Testing… Testing… 1 2 3…

Hello?  Hello?  Apparently, I’m online.  Though of course, there’s no way I’ll know until I actually see this come up.  At which point I’ll probably regret how shit it is.

I spose I’d better throw some Arsenal news in.

Patrick Vieira is leaving.



  1. CJ   •  

    The first ever comment – behold….. sort of.

  2. Top Gunner   •  

    the sec9onde comment

  3. Tubes   •  

    shut up top gunner.

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  5. ron   •  

    hey, top 5 in the very first thread

    fuck u tubes…

  6. rocky pires   •  

    One for Sir Bob

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  8. Monserrate   •  

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  9. Al   •  

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