes but his game is not suited to the English game (falls down and stuff like that). He tries so hard but most of the time doesn’t get results. If he wants to leave he leaves, simple as that.
    Without contradicting myself Ashely should stay even though he wants to leave.
    Ribery I’m not sure about cos Le Boss has already said that we’re not interested (i think). He’s good though, young and would link up well with Thierry, but is quite expensive.
    And this season, give Walcott a go man. If Lennon can do well in the Premiership, Theo can do better. Dunno what the World Cup and him sitting on the bench every game has done to his confidence but hopefully he’ll have a decent role to play next year.

  76. gunner8   •  


    If LeBoss said we were interested in Ribery, Chavscum would buy him… …it is called misdirection, although I personally do not think it is working well.

  77. Rohan   •  

    Nah course not…why?? Understand where you’re coming from but htey have no reason to apart from to scupper Arsenal’s plans. They did that with SWP to do this and also because they needed cover for robben and cole. They won’t.

  78. Gaga   •  

    They had Robben, Joe Cole, Damien Duff, Gudjohnsen. what did they need SWP for? They didn’t need him. They bought him simply to prevent us from getting him.

  79. Rohan   •  

    Actually yeh I’m chatting abit of shit but I don’t think Wenger’s keeping silent cos he’s afraid of Chelsea getting Ribery; he’s just not interested I don’t think. Anyway, Ribery might be on his way to Lyon now as thay tabled a £14m bid.

  80. Antimage   •  

    i agree tht ribery should come to replace reyes. while i respect reyes for his effort at arsenal, everyone can see that EPL is just not suitable for him. and his desire to move to madrid we better sent him our wishes rather than sticking to him. ribery look a promising prospect to me. he is more agile and threatenting than reyes to me. while cole should go for tht 20 million pounds. can we pls stop saying that we haven found a player to replace viera. players who are gone don need to be replace. just find another guy in tht position.

  81. Farnborough Gunner   •  

    It’s difficult to say whether AW is interested in Ribery or not, or whether we have the funds without selling Cole or Reyes anyway. But I know one thing – we need a defensive, tackling midfielder and a centre back a lot more urgently than we need another winger.

    If Reyes leaves we need to replace him, but who knows what’s going on there. Selling Reyes and signing Ribery might not be a bad switch, but at this stage we run the risk of letting Reyes go and then not sealing the purchase of a replacement. AW ought to tell Reyes that if he is so set on leaving he should have lodged transfer request at the club in May, not in the press in August. If we do sell him to Real Madrid we ought to look for a swap deal (maybe for Baptista) to ensure we get a relacement, even if it’s not like-for-like position-wise.

  82. GoGo Gunner   •  

    First of all, I think if we wrangled hard enough, we could get Gallas for Ass Cole. I would say 15m + Gallas is fair :)

    Then try get Ribery for 15m

    Then do some kinda swap deal Reyes for Baptista.

    I think we shopuld have started ransacking Juventus as soon as they were going under. We dont need any more strikers, Van Persie IF propely trained, is a machine gun waiting to be unleashed. He needs more regular games.

    In a perfect world I would have loved over the years to get:

    F. Torres
    S Wright Phillips

    Oh well…..

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