An hour’s passed, and thing’s are gonna be different around here…

For example, they might be a bit more red.  Which is always a good thing.  Especially when your blog is supposed to have something vaguely to do with Arsenal.

If I’m honest, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  I have no experience with anything vaguely technical.  My usual response to a problem on a computer is to press CTRL + ALT + DLT until my fingers fall off, or, should all else fail – kick it.

In other news, as I said earlier, Patrick Vieira might be leaving.  To be honest, I don’t know why we didn’t pick up on it earlier.  Whilst celebrating the title back in May, refusing to answer reporters in order to sing and dance to Arsenal tunes, he looked a broken man.

Lots of words spring to mind when I look back on those images.


There are other words that begin with “Un“.  I won’t list them.  The point being of course, that after last summer’s contract saga, nobody really thought that this Madrid stuff would bubble up again.  But it has.  Woe is us.

If you’re asking me (and you are), Vieira does, for whatever reason, want to leave.  If he didn’t, he’d say.  With Chelsea seemingly closing in on £19m bargain Carvalho, and Emerson set for Juve, soon Paddy will be the only one of Real’s three big targets left.

Hold onto your hats.

Something might happen.




  1. Anonymous   •  

    This is terrible.

  2. Anonymous   •  

    I’ll sue you for this!

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Good luck mate. Keep it going.

  4. Neil   •  

    Never mind I’m sure it’ll get better.

  5. anti   •  

    Five comments in one post, I haven’t had five comments in my entire blog’s lifetime.

  6. Denzel BFC   •  

    Keep going mate! Your expressive writing and flowing prose will surely grab the attention of some top websites soon!

    Ps. Vieira is all but gone, knowing people in the Real framework who have not talked about anything else for weeks!

    If all goes tits up, you can always come and support “The Pride of North London” at Underhill with me! Although you wont be able to read your books, because there is an atmosphere!

  7. rocky pires   •  

    NOOOO… Carvalho is classic defender,Rock solid.
    Drogba is very good too extremly strong

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